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BA Commercial Art-Artist with alcohol inks
35+ yrs print shops/newspapers/state college artist
Read a lot, like movies.
was Animal Control Officer 5 yrs. Have spent most of my life saving animals of one sort or another. I forgot more about dogs than most people know.
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Hi, I am new here and writing this post to say hello to the community.
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 27, 2020:
My advice is to kiss the ass of religion good bye and find other things to answer thru science.
What are your pet peeve markers you look for on a first date?
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 25, 2020:
I have dated thru sites and have a lot of pet peeves. 1) they call me honey, babe or dear mostly so they don't call me by someone else's name I suspect. 2) too touchy/feely too early in the relationship. 3) high expectations on their part. 4) they think all the females want immediate sex and I will say most women play into the game by showing more bust/body then necessary. If you're female and have to show a lot of breast it looks like you have no confidence in your intelligence and are catering to the basest men online. 5) I will answer a question with about a paragraph and question I get back in response ONE word. Just yesterday a guy said he likes my white hair, I said my hair color hid under brown coloring for years and I see you have some also. Response: YES. Where am i supposed to go with that? I don't like smokers much and anyone saying "God fearing" is not someone I'll answer. Don't like when they say drink daily that just says alcoholic to me.
So, tonight my husband got called an apostate whose after-death destination will be hell.
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 20, 2020:
I don't even know what an apostate is so I would scarcely be offended unless carrying around a dictionary.
Moral Compass
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 20, 2020:
My answer: I was told as a child to feel in your heart if something is right or wrong. Morality comes with its own 'sense'. Like smell, touch, taste, etc.
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 17, 2020:
People are constantly interpreting the bible. Why would anyone ever believe god wrote it? People wrote it. And rewrote it and wrote it to fit their own IDEA of what it says. Nice little stories and that's all. "The books of the New Testament were written from approximately AD 40 to AD 90. So, anywhere between 3,400 and 1,900 years have passed since a book of the Bible was written. In this time, the original manuscripts have been lost. They very likely no longer exist. Since the time the books of the Bible were originally written, they have been copied again and again by scribes. Copies of copies of copies have been made. In view of this, can we still trust the Bible?"
Why did 'god' create Atheists (or Agnostics, or Secular Humanists)
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 17, 2020:
Atheists created their own beliefs simply thru disbelief of all religions. I can't get the constant why did god do this or that or how come god said this. There is no fucking god.....get over it already.
Part of my indoctrination as a believer was that humans have souls and other creatures do not.
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 15, 2020:
One of the reasons I hate religion is the dumb idea humans are so special only they go to heaven. That's unbelievable. Animals are so much kinder and gentler than humans they should be there FIRST.
So, the issues I want to highlight here are as follows: - I'm apoplectic as to the massive ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 11, 2020:
I tried to get thru it but reading makes me sleepy so I took a nap instead.
These are pretty good, those crazy christians.... []
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 9, 2020:
"I'm not making this stuff up!" hahahaha
Hello, I've been MIA for some time but today i needed to be on here.
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 8, 2020:
She knew it was wrong so instead of trying to be honest about it she flipped you over to someone else for your "conversion". Personally I might remain friendly but trust? No fkn way. Invite her to listen to a death metal band to thank her for caring.
I often enjoy UU ideas, but this one has me struggling .
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 8, 2020:
If those words were spoken to a child, believe me they'd take it literally. Children don't think in abstract ideas so my thought is these people are encouraging their kids to burn. Smoke kills first so maybe it doesn't even hurt.
Well I’m glad I’m not a Christian! []
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 8, 2020:
You just KNOW they voted for the orange idiot.
And this shall henceforth be called "The Plague Afghan.
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 7, 2020:
good idea but I need yarn, means visit to Walmart....another time maybe.
These Two Guys Belong in a Rubber Room: []
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 7, 2020:
I was almost certain it'd be Pence and Dumpty.
New partner after a long time relationship finished?
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 7, 2020:
Sometimes I think age has a large role in finding someone. My first marriage at 21 was a total failure for many reasons but I had 2 kids from it. After 6 yrs it was over and I remet a talll, dark, handsome guy from high school who was very popular in school, we lived together for 6 yrs and he wanted to sell my cottage (small) and buy a house. We were mid 30s. So we married, sold and got more land, bigger house and stayed married 20 more yrs. He passed when we were 54 and I really thought I could handle another relationship but one never showed up despite date sites, meeting men etc. The age thing: men don't exactly look the same at 60 as at 30 HUGE disappointment and I kept wanting 30 yr olds. Women tend do a better job of keeping up their looks, men grow beards and it's downhill from there. I never connected again and now I'm 68 with no expectations. At this point it would be very difficult to meld with another person, esp. in a live in arrangement. I keep thinking dating would be nice but with viagra in the equation it's less attractive to me. Not saying I don't enjoy sex but daily or anything remotely close nope. So depending on age, time alone, knowing yourself; you'll have to take that into consideration and work from there.
