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I came here to find a friend.
Larimar comments on Jul 27, 2020:
How many of us can you save after the US opens back up?
Good Morning , Have a Fantastic Day
Larimar comments on Jul 27, 2020:
a two fisted drinker....
I’m a gun aficionado, and I sometimes post pictures on Facebook of my target after I’ve shot ...
Larimar comments on Jul 26, 2020:
Twenty shots qualifying for conceal carry. It was an unfamiliar pistol.
Rt: Effective Reproduction Number
Larimar comments on Jul 26, 2020:
Missouri is #1! Oh, wait.....
What's the funniest message you received with online dating?
Larimar comments on Jul 26, 2020:
The one that told me that I was quite electable and should run while he was willing to be my campaign manager while claiming to be a feminist was interesting. Despite my continued vehement responses that I had absolutely no interest in ever running for any office especially. Of course, at that point I had to point out that a feminist would never attempt to shove a woman into doing what she was adamantly against.
Donald Trump's America is Unrecognizable
Larimar comments on Jul 26, 2020:
Thus, why I was extremely depressed for a few weeks at the end of 2016.
So first post. Woo. So much pressure um. Well first off. Hey?
Larimar comments on Jul 26, 2020:
Welcome! When you consider the condemnation and small mindedness you've escaped from, it's not so hard. I don't miss it!
The most preposterous thing about this isn't that the past Presidents would be in support of a ...
Larimar comments on Jul 26, 2020:
The most nauseating thing about this are that there are people that think this is correct.
Legit question.
Larimar comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Texas Man Dies of COVID-19 After Visit by Granddaughter Infected at Party
Larimar comments on Jul 25, 2020:
I had a talk with the receptionist at the chiro this week. She doesn't believe masks help. I asked her why then does every place that uses them by a majority of citizens have a better track record than we do? Then I had to have a talk with my chiro. I won't be returning.
‘Stay away.
Larimar comments on Jul 25, 2020:
can't say that I blame them
Republican men try to date me, a Democrat. Dead giveaways.
Larimar comments on Jul 23, 2020:
The ones that attempt to tell me that I just don't understand or know all the reasons to not be liberal and I start pulling out real studies and facts....then they magically disappear or try to state that I'm wrong and bring up an obviously biased site. Which results in my pulling up a results....
Did Mary have an affair?
Larimar comments on Jul 23, 2020:
I think it's a fake story.....
Bang! Another Washington dam finally comes down to clear miles of salmon habitat.
Larimar comments on Jul 20, 2020:
should've never been built
Portland protests: Navy veteran speaks out after video of federal officers beating him goes viral | ...
Larimar comments on Jul 20, 2020:
and they broke his hand in two places. Sounds like he will need surgery to repair that.
Was sex more fun when you still believed in original sin?
Larimar comments on Jul 20, 2020:
Never bothered me in any way. Go find other ways to get the thrills....need suggestions?
This very sweet, little fellow belonged to my neighbor a couple of years ago.
Larimar comments on Jul 20, 2020:
We do what we can. I got my El during a snowstorm. It'd taken me two hours to drive home and as I put my key in the door, I heard a noise. I looked around and saw nothing, went to open the door again and heard it again. Under the stairs going up was a snowdrift. I dug her out, she was stiff, and it took an hour in tepid water to get her to move. Got her into the emergency vet the next morning and, she's completely fine....but he said what I heard was her dying. I put up fliers and no claims, so I chipped her. I've had her six years now. We're good buddies. When I found her she was spayed but they think her owners may have dumped her because she tests positive for feline aids. I've kept her on good food and she's never shown any symptoms, whatsoever. Vet said she may never develop it as long as I keep her on good care and good quality food. Her favorite treats are steak and low sodium ham....but that's rare.
Roku is now carrying Reuters News on it's Streaming channels.
