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November 2019


LINK Woman who coughed on baby identified as San Jose school district employee
Who the hell does something like this? And then to find out she is a school district employee. I hope they fire her ass.
HippieChick58 June 29 Jun 29 66
LINK Lesbian Deputy Gets Revenge On Boss Who Allegedly Fired Her For Her Sexuality By Knocking Him Out Of The Running For His Own Job - Comic Sands
Karma can be a bitch! She deserves the job.
HippieChick58 May 1 May 1 55
LINK Trump faces legal issues for the rest of his presidency, no matter what Mueller finds - Los Angeles Times
HippieChick58 Feb 25, 2019 Feb 25, 2019 77
LINK Yo-Yo Ma Jabs Donald Trump As He Plays Cello On Both Sides Of U.S.-Mexico Border
A true humanitarian, and a great musician.
HippieChick58 Aug 1, 2019 Aug 1, 2019 22
LINK Alumni of George W. Bush administration launch pro-Biden super PAC | TheHill
The anybody is better than BunkerBitch bus is getting full, yay! Hundreds of former members of the George W. Bush administration have formed a super PAC to support former Vice President Joe Biden, saying they are alarmed by President Trump’s conduct in office.
HippieChick58 July 1 Jul 1 22
My Son in Law and now my daughter are both union members. My SIL has been with the union for over a year, my daughter just started as a laborer and will be trained as a carpenter. They live with her dad, my ex, in a largely white collar neighborhood,...
HippieChick58 Dec 26, 2018 Dec 26, 2018 44
LINK Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweets: 'Lobbyists Pay the Homeless + Others to Hold Their Place So They Can Get in 1st'
OMFG, just burn the place down and start over, it is so corrupt.
HippieChick58 Mar 22, 2019 Mar 22, 2019 1010
Still true today, from a year ago.
HippieChick58 Apr 3, 2018 Apr 3, 2018 1010
Janis Ian, 1976, At seventeen. Loved this song, love, love, love the singer.
HippieChick58 Sep 26, 2018 Sep 26, 2018 1111
LINK Right-wing blowhards are having a tough time with this whole women-in-power thing in Congress - Los Angeles Times
HippieChick58 Jan 7, 2019 Jan 7, 2019 88
LINK Small town residents threaten to sue their own kids’ financially strapped school over a rainbow flag / Queerty
Good freaking grief.
HippieChick58 Feb 23 Feb 23 88
LINK Mom’s blistering rant on how men should be blamed for all unwanted pregnancies going crazy viral.  | GOOD
If you want to stop abortion, you need to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies. No for real, they are. Perhaps you are thinking: IT TAKES TWO! And yes, it does take two for _intentional_ pregnancies. Dated 9/23/18,
HippieChick58 Nov 29, 2018 Nov 29, 2018 1414
LINK Working-class white women are turning on Trump - Los Angeles Times
Ohhhh shit, it's getting real.
HippieChick58 June 27 Jun 27 44
LINK Artists install anti-Trump living statues around DC | TheHill
Awesome!! Living statues were installed around Washington, D.C. on Friday depicting President Trump as a "destroyer of civil rights and liberties." A group of artists known as the Trump Statue Initiative is behind the installations, including one that depicts Trump holding up a Bible while Black Lives Matters protesters are beaten and another showing him telling a masked child to "go back to school" while holding a golf club.
HippieChick58 July 17 Jul 17 44
Sign at the Vet clinic.
HippieChick58 Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018 33
LINK 2020 Virtual March On Washington
The 2020 Virtual March on Washington and the Commitment March will take place on the 57th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. August 27 - 28, 2020. The American Humanist Association is a proud partner organization of the virtual March on Washington. The virtual march — which will bring forward a bold National Black agenda — will take place on August 27 and August 28, 2020, the 57th anniversary of ...
HippieChick58 Aug 25 Aug 25 55
Swamp Monster
HippieChick58 Sep 13, 2018 Sep 13, 2018 66
Even more true today.
HippieChick58 May 24, 2018 May 24, 2018 55
LINK Trump pushes back at Michelle Obama - CNNPolitics
He does so well in his role of schoolyard bully.
