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Southern Baptist until 12 ... Church of Christ until 15 ... undecided until 22 ... agnostic until 41 ... atheist until 45 ... Buddhist until 48 ... Hindu until 53 ... presently nondualist.


Is it just me or do Christian movies always have terrible acting?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 27, 2019:
I avoid biblical movies like the plague.
I discover more and more that in any group of people, there's a tendency for it to fragment.
JeffMesser comments on Feb 13, 2020:
try "Sapiens" by Yuval Harari.
This is just.
JeffMesser comments on Jun 6, 2018:
It is sad those kids were still that bitter so late into their lives. You hafta learn to put things aside and forgive. Show compassion. In the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad of the Hindu vedas there exists a simple, three-fold path or method to peace among one another: damyata datta dayadhvam. The "da da da" of TS Eliot's The Wasteland. exercise self control (damyata). give of yourself first (datta). show compassion (dayadhvam). This is how you fight the 3 demons that cause all harm upon mankind. And this path was laid out by mankind before ANY religions were formed on this earth. This was the wisdom of the first small communities of man ... from as far west as the British Isles, as far north as Scandinavia, and extending all the way into China down to the tip of SE Asia and back into the Indus valley. Ancient wisdom of man from his first tribes and shacks. Don't live your life in hate and anger.
Stop Trying to Shame Socialists Into Voting for Joe Biden.
JeffMesser comments on May 15, 2020:
I'm gonna vote blue no matter what because trump is an idiot. But Biden has NOT made a dent in the battleground states enough to overcome Trump supporters' solidarity. So I expect the electoral college to again produce a Trump victory. sadly.
I'm a weird silent atheist and i have social anxiety problems.
JeffMesser comments on Jun 25, 2018:
yeah, thats many of us
The god of the gaps will never die, so long as personal subjectivity prevails.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 22, 2019:
It's not that hard. Certainly not as hard as Dawkins makes it. If you want to defeat the god of the gaps then just figure out the universe.
He'll figure it out eventually.
JeffMesser comments on Nov 13, 2019:
I'd eat what he caught in that grass before anything he caught out of that water
There is clear evidence that humans invent gods.
JeffMesser comments on May 21, 2019:
Why would they need evidence? you miss the point entirely. it's all about faith. you're supposed to believe whatever cockamamie story they come up with and it's bad that you require evidence because it shows your lack of faith. that's their catch-22 (to be timely with a heller reference).
What kind of cellphone should I buy?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 19, 2019:
with the S10 now out I'd look for an open S9 or S8 that you can card for any service. I bought an S8 when the S9's came out and I've been very happy with it.
Scientists Find The First-Ever Animal That Doesn't Need Oxygen to Survive []
JeffMesser comments on Feb 25, 2020:
trumps brain cells?
I love this app. It allows me to have a community again.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 22, 2019:
well, to be honest it's more like a bunch of people standing in the middle of a town square screaming out things.
Who else is short and they are constantly reminded daily about their height?
JeffMesser comments on Feb 28, 2018:
Ego is a killer. when we get past it our lives are so much easier. instead of lamenting my own issues as a short person I congratulate those who are blessed with excessive "tallness". view your own shortcomings (no pun intended) as an opportunity for personal growth vice an impediment. our sufferings teach us.
Do you talk to yourself?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 26, 2018:
yes. all secular types do.
Okay, a very basic question (which may or may not have a long or short answer!): what are your five ...
JeffMesser comments on Feb 4, 2019:
1. Rocky Horror - duh 2. Bye Bye Birdie - I love the music 3. Little Shop of Horrors 4. Guys and Dolls 5. Sweeney Todd
Is forgiveness required? Is it hypocritical to judge others? I see hypocrisy all the time.
JeffMesser comments on Feb 28, 2020:
Of course it is ... from any perspective. Holding onto anger for vengeance is just stupid. Stupid for ANY reason actually. Why compound a bad act by giving someone a rent-free residence in your head? Forgive them for their ignorance and move on. This is the way. I have spoken.
Harriet Tubman breaks free in thrilling first trailer about her untold story.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 23, 2019:
In my mind I picture her like a 19th century Linda Hamilton (Sarah Conner). "come with me if you want to live!" all badass and wrapped in leather with buckles and weaponry.
I figured it out.