Debris of Faith | Animated short film | Religion | Yash Kumar - YouTube
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 7, 2020:
That is Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin Crank it up people you're home avoiding a virus and got nuthin'' else to do right now. Brings ya back.
Why all the hate?
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 4, 2020:
I hate religion because it has dogged me all my non-god believing life. I go about my business and suddenly my kids pre school is forcing them to say the lords prayer which I was forced to say every morning thru K-8th grade.I had the state stop the pre school as they were state funded. All the religious kids blamed me for whatever their parents were pissed about; drank too much? The non believers fault, boyfriend keeps you out late? The non believer did. All the mothers hated me so I pretty much thought of all believers as hateful monsters who wouldn't leave me alone. Like I was followed by believers all my life and either defended my stance or dumped friends all along the way. Recently I had a 1 day friend then she found out I was agnostic after asking me about my fuckin Xmas tree, then she stopped calling- no loss to me, happens all the time.
The virus is here.
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 3, 2020:
The hell of it is if you try to talk to his deplorables they still support the mental case. 2 male friends of mine send me dumb things about how Dump is doing great things. You can't fix stupid.
While I normally post witty, funny, ironic, or political memes I would like to offer one of thanks ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Apr 1, 2020:
FedEx and USPS thanks to them too.
I'm watching Trump bitch and gripe about CNN's ratings and all the while squinting his eyes and ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 30, 2020:
watched in disbelief. He's such a fucking idiot.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 30, 2020:
This is a job for Darwin!!
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 30, 2020:
So sorry about what happened if there's anything I can do to help or just listen, let me know.
Dolly Parton says virus is 'lesson' from God: []
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 29, 2020:
Is there a religious person who DOESN'T believe the virus is from god for some ungodly reason? It's strange how the 2 connect in their brains-perhaps lizard brains?
Just broke off an 11 year friendship (with a self proclaimed Christian of course) over this.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 28, 2020:
I've been on the planet longer than you, over 65 yrs and for one thing no one in my family AT ALL has ever treated me with respect. I used to pretend they were normal because I figured if they died I wanted to be in the will. LOL So that pretty much got me shit because that's how everyone (family) treated me my entire life. I could give you 100 examples but it's all old bullshit to me now. I don't GAS whether they all live or die, it's nothing to me anymore and I can thank a childhood rape for learning how to compartmentalize; it's my lifesaver. Next, I grew up in high school with 3 other girls, we hung out together and are still friendly to this day. I will give one example how I'm treated by them. Sue said to me one night 40 yrs after the fact, "I'm really sorry how we ignored what you were going thru after Larry died (my bad boy boyfriend tree vs car age 19"). So at that exact second I realized SHE KNEW what she had done to me. All 3 knew. I drank like a fish back then with no support. She then said, "If anything like that ever happens again I will be there for you cuz I love you." So within a year or less my husband of 26 yrs was dx'd w/cancer and died Nov. and I didn't hear from her again until my birthday in March. She says Happy birthday I said fuck you don't call me anymore. I have since-let's say communicate with them -but there is no trust or love on my part and I don't believe anything any one of them says. In my life I have treated people with respect, given away things to people who want or need them or I gave my art away. Do you think one person in my life has ever given me anything at all?? I cannot think of one person or one thing. Not my sister, brother (who actually stole from me) any other relative except one cousin -we traded art. I bought my sister when I was working at a gas station a $100 fringed jacket, she still has it but told me she threw it away. Like WTF? I supported my drunken miserable self, lived in a one room apt and....WTF?? "A scorpion, which cannot swim, asks a frog to carry it across a river on the frog's back. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung by the scorpion, but the scorpion argues that if it did that, they would both drown. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion. Midway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog anyway, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung the frog despite knowing the consequence, to which the scorpion replies:** "I couldn't help it. It's in my nature"** So that's people. I don't care to have close friends. No such thing as "close" friends. Everyone is an acquaintance. PERIOD. I don't need that shit in my life.
What is the hardest thing to believe in the Bible?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 28, 2020:
The fact it exists and people are gullible enough to take it seriously. duh
How do you get the Jesus/Jehova people off your doorway?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 27, 2020:
In FL I had a sign on my door that said "No religious crap here." Never heard a peep.
Has it occured to anyone who else how much Trump is like the Christian god'?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 27, 2020:
Even HE thinks he's god.
How does the atheist community react or respond to the following for example: This is Lent right ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 26, 2020:
Never being religious I found ashes on people's foreheads somewhat stupid. WTF is that all about?
