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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


A new nemesis
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Looks like Roger Stone. See if he has a full back Nixon tattoo to be sure.
Insane Things People Used To Believe About Women
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2019:
People believer a lot of weird things about women even today.
Keep looking..
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Nothing positive came out of it and there might be a lot of money lost. Now that Trump is claiming to be ready for "shutdown number 2" the Dems are saying we need border security for sure. They recommend that the word "wall' be removed from the request for the money.
States With More Gun Owners Have Higher Rates of Teen Suicide, Study Finds []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2019:
That's because everyone is playing with the guns or has access to them. I still own guns but I do not use them or practice with them today.
Has anyone else ever heard of a Ming?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Dynasty or a vase? In my area it's an Insurance agency.
New Film Reveals Plot to Infect Black South Africans with HIV []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
I've heard of this before the film was made. I would suppose that the idea is you can more easily take the countries wealth if you kill off as many of the local populace as possible. You are controlling population racially and also having less opposition at the same time.
I want honest opinions and no fighting.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Remember that bible believers think that in a future time lions will no longer eat meat and they will play with children. I can imagine those big cats with pearly white teeth like a cow. People are so strange. My own now dead mother used to give her little dog a tiny part of her heart pill when she was alive. She just knew that he dog had heart trouble too. Oh, well.
I post a lot of tweets and memes, but that’s because I come across so many great ones!
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
I like them.
I made a bad joke about assassins and Trump.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Trump supporters feel threatened. They even feel that their race is threatened. Along comes Trump and says it's going to be his way or no way. He shows no respect and says and does anything he wants. He appeals to the down and out, the less fortunate and bigoted white. He's fighting to re-educate everyone that most media is "fake news" so that come 2020 time you will sway more his way and not believe what anybody else says. Those that believe him are feeling empowered already and they report, lie, call police, and even kill others because of this empowerment. Trump allows them to act just as he does and get away with it. He is the model that made this all a reality for them and you cannot talk about him or remotely threaten him in any way. Most talks about anything Trump does come back to you with remarks about Hillary or Obama and they are not even in power. Trump is POTUS and even his empowered supporters don't know what to say about him. The most they do is lie just like he does and they see no harm in it and think it is all good. I see no problem with your joke and it is called free speech. Your joke is no different that the re-manufactured joke of people in an airplane without enough parachutes and Trump the "stable genius" jumps out of the plane with a school boys backpack.
Not Enough.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Hunting becomes a sport only when the hunted have equal weapon power. This is why I am never impressed when someone shows me a stuffed animal they have killed.
Should it be illegal to indoctrinate kids with religion ?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Certainly, but no one will do anything about it. So sad that parents are often even responsible for the death of their child because of bias against surgery or biblical ideas that we "should not eat blood." Instead, they simply pray for the child and if death happens god must have wanted it that way. This is where law should step in and a concerned person have the child removed where they can get treatment.
Wow ... so much hate
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Most people have some form of hate. I am only alive today because I have managed to get rid of most of mine. Hate eats you alive and destroys you. In extremes it can make you destroy yourself and others. Live and let live is a good way to go.
My wife has decided to move out.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Doing the projects might be a good idea. When this happened in my life in 2014 I started in with every possible project I could do. It kept me busy and was rewarding in the end. I had kitchen chairs refurbed and did everything you could think of to make things around me better. Later on I looked at what I had done and thought the inner message was "maybe I cannot save my marriage but I will save everything else around me."
Is morality "subjective"?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Morality comes from the structure of the society that you live in. This explains why there are moral differences in other areas of our world and also explains why American morals have evolved since earlier times. Look at it and you can see changes in morality in your own lifetime. Nobody arrived and just gave you something. Nothing static was implanted within you so would have a ready made system of morality.
Well it looks like Trump is ready to shut down the governmet again on Feb.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
He's getting us ready for his "national emergency."
In a discussion, I overheard the difference between Republicans and Democrats. What do you think?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
That just about hits it. I will fight forever for you to be born. (I need your vote.) Once you are born you are totally on your own.
Elephants vs immigrants
DenoPenno comments on Jan 28, 2019:
I like that. We could systematically deport them in waves and they could be caged while waiting.
When you're chill with everyone.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Looks like this has been going on for some time.
I wondered ???
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
I chuckled at this one.
