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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Timeline: The alarming pattern of actions by Trump included in whistleblower allegations - The ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
People that used to say organized crime got JFK in the White House should do a recall starting about 2015 to get the real picture. Casinos that lose money and sooo many failed businesses. What does that add up to?
Photos of pollution before we regulated it, our future if we don't act
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
What they forget here is that we do a take on pollution and want to fight the pollution while the real pollution is the oligarchy that has taken control of out government. This is the Koch brothers and friends sneaking in inch by inch in ways that make you think they are for us. What they are really all about is getting rid of anything that would keep them from raping the land and ripping out minerals for profit without restrictions of any kind. This is why the EPA is weakened at every turn. They want an America like we had in 1900. This is because they do not give a damn about you, your land or water, your food, or your healthcare. Right now Trump is their agent of change.
Russia reacts to "humiliating" Trump Ukraine call, says scandal is making U.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
Russia is wrong. The USA became a laughing stock when Donald Trump was elected.
Maybe we should listen to them
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
Of course we should listen. Trump's phone call was a "something for something" in that he is asking a foreign power to help him in his 2020 re-election by going against a man who would be his major competition. This is against the U.S. rule of law and has to be dealt with accordingly. Trumpers want to skip that entirely and avoid it. The problem is that this is not the first time Trump has done such a thing. Will the Ukraine now investigate? Of course they will. They will claim they are doing this in their own way but secretly they hope that Trump might change his mind on the withheld money.
For the upcoming fight
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
I think they are lemmings afraid that if they do the right thing someone will withhold vacation donations and other related monies that come form the outside as gifts. Let's hope that I am wrong.
I turned 56 a couple of days ago.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
You look fine to me regardless of what label you claim. :) Belated Happy Birthday.
Chris Wallace on the whistleblower
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
Current media claims this whole thing is shifting again and Trump support increases. The idea is that Trump supporters will end up backing him and the impeachment only makes him stronger for 2020. OK, he is backed by the invisible Cambridge Analytica and many people from it. Am I surprised? It's not like his supporters would now turn away from him. The bottom line is that Donald Trump will see any impeachment effort as a stain against him and will do anything to make it all go away. As for the actual whistleblower: 1. Identified once as a woman left over from Obama days. 2. Identified lately as a man who was formerly with the CIA. OMG, we have to discredit that whistleblower.
and thus it starts
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
A plea deal. Well, OK - resign!
Is this the situation with the majority of Agnostics.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
If it was all about "getting likes" I would lose out for sure. At least I find more reasonable people here on this site.
Whats the biggest difference being atheist/agnostic has made in your life so far?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
It has allowed me to see how controlled by myth we really are and given me total freedom on so many things. The scales were removed from my eyes and like Johnny Nash, "I Can See Clearly Now."
This happened at the private "Christian" school where Mike Pence's wife teaches.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 28, 2019:
Were the boys expelled from school? They should have been and the parents should have been told exactly why by the school administration. The boys said her hair was "nappy" and ugly. White people know very little about "nappy" hair or what it means. They are racist. Try the Urban Dictionary.
Top Ukrainian Official Throws Trump Under The Bus, Spills The Beans On Phone Call - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 27, 2019:
A bit of past Trump truth here. Tim Apple. Tim Cook Apple real fast. Tim really likes cooked apples.
NC Republicans making their case that laws should be based on the Bible, in this case to ignore the...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 27, 2019:
I agree totally and I do not support them. I am non-delusional. BTW, anyone who wants to use my below listed anti-Trump words please feel free to do so. **Tim Apple. Tim Cook Apple real fast. Tim loves cooked apples**. It is when you defend that sort of nonsense from a leader and add religion that you know we are all in trouble.
A Miscarrying Woman Nearly Died After a Catholic Hospital Sent Her Home Three Times - Rewire.News
DenoPenno comments on Sep 27, 2019:
Always use a liberal healthcare system. I would never want to be treated in a Catholic hospital. Religious belief and hospitals do not mix and could get you killed.