This mess is even interfering with my movie watching.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 26, 2020:
Well no matter what happens out there I have free days of HBO, Showtime, & Cinemax. They're teasing us at home with movies we wish we had all the time. Had a doc appt. They screen at the door, a nurse with face cover, gloves etc takes your temp asks a million questions even if you say" I have not seen one person in a month". Then lets you in if you're lucky.
Am I the only atheist that doesn’t smoke pot?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 24, 2020:
I don't smoke- I put it in brownies, cut the pan into 3rds wrap with aluminum foil and beats smoking it. But the first time I ate a whole brownie and 2 hrs later could not stand up or get off the couch. I had not been that high since high school. I graduated '70 so did about every drug that could be done without a needle. I thought that's why they called it HIGH school. You could smell the pot from the bathrooms down the hallways. Was very rebellious and left home soon as I hit 18 still finished h.s. I had the baddest boy friend any mother would hate.
My significant other passed away.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 24, 2020:
Losing your lifetime mate so young is difficult. My husband was my age and passed 2005 from kidney cancer age 54. Doesn't seem very old at all. Everything sucked about it, everything. Your story reminded me of our misery at the time. I've been alone since then. Tough act to follow. If you don't seek a counselor read a lot of books about death. It helps a bit.
What do you fear more.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 24, 2020:
I'm afraid there will be no election in November. NONE. The King will remain and blame the virus. MY FEAR.
When Trump was elected, my sister and I agreed that perhaps our biggest fear about him was how he ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 24, 2020:
I don't know how he ended up where he is. He molested children underage that he purchased at auctions run by Epstein in NYC, he raped them while they screamed. He grabbed female's genitalia saying so on a tape that was made public. He watched children dressing/naked for beauty shows, he went bankrupt more than 6x and won't show his taxes STILL TO THIS DAY. He likely raped Ivanka. He didn't win the popular vote, Hilary did. How did this evil piece of shit end up in the oval office meant for men of morals, integrity, thought provoking ideas, comfort and finesse? HOW DID HE GET THERE? Will he even allow an election 2020 or claim the virus is stopping it?? What's he gonna do? Why hasn't anyone sent his head to Arabia and collected 80 million??? Someone needs to sacrifice for the good of mankind.
Christian parents sue their school district to force it to out trans kids / LGBTQ Nation
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 24, 2020:
Are they so out of touch with reality they don't even realize their own fkng children might be gay? Or any of the other letters of the alphabet? There is at least ONE gay person in every family. These so called Xian parents are deluded and FUBAR.
I'm looking for advice.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 23, 2020:
My sister was dx'd with liver failure from alcoholism and she got visiting nurses for months on end. If you have insurance I may try that instead. Medicare for age or disability would have that option.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 22, 2020:
Here's some food for thought. Maybe not everyone comes from the same place after all. Quite an interesting read. "The Mystery of Rh-Negative Blood—Genetic Origin Unknown It is not generally known from where the negative RH factor derived, although tantalizing evidence exists that it arises from genetic experimentation a little over 5,000 years ago 85% of humans have the monkey gene (RH+) and 15% do not (RH-) and *maybe have an alien gene instead.* RH- people are characterized by higher IQs, sensitive vision, lower body temperatures, sensitivity to heat and sunlight, psychic power, ability to stop watches and electrical appliances and having extra vertebrae." "
Just a thought from Mr Frost The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 22, 2020:
According to my mom Frost wasn't a friendly guy. He wrote his epitaph- part of it: I would have written of me on my stone: I had a lover's quarrel with the world." He was standoffish and that poem you copied was a joke between him and someone he walked the woods with like he felt it was nonsense to choose one way when he should have chosen the other. Not a metaphor for life in general and it surprised him how seriously everyone believed it to be. *"The Road Not Taken" is often read at high school and college graduations as a reminder to forge new paths, but Frost never intended it to be taken so seriously—he wrote the poem as a private joke for his friend Edward Thomas. He and Thomas enjoyed taking walks together, and Thomas was constantly indecisive about which direction he wanted to go. When he finally did choose, he often regretted not choosing the other way*.
Evangelistic’s leaders greed mongers state that their god(s) told them that you are to still tithe...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 22, 2020:
Maybe we should start a religion based on dogs being the real true god and we need to tithe money to save them in shelters, then we can be like Dwayne Pacell (Head of ASPCA) and be a billionaire with mansions and planes. Whatcha say?
I just watched a video of televangelist Kenneth Copeland defending his lavish lifestyle, and why he ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 22, 2020:
I think that stupid believe in god a) they're scared of life b) Scared of death c) Don't understand why bad things happen to good people d) like someone thinking for them, they don't have what it takes to think on their own. e) they actually believe prayers are listened to and that's really dumb cuz 1 billion are praying and he has to listen to that crap all day long and like a genie grant wishes. I would believe more that a genie exists in an old teapot than guy in sky on throne.