HippieChick58 Nov 12, 2018 Nov 12, 2018 1616
Sadly true
HippieChick58 June 30, 2018 Jun 30, 2018 77
Great timeline of Bunker Bitch's Covid responses.
HippieChick58 July 13 Jul 13 44
Please wear yours when you are out and about.
HippieChick58 July 2 Jul 2 33
LINK Atheist Receives Death Threats After Ten Commandments Decision | Michael Stone
HippieChick58 Apr 21, 2019 Apr 21, 2019 66
LINK Donald Trump's Spiritual Adviser Paula White Suggests People Send Her Their January Salary or Face Consequences From God
HippieChick58 Jan 31, 2019 Jan 31, 2019 1414
LINK As people stay home, Earth turns wilder and cleaner. These before-and-after images show the change. | National News |
Good news about the effects of the quarantines.
HippieChick58 Apr 23 Apr 23 22
LINK Melania Sent Out Her Most Hypocritical Tweet Yet, The Internet Let Her Have It: "You Don't Really Care, Do You?"
We all know good and well that if Donald Trump is known for anything in this lifetime, it’s all his damn tweets. He really wishes it were the economy. Or his poll numbers. Or something that was even remotely relevant or helpful in any way. But nope. It’s just the tweets. The hateful, manic, ridiculous, disgusting, relentless tweets that we’re subjected to every single day of our lives and double when he’s good and pissed off — which, let’s be honest, happens pretty often. But ...
HippieChick58 Aug 31 Aug 31 66
LINK ‘Stealing our money while we die’: Twitter goes wild for viral anti-Trump ad
100,000 Americans have died due to COVID-19. But one wouldn’t know that from watching Trump golf for the 118th time.
HippieChick58 May 26 May 26 22
LINK Sadistic Religious Fanatic: Mother Teresa Was No Saint
I read her book a few years ago, yawn. And other articles I've read have confirmed she was not a nice person. I hope she never gets her sainthood.
HippieChick58 May 14, 2018 May 14, 2018 1010
LINK How an insurance company auditor tried to destroy a physician's career
One of my favorite blogs is KevinMD. (I'm a medical geek, I work in Health Information Management and I love medical related stuff.) This article relates how insurance companies are calling the shots and have way too much power over decisions doctors can make and care doctors can provide.
HippieChick58 Feb 11, 2019 Feb 11, 2019 1111
Dan Rather today
HippieChick58 Dec 26, 2018 Dec 26, 2018 33
LINK Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, tests positive for coronavirus
World-record sprinter and eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt has tested positive for the coronavirus and is self-isolating at his home in Jamaica after last week celebrating his 34th birthday with a big bash mask-free. He may be fast, but not fast enough to outrun COVID
HippieChick58 Aug 25 Aug 25 33
How is that again??
HippieChick58 Dec 26, 2018 Dec 26, 2018 22
Today sucks. Took my car to the dealership for service. They told me they'd let me know what it needed in an hour. Two hours later and I'm starting to get concerned. 3 hours later and my emergency fund just took a serious hit. Then the courtesy ...
HippieChick58 July 20, 2018 Jul 20, 2018 99
LINK The science is clear: dirty farm water is making us sick
"The culprit turned out to be E. coli, a powerful pathogen that had contaminated romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona, and distributed nationwide. At least 210 people in 36 states were sickened. Five died and 27 suffered kidney failure. The same strain of E. coli that sickened them was detected in a Yuma canal used to irrigate some crops. For more than a decade, it’s been clear that there’s a gaping hole in American food safety: Growers aren’t required to test their irrigation water ...
HippieChick58 Jan 27, 2019 Jan 27, 2019 88
LINK 7-Year-Old Boy Killed While Being Punished For Failing To Memorize Bible Verses | Michael Stone
I know we all think Xians are crazy, but this is downright horrifying!
HippieChick58 Feb 3, 2019 Feb 3, 2019 88
LINK Kim Davis, Anti-Gay Clerk from Rowan County (KY), Has Lost Her Re-Election Race | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
Good news already!!
HippieChick58 Nov 7, 2018 Nov 7, 2018 99
LINK Donald Trump Jr. Will Be Indicted by Mueller, Former Prosecutor Says, and Will Help to Ensnare His Father
HippieChick58 Feb 3, 2019 Feb 3, 2019 99
Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.