Are Restaurants Getting Too Loud?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
It depends on where you go. Some are.
What about the possibility of creating a nation of No Religion.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
What the current administration is working on will put us well into scenes like the "Road Warrior" film in the not too distant future. Many different types in exact locations with an area that seems just right. Savages attacking each other all over again.
At least I tried
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
LOL. Nice try.
"If there is a God, his plan is very similar to someone not having a plan." - Eddie Izzard
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Very true. Then so many claim they actually know his divine plan.
So true!!!??
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
LOL. I lived around the Houston area for 20 tears.
Religion and Marriage
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
It would depend on if one was trying to convert the other or not. That and secrecy. If the JW even mentioned that their partner was atheist the other JW's would excommunicate her if she did not leave him.
Different types of UFO spotted since the 1930s
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Actually the UFO's at the turn of the century were like the Goodyear blimp and they flew like them also. Next we had long cylinder rockets and air ships. These improved in design and got faster. Finally we has flying discs of various types and shapes that could do almost anything in speed and maneuvers. This tells me that UFO's evolved as the human mind evolved. The occupants evolved in much the same way. Starting out as human they have now went into the grays and so many other types it isn't funny. I highly suspect that science fiction books and movies have added to this phenomena.
Art of the Steal How to ride success by claiming it is yours to a group of very low IQ people.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
The irony here is that the moron believes he has done a better job in 2 years than anyone ever did before him. That was not a joke at the UN. He really believes it and I've heard his support base say it before he told the UN.
It’s a lazy Sunday and I’ve just started some laundry.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Perhaps so. I had a girlfriend 25 years ago who went to Mexico for all of her dental work. Quality work at a fraction of the price. The job of the current administration is to convince you that you do not deserve healthcare.
Personality test
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
I took it. My type is ESTJ-T. I'm a sentinel.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
It happened then. Some of it still goes on.
He's not a..
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Nixon speaks from the grave. Nixon is also right.
Have you ever heard about this on the news? []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
I haven't heard of this until now but ran research and found at least Wired and Zif Davis (ZDNet) reported on it. It does seem terrifying. The crippling of vast resources around the world in order to demand a ransom is one thing. If the powers that be ever get us all where they want us they could cripple everything via satellite and simply turn on and off areas they might need for there own purposes at will. Right now the idea is mining the wealth one way or another. If this last idea ever happens most of the world would literally live in the Dark Ages.
Bill Maher Doubles Down on Comic Fans
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
I enjoyed the whole episode.
Article from Medium
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Maybe it means we can't take the indictments seriously and there should be no prison time. Trumpanzees would love that. Let me add that it comes to light more and more now that Trump was making a deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow. It went on longer than we were told and they denied it at first. Now we know it went on even after the election. No big deal. You and I could do that but not POTUS. It's a conflict of interest for him and they knew it or they would not have lied!
Some folks harbour so much ignorance and hate in their heart.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
It is letting up some but people still want me to hate my ex. I suppose the first reason would be because she left me, but sometimes you go in different directions. It's no secret even to me that the real reason is racial. Dumb whites feel threatened by others, and usually for no reason.
Are you suggesting I’m enjoying this?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Of course McConnell enjoyed the shutdown. He would run and hide to avoid doing anything that would stop it.
Texas officials flag tens of thousands of voters for citizenship checks | The Texas Tribune
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
It isn't valid and today it is typical Trumpspeak. It's surprising how many people seem to have an honest face as they tell you about all the illegals that are voting. Officials tell you this and it is impossible the way voting is done in my area. I was born in St. Louis and raised in Missouri but because of the name i use a Trump supporter told me I am "probably not a citizen." The man was an educated person according to his social media account but his actions make him as dumb as a bucket of rocks! Buses do not driver up and all the illegals get to vote. Anybody that ever voted knows it cannot happen that way.
So gentilemen & ladies, who would you like to see run as the opposition to the perceived as ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Give me any sane candidate that is for "We the People." PS, this does not include anyone in power at the current time.
An eye opening view of Russian contact by Trump and his best people.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
No link but I would bet Jared and Trump Jr.
The Lobby – USA The Lobby – USA, a four-part Al Jazeera documentary on how the government and...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2019:
I haven't checked into this much but it all seems likely to me. Both Britain and America have strange ideas that they inherited god and religion form the biblical Israelites and we are now the modern Jews. All this means something else to Israel but I'm sure from days of their statehood on into now they will do whatever they have to do to survive. If America and Britain are deceived by notions of a sky daddy, who cares.