While everything is taken place in the world right now, how many of you have starting talking to ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 22, 2020:
There is no god that wasn't created by mankind in his image. I much prefer talking to my dogs, I know they exist-I can see them.
What are your personal pet peeves about religous people?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Only one pet peeve--they're religious.
"God don't like ugly!" So my coworker told me a story about how she was laid off from her previous ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Me: God was here talking to you and said he don't like ugly? How'd I miss his visit? You should have "called the newspapers!" sheesh.
lol all these idiots praying for god to save them from the virus. wasn't it gods idea?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I always wondered if god wants them to have cancer WTF they doing getting medical help?? Why for? Scared of meeting their maker?
Has any one else noticed, you get MORE religion SHOVED down your throat here, than if you were say a...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Watch TV and count how many religious crosses you see on the actors, it's like a holy reunion on there.
What projects are you working on while shut-in?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I go out and get stuff I need. One guy I accidently asked directions from put his hand up and told me to stay away from him cuz of the virus he said "I have kids" there ya go the majority of germ carriers the world over and he has more than one.I'm glad as hell he didn't want me near him....whew.....he could have killed me. Been watching lots of movies, I think showtime has free for a few days I DVR them for another time. My birthday today right? I am significantly older than 60 at this point. Have Miata wanted to check how to put down the convertible roof--then I put it back up and see I freaking TORE IT. Glued it?? LOL and used duct tape. My girlfriend's husband says if duct tape doesn't fix it use more duct tape. Then go to change stupid dumb ass water filter under modular home, break a pipe, can't get the cover off, crawling out I banged my head on a steel beam cuz it's a crawl space with spiders and other creepy things. I crawled out of there with asthma I was so frustrated but plumber came right out fixed leaks put in new device for filters supposed to be easier. I have to have filters cuz my drinking water comes from a dirty creek I've seen dead animals floating in. I wish god had fixed it for me ..sheesh isn't that goober good for anything??? Cost over $200 but plumber was here fast. I must say faster response time than god. Do you know how much crap a dog produces in a day? Well I have 3 shepherds and doggie bags. I get so excited if I can fit 3 dog craps in one bag, small thrill for the day. I am easily amused.
For as much as I'm always saying that I don't like people in general (which is absolutely true), I ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Well the good thing about this is everyone stays home. So it's safe to go out.
Inspired by a recent post: Is Theism a philosophy?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 19, 2020: philosophy is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other. As an academic discipline philosophy is much the same. Those who study philosophy are perpetually engaged in asking, answering, and arguing for their answers to life's most basic questions. To make such a pursuit more systematic academic philosophy is traditionally divided into major areas of study. So I'm guessing if someone is seeking to understand truths about themselves etc then the answer is yes.
Since dating is no longer really possible in the traditional sense because of all the isolation ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 19, 2020:
I've spent over 10 yrs living alone with just dogs and at this point I'm pretty much insane, in pain, TN is a no pain state as in you better not be in pain cuz nobody GAS. One dog LOVES hugs and kisses-my rescue who had no life before this so I get plenty of that along with hairy lips- shedding season is here.
The crazy grows stronger every day! []
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 17, 2020:
Panic everyone Satan has a plot to bring socialism to a country that is already democratic/socialist. This is just frightening. BTW How does this pastor know what Satan is up to? He on a one to one basis with him or what? Bad enough when they think God has spoken to them wonder what it means if Satan does it.
It's interesting watching all the religious and new agey people quietly going about canceling their ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 17, 2020:
Why are they canceling events and washing hands don't prayers cover all that death stuff for them or they don't have enough faith or WTF?
National day of pray?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 17, 2020:
i was on FB and a ton of people were telling everyone to pray for something to do with the virus. I said yeah because that's always been so effective in the past, a god on a throne in the sky listening to boring prayers from all over the world all day long.
A few rambling observations on feel-good faith… I gave up my religious beliefs years ago, and ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 17, 2020:
You can always rely and depend on a good dog. So there is hope after all. Plus they can make you laugh, relax you when you pet them beside you on the couch, listen without comment and deter criminals-depending on the breed. Just re arrange god and you can take pleasure in dog.
Just wanted to say that teachers should earn at least $50,000 a month.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 17, 2020:
I wondered if people wore those cheap latex gloves that come in a box would help people not touch their face cuz they have the gloves to remind them. I'm happy to be past the children at home thing, tho I do have a step daughter constantly begging for money. It's not like she asks "Can I earn money mowing the lawn?" This is a 40 yr old, married, both working parents with 2 kids she WANTED. Why would it be my responsiblity to give her money for nothing? She never offers to work for it. Yeah kids....meh
Who’s your favorite scientist and why?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 17, 2020:
I have always enjoyed the weird mind of Hawking. He had some fantastical theories. IF he's considered a scientist.
