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I split my time between Montana and North Dakota (20 days in NoDak, 10 in Montana).
I work in the oilfield, but my passion is working with wood. I , build and am probably developing an unhealthy obsession with collecting old instruments - zithers fascinate me.
I have a 20 year old daughter attending college in New York, that I see far too seldom.
I’m fortunate to have found some random anonymous person who’s passion for Trivia Crack is at least equal to mine.

I enjoy camping, biking and hiking. I’m not much into the hooks and bullets kind of things.

A night at the theater or the museum sounds good to me. Musically, if it has an acoustic guitar in it- I’ll probably love it! I’m not a huge fan of anything that rattles my rib cage though.


Not just the physical presence, but that dress!
Haemish1 comments on Feb 8, 2019:
Gorgeous photo!
2 seasons , winter and
Haemish1 comments on May 24, 2019:
I can’t wait for construction season to get here!
Happy Friday! Let's discuss social psychology today! So, If I find out that a musical artist,...
Haemish1 comments on Nov 22, 2019:
For the most part I keep the two separated. Perhaps it’s innate, but it seems like I don’t appreciate the overly zealous religious without even knowing their beliefs. The only exception I can think of is Stephen Colbert.
Can you make yourself not ticklish?
Haemish1 comments on Jul 26, 2019:
Using Vulcan mind control techniques, I was able to overcome my ticklishness, slow my cadio/pulmonary rate to near zero and fully retract my testicles.
Good Morning all. Raining here on and off today. Everything is starting to bloom at once-flowers, ...
Haemish1 comments on Apr 20, 2019:
Cloudy here, but it should be a good day to try my first grafting experiment - I’m going to splice an Apple and a pear onto my crabapple tree :)
Remember when this used to be hard?
Haemish1 comments on Sep 8, 2019:
What’s a white board?
Left or right? Who you like the best?
Haemish1 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
If I were forced to choose, I’d pick the one on the right
How many of us here have done some shit like this
Haemish1 comments on May 8, 2019:
I like the dad on the porch step - cracking a beer open!
Someone’s spelling error will be a sore point for quite a while?
Haemish1 comments on Nov 24, 2019:
What ever it takes to make them feel at home!
If It Took You Time to Rebuild Your Life Would You Be Careful Who You Let In It?
Haemish1 comments on Dec 21, 2018:
I’m such a loner- I could stand to let a few careful selections in:)
She's nice, but look carefully, is it true what I see?
Haemish1 comments on Jun 20, 2019:
Photo taken in Bangkok?
Looks a little over compensated, specially on a cold day.
Haemish1 comments on Nov 12, 2019:
Maybe the extra size allows for insulation on cold days?
So they stopped making my hair color about a year ago. I've been managing to live off of clearance ...
Haemish1 comments on Jun 14, 2019:
Just my opinion, but you look great - don’t need any changes:)
I am not impressed by your position, title and . I am impressed how you treat others. ...
Haemish1 comments on May 16, 2019:
I’m fond of the saying - it’s not how high you climb, it’s how many you take with you.
Looking forward to the second day of January.
Haemish1 comments on Nov 21, 2018:
Why is that? What am I missing?
Good Morning My Beautiful Hippies! Its sunny and clear and comfortable in temperature. Going to ...
Haemish1 comments on Aug 5, 2019:
1984 - I’d just finished my first year teaching middle school industrial arts in Amarillo, TX. Things have gotten a bit better since then:)
Good morning! Coffee in hand and a sneeze attack like I haven't had one in years, I think to myself...
Haemish1 comments on Mar 31, 2019:
Untangling kite string
First off, the obligatory I'm new to this site. From the Northeast corner of the belt buckle on the ...
Haemish1 comments on Feb 19, 2020:
Welcome! That’s an interesting job - how did you get into it?
So what is the opposite of being impressed? When I feel this, it feels like I am being drained of...
Haemish1 comments on Jun 20, 2019:
I’m often underwhelmed by things - perhaps that’s close to what you’re feeling?
Our Hostess with the Mostest has reached Level 9! Let's hear it for her!
Haemish1 comments on Jan 10, 2019:
When it comes to bondage, would you rather be the one doing the tying, or the one tied? Why? What is...
Haemish1 comments on Feb 10, 2020:
I’ve never tied anyone, but beyond the creative aesthetic, it might be a time I’d appreciate someone’s willingness to trust me to that degree.
People ask me if I believe in life after death. I tell them, “I'm still trying to figure out the ...
Haemish1 comments on Jan 16, 2019:
I’ve heard the first 50 years of childhood are the hardest!
