Bernie Pushes Russiagate But Establishment Still Hates Him - YouTube
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
This traitor is all over the map begging true believers in every fake news narrative... none of the BernieBOTS will look up his voting record and when one is shoved up their nostrils they blame the stink upon those he voted with.....@HowieHawkins20 for clean air of peace through green jobs
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
That is a very common pof ad.....always when I answer they all give one word answers to my questions especially when they chose me and won't tell me why they chose me and won't ask me questions....word freaks afraid to venture an opinion.....then they wait a week to chat me up again...."hey !" "THOUGHTS ?" " busy ?" "Handsome" "honey" "sweetie" makes me think they are Niggerian criminals just learning English
Keeping it positive.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
That's my offer my habits my track record if I am chosen for keeps next time
Battening down the hatches! Hope my family is ok in Beaufort, SC.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Charleston and Myrtle Beach my homies wind and floods AGAIN FLORENCE MICHAEL DORIAN INSIDE 12 MONTHS in a row....US 17 gonna get them giant black sandbags again ????
Do we just need god?
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Who needs gibberish ? The impossible concept invented to embody the fear of free speech free love freedom FROM theocracy
Hippy-Chick's fond memories
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Ignorant impotent boys....wise loving great great grandma rich with memories from the sexual revolution SHE PERSONALLY WON against churches priests theocrats and prudes
Happy Friday Eve!
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
THORsday !
1. The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness. 2. Smart kid!
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
I learned from my daughter and her first 7 years such wisdom WHAT I FORGOT IN MY early years....this is the soul of wit....she drew her name : c o u r T N E Y first, then very sweet : L O V E not v I o l e n c e on her poster to carry for our TAKE BACK THE NIGHT March against rapists still at large then @ Drake University ....she is still teaching now age 44 YOUTH LIBRARIAN PROGRAM DIRECTOR in our states best funded modern NEW local funded library ....most libraries STATE FUNDED in poor rural communities slashed of state funds by Rethuglican alleged gubner for DECADES TERRY BRANFLAKES now Ambassador to CHINA....Iowa WAS the most literate of all 50 states but the party of TrumpOLINI is marching back BEFORE the century of Guttenberg bibles when all books were parchment binded in leather"Woodworkers Group Group" HANDWRITTEN copied by ignorant monks......when women were beneath slaves and raped by rights of nobles upon their wedding nights....the alleged female gubnor of Iowa was the FIRST NORTHERN STATE TO SIGN the so called fetal heartbeat law ....6 week PRE-embryonic single chamber vibrating tubes smaller than an earthworm heart.....THIS YEAR ....what a waste of taxpayer dollars to pay this enemy of women and gynecologic science GOVERNOR OF IOWA salary dragging citizens back to 1300s Vatican flat earth dictatorship
I feel this on a personal level.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
40 years ago I read a study quantifying sexual enjoyment : males of all sizes women of all sizes....turns out us foodies ( us fatter than all the rest ) consistently scored highest ...ease of of orgasm intensity of orgasm multiple orgasms enjoyment of other body stimulation areas.....skinniest people complained the most of least satisfaction highest numbers not climaxing often......largest numbers of low or no sensitivity body racists feel inadequate around minorities thins shaming us are jealous and don't know what we ARE NOT MISSING
Tip of the Day
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Drop off the key Lee and set yourself free
Little things you can do to help save the environment
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Only one Kock Bro to go
How long after a medical procedure, be it skin graft, oral surgery, back surgery, etc.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Orgasm is a great pain reliever but not when sutures or super glue is fresh holding surgical incisions back grows quickly under scabs so be patient and read your post OP instructions
So apparently, if I don't feel like having sex for one night, I'm less of a man.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
The ways people expect without asking.....people resent honest requests for patience when patience has kept lovers apart is shared space not delayed joining
For all those patient enough to wait for the answer to the trivia question I posted yesterday, here ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Elvis covered Jolson ?
Just a random shout out... Anyone else going to the New York Metro Reptile Expo on Sunday 8th?
