I am sick & tired of all these people asking for prayers to cure cancer or whatever! Your ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
This is the essence of evil from an alleged personal gawd gott gods.....accepting believing the creation lies must include all pain with pleasure inseparable. ....The JOB bible story is perfect for all illness plagues preventable death rape and birth abnormalities. ...the alleged baby gawd Jesua Nasoret Jehovah YHWH Ghost Holes makes Hitler Pol Pot Eichmann TrumpOLINI MUSSolini all correctable children by comparison because OMNIPOTENCE has no limit ALL IS CREATED CONSISTENT with the observed pattern delivered for all time upon us all UNIVERSALLY
Why do the religious people have a hard time respecting trans women and men?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
Hostile work environment. ...if anything else happens like demotion discharge failure to promote unsanitary working conditions GET A CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYER. ..keep a diary time date names places of all wrongs done to her AND THOSE LIKE YOU SUPPORTING her
How do you, as a nonbeliever say you're sorry for the death of someone's spouse or children or ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
There are unlimited ways to comfort support and listen to the bereaved. ...religion is not one of them EVEN to a believer
I'm not sure which disturbed me the most today: Watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders praise Wal-Mart for...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
People should be building campaigns against all incumbent Congressmembers to solve the whole problem. ...2018 is time to drain the swamp not put misogynistic criminal theocrat Pence in White House replacing convict TrumpOLINI
This Woman Entered the US illegally - What did the US Do? Her name was Mary Anne MacLeod
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
Kidnapping African women shipping them here is also illegal immigration raping the black women to sell their babies is little different from brainwashing baby TrumpOLINI to become a billionaire mega fraud slave to the banksters polluters theocrats
Go Back-We Really Messed This Up-Evolution
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
Actually it's TrumpOLINI refusing to evolve
I feel sorry for General Kelly.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
General Haig & Kissinger poured Nixon whiskey all 3 got on their knees to prEy to get the ilk to resign
To my vegan/vegetarian friends, how do you make your hummus ?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
I buy it because I don't have a garden to grow food
Do you know a centenarian?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
Diet inherited disease resistance safe habitat healthcare intimate partner and will to live socially involved
What type of coffee is your favorite?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
Boycott Starbuck$ Owner Schultz sells stolen condo land in Palestine and rewards murderous IDF personnel with extra money
Questions that go through my mind when I hurt.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
Evolution of digestive organs possibly including other functions besides food intake is not known to be heavily researched about the appendix....the word itself means attachment AND little thing on the colon. ? Maybe there prEyers are sent and received by the alleged creator or maybe was snapped off during Adham alleged rib removal to shape shift it into all women since 4004 BCE ????
Random frustration -- Disappointed after my 8-hour robotic nephrectomy that no one really wanted to ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
I also am life affirming Atheist having traveled to the US Sup Ct defending secular medicine from incompetent theocrats. very glad to read of health snatched away from danger by medical and robot professionals. ....religion injected such venues is @ best idiopathic placebo and worse diverts good after care compliance to delusion and may enable remission WORST prevent patients reporting symptoms of reaction or new maladies
Within the next year I am going to be looking into adopting from the foster care system here in ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
My experience with 2 daughters 42&23 does not include the great error of sampling religions equal to the opposite Atheism "choice" .... Teaching critical thinking applies to everyday life not just philosophy or Sunday morning habits of other people. .....My adult children are 2nd generation Atheists Courtney a librarian and Darrow an engineer. ....If I were to co-parent/adopt a son with my future spouse my hope would be of co-journaling co-authoring co-creating our story with our son inspiring others upon publishing our discoveries and wisdom that grew within our planned family that did not come from our DNA and loins
Im a vegan, live alone and have not dated or had a relationship in many years due to trust issues.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
I have SERVICE CATS KITI companions playmates but I am convinced love will keep us vivacious healing 50 more years together scientifically pursuing symbiotic living
Staying home alone, again, tomorrow.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
