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November 2019


Is It Ok To Be A Yippie Here, Too. Smirk. Semi-Retired Activist, Former Rainbow Warrior, in the ...
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 21, 2018:
That must be some good shit you're smoking, or is it smocking.
Has any of you ever sat back and reflected upon the toll tRump has take on you personally. The ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jun 15, 2019:
Which is why I have had to cut back on the amount of time I spend on news sites. When I feel my anxiety ratchet up, I know I've gone too far. I walk a fine line between well informed and hysteria.
I have a dilemma: 1. Part of me wants to be alone as right now I am just sick of men and want a ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jun 18, 2019:
I use a vibrator, has been my stalwart companion even when I was married....
I was chatting with a gentleman last night. Chat was flowing well, then started to lag so I started...
HippieChick58 comments on Jul 28, 2018:
Don't make someone a priority that treats you as an option.
'Insidious': Emails Show Trump White House Lied About US Poverty Levels to Discredit Critical UN ...
HippieChick58 comments on Aug 4, 2018:
thanks for posting! All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to stay silent.
That's the Truth
HippieChick58 comments on May 24, 2018:
I've kind of always known the US was horribly racist and bigots were everywhere. Now it is so over the top, no one is trying to be civil any more.
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 19, 2018:
I have three adult daughters, all in stable relationships. The youngest made me a grandmother for Christmas and my oldest will give me a second grandchild in May. I introduced the baby to cherries a few weeks ago.
Just one squirt!
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 5, 2019:
Needs to have urine in it, ewww, but he seems to like the golden showers. I wonder if yellow food coloring would work as well?
Here is the example that helped me to realize my beliefs on confederate monuments. Imagine you are ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 13, 2018:
The monuments to the confederacy are not only racist, they are unAmerican as well. The monuments should have never been allowed. Who puts up monuments to defeat? Oh, duh. Only in the racially messed up US.
On a first date: Should you be honest on a first date or pretend you are what you think the other...
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 31, 2018:
I am honest, I am who I am and what I am. I'm too old to play games. I don't want to waste time cultivating a relationship with false pretenses. I ask questions I want answered, and I ask about the important stuff. Usually I will know most of the important stuff before we meet in person.
Can't we pass an amendment saying that if you're involved with the WWE it disqualifies you from ...
HippieChick58 comments on Oct 22, 2018:
I agree, it really should!
Trump is the main cause for the Kavanaugh debacle, all of these sleazebags starting from our POS ...
HippieChick58 comments on Oct 7, 2018:
I love Bernie.
So, based on my question about what political affiliation you most connect with, I notice that most ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 21, 2018:
I believe that the government needs to look out for the common good of all people, especially those that are more vulnerable: elderly, young, and/or differently-abled. It is both intellectual and emotional. The government needs to set standards because private business isn't. Look at big pharma and medicine. People should be put before profit. No company should have the CEO making 1000 times what his employees make. The hoarding of wealth is one of the major ills of our society.
They just make me so angry.
HippieChick58 comments on May 3, 2020:
I'm really good with Vanilla Isis.
How do the new curtains look?
HippieChick58 comments on Jun 4, 2018:
They look OK to me, it will depend on what the rest of the room looks like. And Bob, really if it makes your wife happy then they are beautiful.
Munchie wanted to sit by me at the computer, but I didn't want to hold him. I put a hoodie on ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
We love our kitties like the babies they are.
To The People Who Are There For Me In Good Times and Bad Times Thank You.
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 12, 2018:
Bad times is when you find out who your true friends are.
Its about time we did this
HippieChick58 comments on Nov 9, 2019:
That would be awesome!
The very people who accuse Dems of stalling, with regard to Kavanaugh, are saying they want to hit ...
HippieChick58 comments on Sep 24, 2018:
We need a SMH icon. I've been shaking my head to frequently I am about to have scrambled brains.
Any single women in here
HippieChick58 comments on May 10, 2018:
My guess would be about 50% of the population here is female.
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 15, 2019:
national emergency my tiny hiney.
The new Dunce cap.
HippieChick58 comments on Oct 23, 2018:
He says he is a Nationalist, but every time his lips move he lies. He's a narcisscistic psychopath who only cares for himself.
[] The conservative Wall Street Journal argues Fuhrer Trump may have committed too ...
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 20, 2019:
I am sure Mueller can unravel all the details.
I need HELP. I am really old. My wife (of 65 years) and I stopped enjoying sex about ten years ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jun 2, 2019:
Well, you don't have to get it up to please the widows....
Daily Presidential briefing.
HippieChick58 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
We'd have to call that the daily Ignorance and ineptness briefing.