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
I remember a song over 40 years ago....I DONT LIKE SPIDERS AND SNAKES
Question: This is a chance for our women members to educate our male members, so please guys listen ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 5, 2019:
My response is the opposite.....women cannot teach good men anything without first choosing us for 2 years here I recall women choosing others for looks not openness to us eager men for learning precise details of their Georgia O'Keefe flower
Am I entitled to my mental health records?
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Yes but you might need a lawyer to force the unethical shrink claiming your health records as his/her/it's intellectual or company property.. you probably signed a confidentiality agreement and release of data process before you were diagnosed.....forcing you to comply to their tricks could be reversed if your diagnosis implies diminished capacity to understand and "agree" to their lousy ass contract....religious incompetent hospitals use such admissions forms quickly signed without reading let alone understanding for e.r. or obstetrical instant care and that's how they brutally sexually mutilated millions of baby boys....fuck these shrinks and quacks....most of them eagerly agreed to boy Bush now TrumpOLINI GAG ORDERS forcing doctors to remain silent when women NEED insurance companies follow suit too...women need to cough up cash for pill abortions after their ultrasound rules out ectopic pregnancy AND IF ECTOPIC DOCTORS MUST WAIT WEEKS IF NOT MONTHS TO CERTIFY HOSPITALIZATION SURGERY TO REMOVE THE DEADLY GROWING EMBRYO...women could die of sepsis or internal bleeding ALL FOR THE VATICAN MURDERING 6 MILLION WOMEN PER YEAR GLOBALLY DENYING WOMEN LIFE SAVING ABORTIONS/DEADLY AND/or deadly disease preventing condoms
I have been reading the warranty and home builder's information on the new house (well, it's not ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 4, 2019:
That is a lawyers trick to avoid responsibility for predictable occurrences that are not prepared for....earthquake resistant buildings cost more money .....same with high wind or and design liability are avoided to cheat the insured....same with fire resistant buildings with good sprinkler systems
I travel between Brookings, OR, North Bend, OR and Eugene, OR about every 2 months.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Mauris Birds lovely novel of nature and a beautiful mind
The Smoking Woman
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Chopsticks and plantation tobacco
Bernie Receives "Several Standing Ovations" For Powerful Appearance - YouTube
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Compare his voting record is what matters
Storm tracker- Dorian: who prayed better?
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Maybe moderate flooding in Florida but this damn Dorian can drown my Charleston or Myrtle Beach or Rodanthe or finally get that prEying bastard Marion Gordon Robertson JUNIOR alias 700 clubber Pat Robertson in Virginia Beach....he and his alleged geebush jeehobah ghostholes can't walk on water and deserve to drown worth 300 million dollars and many race horses for a preaching son of a Senator
Brexit Deal
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Brexit is an omnibus deal ...something for and against many different kinds of people business and country...really the UK is 4 countries Wales Ireland England and SCOTLAND and all 4 are shooting each other in a circular political firing squad....immigration religion EU PARLIAMENTARY sovereignty shared or subservient...I hate our tiny fingered tangerine shitgibbon and the tampon terrorists who vote for him against gynecology....but WHAT IS "PROJECT BLITZ " ?
Interesting and provacative read.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
This Brit is NOT an Atheist and she condemned Richard Dawkins as an Islamophobe... violent Muslim attitudes have been polled over 30 % against Americans and British since Tony Blair and daddy Bush invaded halfway into Iraq through Kuwait....this is not islamaphobia to read muslims support for 9/11 in many countries AS WELL AS THE obvious facts muslims abuse women and girls according to many more magazines or social worker holiday dinners need to be riddled with Muslim bullets or for that matter how many more gynecologists must die from xian bullets....tampon terrorism at abortion clinics jihad against USA....that's my free speech the Brit journalist claims motivates bigots in her country to hate innocent muslims
Former Host Rips MSNBC For Russiagate Propaganda - YouTube
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Jimmy Dore is telling the truth about bad TrumpOLINI policies and the MSNBC girl talks out of both sides of her mouth....TrumpOLINI is guilty with Russia but no one can prove it so they just keep accusing him of being Putin's bitch anyway leaving unreported all the poison pipelines 880 billion in war crime profiteering and hurting farmers by trade war with China's fake news to say Russia Russia Russia but rarely bad policies that hurt TrumpOLINI voters... that is MSNBC gift to TrumpOLINI proving him right when he calls them fake news
I am not above using cherry-picked Bible verses to justify bailing on workouts.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Any excuse will do to stop for a beer or smell the flowers or jump in a cool pool on a hot day
Who lives in the Oregon regions of North Bend, Coos Bay, Brookings and Eugene?