JeffMesser comments on Mar 17, 2020:
I've often suggested that we make them spit it out so they can see it's still a cracker.
Poll: 22% of Americans Think a Democratic President Would “Ban the Bible”
JeffMesser comments on Jun 3, 2020:
as a corollary - at least 22% of the American public is comprised of idiots.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜ After science's success, religious assholes will say.
JeffMesser comments on Mar 22, 2020:
jagatmithya viveka satyambhaja kalpitamkuru adharmamtyaja atmana atmaneva tustah ayam brahmasmi
If you could construct your own set of "Commandments" for humankind, what would they be?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 10, 2018:
1. some variation of the golden rule 2, it's not all about you
Beware of the scam artists on this sight.
JeffMesser comments on May 28, 2018:
they're like the puget debs in Officer & a Gentleman. they will have text sex with you and tell you it's all safe but then they will use some cheap security program and it will be broken and your info/dick pics stolen.
A question: There is a bill circulating in the Utah legislator to legalize polygamy.
JeffMesser comments on Feb 28, 2020:
you expect sexual equality from the patriarchy of the Mormon church? LOL. well bless your heart!!
I'm probably the outlier here, but I think fireworks are overrated and over done.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 2, 2018:
Why People Hate Religion, NY Times. []
JeffMesser comments on Aug 31, 2019:
meh, costs me money to read that. I already know why I hate religion. cause the people's a bunch of pricks.
I have a very big dilemma that i need help with to make sure that i am not in the wrong here, any ...
JeffMesser comments on Jun 2, 2018:
relationships are attachments. attachments cause suffering. you are stronger without.
Hi guys! So, I'm Emily, I graduated this past spring with my BS in biology.
JeffMesser comments on Jun 26, 2018:
let me emphasize one word for you - corvids. I could spend my whole life studying corvids.
Channels dropped My tv service provider seems to be fighting with CBS.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 25, 2019:
just use the internet
How to get two over 6 ft tall teenagers to do chores around the house?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 1, 2019:
love them and support them.
A suggestion. If you don’t like what a person is posting, just pass it by...
JeffMesser comments on May 24, 2018:
depends on how much weed I have smoked and how long ago it was that I smoked it.
Are there humans in here?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 1, 2018:
I am human on Thursdays.
My $10 Logitech wireless mouse SUCKS! I just bought a better wireless mouse on Amazon for $24.
JeffMesser comments on Apr 6, 2018:
I have been using this mouse since the early 90's. Apparently I wasn't the only one who became addicted to them as Logitech still makes them.
NYC to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ in front of Trump Tower
JeffMesser comments on Jun 25, 2020:
oh yeah. we spoke of doing this weeks ago. people in the NE know what an absolute tool trump is so this is par for the course.
I want to learn more about Buddhism and how I can incorporate some of the teachings into my everyday...
JeffMesser comments on May 28, 2018:
nvm that link. try this one instead.
Is the self an illusion?
JeffMesser comments on May 22, 2018:
you're not going to find it in the brain. it exists apart from us and within us.
Still one of the funniest damn things I've ever seen.
JeffMesser comments on May 8, 2018:
I remember our local NBC affiliate would show SCTV at midnight after SNL. It was hilarious. My first exposure to John Candy, Dave Thomas, Catherine O'Hara etc... before they all became famous.
β€ͺNative burial sites blown up for US border wall []‬
JeffMesser comments on May 25, 2020:
hopefully the ghosts will haunt trump
Incredibly, it seems to be so... There are Atheists who fear hell! []
JeffMesser comments on Feb 13, 2020:
many atheists and agnostics have yet to adopt a new narrative so their mind still compares things to their old one. thats why it's important not to stop at this phase. it leads to ill will. you need a new narrative.
I started a retail job in the inner city a couple of months ago.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 25, 2019:
duh. I havent gone back to Enid for more than a few minutes since I left there in 84.
What's the best live performance you've ever seen?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 13, 2018:
Every time my ex said "I love you". lying hag.
Split Brain Patient - Both Atheist & Christian! - YouTube
JeffMesser comments on Aug 2, 2019:
meh, I'm not convinced. I still see a seer. There's a viewer to cause the objectivity and vendatics completely undermine every split brain scenario this guy wants to propose because he doesn't consider a singular consciousness rendered thru the physical filter. Quite honestly it's hard to take a lot of this guy's criticism seriously since he doesn't understand the positions on the other side - especially vedantics. It's awfully hard to completely dismiss things you don't understand also.
whats the main reason for such a chaos in world as suffering and greed are getting out of ...
