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Southern Baptist until 12 ... Church of Christ until 15 ... undecided until 22 ... agnostic until 41 ... atheist until 45 ... Buddhist until 48 ... Hindu until 53 ... presently nondualist.


All sources point to Vladmir Putin Having compromising information on Trump []
JeffMesser comments on Jan 14, 2019:
Enough has been admitted on national television and in interviews to make the prima facie case against Trump - at least for a petition under 52 USC 30121. As a prosecutor I'd also say that enough has likewise been admitted to make conspiracy to obstruct charges as well. Aside from the recent discovery of data-sharing between Manafort and Kilimnik you also have the negotiations surrounding Trump Tower Moscow. The entire trump campaign team consistently lied or "forgot to admit" contacts with Russian parties in an effort to keep such negotiating on the "down low". Unfortunately those omissions created leverage for the Russians. The exact leverage that the government looks for in approving or denying security clearances.
Five Forces Driving the Rise of Fascism in 2019
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
you're right. that was excellent. thanks for sharing!!
Trump wants $5.8 billion , for his wall , and the government can't agree to giving him that money . ...
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
let's see how enthusiastic his base is when they lose their WIC, AFDC, and food stamp benefits.
Bette Midler's political tweets are a hoot. Here is a gender bended Trump []
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
the question that now sits before us ... is where the hell is her clitoris!
I want to start going out more, but I can't decide if I should pretend I'm 20 years younger and go ...
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
cribbage is fun.
How did I not hear the words?
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
I just keep saying "watermelon". the words are secondary to me. try focusing on the lyrics to this one ...
Opening song to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" []
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
LIPS! ANd god said let there be lips and there were and they were good
My friend Andrew introduced me to Buddhism. I've always been intrigued with a lot of what he says...
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
tsk tsk tsk no self. your friend introduced you to HINDU! namaste I am working on some thoughts that karmic "resultants" that would seem to doom us to rebirth actually provide the map upon which future consciousness in others in your universe travel.
One of my favorite post-rock bands is from Iceland. Sigur Rós. In some of their tracks, they use ...
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
and this
One of my favorite post-rock bands is from Iceland. Sigur Rós. In some of their tracks, they use ...
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
interesting. I am digging this right now
In africa when you say your not a believer they see you as someone possesd by demons ??‍♂️
JeffMesser comments on Jan 13, 2019:
security (insecurity) ranks just below food and shelter on Maslow's hierarchy of human values. it's very serious stuff to them because they are scared.
I'm planning a trip to Rome and Pompeii in May. I was wondering if anyone in this group has been ...
JeffMesser comments on Jan 11, 2019:
Been a couple of times. If I were going back I'd devote a majority of my time to the Vatican. Also the areas around the Coliseum often have some digs going on much of the time and you can see some cool things. But the Vatican has the most amazing historical art you will ever see. I could spend weeks just going thru the murals on many of the walls in corridors. Oh, and monasteries make excellent sleeping arrangements.
I wonder if bullies have a brain disorder? I have known people who did terribly cruel things to ...
JeffMesser comments on Jan 6, 2019:
that type of aggression is rarely organic. I'd say 90% of the time it's learned behavior.
Awesome picture of Janis.
JeffMesser comments on Jan 5, 2019:
if they ever do her bio as a movie I say they get Steve Zahn to play janis
I wish someone would write me a love letter.
JeffMesser comments on Jan 2, 2019:
well, give me something to love about you.
Hippie New Year. Probably staying in. Bad weather tonite. Be safe all.
JeffMesser comments on Dec 31, 2018:
be groovy man.
Remember how the video game Pong caused all sorts of violence in society?
JeffMesser comments on Dec 31, 2018:
CNN? not even close to being as horrid as Faux "news".
If someone's grandiose sense of self-worth is central to their ability to feel justified in using ...
JeffMesser comments on Dec 31, 2018:
Their narcissism is generally a defense for inner feelings of inferiority. You're not going to successfully "stem its' tide" unless you get to the root cause. Why are you trying to manipulate them? Unless you're a trained counselor I'd suggest you follow the advice of all these other good people and exercise avoidance.