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
My friend Dr Rick lives in Coos Bay...he is SOLDIERS FOR PEACE INTERNATIONAL
I travel between Brookings, OR, North Bend, OR and Eugene, OR about every 2 months.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Do you have an agent who can introduce you handle the the door and boxed books and library Committee folks so you can concentrate on your audience and reading aloud your fine work on chosen pages ? Does your speaking voice match your written voice ? Can you imagine book signing is much like talking to a store clerk about what you are buying ONLY YOU'RE trading places this time....You are the first shy published Atheist I have been asked an audience question....please tell us about your book/s ....its good practice for your library gigs
Anyone else occasionally, accidentally, read a post to the conservatives or gun rights group and ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Yes I am stuck in the middle between right wing nuts and blueBOTS....I am a Green Veteran hated by both sides .....there is a factual constitutional middle for public safety and civilian rights to live without fear of violent gun nuts acting out or ruling dope/pimp son in law is a good campus cop and vet back from daughter is like me a Green Atheist.....I have Atheist friends who live in barrios and Detroit slums....guns rule there....And I have Atheists who live/work in gun free drug free pedophile free zone ....the gun nuts listen to Rrrrrussshah dingy Crazy GREEDY LIMPboss radio cult liar for their talking points here and's not a red blue "debate"...the gun violence is global not local....we have to build a world together where all feel safe all have enough and none get rich murdering terrorizing and selling guns everywhere
Where are the Insomniacs?
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Hello me Sleepy. I JUST woke up after 3.5 hours of deep REM sleep....dreamt I was prisoner in Oregon where groups of people like us Atheists are rounded up without charges without phone calls without lawyers and only visited by the local religious nuts who act like this is the Nation of GILEAD and my comrade women are being evaluated for impregnation and I am being forced to be a eunuch. My phone rings when notes come in and woke me up. I chose to stay up until moments b4 you posted. Maybe you've been trained in dream management sleep management like many of us veterans? My dream was not disturbing not far from reality of border towns and CongressBOY Steve King wanting to force all women to stay pregnant especially incest and rape victims....dreams are restful ways the mind sort of flushes shit down our sub-conscious toilets. Reminding us to get up and go urinate and brush our teeth.....drink some chocolate milk or eat a bunch of your favorite cheese....we all need the calcium and lactose/milk makes us sleepy and might remind women of relaxed baby feeding at breast....Insomnia is anxious wakefulness at the moments of bed time of eyes closed head on a lovely pillow and relaxed muscles everywhere except the brain....I don't have it because I could go back to sleep right now and dream nice songs and write poems of love to my future mate
I’d like to hear from those of you who have a FWB, or have had one in the past.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Sorry I have blocked most of the sexist boys here wanting FWB.....OUR nurturing species and our Feminist Atheist birthrights just don't seem to fit FWB girls.....recreational sex sounds like the NFL with condoms and cheerleaders to me...your questions seem rhetorical towards illiterate boys only counting inches and notches on their woodies....what ever happened to courtship and marriage growing trust and families together? Are weddings just another cast off church tradition for Atheists wanting FWB ?
Ku Klux Klan donation account suspended by PayPal - BBC News
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
They want organic cotton for their hoods and sheets to wear during holy xian cross burnings
MAGA Dale is not a good guy | US & Canada | Al Jazeera
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
If anyone here is not aware exactly how WHITE PRIVILEGE operates USA please read this Knox College professor holding back his outrage against white fake news left AND right....MAGA Dale is the poster boy to fear black skin Michael pumping gas into MAGA Dale pick up truck Dale has a job and a house Michael lives in a shack near the gas station afraid to get a better job in the white side of town....all else building walls or ALL LIVES MATTER is just the lies of fake news about white cops white laws and no hope candidates to vote for IF MICHAEL COULD VOTE AT ALL
First outer bands have already been here HurricaneDorian
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Are you inland, safer away from coastal flooding ?
