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This is me, Castro Valley, summer 2017. I'm clean shaven now, guess I should update pic at some point.
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Eccentric ailurophile.

I really like walking, there's always something new to see. Many days I catch the sunrise and the sunset. Road trips too. Nature, gardening.

Writer and photographer.

A proponent of science and reason.

Not bored yet.

See my photos.

Will chat about almost anything except sportsball and celebrities.

I'm a friend's first sort, but do hope to settle down with someone. I currently live in rural Iowa, but going to move. To somewhere that's not rural Iowa. California maybe.

In fact plan is to buy a large semi-rural lot somewhere and build a little cabin surrounded by gardens/orchards. A partner in crime for this endeavor is my dream.

Oh, dark humor definitely a plus.


Do you think it is possible for a professing Christian to be agnostic?
Druvius comments on Mar 4, 2020:
The local Methodist congregation specifically welcomes agnostics and atheists, so yes, entirely possible.
What is your argument against pascals wager?
Druvius comments on Dec 27, 2017:
God isn't going to be fooled by someone "believing" in him just to hedge their bet.
Why can't theists back up their claims with empirical evidence?
Druvius comments on Jan 4, 2018:
Because they don't have any. Was this a trick question? ;)
If Extra Dimensions Do Exist, They Must Be Really, Really Small []
Druvius comments on Sep 25, 2018:
I've always thought this was fascinating. Lay people often conflate other dimensions with alternate realities. What this means is that there might still be other directions than the three we see, height, width, depth. And while these three were "inflated" to the great distances we see, the other ones only inflated to subatomic distance. So objects have other dimensions, but we can't see or detect them. Yet. IE the universe is billions of light years tall, wide, deep, in the other dimensions it only extends a subatomic distance. Hard to get one's head around really.
Best thrift store find recently?
Druvius comments on Aug 4, 2019:
I just got a new set of dishes. They give me great pleasure, it's the simple things that make life good. :)
A third of Republicans believe QAnon theory of deep state paedophile cannibals is 'mostly true', ...
Druvius comments on Sep 3, 2020:
Yeah, not surprising. A rational president giving consistent science based messaging in the face of Covid-19 would minimize these. We have a president actually promoting pseudoscience, quacks, and conspiracy theories. So lots of people are falling for it.
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres calls for a global ceasefire in light of COVID-19...
Druvius comments on Mar 24, 2020:
Wow, I was just thinking this might be time for such myself an hour or two. Maybe I saw a headline and it didn't register consciously though. Great idea though!
Ancient Roman "Halftime Shows"... []
Druvius comments on Feb 4, 2018:
Tonight's Score: Lions 40 Christians 0
Mueller Unravels! Cringe Worthy Testimony Exposes Russiagate Hoax! - YouTube
Druvius comments on Jul 26, 2019:
The first round of indictments showed Russiagate was nothinggate. It's been downhill since. And I think Trump is a terrible president, but the Dems seem determined to get him reelected. go figure.
They're done, but can we still salvage the planet? []
Druvius comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Well, interesting speculation to be sure. The article is preaching to the converted though (Or deconverted I guess,) and makes free use of logical fallacies. Hope so, but they are fanatics unconcerned with Democracy, cause God is on their side. Interesting times indeed.
Is anyone else losing hair over this nutjob in the W.H from stress?
Druvius comments on Feb 28, 2018:
No, not really. He is a symptom not a cause. The foxes took over the henhouse under Reagan and it's been downhill since. Any chance of democratic change is essentially gone at this point, we are an imperial oligarchy. It's no more sustainable than the Soviet empire was, so at some point it will collapse. What will happen then is anyone's guess. Until then, enjoy the ride. :)
We aren’t the first to worship cats! []
Druvius comments on Feb 20, 2020:
The domestication of cats in ancient Egypt is one of the great unlikely events in human history. People knew from the beginning it was the shiznit.
NASA is sending Helicopter to Mars!! Smart or Silly? Thunderf00t []
Druvius comments on Jun 11, 2018:
Why would it be silly? Being able to explore local terrain via helicopter will make directing rovers to promising locations much more efficient.
[] And the US can't even do healthcare....
Druvius comments on Feb 29, 2020:
It will be interesting to see how this works. The problem with making anything free is that a small number of people will abuse the heck out of it. As long as mechanisms are in place to cope with that, great idea!