JeffMesser comments on Mar 22, 2021:
our tech advancements have outpaced our evolutionary growth.
What are the most effective ways adults are recruited to religion and how do we stop them?
JeffMesser comments on May 3, 2020:
it has to be cultural. education.
Exactly how we should all feel.
JeffMesser comments on May 31, 2020:
sure ... when a camera is on him he resists his inner urge to kill this young black man.
The very early dawn of perhaps one of the world great thought systems, and a beautiful couple of ...
JeffMesser comments on Nov 14, 2019:
We already view the buddha as the ninth avatar of vishnu so the tie between buddhism and sanatan dharma old hat. In many academic circles Buddhism, Jainism and a couple of others are said to comprise the "nastika" theology of Hinduism (opposed to parts of the vedas) while others form the "astika" (in accord with the vedas). Buddha was also knowledgeable of the vedas, he just didn't reach the same views on the mandukya upanishad in his universal narrative. It's a beautiful piece for sure - but not because of any Hindustan insight. Followers of vedantic beliefs knew this already.
I happy to have found a group of atheist Buddhists.
JeffMesser comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I practice Jeff Buddhism. It focuses on the dhammapada and the upanishads and how they agree with modern views in biology, history, archaeology, quantum physics, theoretical physics, philosophy, and a combination of modern and ancient Indian psychology.
Messaging people to tell them you checked out their profile: creepy or good etiquette?
JeffMesser comments on May 27, 2018:
Can anyone really sink this low. Please tell me this is fake news.
JeffMesser comments on Jun 14, 2020:
harassment? In the past few weeks I have watched people be gassed, tazed, kicked, punched, shoved, and generally mistreated for exercising a right guaranteed in the Constitution. And this is just the beginning of his atrocities. As a veteran I'd sure like to know where the money from his "vets telethon" went. Silence is tacit approval.
In Flanders Fields BY JOHN MCCRAE In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row ...
JeffMesser comments on May 27, 2019:
near Ypres, Belgium
A happy Diwali to any Hindus on this site.
JeffMesser comments on Oct 26, 2019:
thank you so much. it is entirely possible to be a secular practitioner of sanatana dharma. it's a bitch figuring out how to practice karma yajna though. namaskar.
Good morning!
JeffMesser comments on Mar 21, 2018:
this is where I find happiness.
Deadpool 2.
JeffMesser comments on May 19, 2018:
seen it twice so far also. darn good. for a trainee.
Do any of you have a favorite Bible story or Bible character--or story or character from the Quran, ...
JeffMesser comments on May 15, 2020:
the zen koans are generally reflected in the dhammapadda as well so I like those. especially the 6 blind priests story. very useful analogy. I also like the stories of the brihad aranyaka and the chandogya upanishads. they excel at these diatribes between someone and death.
Do not fight fascism because you will win, fight fascism because its fascism.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 13, 2019:
you're missing the point. when the senate doesn't remove him he will claim that the impeachment proceedings where his trial and he was found not guilty. and the public will buy it. at least enough of him to pose a greater risk of his reelection.
Change of pace request! What is your most favorite childhood memory?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 28, 2018:
I remember living in some apartments in Odessa Tx back in like 72 or 73. I had one of those Evel Knievel stunt bikes that you rev up and let go. We'd climb on top of the roof and launch the bike off the roof via a ramp ... and had made parachutes for Knievel's action figure to glide down safely. It was a great time to be a kid.
Do I look like Sophia?...
JeffMesser comments on Jul 9, 2020:
Do you consider Monty Phython The Life of Brian to be a Christmas movie?
JeffMesser comments on Nov 1, 2019:
no, Die Hard is a christmas movie.
The Atheist Comedy Experience Tickets, Fri, May 18, 2018 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite
JeffMesser comments on Feb 28, 2018:
I once shot an atheist in my underwear. How he got in my underwear I'll never know.
I love fishing by the lake!
JeffMesser comments on Jul 10, 2020:
she has a rather attractive buttocks.