I also need trust restored in love .....politically most people would become Vegan if they needed a hunting license to buy animal cadaver from grocery stores AND WE'RE REQUIRED TO WORK ONE HOUR A MONTH on the kill floor of a slaughter house....hear the death screams and watch the light of life go dark in the eyes of "food"
Do you play a musical instrument?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
Tympanist Percussionist saloon singer
Why do you think Newspapers print Church news free?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
Newspapers sell what sells. ..bibles. ..Ishtar lillies. ...xmas trees. ....a billion gift wrapped products. ....Sunday go to meeting clothes. and turkey dinner grocery sales with Pilgrims passion but you WON'T FIND NEWSPAPERS give free advertising to Atheists calling for jailing 2 popes covering up evidence of rapist priests. ....that would be real news reporting INSTEAD CENSORSHIP SELLS too
How to say many words without saying a damn thing.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 11, 2018:
TrumpOLINI typical hyping his smoke to blow up inside a pussy or Lincoln answer is righteous force of will drove Abe to exercise Presidential power keeping the federation of states together under treasonous military domestic attack. ...he did what it took to get a lame duck Congress to send amendment 13 to lawful states for ratification outlawing chattel slavery everywhere except prisons. ...ended the rape of black women to sell their babies. ...he communicated the vision for Veterans hospitals and family survival benefits. ...Lincoln led rivals not yes men to governance. ...Lincoln simple genius included bible humor and Atheist classical Greek wit....Lincoln not Washington nor Jefferson nor Teddy Roosevelt modeled White House wisdom worthy of Mount Rushmore
Do you want jobs in the United States asks Bill Nye?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Nye not Oprah 2020
MLK Jr day
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
I will congregate with union activists who honor the fight for garbage workers living wages the day Dr King JR was shot
I just saw this on FB. I may have to cut my eyes out.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Is Geebush Geehobah GhostHoles trying to increase TrumpOLINI penis size ? What miracle to behold !
Are you a product snob?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Rockstar black vitamin b drink keeps me alert from hypnotic vibrating long distance driving
January 20, 2018 Who is going to be out there?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
I will not help Pence increase theocracy in America. ....this idiotic incompetent drive bringing TrumpOLINI up on charges for conviction in the Senate removed from office is like marching on the Vatican to get a 3rd pope in office. ....Cardinals are not going to shoot themselves in their feet nor make the vice president President
What do you feel makes you a good friend?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
The buddy system scuba diving or on military missions. ...lazer clear focus for survival success fun joy playful ACTIVE LISTENING assertive communication remembering my friends stories and asking them to remember short true companionship and respect for space
My favorite: Lord memes!!!
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
I remember many homeless stones looking like this creep. ...I don't get it ....unless this fool is talking to himself and ignoring himself at the same time ???
Do you have a favorite hometown restaurant?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Chili King Hickman and Merle Hay Road run by 3rd generation Greeks founded 1953 drive in roller skate wait staff Onion Rings best in the world
Do you have a favorite hometown restaurant?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Anchor Bar will argue with ya
Conservative Thinking Causes
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
So called conservatives ARE NOT preserving anything but propaganda covering up genocide against Native Americans First Nations, raping black women to sell their babies, murder of thousands of labor union activists and pollution that nearly caused mass extinctions and did murder many species
Has the metoo movement affected your dating life or the way you interact with people of the opposite...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
No, you're spot on to defend yourself as you see fit AND BY ALL MEANS ridicule the dicks out of male entitlement phallic controls. ...they include rape of men in military ASSUMED but not gay as they keep sexual assault active in ranks or service women and Salma Hyak finally MEtoo never touched by Harvey Weinstein but her door locks rattled room phone harassed and her decade of artistic production of FRIDA KAHLO monster manipulated by the personified artistic DRACULA WEINSTEIN. ...if we can jail both felony rapist enabling living popes half the genocidal misogynistic world could be abating and healing
This is the only "religion" I approve of. Of course it is saying what I think.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
There are a few better states within our federal USA. ESPECIALLY referenda states that express the will of voters by ballot law initiatives....sadly Attorney General Jefferson Beauregarrde Sessions is a confederate imposing his Alabama racist traditions upon progressive states from WDC and the arbitrary and capricious TrumpOLINI fascist White House