Remember this- last May MSNBC and every network was happy the judge said they had to show Trumps ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
TrumpOLINI lawyers PROBABLY have filed scathing responses news media does not want to air....furthermore TrumpOLINI is leaving up to AG Barr when and if secret documents proving BILLARY campaign crimes will be released....our nation is held hostage by two corrupt "parties" while illegal war crime profiteering bills sail through Congress with near unanimous support and signed by TrumpOLINI with little or zero press all disgusts and outrages me while few of my friends want to fight back on issues they scatter to the winds behind 20 liars wanting wanting a White House job
I need your tots and pears.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Are there blueberries growing in your woods ??
I need your tots and pears.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
You could install your "pool" in garage # 1 and add a car port covered enclosed to make up for the lost room digging a pool into the does not have to be ALL below ground level so a few steps up can lead a ramp or few steps down
My new Fav liberal Newsbroke. on religious right nationalist agenda []
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
The Next Wave with Margaret Atwood ?
Update on the guy from the dating site: he got back to me twice! Here is our last conversation.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
You were too kind....his stinking soft glove on the bronze fist of xian genocidal rapist conquest deserves no handshake hello nor good riddance...he insulted you and all of us .. thank you for casting your pearls into his pigsty.. if he shares your dialogue with a brain seeking escape from his cult, such eyes may open wider to your true hope filled light
I am curious what is the general consensus in this community on the notion of death and then the ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Please tell us more what " OA " Netflix is or was.....perhaps my Agnostic pals here will consider one kind of funeral that could be managed by a dying person.....SELF INTERRMENT...with terminal illness and incoherence or coma likely to define last days or hours, I suggest finding a green cemetery, a comfortable recycling ingredient coffin, portable music, a keg, wine, cheese finger food and lethal injection when all the old times and hugs goodbye celebrating a life well shared by those invited and attending.....with the grave already dug and stairs to walk down into final rest, why not control life up to the very end ? No bleached hospital floors or formaldehyde fuming flowers....natural interrment covered with prairie soil and spiderwort blue and gold blooms that open each dawn and close each sunset
An omniscient god cannot have emotions.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Arguing much content in an insane fiction book (bible) is like encouraging a delusional patient keeping a diary of order for sanity to resume in childhood memories building up from roots of reality, the pages and pages of bible are better used as toilet paper ....and Thomas Paine 1789 creationist wrote the first repudiation of bible content calling John, apostles and the alleged jeezus irrational "dreams" impostiture politely meaning idiotic lies...he declared the human mind is like a watch which is not tinkered with by the watchmaker gawd of Nature not divine right King George....THE AGE of REASON 3RD PART was written in Paris from his memory of the his words "to prevent Atheism" by those who might actually read the bible critically according to natural laws
Hi free thinkers.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
A much better idea than strip poker.....please define important words my lover....let's take WHERE IT HURTS inside for 200 Alex ...if the Daily Double bet 600 on HOW CAN I HELP HEAL there
Yesterday was my son's 26th birthday.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Good job mom growing a great Atheist son....
I have never been a person who likes small talk much, I would much rather have a deeper, thought ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Your great question to all here is a fine beginning which causes me to muse in mirth......1st a friend would not be my lover so my question to any of them would be respectful encouraging ...let me think on that....2nd my family is 2 sisters, a brother, 2 daughters and 2 son in laws and my question would be respectful encouraging based upon our shared knowledge of ourselves not very probing or intriguing.....3rd is an awesome opportunity for lovers and life partners to affirm the tender joys and vigourous joining beyond our trusting satisfactions towards true inner peace of being....such is the stuff of intimacy growing our vocabularies of sentience and habit has been speaking in movie metaphors.....since I am not there with you basking in your aura of desire, I shall retreat a tiny step and invite you to consider Peter Sellers BEING THERE with Shirley MacLaine married to the World's RICHEST dying man.....almost every scene in the film is an example of how language ASSUMES the identity of personality IN THE MOMENT....