I have been a member on this site now for nearly two years and I have come to an interesting ...
JeffMesser comments on Feb 18, 2020:
Sorry ... while I sympathize with your plight I have to agree with the view of exculpatory lover. Step back, remove your emotionality, and view it from an objective viewpoint. As well read as you are and believe you are you still are neglecting to address the various issues with epistemology. This is NOT an attack on you. Many suffer the same blindspot. You have got to open up and put away your bias.
Am I the only one who wants to punch people in the face when they say, “I live in a spiritual ...
JeffMesser comments on Oct 1, 2019:
well ... maybe I did until I reached my 30's. That's a few years after my pre-frontal cortex actually controlled my thoughts vice the limbic systems' emotionality. Humans have a tendency to place anything unknown in the realms of the mystical or spiritual. So when confronted with the unknown they are merely saying that they tend towards optimism vice pessimism. Having faith in the natural yin and yang of the universe is just an issue of nature built from experience. It's scientific actually. Ask the vedantists and the upanishads.
EDIT: Please keep in mind this is relative to a debate group/consortium I belong to comprised of ...
JeffMesser comments on Oct 14, 2019:
you know ... I think it's rude to try to make someone an atheist. I wish I could live in blissful ignorance. I just can't.
Are there any Democrats out there that aren't afraid to declare yourselves?
JeffMesser comments on May 21, 2018:
ashamed of what?
If you’re a fan of the movie “The Man from Earth“ tell us why .
JeffMesser comments on Jun 7, 2018:
I liked it because I first saw it as I was exploring sociological reasons for religion
I see too many ridiculous posts about people declaring they don't believe in ridiculous things.
JeffMesser comments on Jun 30, 2018:
Because it's an internal conflict. You don't just go POOF! and it goes away. If you do then you're not there yet. it comes. The anger phase happens because escape velocity must be much faster/stronger than normal cruising speed once you get some objectivity. Then when you're above it things get so distant and you wonder how you got sucked in. Being angry is a natural reaction. After awhile it goes away - especially if during that time you develop a new foundation that more befits your new person. Now I see it as you say, but occasionally they will sucker me into hating them again until I can feel the distance again. How we are raised has a tremendous impact on who we are later in life. It's not an easy conflict to resolve. Professionally we call it "cognitive dissonance".
Who is getting Academy Awards on Sunday? Who deserves them?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 2, 2018:
Best Picture - Get Out, Ladybird, or Shape of Water. The others all have flaws. I personally preferred Get Out. Lead Actor - I really thought the best was Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour. But some sympathy votes will probably choose either Chalamet for a gay role or DDL for it being his last picture. Lead Actress - Frances McDormand by a mile. Meryls role wasn't that good, Margot wasn't that good, Saoirse did good but I don't think they'll give it to her. Sally Hawkins could be a sympathy choice. Supp. Actor - I am gonna say DaFoe even though Woody and Sam rockwell were both good. I could see Plummer as a sympathy vote for what he had to do to finish. Supp. Actress - Strictly between Laurie Metcalf and Allison Janney. Both of them had excellent roles and did excellent jobs with them. I prefer Metcalf's because she turned into my mom ... but Janney probably was the best. That was a rich character. She was damn good. Octavia's role was to be herself and I didnt consider the other two even in the ballgame.
Trump Campaign Will Hold Event at “Gay Is Not Okay” Evangelical Church in Ohio | Hemant Mehta | ...
JeffMesser comments on Mar 3, 2020:
it hurts my heart to see our country associated with this trash.
My Brickell walk and two new photos...
JeffMesser comments on Apr 21, 2020:
beauties! check this one out ...
Is nuclear energy a viable option for the future generation of energy?
JeffMesser comments on Apr 21, 2021:
it's most definitely a viable solution ... but we need so much more tech and research on thorium portable reactors to make it green friendlier overall.
Capitalism, Racism, and Militarism...[]
JeffMesser comments on Jun 4, 2018:
that was excellent. thank you for posting!
Tell me something about your town/village/area.
JeffMesser comments on Apr 8, 2018:
I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This city itself has like 700,000 peeps and if you include suburbs the OKC metro area has like 1.1 million people. Think of a place that has nothing going on. Neither flora nor fauna. No entertainment. Nothing to do. Now add 1 million people. Thats OKC.
