Yes, I have a lot of hair. I periodically grow it out and donate it to Locks of Love. I happen to be fortunate enough to still have hair at my age and I have a job that allows it. So, its nice to be able to do something constructive for children with cancer. But, I understand that hair like this is not everyone's ideal look for their mate.

Allow me to preface all of this by stating that I would be ecstatic to find the love of my life here. And, I do believe that's possible. But, please know that just because we may find some mutual interests and mutual attraction here, don't let that scare you into thinking that I have any expectations. If we do happen to throw some sparks then... YAY! That's a big plus.

I'm old fashioned sometimes but, I'd like to think that it's in a good way. I'm chivalrous but not chauvinistic. I'm the guy who will always walk between you and the traffic on the sidewalk. I still open the car door for you. I help you with your coat. Little things that I think still show respect but are not condescending.

I'll probably notice your shoes or your purse. I'm the gayest straight man you'll ever meet.

I'm a foodie. There aren't many foods that I won't try... Although Balut might be on the list.

I'm 145 pounds of fairly sexy plus 40 pounds of some squishy stuff. I'm not a tall guy. 5'8"

Amateur musician... professional human.

Music is a big part of my life. Here's a recent video of me playing and singing (This was July, 2017.):

Top ten reasons to date me:
10: I can fold a fitted sheet.
9: My tongue tastes great.
8: You'll never need to worry about driving illegally in the HOV lane again.
7: I never leave the seat up.
6: I've never been on "America's Most Wanted."
5: I know how to make fire.
4: I think Brad Pitt is hot too.
3: I have an Amazon Prime account.
2: I'm really good at making lists.
1: I'll buy you tacos and touch your butt.

So I would like to be alerted when the people I follow comment on posts rather than just when they write their own post or comment on mine... :)
Duke comments:
I would just like to be alert.
Song/artist recommendations. Must be something released in the last year. My playlist in the car needs updating
Duke comments:
My favorite new band: Highly Suspect.
Guster - Satellite (Video) - YouTube
Duke comments:
LOVE this song! It's from one of my favorite movies too. "The Martian Child". It's a John Cusack film. The kid in the movie reminds me of my youngest boy.
Hello everyone! I'm new here, so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Stuart. I'm happy to be here and looking forward to making new connections.
Duke comments:
Welcome Stuart! I think you'll like it here. Lots of great people!
This is pic a friend posted on FB. Winter Wonderland in Temple, NH.
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All you single males wanting to find a non-Christian woman should really check out your local Unitarian Universalist community. I was born and raised UU and when a single straight male came in, it was a feeding frenzy. All the single straight women would at least say hi. Each UU church has a different “flavor”, some more religious than others but usually not Christian. I went to an Earth centered (Wiccan, Pagan, Native American, etc.) UU fellowship in Garland, but there’s usually several agnostic/Atheists in each group.
Duke comments:
Too bad there isn't one near me!
No, that’s right.
Duke comments:
To the left is my cat. To the right is my guitar. Hey! It works!
When the cats start dancing it's time to go home
Duke comments:
A good fucking time. That's what's happening here.
I love this song. I like to expose my son to all different kinds of music. Do you have any favorite "oldies"?
Duke comments:
Love it! I remember my parents playing that one when I was a kid.
Hotel California Solo - The Eagles - Acoustic Guitar Cover - YouTube
Duke comments:
Nicely done! That's a tough riff to perform on an acoustic guitar.
Why do only some women flaunt their cleavage?
Duke comments:
Same reason only some men send dick pics I suppose. But, I don't know why they do that.
Chucky fukIn chucky - youtube
Duke comments:
Hello everyone!!!
Duke comments:
Hello and welcome!
The Beatles - A Day In The Life - YouTube
Duke comments:
One of mine also. Sgt Pepper was the first album.I ever bought. It was brilliant.
LOL China vows to crack down on funeral strippers
Duke comments:
If this was a thing here, I'd probably attend a lot more funerals.
Christians had this one coming with the whole non-ethics of vicarious redemption by human sacrifice absurdity.
Duke comments:
That's why politicians and priests can sexually assulted women and children. Forgiveness, bitches!
"Oh no...Of course not."
Duke comments:
That's the loophole!
Hmmm. l
Duke comments:
I'll bet Pornhub would do a better version of this than Hollywood.
Ah the good ol days of technology
Duke comments:
So glad we've moved on to Googling anything we can think of.
Duke comments:
But, I'll bet he could still drink you under the table.
Duke comments:
When and why would it ever be a good idea?
When you see a post that reads 'Adult Content', what comes to mind?
Duke comments:
Yup. If it's anything else, it usually says "Parental Advisory Warning".
How does this work? Am I supposed to wade through the 1182 past memes to ensure I don't duplicate, does someone else do that, or does it matter? I've been collecting memes for about a year and have a butt load.
Duke comments:
I don't think anyone will complain if you post a duplicate. (Although, there's always one in every crowd that will point it out.) Post away! And, welcome!
How more accurate can this be... but to get theists to admit to that... never happen.
Duke comments:
Duke comments:
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