You must be new ...
Druvius comments on Sep 8, 2019:
Yeah, I have a cardboard cover on my counter. I know where little paws have been.
NZ giant parrot! not anthro but archeo - []
Druvius comments on Aug 7, 2019:
"Polly want a finger!"
10 Reasons Aliens Won't Invade Earth... []
Druvius comments on Feb 11, 2018:
Who needs an assault weapon to go hunting, or for self defence?
Druvius comments on Mar 30, 2018:
Yerp, little to no hunting, sorting, or self defence use. Especially with high capacity magazines.
How do you feel about this my fellow Canadians? []
Druvius comments on Jun 16, 2019:
MEMRI is an Israeli propaganda organ, nothing they report can be trusted.
Does anyone else ever miss going to church sometimes?
Druvius comments on Apr 5, 2018:
Well, no, but that's because I still occaisionally go to church. It's an extremely progressive and inclusive congregation, and I've worked alongside the reverend in many social justice undertakings. :)
After receiving what you intended to purchase, would you inform a cashier that you hadn't paid for ...
Druvius comments on Jan 3, 2018:
Yes, the same as when I get handed too much change. It's the right thing to do. The expression ontheir fsce is usually priceless. And you often get better service in the future.
Notable Deployments of U.
Druvius comments on Jan 18, 2018:
Started under Clinton and the rest fell in line afterwards. When he got elected there was talk of a peace dividend and cutting the military budget by 50% now that the Cold War was over. Just think if that money had been spent on infastructure, education, and health care. And since 9/11 it's spun mindlessly out of control.
I'm leaving the site. Who would like to take over the group
Druvius comments on Dec 12, 2018:
Sorry to hear. Will hold it for you.
Visualizing Empires Decline (interesting animated graphic)... []
Druvius comments on Feb 2, 2018:
This has to be the laziest graphic ever made. They couldn't be bothered to include the Russian, Ottoman, Japanese, AustroHungarian, German, Italian, Belgium, and American empires?
'I was shocked it was so easy': ​meet the professor who says facial recognition ​​can tell if ...
Druvius comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Sure sounds like ideologically motivated "research." I doubt it will be replicable.
'Get Israel off our backs': Palestinians react to Kushner plan | Israel News | Al Jazeera
Druvius comments on Jun 24, 2019:
So, basically, as long as the Palestinians agreed to remain a subject people in occupied territory without even citizenship ... why they can be prison labor for Israel and the US! How can they refuse? Snort.
African Panafricanism fanatics and their allies in Africa,are trying very harder to make me believe ...
Druvius comments on Feb 4, 2018:
In other words you are utterly willfully ignorant of both history and the contemporary world.
Religion is the most hideous invention in the history of Mankind.
Druvius comments on Jul 20, 2019:
Plenty of people are religious without believing in magic skybuddies.
Operation Warp Speed at a crawl: Adequately vaccinating Americans will take 10 years at current pace
Druvius comments on Jan 2, 2021:
What did anyone expect from the president who couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag?
Wall St. is doing very good! Is the 'bubble' about to burst?
Druvius comments on Dec 29, 2017:
Sooner later. Don't worry, like Obama, Trump will bail them out when it happens. Socialism for the rich, Merika!
Should we all get a flu shot, barring any allergy to the vaccine?
Druvius comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Unless there is a medical reason not to, or you live in a cave with no human contact, it's like asking people if they should stop at stop signs. :)
Well, ghost stories are of interest to anthropologists, nu?
Druvius comments on Oct 5, 2018:
Scientists did an experiment once with a lady who could hallucinate an image of her deceased father. She started seeing him after he died, they had been close. It didn't cause her any problems though, and she pretty quickly adjusted to it, just her brain's way of remembering her dad. In fact she could usually make him come and go at will. So, if a human stares at a bright flashing light, this shows up in your brain waves. You can't habituate to it or prevent it, your brain registers it. So they set up a chair with a bright flashing light behind it. And then they had the woman state at it, and of course it showed up in her brainwaves. Then they had her hallucinate her father sitting in her chair blocking the light. Boop, no flashing in brainwaves. Just more proof that what we "see" is the brain's construction, processed sensory inputs, but we don't actually directly experience anything.
July was hottest month on record. []
Druvius comments on Aug 16, 2019:
And this is just the beginning.
Great Barrier Reef: Scientists find reef taller than Empire State Building []
Druvius comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Comes to within 130 ft of the surface. So no danger to shipping under normal circumstances. I guess submarines have some way of detecting such things, never heard of a sub hitting something like this at least.
personally, not religious, obviously.
Druvius comments on Jan 2, 2018:
No. They're just words, if the intent behind them is genuine, they are positive. I say things like "God Bless" and "Jesus wept" regularly, not because of any literal belief, but because they are ritual words that give people comfort or express how I feel.
Would you run a background check on a potential boyfriend or girlfriend?
Druvius comments on Aug 4, 2018:
No. No. My last gf did in fact have a check made on me ... by a psychic. Yeah, knew then it wouldn't last. Fun while it did though.
Opinion : Preparing for Coronavirus to Strike the U.S. []
Druvius comments on Feb 28, 2020:
Just stocking up before the hoarders get there. ;)
Druvius comments on Nov 24, 2019:
I'm ignostic so I have no dog in this race. :)
Pair of studies confirm there is water on the moon - The Washington Post
Druvius comments on Oct 26, 2020:
When miniscule amounts of water was detected in samples brought back by the Apollo missions ... it was dismissed as contamination, since there "couldn't" be water on the Moon's surface. Even scientists can be blinded by preconceptions. :)
I don't like poorly reasoned arguments.
Druvius comments on Dec 28, 2018:
If serious, bad argument on multiple levels. The rise of failed critical thinking skills the past few decades seems to cut across all demographics from what I can tell.
Is it strange, considering I am an atheist, that one of my favorite songs is “My Sweet Lord”?
Druvius comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Not at all, in matters of taste anything goes. This is one of my favorite songs:
Something to ponder.
Druvius comments on Dec 28, 2017:
In Jesus' time the world population was somewhere between 150 million and 300 million.
Are you racist?
Druvius comments on Mar 17, 2018:
As I am sure others have pointed out, pretending to be colorblind is racist through and through.
The State of Black St, The Daily Show... []
Druvius comments on Feb 1, 2018:
Sadly more than half of Americans think whites are a discriminated against minority now, and worse, we have a major political party who panders to that. So we have a long way to go.
Do you think we should challenge North Korea?
Druvius comments on Jan 4, 2018:
No, risking war and/or attacking North Korea is foolish. This is a problem that can be solved with diplomacy, we should sit down and work out a peace treaty. There is no way on Earth China will allow North Korea to ever be absorbed into South Korea (nor should they,) so best course of action is to stop making threats and stop the sanctions. The more we let North Korea interact with the world, the more internal pressure will bring about reform.
Playing hide and seek with this cutie.
Druvius comments on Aug 10, 2018:
I used to play hide and seek with my Fung Kitty, he always won. Good times.
People Born Blind Are Mysteriously Protected From Schizophrenia The possible explanations could ...
Druvius comments on Feb 13, 2020:
Reminds me of the mirror box treatment for people with phantom limb pain.
I had seen this before and maybe some of you have seen this video as well.
Druvius comments on Jun 9, 2018:
Meh. He's right, we can't talk to chimps or any other animal. That's because somewhere in that 1.5% difference is the ability to tell the difference between "Man bites dog" and "Dog bites man." If other animals had language, we would most definitely talk to them. And while Niel might not wonder what worms and other animals are thinking, plenty of scientists and lay people are. He's a smart guy, but these are sophomoric speculations.
This is sad, 5,000 year old city to be destroyed to make way for a copper mine. []
Druvius comments on Sep 10, 2018:
Well, turns out the project may not go ahead after all:
Do you believe the 'Fairness Doctrine' should be restored?
Druvius comments on Dec 29, 2017:
Yes, in some ways ending it was the beginning of the end for educated public discourse in the USA. Ending it is what allowed the rise of Faux News, Rush Limbaugh, and their ilk. And now even the mainstream media has pretty much gone the way of Faux News. It should be restored, by the republic has been so propagandized and damaged the past three decades I don't see much hope for a return to sanity.
Do you believe Atheism is a religion?
Druvius comments on Mar 24, 2018:
No, it isn't. That being said, organised atheism certainly shares a lot of commonalities with organised religion. And there are organised athiest religions like Satanism. It's all context.