Do you think the Corono-virus will hurt or help religion?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 17, 2020:
Can the virus hurt religion, yeah by taking few out and no due to childhood indoctrination they always have excuses for every reason he doesn't fix stuff for them.
How much respect do religious believers deserve?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 16, 2020:
In general they are less intelligent so I feel sort of sorry for them believing in a guy in the sky on a throne listening to their bullshit prayers all day long. So I try to be compassionate unless they proselytize all over me like vomit. Then my attitude goes in another direction.
As an African American I am at awe with the internet and information and .
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 15, 2020:
You are in the right place cuz we don't get it either. a) they love scary fiction b) scared of nature's wrath c) ability to control people and get all their money d) opiate for the masses to keep them in line. e) mostly for those who'd rather have someone else do their thinking for them.
I joined a Christian Chat Group just to see what was going on with them.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 15, 2020:
Very brave of you. Anything stick? You should shower a few times.
Blind Faith In Religion Destroys Our Ability To Critically Think For Ourselves
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 15, 2020:
Which is why people who do not believe in a god are more intelligent than believers. "A 2013 analysis by University of Rochester found “a reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity” in 53 out of 63 historic studies." The researchers believe that people who are attracted to the non-instinctive are potentially better problem solvers. “This is important, because in a changing ecology, the ability to solve problems will become associated with rising above our instincts, rendering us attracted to evolutionary mismatches,” said Mr van der Linden."
I just made a reply to the post by Word about Jesus and got a message that I was not allowed to ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 15, 2020:
Jesus wasn't gonna listen to you. So there.
I’ve been openly atheist for only about 6 months now.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
If it effects me or once effected my children there was certainly hell to pay I come with.a potty mouth.
Okay, so there is always the Atheist vs.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
More than 60 years and I'm like too old to brag about. it.
Trumps CDC chief said corona virus is because people stopped believing in God
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Is this CDC chief someone who paid him a million bucks for the job? How many people stopped believing in god anyways, what's the marker on that?
Don't you hate it when they kill an animal in a movie and it's not necessary for the story?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
The new Jack London movie Call Of The Wild has an entirely fake dog in it. Like a cartoon character but more realistic.
Using the Fear - With a global pandemic sweeping across the globe, now is the time to look hard at ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
I will worry about my dogs & the rest of the world has already beaten me to non-argumentative pieces.
I have started a new group called COVID-19 in an effort to provide a forum for free thinkers, ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Looking for percentages found this: United States reported cases 1,007 deaths 30 so is that a 30% chance of dying? It just hit the US. It's in every US state.
Bernie said he would not throw up his hands but continue on.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
So do I have inflated ideas about his ability to become president. Biden is another fat white entitled DC insider who said he'd run with a republican VP and we all know how the republicans want an autocrat for a leader or a dictator. I don't think he'd be harmless whatsoever.
Surprises, yay or nay?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 11, 2020:
I don't like surprises but when I was married my husband always, I mean ALWAYS fell asleep the last 20 mins before the end of every movie he ever watched. Of course that was NOT the thing to do during All The Usual Suspects. Or Fargo for that matter. He usually asked me what happened at the end, and tho I don't like surprises he got them everytime he didn't stay awake for movie endings. I usually worked a dog ending of some kind into the grand finale. He would snarl at me.
How do you feel about the inevitable time when a World Presidency is announced?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 4, 2020:
Using Trump as an example of what can go wrong.....hope the hell NO global president. Maybe a roundtable of intelligensia but otherwise too much power in too few hands.
Bloomberg's out, and endorsing Biden.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 4, 2020:
I kept an eye on the numbers like Biden and Bernie had about 58k votes, then they showed Trumps numbers, down at 25k so the majority of Republicans voted for him (97%) but not enough to beat any of the top 3 Democrats. It's sad to see Bernie lose again, I like him but he does tend to speak over the heads of voters. I would say most people don't understand we've been a Democratic Socialist country for decades. They don't get it. I don't like Biden strictly because he said he'd run with a republican VP. As if the republicans haven't messed up our country enough the last 4 yrs sending us back to the 1950s. That's what I don't like about him. He's another insider fat white entitled male and it sucks after the 60s how we made NO fucking difference in this country at all, cept MAYBE pot will be legalized. whoppee. We've about lost control of our bodies due to the craphead in the WH, can't get abortions in some states and MS as far as I know want ectopic pregnancies pulled out and put in the right place for shit's sake. They're enacting laws AGAINST protests anywhere. There are pages and pages of constitutional rights that we are losing every day 45 is king of amerikkka. A taste of what's to come below and it's illegal what the gov't is doing to our water, public parks and endangered species. If Republicans are in charge the next 4 yrs we'll need to move to Mars. Image: Bill of Rights. First Amendment The 1st Amendment protects speech, religion, assembly and the press: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The Supreme Court has also interpreted the First Amendment as protecting freedom of association. **However, the government is arresting those speaking out … and violently crushing peaceful assemblies which attempt to petition the government for redress.**
Pet ownership.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 3, 2020:
That all sounds pretty much like PETA to me, are you a card carrying member? They don't want people to own any animals. I have my dogs for companionship and as a deterrent to robbery. While here I think all breeders should by law have pups chipped and when they show up in the streets or shelters are responsible for the rest of their lives. They would refuse to do this I'm sure. But it should be done.