I'm curious...what are your thoughts on motivation and the human brain? I've been reading that ...
JeffMesser comments on Dec 31, 2018:
you may be setting the goals too far ahead and not equating them with a tangible reward. make a plan to build the desired behavior. break the plan into smaller steps. establish a reward when those steps are met.
Hi just came back from Turning Stone Casino/Resort in Oneida, NY after seeing Brett Michaels in ...
JeffMesser comments on Dec 29, 2018:
apparently they can't afford 2 Ts for his name.
After a break from this site,I have returned,enjoy?
JeffMesser comments on Dec 29, 2018:
I'm back back from the pit of lies back from pasty thighs back from the thrill of life back to this place of strife
If you have a few extra, here are some good places to send it. []
JeffMesser comments on Dec 29, 2018:
I dont work for profit so I don't normally have money to share. A few years ago I was given some "extra" and I searched for a place to send it. At almost the exact some time I watched as this place in Noble (Wildcare Oklahoma) nursed a baby sparrow (!!??!!) from hatchling to adult for release. A sparrow. I couldn't not send them money after that. A sparrow is literally the least among us and the birds that I love to feed and watch over for just that reason. So my "extra" goes to them.
If you have a few extra, here are some good places to send it. []
JeffMesser comments on Dec 28, 2018:
extra what?
This might be fun...what do y'all think? []
JeffMesser comments on Dec 28, 2018:
If they have it on TV maybe ... but not too late. Just like between 8 and 10 on a Tuesday so I dont miss my shows or the news.
Saw Bohemian Rhapsody tonight. What a great movie. I loved that the movie focussed on the music ...
JeffMesser comments on Dec 28, 2018:
dont beat yourself up too bad. MTV and others around me in the U.S. refused to play Queen because of Mercury. At that time if you weren't on MTV or the radio then no one heard you here in flyover country.
JeffMesser comments on Dec 25, 2018:
wtf is all that? dont people say words anymore?
Need to rant: Sorry folks, I need to unload, and this seems like a good place to get things off ...
JeffMesser comments on Dec 25, 2018:
I feel ya. You and I share a common understanding of the world that they do not share. I believe in self-sacrifice. I believe that the common good is more important than the personal good. I believe in the all over the one. I am a "we" person as opposed to a "me" person. So are you. But we can't look past the fact that the "me" people also have a place in this universe. Their beliefs have justifications that suit their own lives. Even though it may be at the opposite end of the spectrum from what WE believe ... it still has its own place and support. The reality is supposed to somewhere between our extremes. And it goes back and forth to maintain a balance. Which gives both ends merit. I like to look at it this way: in space there is filler and there is glue. Both are needed. So look to understand where it comes from and maybe why their view is different than you own. I think intelligence plays a part as does opportunity. Education comes into play as does experience and travel. I use each one as a test case to filter "where they went wrong". But I do understand your dilemma and I sympathize. My relatives are Okies.
I believe the Dark Triad should become the Dark Tetrad and rather than Sadism being the fourth ...
JeffMesser comments on Dec 11, 2018:
have you checked out those giant purple squirrels from India? I like the little red tufted ear ones from Britain. Unfortunately the big, gray squirrels from the States bully the little red ones around now that so many have found their way to the island and have made the brits angry. As for your statement - I'd step back and take another look at the 4 levels of the brain. BDSM, or any type of supposedly errant behavior for that matter, normally finds its' roots in conditioning. Some association along the way was made such that the limbic system produced a dopamine response to the activities in question.
I just thought of a great phrase for a T/Shirt or coffee mug: "I think therefore I... have had ...
JeffMesser comments on Dec 5, 2018:
this is my favorite as of late
The new Captain Marvel trailer is straight fire! ??? []
JeffMesser comments on Dec 4, 2018:
I had goose bumps when she was in space. been waiting to see captain marvel use the power cosmic in space since the 70's when I was reading the title.
In the absence of any empirical rules that apply to everyone, each person is free to form her or his...
JeffMesser comments on Nov 26, 2018:
read about the nordic Jantelogen.
Not everyone spending Thanksgiving alone wants to be pitied. Sometimes it's a conscious choice, ...