Adjusted for a higher death rate among infants, our ancestors lived long. From Aeon. []
Druvius comments on Dec 29, 2018:
Millions of Roman tomb/grave inscriptions show people living to their 80s/90s were not unknown, but there is no verified case of anyone hitting 100 before the 20th century.
20 Election 2020 in America, hope it fizzles instead of exploding.
Druvius comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Backup link:
‪If stupid Trump didn’t take out that Iran leader 65 members of our military would not have ...
Druvius comments on Jan 31, 2020:
No, he just utterly lacks empathy.
House orders Pentagon to review if it exposed Americans to weaponised ticks | US news | The Guardian
Druvius comments on Jul 17, 2019:
Maybe. I'll go with conspiracy theory until evidence shows up.
What's the best fortune cookie message you've ever gotten?
Druvius comments on Mar 30, 2018:
"This fortune cookie was poisoned."
White House-approved pundit says coronavirus will "purge" gay people - Metro Weekly
Druvius comments on Mar 2, 2020:
Jesus wept.
It Would Take 200,000 Years at Light Speed to Cross the Milky Way []
Druvius comments on Jul 3, 2018:
Well, to observers outside the ship 200,000 years would pass at near light speed, travel at light speed is impossible. Only fractions of a second would pass on the ship though.
Definitive, crushing argument against Creationism.
Druvius comments on Aug 18, 2019:
The scientific debate about Evolution vs Creationism was over in the 1870s.
What do you think about those religitards standing on the street corner shouting about the bible and...
Druvius comments on Mar 3, 2018:
Makes me happy I live in a free country. Makes me sad that in many parts of the country publicaly preaching the opposite would be dangerous. I ignore them.
Good Kitty.
Druvius comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Yeah, had a whole damn yard perfect for their business ... I'd come home and all three would be waiting on the deck with their paws crossed waiting to rush in and use the litter box. Sigh.
It seems like I saw this sign for 30 years when I was driving to work
Druvius comments on Sep 2, 2020:
What sign? lol.
Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don't have all the answers to think that ...
Druvius comments on Dec 28, 2017:
The Dunning-Kruger effect is by no means limited to religions. And politics also is filled with people who think they have all the answers. The problem is hubris, not religion.
This one made me literally laugh out loud. Hope it does the same for you.
Druvius comments on Jan 15, 2020:
I saw something similar once. A traffic engineer friend said it's a fairly common occurrence, those signs are easy to hack apparently. :)
Does this seem off to anyone?
Druvius comments on Nov 28, 2020:
His original suggestion, a little off, but there are contexts it could be a harmless suggestion. IE he meant well but didn't really think it through, he's socially awkward, whatevs. His response when you questioned ... run. If his original suggestion was harmless, then when confronted he would have gotten embarrassed, apologized, joked, something like that ... not freaked out. Sounds like he has boundary and self esteem issues. Proceed with great cautious if you do proceed, but my inclination would be "he's not a keeper."
It's about friggin time somebody did this.
Druvius comments on Dec 5, 2018:
That has to be one of the stupider memes I have seen, and we live in a golden age of stupid memes.
People Born Blind Are Mysteriously Protected From Schizophrenia The possible explanations could ...
Druvius comments on Feb 13, 2020:
Scientists identify the genes linked to left-handedness
Druvius comments on Sep 5, 2019:
I'd be a little leery of making any connection to individuals, individual variation is pretty wide. That being said, fascinating that the rise of human language is almost certainly linked somehow to our very unusual species predilection for right handedness. I hadn't heard that before, thanks for posting.
What determines whether a person is a Christian or not?
Druvius comments on Aug 31, 2020:
Their religion is at least loosely based on Jesus Christ. That's all. 40,000 plus denominations and countless millions of individual interpretations, so there's nothing in common besides that.
Government Advice:
Druvius comments on Sep 4, 2020:
Over 200,000 American dead and counting, and people are still spreading nonsense like this.
Who thinks the guy who slashed the baby trump balloon in Tuscaloosa, AL is a dumbass or a hero?
Druvius comments on Nov 10, 2019:
Dumbass, though am underwhelmed by the balloon.
It's a very complicated case, Israel and Palestine.
Druvius comments on Apr 6, 2018:
Your English is fine, I appreciate your insights. The situation in that part of the world is complicated, I don't pretend to understand it, but I am pretty sure my country's involvement isn't helping.
