Yes, can anyone truly take it in...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Equally I marvel at quarks mesons quanta electrons protons neutrons neutrinos heat and absolute zero somewhere beyond what we invent machines to "see"
What could possibly be in the Trump presidential Library? The man doesn’t read?
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Most White House "writing" is emails since daddy BushWACKER and destroying government emails IS A FELONY and OBSTRUCTION of justice....BILLARY must be locked up while TrumpOLINI nakedly is raping the planet raiding the TREASURY and tripling the war crimes of his predecessors. ...all the lies about him and Putin distracts us all from stopping his crimes in office
I can't get enough of these Noah's Arc jokes. Sorry, not sorry
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Yup beavers get hungry and can cause a leak wanting to get back in the water
Nope. It's creepy when Christians say it, too
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
There is now gawd saying anything's more than creepy it's patriarchal terrorism
I cannot wait to see Ken Burns documentary “Country Music” in September.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Jazz Wynton Marsalis
A sunset I snapped a picture of when I was in Jamaica. It was glorious.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
No ships clear sailing for you
I'm so curious, what stages did you all go through to get to where you are at?
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Glad you climbed out of that cult one rung of the ladder you describe each per Piaget observation
Right out my front door today! Finally decided to go get a hotdog and the rains picked that moment ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Small town empty circus
Bee Gees. How Can You Mend( A Broken Heart) []
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
That sound stage must be cold inside to wear a turtle neck ski sweater under a blazer....and I did not see the orchestra but the piano did sound a triple bass clef down note....audience sitting on scaffolds with no ladders....musical theatre not too sad for the message
Someone raised a question on another post regarding our introverted response (or non-response) to ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Good listener and critical thinker politely withdrawing from idle chatter
Oh yeah, I think so...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Hello pops, don't start again with more corny jokes
I think he is following me!
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Where are the trees to scrape off his velvet ?? Or he will work over time rotting and tangling with another bull to lose that bloody antler cover
I think he is following me!
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
He has been fed before or he might like your smell and want to mount you
As an introvert, I have gotten unfairly labeled .
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
So called friends are too quick to be snippy....find a cooking partner....someone who feels meal planning is the most rewarding theatre/edible art studio....someone who enjoys tossing instant treats to cats....someone who stirs with wood spoons or chopsticks and drums empty cans musically....find a fun partner who enjoys the moment not the mouthy chatting distance of "friends"
I kind of wish I had a significant other.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Friends should be more supportive....retirement age romance will be easier than punch clock dating
My Zoe likes to jump all over me when I am sleeping.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Go to bed early and play lazer light or feather with Zoe in bed....wear off her work day saved up energies ....she'll turn into a snuggle bunny instead of a demanding child
Truth for us introverts. 😂
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
I am with that cat trained for war but ready to purr with trustworthy new love
Ugh!! Internet dating is so aggravating. Have people forgotten how to have a decent conversation?
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Boys feeling ENTITLED to instant carnal knowledge ARE NOT MEN....and coy waiting for a man to express desire is prudish....romance should be frosting on cake baking of dialogue....our agreed upon ingredients oven temperature vocabulary mixing bowls and egg shells delicately cracked open....we should write our many colored names for each dessert of joy created together
Never ♥️
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Whenever I am disapproved my authenticity increases as a boundary to their bigotry
I feel like this is true...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
I do not get all the compartmentalization the casual denial and romantic obsfucation of a complete's both pillow talk and shared pleasure... It's shared cooking cleaning decorating AND FUN BATHING showering together....picking zits and feeling for routine careful observing massaging kissing our ouchies away. ..primate grooming and joyous self discovery.....the choice to make babies is intergenerational nurturing mammalhood....childless partners are leaving extra harvest for others
This guy showed up at my house...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Beautiful moth
Greetings, just a quick post to introduce myself, retired Navy.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Was it hard to make CPO in your rate ? Are there 5 gold hash marks on your sleeve ? Did you serve in both fleets?? My only tour was @ NAS MIRAMAR FITRON 126 TopGun A4s TA4Js TA4Hs '71'73
The rings of the 7th planet, Uranus, are thin and dark.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
My anus so far away....a Carol King song
Took a break from terrorizing myself with Stranger Things 2 Shaineh wants to know where I've been.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Our Bo Ha Ki divine rulers of our homes patrol to keep us safe and reminded CLEAN LITTER fresh water play and treats....when your jobs are done THEN THE PURRING will vibrate your lap
This post is a request to share news of good things happening in the USA right now.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Good news a great man with 5 decades experience is running for potus @HowieHawkins20....peace through green jobs...he knows how to git ur dun
I know this group will know ALL these words!