JeffMesser comments on Nov 22, 2018:
I spend it alone because I dont want to bother people and my kids wont associate with me because I smoke weed and bad-mouth jesus.
That kinda day... Took out frozen spaghetti sauce, let it thaw out <never actually confirmed it was...
JeffMesser comments on Nov 20, 2018:
chili spaghetti is good. ask all of Cincinnati.
Have we been to the moon?...Cant even get 200,000 miles on the average car!!
JeffMesser comments on Nov 19, 2018:
you get about as much use as they want you to get out of it. no profit to be made by making cars that last too long.
This is the first I've heard of anything like this. []
JeffMesser comments on Nov 18, 2018:
what do you do with that objectivity when you finally achieve it? LOL dumbasses! this is like showing some poor shlub in the middle ages how to use CPR. they have no clue what it is they're actually doing and their views/uses/explanations of it can actually end up causing harm themselves.
Well, the Mrs is on her way to the Philippines for a month long vacation with her family. Whew! It...
JeffMesser comments on Nov 10, 2018:
mmmm mmmmmmm .... loves me some philipino ladies.
Styxx explains why the Democrat party is no longer a viable option to vote for. This explains ...
JeffMesser comments on Nov 6, 2018:
people aren't "misled" on things as much as they are just ignorant. Instead of resorting to reactionary splinterism maybe some of these people should learn about the complexities of the world. Just because something is complex doesn't mean it's indicative of obfuscation. It IS a complex world.
I’ve heard it said that meditation is close to sleep. I was wondering what people’s experiences ...
JeffMesser comments on Oct 29, 2018:
the purpose of meditation is to prevent the monkey mind. That is to have control over what the mind does. Sleep does not allow that.
Is the Dalai Lama agnostic?
JeffMesser comments on Oct 15, 2018:
he believes that the world is better WITH religions than without.
Believers. I've noticed a few people state that they are believers in their profiles. Why come here?...
JeffMesser comments on Oct 10, 2018:
well, you're talking about faith. no matter what someone wants to say faith often wavers ... and faith that cannot withstand that wavering isn't worth anything. so many fathom the other side.
Is internet dating really the only way to meet someone anymore?
JeffMesser comments on Sep 28, 2018:
you can also just bring some pie by the house here and we can hang out and eat it while talking and drinking coffee.
Why Brett Kavanaugh’s Hearings Convinced Me That He’s Guilty
JeffMesser comments on Sep 28, 2018:
if they're gonna put a conservative in there then so be it. but don't put an this guy. he does NOT have the temperament to be a supreme court judge. hmmm, bad temperament ... isn't the claim that this Dr. is making against him also?? he's a spoiled little punk who won't be told no.
What should I practice with Jiu Jitsu with hernia injury?
JeffMesser comments on Sep 23, 2018:
NO. please no. please see your doctor immediately. the results can be so painful (been there) and even deadly (almost went there). a hernia is very serious.
Ex-GOP senator who voted for anti-trans ‘bathroom bill’ gets 15 years for child sex trafficking ...
JeffMesser comments on Sep 18, 2018:
shorty's such a douchebag. oh, and he's a youth minister!!
Hey. I don't believe in God. There, I said it.
JeffMesser comments on Sep 14, 2018:
yet you still capitalized the word god.
Would you pay someone to date you?
JeffMesser comments on Sep 12, 2018:
IF you learn to cook well, smoke good weed, and give a decent handjob then there's no reason to pay. Many a male would gladly spend his time with you because in the end that's all they are looking for.
How do you make friends? Where`s a good place to meet people? I don`t drink & I have no patience for...
JeffMesser comments on Sep 7, 2018:
go places where people routinely frequent all for the same goal. Like the library (books/reading) or the grocery store (food) or the park (outside entertainment). sit close to some you see there multiple times and strike up a conversation. I like to start it on a positive tone - "What a beautiful day!" It will happen.
Women can be sooooo...cruel !
JeffMesser comments on Sep 4, 2018:
What types of music makes you flow?
JeffMesser comments on Aug 26, 2018:
any music that helps women with their minstrel cycle.