HippieChick58 Feb 25, 2018 Feb 25, 2018 99
Most recent quilt. Now at my office; it keeps me warm and makes me happy.
HippieChick58 Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 2018 55
LINK AP Fact Check NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week
I have heard about this coin shortage, and I admit I am guilty of being a contributor. I have many dollars worth of coins in my purse, and other places in my house. However, there is not a real shortage even with my stash.
HippieChick58 July 27 Jul 27 33
What did parents to before car seats? I need to send this to my oldest daughter. She has an 8 month old and is uber careful of car seats, blankets in the crib; all child safety issues.
HippieChick58 Jan 26, 2019 Jan 26, 2019 66
It does seem so
HippieChick58 July 27, 2018 Jul 27, 2018 88
At one time my grandparents were from a "shithole" country, and I'm quite proud of my heritage.
HippieChick58 Jan 20, 2018 Jan 20, 2018 77
LINK Pence flouts Mayo Clinic policy by touring coronavirus testing facility without a mask
No you dumbshit, you wear the mask to protect everyone else. And to not wear a mask against stated policy is just an example of your arrogance and how little you care for others around you. GRRRRRR, mother needs to spank him. Or not...
HippieChick58 Apr 28 Apr 28 44
Antoine74 Not much to go on, but the pictures look scammerish, too perfect. He claims Humanist and 100% believes in an unspecified god. He is Separated, Lives in France, first posting was in French, and says I am new. Pictures ...
HippieChick58 Feb 10, 2019 Feb 10, 2019 55
LINK National retail CEO says he's willing to lose customers over new mask policy
I am a stitcher, and currently and working on a new quilt. I was using my stash, but for what this is turning out as, I need more fabric. I need to go to the fabric store... I am so thrilled to see that they have now instituted a mask policy! This will be my first stop on Monday.
HippieChick58 July 26 Jul 26 22
It is what we do
HippieChick58 Feb 23, 2018 Feb 23, 2018 22
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis noun. an obscure term ostensibly referring to a lung disease caused by silica dust, sometimes cited as one of the longest words in the English language.
HippieChick58 Feb 6, 2019 Feb 6, 2019 33
LINK US intel chiefs: Trump is wrong on just about everything he says
HippieChick58 Jan 30, 2019 Jan 30, 2019 77
LINK Trump declines to condemn teen who killed two in Kenosha
SMFH. Trump says 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse 'was trying to get away from' protestors and 'probably would have been killed'.
HippieChick58 Sep 2 Sep 2 1010
Wisdom for today: “Life is too short for shoes that hurt your feet, friends that make you feel bad about yourself, and jobs that crush your soul. Take a chance. Make a change. The time is now.” – Lisa Lewtan
HippieChick58 Dec 13, 2019 Dec 13, 2019 44
LINK Iceland Declares All Religions Are Mental Disorders | Andrew Hall
I wish the US would get to this point, and soon.
HippieChick58 Mar 15 Mar 15 99
The Trumpsters
HippieChick58 Nov 1, 2019 Nov 1, 2019 77
HippieChick58 Mar 22, 2018 Mar 22, 2018 77
LINK Appeals court decides to let emoluments case against Trump continue in lower court - CNNPolitics
An ethics lawsuit against President Donald Trump that argues his business interests are conflicts of interest and violate the US Constitution can continue in federal court, a federal appeals court said Monday.
HippieChick58 Aug 18 Aug 18 22
They're not concentration camps, they're Trump Camps.
HippieChick58 June 27, 2019 Jun 27, 2019 44
MAUNDER MAWN-dər Part of speech: verb Origin: Unkown, early 17th century 1: Talk in a rambling manner. 2: Move or act in a dreamy or idle manner. Examples of Maunder in a sentence "Don't get him started on his favorite movies, or he...
HippieChick58 Sep 2 Sep 2 33
These are some serious issues!
HippieChick58 May 16, 2018 May 16, 2018 1212
LINK In Scathing Resignation Letter, Top Official Resigns Accusing Trump Of Betraying America
HippieChick58 Sep 23, 2018 Sep 23, 2018 66
On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me....
