I'm back at it.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 19, 2019:
Flip side is stored body fat is a proven survival factor while skinny people are less likely to beat cancer
Trump: Alleged Iranian oil tanker attacks 'very minor'
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 19, 2019:
In this case TrumpOLINI is protesting CIA control of the world since 1945...yes he is stupidly risking his skull like JFK did
What are your thoughts on EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 19, 2019:
Let's give all ourselves a break....procrastination can be as simple as waiting until the sink is full of dishes before washing each polishing each and making cupboards and drawers look tidy....waiting those 4 days gives us time to post and laugh here with other Atheists....xians accuse us of procrastinating our duty to confess and be baptized....Ingersoll said baptizm is a good idea WITH SOAP
Meldrop - A drop of mucus at the nose whether produced by a cold or otherwise.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 18, 2019:
Is boogerroll a word ? Picking clumps out of a nose and flicking off a finger should cause some boogerrolling
Sometimes strange things happen in nature that make you wonder.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 18, 2019:
But you did starve the spider trap making an enemy thereby
Sometimes strange things happen in nature that make you wonder.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 18, 2019:
It is not strange for species to navigate by smell among other methods....dragonflies probably do have good feelings reinforce their travel and food sampling decisions ...politeness and gratitude seem symbolic speech messages....bird song is territorial not joyful....I am very proud of your symbiotic decision....I do not know what dragonflies eat or if they pollenate
The best 15 minutes you will spend []
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 18, 2019:
Truth perfectly spoken. Remember Ruth Bader Ginzburg is a confessed racist thief of Oneida sovereignty purchased at current high prices and defends taxation upon taxation what was stolen after 2 ROW WAMPUM
Pete Buttigieg Returns to South Bend After Police Shooting | Time
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 18, 2019:
Not even the Kock Bros try to bust police unions keeping fascist thugs armed and hunting across USA cities and sheriffs
Be sure to say something out loud if you see this.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 18, 2019:
Only vote Green Party....Obusha did nothing to resume real EPA bans of profiteering poison corporations @HowieHawkins20 peace through green jobs real GREEN NEW DEAL of 2010 not blue liar plagiarist Democrats
My mother and I went to see the documentary by Ron Howard, on Luciano Pavarotti.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Mozart deepens my love of music most
Who has plans for going to the Woodstock Reunion?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Beatles refused to tour back then...I betcha Jagger steals the show....who will play Hendrix NATIONAL Anthem ????
Mmmm, roast beef sandwiches
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Anti-vegan Anti-Atheist propaganda with hints of snide creationist critiques of human evolutionary intellectual educational's the xian who worships nothing everywhere
Yeah… no need to go digging up ancient history… from, uh, earlier today… []
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Heaven is NOT funny ....Albert Brooks movie DEFENDING YOUR LIFE IS HILARIOUS with Meryl Streep....there are no clouds alleged angels or alleged gawds in the movie least this comic strip lady is free to choose destination alleged post mortem
Black Missouri drivers 91% more likely to be stopped, state attorney general finds | PBS NewsHour
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Confederate State of Missouri escaped most large scale Union troops battles so the repression of slaves continues in the SHOW ME STATE...DRED SCOTT DECISION was read allowed and posted on the steps of the federal court house in MR LOUIS MISSOURI in the shadow of the Gateway Arch.... Clayton MO is proud of their cop who gunned down a angry kid who stole a cigar..NATIONAL pressure got him fired City Council and Police Chief replaced.....not safe in KCMO either
Do any of you in this ever lisen to Christy the Word Smith on National Public Radio?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Maybe she is replacing Garrison Keillor and John Ciardi ? Andre Codrescu was also great on NPR until the NATIONAL Petroleum Radio propaganda of 2002 under boy Bush illegal wars for oil against the environmental laws
21 Savage Donates $25,000 To Nonprofit That Helps People In the Deep South With Their Immigration ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Costs money to get the best immigration asylum lawyers on board who are ethically duty bound to deport the evil ones and protect the deserving ones
"Nice is not the same as kind.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Polite enemies....scratch a liberal find a fascist....kindness is radical revolutionary....when in trouble call a hippie not a cop
Joined UU in York, PA but rarely go.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Been to 2 in Harrisburg, Wyoming Valley, Erie and the one by the river full of rocks
Joined UU in York, PA but rarely go.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Been to 218 UU societies....this time of year is ripe for arguing over annual budgets....many have hUUmanists groups meeting there many are also church members but UU WORLD has been hostile to Atheists documented 20 years now....not burning my bridges but they create a climate of silence for Atheists not friendly to requests for faith evidence
Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara admits misusing public funds - BBC News
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Gangster genocidal crook Bebe is sacrificing his spouse to avoid jail for his crimes
Jefferson Airplane Poster
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Is that a framed preserved poster in your home ? Stevie has the greatest voice
I found one for you @metalhead222
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
My feelings exactly how xians treat me with alleged devilish names and's their hell they can fucking burn in it
If anyone here is on a low fat diet, that’s part of the problem.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
No need to murder animals to get your omega 3s from flax oils and nuts
The procedure was a success, I have 20/20 vision! My eyes still hurt because the top layer is ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Glad the procedure works 4 u
The procedure was a success, I have 20/20 vision! My eyes still hurt because the top layer is ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
I have implants. Acrylic lenses filled with silicone. I say boob jobs in my eyes but I do not lactate there.