I'm not a big country fan but Keith Urbans tribute to the Bee Gees was really good. Dont judge me! ...
JeffMesser comments on Aug 24, 2018:
I am not particularly a country fan either ... most of my tapes and LP's and discs were of the Viiolent Femmes, The Ramones, and The Cars. But I also am very proud of my Willie Nelson stuff (including Red Headed Stranger and Stardust), Hank's greatest hits, Waylon, Johnny Cash, plus a little Merle Haggard and a touch of Charlie Pride.
Instead of “Thank God” say, “Thank Talos” Instead of “Oh my God” say, “By the Nine ...
JeffMesser comments on Aug 23, 2018:
I just use the same phrases I useta use. does it really matter?
What is your best interview advice?
JeffMesser comments on Aug 22, 2018:
wear pants.
Audiobooks verse Regular Books
JeffMesser comments on Aug 18, 2018:
I prefer waiting for the movie.
I think I am developing adult ADD/ADHD. I have noticed recently that I absolutely cannot even ...
JeffMesser comments on Aug 18, 2018:
I'm a sucker for redheads from kentucky so I will read anything you post - more than a sentence or not.
An acquaintance of mine who is aware I am not a believer, keeps inviting me church functions like ...
JeffMesser comments on Aug 13, 2018:
religious freedom merely means that they get to pound you with theirs instead of vice versa.
Jeff Sessions: The Joseph Goebels of Keebler Elves! I sure dislike that man. []
JeffMesser comments on Aug 10, 2018:
The guy is a sickening little monster. Too bad also because his old chief of staff, Rick Dearborn, was an old friend of mine from HS debate and the greek system at OU. I remember Rick as a bit of a douchebag, but not this bad. That whole group is a bunch of crazies.
What is the greatest challenge that civilization faces?
JeffMesser comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Are women happier being single ? []
JeffMesser comments on Aug 10, 2018:
you mean to suggest that women can live without this D? say it isn't so!!
Billions of women in this world yet I do everything alone.
JeffMesser comments on Aug 10, 2018:
learn to live with that and you'll end up finding someone.
I am posting this in support of my last post. This is related to Archaeology in the sense that it ...
JeffMesser comments on Aug 8, 2018:
gack. I am happy to listen to all the interesting things they like to discuss until they start with their cypherin' to tie things together. The eye of horus, the eye of rah, the eye of osiris ... so many eyes ... it MUST mean something!! yeah, It means people are interested in eyes. duh. sometimes you must suppress this urge to find a patterns everywhere. sometimes a confluence is just a confluence. nothing more unless you find ways to twist reality into some new meaning.
I want to be a Stoned Ape sooo baaad!!! []
JeffMesser comments on Aug 8, 2018:
I am a stoned human.
I am progressive in the belief that capitalism must evolve by integrating socialist programs. I ...
JeffMesser comments on Aug 7, 2018:
I agree. Capitalism has ridden the coattails of their credit and credit cards solution for too long. they need another enticement to placate the workers because right now the owners aren't meeting the workers' needs and the workers are questioning the ownership dilemma. the classic Marx conundrum.
This could go for either gender. :) Just a great one liner, had to share
JeffMesser comments on Aug 6, 2018:
omg someone get this off my feed. I am so tired of this headline.
A friend from my Hollywood days, Alan Zwiebel, one of the original writers on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, ...
JeffMesser comments on Aug 3, 2018:
I miss Candy Slice. Gimme Mick.
When did you first question the existence of God?
JeffMesser comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I was 10 or 11 laying in bed crying because I had been told that thinking about boobies was a sin and I would go to hell for sinning but I couldnt stop thinking about boobies.
"You raise your voice when you should reinforce your argument." - Samuel Johnson I think the same...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 31, 2018:
name calling gets a bum rap. most arguments settle nothing anyway ... no one's mind is changed and they eventually lead to name calling. So I skip the middle process and go straight to the names. It saves me time and mental energy that I could be using on weed smoking and contemplating the universe.