Ann Coulter: The Coulter Veto | Real Time with Bill Maher “I’m a very stupid girl” ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Trying to be cute she changes the subject back and forth, talks of an Israeli wall, mixes up what Trump has said on the subject in different lies he told, and finally proves she is just as bad as the Trumpanzee himself! BTW, this talk of others who wanted the wall or the barrier in the past is true but misleading. The wall and barrier in question was the 700 miles that we have already. Some of that is fencing and we could build that as a wall. Everybody was for it. They present this in a confused way so as to avoid Trump's idea of wanting the wall all across and close to 2000 miles long. These two walls are NOT the same thing!
Fox News Op-Ed: Atheists Are ‘Bullies’ Who Try To Force Their Beliefs On Others - The ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I'm not forcing my belief on you. Not much to it except that there is no god. Once you get into all of the arguments I'm able to see how desperate the believer is.
Rita got herself damn stinky. She's not a fan of baths - too bad LOL
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I wouldn't know how to take care of a pet like that.
Attended my Aunt's funeral this past week.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
You showed respect. Why anyone wants to go to a mythical place with gates and walls and keys is way beyond me. In fact, the bible says little about heaven and everyone thinks they are going to go there.
Roger Stone says he won't testify against Trump.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
When I look at the situation I have to admit you are exactly correct.
One of my friends let me know that his brother is an Ordained Pastafarian, unfortunately that friend...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Is there any hope for the Fourth Baptist Church?
Donald Trump is a Stage 4 Cancer on the Soul of America!
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I believe it. I have already described him as a disease!
It's time to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.[]
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Pass it and get these white supremacist fucks to shut up and maybe be prosecuted when they violate someone's civil rights. That's right. Thanks to MLK we all have civil rights. It's way past due that we have equal rights.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I agree with you on this one. Those two are the likely ones.
As more drumpf associates go down and his castle crumbles, do you feel compassion for any of his ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I voted no mercy but I do feel for Betsy DeVos right now. This is because she had a bike wreck and broke her pelvis and hip. Replacement surgery has been done and she is recovering and in a lot of pain right now. I do not like this woman but I can only wish stuff like this on Cheeto himself!
Oh Mikey,Mikey, Mikey..
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
If Mike Pence ever gets in power nobody will be human unless they embrace his belief in a sky daddy. It will help also if you are of his group and persuasion.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I'm sure it was a hard time for them. I really do not need to read the books because I do believe the story. History says it is true and only white supremacists (or some other racial supremacist) would say it was not true. I've also seen movies about it that are absolutely heart breaking. For the deniers I'll just put it this way. The ovens were there they were used to burn up people. This was not just a "clean up" action because people in prisons die. Jews and others were gassed and then burned up. The clean up action was to get them off the face of the earth and the people were mostly Jews.
Do you have Saturday off work?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I have Saturdays off but have now been off since last Wednesday. They say it's slow and I can return on Monday. I blame the weather and the stupid POTUS for that. With shutdown over it might pick up, then maybe not.
[] i know it's a little dotty but isn't it cute?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I wonder if the horse and dog know that they resemble each other in a spotted way?
Proof we weren't created "in God's own image"
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
A friend of mine thinks we were made in god's image and we are perfect in every way. He back pedals a lot when I mention wisdom teeth and appendix.
If the love of your life walked around the corner, what do you imagine that might look like?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Could be anyone. Could be you.
LGBT Rainbow FlagEXPAND LGBT Rainbow Flag © 2008 Ludovic Berton (Wikimedia Commons) Angola has ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I find "vices against nature" to be a contrived and self serving statement. Even as a kid we saw male dogs laying around and licking each other. Back then we just thought the dogs were confused.
Rejected cannabis super bowl ad: []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
OK, I'm convinced. Give 'em some Mary Jane.
Rolling the sexual violence clock back quietly. ? []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Asshole Donnie at his best.
It’s Pelosi’s fault
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I seriously doubt that Cheeto ever took serious responsibility for anything he has done. On the other hand, he takes responsibility for everything that he sees as good and had nothing to do with at all. A real asshole. The beauty of this man's presidency is that you can see who your real friends are and how deluded his supporters are. It's almost beyond belief!