How “Case for Christ” author Lee Strobel fabricated his best-selling story –
HippieChick58 comments on Mar 23, 2019:
My ex gave one of the Strobel books to our oldest daughter. She never read it. I asked her if she wanted me to help it disappear, and she said I could. I took it to a used book store and sold it. I hope they filed it in Fiction.
I give this round of insults to Bloomberg, the only thing the orange turd says about Bloomberg, who ...
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 2, 2020:
We know when Drumpf's finger or lips move he is lying. This is a proven thing.
Have one of these?
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 10, 2019:
Yes!!! I have one that is larger than that one and mine has lots more pins in it. I use mine often, and lose it from time to time. My cats like it also...
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 9, 2018:
I try to be realistic first and foremost. Yes, I'd like to find a life partner who lives near me, but the reality is I live in Nebraska where the majority is Christian and Republican. So I am here for the community which I am enjoying greatly. If I find that special someone I don't think I'd give up the community here.
FBI... they are corrupt?
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
Little Mr. Honest as the day is long, smarter than anyone else in the room.
Evening all.I'm in my mid 60s an have become disinchanted with the whole dating scene.Also the fact ...
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 27, 2019:
I live in a conservative state where most folks claim to be xian, even if they don't act it or attend church regularly. More of an xian by default status. I gave up on the dating scene, just too many scammers out there.
Of course she will ignore it, like all cats would!
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 2, 2019:
I regard them as speed "suggestions", now get the heck out of my way!
Using the Fear - With a global pandemic sweeping across the globe, now is the time to look hard at ...
HippieChick58 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
My mom died at 45, I was 14. So I've known most of my life that old age is not guaranteed.My kids know I love them and how proud I am of them, I tell them all the time. I can't say I've had an easy life, but it has been a good one, I've done some stuff most people never get to do. I've raised some strong, independent, smart, fabulous daughters, and I have two amazing grands. I have stuff that will last beyond my time that says I was here. If I die tonight I know everyone will be OK. I better not die, I have a quilt to make for the grandson, and an afghan for one of the girls, and a birthday party on Sunday.
If a woman wants an abortion should the father have a right to keep the child?
HippieChick58 comments on May 20, 2018:
Do you realize that in 2018 women still die giving birth? So you want to insist that I carry through a pregnancy that could end up costing my life. What are you willing to pay me that would equal that cost? Lets say I don't die. I admit it is rare, and utterly tragic when it does happen. But I carry the baby for 9 months. My kidneys, liver, heart, bladder, muscles, ligaments and tendons will never be the same. What is the price for that? After birth even with modern medicine my milk is going to come in. I will be uncomfortable, hormonal, and physically debilitated for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Not to mention that your body NEVER goes back to prepregnancy shape. Can you really afford that? I'm not willing to do that for a schmoe I had a one night stand with. If you want a baby hire a surrogate with a contract that spells out everything. And yes, if a woman wants a baby there are sperm banks out there, she can do it without involving a biological father. No it doesn't seem fair but life is like that sometimes.
Build Bridges Not Walls
HippieChick58 comments on Aug 5, 2018:
We need unity. A house divided against itself cannot stand.
Who is America's enemy?
HippieChick58 comments on Sep 14, 2019:
I shared that, thanks!
Sometimes you meet a person ?
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 29, 2018:
I hope to find that one day.
Steering wheel for your co-pilot?
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 31, 2018:
It would be even better for the back seat driver!
Do you consider Barack Obama a Super Hero? He was always Presidential and professional. He was ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
He's not a super hero (well compared to current dipshit he is) but he was a damned fine man that the republifucks shit all over, repeatedly. Barack Obama bore it with amazing grace and fortitude.
Breaking News; White House Rejects Supremacist Label: “No One Has Done More Than Trump to Prove...
HippieChick58 comments on Mar 15, 2019:
(WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON?) Republicans Are Warning Drug Companies Not To Cooperate With A ...
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Jeebus criminey. FFS.
I do not always make the most interesting posts but I have to say this is a great community. I met ...
HippieChick58 comments on Sep 21, 2019:
Thanks!!! I love this community too. It is my sanity and my sounding board.
Hydroxychloroquine is used to prevent or treat malaria.
HippieChick58 comments on May 23, 2020:
Much better hair style for him.
I'm so tired of mixed signals. I've been on 3 dates with this man. First date was a meet and greet. ...
HippieChick58 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
What do you have to lose by waiting to see how it plays out? When you know each other a little better it might make more sense. He may well be cautious.
