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This is me, Castro Valley, summer 2017. I'm clean shaven now, guess I should update pic at some point.
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Eccentric ailurophile.

Recently bought a home with a friend, it came with a feral cat colony. A dream come true.

I really like walking, there's always something new to see. Many days I catch the sunrise and the sunset. Road trips too. Nature, gardening.

Writer and photographer.

A proponent of science and reason.

Not bored yet.

See my photos.

Will chat about almost anything except sportsball and celebrities.

I'm a friend's first sort, but do hope to settle down with someone. I currently live in a small town near Roseburg, OR. California got too crowded and expensive, Iowa winters were hell, rural Oregon is perfect.

In fact plan is to buy a large semi-rural lot somewhere and build a little cabin surrounded by gardens/orchards. A partner in crime for this endeavor is my dream.

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Senate passes bill protecting same-sex marriages []
Druvius comments on Nov 30, 2022:
It's a mixed blessing. :/
Druvius comments on Nov 30, 2022:
The wonderful thing about racists is they always self-own! Only someone steeped in racism could come up with stupid sheet like this.
Twitter stops enforcing its COVID misinformation policy
Druvius comments on Nov 30, 2022:
Innocent people will die, but hey, profit! Merika!
I never thought of it like this:
Druvius comments on Nov 30, 2022:
Yes, to repel predators. If you're repelled, it's working.
There are several reasons i might go into the bathroom, Checking out someones junk is not one of ...
Druvius comments on Nov 27, 2022:
Exactly, who goes into a bathroom and wonders about the genitals of people in the stalls? Perverts is the only answer I can come up with.
What if we are wrong?
Druvius comments on Nov 27, 2022:
Pascal's wager is as logically bankrupt today as it was in the 1600s.
Britain says Russia likely removing nuclear warheads from missiles and firing at Ukraine
Druvius comments on Nov 26, 2022:
LOL, Britain invented modern war propaganda, literally nothing they say can be believed.
Bolsonaro Contests Brazil Election Wants Vote Voided| AP
Druvius comments on Nov 23, 2022:
Trump normalized this, possibly his greatest crime.
Remember all those African nations praising China and condemning imperialism?
Druvius comments on Nov 23, 2022:
Western propaganda for the most part, only the west is supposed to exploit the third world!
Don't be so quick to dismiss lab-grown meat The FDA's approval of cell-cultured meat is the perfect...
Druvius comments on Nov 22, 2022:
It certainly has potential at this point, but it's an emerging technology.
Russians are indiscriminately bombing civilians as we speak. 😡
Druvius comments on Nov 21, 2022:
There's no evidence Russia is deliberately targeting civilians, that would be a mind numbingly stupid thing to do. The war continues because the US and NATO want it to continue, they don't care how many people are dying.
Alabama residents are flipping out over a Krampus-friendly 'Festival of Yule'
Druvius comments on Nov 21, 2022:
So tired of humorless evangelicals.
I rescue adopted an adult female cat two weeks ago.
Druvius comments on Nov 20, 2022:
Approach her on your belly, eyes half closed, not looking at her.
Ewww, Gross!
Druvius comments on Nov 19, 2022:
There is no big deal unless you have made your religion's arbitrary gender definitions part of your identity. But that's your problem, not society's.
Did anyone else grow up believing that they would go to jail if they cut the label off their ...
Druvius comments on Nov 19, 2022:
It was kinda a background meme/joke back in the day before memes existed.
Elon Musk is horrible for what he is doing at Twitter AND Biden’s economy is doing so well!!! ...
Druvius comments on Nov 16, 2022:
Only a true clown could celebrate failure, CJ never never fails to live up to their name.
A NATO country has been attacked by a non-NATO member.
Druvius comments on Nov 16, 2022:
It's pretty well established that it was a Ukrainian missile:
A NATO country has been attacked by a non-NATO member.
Druvius comments on Nov 16, 2022:
More reason to try and end this war, but NATO doesn't want peace. Where's the profit in that?
[] Russian missiles cross over Polish border, kill 2.
Druvius comments on Nov 16, 2022:
Another reason why the US and its Allies should try to negotiate an end to the war ASAP.
Druvius comments on Nov 15, 2022:
He's either wildly optimistic about how long it takes to treat severe burns, or his burns aren't too bad. I hope it's the latter.
Exclusive: At least $1 billion of client funds missing at failed crypto firm FTX | Reuters
Druvius comments on Nov 14, 2022:
Cryptocurrencies are just a variation on pyramid schemes.
No 'new Cold War' with China, Biden tells G20 after meeting with Xi []
Druvius comments on Nov 14, 2022:
Actions speak louder than words, and the US is absolutely going balls-to-the-walls to confront them militarily in regions of essentially zero strategic interest to the US. So Biden can say the most bald faced lies with presidential aplomb. Obama was also so gifted. The Chinese will not be fooled, and time is on their side. Also a wonderful example of how everything the POTUS says is directed at American audiences.
Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer? A new decade-long study suggests they might []
Druvius comments on Nov 13, 2022:
This immediately strikes me as a very poorly conducted study with numerous confounding factors that would be impossible to filter out. If artificial sweeteners caused cancer in any meaningful way, epidemiological evidence would long ago have emerged,.
I honestly thought this was another Babylon Bee post of sarcasm.
Druvius comments on Nov 13, 2022:
You have a problem with reducing racism? Guess what that makes you, LOL. Another idiotic self-own by our resident Captain Clown.
A failed GOP 'victory party' in Arizona reveals another reason why there was no 'red wave'
Druvius comments on Nov 12, 2022:
Yes, the GOP has doubled down on a very narrow ideological platform that is simply toxic to the majority of Americans. They may have finally dragged the goalposts too far to the right.
Veterans Day's Other Name
Druvius comments on Nov 11, 2022:
The fetishization of the US military in service of imperialism?
Leonard Pitts Jr.: The infuriating charge of 'racism against white people'
Druvius comments on Nov 10, 2022:
that more than half of white people think whites are a discriminated against minority know shows just how clueless more than half of white people are about the discrimination blacks endure daily.
Ex-GOP Strategist Suggests Trump Has No Chance of Winning in 2024
Druvius comments on Nov 9, 2022:
I'm feeling a lot more reassured. By the old rules the Dems should have been clobbered. The GOP under Trump though has both narrowed its base and alienated an ever increasing number of Americans. A lot can happen in the next two years, but for now I'm breathing easier.
Soooo, the Red Wave is more like a Bloodbath?
Druvius comments on Nov 9, 2022:
Interesting. Not the first time the GOP badly underestimated the broadness of the opposition to its white tribal evangelism. Expect a wave of baseless stolen election claims.
Watching the news to see if republicans won or if it was all rigged...
Druvius comments on Nov 8, 2022:
The only thing that is rigged is the media narrative on both sides.
Christchurch mass killer appeals against conviction and sentence
Druvius comments on Nov 8, 2022:
I'm not in favor of the death penalty unless the crime is monstrous and the guilt unassailable. This qualifies, he should have been put down long ago.
Proof positive that the color of your skin makes a big difference to some Americans. []
Druvius comments on Nov 7, 2022:
Damn frostbacks, something needs to be done!
Hospice nurse charged for allegedly cutting off man’s foot without permission – 102.3 KRMG
Druvius comments on Nov 7, 2022:
Def weird. The foot was necrotic and dead, but still. Esp this: "Once the foot was removed, Brown instructed staff to place it in a freezer to preserve it. Multiple witnesses said that Brown intended to taxidermy and bronze the foot “as a reminder to wear your boots,” which one nurse described as “weird.” One nurse said that they needed to report the incident to the facility’s administrators and to the police."
Delightful wedding present!
Druvius comments on Nov 7, 2022:
And Freyja rules over the coolest afterlife:
Back in 2019 I posted some negative Elon Muskisms and I got so much bad feedback my post was ...
Druvius comments on Nov 7, 2022:
Yes, "combination of a 16 year old edgelord and an 18th century coal baron." A real privileged piece of work.
Air Force Academy accused of promoting Christianity with out-of-order numbers
Druvius comments on Nov 7, 2022:
Since no one but someone who was already very familiar with Christianity would notice it, meh.
9/11 and the Scientific Method | Part 1: Motion | Jonathan Cole, PE - YouTube