Not a question
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
I feel safer now you're here, welcome MD
Not a question
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Welcome...practice makes perfect...just scroll up try a button here button there ....hit edit if you want to change what you typed
I adore how intelligent this community is.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Out there, the religious keep raising the ignorant deadly bar for TrumpOLINI & criminal theocrats Pence& deVos to hide under
I adore how intelligent this community is.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Luv u 2
Ohio shooter disrupted by a citizen who grabbed the barrel of his gun.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
We live in a culture of conquest by guns upon stolen land built up with slave labor....guns are sold globally without question for purpose of use....rapid fire guns ARE NOT FOR food HUNTING and are falsely labeled as "sport shooting" equipment....until the merchants of death are expelled from government incumbency, people in El Paso and Palestine are remaining targets of greedy religious hate
Hello people.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
I have had similar mixed cognitive therapy with guided technologies for pain management.....the 12 sessions are incremental from evaluation goal setting and then eye movement instructions....are you ready to have brief but intense memory recall of trauma/s then the therapies ? Study your handouts or suggested readings...take notes now ready for your next session and stay hopeful for your improved coping
Drowning Woman Scolded, Belittled, Berated By 911 Operator This is absolutely disgusting.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Also the design of the vehicle could be a contributing factor to this needless death.....lastly people are allowed to drive dangerous vehicles without proper training....too many people steer off their hood ornaments rather than constantly evaluating driving conditions for safety
Drowning Woman Scolded, Belittled, Berated By 911 Operator This is absolutely disgusting.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Another Chappaquiddick style death
Drowning Woman Scolded, Belittled, Berated By 911 Operator This is absolutely disgusting.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
An incompetent 9-11 operator must be terminated....I would have asked about her windows...are they manual or electric ? If she had a sunroof could she escape to the top of her vehicle...apparently no accurate evaluation of her emergency was of interest to this creep government employee which wasted many minutes of possible escape to safety....oaf did not even ask if the victim could swim
Drowning Woman Scolded, Belittled, Berated By 911 Operator This is absolutely disgusting.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Government is about profits not people
How much faith do you have in a Trump era NOAA (National Weather Service and/or National Hurricane ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
There is sure to be insurance companies pressure to increase premiums through NOAA data and increased FEMA corruption
An email from a guy on a dating site: "Gwen forgive me for bothering you, you're the first real ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
This fool will take 2 or 3 Sundays to dig deep into his shit for brains IF EVER to respond to your fine Atheist lecture about the evolution of gibberish religions.....probably he will cite a irrational bible verse and "prEy for you....however he might get busy with some deluded female and she will tell him you are demon possessed and should be shunned....block him so he won't try to stalk you
How very appropriate for this site... no more make believe is correct.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
One link broken 5 billion to go we 2 billion thinkers are not believers u bet
"World's Chillest Man" Doesn't Let Armed Gunman Ruin His Buzz
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
The print story gives no details beyond the point of a gun in his ribs while he lights a smoke....."it worked out" really does not conclude this story....I guess we have to download the TV show to find out what happened thereafter
I wish this existed when I was moving out.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Seems very low priced packing help in a very high price state of California ?? $$$$
I don't know about any of you, but I cannot stand when people who consider themselves extroverts ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Fuck those assholes....I love shy people just the way they are.....the so called extroverts are just aggressive bigots....psychobabble bullshitters....from your post it appears you are a good listener and remember well their impudence while you gave them honorable patience they don't deserve........I hope no Atheist here is pissing on your page....sexist pig boys you try their manipulative messages upon you should be blocked without warning....I do whenever the creeps show themselves on anybody's away at them if you want to blow off steam but you decide at your own pace when or if you respond
Interesting dichotomy people don't come out to vote for status quo.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
@HowieHawkins20 @H'20 telling the truth stopping evil those 3 have caused 40 years
Days later I still find myself grinning when I think of it.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Brass, winds & percussion....the dream of Meredith Wilson come true
I assume we are mostly all tired of all-things-immigration, but the language in this article (not to...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
TrumpOLINI punishes innocent people while cowardly avoiding the patent thieves and banksters he has FOREIGN EMOLUMENTS with....corrupt courts have ruled in favor of centuries worth of evil deals with other countries so picking on TrumpOLINI will not stick now....maybe if Billary and Biden are locked up denied appeals TrumpOLINI Busineses CAN BE seized for criminal activity but for now fellatio and lies are the only impeachment HIGH CRIMES that Senators will forgive him anyway
There is so much wrong with Christianity, mainly the part where devotees are required to "WORSHIP" ...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Stone masons were not paid union wages 800 years ago in Colongue or distant quarries... worship of architecture is worship of slavery....I have never heard of Appliantology???? Hatred of religion is well founded but not the core of Atheism.... real Atheists examine the facts and evaluate the claims of believers to conclude faith is 100 % harmful fiction....especially in all those religious business buildings where so much rape and terror is taught by example not just homilies
Close call!
