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Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Freethinker
Here for community
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I am pretty heavily involved in NWA Humanists and NWA Freethinkers. I struggled with not having a community, which seems to appear by default when you are relgious. I have found my people here in Northwest Arkansas and am so grateful.

I am an atheist but no longer an angry one. I believe in doing good for good's sake. My friends and I orangized a secular version of Angel Tree, called Giving Tree. I would love to be more involved in local government. We have to be change.

I have a wonderful boyfriend and (step) son, along with 2 dogs. I love board games, resding, anything dog related, movies and music. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. I enjoy history and social sciences.

Just looking for more like minded people to be friends with! smile001.gif

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