Does anyone get this reference
Haemish1 comments on Aug 22, 2019:
Seems to make reference to a certain young man who took an unanticipated vacation day in Chicago.
What's everyone doing for Memorial Day Weekend?
Haemish1 comments on May 25, 2019:
Working - my next day off is July 12:/
Did anyone else lose their virginity to a fellow virgin?
Haemish1 comments on Jul 26, 2019:
Nope - more of a Mrs Robinson kind of thing in my case.
🤣😂Asked my wife if I could use toys during sex. Shoulda seen her face when I rolled my ...
Haemish1 comments on Nov 13, 2019:
Perhaps a little motorboat would be appropriate?
Sounds good, and reasonable
Haemish1 comments on Jul 15, 2019:
Does that much beer exist🤔🥴?
While I would adore the feeling of a deep, giddy love for a man that leaves me no doubt “this is ...
Haemish1 comments on Feb 22, 2020:
Never had a FWB kind of relationship. A few years ago, I met a woman that I was giddy about - that lasted a couple months. Since then it’s been a virtual dating/relationship desert:/ I’d be happy for a second date at this point.
Morning chuckle!!!
Haemish1 comments on Mar 31, 2019:
The left is getting more radical all the time.
Haemish1 comments on Jan 16, 2019:
All they talk about is going back to the policies of the 40‘s and 50‘s that built the largest middle class in the history of the world at that point.
I just got home from the hospital a little while ago... Everything is fine with baby... Apparently...
Haemish1 comments on May 17, 2019:
Glad everyone is ok 👌🏿
Not your usual meme but in very bad taste: Here is a sad case of many words being trampled on. ...
Haemish1 comments on Apr 20, 2019:
Doesn’t have quite the same feeling, but perambulating around the dance floor with a hooved ungulate sounds exciting!
What to do with your last moments on earth:?
Haemish1 comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Never waste a good erection!
Haemish1 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
That place is amazing!
Good afternoon my Hippies. Hope you're having a Happy Sunday. Packing and laundry on the agenda ...
Haemish1 comments on Nov 17, 2019:
No moose in NY? I almost hit one on the interstate between Butte and Bozeman in Montana - they’re even scarier than elk! Good luck with the packing and laundry:/ I’m hoping to make it to trivia:)
Menu may be downgraded to spam and crackers.
Haemish1 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
With an incentive like that, they might play for a tie game.
I haven't felt a woman close to me in so long. I miss it, even the smallest things. A little touch, ...
Haemish1 comments on Oct 14, 2019:
You’re preaching to the choir, my friend:/
I posted this as a reply to another issue concerning the shooter in the Garlic Festival's buying his...
Haemish1 comments on Jul 31, 2019:
How about treating gun ownership/use more like car ownership/use. In order to own a gun you must be trained, licensed and insured.
Articulate Neill
Haemish1 comments on Sep 7, 2019:
I’m probably laughing my ass off😂
In case i haven't introduced you guys to my future wife, Mishayla
Haemish1 comments on Dec 18, 2018:
Congratulations!???? I hope you’ll be very happy together:)
I will swallow every drop!😂
Haemish1 comments on Dec 24, 2018:
I’d even lick it clean!
Female squash players in Spain shocked at tournament prize: leg wax and a vibrator The athletes who...
Haemish1 comments on May 26, 2019:
Did they have a flesh light and nose hair trimmer as the mens tournament prize?
Run, Run, Run
Haemish1 comments on Dec 16, 2018:
On the cover of the rolling stone:)
Democrat mocks Barr with bucket of fried chicken at hearing
Haemish1 comments on May 2, 2019:
Not that Barr isn’t deserving of some mockery (and prosecution), I’m not fond of these kinds of display. Things like this could come back at Mr Cohen.
Finally an Honest Protester
Haemish1 comments on Jun 23, 2019:
Those are the scary ones!
Summer fun try 2
Haemish1 comments on Jul 14, 2019:
Waiting for try #3 :)
For those that have come into contact with scammers and probable “dating “ scammers on apps and ...
Haemish1 comments on Nov 18, 2018:
They’re often far too young and attractive (and revealing in their photos) to be legit. It is sometimes amusing to toy with them;)
Tomorrow night - Meteor storm! [10tv.com]
Haemish1 comments on Nov 20, 2019:
Awesome! Montana is in a prime viewing area and it looks like the sky should be clear🤞
Anyone else remember this song? So much fun! Frankie Smith "Double Dutch Bus" [youtu.be]
Haemish1 comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Never heard it before - fun song:)
Saturday, May 4th, as most of you (who aren't puppy kicking abominations) know, is the most sacred ...