It's a bold move, Cotton. Let's see how it plays out.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Not a hero.
Has it occurred to you that the Trump saga is a modern version of "The Manchurian Candidate" from ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 26, 2019:
That's food for thought. The worst thing I've seen is all those on You Tube who do videos for money and now have it all figured that Trump's shutdown is the genius way of "draining the swamp" in Washington. They seem serious about it, and if you just leave everything shut down those jobs will go away and we shrink government. Hell, we don't need the FBI and others. Trump doesn't need the Secret Service either. Planes can fly without the TSA. It's a damn genius plan this Orange man has thought up!
Is there a way to add friends that live near u
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Try messaging them and talking to them that way. Instructions are there by their profile and it says "send message."
The Trump Tax Cut: Your Personal Guide to the New Tax Law Anyone heard of this shit?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
If anyone benefits it won't be the common man.
Well, the cat is out the bag, it is official, I have a new fabulous relationship going.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
She looks great. :)
There must be some mistake
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
If those are keys to the pearly gates many people actually believe that. Maybe the keys to heaven and hell because without keys you might get out.
US shutdown: Four reasons why Trump blinked 3 hours ago [bbc.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Trump pads and rigs the polls so he must have been convinced to cave once the real polls were read to him. Things were going to get nasty. Of course, I've said this before but I would not want to be protected by his non-paid Secret Service.
Tweet: "Because of the President's actions .
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Trump literally just held America hostage in order to get his border wall money and now the message is that Congress should negotiate. Why don't they just just come out and say "hand over the money?"
A few days ago I had an argument with a friend who was peddling anarchy and revolution to overthrow ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I'm not clicking on it either. Vigilante is not the answer. Vigilantes get killed or put in prison. I have to constantly be after members of my own family and their friends too in order to get this across.
Ladder-maker Werner Co. to close Louisville plant, ship jobs to Mexico | Business |
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I'm sure the company will specialize in ladders a couple of feet higher than Trump's wall.
"The Wizard of Oz" heads back to theaters for 80th anniversary
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
The movie classic that made Judy Garland into a dope addict. I will never forget it. If she was alive I bet Judy would not forget it either.
Both parties are equally to blame for all of the problems in this country
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I like your meme but both parties are not to blame. The cult like worship of political puppets and believing that we need them to run our lives has much to do with what is going on. A simple question in America today would be can you name any person in our history who could do or say what Trump has and still be POTUS? The answer is "no." No you cannot name anyone. Power likes power and that is what is happening in America today. It has nothing to do with what is best for the country.
Donald Trump Is On A Losing Streak - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
It is unprecedented. That's right because we do not have a president. What we do have is Fuckface Von Shitstain.
Good thing the shutdown isn't having any effect!
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Maybe it will affect Trump and family for travel as well. Then they can take his private jet for flights to avoid the mess. That is, if his jet has not been repossessed yet!
I am pissed that in 1954 they added "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance! Damn Dwight D.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I don't think those words should be on our money or in the pledge. I also take offense that police cars have "In God We Trust" on their back bumpers. I think it is pretentious and silly.
Top Florida official resigns after photos surface in blackface, mocking Katrina survivors – ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I saw this on the news. It makes me wonder how many elected officials have to be idiots.
It’s hard to believe that in 2008 I was canvassing for Obama. What changed?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Did the fake left come in with the fake president? Please tell us because enquiring minds want to know.
Do You Speak A Second Or More Language(s) Fluently?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I only know bits and pieces of languages. In some I might know what you are talking about but cannot speak the language myself. With 20 years in the Houston, Texas area I never fully learned Spanish. Again, just bits and pieces.
Ok I am not American but to me how can the legitimacy of this presidency be maintained if all his ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Mostly because his party supports him and they are the ones in power. They also like to have power and they will protect him as much as possible. I would love to see the GOP wake up and call him to task on everything.
Dreamed I was on a climb with my friend doug.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Your mind does not fully sleep. Dreams are things that come out of that realm, usually because of something on your mind in random fashion. Dreams are in effect unfinished business but not fully real. If they were real then maybe we all could fly. It all meant nothing, or maybe you see Doug as climbing higher than you in life some way. This might be why you wanted to follow him. A "life goal" meaning like this might explain why you and Doug are friends in the first place.
