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Retired 60 year old Kerryman, I would like to connect with a non believer. Friendship would be great anything more a bonus. I was raised as a Catholic (unsuccessfully). My wife and I became Jehovah Witnesses all of thirty years ago. I quit after 2 years but my wife remains still. I lost my wife and kids, my home and life as I knew it because of the shunning policy. I had a terrible time coming to terms with this but eventually I made the choice to go on living as best as I could. I have been an atheist for 26 years. I have no contact with my children and I doubt that this will change. I read a lot on various subjects, from the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration to Shakespeare. I love music in many of its forms and I like good film. I live in Castleisland which is a little town 10 miles outside of Tralee where I lived most of my life. I'm happy in my own skin and space. I look forward to an interchange of ideas and views on here.


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Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
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