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Young old man.
North American mut.
My head will explode if one more person asks me what race I am...
If you have to ask, I'm probably not the same race as you.
My pet peeve is comment about my hair from people who have different hair.

What is it with people and hair?

I'm a little jealous of gay men. They get to be sassy and dress however they want.

I'm a little jealous of white men... They REALLY can dress like they want.

Us darker curler haired men have to be careful how we dress and where we go to look for women.

That's probably sums up why I made this profile more than anything.

That also sums up why I won't post a picture. I'm attracted to women. They say men are shallow. I might have never met a man that said he wouldn't talk to a woman because of her shoes.

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Agnostic, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women and others
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