Welcome to Out Of The Illusion.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Is Chris Hedges Democracy NOW and Ralph Nader on your list ?
In a day and age where people don't speak to one another and would prefer texting over talking, ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Is this a sly assumption of " hysteria ? " Women are normal just the way they righteous indignation @ theocracy and violent faiths is something I hope my future lover will enjoy and I shall affirm her as is no need to change or sublimate
My blood is boiling.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Never expect a tampon terrorist to revert to humanity or lawful citizenship....we need to jail them like conspiring muslims building bombs or seeking the Imam prEyers for 72 virgins upon a suicide mission...let them cry xians in the lions den all they want....religious tolerance is TOO LAX inside USA and gangsters on the US Sup Ct sent the wrong message nullifying BUFFER ZONE LAWS KEEPING TAMPON TERRORISTS TEN FEET AWAY FROM PATIENTS AND STAFF entering HEALTHCARE clinics
Today I'm making scratch dinner rolls.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
You are courageous to create the gift of life in the face of death....nothing smells better than fresh warm rolls under a kitchen towel in a big basket
Would you ever eat human meat?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck staged a scene where a mom gave birth to a dead fetus and her friends spouse is dying of they both discuss a bit and then she breastfeeds the dying man back to health.....that is my limit to consumption of human food never would I murder or eat cadaver
Happy Father’s Day
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Words of wisdom for the day courtesy of myself: I say I'm an atheist like I say I'm a vegetarian.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
People should not assume dietary impositions
Happy Fathers Day!
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
If only parenting were honored and respected universally???? Instead too many so called parents harm children in utero with substance abuse sexual mutilations religious brainwashing incest then passing off to rapist priests and gay teens are shamed to religious suicide
Is anyone else enjoying the Women's World Cup games besides me?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Sure part of athleticism is watching other athletes wishing to be there playing....not a fan to be with the crowd experience or ten dollar beers
Please post only uncommon words and their meanings.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
The gibberish sound gawd is a made up non-word ...a pseudo referent without objects ..we should never capitalize these sounds as a title or alleged name in religious fiction books
Trans and non-believers
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Most but not all Atheists cast aside sexism and racism taught in most religions....patriarchal males hold onto sexism as pzry of their male Entitlement feelings to own a vagina and all of a womans body....trans are still rare enough to escape sexist bigotry in the 25,% of USA who are Atheists....most remain in the closet as do LGBT folks and there is some solidarity in the proverbial privacy closets....bad news is TRUMPolini has deleted gender identity and sexual orientation questions from the 2020 surveys only asked these questions since 2014....also aging gays are deleted from OLDER AMERICANS PROGRAMS
Mouse study finds BPA exposure has transgenerational effects on gene linked to autism - Neuroscience...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Plastic bottles have only been around for 40 years....mass production of vax has reduced safety and co-factors like neonatal liver enzyme defects are causing higher fevers ....explains why most vaxxed kids tolerate if not benefit from vax my daughters included while my great nephew was tested for this liver enzyme deficiency and vax was contraindicated....he is 5 now getting 3 injections a week to aid food digestion and he is a smart little fella
Alabama sheriff charged with scamming food bank, church
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Probably stole the money to pay a hooker for sex
Today's pics...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Gazebo shadows
The following is an answer Ann Druyan had for a fundamentalitist who claimed her husband, Carl ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
The ignorant bigoted cruelty of xians terrorizing a widow has always happened to great Atheists Voltaire home where he died ridiculing a visiting priest....that home was converted to a bible publishing house a book that believers never read if they did they would be Atheists also
Eat your Wheaties...then smash the patriarchy
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Not so anonymous breakfast for a daughter
For those who've missed the HSP test, here is the direct link: [hsperson.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