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Automatic Dishwasher ad sales photo put to good use like a woman needs males like fish need bicycles
All the single Mamas...
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
I love Lynda Carter but do not get this Wonder Woman knocked out on the ground photo ?????
Hello people.
GreenAtheist comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Welcome to Mental Health Chat where Atheism is the cure for religious inflicted trauma
Just noticed that one of the random FB friend requests I recently received changed their profile pic...
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Hackers do that kind of scam on pof many times a day
Just had a curious question.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Welcome newbie to the agnostic community....your words or actions are totally up to you as you choose an intimate partner and the one you choose must listen and watch for your cues to accept your choice for love....if you are being contacted by someone first YOU DECIDE if you are comfortable with their words or careful and take your time getting to know an intimate partner
Update: At Least 5 Dead, 21 Injured.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
They usually prEy before Alabama games....where was geebush jeehobah ghostholes to protect the holy football players ?
Update: At Least 5 Dead, 21 Injured.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Last I heard TX shooter was sniping on I-20 killed one injured 20 others so the Rangers finally sniped him ?
Falling in love when you shouldn't.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
The THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE song might be helpful....speaking French now in this strong pull ? Every new conversation establishes or lets down intimate boundaries when feelings to mate least in me and my Feminist Atheist heart. ....shall we be coy and wait for the other to lean near for a kiss or combing hair with our fingers ?
Clumps of cells in the lab spontaneously formed brain waves Lentil-sized organoids fire coordinated...
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Spelling out evolutionary mechanisms won't work upon true believers creationism....some will say "that's how gawd did it" while others will keep inventing "intelligent design" lies and agnostic block me for citing photographic evidence for 26 toed cat Laila age 9 and my cat EVO with her 6 thumbs both were/are living proof of evolution....religion long ago declared war on truth and science while we Atheists should work to win this war instead of giving up to the Agnostic confession of defeat by false definition
I saw this yesterday.... Uh...yeah...cause that'll solve everything Ugh, I hate religion....
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Saw these stickers on tampon terrorists cars parked near the abortion clinic where I was bodyguard...gawdamn priests nuns and believers terrorized women, companions and staff every Saturday morning for 12 years I lived 3 blocks away walking past the terrorists cars to set up a plastic fence in the sewage gutter and keep them off clinic property....
There was a post condoning rape a day or 2 ago. Is that allowed?
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
People should know MSNBC JACK CAFFERTY lost his WHO TV NEWS ANCHOR JOB 3 days after he said the following words after a late breaking news story Friday night at the end of the broadcast about a woman raped : " Confucius say, when rape inevitable, lay back and enjoy." Must have been 20 years ago....MSNBC should only allow Cafferty to report on rapes NOTHING ELSE until both living popes are in jail with all the other rapist priests....the culture of rape is alive and well globally until we fight back against the roots of rape IN RELIGIONS
There was a post condoning rape a day or 2 ago. Is that allowed?
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
I wonder if this creep also condones circumcision?.....who is a competent therapist to help this wounded boy ? Most therapists ARE RELIGIOUS so if he is a level 7 Atheist here his prospects for mental health look dim
To preface this, I'm not opposed to dating, I just think I'm not necessarily looking to date right ...