Just bought a single ticket to my 40th high school reunion. I got a bit teary king about all the ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
I went to one reunion, and I remember thinking "who are all these people..." I don't like crowds, I don't like heat, (outside activities in Nebraska in July) and I saw no reason to ever do it again. I move away from the town right after high school. I skipped my 40th a few years ago. I don't even go to family reunions, I'm not close with most of my cousins and some of them are too religious and way toooooo Republican for me. Good luck with that, I hope you enjoy yourself.
Hatred With Red Hats
HippieChick58 comments on Oct 27, 2018:
OK, lets be specific. I have a Go Big Red hat, and it is Red with a huge N on it. I'm not a sports fan, it was a gift from a Nebraska friend when he found out we were moving back to Nebraska. That hat doesn't say hatred, it says camouflage, trying to fit in with the rest of the local sports nut population.
Her eyes are too open to be convincing. []
HippieChick58 comments on Sep 25, 2018:
Very funny!! Thanks for posting!
I think that I'll leave this open to the group's creativity.
HippieChick58 comments on May 18, 2018:
Have some chocolate
New member. Suspicious name: Rubella No photo, no bio Cryptic post
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 16, 2018:
Ah, what we in the US call German Measles, or three day measles. What a good name!
I wondered where that went!
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 7, 2019:
I want to see a video of him putting that on the cat!
Life Hacks. Are any of them good?
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 18, 2018:
I don't know about "life hacks" but I am frugal. I make my own soap, lip balms, lotions, deodorant, and toothpaste. I cook from scratch and eat as close to natural as possible. I reuse, reduce, recycle. I avoid plastics, I have stainless steel water bottles and straws. I shop at estate sales for stuff I can reuse. I also grow some of my own foods. Tomatoes fresh from the garden are so much better than grocery store varieties. They taste like sunshine.
We serve the same god but give it a different name. All rivers have different names yet the same ...
HippieChick58 comments on May 7, 2019:
I may serve breakfast in bed, or serve a warrant, but I serve no god or other imaginary being.
I'm not part of this group - I just follow HippieChick and see her posts here. But you guys are so ...
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 31, 2018:
I'm kinda honored I got to help out here, albeit very indirectly. This is why I spend so much time on, we're a really great group of people!! Way to go Peeps, y'all are awesome and wonderful.
Interesting information! Opinion: Trump's magic is evaporating on the campaign trail []
HippieChick58 comments on Nov 30, 2019:
Let it be true!
Waiting for election results to come in.
HippieChick58 comments on Nov 6, 2018:
Thanks for the reminder that I need to take the trash out. Seriously, pick up day tomorrow and my yard waste bin is full.
A message putin's puppet.....
HippieChick58 comments on Sep 12, 2019:
He's totally right!
I used to be proud to be from Indiana ...[]
HippieChick58 comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Yeah, I'd want no association with that tool. I don't like his last name either.
When 2 People Really Care For Each Other They Will Make it Work
HippieChick58 comments on Oct 5, 2018:
I wish that was true, it has not been my experience.
Whatever he says, the opposite is usually true! 😡
HippieChick58 comments on Jun 10, 2019:
That man wouldn't know the truth if it was sucking his teeny weenie.
Here is an article that sums up much of what is wrong with Trump. If you are a member of this group...
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 27, 2019:
I don't think highly of DTs supporters, I'm not sure that I know any, and if I do I'm sure they're not speaking with me right now, if ever.
If he really wants the parade...
HippieChick58 comments on Aug 17, 2018:
I'd happily march in that parade, or make a float!
Your dream career if money wasn't an issue.
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 14, 2018:
Being independently wealthy and setting up charitable organizations.
This just in - Melania Trump nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress. []
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
She's not acting, the last face lift pulled too tight and cut off oxygen to her brain.
Closing arguments!!!!
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 29, 2020:
There is plenty of dirt on them that is out there. However most of it that is on them is what is covering their graves.
AOC smashes the tRumpette! []
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 26, 2019:
Ivanka is a delicate little hothouse flower who is going to have a rude awakening.
Dedicated to Trump. []
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 9, 2019:
Love it!! And it is totally true!
I mIss andy rooney do you?
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 1, 2018:
We need more journalists like Andy Rooney, and far fewer "anchors" that sell the pap their fan base demands.
Trump without a silver spoon...
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 10, 2019:
Love it, now I will sleep well tonight.
Three Words???