Sam Harris podcast discussing if we are living in an Ancestor simulation.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 27, 2019:
Are we living in a simulation and why would we think so? But of course. Every single one of us does the very same things all the time every day and every night 24/7. We eat, drink, sleep, etc. regardless of race or culture. Our computers are made with the same limitations our minds have and we all repeat, repeat, repeat. I can see why many would think we are in a computer simulation but you must ask how many of us believed this before the invention of the computer.
Hi, I'm new.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 27, 2019:
Good luck as you face a nearly impossible task. Sounds to me like he got in with an Evangelical group who claims to have all the answers. His next steps will be to convince you that some invisible part of you will go to a non-existent place when you die if you do not change your ways and wake up to belief in the invisible man. Arguing the differences will not help you. One thing that might is if you agree to study how we got the scriptures as they are today, see the allowed and not allowed ones, put a time frame on this venture and know it was all 300 plus years after the time of Jesus. With that sort of time frame I equate Christianity as sort of like believing in the Fountain of Youth because people believed in it in 1700. If you can do this study and wake him up do not study it with his church group writings. Google it so as to take religion out of the subject matter from the beginning.
I asked my sister how her Philosophy class in college is going when she visited today.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 27, 2019:
Why this assignment it the teacher is a god believer? Maybe she wants to debate the different beliefs in the classroom using the papers as a discussion point. If so, the teacher is in the wrong profession.
This is a link to my local middle school.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 27, 2019:
I agree with you but unfortunately linxminx is exactly correct here. You might see if the ACLU could help or the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It's worth a shot.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 27, 2019:
I will have to watch this for sure. Thanks.
Is there anyone but agnostics or atheists in foxholes?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
If believers are in foxholes praying I certainly do not want to be in there with them. They will get you killed.
How do you get over the anger you feel at religion when you’re a new atheist?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
I think you adjust and get used to it. I know that for me I'm more aware of it every day and it makes me feel more isolated. The bottom line for believers is that they are all **so afraid of death**. This is why they invented these religions to avoid death. The old custom of saying "gesundheit" when one sneezes is because it was believed that just for an instant the person was so close to death. You sneeze and get "god bless you." I still hear that one every day. Old habits are hard to break.
Wouldn't it be awesome if an extraterrestrial came down to earth and told everyone they made up the ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
The only problem is that there is no proof of such beings. I studied it all in my younger days and was a believer of many things but we have no proof of anything supernatural or extraterrestrial. Oh, I know. The Navy recently admitted that UFO's on film that they had were real "aerial phenomena." This does not mean that there was a craft from another world piloted by beings of that world.
Donald Trump Claims Mike Pence Also Had Conversations With Ukraine President, Wants Pence ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
Typical Trump style here.
Anyone ever get tired of explaining who you aren't?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
I know what you mean. I'm a militant atheist and my weapon of choice is a word processor. I make a lot of old friends upset when religion comes up as I tell them I am now non-delusional.
I had an epiphany moment this morning.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
I love your post and the memes. I can identify with every word here. The older I get the more I see that others are not stable and they do not live in my world. They are simply people I have to put up with in order to survive. Try not to fall for the distractions. There are many of them. Try not to be working your ass off for something just because you have become the product. As my life goes on I see plainly why others do not have anything. People are deceived.
...well, he's not wrong...😆
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
Trump creates his own scams and jams and I think he cannot help himself. It is his nature.
The transcript between Trump and the Ukraine presidenti.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
This looks very plain to me. Trump is indirectly asking the Ukraine president to help him smear a political opponent. This is what the whole impeachment inquiry is about. You simply cannot do this. This is similar to other times that Trump openly asked for Russia's help "if they were listening." This man thinks he can get away with anything and it is past time to act. The problem is that Moscow Mitch will not let any of this proceed. The nation is in a dangerous position where it appears that our future might all be this current party who defies a rule of law.
Today is my maternal biological grandpas birthday, and I was thinking about him a lot.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 26, 2019:
Don't beat yourself up. Many of us have done similar things because we cannot bare things like this.