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Block the bastard on Facebook
Rainbow grasshopper, first described by Toussaint de Charpentier, in 1843.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
More examples of evolution but idiot bible liars want school children to believe alleged baby gawd geebush jeehobah ghostholes "created" diversity 4004 bce
from the AHA FB page:
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 31, 2019:
My favorite Ingersoll story he was asked: "What do you think about religion?" I am reminded about 2 traveling salesmen. The first is selling miracle balm. He grabs his dog, cuts off the tail applies the goo AND GROWS A NEW TAIL. The 2nd will not be losing sales of his ointment. He grabs the tail and and rubs onto the bloody end a divine potion AND GROWS A NEW DOG !! THESE 3 were last seen arguing over custody of the new dog.
‘We’re not coming back.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Black woman married to White man 23 years in that bombed out home.....where will they move to in racist USA ??? Changing jobs far away is bound to be a step down financially.....maybe Canada has an asylum program for refugees fleeing AmeriKKKa ?
NASA images of hurricanes from space | MNN - Mother Nature Network
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Do space cameras capture tornadoes over Iowa or INDIANA ?? A few twisters might look many miles wide on top but touching down the damage would be unseen in still photos from above....few if any places in Florida have basements underground shelters and all would be prone to flooding from hurricanes....evacuations from Charleston on I-26 reverses southbound lanes to northbound past Orangeburg if not to Columbia....all the more reason to build mass transit to move people quickly out of dangerous coastal flooding and high winds....not every body has cars and giving them cars only turns highways into parking lots
Dorian's path appears to be a mystery. Anxiety anyone?
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
I just saw computer radar Dorian to hit Ft Lauderdale 5pm Monday but rain will get deep Saturday.....fill up with gas and take a couple 5 gallons extra fuel cans if your escape route gets crowded and slow moving.. Prius would really be good to creep along under 30 mph on electric a Volt might recharge at a Publix or city/motel plug ins
This month I turned 65. I feel physically old but mentally young. Does anyone else relate to this?
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
That's the joy of human memory....our personality matures past puberty but retains youthful ambitions... take ginko and keep your brain healthy DON'T TAKE STATINS that thins your blood and destroys your brain mimics Alzheimers....playing with cats is like being a toddler again
I have a practical question about Medicare Supplemental or Advantage insurance.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Welcome to the world of ObushaObombney BONER Ryan TrumpOLINI Pelosi raiding Social Security Trust Funds privatizing it all for illegal wars cash's not going to get better voting blueREDS or redBLUES @HowieHawkins20 @H'20 single payer Medicare 4 all people paying the same sliding scale rates and reversing "entitlements" back to F.I.C.A.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Have mail delivered IN CARE OF POSTMASTER GENERAL DELIVERY of a convenient zip code may take 6 days for an EXPEDITED FOOD STAMP application but the homeless can get mail that way
Guns. Violence. Controversial stuff right?
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
How many church shootings bible boy ???? FUCK that rapist bible that "rips open the bellies of pregnant women dash the little ones against the stones let not anyone live but keep the virgins for yourselves " 2nd Kings 15:16 Amos 1:11 Hosea 13:16 SECOND KINGS 8:12
Update on my little girl I rescued.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Queenie looks brave now grateful you abandoned the racist John Quincy Adams Service Cats Kiti6 need me just as much as I need them....happy family HippieGypsy
I find it strange how much believers push the idea that their god loves people.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
The xians only fondle their fetish bibles only Atheists read bibles as you just did.....zionists are following their scriptures all too well murdering Palestinians in shrinking apartheid ghettos better than NAZIs did... Zero alleged gawds by any name are answering prEyers....too many genocidal racist AmeriKKKans support all the zionists in the Democrat "debates"....only 17 Congressmembers voted to support BOYCOTTS DIVESTMENT & SANCTIONS 398 and 99 Senators ensure the murder of Allah believers in Palestine with USA IN gawd WE TRUST tax dollars
Leon Trotsky: Right of Revolutionary Optimism (Late 1939)
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Right before Stalin murdered Trotsky in least he got love with Frida Kahlo before the death of class war....I am OPTIMISTIC about Atheists like John Lennon Yoko Ono or @HowieHawkins20 @H'20 and Greta Thunberg but pictures of Chairman Mao you're not going to make it with anyone any how your mind instead
I made antlers to wear tomorrow to the Renaissance Festival this weekend, and Roxie was my ...