Druvius comments on Nov 5, 2022:
TLDR, what is your point?
Not seeing a lot of coverage about this.
Druvius comments on Nov 5, 2022:
The FBI started manufacturing fake terrorists right after 9/11, not limited to Trump.
I never got why people said this is my half brother.
Druvius comments on Nov 4, 2022:
Family and kin are two different things.
U.S. to Send Nuke-Ready B-52 Bombers to Australia as China Tensions Build
Druvius comments on Nov 3, 2022:
Vietnam again. Let's risk nuclear war over something that is essentially meaningless to US interests.
This is how deep Trumptyhumpty's corrupt cronies went in government departments.. []
Druvius comments on Nov 2, 2022:
I'm sorry, I loathe Trump and think he's done incalculable harm to the US ... but this is a nothingburger.
White House deletes Twitter post.
Druvius comments on Nov 2, 2022:
Biden has indeed come up with some whoppers lately. Not quite sure what that's about. Emulating the MAGA "If Trump says it it's true?" Incompetance on the part of his staff? Weird times.
Sic'em Popey...
Druvius comments on Nov 2, 2022:
Until the Pope and church unreservedly cooperates with investigations into crimes committed by its clergy, it's just another criminal gang. Worse even than gangs like the mafia and Hell's Angels, who at least don't pretend to be anything other than what they are.
SCOTUS Might Leave Innocent Man in Prison Because of Rules - YouTube
Druvius comments on Nov 2, 2022:
The American "justice" system has ALWAYS worked this way, nothing new here.
Don't want Russian forces in Ukraine?
Druvius comments on Nov 2, 2022:
Exactly, the US invades and occupies other nations at will, usually with vastly less justification than Putin's invasion of Ukraine. The hypocrisy from Americans supporting Biden's Ukraine crusade as being some sort of defense of the international rules of order is thick enough to cut with a knife.
Paul Pelosi, Nancy's Husband 'Violently' Attacked With Hammer in Targeted SF Break-In, Suspect in ...
Druvius comments on Oct 28, 2022:
There are way too many "leaders" on the right openly calling for political violence these days. I can't imagine it ending well.
I want to pinpoint the exact time that the Discovery Channel turned to shit.
Druvius comments on Oct 27, 2022:
It was around the turn of the century I think. Originally the history channel was neat, lots of documentaries and old newsreels etc. Then turned to a sheetshow.
Christian 'prophets' claim Jesus was wealthy: 'He had five houses!'
Druvius comments on Oct 26, 2022:
Contemporary evangelicals are proof that Satan does his finest work in the name of Our Lord.
2 intensifying border wars show Putin is losing sway in his neighborhood while Russia struggles in ...
Druvius comments on Oct 26, 2022:
And in 1967 the media confidently declared we'd won the Vietnam War. Nothing has changed.
Adidas Ends Partnership With Kanye Over Antisemitic Remarks | News |
Druvius comments on Oct 25, 2022:
Only recently became aware of Kanye. Hate filled idiot, what the hell is he so famous for?
[] Kudos to this courageous woman. As for the armed cowards, why aren't they being arrested?
Druvius comments on Oct 25, 2022:
I knew we were doomed when the GOP normalized bringing guns to protests.
Christianity Today admits: 'Public schools aren’t godless'
Druvius comments on Oct 24, 2022:
It's always infuriating when religious extremists claim God and prayer are banned in public schools. In the first case, a supposedly all powerful being isn't subject to US law, right? Secondly organized religious services were banned, not prayer. In fact the Supreme Court ruling banning such services EXPLICITLY said prayer was not banned in public schools.
The Wolfowitz Doctrine Led to the Disastrous War in Iraq: Now it is Leading to a Potentially Even ...
Druvius comments on Oct 23, 2022:
These people think they rule the world. They are mistaken.
Has anyone talked to someone who was dead for a few minutes and when they came back had anything to ...
Druvius comments on Oct 22, 2022:
Knew someone who died on the table and watched them doing the last rites over her body from the ceiling.
[] I wonder how many other states are going to be messed up by repubs?
Druvius comments on Oct 22, 2022:
It's a strange state of affairs, we are talking a really extreme blend of theology and politics. There aren't a huge number of historical antecedents, and they generally have ended badly. Especially in a developed country.