Where would you fall on the line of agnosticism?
Druvius comments on Jan 2, 2018:
I'm ignostic, have been for years. Nice to see it included. :)
Pol Pot: The Man Behind the Khmer Rouge - Biographics []
Druvius comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Not going to watch, I know what a monster he is. Do they mention that Nixon's meddling that installed the Lon Nol dictatorship is what made Pol Pot's ascension to power possible?
Mike Pence Wants Creationism Taught In Public Schools | Michael Stone
Druvius comments on Aug 11, 2019:
For one thing, he's not an idiot. He is in fact a shrewd and clever mofo, far more dangerous than Trump. As for how he got elected, long story, but Reagan ending the Fairness Doctrine was the thing that allowed things like Faux News and Rush Limbaugh to thrive. Add that to the Evangelicals getting home schooling be OK for anyone, so a whole generation of kids got raised on Creationism and science denial, and here we are. A Democratic party who sold their souls to big business and stood by doing nothing hasn't helped.
11-year-old girl dies after mom finds her in scorching hot car in family's driveway - ABC News
Druvius comments on Aug 31, 2018:
As child hot car deaths go, this is highly unusual. Tragic. Will be curious to see more details.
Alfie Evans thoughts?
Druvius comments on Apr 29, 2018:
The experts weren't proved wrong. And there was no treatment possible, he was receiving paliative care. This is a case that shows in the UK at lrast that the system works. It's the religious right that drove the opposition to this on ideological/religious grounds, trying to create controversy where there wasn't any.
I want to talk evolution.
Druvius comments on Sep 7, 2018:
Depends what one means by "talk evolution." The debate about evolution ended around 1870.
I recently confronted a family member that tended to give me a look of disgust every time I ...
Druvius comments on Feb 24, 2018:
I'd distance myself from a relative that constantly brought up something that was obviously intended to rub me the wrong way.
Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.
Druvius comments on Feb 2, 2018:
To me this is one of the secrets of life. Don't burn bridges. Don't make permanent decisions when angry or frustrated. Try to make decisions that keep your options open, or will open up new options. Life is all about choices, the more you have, the easier it is to navigate.That being said, there will be times that hard choices have to be made regardless of the circumstances. And in my experence it gets both easier and harder as one grows older. Sigh.
Elementary Education Has Gone Terribly Wrong in the US.
Druvius comments on Jul 12, 2019:
I knew it was bad, and it's worse than I feared.
If true, this could put a fork in Trump.
Druvius comments on Aug 28, 2019:
Following the Russiagate silliness is just like the old X-Files show. Every episode preceded with the teaser that "this is the episode where the truth comes out!" And nothing is ever revealed. Not only will this not lead to his impeachment, the Russiagate nonsense is helping distract from his current ongoing looting of America for his rich cronies. The Dems are on track to lose in 2020 if they keep focusing on irrelevancies.
Do Animals Really Anticipate Earthquakes ?
Druvius comments on Aug 3, 2020:
Hint is the word, far more work needs to be done to come to any conclusions. It's also a little problematic because no mechanism by which an earthquake could be predicted has ever been established. The big famous one that was predicted in China in retrospect was an earthquake "that wanted to be predicted." IE yes, it gave all sorts of clear signs in the days before that something was brewing. No other quake has ever signaled such since. And then there's the fact that earthquakes themselves are still very poorly understood. Interesting preliminary study, but that's all it is.
The premise of this group is good, but it starts off incorrectly.
Druvius comments on Mar 24, 2021:
Most people understand that "assault weapons" in common usage means large capacity magazine fed semi-automatic rifles based on a military design. In fact the only people who claim not to understand this are gun nuts trying to confuse the issue because there are no reasonable sporting, self defense, or hunting reasons for such weapons to be in civilian hands.
My favorite crisis video. 😻😻😻 Got Tornado? []
Druvius comments on Mar 25, 2020:
Fascinating on multiple levels.
Idaho Game Commissioner Resigns After Killing 'Family Of Baboons' In Africa "I recently made some...
Druvius comments on Oct 16, 2018:
Yeah, baboons? BABOONS? I don't have a problem with legal and sensibly regulated trophy hunting where the meat is harvested. Though granted, really, how sporting is it to shoot something? I'd prefer the only weapon be allowed is a spear and a knife. You take out a lion with a spear, yeah, that's impressive. A gun, not so much. But baboons are way too closely related to us, long past time where hunting them for sport should be allowed. Shocking lack of maturity and judgement on multiple levels. What an infantile POS this guy is.