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
S. C. A. SOCIETY for CREATIVE ANACHRONISM....a bit more respectful of Lords and Ladies ....have fun @BohoHeathen but don't let any jerk treat you like a WENCH
Dorian's path appears to be a mystery. Anxiety anyone?
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Since 2005 I have lived up close and personal with little and big "tropical storms" ....Ernesto to Katrina in severity.....wisely I retreated to Pennsylvania during Florence but both "she" and Michael only flooded my Myrtle Beach and Charleston haunts last year.....I have heard nothing about A-C and just this week about Dorian....anxious NO pissed at FEMA yes still not receiving my 750 dollars to my flood damaged truck ....TrumpOLINI is sure to give millionaires most the FEMA money like boy Bush did after Katrina....ruthless gangsters like ObushaObombney after Sandy
Sigmund Freud's nephew Edward Bernays (1891-1995), also known as the "Father of Spin", has designed ...
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Charlie Manson fine tuned his brainwashing skills by reading THE POWER of POSITIVE THINKING ....How To Win Friends And Influence People ....xian nations are all dependent upon belief and feelings while discouraging critical thoughts and facts.....USA & Germany: IN gawd WE TRUST & gott MIT UNS
Looking through old photos this afternoon, and it’s so funny to me how some things never change.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Barefoot in grass ....cooling off with a garden hose during a hot day ....playing with kittens puppies and big kids like me.....tweeting to birds not TrumpOLINI....chittering to squirrels quacking to ducks honking to geese....smelling flowers eating green apples eating raspberries and rhubarb wherever I can find some....jumping to grab the prettiest pear I see overhead AND WANTING TO PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE and learn how to kiss
How the El Paso shooter ordered his gun []
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
More proof the NRA is about global gun sales NOT LOCAL MILITIA defending from a neighboring state invasion or federal tyrannical government
Imagine for a moment that the concept of god never existed, that no one had ever heard of such an ...
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
To be more precise all people are born Atheists....all sentient species are born without lurking alleged cosmic creators scattering stars nebulae planets asteroids and comets 10 billion light years distant and receding from our nighttime viewpoints.....the gibberish sounds gott gawd gods in any language have no meaning because as you suggest above there is no evidence nor rational definition for little green Irish pots of gold "men" unseen except in drunken stupor of too much Johnny Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whiskey hallucinations....the dictionary is deliberately WRONG mis-defining Atheism and Atheists as the act or acting in "denial" of assumed extant alleged deities
Near Montrose, CO...Live in a trailer; have your own observatory. ❤️
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Everyone is lost who does not sail by the stars
To my friends here.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 29, 2019:
TrumpOLINI may order a small nuke detonated in the hurricane "eye" or our biggest block buster bomb....if TrumpOLINI declares the "name" of a hurricane a "terrorist" he might pull off such a stunt which is an impeachable offense unrelated to BILLARY in Moscow or Ukraine.....
I satirical publication did a take off on a school yearbook.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 29, 2019:
Car Talk the click tappit bros is in re-runs now that Tommy the elder died of Alzheimer's but Ray the survivor usually read the faux credits at the end of the NPR hour with heavy Boston accent and Tommy laughing loud in the other microphone....both conclude: DON'T DRIVE LIKE MY BROTHER...DEWIE CHEATHAM and Howe was their legal research firm
Interesting episode. []
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 29, 2019:
John is more intense than Jon....that takes some doing....but he is great at injecting laughter in the most serious subjects...I save all his YouTubes and already watched this all the women Atheists here know most "female" drugs are only tested upon men ? That is NOT funny but Oliver drive the point home with comparison absurdities that never fails to get belly laughs
Can't wait to ditch this caliginous state of the union.
GreenAtheist comments on Aug 29, 2019:
TrumpOLINI nuking hurricanes is as calinigous as it gets
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