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Brevity darlin be of wit
A Christian practicing what he preaches.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Most insurance companies do not allow people to live inside churches....those that do operate "shelters" are paid by taxpayers to do so....the average church gives only 3% of their budget to charity....trying to guilt these obvious frauds into solving illegal alien problems fails like prEyer every time
Progressives accuse establishment of "stealing" NYC D.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
NY state is tightly rigged by party and residency laws often mis-applied worse than dead people voting twice in Chicago
Federal judge temporarily blocks Ohio's heartbeat bill
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Luck of the draw by assignment clerk.....other judges like rapist Kavanaugh live to reverse facts into theocratic or polluter profiteers favor
Feeling both a bit sorry for myself yet proud of myself at the same time.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
4 hands are better than 2 in a love nest
"Depressive Realism" is a theory ( I'd say an hypothesis) that people suffering from depression may ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Nope....depression is NOT REALISM....depression is an internal body and brain condition aggravated by a hostile environment OR resentment of happy individuals nearby
Is there love after 60?
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Not yet here @ Iowa State University
Alabama prosecutor drops charges against woman who lost fetus after being shot
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
The insane AL GRAND JURY blamed the gunshot victim for provoking the shooter implying pregnant women are not allowed to argue with violent gun toting perpetrators. ..Alabama law itself is insane placing undue burdens of pregnancy elevation of an embryo or zygote over real personhood
I was not raised in a religious environment.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
What time are you referring to ? Living under the Queen and her Church of England is most certainly a religious environment as is the IN gawd WE TRUST of McCarthyism since I was 3 years old USA
Book, idea, community, sharing/recommendations
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Start by giving xians their due and RESPECTING Atheists Humanists Agnostics by rejecting xian Webster falsely defining us .....the alleged gawd gott gods sounds are NOT real words ...only gibberish used by believers who have zero evidence for exactly what and where their geebush jeehobah yhwh ghostholes alleged is
Debate: Why Do So Many Leftists Want Sex Work to Be the New Normal? | The Nation
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Anything to increase personal income in the deliberately scarce low wage job market....I am not for this tiny reform instead PEACE THROUGH GREEN JOBS LIVING WAGES FOR ALL @HowieHawkins20
Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home []
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Complete with home port sounds of my Navy songs kept me from "feeling mighty sick"
Dr kitty cat
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Our superiours tolerate stupid human trickery for the cameras as long as you keep the litter clean and keep the food fresh
That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be - Carly Simon []
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Carly kept me human during an INhuman war '71'73
This is a painting of my great great great grandmother, Christine Boyer Bonaparte, wife of Lucien ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Was that a hot air balloon "airline" of 1779 ?
I read or heard something that struck home.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
My sister and our mom certainly: " married " widows 13 years each....I can only say I miss my brother in law and dad not quite so for my Teri we just began to plan long lives when she died sitting up watching the movie I bought I have not been married to that at all....including her family cremated Teri b4 I could drive 56 miles to say goodbye to a corpse....yet they insisted upon me taking a truckload of art Teri and I cherished and they hated
Love Triangles As I have decided to maintain a friendship and rather than enter into a love ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
That makes two of us attacked by the hidden fornicator....I never kissed her but her guy straight out of prison was going to buy an insurance policy on me make her the beneficiary and kill me for their dope money.....just add 2 zeros to 420
Womens World Cup finale Sunday July 7 at 11am USA vs Netherlands GO USA!!!
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Betcha nobody plays in wooden shoes
Happy 4th of July
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
This is funny
I see you fishy!
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Great camera eye
Tutankhamun's head auctioned for $6m in UK despite Egypt's outcry | Egypt News | Al Jazeera
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Somebody sell Egypt George Washington wooden false teeth to make them happy
MAD magazine, a 67-year satirical touchstone, will disappear from newsstands
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
The end of the world has been announced....what ? Me worry ?? gawd damn cost of publishing paper
Moon selfie. Eclipse fron the Moon.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Is this a Soviet lunar orbiter pix ?