"Rather than say he's an atheist, a friend of mine says, 'I'm a tooth fairy agnostic,' meaning he ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Was it Compte who wrote few have the strength of character and goodness of heart to be an Atheist ? I always add the science of logical evidentiary analysis to repudiate the vile faiths. ...Atheism, it is not's freedom from repression misogyny and violence like sexual mutilation and rapist priests
I do custom artwork and I have people who ask me to do religious pieces every now and then.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
The legalists define public accommodations by category: housing, employment, store front services, products for sale, whether you live on site or use bait tactics FAIR TRADE PRACTICES. ... CHURCHES most often exempt from regulating it's membership/employees BUT NOT IF THEY ARE renting space offering secular business. short the blond with a thorns head band is selling Pinocchio as if a real RentaBabe/boy. you are selling wedding cakes personally NOT STOCK decorated. ...finest point of law over our away home made cookies on Halloween is merely a matter of conscience. ....I would never do it....I greatly respect Willem Dafoe and Martin Scorsese LAST TEMPTATION OF xist. And Barbara Hershey playing the tattooed nude prostitute. I played Eichmann in GOOD on stage. ...more evil than Hitler or Pol Pot. I would never add to the fiction of religion but would perform real historic character. ....the alleged baby god Jesua Nasoret Jehovah YHWH Ghost Holes = Pinocchio pure fiction never happened on the fake back dated wrong year calendar
Has someone passed away that promised to visit you after?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
We're your two after life man stories reversed in your history above ? Reading each in order I assume the 1st occurrence was over 26 years ago ? Regardless I am sorry, widow, for your losses and men who promised return post mortem. Do you think both phenomena could be caused by only one of the men ? Seems predictable one could be jealous of the other or an unknown motive. ?
Noah's Ark (part 1 of 2) - YouTube
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Bashing believers is like shooting fish in a barrel. ...stupidity is no match for Atheism as fly fishing experts will confess casting a line lure and hook is not a sure thing. ...I save my bible bullets for the criminal theocrats and those who force religious lies into public schools. ...there I never miss but we have to Thor the fish back when we lose elections or court cases
After 8 weeks on the site I've made some great friends but as far as meeting a guy for long term ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
I moved south from Iowa to live on the beach and 3 seasons spring summer fall. No such thing as winter in Charleston 2005 but climate change is sucking cold in from outer space and driving the arctic antarctic towards the tropics FREEZING MY ASS off 2 weeks here in Myrtle Beach. ....if love won't move here to keep me warm I shall move back for a snow angel somewhere NORTH where I can hunt mushrooms and grow good food in black dirt. ...the weather gawd Thor is as deaf to my prayers is is Cupid. ....many retirees are "snowbirds" living south December to May flying back to Greens and autumn leaves with Maple Syrup. ...but only the couples I envy being single is shit without my SERVICE CATS KITI daily inspiring me to joy and tenderness
Does pseudoscience drive you crazy?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Ultra micro doses of whatever is employed over placebo ? Sing for Julie Andrews JUST A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR MAKE FAUX MEDICINE GO DOWN in the most ineffective way
No prayers but some nice thoughts might cheer me up.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
My hero teacher and inspiring student will to live and learn. ...Maybe the movie LORENZO's OIL can be a hopeful catharsis Nick Nolte & Susan Sarandon "cure" Myelin nerve sheath bio-chemical deficiency with rapeseed oil diet TRUE STORY of one boy who did not die a horrible death. ...if we spent money on life instead of trillions borrowed for terrorizing deadly weapons real answers could be found to imperfect bodily problems
Raise Your Hands
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Pussy Grabber In Chief
Stable Genius? trump?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Mr Ed the talking horse of course
This is the Hillary Card-When to Use It
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Both TrumpOLINI and Billary are criminal MONOPOLISTS but this card seems to be a half truth boost for BillaryBOTS to piss on TrumpOLINI. ...On election night he stopped saying : " LOCK HER UP " and gave her a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD
More fun stuff.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Screw spelchek
Mosquito humor
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Excellent metaphor for religion BLOOD SUCKERS and the false comparison equating Atheism to faiths. ....if mosquitos could talk would they tell us if believers blood tastes worse or better than Atheists blood ?
