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I recently read an article about 15 things you should disclose on a first date, so let's knock that out now.

  1. I'm looking for a long term relationship. How does forever work for you?
  2. I voted for; Kelly 04, Obama 08/12 Hillary 16.
  3. I have no kids. Open to women who have them though.
  4. I have hobbies, but you don't have to be around for all of them. Also I'm game for anything from rock climbing to sky diving, painting, fencing classes, English country dancing, making craft beer at home or baking bread.
  5. I own guns. They are locked in a safe. I'm not in the NRA.
  6. No pet allergies, I own no pets.
  7. Not open to open relationships.
  8. I live in Saint Charles MO (Old town).
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