HippieChick58 comments on Sep 9, 2018:
What do you need me to do? What can I do for you? True story. A man's wife needed a kidney transplant. He joined a program to donate his kidney to a stranger so that a stranger's kidney would be donated to his wife. There were 12 people involved in this exchange, coordinated by several hospitals. The logistics make my head spin. But six kidney recipients and six donors, and countless hospital staff worked on this, so many factors of matching blood types and tiny details. Donating a kidney is hard, it is several weeks of recovery not to mention major surgery and the chance of dying. That says love louder than anything. I know about this because the man was my short term disability claim. He was willing to die for his wife. When I told him how cool I thought it was he said "how could I not?" Wow.
Feelin a little melancholy, as I often do on certain dates. I haven't celebrated a birthday, ...
HippieChick58 comments on Jun 14, 2018:
I'm sorry for your loss. Forgive your brother, for you. That is a heavy burden to carry, you need to set it down. As for retiring, I can't wait! There is no doubt in my mind that I will retire as soon as I can afford to. Right now I'm working for health insurance. If you have plans for what to do after retirement then go for it. If you'd rather be working, then stay the course.
Worth a listen. []
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
I want to be able to be proud to be an American again. Right now it is very tarnished.
Breaking news! Disaster in Indonesia []
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 22, 2018:
Wow, wasn't it about 15 years ago that Thailand had a tsunami around Christmas time?
Isn't that the truth!
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Sadly dad is right.
Warning: You can't unsee this. Parental advisory required.
HippieChick58 comments on Mar 30, 2019:
Mangina neck trump, we may have a new perjorative for the doofus #45.
Getting ready for the super bowl game?
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 1, 2018:
This is my idea of a super bowl.
Age differences. I have always like women who are significantly older than I am. (I'm sure it's that...
HippieChick58 comments on Oct 3, 2018:
Try talking to them, see what kind of reaction you get. You could always ask them out to coffee. I'm not attracted to younger men, but I'm open minded enough (I hope) that if someone your age expressed interest I'd at least consider it.
You can’t make this shit up! I wonder how long CNN with weather the coming storm? The Woman ...
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 19, 2019:
As my brains explode, again.
So how is the dating thing actually doing on this site? Anyone having any luck? Haven't really been ...
HippieChick58 comments on May 26, 2018:
No meets, but I'm looking for someone close by and I live in a conservative backwater.
Are atheist/agnostic people more susceptible to depression?
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 31, 2017:
I have endured depression as a believer and as an atheist. It was worse when I was a believer and thought that god didn't give a damn about me. Then when I figured out there is no god I still have issues with anxiety and depression. The main contributor to the anxiety/depression has been eliminated, but I still have moments. If you haven't had any depression, good for you. Just because you can't see it and don't understand it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It is brain chemistry, and situations, and probably genetics. My theory is that if I walk into an office of 100 people and ask who is dealing with depression, 75 hands will go up. 10 won't because they haven't figured it out yet. And one or more persons may have to take time off work to deal with their depression. My ex was very angry for a long time, that was his manifestation of depression.
Democrats, and all anti-trumpets, needed to know and understand this: The New York Times: Opinion...
HippieChick58 comments on Oct 8, 2018:
Posted to FB. We cannot become complacent. The war isn't over yet.
Ever since I got to level 8, my points have been fluctuating erratically. I suddenly gained almost ...
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 17, 2019:
It does that sometimes, and sometimes the points will barely budge for days, and then skyrocket. Watching points too closely makes me more crazy than I already am!
Trump Goes Beyond Cronyism—To Something Far Worse []
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Of course he has all the best words and all the best people.
What I Really Want For X-mas
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 2, 2018:
Sooner is good!
I highly recommend this. I did this, best thing I ever did.
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 23, 2020:
I joined the Army after HS graduation. While in the Army I got married (well twice actually, first one was soon divorced, the second lasted longer. ) Second husband stayed in while I got out. Children each born on different bases, different countries. I've moved 23 times and 6 years ago I ended up 50 miles from where I was born and 135 miles from where I grew up. The woman who moved to Omaha is very much not the girl that joined the Army.
Canada's top doctor says non-medical masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Too bad she took ...
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 11, 2020:
I made a bunch of masks for me, family members and some family associates. I wore mine when I went into Target to pick up a prescription (and found out they do deliver) and some other groceries. I offered some to coworkers, and they declined and scoffed (and yes I work with morons and mean girls.) I keep mine in my car and only use them when I am going from car to anyplace beside the office. After I wore one to Target I brought it into the kitchen, washed it with soap and hot water, then took it to the sewing room and steamed it with my iron. My employer (a hospital) is asking for homemade masks, but they had some hoops to jump through, the fabric could not be over a year old. I have fabric as old as my kids, and most of it I'm not sure exactly how old it is. So I did not make any for them. I did find I had a good amount of elastic in my stash, and I don't know how old that is either, but it still had stretch.