The Wall - Why it's a dumb idea
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss cult radio liar makes fun of Professor Reich stretching out for 3 seconds the sound of a great man's name. ...he calls Senator Harry Reid dingy and Senator Sanders crazy Bernie accordingly I dose Limbaugh with his own adolescent fascist faux "humor" Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss radio cult liar
What do you read for pleasure/fun?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
2nd try here. ...Travel art gardening healing science writing gives me the most pleasure and I consider Atheists writing here within my 5 categories. ..good job most of y'all Atheists
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
I air breathe and will never knowingly kiss an ashtray of a human mouth FIRE BREATHING DRAGON tobacco is dope and I support medical ROPE smokers coping with disease or trauma
I'm posting this under religion and spirituality because travel, especially into nature is what ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
Most of my life I have travelled all 99 Iowa counties 48 states and Ontario, Puget Sound and border towns drinking CARTA BLANCA. foot by bicycle by canoe by ferry by 4 wheels and 18 wheels. ...I cherish least fly over airlines and cherish most helicopter and balloon flight. ...I am grateful to astronauts cosmonauts and cameras that explore and share views of our expanding universe
Rumple Trumpskin....
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 10, 2018:
TrumpOLINI pouting his lips nodding his head in dominating gesture to crowds like MUSSolini both fascists merging corporations with State
I have a friend that is Christian and has been in a series of terrible relationships.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 9, 2018:
Keep nailing it smilinjan. ...though fundies are shrinking from USA population percentages THEY MAKE THE MOST NOISE down from 35% to 22% while Atheists are approaching 25% most still cower in closets like agnostics dot com. ...they demand school kids prEy to the flag while Atheist parents rarely file ACLU lawsuits under the name John Doe. ...few slingshots MANY GOLIATH gawd spewers
Is Marriage a Christian Creation?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 9, 2018:
I agree with smilinjan or whoever wrote this queryPOST xians dominate USA hold most positions of power and we Atheists are rare exceptions with Election Night Victory parties. ...Marital rituals are similar events with uniformed males capturing prized white trophy dolls tossing their flowers behind them to eager maids in wait
Curious - where do you hail from??? I'm in the Piedmont Triad in NC, USA. :)
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 9, 2018:
I'm Cherokee from Earth. ...born to Iowans .... I've traveled 48 states approaching 1 million mile$ ....Homes in IA FL CA DE WDC NY AR SC OR TX but seeking the heaven on earth a good woman chooses me to nest. ... most proud of Atheists who correctly do not capitalize alleged words xmas xians gawds gott gods bibles or prEyer
Yesterday, while helping my great-nephew (aged 9) with homework, I ran across a "10 Commandments" ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 9, 2018:
Good job with the nephew. .. a nephew of mine at age 5 before kindergarten walks up to me at my dad's house his babysitting granpa and declares to me : "you're a bad man like the devil" ....I get this childish vile from adults running Dial An Atheist in Des Moines 1985 so unsurprised and kindly replied: " bad gods and good gods are like pretend television shows " pointing at my dad's tv. ...the poor brainwashed child of my Evangelical Vocalist sister blankly looked out the window then trotted outside to play
How do you define agnostic, atheist, and theist?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 9, 2018:
Yes confusion has been epidemic since Darwin published with Huxley urgings then Huxley invented the bogus agnostic can't know avoidance of believers against Atheists. ...Webster has been falsely defining Atheism since he hated Thomas Paine condemnation of the King James bible in AGE OF REASON THE 3RD PART. . We Atheists have considered the vacuum of evidence for alleged deities and conclude the concept of gawds gott gods to be gibberish without rationality. I refuse to debate the existence of non-existence just as I don't harass people in the psyche ward getting treatment for their delusions
Protest, Long Lines, Cheers and Boos,Greet Trump's Arrival at Natnl.Championship
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 9, 2018:
TrumpOLINI should be kept inside the White House protecting the outside world from his pussy grabbing pollution
Sarah Silverman's response to a Twitter troll is a master class in compassion
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 9, 2018:
Thank you all for this outpouring of kindness. Sarah Silverman like many highest paid performers spews psychosexual humor. ...Eddie Murphy George Carlin Don Rickles amongst dozens of males are better known over fewer top women who skillfully tailor their words of gutter and medical gonad references that produce non-stop audience belly laughs. Comedy Clubs get the least censored vocabulary FCC licensed broadcasts get the most censored words provoking feelings about taboos religion marriage desire bedroom dialogue and hygiene habits. Fascist criminal theocrats like Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss cult radio liar attack Sarah Silverman Paula Poundstone Oprah Winfrey Al Franken Sandra Fluke as communist Hollywood leftists destroying America. Preachers fall in line with creationists like LimpBOSS SLAMMITY SAVAGE and the one here calling Silverman a reviled feminine epithet is being healed instead of dosed with our righteous indignation. 5 years hence LimpBOSS has never retracted his lies against Sandra Fluke. She testified before Congress about endometriosis ovarian cyst and vulvadynia pills LimpBOSS LIES calling each sex pills and demanded Fluke provide him a sex video calling her a slut. Her friend at the Catholic law school denied those pills had a hysterectomy at age 23. ....More is at stake here than kindness and compassion. 6 million women die each year globally denied life saving abortions or deadly disease preventing condoms. 600 radio stations with LimpBOSS shape the electorate that shape medical USA policies. Our little Internet postings here rarely go viral compared to radio cults on thousands of communities where people vote. I will continue to vote condemnation not compassion for drug addict Rush Limbaugh and the preacher with body pain.