Here's what I was reminded of this morning as I stood in my cabin and felt the walls shake because ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Maybe a laugh about "quakes" ??....Remember a few yrs ago some idiot muslim cleric said women seen wearing halter tops bikini or just not wearing the full length head to toe cover CAUSED EARTH QUAKES ??....SO online Atheist women planned a scientific test date in the future back then to go braless at the appointed hour calling it BOOBQUAKE time.....!! The only result was a little extra sun and pissing off muslims upon the world wide web
My kinky brain.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
I AM glad 420 code was not a smog report....I love rain fresh air not smouldering rope
Good morning Happy 4th, I’ve been busy working and traveling but going to enjoy the day! ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Henry knows when to ride and loves the smell of coffee.....the big fat chef looks 400 pounds but my same height 100 #'re tiny I am giant 6'5"
Eek a mouse
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Mice can "hiss" cats can hear such micro sounds and this kitten is just now remembering how mom hooked a mouse with her claws and bit it by the neck dead
Keeping one's perspective, After all these decades, I still have a lot of anger about my ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
I cannot affirm the good intentions of any xian save for the good works of Quakers and Catholic Workers.....undoing the millenia of damage done by all xians.....being threatened with eternal fire is universally perpetuated by most xians except the Unitarian Universalist Societies....thus Humanism pooh poohs our righteous indignation and back seats our scientific Atheism....only Elon Musk is selling "heaven" rides on his rockets for cremation ashes.....disbursing human remains there can be a rational truthful statement
Keeping one's perspective, After all these decades, I still have a lot of anger about my ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Easter has been canceled....they found the body.
Joan Baez. []
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Perhaps the greatest woman of song about Bob Dylan.....imagine if she ever worked with Harry Chapin !....the stories they could share in duet ??
Enjoy your “freedom” America
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Enjoy our "freedom" Cherokee Navaho Lahota Sioux Cayuga Iroquois Seminole Sauk HoChunk........just how free are Palestinians being shot in the fish barrel of shrinking ghettos of their own land shot by USA weapons bulldozed by Illinois Caterpillars.....freedom to sleep under freeway underpasses homeless veterans denied scarce low paying jobs....women "free" to choose if or when to stay pregnant NOT !
By any means necessary.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Have you seen the silhouette slice diagram of uterus with fallopian tubes 1 morphed on the right into a flying fuck you finger ?....artistically saying keep your ROSARIES off their ovaries
A few from a recent club ride in northeast Ohio.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
How far from the ROCK HALL of FAME ?
Happy Birthday America!!
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Uncle Puppy SAMs
I have a question that maybe you all can help with.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Iowa is the most literate of all 50 states....78 college towns across 99 counties....religious nuts are everywhere.....Fairfield Iowa is a business friendly place home of Maharishi University (sic).....hundreds of non-xians there but just as nutty chanting OHM and hopping not flying with pillows strapped to their butts.....Portland Oregon is an artist friendly city with thousands of Atheists living there....deciding where to go next might be analyzed along side how you chose small town ILLINOIS....KEEP BRAINSTORMING and stay hopeful
20% of Tennesseans believe Creationism should not be taught in public schools. Only. 20. Percent.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Rhea County Courthouse is ground zero for rifle toting bible thumping enemies of science
20% of Tennesseans believe Creationism should not be taught in public schools. Only. 20. Percent.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Remember Tipper Gore was labeling all music albums/covers to warn both kids and parents....Ten AH sea ....Volunteer state
Mmmhmmm, that's right.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Galactic stupidity looks like a red flag on any resume EXCEPT for work in the Rethuglican Party or Betsy deVos alleged DEPARTMENT of "education"
Just read about some nasty FB posts from border patrol agents at the lockdown facilities.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
It's a war in TX NM AZ & CA just like the wars of the Bush Crime Family started against the "rag heads" & "camel jockeys" my war was against "gooks" in Vietnam....put people in danger and they will spout out racist drivel .... I coped by getting out of the barracks at night sleeping in my car listening to Carly Simon 8 tracks...not all people in wars conform to dehumanizing banter....avoidance is not enough....veterans stopped the genocide in SE ASIA by courageous acts of resistance....not Abbie Hoffman antics....some Border PATROL supervisor or executive will grow a CONSCIENCE and name names of guilty like Chelsea Manning leaked videos of USA war crimes in war was also sexist....women in the Navy were not called sailors but were officially "Waves" took decades of protest and never convicted rapists and "TAILHOOK" before military sexual trauma the last few years
Fire burns Kentucky Jim Beam warehouse with about 45,000 barrels of bourbon inside
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Booze price will skyrocket
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Good job escaping her phone call to her priest
Yea, I got nothing
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
TrumpOLINIbot....has no CONSCIENCE against Pussygrabbing polluter oil war criminal bankster zionist in the White House....ignorant fool ....equal time for his sitcom gal Joanie ? I never watched that stupid shit so was that her name ,?