20 of 27 questions men are predicted to answer fewer questions...military, sports and musical training along with a medical policy career seems to have honed my sensitivity to my current empathic pattern...the test author declared 14 a sensitive score
Summer vacation begins for me with my first viewing of Mama Mia.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Disney Nature and Science films I watched summers during Saturday Science classes Atheist Pat Tillman I loved Old Yeller dog movie too and hated religion for keeping dead dogs out of their alleged heaven
Looking for something to do this weekend?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
I refuse to pass as xian....when I see gold crucifix dangling in cleavage or chest hair I still want to vomit out my memories of church when I was 5 years old...that is when I embraced my Atheist heroes Einstein and Walt Disney ...except for breastfeeding moms there were no nipples to ogle in moms church ....burning anyone in hell has always been 100% unETHICAL to me ditto bribes for a boring ass heaven
Looking for something to do this weekend?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Like most xians they don't read their bibles they only clutch their books like a fetish....this cult may be curing tan lines and getting extra vitamin D but their alleged Genesis garden story blames fruit eating knowledge robs humanity of our immortality eating a fruit served by a talking snake there after Adham used big leaves to hide their pubic hair from each other
Looking for something to do this weekend?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
No mention of volleyball our naturism coed sport with shoes if the sand or grass is not perfectly soft
Sarah Sanders Leaving WH.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Telling lies is a skill ...she has a job @ Fake Fox News just like ABC hired Clinton Campaign liar George Stephanopoulos 1993
Is it just me that thinks it's rude for people to put an in-person conversation on hold to respond ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Worse is these rudes came to your conversation intending to keep you 2nd place because their Facebook began b4 u
Ohh Facebook.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Typically believers never think they are cultists parroting what they are brainwashed to act out....they support slavery in their perfect bibles as did the Confederate States of AMERICA 1860 Charleston to 1865 Appomattox
A friend of mine is developing an educational video game and I thought I’d share it here.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
@AOC is guilty of plagiarism stealing the Green Party Green New Deal of 2011 as are most blue potus candidates Biden just got caught plagiarizing word for word 2 environmental groups goals off their website....accordingly @HowieHawkins20 deserves our votes and support for Green New Deal peace through green jobs NOT corrupt incumbents and liar Democrats
'I think I’d take it': In exclusive interview, Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Sad to report Obama tried to get Netanyahu defeated and CIA has more than meddled in other nations 1953 Mossadegh was murdered after he was elected in Iran and the SHAH was made dictatorial puppet for oil companies Nixon with daddy Bush murdered CHILE leader Allende ....if you listen to TrumpOLINI he is telling the truth how EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS gets elected with opposition research = dirt from Norway on candidates ...TrumpOLINI donated to Senator BILLARY Clinton election and was at Chelsea wedding his daughter attended school with Chelsea.....the politics of personal dirt began with Washington 2nd term heated up with Adam's and Jefferson 6 newspapers vilified Jefferson as an Atheist and having red headed mulatto children by Sally HEMMINGS true but spread as dirt...Adam's was accused of being pro British when he defended an innocent red coat of deliberate murder of an angry pre-revolutionary mob member...his son accused of being a Russian spy
Space station photo of Venus and the earth. Such a thin blue line.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Fake photo....everyone knows the earth is flat has 4 corners and the bible is 100% perfect
What is your experience with meeting others via online dating sites and apps?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Years ago I dated 3 xian women in a row a few months each after I found out they all had Atheist adult children and they married Atheists all were childless......these women seduced me as a famous Atheist leader in hopes I would give her the ANTIDOTE to Atheism.....they wanted grandchildren to take to Sunday schools baptizing et cetera...all their children grew up in those churches but learned scientific Atheism in public schools....I told each of them Atheism is like expert mathematics....once an student learns 1+1+1 does NOT EQUAL TRINTARIAN one the correct answer of 3 can never be changed back to geebush jeehobah ghostholes yhwh bible fake math
I was out dancing Friday night and saw someone who I thought I recognized.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