As key endorsements flow to Biden, Trump says Dems are 'staging a coup against Bernie'- ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 3, 2020:
Act Blue is seeking funds for Biden. He said he would run with a republican VP...WTH??? He is trying to please all the people all the time. Cannot be done.
Me: Hello Him: Well Hello Sexy.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 3, 2020:
He calls you sexy, looks at pix, sees the tatt. YOU tell him you're agnostic and he doesn't quite understand why the complimentary b.s. didn't keep you around for more. Did you honestly think he read your profile??? Are you a date site newbie?
What is it with pet names?
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 3, 2020:
Serial daters can't be bothered using names, they go with honey, babe, whatever. They run thru too many to keep tabs on names.
Another one bites the dust. Pete's out of the race.
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 3, 2020: Bloomberg (an old pal of Trump's), Biden who would run with a Republican VP, `Warren, Bernie and I think that's about it??
I wonder if anyone else has had a dog go through knee surgery and if so what I can expect during ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Mar 1, 2020:
Only one of my dogs was kind enough to die on her own, the rest all demanded vet and euthanasia. One had bleeding on her brain, another totally couldn't walk and woke up peeing all the way to the front door before I had time to even get him out, then he let everything loose. Most dogs of mine live a happy long life but they never go without me being nearby. It's a curse. One had stomach cancer, the one that passed had a severe heart issue known since birth-she was given to me by German shep. rescue cuz her heart was too messed up to go to a home. She was given 2 yrs and lived 4.5. Having dogs comes the responsibility of being there at the end and it sucks.
I wonder if anyone else has had a dog go through knee surgery and if so what I can expect during ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 29, 2020:
I had a 10 yr old shepherd weighed 139 (thin) and had elbow tendonitis and needed hip surgery on a rear leg. I couldn't do the surgery because I was afraid he'd never stand up again. The tendonitis was a permanent condition. His knee never held him back from walking but he couldn't run, he couldn't run due to the elbows anyway. I thought knee surgery would mean his death. He lived another 2 years but I think watching the younger dogs chase each other had an effect on him, emotionally, he felt left out. I would sit near him all the time when outside but eventually he couldn't walk, was incontinent and it was time to let him go. If he wasn't such a big dog he probably could have lived longer I just didn't have the heart to see his depression. You should ask your vet how much exercise and how rough his play can be at this point. I wouldn't push an older dog to do more than necessary.
If you drive an expensive car, you're probably a jerk, scientists say
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 28, 2020:
I have a Honda Fit and usually 3 German sheps in the back. Someone slid thru a stop sign in front of me, I cannot slam on my brakes cuz of the dogs so I honked and drove around him instead of trying to be curteous and slamming the brakes. Also my foot on the gas pedal seems to be way heavier than the other foot. Without a radar detector I used to get 1 speeding ticket annually. Most fun driving ACO pick up with blue lights. Fun till arrived at dog HBC. I learned a ton about vets too. Don't like em all.
AG William Barr: “Men Are Far Likelier to Obey Rules That Come from God” | Hemant Mehta | ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 28, 2020:
I'm surprised a guy would admit belonging to a group of (his call) stupid people, but then again that's what makes him stupid., Vicious circle.
I love how most people who believe the bible can trace their belief to the notion that the bible ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 27, 2020:
There was an experiment done by scientists - they thought there was an undetectable factor that existed due to it's behavior with other atomic features they named it Higgs Boson. It was invisible but thought to exist. It was believed to exist with no proof so they built the atomic collider which proved the existence of an invisible atom. I think science has proved non existence of god by proving existence of atomic particles that have a huge impact on life. It is provable. If I've misunderstood any of this glad to hear your interpretation cuz it's out of my realm of scientific knowledge. Here is from the definition. "An initial focus of research was to investigate the possible existence of the Higgs boson, a key part of the Standard Model of physics which is predicted by theory but had not yet been observed before due to its high mass and elusive nature. CERN scientists estimated that, if the Standard Model were correct, the LHC would produce several Higgs bosons every minute, allowing physicists to finally confirm or disprove the Higgs boson's existence. In addition, the LHC allowed the search for supersymmetric particles and other hypothetical particles as possible unknown areas of physics.[61] Some extensions of the Standard Model predict additional particles, such as the heavy W' and Z' gauge bosons, which are also estimated to be within reach of the LHC to discover.[122]"
All the way back in 1917 a famous "miracle" supposedly took place in Fatima, Portugal where three ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 27, 2020:
And the world as we knew it was going to end the year 2000. Mostly cuz computers weren't programmed that far in advance but so many took that to mean end of the world. So much bullcrap so little time.