Larimar comments on Jul 19, 2020:
Thanks! I use Roku
Dr. Fauci built a truce. Trump is destroying it. - The Washington Post
Larimar comments on Jul 19, 2020: Meanwhile, branch covidian idiot, Dr Scarf, told 45 otherwise and it's exactly what he wanted to hear.
The African continent is very slowly peeling apart. Scientists say a new ocean is being born.
Larimar comments on Jul 19, 2020:
I LOVE Geology! Fascinating stuff
‘He’s a coward’: MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch predicts Trump will quit to avoid ‘stunning loss’...
Larimar comments on Jul 18, 2020:
I doubt it. I've lost a job because he doesn't pay his bills. I know his financial controller from Mar a Lago who worked for him for two years and have talked to him about the man. My friend moved his family to Germany after the election because he knew this BS would go on.
Federal Officers In Portland Face Rising Opposition On Streets and In Court
Larimar comments on Jul 18, 2020:
As I've said, we are becoming a banana republic
Federal Officers Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab People In Portland, DHS Confirms : NPR
Larimar comments on Jul 17, 2020:
we've become a banana republic
Desperation is the Mother of Invention. What's your desperate invention?
Larimar comments on Jul 17, 2020:
Magnesium gets rid of my leg cramps and restless leg syndrome. When restless leg was bad, I used legitrin or tonic water since Quinine is in that and it works. My desperation invention, however, would be using four sawhorses, two C clamps, and a straight edge clamped to sheets of plywood instead of a table saw.
Game show host retweeted by Trump deletes his account after announcing his son has coronavirus | ...
Larimar comments on Jul 16, 2020:
I don't feel a whit sorry for him, I feel sorry for his son.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for possible infection - CNNPolitics
Larimar comments on Jul 14, 2020:
Nooooo! I'll donate whatever she needs!
Climbed Mission Peak today. You have to be like a mountain goat.
Larimar comments on Jul 14, 2020:
Congratulations! Great job!
I now get opioid addiction.
Larimar comments on Jul 13, 2020:
All they do is knock me out and I don't ever feel the pain like that anyway. :( Glad it helped you.
NOCTAMBULATE nok-TAM-byoo-late Part of speech: verb Origin: Latin, 50s 1: To walk about...
Larimar comments on Jul 12, 2020:
I love nighttime walks. I do keep an eye out for safety, though
I'm curious, what useful thing have you learned about yourself during this difficult time?
Larimar comments on Jul 12, 2020:
I was raised for this. And I tend to find little difference in how I lived previously to how I live now with the exception that on the rare occasion that I do venture out that I wear a mask. My mom and I got through five days without power during a blizzard. Definitely a lone wolf.
The U.S. States Graded on Their Covid-19 Response
Larimar comments on Jul 12, 2020:
I think they're being generous in giving Missouri a D
Caption this photo
Larimar comments on Jul 11, 2020:
I lived in a house on the Mississippi river for ten years. Sometimes in the river and had to boat home/park at the levee. Saw this on the daily. Basically what it says to me is hand over the puppy and nobody gets hurt. I had to protect the dogs on the daily.
Dozens of Mississippi lawmakers have coronavirus after weeks of refusing to wear masks
Larimar comments on Jul 10, 2020:
natural selection at its finest.
Japanese Amusement Park Asks Roller Coaster Riders Not To Scream : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
Larimar comments on Jul 10, 2020:
I've ridden hundreds and never screamed.
At Least 82 Coronavirus Cases Linked To Missouri Sleepaway Camp : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
Larimar comments on Jul 10, 2020:
I live in sucks
Trump's Fortune Could Be In Jeopardy With Supreme Court Decision : NPR
Larimar comments on Jul 9, 2020:
we can but hope.....
Today's hike: Mighty Mouse fights Devil's Club. Lanham Lake, WA
Larimar comments on Jul 8, 2020:
Devil's club, salve made from it I've heard is good for arthritis.
Where do I sign?