‪FANTASTIC NEWS! The Senate just terminated Trump’s National Emergency and voted to take away ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 25, 2019:
Great news.
It's about time, in my opinion. []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 25, 2019:
It's past time. We know that McConnell will not be for impeachment so the Senate will not go for it, but it is time we showed them all that we are a nation with a rule of law. Trumpers need to know this as well.
I find this to be quite representative of the "Dating Experience" here on Agnostic.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 25, 2019:
I must be missing some of this and what I click on turns out to be the Adams Family. I chose not to jump on the bashing bandwagon here.
How U.S. army divers are helping to clean the oceans
DenoPenno comments on Sep 25, 2019:
The military should be used this way in order to help and make things better. It gives them a worthwhile thing to do and maybe they do not want war. In Kenya the military runs the animal rescue center near Nairobi. They take that job very seriously.
A strange drawing found in Sinai could undermine our entire idea of Judaism - Israel News - ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 25, 2019:
I do understand but this is old news. Much of the modern Christian world hopes you never see this and apologists downplay it all. Believers will not even admit that Jahweh was a tribal god who first was a warrior.
What we know and do not know about Greta Thunberg?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 25, 2019:
Damage to what cause? What prince and what yacht? This is pure gaslighting because the young girl spoke up against Trump's stand on climate change and nothing more. Trump himself is so pissed that he tweets about her badly at 3 AM.
If the Senate fails to convict and remove tRump, how will future historians write this chapter of ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 25, 2019:
IDK but if McConnell remains leader in the Senate impeachment will never happen. My take on this whole thing is that they are finally going after Trump because he withheld money from a foreign government and even asked the leader of that government to help him go after his opponent, Joe Biden. This is highly illegal and grounds to be removed as POTUS if phone transcripts prove it true. Knowing that McConnell will not go along with this all I can say is that the move must be needed to set Trump up for something else. Paul Ryan must have known that being the Koch brothers stooge would not be a good deal but Trump's ego made him fall right in there.
Christian pastor: Greta Thunberg should read the bible and stop worrying about this ‘imaginary ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 25, 2019:
If the crisis is "imaginary" then why is everyone concerned about it? This is the first question to ask. Research will show that a majority of those claiming it is imaginary have climbed onto the bandwagon of the Koch brothers, et al. Some of them are in government and some not, but most have received money for their viewpoint. The goal is to be able to rape the earth in any way possible for profit with no concern for people, their futures, healthcare, food, well being and so forth. In the end they want no regulations on anything and will take America back to 1900 if possible, and all in the name of profits. This is what's going on right now. Trump is only the tumor of the cancer. He is part of the cancer but not the cancer itself.
What’s your type?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
It says I am a Director/Negotiator but I don't think any of my scores were over 26. Maybe this was because I only had 3 "very strong" opinions during the whole thing.
Kidnapper Ants Steal Other Ants' Babies - And Brainwash Them
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
I had formica ants on a sink cabinet one time.
I buy a Veggie Delite sandwich at the local Subway most lunchtimes.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
I feel for her but this is increasing in to workplace of today. With current politics in place it can only get worse.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
I do not find the idea of gods comforting. This is why I am no longer a believer. I cannot worship one forever and ever. Even the first 10,000 years is a big stretch for me.
Well, I'm finally in the process of leaving Shawn ! He was drunk and pissed off at me and he gave me...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
This sounds a lot like Reality TV.
"Baby Archie arrives in South Africa alongside parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry" who the ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
Similar things are posted every day because of the great success of reality themes in media. Of course, there is little "reality" to it even if we have taken Reality TV into the White House. I personally do not give a damn about about this but maybe it is a way of posting news regardless. If I were the royal couple I would run and hide.
Funny what gets traction on social media.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
Nobody listens to me on social media and if I stir up the Trumpers they ignore my facts and do not agree at all. They call me names and insult me. They post that they want to insult people. Some things cannot be ignored.