Alone in a Crowded Milky Way Even a galaxy teeming with star-hopping alien civilizations should ...
Druvius comments on Jan 1, 2020:
Certainly possible. Comes right down to it, there are so many unknowns at this point that there are any number of perfectly plausible scenarios that account for all the crickets. SETI still has tons of promising approaches to explore, so we may have more answers in our lifetimes.
The "Something Can't Come From Nothing" Logic I recall having this conversation more times than I...
Druvius comments on Feb 9, 2018:
It's a creationist straw man argument, so nothing to address really. Cosmologists have all sorts of fascinating theories and hypotheses about the origin of the Big Bang, in none of which does the Universe magically appear out of nonexistance.
Who's an introvert and likes mountains?
Druvius comments on Jun 21, 2019:
I'll wait for follow up studies, this sounds little better than Astrology.
This news in reassuring and unnerving at the same time.
Druvius comments on Jan 19, 2021:
Just glad that some people in authority are starting to take the threat of right wing terrorism seriously.
"People have lost the ability to judge what is real and what is not.
Druvius comments on Apr 15, 2018:
There has always been a strong streak of anti-intellectuism in America, but it's gotten much worse in the past few decades. I don't see it swinging the other way anytime soon. It's disenheartening.
Ancient Bones And Teeth Found In A Philippine Cave May Rewrite Human History []
Druvius comments on Jul 31, 2019:
Assinine clickbait title aside, a sign of the times, interesting find. We live in a golden age of such discoveries, curious to see if we will ever make sense of it all. I suspect until underwater archeology is far beyond where we are today, we won't ever get a full picture. Because migrating humans would have preferentially stuck to coastlines, and they are all underwater because we live in an interglacial period.
Russia starts biggest war games since Soviet fall near China – Headlines
Druvius comments on Sep 11, 2018:
Why the Neocons seem determined to drive Russia and China together is, well, baffling.
Forgive me if I don’t know enough about the Ukraine War but which side is the right side to be on?
Druvius comments on Dec 17, 2018:
The people of Crimea overwhelmingly are ethnic Russians and wanted to be part of Russia, not Ukraine. A victory for self determination.
NuScale’s small nuclear reactor is first to get US safety approval Small size can help with ...
Druvius comments on Sep 1, 2020:
Nuclear has a bright future. Peoples fears of it are based on how it was in the 1950s. Chernobyl didn't even have a containment structure for God's sake. The next generation of nuclear reactors is going to be a huge improvement. Coal and oil power has to go.
Druvius comments on Jun 9, 2019:
On what planet do you enjoy the right to express your opinion without being criticized? On Earth if you exercise your freedom of speech by espousing hate, you will be criticized. Grow up and deal with it.
California Just Became The First US State To Condemn Surgeries On Intersex Children
Druvius comments on Sep 1, 2018:
Enlightened parents have been doing this for awhile now, let the kid grow up enough to have their own idea of what gender they are.
Glenn Beck says the oldies should go to work because the economy is more important than their lives.
Druvius comments on Mar 25, 2020:
I think all the sociopthic monsters like him should scream their message loud and clear. It will make identifying and rounding them up easier when the tribunals start. Assuming there even are tribunals.
How a Young Woman Lost Her Identity | The New Yorker
Druvius comments on Sep 3, 2018:
I've read and blogged about a number of cases like this. People suddenly for no discerable reason ... who they are dissolves. And they wander off. Sometimes they are found and recover, sometimes not. Maybe someday science will have a better grip on this, but right now it's still a tragic mystery. Hope she's alive somewhere.
Ancient Aliens.
Druvius comments on Jun 15, 2018:
Unfortunately that show plays fast and loose with the truth, outright lying about some things and omitting key things that disprove their conjectures. Entertaining though, I saw the Peruvian Stargate episode and was intrigued. Intrigued enough to do further research ...


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This is actually from a movie I need to see someday. Here's the trailer:
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Except it would be beer, lol.
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2018, Gettysburg.
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