The Next Democratic Presidential Candidate?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
None of these are democratic all are zionists we need honest people in White House like Nader or Dr Jill
Sarah Silverman's response to a Twitter troll is a master class in compassion
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Psychotherapy given freely to trolls is a big mistake. ...If practiced without a license there are professional ethical legal issues risked upon perpetrators of the evil religions. ....If an xian calls my penis a cunt, it's just another example of the murderous misogyny from their genocidal pro-violent abortions rapist rewards systems to Jehovah YHWH Ghost Holes warriours and I let it go as such. ...Bill Baird won 4 US Sup Ct cases against the enemies of women and health care and has spent the rest of his life trying to convert the tampon terrorists away from health care providers. ...big mistake waste of time upon theocrats who stand for rapist visitation rights to women giving birth to rapist 2nd generation
If you believe in life after death and had the option of choosing that new life, what would it be?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
My dog Spencer was a Dobe Shep mix but neighbors were afraid of him and my (now) ex would not let him stay inside. matter how many baths and cleaning his feet after walks I was denied my house dog. ...maybe gays have more species compassion than my astrology nut mother of my child? Reincarnation as a dog seems just as dicy as the Hindu human DNA alleged soul shuffle crap shoot. ...after all the Dali Lama last died in FREE TIBET and he allegedly came back to life with an American parent only to lose his country to invading Chinese. much for returning to a better new life
A discussion by a man of the cloth. old news to most
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Screw him he does not belong here unless he admits his entire religion is harmful fiction and he will help pay back the worst victims
As an atheist, I am angry that we live in a society in which the plain truth cannot be spoken ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Sam is wrong 25 % is speaking out now as we must to shame violent religionists out of faux protections. ...fundamentalists that abuse women and their own gay children KKK xian racist terrorism zionists terrorizing defenseless Palestinians people hiding behind faith to sexually mutilate baby boys and muslim girls HINDU and other religious violence must all be repudiated equal to cannibals and Nazis
Have you ever participated in Valentine's Day?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Cupid hand made cards and candy is better than Halloween costumes with buckets of sugar to rot teeth for a week
Joe Scarborough Reports trump has Early Dementia
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
All these personal attacks upon TrumpOLINI ignores the great issues we must win in Congress and regulatory process. ...Rethuglicans are not going to dump TrumpOLINI for LimpBOSS Pence ON DECAF. ....COURTS are only limited to personal corruption IMPEACHMENT so only Alcee Hastings was removed from US CIRCUIT COURT of Appeals by the Senate 100 vote jury. ...Hastings promptly got elected to Congress. ...go figure the slow wheels of political justice
Trump wants $18 billion for his assanine wall in exchange for DACA. Govt shutdown?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
If the dope guns pimps and gangs are kept out DACA is a fair trade
Let’s go old-school and do an AOL-style A/S/L! (I know this info is on our profiles, but this is ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
65/M/Myrtle Beach SC
Does it matter anymore who makes the first move?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
My complaint is that women should make the first move instead of the sick coy conformity to patriarchy. ...I'd like to be the one to say yes or no instead of the long line echo of no to my move with so few romantic yes faint memories
Darwin Day in Austin
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Darwin Week College of Charleston wrapped around Lincoln Darwin 1809 birth anniversary. ...tell us all now what Austin is ? Lincoln Atheist President founded the National Academy of Science
Silence is a political stance. It is a full throated endorsement of the status quo.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Agreed apathy is no excuse for tacit approval of TrumpOLINI or Billary crimes
So.. Ummmm... If you don’t mind my asking, what are your names?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Larry Carter Center pleased to sing Amy whatcha gonna do for a while maybe longer if I could splice the lyrics for fun
Funny not funny..
