I am still evolving. I love good conversation, and am comfortable with silence. I am an introvert but I need connections with people. I love to travel and visit new places and I love my home. I live with cats. My kids are (no longer young, when did that happen?) adults that live nearby, there are 2 grandchildren. Grandchildren are pretty amazing. I am a crafter and creative. I am very self sufficient, however something just can't be done alone. I'd like to find a partner for the rest of the journey.

WE ARE FAMILY!!! We have become somewhat like a family here wouldn't you agree? We have our disputes and little fusses, but that's family. We have shared pictures of ourselves at different ages from childhood to adulthood. We have shared pictures of our pets. How about we now share pictures of us with our families. It can be your siblings, parents, cousins, aunts & uncles and at any age. This is me with my two older sisters (middle) my younger sister (right) and my baby brother. circa 1976 I'm 25 - 26 yrs old.
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December 1964. I am the blonde in purple.
Do you k my cat spends all day after I've gone to work king, "Oh, that was great. When he scratched my ear this morning!"
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I'm pretty sure they see us as a food giver and occasional companion, and we're pretty much forgotten when we walk out the door. Cat's are very much an "in this moment" creature.
Today I had a job interview. I already knew that the woman was very religious - I checked her FB page. I was heartened by the fact that she called me in despite my, obviously Jewish, last name. Well...she asked me if I had a FB and told me that it is the first thing she checks about prospective hires. I rushed home and made damn sure that there are now no Atheist or Humanist or anti-Republican posts that are public!! My daughter had done the same cleanup when she was looking for teaching jobs - an abundance of caution. Anyone here do the same?
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My profile is restricted to only those I am friends with. If allowing access to my FB was a requirement I'd likely pass on that opportunity.
I think I found a home here. Almost everyone has not been judgmental about my posts or comments. Thank you all.
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Welcome!! Happy to have you here.
I'm always excited to join an anti-Trump group!
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Happy to have you here!
North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has executed more than 340 people since taking power in 2011. He's also believed to have ordered the death of his half-brother Kim Jong Nam on Feb. 13 and Jang Song Thaek, Kim's uncle by marriage. Most executions were carried out as Kim consolidated power, but others were personal vendettas. Trumps comments were met with shock and disbelief by the world community which is well aware of Kim Jong Un's despicable behavior and widespread violation of human rights. Is the leader of the free world's praise of dictators sending the wrong message to the rest of the world?
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There is no depth to which he will not dig.
My dream, look closely
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I have just discovered why Obama is wearing a skirt. Clever photo shopping
All lined up.
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Such good little troops!
Always remember.
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I spent the day with my oldest daughter, her husband and son. She just gave birth on Saturday, and she has been having panic and anxiety attacks for the past couple of weeks. And not sleeping. Baby is doing lots of sleeping, but not eating. So I got activated on Grammy duty to help out. I know from experience it is hard to slow your breathing down when you're agitated, and she proved it today. The good news is she is getting help, all the doctors involved are communicating. And I kept telling her it does get better, it does get easier. Even if Junior goes on formula it doesn't mean you have failed, it means you chose what is best for him at the time and that is a win. It isn't how you planned it, but reality seldom is. You change plans and find your way, and you will find your way.
How many of us are in complicated situations?
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I'm single and alone, my kids are grown. I have had some struggles, not as many now. It isn't perfect, but it's been far worse. I don't know that mine is really complicated.
Those crazy "Christians" love their devil
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And I'm sure Don the Con is loving the ego stroking.
Me and my best buddy Dee
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I see a few members here I am unfamiliar with. It seems odd that I have not had any interaction with a few of you outside of this group. Does anyone know why that is? I mean, many of us have been here for a while, and have seen and interacted with each other for some time. Then yesterday, I see someone here who I have never run across anywhere else. Why is that? I feel like somewhere there is an algorithm that I am not a part of, or something else in programming. How did you get to level 7 and I have never seen your before? It's either some crazy thing like that or you changed your name?
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Partly I see it as a timing issue. Most of the people you see frequently are people who are on about the same time you are, and comment on things you are interested in. But I know the feeling you have, where did they come from and how did the get here without me noticing. I just figured my memory is going ;)
Jesus finally put to good use providing internet services!
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Fabulous!! Now when they pray to the internet gods they know where their prayers are going.
A cat named Pumpkin came to live with us a few weeks ago in the rural Catskill Mountains. She was an urban indoor cat without much opportunity to watch birdies out of windows. Pumpkin was rescued from a hoarder who had 70 animals living under the same roof. When she arrived, she didn’t quite know what to think of all the snow (20 inches), but as spring began to take hold, birds arrived, there was sunshine on the carpet – placed there just for her, the snow retreated, and Pumpkin began to make her first timid excursions outside. (She still insists on returning indoors to use the litter box.) Eventually, Pumpkin caught her first vole and seemed particularly full of herself. Now that we have started gardening in earnest, Pumpkin sometimes spends most of her daytime hours outside. The picture shows the results of a really full day.
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She is beautiful and lucky to have you!
Tell me, the loneliest you've ever felt
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I was early 20s, in Okinawa in the Army, working rotating shift work. It was like all the family back in the states decided out of site out of mind. Christmas season, I think I got a card. Then when I was married for over 20 years and the ex made it plain he put time on his "christian" website ahead of time with me.
Cant compare to a real physical exchange of affection ,however, sometimes that's not always possible. How many of you would be willing to engage in sexting or phone sex if you were in a distant relationship/ or any other reason.
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I have done phone sex a few times, usually with someone I've already been intimate with. Although I have a distant friend I've never met in person. We occasionally connect. I was his first orgasm after he had a heart attack.
How often, or when do you feel like you need to exercise the old "suspension of disbelief"? You know, just to get in the spirit of things.
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Often enough, or more than too often. When I was active on dating sites I'd have a gut feeling that it was a scammer. I'd go along to see what the hook was. I gave that up not too long ago. I decided I'd seen it all, heard it all, and if nothing changed then nothing would change. So I changed, I dropped out.
The lack of females in the Atheist community is truly disheartening. Odds are that I'll either die alone or have to marry a religious girl. #ShowerThoughts
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Sigh. You're still young. I find that being less young, and in a conservative state there is an extreme dearth of available men. Most have ties to religion, or are supporters of Don the Con, or have health issues and are looking for a nurse with a purse. I'm likely to die single, but at least I won't have to put up with Fox News on my TV.
Rand Paul flips
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What a piss ant!
I keep telling my normally white horse, Dixie, not to roll in the mud when it rains. Does she listen? Nooooo!
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Awwww, she is adorable! And dirty. Have fun with that!
MINNESOTA WEATHER Pictures taken exactly one week apart. The weather here is like a squirrel on meth; hyper, mean and seriously effed up.
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I know!! I may need to turn on the AC.
Wheres the stinking rapture?
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Well technically don't they have until midnight? Although by now it is midnight somewhere. Yeah, I've got too much work to do, the rapture is going to have to wait a bit.
Louie is in charge of grilling steaks.
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Looks like he is guarding the grill from all intruders. Good dog!
Breakthrough A Surgical Glue That Can Repair An Injury In 60 Seconds - YouTube
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The advances in medical knowledge is really amazing!
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