Single Atheist, Earthy and earth friendly. Love to garden. Love my cats. Grown kids and I have grandchild, soon to be two. Love to travel, very crafty. Love good conversation. Liberal and passionate, open minded and tolerant. Looking for a partner for the rest of the journey.

Not long ago....when I was malevolent and loved to upset believers...I posted this meme in another dating site....I
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Wow, well said and excruciatingly to the point!
One of the funniest things in my Facebook feed today.
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LOL, love it!
I Bought Me A Bike Today!
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Good for you! Keep it up.
After 10 Years, Here's Why I’m Over Online Dating | HuffPost
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I have read that online dating makes courtship like going to the grocery store. When the grocery store runs out of potatoes there will be more coming in soon. Sad really.
I use Facebook for the wrong reasons, I think.
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People don't think things out, which makes the rest of us laugh!!
Obedience to parents
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While in HS yes they were controlling. Then I joined the Army (needed and got dad's signature) and got the hell out of Dodge. (OK, it was Grand Island, NE) Considering the situation, they would never have supported me going to college and my stepmother was a dangerous person, I was glad to get out of there. After that they had no control over me.
Why Women Aged 35 45 Are Single and Unhappy The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness - YouTube
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I think it is passive aggressive BS. Women don't need men to be happy.
What does "coffee" mean to you?
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Well, for boomers, most of the time we have the old fashioned expectations. Coffee means coffee. I am told with the younger folks that guys expect sex for very little investment in a relationship.
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Faint hearts never won fair ladies. Speak out if you are attracted. I've felt some attraction and then see they're over 500 miles away and that just won't work for me.
Which one makes you feel the worst? 1. Is written in the Bible. 2. I'll pray for you. 3. Love the sinner no the sin 4. I don't judge...god does 5. God loves everybody. 6. You can't prove god doesn't exist. 7. We were all made in god likeness 8. God wants us to forgive 9. Without god you will never be happy. 10. God directed the hands of those writing the Bible.
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Well, they all suck, but none make me feel bad. It is like when my 3 year old first born child yelled at me that she hated me. I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing. The passion and the energy that she experienced at that moment was so cute! And I'd tell the speaker of any of those line, "Hey, it will be OK, you'll get over it."
Polar ice is lost at sea | Grist
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I know!! I've seen other videos like this, scares the shit outta me for my grandbabies, maybe even my kids. What kind of world will they have?
Just a bad hair day..
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Cat and olympics
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Is Conor Lamb the Next Big Democratic Upset? - POLITICO Magazine
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We can only hope!
Difference in intelligence in a relationship
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For me, I need someone close to as intelligent as I am. Has to be a reader, and has to have an interest in life around him. If you have't read anything except as you had to to get a job it probably isn't going to work. I love learning and I have to be able to share that.
Best break up songs?
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Love it, sooo perfect.
Trump Jesus
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Love it, totally f'd up but I love it. We live in sad times.
***QUITTING...smoking (1 MONTH!!!) and my job (tomorrow).*** So after some careful consideration I'm taking another "leap of faith"...mostly in myself and my instincts...and not returning to work tomorrow. Why? Because the job is a toxic environment in too many ways. Since November, I've been in a vicious cycle of getting deathly ill, taking several days off, then returning to work just to get sick again. Since November I've quit smoking twice, both times because I was just too ill to smoke. Bronchitis, the flu and the worst lupus outbreak I've ever experienced have taken me to the nearest to death I want to be two more times in less than four months. The physical toxicity is due to a lot of factors: high turn over, people demanding to work sick, poor HVAC maintenance...most recently food rotting in both refrigerators. I won't even go into some other serious bad management decisions, or lack thereof, (here, anyway) but, since I'm somewhat recovered and able to effectively look for something else it's time to break the cycle. It's better to be destitute than dead. This is the beginning of my letter of immediate resignation...from the job but, as depressing as things may be, not from life. This is the best forum I have for sharing this...I may even make a long overdue AA visit...but if you have any "strength, experience and hope" tales or advice, now's the time. Not to worry about me though...I've been in far worse situations...such as the job I'm now...
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Good for you, and good luck to you!
Somehow I’ve made it to level 7...
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Woot!! Settle in, 8 is a long way away.
Good news everyone!
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LOL!! Love it!! OMG I so wish!
If You Think Your Sex Life Is Tough, Try Being A Slug - YouTube
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EWWW, I hate slugs. Used to live in Western Washington. I'd salt the damn things and watch them die.
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So accurate.
Rather apposite.
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Our national shame.
Iceland to Ban Boys’ Circumcision, Introduces 6-year Jail Term for Offenders
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I think it is a great legislation!
Most and least religious U.S. states | Pew Research Center
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My state is pretty close to the middle, could be worse I guess.
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