That scuz bucket is a Rrruusssshah dingy Crazy GREEDY LIMPboss radio cult liar brainwashed victim....15 hours a week they bait and switch local TEMPERATURES as if a single observation undoes the fact pollution is melting polar ice BELOW FREEZING TEMPS like road salt dropped from the air like the declassification of North polar ice depth is so shallow now Soviets or Russians cannot predict where our submarines will punch through ice in a nuke war to launch our thousands of missiles....there is the undeniable proof pollution is changing climate patterns with ocean currents less cold driven by melting ice different months also affecting breeding seasons and plants pollination by flying species
All religion is nonsense.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
All alleged gawd words are instead gibberish....alleged referents without objects
A hypothetical moral dilemma: Dan melody are dating, Dan ask Melody" are you on birth control?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
No.....she lied to him about pills his lie of omission fits their fornicating lifestyle
I can get over for the life of me how Trump still has so many supporters that can see through this ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
TrumpOLINIbots remember all the victims of the Clintons LAUREATE UNIVERSITY 16 MILLION tax dollars from State DEPARTMENT into Chancellor William Jefferson Bleigh alias Clinton pocket 2010-2014 millions in fraud donations bribes taken by Chelsea Billary and Bill to FOUNDATIONs and the 33 thousand subpoenaed emails destroyed by BILLARY OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE crimes secrecy law crimes.....enough to keep their lips drooling for revenge but irrational to see nothing has been done until now by ATTY GEN BARR investigating BILLARYbots in FBI FISA COURTS CIA SPYING on trumpOLINI.....ALL 537 INCUMBENTS belong in jail and I support @HowieHawkins20 to clean it all up peace through green jobs
Concentration Camps Expert Andrea Pitzer: The Trump Administration Is Running Camps at the Southern ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Millions of guns tons of dope and thousands of sex trafficking victims are pouring across the border....TrumpOLINI talks tough but has not ordered effective plan enforcement instead wasting 29 months giving tax breaks to billionaires and corrupt incumbents including on election night ending his correct call to LOCK BILLARY UP ....fraud law immigration law pollution law war crime profiteering bankster zionism are TRUMPolini priorities not finishing OBAMAs 700 mile wall a thousand more miles
Reddit - atheism - My boyfriend is a Christian and I'm agnostic.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Why are you posting a girl with xian boyfriend problem ?? My advice to her if she is here is to end her relationship with a domineering boy who she lets him cut off all discussing other matters but now wants advice to explain Atheism and Agnosticism to a religious studies student....he is obviously brainwashed and toned down his proselytizing for sex....she is a victim ready to be harmed when she stops letting him fuck her
Babe Ruth's rosary beads for my fellow agnostic baseball enthusiasts 😉
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Ruth was a very young Baltimore xian boarding school victim
Nevada becomes first state to ban pre-employment marijuana testing
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
This cannot apply to truck drivers and machine operators ...federal laws cannot be undone to put others at safety risks...OSHA and Interstate Commerce apply
"Spiritual Snobbery: the Dark Side of Lightworkers" [elephantjournal.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Chaplains and bad counselors inject religion into dream management, psychotherapy or routine conversations with active duty, veterans patients and families....good clinicians employ Atheist Albert Ellis RET RATIONAL EMOTIVE THERAPY not dope to induce religious hallucinations
"Spiritual Snobbery: the Dark Side of Lightworkers" [elephantjournal.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
The illusion of light in dreams or semi consciousness are alleged to be near death experience alleged proof of communication with already dead people....while this may be a beneficial memory merger with desires it can also be a nightmare....ask us vets with survivors guilt and victims appearing into our "dreams"
Getting the most out of
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Attend local Atheists events in KCMO KCKS and invite all there to expand participation here like you are now
I find it kind of odd that the home page of has atheists listed first. I wonder why?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Looks loke alphabetical order ....if Atheists were preferred over all others the evil xian tradition of not capitalizing our Proper Noun name would be abandoned....we are not adjectives nor are Agnostics nor Skeptics
Would it be appropriate to post an RV for sale in this group?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
How much money for what year size RV mileage equipment ???? ?