Larimar comments on Jul 8, 2020:
I'll volunteer to be an instructor at local places
Roger Stone should rot in prison President" Donald Trump’s longtime political adviser Roger Stone...
Larimar comments on Jul 7, 2020:
We need to vote in droves and erase all of these assholes forever
Donny's rate plumits As "President" Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue to plummet, largely ...
Larimar comments on Jul 7, 2020:
I'll never understand it not being zero
Wedding guests stripped Gro's garden without permission.
Larimar comments on Jul 7, 2020:
I stopped at no masks...they'd have been sent home
Your thoughts on forgiveness?
Larimar comments on Jul 5, 2020:
To forgive does not equate to allowing yourself to be abused further. I can forgive and be wise enough to know if they deserve to be allowed back into my life in any manner or not. I believe you are similar. It's not holding a grudge to not allow them back's self respect and self protection. Grudge holding is as you have stated in my estimation and a total waste of our time.
Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe: Here's what briefing Trump is like - CNN Video
Larimar comments on Jul 4, 2020:
not surprised.....
An 11-year-old boy is Florida's youngest person to die from Covid-19 complications - CNN
Larimar comments on Jul 4, 2020:
and now I've heard they plan to say we have to just live with it??
I realized today that I had not seen true primal fear until I saw a man with his dick in his hand ...
Larimar comments on Jul 2, 2020:
Saw this way back in the 80's in a medical journal....
Poll: Most Americans Don't Believe Trump is the Right Person for the Job
Larimar comments on Jul 2, 2020:
I think more than anything many were just anti Hillary. At least I hope that's many.
LOL, it just CANNOT get any better imo.
Larimar comments on Jun 29, 2020:
Oh FFS....definitely have the cops ready
More LIES from 45.
Larimar comments on Jun 29, 2020:
No surprise, he's a total POS only caring to enrich his own pockets. I know from personal experience.
OMG I knew it was bad but there is more that will be discovered for years after he is out of office...
Larimar comments on Jun 29, 2020:
dang, it won't let me go to the link. But I found this one!
Mean message from a Trump Supporter
Larimar comments on Jun 28, 2020:
Had similar happen when I attempted to find dates. It's not worth it anymore for me in a red state or even after the repeated same incidences showing it's many many men.
Former Inside Source Issued Warning About The Favorite First Daughter: "If You're Scared Of Trump, ...
Larimar comments on Jun 27, 2020:
sooooo not surprised. BTW....I lost a job because asshat in chief doesn't pay his bills. I know someone who used to be controller at Mar a Lago...the left the country in horror when he won.
Assumptions .
Larimar comments on Jun 22, 2020:
I cannot tell you how many times I've been assumed that for the same "being nice" reason. :::eyeroll:::
What's the stupidest reason for not wearing a mask that you've heard?
Larimar comments on Jun 19, 2020:
The dumbest? I'd rather get it and get it over with. And just how do you know that you won't be one of the ones that dies??????
Some brilliant mind over at FoxNews decided to do a segment on how well the stock market does after ...
Larimar comments on Jun 6, 2020:
they've since apologized I've read.....too little too late
Life insurance saved my daughter's sanity and life.