Bill Gates Thinks A Coming Disease Could Kill 30 Million People Within 6 Months | IFLScience
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 26, 2020:
Not religious but am praying just for the hell of it that corona virus finds Dumpty the quicker the better.
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 26, 2020:
If this relates to Bernie Sanders he's not a Marxist Socialist he's a Democratic Socialist. We have lived in a Democratic socialist country for most of my life over 60 yrs.
Hello coming from a catholic background,how do you fill or erase the psycological void of God ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 24, 2020:
It's like quitting smoking. Throw an anti-god patch on and quit.
What dissappoints me most when reading posts by many atheists/agnostics is the tendency to blame the...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 24, 2020:
I was never a believer in any god so everything from childhood: all friends, schools, any kind of get togethers (often accompanied by prayer) was so pushy and non understanding of anyone else's beliefs. I never liked it and it has pissed me off all my life and what the Crusaders and Hitlers of the world did is nauseating. I'm so sorry for those who had no choices but you do have a brain and you can think outside the box, most don't tend to. So where does that leave people sick and tired of hearing it for 60+ years of life? Victims that don't realize they're victims are perpetrators.
Not knowing that Gods and Devils are made up fictional characters is like not knowing that ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 22, 2020:
They've been fed the pablum since birth and can't unsee it. They gave Santa the qualities they want god to have, sees when you're asleep knows if you've been bad or good blah blah. 'Faith' the keeper at the gate.
I have a beautiful, tender-hearted young Christian relative who is working her way through college ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 22, 2020:
That is the weirdest thing I've heard a religious person do. Dear THIEF-already knows he's a thief, expects a leapard to change his spots? Did god have a personal discussion with her to allow forgiveness if she had her shit stolen instead of her acceptance of "gods will' in losing it all? So damn confusing. Apparently god wanted her shit stolen or lost, she should be a good girl and thank god for allowing that to happen without her life being taken at the same time. Sheesh. I give. UNCLE.
Do you ever God Damn anything as an atheist?
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 19, 2020:
I used up my vocabulary of swears, and I worked at gas stations and construction sites so I know plenty of them in all sorts of combinations and impossible positions, but I also quit using patches. Helped a lot.
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 19, 2020:
There are WAY too many bad ways of thinking. My father over the years always said, "Do not believe anything you hear" ANYTHING. "And only half of what you see". I'm so skeptical of everything said by anyone or people showing me their way of doing things that I have a ton of disbelief and no acceptance of much. I can't say for certain I don't fit those hundred ways of thinking wrong but I'm willing to bet I don't do much of them. I usually have my own proof of something before making assertions.
I feel being raised heavily Christian made me afraid of intimacy. Anyone relate? : atheism
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 17, 2020:
Never had that stigma about religion and sex, was free to be in the 60s-70s, did all the drugs but shooting up anything and had a lot of sex but mostly with my boyfriend and we were very open and experimental so been there and did that FOR SURE. My 2nd husband of 26 yrs was a little more repressed and I had trouble with that. We started the marriage fine but as time went on his limitations came out. He wasn't particularly religious just never able to express love, His mom divorced and worked 2 jobs they lived in the projects and he really never had a parent to clue him in. He also had a very very young 1st girlfriend I'm sure they didn't do much experimenting.
A friend of mine posted this on FB today : So it seems that God has all these universes and species ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 17, 2020:
Man created Santa in Gods image. He sees you when you're sleeping, knows when you're awake, knows if you've been bad or good or taking a crap. or fornicating.....wonnerful visionary he is. He doesn't have time for anything else but listening to bazllions of prayers and satisfying his voyeurism;
Trump and the obstructionist fascist republican fascist have now opened the door for complete ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 14, 2020:
I think WE THE people need to set a date, get paperwork for peaceful protest and protest the entire republican takeover of our government in front of the white house. Please, we need to show our resistance in an orderly fashion. Maybe in the capitols of each state or the white house. Don't care but a peaceful protest before the election, maybe move the Dems to act more forcefully against the twat in chief.