In A Damning Blow To Justice Clarence Thomas And His Wife, Congress Advanced A Bill That Challenges ...
Druvius comments on Oct 22, 2022:
Too little too late. Nice try though.
How can you possibly suspend disbelief on this:
Druvius comments on Oct 22, 2022:
Stupid straw man argument, a hallmark of the right.
Technically is it correct to classify Putin as a mass-murderer?
Druvius comments on Oct 21, 2022:
How about classifying him as the leader of Russia? Americans in particular can't complain about foreign leaders considering the carnage the US has waged around the world for the better part of a century.
Cheato really soaked taxpayers. []
Druvius comments on Oct 20, 2022:
Trump University showed Trump was a grifter at heart, he had no trouble scamming poor people out of their life savings. That showed who he was, and anyone who doesn't understand that Trump only looks out for Trump is living in a fantasy world.
A national 'Don't Say Gay' law? Republicans introduce bill to restrict LGBTQ-related programs
Druvius comments on Oct 20, 2022:
The GOP's obsession with people's genitals is creepy and perverted.
That two (Israel & Saudi Arabia) of America's most steadfast "allies" in the Middle East are saying ...
Druvius comments on Oct 20, 2022:
And now Iraq is snubbing us! After all we've done for them!
This is rather big news.
Druvius comments on Oct 19, 2022:
Western analysts love to claim Putin's invasion of Ukraine was a mistake. Putin is one of the smartest leaders in our generation, and he had eight years to plan this war. And despite the twaddle flowing out of Washington and the lamestream western media, America's control of the world economy is more shaken than it's been since the end of WW2. We may well be witnessing the death of the petrodollar and American global hegemony.
In Neocolonial Rant, EU Says Europe Is ‘Garden’ Superior To Rest of World’s Barbaric ...
Druvius comments on Oct 19, 2022:
Not to mention that the EU is still horribly exploiting its "former" colonies.
What Putin never expected (but should have):
Druvius comments on Oct 17, 2022:
Cold War propaganda. As stupid as it's ever been.
Marijuana new Federal law analysis by Mr Brand.
Druvius comments on Oct 17, 2022:
Virtue signaling is right. Obama was a master of it while he gave the Pentagon, corporate America, and the health care industry everything they wanted.
Macron Suggests Won't Nuke Russia Even If Putin Nukes Ukraine
Druvius comments on Oct 13, 2022:
Wow, a NATO leader not hell bent on starting WWIII. Not everyone is slavering for WW3 like you Joe, doesn't make them bad people.
Donald Trump’s base, his Republicans, don’t want democracy.
Druvius comments on Oct 12, 2022:
They've been in the minority for decades, and they know it. I can't see the country going fascist, but some state governments might, it's happened before. Crazy times though, "Stop the Steal" is one of the most dangerous lies in a long time.
Supreme Court declines to hear case on fetal personhood
Druvius comments on Oct 11, 2022:
Fetal personhood would be a nightmare for the legal system. You're literally talking about making a person's "birthday" the day they were conceived. How would that even be determined?
The new head of the Southern Baptist Church, Bart Barber, said a 10-year-old rape victim should ...
Druvius comments on Oct 11, 2022:
That a man can speak of compassion at the same time as forcing a child to birth a rapist's baby shows just how perverted and evil the evangelical take on Christ's teachings has become. If his God exists, she won't be fooled by his faux compassion.
It has begun, Putin unleashes CRUSHING attack on Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris - YouTube
Druvius comments on Oct 11, 2022:
The Russian incursion really was very limited, despite the twaddle spewing from Kiev and Washington. Zellensky wants a total war to try to conquer parts of Russia that never should have been part of Ukraine in the first place, he's getting one. Madness.
Sorry, fellow Italian-Americans: Columbus was a thug. But the church was the big problem
Druvius comments on Oct 10, 2022:
He was returned to Spain in chains because a priest was horrified by his crimes. The king pardoned him though. But agreed, while the actions of individual Catholics has been stellar in some cases, the Holocaust comes to mind, the church itself has been and remains one of the most evil organizations in history.
Racist Business Owner Who Used “China Virus” in Ad: I’m a “Good Christian” | Hemant Mehta ...
Druvius comments on Oct 9, 2022:
So his defense was "Trump's a racist too!" Self-owning GOPers are all the rage these days.
Trump Visibly Disoriented, Brain Glitches Badly at Hispanic Event - YouTube
Druvius comments on Oct 9, 2022:
It's from 2019 and has been edited to make him look confused.
COVID deaths higher in Republican states, new study proves
Druvius comments on Oct 9, 2022:
It took a study to figure out that Covid killed more people in states where more people thought Covid was a hoax?
Some people are brain dead. Should be deported. []
Druvius comments on Oct 9, 2022:
American mainstream media stopped being anything but infotainment by 1990 or so, this isn't even remotely surprising. They would do it again in a heartbeat, they've done similar stuff in the US.
False calls about active shooters and bomb threats are up across the nation.
Druvius comments on Oct 7, 2022:
How odd, I thought everyone on the planet loves America?
14 year old girl in Arizona denied her arthritis medication because of Arizona abortion ban.
Druvius comments on Oct 6, 2022:
Wondering if we will start seeing numbers of people fleeing these neo medieval states.
I do not find this funny I will say straight up.
Druvius comments on Oct 5, 2022:
Biden is a loyal party apparatchik doing what the Pentagon, the arms industry, and fossil fuel lobby want him to do, he's not exercising any real power, like the two Bush presidencies. His state of mind isn't really relevant. We are in a stupid and apparently endless war with Russia because it's insanely profitable for the war profiteers who run the country, not because Biden is "in charge."
Crap like this should definitely be illegal as it helped Biden win the election and one man ...
Druvius comments on Oct 4, 2022:
Trump lost the election because he is hideously unpopular. Deal with it.
An excellent president indeed []
Druvius comments on Oct 4, 2022:
The Pentagon, the fossil fuel industry, and the arms industry are raking it in under Biden. He's doing what he was paid to do. Better than Obama even.
How do all the pro vaccine takers reconcile the fact that doctors and scientists who have merit ...
Druvius comments on Oct 3, 2022:
We can read and use Google, and quickly discover what twaddle the Barington Declaration was, brought to us by climate change deniers no less. Was that a trick question?
I think leaders have misread Putin.
Druvius comments on Oct 3, 2022:
He doesn't want Ukraine, that's NATO propaganda faithfully spread by the western fawning corporate media.
Questioning the Historicity of Christ There are several authors who debate that Christ was not an...
Druvius comments on Oct 3, 2022:
Well, historians pretty much think he existed, but all that's known about him is that he was baptised by John the Baptist and crucified by Pontius Pilate. Everything after that was almost certainly made up, it's not like Christ said or did anything original. Less than 10% of classical writing survives, not surprising there's no mention of what would have been a minor dime-a-dozen prophet. It's all academic anyhow, even if definitive proof was found one way tother, it's not like people who believe in an invisible superfriend are going to be swayed by facts,
Druvius comments on Oct 2, 2022:
Well, the first paragragh is a "does not follow" argument. It doesn't get much better after that. That being said, Trump embracing QAnon ideology could well lead to very bad things. As a threat to democracy, dictatorships require the support of major institutions in society, and outside of his Evangelical base, Trump doesn't appear to understand that. Of course if Trump does somehow win the next election, he would have to sacrifice his QAnon followers the same way Hitler threw the SA under the bus (The night of the Long Knives) after he got elected to make sure the military supported him. The thought of major right wing Evangelicals being executed by the army at Trump's approval to secure his presidency for life has some appeal, and I suppose there are alternative universes where it does transpire. Scary times, but I still see Trump more as a symptom of the rot than a cause.
The EU: We support and promote democracy's.
Druvius comments on Oct 2, 2022:
So the same as America's proud foreign policy. And many Americans are upset because Trump adopted it as domestic policy too! Sheesh, he was just being a patriotic American. (And yes, the latter was facetious.)
Perhaps a reason Americans are disliked many places.
Druvius comments on Oct 2, 2022:
In USMC boot camp they bragged about this bonus to overseas deployment.