Think about this now. How long do you think you could go without judging someone? A day? Week? ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 31, 2018:
talk of not judging someone is such a bunch of crap. we have no choice but to judge people. our minds do it automatically in the subconscious and our bodies respond ... even before our conscious mind has time to make any evaluation. you have to dig deep deeeeeeep into the recesses of the mind and combat thoughts laid down just after birth or perhaps even before in order to curtail "all judging". judging is what our mind does. it compares and evaluates one constellation of neuron points to the last or to the known if confronted with something new. so basically you're asking when or how will we completely go against what our mind was designed to do. the answer we can't and wont. we will hide it maybe but the effects will always be there.
It has been windy today. All the palm trees are pointing north. Do you think it is a sign?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 28, 2018:
it's a sign that driving south will take more gas.
Why do people on the Left have such a problem acknowledging that Western Civilization is superior to...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 28, 2018:
because the east is better
This would be fantastic
JeffMesser comments on Jul 28, 2018:
I feel...So cheated. What the actual fuck... Just finished watching Black Panther and I'm so ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 28, 2018:
then your tastes are a bit skewed compared to others because I found it excellent as did all my friends.
Sorry guys, its your turn
JeffMesser comments on Jul 28, 2018:
A man without a woman is fortuitous.
Random Acts of Kindness
JeffMesser comments on Jul 28, 2018:
every thursday I plea a few people out on their misdemeanor charges for nothing. saves'em a grand or so. the misdemeanor docket is the mistake docket. people in central oklahoma don't have the money to pay thousands of dollars for their mistakes right now.
It is amazing how many folks on are locked in to some form of belief in ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 27, 2018:
what amazes ME is how all of you think everyone else is somehow wrong.
Name this badass ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 27, 2018:
I wish she'd do something with those caterpillars
All the damn time.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 27, 2018:
Cleveland? Baltee-more?
Looking for somewhere to go as a trip for my 40th birthday. Throw some ideas out there. :)
JeffMesser comments on Jul 27, 2018:
Palma De Mallorca Spain.
It annoys me that marijuanas supposed health benefits are used by stoners to push their agenda of ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 27, 2018:
and why do you care what other people do? mind your own business and your life won't be quite so complicated.
It's thundering across much of the UK. Who, then, is willing to put their atheism to the test by ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 27, 2018:
I thought you brits were all smart and sh!t? That wouldnt be very smart! What if someone saw you all wet like that? How embarrassing! Plus you might catch your death of cold. If those don't bother you then climb up and go for it.
Has anything ever happened in a restaurant that made you walk out?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 27, 2018:
someone tried to serve me a steak that wasnt pink in the middle.
Give me a home Where the buffalo roam And I’ll show you a house full of .......
JeffMesser comments on Jul 26, 2018:
home home on the range where the deer and the antelope play and never is heard a discouraging word for what can an antelope say?
Why are there so many people who are lonely? Why is it so hard for people to make real connections ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 25, 2018:
because people are too busy being something they're not instead of being themselves. when they finally figure that out they're in their 50's or more and desperately trying to claw for a few years of much deserved fun.
THE VERDICT IS IN: Straight women have less orgasms because their partners are clueless. ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 25, 2018:
thank goodness for low T
Hello everyone! I'm new to this site
JeffMesser comments on Jul 25, 2018:
enchantez! So ...come up to the lab and see what's on the slab I see you shiver in antici ...
THE VERDICT IS IN: Straight women have less orgasms because their partners are clueless. ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 25, 2018:
yes, because theyre SOoooooo forthcoming with the damn information. and it's not like you guys are just a wiz with the old johnson either. it's not tug o'war and that's not a doorknob.
Trump is doing good lately. He dealt with rocket man very well and now he's gonna put Iran in their...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 25, 2018:
I don't know what to believe anymore. Trump bloviates everything out of proportion. Everything he does is "the greatest" or "the best" and, thus, you can't gage a thing he says in terms of honesty. Then he and the rest of the right claim that the media is all a lie. "what you read and hear isn't what's happening." Yet when I turn to media considered worldwide and neutral it would appear that Trump is a total idiot. Now I find that the White House has intentionally altered the record of the Trump-Putin news conference from last week and won't change it. I don't get a straight answer on ANYTHING from the right and I am told that the media is biased and not telling the truth. Wages aren't keeping up with inflation so this supposed economic high isn't felt at all by me and the people I work around. The money from the tax cuts was used for stock buybacks and CEO bonuses vice filtered to the people. And now we're paying $12 billion to undo a trade war of our President's own construction. Not sure where the big "win" is there. To ME it sounds like a recession right around the corner. Where are all these positives I am supposed to cheer over?