What do you think? "Bikini baristas may become tank top baristas after ruling." []
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 4, 2019:
If women are paid living wages and are not sexually harassed selling coffee via strip tease then courts are harming not protecting women
So darling. This is the cat for me! []
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I am not so sure that is a feline domesticatus????
Good morning
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Yes both my Service Cats Kiti6 perform this daily task working 24/7 to ensure my litter cleaning and food/water duties
No one has ever really said Native Americans originated here either.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Walking across the land/ice bridge from Siberia to Alaska is not Columbus murdering natives in Caribbean islands 1492 nor musket armed invaders to Plymoth Rock....Thor Heyerdahl built a polynesian log sailing craft according to Pacific Island native traditions and made the voyage by star stories east to Gallapogos, Easter and western America....the problem has always been the racist evil Vatican DECLARATION of 1450 sending ships to kidnap rape and kill natives anywhere white xians do not rule
A Farewell to the Problem of Evil Theodicy, which attempts to reconcile the existence of evil ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
This waste of words is like the comedy HARVEY the RABBIT with Jimmy Stewart or absurdist theatre WAITING FOR godot.....debating the existence of delusion in the brains of mentally ill people or cult brainwashing victims is a sick sophomoric campus exercise.....gawd gott or gods are gibberish sounds unworthy of evidence or rational definition relating exactly where and what these alleged gawd things are HAS NEVER BEEN POSITED why pretend a "debate" can ever take place upon a gibberish "question ?"
What's at least one thing you've done today, even if it was small, that you're proud to have ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I am proud I speak truth here as do other Atheists daily rebuffing our culture of lies including IN gawd WE TRUST I snip out the criminal illegal lie printed on my money since I was 3 years old
if there is not God, I would like to know where did everything come from?
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Your false leading question proves you are an ignorant troll here in agnostic land...."comes from" and "belief in" are syntax errors of might have beliefs about doors but all are un-necessary TO WALK IN doors because doors exist needing zero faiths to go in or come outdoors.....matter can neither be created or destroyed....matter has the indwelling property of energy thus can be heated exploded or chilled near absolute zero slowing sub atomic particles to slow motion like your believer brain synapses retarded by the Church of England cults
Love cats; used to show and breed Burmese cats many years ago.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Kiti rules and saves my life
Love cats; used to show and breed Burmese cats many years ago.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
My Kiti must be a Burmese mix with white face chest and paws but those dark tiger stripes make her glorious reminders of jungle hunts
Turning Their Backs To The National Anthem Anti-Europe MEPs turn backs on Europe anthem at opening ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Like the one guy who did not one arm Heil Hitler....more humans should just say no to murderous fascists and their ceremonial lies
Racist Border Patrol Facebook group confirms all your worst suspicions As I was begrudgingly ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I am not surprised Facebook allows 9500 racists to violate community standards while I was put in Facebook jail 30 days for calling cops who invaded sacred burial land violated by the KXL pipeline " w. A. c. I. c. h. u. S. " me get banned now .....Facebook loves murderers who buy advertising and uses victims as proof they won't tolerate free speech faux standards zionist zuckerberg loves sodastream slave labor camps in G a z a and racist Scarlett Johansson commercial paid actress
Top Biden Fundraiser Jumps Ship - The Daily Caller
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Actually the "civility" remark about Talmadge and Eastland to the days before ReaGUN 1981 of union busting and trillion dollar deficits RINGS TRUE....Carter never borrowed more than 55 billion never raising the debt over the 998 billion mark mostly from FDR war bonds....Delaware is a racist southern state east of racist Maryland and Biden was NEVER a reformer.....BIDEN never fought Reagun never supported Anita Hill outing rapist Clarence we have 2 rapists on US Sup Ct ....Kavanaugh is Bill Cosby lite beer
How to get two over 6 ft tall teenagers to do chores around the house?
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
You asked a vital question I had no answer with my 3 teen step children half siblings to my toddler daughter 1997......I thought divorce was the only answer as my ex (now) was loyal to her ex then .....maybe I should have camped outside with a sign: dad on strike until teens clean up after themselves
Malaysia plans to decriminalize drug use to battle addiction Another country that's watch the ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Lowering jail and court costs needs to be followed by assigning saved resources for medical aid to addicts
Yee haw! This made me chuckle because it's true!