Who was the first athlete to endorse a product and what was that product?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
I heard the candy bar maker named it after his baby : this a trick photo question from Cooperstown NY ??
Justice Democrats: Rep. Henry Cuellar gets a primary challenger - Vox
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Donkey with a MAGA hat needs to resign
Though Atheism is not a religion, which one of them are more generous? :)
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
What a diverse neighborhood to get a sample of generosity from most people ideation
Atheist media?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
American Atheist Experience since 1977 Austin Texas
Donald Trump Talking About The Books He's Read Will Make You Seriously Pine For The Days Of Barack ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Alaska is nothing like AMERICA cross state travel is only by airplane or dog sled Hawaii only by boat or plane.....48 states have cars on roads most everywhere....this bragging incompetent fool Palin is a TrumpOLINI role model yup u bet
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
All vets are trained to be stoic killers pulling triggers or slitting throats swiftly silently
Milwaukee teachers accused of cover up for accidental shooting in a school
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Teachers learn to cover up crimes from killer cops everywhere
My Pillow: my mother had bought one of these last year and I recently tried it, and it's awesome.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Lindell pays Rrruusssshah dingy Crazy GREEDY LIMPboss radio cult liars million$ to advertise on radio and million$ more to advertise on Sean Slammity tv Fox fake news....cut off the Lindberg baby tag sew your own pillow case over the evil Lindell pillow and you have covered up the evidence of TRUMPolini nightmares in your sleep
My Pillow: my mother had bought one of these last year and I recently tried it, and it's awesome.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Boycotting Dominoes Pizza for 40 years because it gives million$ to Marion Gordon Robertson JUNIOR alias 700 clubber Pat Robertson
Therapist vs. Family
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
There are 20 foot trowel poles for wet concrete but these 2 pix describe my first family well
Hi there! I'm Jonna, been single forever and have trouble meeting people (mostly because I hate ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Hope you teach him to be a lifelong Feminist Atheist lover
Nearly 400 Elephants Were Poached in Just Two Years in This One African Nation
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Death penalty for poachers will save these loving elephants lives....Cain was the 1st vegan hero he stopped the senseless slaughter throat slitting of albino lambs by his brother Abel
Is touch important?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Hugging universally could restore our nurturing species and abate violent outbursts by undeserving people....Head Start teaches all students to hug one another but the violence begins in school sports if not at home from violent families....religions sexually mutilate baby boys and young girls by the millions each year.. .we Atheists should set a better example than the xians with their tampon terrorism murdering gynecologists.....John did
Is touch important?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Reiki claims to heal without touch but it is so close to skin or clothes most patients feel the healing is impossible to get pregnant without touch....even an A.I. syringe is touching a vagina and cervix
Republican Tax Bill Leads to Record-Breaking Drop in Corporate Revenues
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
The bankruptcy began with ReaGUN TRIPLING THE NATIONAL DEBT over 3 trillion with tax cuts and insane murderous spending like the 500 old ship Navy and incompetent White House getting hundreds of Marines killed in a Beirut hotel...only Clinton balanced the budget 2 years with fair taxes boy Bush raised the debt to 12 trillion got over fifteen thousand brave Americans killed in illegal wars ObushaObombney slowed down the debt racked up by Rethuglican polluter oil war crime profiteering bankster zionism but now TrumpOLINI IS RUNNING TRILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR DEBTS up to 22 trillion ....only @HowieHawkins20 can save us with peace through green jobs
Two Darwin Awards for two men in Davie, Fl.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Well deserved Darwin Awards if their guns are destroyed not given back to survivors and obviously won't be raping any more women pregnant at gunpoint
Florida Chick-fil-A franchise owner arrested for child molestation: cops
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Sexual predators are allowed to hide behind religion and discriminate against employees who don't follow employer religions....the Vatican employees known as priests have the perfect excuse for on the job cover up of sex crimes....CONFESSION=FORGIVENESS....this Chikkk Filthy A franchise owner is sure to deny guilt and blame her VICTIMS for the demon possession of lies or any other crime faiths cover up
And all I have left is the jean jacket.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Death is our enemy and religion delays if not prevents our cures of disease and making a safer world....I am so sorry you lost such a fine man
Phoenix police threaten to shoot a family after a 4-year-old allegedly steals a doll.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Just tow their car away that was used in the commission of the doll theft ....perpetrators can come to the impound lot pay their fine and pay for the doll....guns a blazin is insane fascism for all the world to see
Anyone watching Catch 22 on Hulu?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 15, 2019:
I remember Arkin movie from the 60's when the planes were 30 years old...TopGun is my flashback movie but the Loggins Messina music is louder than the jets in the film...not reality from 1972 1973 NAS MIRAMAR FITRON 126 A4s
Love it 😂
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
With dog saliva into his hair??