Haemish1 comments on May 2, 2019:
On a less festive note, I just heard that the actor who portrayed Chewbaca passed away today.
You know how there is a gut reaction, a primal thing, when you see something you know is wrong, but ...
Haemish1 comments on Feb 22, 2020:
Looks like they were drinking Miller beer - they missed a great opportunity to have Hamms and eggs for breakfast!
Good morning! My favorite color has always been blue, many shades of blue. I'm drawn to blue. I ...
Haemish1 comments on Feb 24, 2019:
Happy Father's Day
Haemish1 comments on Jun 16, 2019:
I’m not too sure how this relates to fatherhood, but count me in!
I've had no alerts all day...yet I find it hard to believe all my atheist friends are busy on ...
Haemish1 comments on Apr 21, 2019:
I’m noticing the same thing ?
When someone flirts with me...
Haemish1 comments on Mar 7, 2019:
Been there, done that!
I see so many men say nice guys get overlooked. Or that women are looking for good looking guys with...
Haemish1 comments on Jan 17, 2020:
As what I consider to be a pretty average guy, with no huge bank account - I tend to feel invisible where women are concerned. There’s probably some truth to all the generalities that have been brought up here, but each relationship is unique and will probably support and defy some of the generalizations at the same time.
Good morning all! Here's another amatuer pic for your perusal... Enjoy... I'm off to gather more ...
Haemish1 comments on Aug 18, 2019:
Phone numbers for the models?
I am seeing that a lot of the corset pictures I have chosen also have redheads...hmmm.
Haemish1 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Why do you continue to provide fuel for my fantasies?
Haemish1 comments on May 26, 2019:
I have one child - raising her was much closer to the first photo than the second:)
Just remember 🤣🤣🤣
Haemish1 comments on Jan 18, 2020:
You should see the shag carpet in my kitchen!
You were recently insulted by a person whom now stands in a welcome line. Would you shake his hand ...
Haemish1 comments on Jan 12, 2019:
Shake his hand, and tell him I didn’t wash my hands after using the restroom:)
My last beach visit this year😭😭😭😭
Haemish1 comments on Sep 22, 2019:
That’s one more beach visit than I’ve had in the last decade :)
Michelle Jenneke, a beautiful Australian hurdler athlete!
Haemish1 comments on Apr 15, 2019:
It’s more fun to see her move:) and she seems to have a wonderful sense of humor https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hfXw2tPaNZU https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vgPlVd4S3Uc
How many remember hanging out in "Head Shops" buying Black Light posters, Incense, Bongs, roach ...
Haemish1 comments on Jul 31, 2019:
It’s no longer a real “head shop”, but anyone passing through Missoula, MT would probably enjoy a visit to Rockin Rudys. Lots of fun things there:)
Spock da man.
Haemish1 comments on Feb 17, 2019:
Live prawn and lobster!
It's just our little secret! Right?
Haemish1 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
So very true!
Just arrived in Indiana...
Haemish1 comments on Jul 4, 2019:
A sign of bigger things to come ?😉
I do not owe an explanation for......??
Haemish1 comments on Mar 21, 2019:
What about married people?
Any takers?
Haemish1 comments on Jun 30, 2019:
Thanks, but I’m good!
Anyone else? Hahaha!????
Haemish1 comments on Feb 18, 2019:
??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ That would be me!
Pick one...I'm going with 3
Haemish1 comments on Aug 22, 2019:
I’m still dealing with #5😉
Good morning all!! Baby its cold outside...haha just finished my run... Boy ! That was invigorating ...
Haemish1 comments on Jan 8, 2019:
That video has me a bit worried for Frankie’s well being -?
Haemish1 comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Gorgeous - love her hair?
Now we know why 😅😁😂🤣
Haemish1 comments on Apr 13, 2019:
Good idea:)
That can’t be good. [businessinsider.com]
Haemish1 comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Let’s begin enforcing the Sherman anti trust act. We live in an age of monopoly - there s no free market.
Good morning !! Wakey wakey !! Its a wonderful Tuesday morning . Make that coffee or tea or whatever...
Haemish1 comments on Dec 18, 2018:
It’s almost bed time here. Dayshift should be arriving momentarily:)
Clever! Took me a second.
Haemish1 comments on Dec 19, 2018:
Took me a moment, but that’s fun!
Good afternoon, everyone! It's a super rainy day here ... accompanied by thunder and lightning. ...
Haemish1 comments on Jun 9, 2019:
Plaid is my favorite color.