Religious jewelry
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
Keep it so you can remember and if anyone asks why you are wearing it make it plain as to where it came from. That should do it. As for the cross, it irks me to see people wearing them because they assume Jesus would be OK with a cross. How would that be? I'm waiting for a nice chain necklace with an electric chair on it. Then I could tell those that confronted me for wearing it that I am more modern than they are. I have a work colleague who hears this and suddenly claims he never makes fun of anyone's religion.
Do we need religion to provide a sense of justice?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
We create our own justice. The idea of justice might escape us altogether or it might take 20 or more years for justice to even happen. None of this has anything to do with gods.
This isn't a good score to have
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
Yes, but what can we say? Kavanaugh likes beer and he makes funny faces too.
It's funny how people will maintain faith in their religion despite even the BS in their own camp ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
The biggest problem I have with climate change is that Al Gore and friends think you can pay to pollute. Isn't that business as usual?
The Prorogation of Parliament by Boris Johnson was unlawful.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
I'm not surprised. Ever notice that Johnson appears as the "UK me" to Trump's "US me." They could be brothers.
Trump lawyer is a asshole
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
An asshole president might want an asshole lawyer. It makes sense if you are an asshole.
I joined Agnostic.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 24, 2019:
I'm not sure and I never joined wanting a dating site in the first place. I did meet a nice woman on here from Kansas but after hours of talk I scared her away. She hasn't been back here since.
States rights, esp the last story: Child brides: Heather was only 15 when she said 'I do'.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Different states, different laws.
US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
What real deal is it? Are they here for our water?
Onward Christian Solders Gary Gardner of Blackwell said he and his boyfriend, Sean Cormie were ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
It is more than "praying away the gay." The old time Pentecostals thought that a spirit had possessed them to cause this. It's like in the bible where Jesus commanded the spirits inside a man to go into the pigs. These spirits have no bodies so they only experience things through someone else. "Come out of him you unclean spirit." Should Gardner and Cormie sue? Of course.
Why does the beauty of the world, the order (and chaos) we discovered that underlies the universe, ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I believe in "Super Nature." There is a book by that name that explains so many things, however there is nothing supernatural. No gods, no talking snake.
Purely stupid stuff /pet peeves of daily life.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
My all-time pet peeve is people who use their fingers in quote marks as they talk to you.
Research Has Found That People Who Talk To Pets Are Smarter Than Those Who Don’t
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I talk to animals and talk to tiny humans on an equal level. I even talk to the many tree rodents I have around here. They don't fear me but I threaten them sometimes in a mild voice.
Working in America: Paychecks for Silence -
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I'm not rich but thankfully I do not live paycheck to paycheck. I would have to if I bought half the stuff others tell me I should buy. People want to control you even in the workplace and they resent that you seem more debt free.
Democracy in Chains.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
It's all done by distraction and diversion. Tell a Trumper that and they don't know what you are talking about. They also do not know what a wedge issue is. In this world of oligarchy vs. democracy the ones in power have to provoke your anger so you will willingly give up your money. Recently one of them told me that "Hillary lost." This wasn't even what the conversation was about. Trumpers also have a hard time understanding why records are sealed. Is this the height of ignorance? I can't even get my own dead sister's birth certificate. Maybe they will let me take a look at the one for George W. Bush. As a private citizen I have no right to see who's name is on a contract or how much Charlie made on his book deal. Trumpers want their man to keep going after Hillary and Obama, and if they get locked up Trump is doing a great job. Damn, what ignorance!
The older I get the more I seem to loath the human race.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I see the point but people are motivated by greed. They don't care about you. Be fair, but be aware. I'm told by the Trumpers that I have "hate and anger." I find it funny because I thought it was just a different opinion.
Here's the thing: All IMAGINARY things are the same.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I see this totally but have you ever just looked at the trees? That's what they all tell me.
An email from a guy on a dating site: "Gwen forgive me for bothering you, you're the first real ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
People like him think we all have a "god shaped hole in the middle of our hearts." The whole idea is stupid but it make some believers cry. I used to know a church couple that sang a song that said "if just a cup of water is all I give you, then a cup of water is all I demand." It made them both cry every time they sang it. No, I'm not making this up.