It amazes me, the deep indoctrination self- indoctrination I had growing up.
JeffMesser comments on Feb 18, 2020:
zealots can accomplish things that normal, "unzealoted" people tend not to do.
Who has been the most influential Atheist/Agnostic famous person for you?
JeffMesser comments on Feb 23, 2020:
read Yuval Harari's "Sapiens"
For those of you who believed in life after death before: do you struggle more now when people die?
JeffMesser comments on May 3, 2020:
life after death. what is life?
Yesterday I was at the worst funeral ever.
JeffMesser comments on Feb 2, 2020:
funerals are for the living ... not the dead. the dead dont care.
Ghosts: Rational, legitimate study says 85% of gay people are possessed
JeffMesser comments on Dec 22, 2019:
oh, there's a lot more to it than this but yeah it IS kind of funny. I've spent the last 10 years or so "deciphering" the primary upanishads and the 4 vedas from which they sprang. The upanishads are like gems of philosophical wisdom derived from earlier portions of the associated veda that deal primarily with actions and stories. Kinda like if the christian bible has a separate chapter at the end that tried to explain all the philosophical concepts addressed within the rest of the book. I had to go BACK to those upanishads (written thousands of years ago) because the more current texts that described the heuristic concepts all suffer from the same type of errors you see in this "study". I had to go back to sanskrit and read/interpret it myself instead of using modern translations. The reason being that those translations and views are based on the same wacky views of "science" as used by the study cited here. It is the physical science understanding of the Hindus and compared to western science it is very outdated in several respects. They even use the daily practice pacamaharajna analysis of karma yoga which is the entire rationale behind the Hindu view. Unfortunately the rest of their analysis is based on a complete misunderstanding of rebirth. So they have a skewed view of a skewed view. The original analysis for sattvik karma was merely a reference to the daily actions one must take to counter negative karma from influencing rebirth. It was all pure speculation derived back in like 800 AD by the author of the Vivakachudamani (believed to be Adi Shankara). Today (in the west) we base our science on understanding the processes. Back then they organized and explained by cause and effect. Thus their explanations are often WAYYYY off (usually actually), but they DO have better and older cause and effect relationships to examine. You have to do your own "discrimination" to reveal the truth from the chaff. Which is, of course, the entire purpose of the Vivakachudamani ... discriminating between the real and the illusory. Here is the "analysis" from the original study. It's not really about ghosts. But you can take from it what you wish. The only people who believe rubbish like this are those without an education. Hindus are not like christians in that regard - we tend to update our knowledge and beliefs. Both the Buddha as well as the Mahabharata persist that beliefs and views must update as man grows. As the 9th avatar of Vishnu this ties the Buddhist views to Sanatan dharma (modern "Hinduism") and all vedic beliefs. I filter these things out to discover the ancient message intended.
Picture 1 is the big xtian church near me last week.
JeffMesser comments on May 24, 2020:
you do understand that they think you and I are sheep too, right?
What is your best interview advice?
JeffMesser comments on Aug 22, 2018:
wear pants.
religions are to control the world.
JeffMesser comments on Sep 23, 2019:
well, not really. read "Sapiens" by Yuval Harari
God hears me?
JeffMesser comments on Jul 7, 2019:
for years that useta make me mad. not any more though. I still get peeved about them wearing down poor little kids with their bullsh!t, but to have the cajunas to witness to others should be admired. not scorned. if it was true then you'd be happy if someone showed you "the light". wouldnt you? the truth is we're all going to the same place. all of us. and the path is the only variance. so if people want a complex path that makes them happy then so be it. maybe it will make them better people than not.
One of the most problematic concepts I have found is the idea of permanence.
JeffMesser comments on Feb 28, 2020:
welcome to a basic tenet in vedic beliefs. HUGE in Buddhism. Jagat mithya = sanskrit for "the world is an illusion"
All of this citizenship stuff made me wonder how tough the tests are.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 19, 2019:
those are awfully easy
Maybe I should have been an actor . . .
JeffMesser comments on Nov 25, 2019:
is your name Owen?
What was the happiest day of your life?
JeffMesser comments on May 27, 2018:
It would be easy to say the birth of one of my kids or graduation from law school ... but I am thinking the happiest day in my life was when I left OKC for bootcamp in Orlando. I was finally getting the heck out. I was so ready that my exuberance could not be contained.