A new Gallup poll released this month indicates that “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders has a...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 12, 2020:
We live in a socialist country, if you don't think so you're kidding yourself. WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOW What is socialism? Socialism is a political ideology that advocates for an egalitarian redistribution of wealth and power in society through the redistribution of society’s means of production (or means of making money). Socialism, in the simplest of terms, involves making more of an effort to balance the scales between the rich and the poor.
Someone I know is dying and has expressed that she would like to just fall asleep and not wake up.
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 12, 2020:
I think hospices kind of do euthanasia, they can medicate as much as a client wants really. Doctors don't mind prescribing meds to hospice people who are dying, esp if it's painful. My husband was in a hospice for only 3 days with end of life care. He was sleeping peacefully the last day, didn't wake up at all, and died in his sleep. If a hospice isn't appealing maybe visiting nurses can do the same, I'm not sure because the medications would be in a house full of family and they may not prescribe as vigorously. Not sure.
I started to study Philosophy as I wanted to see if there was any answer to ‘What is the meaning ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 11, 2020:
I always answer "what is the meaning of life" with "the meaning of life is there is no meaning". Some people think serving others makes them all happier and they feel a sense of accomplishment they otherwise wouldn't have. Personally I don't think 90% of the population is worth it. That's just me and my own personal experiences. I've always had better communication with animals. I spent most of my adult life rescuing, fostering, volunteering at shelters,kittens and puppies mostly, but I owned 7 dogs of my own, some rejects of others. And being an ACO for 5 yrs gave me the advantage of saving so so many dogs and cats. If I see a sign "Free puppies" I take them all to a shelter knowing they'll get shots, altered and have a better life than if someone picked them up off the street-could be used as bait dogs. People are too complex, confusing and difficult to please most of the time. Dogs are freaking happy almost always. People can hurt you, some people are cruel or neglectful of animals so my view of humanity is skewed by years of animal concerns. I hate when someone says they bred their dog to the neighbors dog etc. I just cannot talk to some people about their treatment of their animals- subject changed-fast. Everyone is different and do what they consider their mission in life. It doesn't get you into heaven...there ain't one but if you feel good about it that's nice for you.
I have 4th stage prostate cancer so I will dies soon.
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 11, 2020:
I made friends with a doctor online and a couple of his employees, he found out he had 4th stage prostate cancer also. I met him in ME with my husband and eventually he became very angry about dying. He mentally tried to deny it. He wasn't religious. Also lost my husband to kidney cancer related to smoking and 5 yrs later his sister died from lung cancer also smoking. I wonder sometimes what we have done to our planet to cause a cancer crises and researchers have done their best to save people basically giving them a few more years but no cure at this time but for a few of them. It is a struggle to understand what death is and why we can't all live till we're 80-90 but death is part of life and it's only the next step. Some people look forward to what is next instead of afraid of what they're losing. I would try to find a group to talk with unless you are surrounded by family. If you think we're insignificant don't reincarnate to a Cecropia Moth they live a day.- no mouth and only live to breed. Do things you've only imagined possible; travel to countries you've never been, do stuff you always wanted to try. Get meaning in what time you have left. My husband was very passive at the end, I asked him what dreams do you have? What would you want to do? With a prognosis of 3 months he could have gone anywhere or done anything. He said he just wanted to stay home with me. That was really meaningful to me but he never wanted to talk about death.
Has the world become even more insane of late or is it that we just hear more of the insane people ...
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 11, 2020:
Well I'm not sure what's going on with the weirdos but I think Putin knocked up Don the Con and I believe it.
What if the money that is spent on religion throughout the world was instead spent on science?
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 8, 2020:
The churches own too much land and pay no taxes on it. "Churches own 20-25% of land in the United States, made possible by tax exemptions for religious organizations."
This is not about "relationships," per se, but it about relationships between women and men.
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 5, 2020:
One of my friends' husband is always at no loss to advise me when no advice has been asked for. Sometimes I find myself listening to how to do stuff and I almost fall for it until I remember....NEVER do what Mike says. My mantra. He killed my pot plants, he gives bad car advice and I have more experience fixing car stuff or knowing what's wrong than he does. The guy thinks he knows a lot of stuff but in reality he's a bit behind my own knowledge so I say thanks, then do it my way. I've known him since the 70s. He's good for changing a mower blade and that's about it.
Could I be considered an atheist or a deist?
K9Kohle789 comments on Feb 1, 2020:
You're in good company I'm agnostic I need proof of god in order to believe, but I believe we have an energy source that moves on after we die. Beyond that would be guessing. ag·​nos·​tic | \ ag-ˈnä-stik , əg- \ Definition of agnostic (Entry 1 of 2) 1: a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (such as God) is unknown and probably unknowable broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god 2: a person who is unwilling to commit to an opinion about something


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