This study shows there's a strong tendency to continue to date a similar personality.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
People love study partners in the art of being human on the same page of life....however attraction to new and different surely is a common choice like John and Yoko creating a new love culture from Japan and Liverpool to enchant the world musically for love and peace
Kissing. How do you like it?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Kissing is the ultimate test of "chemistry" how lovers taste tingle and perform lessons learned together...people should negotiate what they like and honestly report taste and taste changes according to diet teeth brushing etc rather than wait for unspoken requests to magically happen
With Trump, there are no coincidences; its all planned well in advance.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
True US NAVY SEALS COULD HAVE FIRED AN IRANIAN RPG at one tanker to make it look like an excuse for war vs Iran on behalf of Japan Panama Bermuda and Norway but it could be Yemeni seeking revenge against assumed Saudis
With Trump, there are no coincidences; its all planned well in advance.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Goes with the, "You should smile more!" line.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
My dad for decades refused to be photographed without his bifocals
Grieving elephants weep as they carry dead baby in 'funeral' procession - World News - Mirror Online
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Perhaps primates observed elephant funerals and the first shaman invented religious rituals along with the invention of spoken language ? I do NOT buy into the lies of "the gawd gene" or CT scans of religious areas of the brain....compassion and grief of parents in animal family societies are the elements of nurturance NOT alleged afterlife Service Cats dream and dreams are a function of healthy brain memory processing....bears hibernate for months so do frogs....I suspect the first shamans were anti-Feminists inventing stories to trick women and children into submission for repetitive sex and war excuses brainwashing kids for the next raid upon neighbors tribal savings territory food stored AND VIRGINS TO BE RAPED as it is clearly written in the bibles
It’s the remaining 30% that’s the fun part.
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Good women should grab your testicles....
What is your experience with online dating?
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
My dates happen with xians but rarely with Atheists....women my age are attracted to intelligent Atheists but intelligent Atheist women seem more interested in money than love
Tree planted by Trump and Macron to symbolize French-American friendship has died
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Someone surely poisoned the plant....xians poisoned American Atheists trees in Austin TX 30 yrs ago
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
After the day battle subsides comrades retreat to dine wine and supple slumbers breakfast and marching again to drive criminal theocrats from their illegal thrones
This maybe corny to some but this was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid... []
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Elton Dionne Stevie and who was the other tiny sister vocalist ?
This maybe corny to some but this was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid... []
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
This quartet was expanded to many more celebs during AIDS TELETHON to overcome the REAgun veto of funding for HIV patients dying of AIDS ....HAD HOLLYWOOD REAgun joined his film peers long b4 Rock Hudson died thousands of lives would have been saved including my hs civics teacher Senator Earl Willits
June 12, 1987 -- Reagan: “Secretary General Gorbachev, if you seek peace–if you seek prosperity...
GreenAtheist comments on Jun 13, 2019:
ReaGUN was the first to tell the insane lie Carter was a "tax liberal" truth is ReaGUN wasted 2 trillion BORROWED trillions on a useless 500 ship Navy tripling the NATIONAL debt to over 3 trillion Carter never borrowed over 55 billion kept the debt under one trillion....ReaGUN is always given false praise for military strength when the facts are he got hundreds of Marines murdered in a Beirut hotel a complete failure as a Commander in Chief....his speeches are lies and insane bluster
Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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