Kick start...
JeffMesser comments on Mar 21, 2018:
I watch a puppy video on youtube.
COVID Symptom Study
JeffMesser comments on May 31, 2020:
good find! thanks so much!!
What % of those "Real Housewives of" is "Real"? They all look like Stepford wives to me?
JeffMesser comments on Feb 28, 2020:
if you can touch them they're real
"There is no fate unless there is someone or something to be fated.
JeffMesser comments on Jun 27, 2018:
people make the self/not-self thing so much harder to understand than it really is. the self is just an illusion. we are actually just awareness with brains and other faculties that provide additional sensory input. the same awareness that exists in all other things. but in us that awareness is filtered to make our "self". when our shell dies we will just be aware of nothing any longer because we have no sensory input. until we do.
I went out to see a band at a bar last night.
JeffMesser comments on Jun 17, 2019:
SO glad you said it was yesterday (in may) because as soon as you said poem I thought you were speaking with Maya Angelou. And if so then I was going to comment on how crappy her poetry became after a few drinks. Of course it could be now and her poetry would also be crappy because the dead are historically bad at poetry. You do realize that by "angels" she meant her cats, right? Her cats write bad poetry also. Maybe they're dead?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 3, 2019:
Simple questions for those that prefer Women. What is your choice... Wig or Hat in a woman?
JeffMesser comments on Feb 28, 2018:
I dig women who tell you what it is they want instead of making you guess by their conduct. They also hafta be cool with me calling them chick. I was brought up by hippie parents. Other than that I don't like the too young ones who just look good with your car. I want some with world experience and their own ideas about things. And they can't say "Who?" when I ask them to grab the Pink Floyd tape or dvd or whatever. And they hafta know how to make good hot chocolate and enjoy it if I make it the right way and some good cake. Oh, and they should get high a lot.And it doesnt matter how they do their hair to me.
People say I shouldn't wear this shirt
JeffMesser comments on Jan 25, 2020:
my life took a dramatic turn for the better when I gave up giving a damn what people thought of me. but, that said, why antagonize them? religion and all those other artificial groups we create for identification are just tools. I just steer clear of them and they me.
Yup remember that
JeffMesser comments on Feb 4, 2020:
we dont need to see that kung fu grip
Anyone enjoy listening to podcasts?
JeffMesser comments on Mar 3, 2018:
The remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" scared the heck out of me so I will never get around anything with the word "pod" in it.
“In a world where people easily fall under the sway of anger and hatred, we need love, tolerance ...
JeffMesser comments on Jun 17, 2018:
I constantly fight with my Doctor over part of this. I enjoy the simplicity and even-mindedness of the new low-T me. In case you're not familiar with the vernacular low-T refers to low testosterone. Laying off those chicas makes life much simpler. It makes my thoughts much more clear. It decreases attachment and, thus, suffering. Just a thought.
Growing up in a secular family, I was not indoctrinated into any religious or theistic beliefs.
JeffMesser comments on Jul 17, 2019:
WHY do people put all this faux importance on bullshit little ceremonies and rituals? We are ALL going to the same place. period. No human ceremony or ritual or act or saying or anything will change that. duh. The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves for it and guide how we live before it happens. That's where religion comes in. In theory we choose our own path but in reality it's often chosen for us before we're even born. you were done a favor even if it doesn't seem so.
The world is celebrating.
JeffMesser comments on Jun 4, 2018:
they made a ruling limited to those facts so they didnt expand anything.
I watched the movie "Stan & Ollie" and really enjoyed it.
JeffMesser comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I enjoyed this as well. I useta love watching their movies as a kid. I always thought hardy was the writer. good lesson for me.
I LOOOOOVE me some Alexandria Cortez. ;0)
JeffMesser comments on May 14, 2019:
I consider AOC akin to a rock star.
What is your most honest opinion about Thanksgiving and Christmas how do you actually feel about ...
JeffMesser comments on Nov 26, 2019:
nice family memories
Saw Bohemian Rhapsody tonight.
JeffMesser comments on Dec 28, 2018:
dont beat yourself up too bad. MTV and others around me in the U.S. refused to play Queen because of Mercury. At that time if you weren't on MTV or the radio then no one heard you here in flyover country.


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