Both Sides NOT Equally to Blame for Shutdown
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I understand this fully. It's appalling that the GOP is trying to switch this issue to a "both sides equally to blame" situation. Trump supporters have this view. My view is that the great negotiator who knows the "Art of the Deal" simply made a claim for money and to get his way he held America hostage. I can see it no other way. Meanwhile, many on You Tube that want to make money have videos saying that Trump is a genius. The shut down is his way of "draining the swamp." They get into this in great detail saying that the shutdown will simply eliminate jobs we do not need. I find it hard to believe we do not need the TSA or the FBI. Trump might find it hard to believe we don't need the Secret Service. So much for the idiocy in American politics today. Stop playing games and stop acting like a baby. Open the government and then negotiate in a normal way. The big problem is there is no "normal" any longer.
Why is it that the old white fucks, in this congressional mess, live longer than some of the ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Most of those old white fucks live longer because they have the healthcare that they are trying to con you and every other American out of. Part of their job is to make you believe you do not deserve it in the first place.
There are some members on here who I don’t even bother reading any of their comments.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I see no controversy..
Best old school comedy team
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I liked them all. Standouts to me would be the Marx Brothers and Abbott and Costello. (Lou's real last name was Cristello.)
Re-start in safe mode.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
That looks like a fix I would go for.
Does the end justify the means?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
But of course! You can lie about VD experiments and give everyone syphilis in order to "study it." You could also take a bunch of Jews and put them in a camp and do "medical experiments" on them before they died or you finally just burned them up. Is it all for the common good? Not likely and not justified.
What are your thoughts on open relationship ?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
The only thing it would help me with is my curiosity.
Thoughts on Interracial Dating & Marriage
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Married 3 times and lived with an older white woman until she died. One of my marriages was to a Kenyan woman and it lasted 12 years. My 2 marriages to white women did not fair so well.
What are your thoughts on the me too movement?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
So, you had to walk a mile to school as a kid and in the winter you thought you might freeze to death before you got there. Me too!
Judge rules against elderly lesbians rejected from retirement home
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Since when do we use what the bible says on anything as a point of law? Many elected officials want to do this but in reality none of our laws are based on a bible. At best, some bible stories pointed in certain directions. If we took this all literally we would be killing people.
blocking a god believer?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I hear ya! My long time theist friend recently told me all about his alcoholic father and him finally trying to come to god and religion as his health got worse. The man was in and out of church and my friend tells me as he went to the hospital with his father on that final trip you could see it in the dying man's eyes. He claims he could see it that the man knew he had screwed up with god and this was his final trip. He was dying and there was no salvation or no way out, etc., etc. **No, no, no!** Are you a face and mind reader? Leave gods out of this picture please. Did the dying father possibly know he was dying? Yes, this part can be true. All the rest you are simply making up.
The USA experience from a UK perspective.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
American minds are not closed. It's just that those on both sides of issues have trouble knowing what the other side has said. Hearing it or even seeing it in print is not enough any longer. People claim it might be "fake news." When you tell them this claim came in with the Orange Orangutan they all deny it by claiming we have always had "fake news." goggles for cannabis? When will it stop?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Yep, they can sell those on TV.
Roger Stone Arrested in Florida [cnn.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Yes, Trump is innocent but all those around him seem to fall and get some prison time along the way. Is that "fake news?"
Copied from Quora: After all is said and done, bottom line… what is your biggest take-away from ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Good post. I'm a card carrying Libertarian and have been a member of both major political parties in the past. Currently I cannot vote for any of them and especially Trump. He's a liar and a conman and is our current national emergency! I'm also ex-military with an honorable discharge.
Every one of them was prepared to die for this country.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2019:
One big thing about trans and gay people in the military for many years was the idea that if they were captured you could get them to spill their guts on military things by tempting them with a penis or something. OK, can't you do the same with a straight man by offering him a woman? It's all a lame argument.
Put on some old R&B and ask a 12 yr old to dance to it.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2019:
I don't care, but what is a twerk?
If possible what would you say to Donald Trump...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2019:
At this moment my words to Donald Trump would be **"you are a disease!"**
ameriKKKa... []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2019:
This action would make me very tempted to give the idiot the same treatment he gave the black man.
This is an instance where we should mind our own business.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2019:
The last thing we need to do is assume we need to interfere in politics in Venezuela.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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