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• “Activist.” But not in the Twittery way, in the very boring way of organizing fundraisers and educational events. Also, in a sane way, since now a lot of uneducated, bigot, Trumpster fires like to call themselves “activists” too for taking on threats like having to wear a mask 🙄....
I specifically work for movements concerning intersectional feminism, MMIWG, and Indigenous & environmental sovereignty.
• Academic. I’m a PhD candidate specializing in Composition and Contemporary Indigenous lit & rhetoric.
• Poet, Performer, and Writer. Sort of goes with the scholarship territory.
• Matriarch. I have one boy, who is 12 and everyone who meets him loves him.
• Proud EBCI citizen.
• All-singing, all-dancing exhausted.

Not in any particular order.


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Open to meeting men, genderfluids and others
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