HippieChick58 Dec 5, 2018 Dec 5, 2018 33
HippieChick58 Oct 17, 2018 Oct 17, 2018 55
LINK Trump told Sarah Sanders to take one for the team after Kim Jong Un wink - Business Insider
President Donald Trump told Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a former White House press secretary, to go to North Korea and take one "for the team" after Kim Jong Un appeared to wink at her during a summit in 2018, she said in a new book. In her memoir, a copy of which was obtained by The Guardian, Sanders described an incident at the summit in Singapore with Trump, Kim, and a collection of their aides.
HippieChick58 Sep 3 Sep 3 99
I'm on my way!
HippieChick58 Sep 3, 2018 Sep 3, 2018 33
Do you believe in Unicorns?
HippieChick58 June 18, 2018 Jun 18, 2018 88
Marriage according to the Buybull
HippieChick58 Dec 18, 2018 Dec 18, 2018 88
How do you look at yourself?
HippieChick58 Apr 14, 2019 Apr 14, 2019 44
The real philanthropists. I love Barbara Ehrenreich, great author, great books.
HippieChick58 Jan 24, 2019 Jan 24, 2019 55
LINK Daughters of foot doctor say he made Trump bone spurs diagnosis as 'favor' to Fred Trump: New York Times - CNNPolitics
Cadet Bone Spurs didn't even have bone spurs!
HippieChick58 Dec 26, 2018 Dec 26, 2018 1313
This is why American's are slaves to their employers. If we lose our job, we lose our healthcare.
HippieChick58 Apr 30, 2018 Apr 30, 2018 88
LINK Melania Trump: 'I'm the most bullied person on the world' - CNNPolitics
I have trouble feeling any sympathy for her. Michelle Obama was disparaged nearly daily and NEVER complained and kept her head up with style and grace. Of course she was married to a man that was a gentleman and scholar. Melania married the rotter in chief, she has no basis for complaints.
HippieChick58 Oct 12, 2018 Oct 12, 2018 1111
LINK Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims win legal victory against InfoWars, Alex Jones - ABC News
This is good news!!
HippieChick58 Jan 19, 2019 Jan 19, 2019 1010
LINK TrumpIsNotWell - YouTube
New from The Lincoln Project
HippieChick58 June 17 Jun 17 66
The secret to eternal happiness.
HippieChick58 July 31, 2019 Jul 31, 2019 33
LINK More Than Half of All Coffee Species Are at Risk of Extinction
Attn: Coffee lovers
HippieChick58 Jan 29, 2019 Jan 29, 2019 1212
So this morning before work as usual I went to fire up the laptop... and it wouldn't start up. I was a) freaked, and b) bummed! But gotta go to work. Didn't get home til almost 8 as visited one of the kids before coming home. The lap top fired up. ...
HippieChick58 Apr 24, 2018 Apr 24, 2018 66
LINK Woman says she lost $89K after a scammer posed as her friend on Facebook Messenger
This is sad, why do people not use critical thinking skills? You never get something for nothing. If it sounds too good to be true...
HippieChick58 Feb 23 Feb 23 88
LINK Hurricane Laura Rips Down 'South's Defenders' Confederate Statue In Lake Charles, La. : Hurricane Laura Live Updates : NPR
I would say that "god" is on the side of removing the statues. Kinda hard to argue with a hurricane.
HippieChick58 Aug 29 Aug 29 55
Just found out my second grandchild will be arriving this weekend!!
HippieChick58 Apr 21, 2018 Apr 21, 2018 1111
I can't make you love me if you don't. You can't make your heart feel something it won't.
HippieChick58 Aug 1, 2018 Aug 1, 2018 66
A heartfelt goodbye to our Girl Next Door and 1950 "Buddy" Poppy girl, Doris Day. Rest easy. RIP Doris Day Born: April 3, 1922, Cincinnati, OH Died: May 13, 2019, Carmel Valley, CA
HippieChick58 May 13, 2019 May 13, 2019 55
Trevor Noah
HippieChick58 Feb 22, 2018 Feb 22, 2018 11
You are enough
HippieChick58 June 27, 2019 Jun 27, 2019 44
Started training for a new job this week, and today we got to listen to a live call. We're underwriting assistants for Medicare Supplements, so our customer base is mostly over 65. Classmate volunteers for the first live call. Customer is 92 and in ...