Larimar comments on Jun 6, 2020:
This happens so much. I'm sorry Claire also endured this. Mine was always verbally abusive and manipulative for ten years. He completely changed in that time to go from being in a band and partying often to becoming extremely religious and, of course, I'm not going to be a good christian wife. Without that belief, it's a bit difficult. It got to the point that I was walking on eggshells constantly, and in fear. Nobody else ever sees this because when we'd go out to friends, he'd gotten my favorite drinks, held my chair, everything that connotes caring. The car drive home was always another matter, however. It boiled down to one incident of him becoming hands on but I know that once it's done, I won't live the next time. I got up with my son who had thankfully walked it at the opportune time and left. I went back once when I knew he wouldn't be home, took what I could fit in my car and three other vehicles of friends that came to help and never looked back. Fought him in court for two years to get divorced and he got remarried a week after it was final. It's been 8 years I had to fight him for contempt of court 3 times to get him to finish our decree as he owed my parents some $$ and he tried to not pay. It cost close to 20k in the end because he fought everything. It all ended as I had pushed for despite him attempting to get alimony out of me or attempting to get me to trade cars and give him one that I had made all the payments for at that point in time. You don't want to know the ignorant BS he tried for. Since then he has called my parents to attempt to get them on his side. My relationship with my folks isn't the best either and it hurts me that they allowed him to actually voice these accusations. Finally my mom has told him that she cannot convince me to change anything in the decree and that it has nothing to do with THEM. She's told him never to call again. When my dad died, I hadn't heard that he tried. To my knowledge he has surprisingly honored her request. I've had to endure stalking and his attempt to use friends to get information about me, along with a long list of other insidious and manipulative tactics. They aren't good people but thankfully not everyone is like that. I'm glad Claire has found her Shane! She'll heal and be fine. The world is sweet! All we can do is not let the bad ones in and appreciate the good when we find it.
Life insurance saved my daughter's sanity and life.
Larimar comments on Jun 5, 2020:
On both kids, I've given them the policies as they've matured. Signed it over. Mine wasn't as large as yours was but it's always a good idea. And divorces can get ugly, mine cost over 15k by the time it was said and done but I had to take him back for contempt THREE times.
This is how much damage a single rubber bullet can do.
Larimar comments on Jun 5, 2020:
The one journalist had on goggles, they aimed a head shot on purpose because they are targeting journalists, and it blew apart her eye through the goggles!!! She's permanently blind in that eye now. I can get a link if you'd like.
So - for those of you, like myself, who wouldn't mind finding a partner, it seems yet more ...
Larimar comments on Jun 5, 2020:
Not bothering. I should write a book with my attempts and massive fails I've been told. Maybe if I ever have any down time.
Peach Cream Pie Pie shell unbaked 6-8 peeled, pitted, sliced peaches, enough to fill pan 1/2 C.
Larimar comments on May 31, 2020:
Best with fresh peaches, btw....
[] new finds about the Spanish Armada in England.
Larimar comments on May 31, 2020:
What no one is considering....this is a very real possibility of how "black Irish" came about. My dad was mostly Irish, jet black hair, almost black eyes, and extremely swarthy skin. Very spanish looking.....
[] The Coral Castle
Larimar comments on May 28, 2020:
I'm such a "how did they build that" nerd!
[] The Coral Castle
Larimar comments on May 28, 2020:
How did you, or do you react to these 2 photos, and the stories behind them?
Larimar comments on May 27, 2020:
Those cops should go to jail and the other inmates shouldn't be kept away from them. I believe in a bit of vengeance. Kaep has been held back by the tea party beliefs and it pisses me off.
Life is hard, stress can be overwhelming, there's always more bullshit on the way, it's always going...
Larimar comments on May 24, 2020:
A good walk in woods or just sitting with my bare feet on the ground while quietly reading a good book with music does wonders.
So I decided to dry cloths at the laundromat.
Larimar comments on May 19, 2020:
I work in a place of 200 employees. It's me and about 4 others wearing masks. They've had one outbreak of 25 folks at the very beginning. Now that MO has loosened up restrictions, we're having more after a month of no new cases, four last week 7 this week.
Did you know your warranty is void when you buy it on Amazon?
Larimar comments on May 6, 2020:
Back in the 80's I bought a Singer, mid line model. Two years later it left marks on everything....rubber feed dogs. It would've cost close to what I paid for it to fix the problem. I traded it in on a $1500 Pfaff....I've done all the alterations for a bridal shop and everything else with this machine and rarely needed to have anything done to it. It's my machine for life.
Doing my first shift testing people for covid tomorrow wish me luck .
Larimar comments on Apr 29, 2020:
How's it going, Bob?