Should American tax dollars continue to rebuild Florida's southern coast every time a big storm ...
Druvius comments on Oct 2, 2022:
Sadly there are developments all over the nation built in utterly unsuitable places because of geologic and other natural hazards. that's what happens in corrupt nations, the developers draw the zoning maps for their benefit regardless of natural hazards.
Lizzo played James Madison's crystal flute. The racists responded
Druvius comments on Oct 2, 2022:
Tremendous amounts of self-owning in the people that went nuts about this. The only healthy adult reaction to this non-event ranges from "Who cares?" to "Good for her." Since the right has degenerated into toddlers screaming in outrage that everyone now gets to play with the toys, well, they had plenty to scream about. Frankly the LOC might well have been trolling them, and they responded predictably.
If we are to be concerned about "annexation", why are we not concerned about the USA's ILLEGAL ...
Druvius comments on Oct 1, 2022:
Or Israel's conquest and annexation of the Golan Heights. Or Morocco's conquest and annexation of Western Sahara. Or NATO's utterly illegal separation of Kosovo from Serbia. America: "Do as I say, not as I do."
Ukraine shells civilian refugee caravan with children, clearly marked.
Druvius comments on Sep 29, 2022:
14000 dead in Ukrainian terror attacks in Eastern Ukraine since 2014, but the western press never mentions that.
Statement from President Biden on Russia’s Sham Referenda in Ukraine - U.
Druvius comments on Sep 28, 2022:
I know this is difficult to grasp for some, but Russians prefer to live in Russia. And no, his statement is twaddle, pure propaganda. Pretending he is upholding international law when the US routinely flouts it in the same way is a joke. Which most of the world and even NATO members are questioning.
Security Alert for U.S. Citizens in Russia - U.S. Embassy & Consulates
Druvius comments on Sep 28, 2022:
Yes, Biden seems determined to start a war with Russia.
Nothing like advertising bat shit crazy
Druvius comments on Sep 28, 2022:
I just find it sad that people have so little identity that they have to adopt cult beliefs to identify themselves. Sad really.
Republicans Want You to Believe That if They are Held Accountable That They are Being Victimized...
Druvius comments on Sep 28, 2022:
Theses are the people who claim that not being allowed to discriminate tramples on their religious freedom, go figure.
Senate's Electoral Count Act reform heads for broad bipartisan vote
Druvius comments on Sep 28, 2022:
Why it might make things worse. This is Congress for God's sake, they haven't passed a straightforward bill in decades:
For all you EU/FUKUS yoyos in the Occident who supported US controlled NATO molestation of Russia, ...
Druvius comments on Sep 27, 2022:
Yeah, most Dems have bought into the good vs evil twaddle flowing from Washington and Kiev, propaganda as stupid as that used to justify Vietnam and Iraq. Nothing has changed. Except this war is FAR stupider and there is going to be a terrible price paid by Ukraine and Western Europe. All so NATO can still pretend to be relevant and arms companies can roll in pork barrel sales.
Roger Waters Tour in Poland Cancelled Amid His Pro-Putin Remarks
Druvius comments on Sep 26, 2022:
Can't have people calling for peace, that contradicts NATO dogma on Russia.
People criticize me for being part of xx video industry and I try to tell tell them never to judge ...
Druvius comments on Sep 26, 2022:
Fascinating post, wish you the best!
Why would any idiot want to restrict funding for oil and gas development?
Druvius comments on Sep 25, 2022:
The real question is why would anyone carry water for the fossil fuel industry, the most ecologically and public health destructive industry the world has ever seen, an industry that has seen (and still sees) massive public subsidies from the taxpayer because they have so many politicians in their pocket?
Andres Auraz: Biden’s Peace for Afghanistan Is a Humanitarian Disaster –
Druvius comments on Sep 25, 2022:
We simply stole billions of dollars from one of the poorest nations on Earth. Mind numbingly evil. And people wonder why America is widely hated.


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This is actually from a movie I need to see someday. Here's the trailer:
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Except it would be beer, lol.
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2018, Gettysburg.
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