HippieChick58 Aug 29 Aug 29 77
LINK Vatican's Chief Exorcist Warns That Yoga Causes 'Demonic Possession'
I do yoga, have I been possessed yet? How would we be able to tell?
HippieChick58 Feb 1, 2019 Feb 1, 2019 1111
LINK Do Americans Know How Weird and Extreme Their Collapse is Getting?
HippieChick58 July 22, 2018 Jul 22, 2018 1414
I will not do this to my kitties, but it is hysterical!
HippieChick58 Sep 1, 2018 Sep 1, 2018 88
This is so well put
HippieChick58 Feb 25, 2018 Feb 25, 2018 1212
CLAMBER I noticed a member with the user ID including the term CLAMBERER and it tickled some memories so I had to get to the root of it. Verb: climb, move, or get in or out of something in an awkward and laborious way, typically using both ...
HippieChick58 May 25 May 25 33
LINK Mueller just flipped a key member of Trump's data team
HippieChick58 Feb 18, 2019 Feb 18, 2019 55
LINK The Arctic is burning like never before — and that’s bad news for climate change
Fires are releasing record levels of carbon dioxide, partly because they are burning ancient peatlands that have been a carbon sink.
HippieChick58 Sep 16 Sep 16 44
Sometimes starting over/reinventing yourself is a good thing.
HippieChick58 May 6, 2019 May 6, 2019 77
Name one thing you want to try in the bedroom.
HippieChick58 Jan 12, 2019 Jan 12, 2019 4141
LINK Children Detained in America's Prisons are Charged for Underwear, Food, Books, Even Family Visits. This Has to Stop | Opinion
This has to stop.
HippieChick58 Feb 24 Feb 24 99
If you found out you were dying... Something to think about.....
HippieChick58 May 7, 2019 May 7, 2019 1212
LINK The most unique cats and rare breeds you've ever seen | Science 101
HippieChick58 Dec 22, 2019 Dec 22, 2019 11
LINK Rockland County, New York, bans unvaccinated minors from public places due to measles outbreak - CNN
Antivaxers take note.
HippieChick58 Mar 27, 2019 Mar 27, 2019 66
Old Mother Hubbard USA 2019
HippieChick58 Feb 5, 2019 Feb 5, 2019 44
LINK Walmart Billionaire Christy Walton Among Biggest Donors To Anti-Trump Republican Group Facing Trump’s Ire
Wow! I like WM a little better now.
HippieChick58 May 9 May 9 88
LINK Israel health minister, who claims coronavirus is ‘divine punishment’ for homosexuality, tests positive for COVID-19
Oh thou of blessed irony!
HippieChick58 Apr 8 Apr 8 88
LINK Man caught on video confronting woman over Puerto Rico shirt charged with felony hate crime
Good news!
HippieChick58 July 14, 2018 Jul 14, 2018 55


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August 2017
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1976. HS picture
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1980 in Germany.
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1959, I was a year old.
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Early 80s
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2010 California
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Lap quilt made 2016
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Lap quilt made from left over fabric from previous quilt, 2017
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Quilt for grandson 2018
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"Sister Quilt" made for daughter. 3 quilts made at the same time, all the same fabrics and same type of blocks, just different layout and different color bindings. Completed 2018
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"Sister Quilt" made for daughter. 3 quilts made at the same time, all the same fabrics and same type of blocks, just different layout and different color bindings. Completed 2018
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Quilt on my bed made 2016. Wall painted ombre shades of pink, also in 2016
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"Sister Quilt" made for daughter. 3 quilts made at the same time, all the same fabrics and same type of blocks, just different layout and different color bindings. Completed 2018
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This is the current male love of my life, he's 8 months old and soon will call me Grammy.
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Jan 2019. Quilt for 2 year old granddaughter, just learning her colors. Her mama wanted it to be a rainbow quilt.
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My Christmas tree for 2019, and 2020, and 2021... and beyond!
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Quilt for Grandson's first big boy bed. July 2020
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