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
There are movies with jokes against Atheists and I have walked out flipping my American Atheist Orbit necklace out from my shirt dangling in theatre light AND I GOT A REFUND OF MY ticket price but not the gawdly popcorn
School of Life
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Well instantly I call this co-parenting. least children are the books parents mutually learn and teach from/to......I'm not likely to get qualified as a monk or guru stocked in a religious library but this is sorta like letting me offer and glean here....thankyou for the photo caption
Do you trust easily or do you trust no one?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 8, 2018:
I am so sorry to read how many people violate you. Perhaps if I share a different yet global trust story of mine THIS MAY HELP. ? EVERY USA VETERAN is trained to give 99% trust with our very lives at stake. The 1 % exception = UN-lawful orders may be counter-manded. Even that situation of trust could result in being shot by the un-lawful commander. A Marsha Mason James Caan movie CINDERELLA LIBERTY entertains both civilian and Navy trust issues. Being trusted is as great a love gift as is being violated a Trojan Horse at work home friendship or neighborhood. Listening to Carly Simon sing kept me human in an UN-human war 45 years ago. I'M glad you trust us co-Atheists here to vent and seek cathartic discussion. Liberty is the Navy word for a pass from on duty base presence. Cinderella is the label code word for a pass that expires @ midnight requiring return to duty post.
If you could travel anywhere for free right now where would you go?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Walk the streets of Northampton that elected Charles Bradlaugh 5 times jailed for refusing to swear to gawd AND QUEEN our British Atheist hero
Should churches pay taxes? Ask Pat Robertson.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Yes. Colorado voters rejected this ballot initiative ONLY BECAUSE THE TAXES COLLECTED WERE NOT REBATED TO EXISTING TAX PAYERS. ...MARION GORDON ROBERTSON JUNIOR alias Pat owns many race horses obviously needed to faith healing gay bashing and running his so called Regent University and illegal law school
Too funny!!
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
This photo taken of Donald Trump entering 9th grade school
I think large portions of the US population (and possibly other countries) are affected with this, ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
TrumpOLINI voters astrologers Marion Gordon Robertson JUNIOR alias Pat Robertson and all his donors Raphael Cruz JUNIOR alias Ted Cruz Heidi Cruz Senator Rick Sanctomoron capitalists
I think large portions of the US population (and possibly other countries) are affected with this, ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Too stupid to understand their stupidity blinded by smug faux genius esteem Donald TrumpOLINI Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss Sean Slammity creationists rapist priests both living popes covering up evidence of rapist priests King James bible believers making excuses for obvious bible error evils absurdities DARWIN AWARDEES posthumously
Ever been discriminated against because you were a non-believer?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Mayor Bud Clark Portland Oregon American Atheist CongressMember Pete Stark California Governor Colbert Olsen California President Abraham Lincoln
Would you date someone religious or is that a dealbreaker?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
It is a deal breaker when the religious ask me to join in their delusions while I am diplomatic and open to live and let live believers negotiating for love ....AFTER ALL we have religious family neighbors co-workers to get along with and a spouse CAN FIT as others do in our lives
Can you all deal with an atheist Nichiren Buddhist?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Chanting Na Myu Ho RenGye Kyo does not negate Atheism unless one is expecting miracles.'s no different from singing meaningful songs that lift our hopes up higher to get over feelings of adversity
I don't usually make political posts but..... This one is good for a chuckle.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
TrumpOLINI and MUSSolini have pouting lips and murdered defenseless women in Yemen & Ethiopia. ....what to do about war criminals Billary Obusha Obombney TrumpOLINI et al Erikkk Prince married to Betsy deVos AmWay Blackwater crime family
Are you one to attend wakes and/or funerals?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Green cemeteries and avoid the costly embalming industry
Your thoughts on gun ownership?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Agreed who needs a rocket propelled grenade ? Duck Dynasty wants war with Alex Jones for true xian homophobic primacy
Happy Sunday! Lesson for the day?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
We all need to enable our VOWEL movement
Did someone say Pizza?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Yes good food and Atheist love is all that matters
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Feels good
Ever been discriminated against because you were a non-believer?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Duh, yes xians and jews ban us honest Atheists from advancing in any business or social setting WITH BIGOTED GLEE