Doing my first shift testing people for covid tomorrow wish me luck .
Larimar comments on Apr 23, 2020:
Do what you can to stay safe!!!
What are we missing?
Larimar comments on Apr 19, 2020:
I don't see those as being necessary.
Karen believes she gave me COVID-19 after returning from Japan.
Larimar comments on Apr 15, 2020:
Sounds like a distinct possibility. We have questions about Covid19 and my father''s death in January from Pneumonia and sepsis type symptoms. High fever, the struggle breathing, the works.
The two biggest challenges that I have encountered in dating are women who smoke and women are too ...
Larimar comments on Apr 14, 2020:
I also can't be around smoke. Enough allergies as it is. I don't bother to date anymore. The prevalence of religious fanatics, hard core GOP, the ones only wanting to hop in the sack, and the druggies is not to my preference. I thought that I was being pretty open minded just looking for someone to get to know first, a little intelligence that would work as a team in time. Guess that was to much to ask for.
Searching for a soulmate is futile. Your thoughts?
Larimar comments on Apr 12, 2020:
I'd be happy with someone respectful, willing to work as a team, someone to bounce ideas off of and share thoughts without recrimination. I'm more concerned day to day with myself and doing what makes me happy. I'm totally ok by myself. There's no less in being single than there would be with a partner.
When did you first see who your child is as a person?
Larimar comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Claire sounds like me. My daughter was precocious and has most of my intelligence but lacks my non ability to see that I may not be able to do something. I can always figure it out and get it done no matter what. But she read at age two to the point you could show her the word in any book and she knew what it said. My son, however, has my mechanical ability but he tends to be lazy. He didn't do much with words for a long time because of repeated ear infections and hearing loss due to fluid. They're fun people though to be around! I think you always see them as a person but it takes awhile to figure out who and what that person is.
Highest rates of Unemployment projected since the great depression Are you or somebody close to you ...
Larimar comments on Apr 6, 2020:
My son was furloughed, now part time, but that could change in a heartbeat and he'd be going on unemployment
Is anyone else watching the new TV show "Unorthodox" on Netflix?
Larimar comments on Apr 5, 2020:
Watched the whole thing at once on Netflix. I enjoyed it. But if everyone would just be open enough to new to them ideas and other points of view I think it would help everyone. So many are stuck in religion and I just see them all as restrictive and accusing "others" of what they are themselves are guilty of.
Colorado AG steps in after Hobby Lobby defies COVID-19 stay-at-home order
Larimar comments on Apr 4, 2020:
I vote with my dollars, won't shop here or at Chick Fil A....some others as well.
My mother keep on telling me that I should believe in Christ.
Larimar comments on Apr 4, 2020:
Move on...not worth it
A raging example of why I've had quite enough of all this religious BS.
Larimar comments on Apr 4, 2020:
My mom attempts this BS, I have learned to immediately hang up, return the letter, whatever. This is allowing their abuse and I won't allow that anymore. I did warn my mom ahead of time and remind her each time she attempts it before I follow through. It's just not worth it.
Spring allergies, a cold or COVID-19?
Larimar comments on Apr 2, 2020:
The first of those two vaccines is brutal. I had it two years ago. I don't feel pain like most people (I've had a hole in my colon before and didn't feel it) but that vaccine site hurt...badly! It felt like the flu for about 3 days after. You have my sympathies. That's more than likely what you've dealt with. I came home today with low grade temperature. It's affected by Tylenol so I think it's only allergies. Bit of scratchy throat.. I'm doing Vitamin C and zinc and keeping an eye on per doc's instructions. Can't return to work until temperature free for 24 hrs.
[] Starry night spider
Larimar comments on Apr 1, 2020:
They're the size of a grain of rice????? I'd have trouble seeing any pattern
Today I set in and sewed the notched collar and lapels. Nerve-wracking.
Larimar comments on Mar 30, 2020:
You've done a great job!