Michelle Bachmann....getting Religulous; []
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 15, 2019:
Hurl!! Yeah, he's godly alright. He thinks HE is god.
@admin Noticed a few members will soon be approaching a year without using the site. May be ...
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 25, 2018:
Question or possibly proposal: Do we/Should we remove members after a prolonged absence, especially if they were/are a very low level? Say after a year if they have not been active in several months (majority of the time) and haven't gotten above a level 3.
HippieChick58 comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Republifucks want those little cannon fodders born, but not educated, fed, or housed. Just ammunition for the war machine.
[] GOP's blind defense of Trump falls apart as his obstruction of justice becomes ...
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 20, 2019:
Like watching a damn train wreck!
So do people actually connect on the site
HippieChick58 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
At least three couples I know of have come from this site. I have met two local people because of this site, I now know 7 local users from the site. I had one date with a guy that is no longer on the site. Have I met the right person? No, but apparently others have.
For those of you who thought Nancy wasn’t respectful enough:
HippieChick58 comments on Feb 8, 2019:
I thought Nancy was perfect!
Perhaps we could learn a little something from each other. (We usually do.). What is your biggest ...
HippieChick58 comments on Aug 25, 2019:
1. I regret listening to my dad that nursing was a thankless profession. I'd have been a damn good nurse. He would not sign the papers for me to go to college but he did sign for me to join the Army. At the time the Army did not need medics, and I didn't even consider that route. 2. I regret not getting any continuing education earlier. I was convinced by my now ex that I wasn't too bright and didn't need to go to school. 3. When I finally did go to finish a degree I stopped at an Associates. Had I been able to stick the marriage out longer I'd be better off now, but I was eager to end the charade.
Moral police
HippieChick58 comments on Aug 4, 2018:
We are headed back to the stone age!
The Wizard of OZ knows ... []
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 5, 2020:
Now Drumpf is practicing medicine without a license or a brain. What a f--K show this is.
HippieChick58 comments on Sep 11, 2018:
Seriously? I can still chat with my ex. Last time I saw him was a family birthday celebration we chatted about a book I was reading and some memories of the kids. BUT we hit the limit of our endurance. Day to day we did not do so good, he wasn't interested in anything besides his xian website. And he watches FAUX news. I knew I had to divorce him when I was watching SVU and trying to figure out how I could make it look like an accident.
This is my reading buddy, my going to the bathroom buddy, my going to bed buddy, my cleaning buddy; ...
HippieChick58 comments on Apr 10, 2018:
What a face!! I just wanna kiss her all over!
On the advice of my therapist, I've started exercising regularly. He told me that exercise can help...
HippieChick58 comments on May 1, 2018:
Like chicken soup, it can't hurt! But yes, exercise is good. I am way, way out of shape and I'm trying to get more active. Right now I have a damned cold/URI that has just sucked out all of my energy. I was doing good to get out of bed.
I've been getting a few posts over the last week or so from young ladies, mid 30's only a few ...
HippieChick58 comments on May 9, 2020:
We have had some opportunistic "young women" and "handsome gentlemen" come on the site recently, we've noticed them as potential scammers. It happens frequently, the site is free and has lonely people on it. And quarantine..., people are going crazy. You can block them, or let one of the members of the Trolls or Watchers groups know about them and we'll check them out. All we need is their user id. We don't kick them off, we just report to Admin and let them take care of it.
Here you go Girls and Boys...
HippieChick58 comments on Nov 29, 2018:
LOL!! I don't need any help in that department! I trip over cat hair when I'm barefooted.
Out of curiosity, has anyone made level 10 yet?
HippieChick58 comments on Dec 1, 2019:
At the rate I'm going, maybe another two years to make it to 10.


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1976. HS picture
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1980 in Germany.
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"Sister Quilt" made for daughter. 3 quilts made at the same time, all the same fabrics and same type of blocks, just different layout and different color bindings. Completed 2018
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"Sister Quilt" made for daughter. 3 quilts made at the same time, all the same fabrics and same type of blocks, just different layout and different color bindings. Completed 2018
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Quilt on my bed made 2016. Wall painted ombre shades of pink, also in 2016
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"Sister Quilt" made for daughter. 3 quilts made at the same time, all the same fabrics and same type of blocks, just different layout and different color bindings. Completed 2018
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This is the current male love of my life, he's 8 months old and soon will call me Grammy.
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Jan 2019. Quilt for 2 year old granddaughter, just learning her colors. Her mama wanted it to be a rainbow quilt.
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My Christmas tree for 2019, and 2020, and 2021... and beyond!
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