Was jesus entirely made up
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
The myths and legends may have involved more than one Jesus. His sayings are contradictory and he could have been a composite personality. The gospels have him doing everything possible to fulfill some prophesy because they wanted a Messiah. The strangest thing is people who still believe the gospels are written by eye witness and you can get a bible with the words of Jesus in red.
Just for fun [] Jesus DON'T take the wheel
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Truth in that song. It reminds me when I totaled out a work truck and came out of it without a scratch. To explain the accident I hit a slick spot and the truck went for a little spin. It all happened so quickly and was on a major highway. Many people kept saying how god had protected me and they tried so hard to have me start making things up. They were simply amazing, but I had a seat belt on. It is what it is.
How can one sin if they genuinely believe in the afterlife
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
You sin because you are coming short of the glory of god and they keep pushing all this to protect their precious doctrine of free will. It is sooo very important that you serve god all on your own and it be your decision only. You have to have "free will." You can also never measure up to the glory and righteousness of this magnificent waring beast whose sacred name most people cannot say. They might scare you with hell but the fact that they do is not proof of non-belief if you sin. Their holy book says we all "sin and come short of the glory of god." To believe is to be caught in a trap. They also know that sin can be forgiven, so when you are caught in adultery it is OK. At least it is an all natural sin and not like tobacco or anything. I used to live in this world and I got a lot of the above from active believers. Today I'm not sure I could even sit through a service.
The New York Times: Trump Acknowledges Discussing Biden in Call With Ukrainian Leader.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
They have now decided the best thing to do is protect Trump at all costs. He knows this and it just makes him worse.
Did anyone else not realize what an amazing human Takei is, until recent years?!
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I like this.
To all you who do NOT buy in to the Flat earth thing...but are aware of what an "equinox" is...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Watch where you go because these days it can all be about equal knocks. :)
Texas teacher who tried to contact Trump to have her students deported is officially fired - Front ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Glad she was fired. She seems like the kind of person who would also report black people for swimming or doing a bar-b-que.
5 days before the final move And someone stole our truck. Yep. That happened. 🤦‍♀️
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Lady, why do these bad things keep happening to you? The worst thing for me recently was having to replace a $600 water heater.
A bit of community today...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Great. Hemant is there and I see Tracie Harris has re-emerged since leaving the Atheist Experience. She is talented and has such a good logical mind. I'm glad she is still involved in atheism and freethought.
I haven't been to a funeral since my dad died in 2010 and I just got back from my ex-mother in law's...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
You are correct. The ones having the worst time at funerals does appear to be the believers.
this "new" christianity is rather offensive
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I agree. This is a result of wanting to remain on top while oligarchy vs. democracy progresses. This new Christianity is modeled after "The Family" in DC circles. They run on the idea that Jesus was sent for and to the ones in power. They are "the chosen." It's the same old story or pie in the sky by and by but they say you can have it right now. Just give us your money.
If all religion ended tomorrow, what do you think would happen to all the churches,etc.?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Hmmm, they could raffle them off.
Pentecostal Christians Are Burning Australia’s Sacred Aboriginal Objects | Michael Stone
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Just terrible. It really is.
Don’t fight for the Saudi’s
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I certainly agree. We do not need to defend the Saudis.
What is your main method of research that leads you to change beliefs on a topic?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I use all those methods and also check the source of blogs and sites on the Net that have come up recently with opposite opinions. Maybe the site itself is new or took on new ideas to support Donald Dump. That does not make it accurate. Fact check everything that you can. If you cannot do that and follow a link it might be wrong. Media does not become "fake" just because Donald said so. Currently his supporters are using false pictures and false ideas to claim the Dems are lying about him. There is even some ridiculous idea that Trump and his GOP have a plan that would eliminate being on the street and homeless but the mean old Dems will not let it go through Congress. Just imagine. If that crap was true every Republican would be on talk shows with it and it would be all over Fox News. Being a "non-fact" does not stop Trumpers from believing it and posting about it.
Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 21, 2019:
These days I agree with Bertrand Russell. As a young teen I certainly did not. My young teen years involved having the made up knowledge of the many believers who still argue about dogma to this very day. I finally grew up later in life just when the fearful think I should beg for mercy from a waring tribal god. Nevermore, saith me.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 21, 2019:
I love this kind of work but know very little about it.
I'm flying out on a one week business trip to the Netherlands.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 21, 2019:
I've never been an expat but the military changed me. I was stationed in Germany and traveled Europe some, later going to Africa as a civilian in 2004. It's my honest opinion that if I had never had this experience I might have ended up just like most of Trump's support base right now. Most in my area who cannot understand why I am for diversity and the betterment of all have not even left the US in their lifetime. People need to understand that we are all together as one and that government by fear does not work.
‪GORINCHEM, Netherlands — In France, a visit to the doctor typically costs the equivalent of ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
This is exactly why the USA needs the same medical and health care that Congress and Senate have. They can call it by any name that they want to.
I am posting under health and happiness because I realized my health and happiness are taking a hit ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
Suzanne, I think you are dedicated but your job would make anybody tired and grumpy. Others need to understand that.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
I certainly agree. As a younger man I studied all kinds of nonsense that was a part of the supernatural. Today I see it all for what it is. It is all "woo." There comes a time in your life that you have to openly admit that "you do not know." If this is not done you just keep on making things up to attract others.
The Christian Right Is Helping Drive Liberals Away From Religion | FiveThirtyEight
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
I'm not surprised but I do wonder about the future of all this. What happens when the Trumpers calling you "soy boy" finally realize there is no god? Do we then have 2 groups of non-believers that still disagree.
My partner says that my labeling religious people "delusional" (which has mental health ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
I take a simple approach as I am totally non-delusional.
One of my Evangelical classmates calls himself "a justified sinner" to excuse his homophobia, self ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
Good luck. Of course he is a "justified sinner." Regardless of what he does he can be forgiven. This is the beauty of Christianity..
Windows 10 is annoying.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I have one desktop with Windows 10 but I have modified it to use a Windows 7 start menu and added a few other things. I simply use programs to clean it and keep it all going nicely.
Redemption for your failing Economy I am an Australian and realise that we follow you guys in the ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I want to see a couple of Republicans want to run and they would draw away Trump's votes. The GOP is wise to it and they want no primaries.
"Pimping out my life story."
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
When you pimp something are you selling it? I've always imagined the word as referring to a man who takes money from street women for protection. I'm also aware of wanting my ex-wife to cut my hair and she asked "how much are you going to pay me?"
About legal immigration to US [youtube.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Trump is full. He is infecting our country and Trump is full.
Pastor's wife believes whoever was behind the vandalism was someone "crying out for help," but still...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I believe the person or persons might be crying out for help, but not from you. As far as redemption people are not savings stamps.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Yes, sex scandals are not just things that happen to the religious. At least I know more now, but I always thought a good safe word would be "stop."
The Family
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Scary for me too. Watch this and you will see how they are pulling one over on us constantly.
The Family: It's Not About Faith, It's About Power | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I am watching this now and it is all about power. You can watch this and see how the Evangelicals fit in and also know why Trump is "the chosen one." To these people if you are elected you have been "chosen."
Ya don't say
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Yes, their god always forgives them. Some of them cry in public and hope you will too.
Drop the Old testament?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
There has been a Jesus only movement for years. One such meeting place is close to me and called NHIM. Meanwhile, more cherry picking continues.
Is the impeachment investigation a constitutionally defined inquiry, or a unofficial political ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I think this move is about as valid as Trump's wall right now, but there is a lot of talk.
There could be worse things than Hell: 🤔
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Now that would be hell.
Sex vs Lovemaking - Sex = sexual stimulation vs lovemaking = emotional bonding What's your view?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
Sex has nothing to do with love making.
Had my first colonoscopy yesterday.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
I avoid them but I do drink aloe vera almost daily.
Homosexuality is not unnatural
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
When I was a young boy did we actually have homo dogs or was it just because there were no females around?


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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