Totally pointless random whine: Clarification Edit: below you shall find a jokey hyperbolic ...
Larimar comments on Mar 29, 2020:
Seems to go much slower after level 6
They are attached! I can tell a difference, not sure how many others can.
Larimar comments on Mar 29, 2020:
two more pics showing it in place. How evident is the difference? :(
Another try at online dating another reminder why I fucking gave this up.
Larimar comments on Mar 28, 2020:
I'm actually great alone. I value it to the point that it really doesn't take much evidence of someone showing abusive behaviors of any kind for me to just cut the cord. I'll point it out once and second time...buh bye!
[] Colonial era shipwreck known about but being published
Larimar comments on Mar 27, 2020:
I just cannot imagine seeing it there and not bothering finding out the entire story of it
And guys! Consider skills above beauty!!! Ladies! Update those Agnostic profiles!! 😎🍷🍷
Larimar comments on Mar 27, 2020:
I have many skills but I think I'm just fine doing them for myself though.
Like most of you (I am sure there are some exceptions), I am stuck in my house during these days of ...
Larimar comments on Mar 27, 2020:
Highly recommend reading the Federalist papers if you haven't already. They had influence in getting the Constitution ratified in the form that it is. To understand something, you've got to have background information and see the thought processes behind it. The anti federalist papers are their own animal. Comparing and contrasting the two is somewhat similar to what we are experiencing now.
While everything is taken place in the world right now, how many of you have starting talking to ...
Larimar comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Yeah, no
I hope we can be so civilized
Larimar comments on Mar 21, 2020:
read this recently myself!
What projects are you working on while shut-in?
Larimar comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I've got like four crochet projects going, a counted cross stitch project, innumerable books on kindle and overdrive media, and a stash of cotton that the hospital is asking folks to make masks out of for them. May as well donate it for a good cause.
Hi, I'm a new member.
Larimar comments on Mar 16, 2020:
[] Needle free vaccines soon
Larimar comments on Mar 8, 2020:
needles don't bother me, I give myself a B-12 injection weekly to stave off Pernicious Anemia. But I know some don't like them.
Some Atheists can be just as self righteous and judgmental as Christians/religious people.
Larimar comments on Mar 4, 2020:
No need, I tend to agree
I discover more and more that in any group of people, there's a tendency for it to fragment.
Larimar comments on Feb 15, 2020:
I love this thread. But the ability to be tolerant and accepting of others that are different does appear to be "sped up" of late. It's the hatred of the "other" that's being pushed.
Happy valentine's everyone. Homemade Danish for my office. Cherry, strawberry, and lemon curd
Larimar comments on Feb 14, 2020:
I think I blew the mind of a co worker. They asked the flavor in the Danish. Equal parts lemon extract and almond extract. "You can mix them???? " Seriously, people?
Guess what came in today's mail??!!
Larimar comments on Feb 13, 2020:
Lol, that's perfect
Anyone else find that there are very few agnostics where you live?
Larimar comments on Feb 9, 2020:
I'm in a heavy bible area....and I don't really care. I'm good by myself.
As an Aussie living in a mainly secular country I'm amazed and disheartened by the stories from ...
Larimar comments on Feb 1, 2020:
Many of us are disheartened daily, for ourselves and for your country's devastation. Hugs!
What are everyone’s thoughts on the ACA?
Larimar comments on Feb 1, 2020:
I have a few friends that this is the only way that they have insurance at all. One's son will die without it and they won't be able to be covered because it will be a pre-existing condition. Those that only see their own impact and not consider others...not my type of people. We need to get rid of the making a profit from healthcare. More industrial nations have healthcare than we do....because we let corporations make our government decisions.
Mechanically inept. Replaced a lamp on/off switch.
Larimar comments on Jan 19, 2020:
I was raised fixing everything. It would never occur to me that I wouldn't be able to fix it. Some things are made so cheaply today, however, that it's made to throw away.