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Did he ever spit tobacco into spitoons ?
Yee haw! This made me chuckle because it's true!
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Rootin tootin Yosemmity Sam most honorable heroic six shooter
Out of the closet after 30
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I have never regretted telling the truth about religious lies since I was 5 years old......after that I was never scared of dying and going to hell...the only true good news gospel = Atheism
'Lives depend on it.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
True the politics of diversionary tactics....look like a hero here so you'll forget about my crimes there
‘Pete is a fraud’: South Bend activists and former city officials demand Buttigieg resignation
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 2, 2019:
So true about fake news....they are not "liberals" they are pandering corporations pro gay pro abortion ....CNN MSNBC MAIN STREAM MEDIA ...fake news Fox is creationist Ann Coulter shills hate Atheists force all women to stay pregnant... .so Mayor Pete gets a pass like BILLARY and all her FELONIES
An Incomplete List of Companies Working with ICE
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Fascist corporations have been ripping off taxpayers since 1862 naked theft and printing fake money in broad daylight
The ‘greatest country in the world’ can’t afford soap for kids – and it’s not Sarah ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
The greatest terrorist nation in the world is bankrupt and borrowing 6 trillion $ from terrorist China... TrumpOLINI AND corrupt Democrats all are bribed to spend money to murder people for polluter oil war crime profiteering bankster zionism VOTE @HowieHawkins20 Green Party if you want a President to reprogramme all our money for peace through green jobs and HEALTHCARE anywhere inside our borders
Neck pillow
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Dog testicles massaging kitten I have seen everything
US envoy smashes wall dug under Palestinian homes in E.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
So called ambassador Friedman is nothing but a murderous gangster worse than the Las Vegas mafia and the shrinking ghettos of Palestinians is killing innocent natives by air water ground AND UNDERGROUND
Mebbe sometimes....
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Sorry this English Bulldog looking youngster reminds me of the gangster who tried to kill me in Darlington SC he was injecting 5 puppies with growth hormones and 2 pregnant females selling pups for 800 on internet BOYCOTT all these deadly animal and human abusers Valenta Hill is his name age 32 works for Pilot Truckstops Wendys food counter
Men's pubic hair styles.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
I only show such to my future lover ....and our scissors and shaving decisions will only be shared if we decide to add polyamory to our big bed
My all time favorite band! Emerson, Lake & Palmer - From The Beginning []
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Oooooh what a lucky man he was....King Crimson birthed E L P
I'm surrounded.
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Victim blamers pure and simple...poster people for white privilege.....none want truth spoken so their snide lies echo forever in their empty brains.....homeless people need homes jobs HEALTHCARE all 3 things are deliberately kept EXPENSIVE SCARCE AND is free at flop house church basements and give away pantries open odd hours when homeless need jobs
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Tarheel country welcomes all
"Trump reportedly wants tanks on the National Mall for his July 4th blowout in DC" Of course he ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Rarely do even us veterans see in one place all or many USA weapons...not in a single manual or book.....most are secret and available on a need to know basis under our chain of command....narcissism in the White House on CONSTITUTION Avenue US HWY 50 could have a surprise benefit....taxpayers can see some objects produced from our tax dollars and federal 6 trillion borrowed from China....maybe then voters will see in front of their face the fact the blueREDS redBLUES duopoly single Party ruling terrorizing the entire planet should never be voted for Bernie = TrumpOLINI BILLARY BIDEN GOLDMAN SACHS WARREN et al even Tulsi wants to change the placement of the little military toys just for show....only @HowieHawkins20 is going to reverse course and MAKE PEACE THROUGH GREEN JOBS REPLACING polluter oil war crime profiteering bankster zionism
Today I sat at kitchen table writing out checks.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 30, 2019:
Of course cats want your attention they know you will leave them alone 40 hours a week so it is pay back time....they are 24/7 gawds unlike the alleged bible monster demanding only 2 hours on the sabbath
I have been here a year! I do adore most of ya. Did you know that?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 30, 2019:
Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil
Happy Birthday, America! And unless you speak Sioux you are an immigrant.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 30, 2019:
Many tribes were dispersed into missionary schools and our mouths washed out with soap if we tried to speak our native tongue
3 arrested as downtown Portland protests escalate into civil disturbance -
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 30, 2019:
14 years since I lived there the great city of Atheist Mayor Bud Clark has turned into JERUSALEM
Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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