Recent conversation in another group brought up the Hardanger fiddle - a Norwegian speciality. I ...
Haemish1 comments on Jul 16, 2019:
I love the idea of resonant strings in these fiddles. If you ever make over to the US, there’s an incredible museum in Vermillion, South Dakota. They have an entire section of Hardanger fiddles, as well as those made by Stadavari, and Guarneri (even a Strad Guitar) I was lost in there for hours!
I wonder what it's like to just let go and stop thinking. I can't remember the last time I was able ...
Haemish1 comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Stop thinking? Brain dead my normal operational status - it doesn’t seem to enhance my ability to have a good time😐
Good morning! I just accepted a new job, in a different law firm (more money, better benefits, and ...
Haemish1 comments on Mar 19, 2019:
I’m so easily replaced, it's scary to contemplate.
Patrick also altered the meaning of the trifoil Shamrock, once a symbol of the tripartate virgin ...
Haemish1 comments on Jul 31, 2019:
Or he’s responsible for the genocide of an original population of pygmies - the origin of the leprechaun myth;) https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/saint-patrick-twa-pygmy-ireland/
Bathing suit designed to resemble tiny pair of jeans - UPI.com
Haemish1 comments on Jun 2, 2019:
You don’t have to worry about seeing me I’m in a suit like that:)
Who could this be?
Haemish1 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
Could I get her number, if you find out ?
Question: Guys - Have you continued to masturbate while in a relationship?
Haemish1 comments on Jul 31, 2019:
Good morning and Happy Monday! When I was a teenager, I had a huge crush on David Cassidy - along...
Haemish1 comments on Aug 12, 2019:
I remember having a poster of Farrah Fawcett in my room.
I am on cloud nine or 10 or maybe 100! Edit for detail I met someone. We check each others ...
Haemish1 comments on May 7, 2019:
Congratulations to you both!
Donald Trump's emperor-has-no-clothes moment is here
Haemish1 comments on May 9, 2019:
I wonder if there’s a photo lineup of the biggest losers at some IRS office - with Donald as the biggest loser 🤔
Today I learned that I am a sexual deviant - but not in the way I thought.... Those of you who know...
Haemish1 comments on Jun 28, 2019:
I’ve always questioned how my attractiveness is viewed by women, but I’ve never figured sex would be an option on the first date.
LICKSPITTLE....................................................... Noun -- a fawning subordinate; ...
Haemish1 comments on May 25, 2019:
That’s just gross when you think about it 😳
How do you help people???? I’ll start. I always strive to be as helpful as possible to anyone I ...
Haemish1 comments on Sep 6, 2019:
I keep an extra pair of jumper cables to give to anyone that needs a jumpstart.
When you bring the wrong gift.
Haemish1 comments on Nov 27, 2018:
Frankecinse? I coulda sworn I heard you say Frankenstein !
Let me pose a question to you. Just to give you a backdrop, I work in the restaurant industry and ...
Haemish1 comments on Mar 4, 2019:
That would be pretty close to a deal breaker for me.
Became disgusted after reading the different oaths for doctors and nurses. The nurse's oath really ...
Haemish1 comments on May 9, 2019:
Most nurses know as much as a doctor. Why is “purity” important to a nurse and not a doctor?
THE CONCEPT OF NOTHING. I really do not get this myself. I simply cannot imagine "nothing." Let's ...
Haemish1 comments on Oct 20, 2019:
Just the mathematical concept of zero took quite a while to catch on - once it did things really began to happen. Wonder if the same will be true if people ever understand nothing?
What is yours? Mine is 🐍
Haemish1 comments on Feb 22, 2020:
Tim Burton movies, and the flying bat/monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.
Athletic brunette.
Haemish1 comments on Nov 25, 2018:
Love the under boob:)
Happy Thursday Everyone 😊 Coffee is my friend today. What things do you use to wake up?
Haemish1 comments on Feb 13, 2020:
I'm one of those obnoxious people who don’t need anything to wake up. In spite of that, I like coffee - the process and ritual of grinding the beans, heating the water, the aroma that rises up as I push the plunger down in the French press - I love it all 😊
Today would have been 12 years, we eloped in 2007 on a Friday the 13th, I celebrated my new ...
Haemish1 comments on Apr 13, 2019:
Sounds like you had a great night - the introvert in me is happy not to be dealing with 100 friends - how is that possible? A four door car has twice as many doors as I have friends😉
If you've passed elementary school English classes, you should know how to spell.
Haemish1 comments on Jan 8, 2020:
At least elementary school words.


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