Today was my Dad's girlfriends funeral.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
I gave the eulogy for my dead dad and his preacher was most honest to only cite facts of the congregational history my dad contributed at the very end of ceremonies my sister played a recording of her singing a favorite song of my Pentacostal dad no other Pentacostals were present
Do you think that some people just pretend to be non believers to "rebel" against parents, ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Teens or earlier by natural personality development assert more choices over instructed parental matters: clothes, food available in or out of home, vocabulary and phraseology WHICH INCLUDES any ritual speech or prEyer. ....I think child participation levels in school might reveal whether critical thinking is applied to family faith tradition by maturing children. ...certainly puberty is a time for rebellion from religio-sexual dictates from parents. ....and sports develop more body control than marching up church aisles to sing in kids choirs
Sexual relationship or relationship with sex?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Is the M word taboo ? One song in my repertoire is Frank Sinatra Love AND MARRIAGE Love AND MARRIAGE go together like a horse and carriage THIS I TELL YOU BROTHER you can't have one without the other.....horribly the song was made Infamous Fox TV sitcom MARRIED WITH CHILDREN
With my luck, when my ship comes in I'll be at the airport!
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Aircraft carriers are exceptions to that rule. ....also Marine Corps supply ships sail with huge helicopters landing & taking off. sailors laugh at the sand crabs missing out on all the fun
Sexual relationship or relationship with sex?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
That boy has no clue how lucky a man he would be if he respected your relationship potential rather than his penis professions. ...this one is only a tiny bit more evidence our patriarchy keeps boys in the dark away from our natural Feminist heritage. ...real men want mutual love giving not compartmentalized fucking
Today was my Dad's girlfriends funeral.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Nothing spoils relationships and mortality more THAN LIAR religionists infesting our communities with their incompetent cold blather
I know, we're from all over the country, but I wish we could have a get together to meet, talk and ...
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
American Atheist National Convention in Oklahoma City this year
This has nothing to do with atheism, but I was super proud of my baby brother today.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
Yes Faux Noise like Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss & xian loony Jones are poster boys for creationism and TrumpOLINI theocracy ANYONE with half an ounce of decency would like your baby brother JUST SAY NO to the KKK revivalist White House
Where does intuition fall on the spectrum of what takes place in the mind but cannot be measured?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
It is verified by dated journals compared to actual events. Would love to discuss Baker v Carr AND AMENDMENT ONE BILLof RIGHTS 50 THOUSAND PERSONS PER CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 27 MORE STATES NEEDED TO MAKE LOCAL DEMOCRACY IN CONGRESS competitive door to door phone to phone grass roots campaigns to defeat million dollar ad races
Do you consider yourself an intellectual elite or just an intellectual?
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
Neither : we Atheists are common and practical. ...McCarthyism is waning and the Internet has paved the way out of closets 25% now of USA is on the science road to Atheism
Atheist Books
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
I escaped religion @ age 4 teaching myself to read newspaper comics sounding out my ABCs hounding my dad for help while he read the same paper. ...@ age 5 I equated Easter Bunny xmas Santa all the same lies told to gullible kids dictionaries encyclopedias science books all dwarfed obviously biased xian literature and movies like Ben Hur or 10 Commandments worse than bad science fiction like SuperMan
Religious impact nationwide
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
USA is suffering McCarthyism since the last 14 decades CRIMINAL THEOCRACY taxing all to fund religious leeches and brainwashing cults enabling rapist priests zionism and brutal sexual mutilation
It takes a village to rescue a trapped kitten - Chicago Tribune
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
Every social mammal deserves to be rescued from the human technology spoiled habitat
I just finished a fabulous book that is so enlightening about the religion.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
Aslan is still selling Allah to believers. ...his scholarship is above average but has lost debates with Sam Harris crying dead crocodile tears
Just got a call from my 90 yr old mother.
GreenAtheist comments on Jan 6, 2018:
I call to keep in touch deliberately on non-holy days I can't make them notify me of illness and family deaths. ....with dozens of 3rd generation cousins great nieces/nephews it's further proof no person will be united in after life families populated by thousands we have never met centuries ago or centuries to come
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Open to meeting women
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