What do you guys think about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? []
JeffMesser comments on Jul 25, 2018:
she's very impressive
Finish this sentence: Everyone who knows me, knows I love _______.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 23, 2018:
baby animals or weed
Not religious, but spiritual? Really?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 23, 2018:
It's just a cop-out for people afraid to take the leap.
The following article is a good example of how ridiculous the liberal left wing tree huggers have ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 23, 2018:
1. There IS global warming. It IS happening. 2. Man-made things ARE contributing to global warming. 3. The only question that possibly still exists is if man-made things are causing it to accelerate faster than it would naturally. I believe we are. But I can understand if others still question that aspect. 4. To use this gray area as subterfuge and claim it all a hoax is pure idiocy. At this point you rely on the experts and they say it's a human problem. 5. This is the safety of our planet. If it was your kids you'd fail to the side of safety. Why don't you do the same for the damn planet??? insanity.
What’s something you’ve learned recently that you want to share?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 22, 2018:
I recently completed 20+ years of counseling, introspection, drugs, education, re-education, family investigation, and even the shedding of my old beliefs and adopting a new set in order to say "my mother and I did not develop the normal mother-child bond". This led to intense trust issues and a dramatic negative impact upon: 1. my ability to make and keep friends; 2. my ability to engage in relationships; 3. my openness - the lack of trusting and defensiveness made me a bit of an argumentative, angry recluse; 4. my feelings of empathy were nearly non-existent. I felt no emotional bonds with my own spouse and kids. Now how to eliminate the problem.
What's a common misconception about you?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 19, 2018:
that I am fat.
How many places have you lived in your lifetime?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 17, 2018:
OKC, OK Newcastle, OK Corpus Christie, Tx Alice, Tx. Odessa, Tx. Jowel, NM Enid, OK Norman, OK Edmond, OK Orlando, Fl Kings Bay, Ga Jacksonville, Fl Saratoga Springs, NY Virginia Beach, Va San Diego, Ca Alameda, Ca Treasure Island, Ca Port Orchard, Wa Seattle, Wa Moore, OK
What are some great movies with philosophical meanings behind them??
JeffMesser comments on Jul 17, 2018:
Cool Hand Luke
Reasons for racism?? We essentially have 3 brains: – a reptile-like base brain for autonomic ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 15, 2018:
sure it's taught. and that fear is fed to the limbic region. we know now that fears and phobias create an initial uncontrolled reaction before reason comes into play.
I am curious if anyone ever wonders how can this really smart person believe in God? I consider ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 15, 2018:
some people give more credence of faith - even some smart ones. I happen to agree that the more intelligent often want actual proof. But I know a few people I would consider intelligent who still maintain faith.
Any thoughts about the Denisovans? []
JeffMesser comments on Jul 15, 2018:
the last I had heard they had a tooth and a pinkie bone. then they had isolated beneficial denisovan dna among good swimmers in malaysia etc... and people living normally in the himalayas. Is this new stuff just a bunch of UFO abductee claptrap or is there merit??
Proud to be union!
JeffMesser comments on Jul 13, 2018:
Soooo much better than the Confederacy!
What is Trump doing? In light of what's been revealed today (Friday the 13th, July, 2018) about ...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 13, 2018:
he knows Congress will do nothing and his 35% will remain solidly his no matter what he does. As long as dim-wit single-issue voters keep giving him another 7-10% for knee-jerk inducing statements (lock her up, build a wall, rapists and murderers) or appeals to the appearance of a good economy he will keep his support at 45% minimally so he is unstoppable as long as he keep democrats divided over some issue. The US has become a victim of its' own idiocy and Faux "news" was right there wielding the axe.
Highly Suspect - Lydia []
JeffMesser comments on Jul 11, 2018:


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