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Some religious leaders get very wealthy from their churches.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 29, 2020:
The Mormon's tried unpaid clergy, it was an excuse just to divert all the cash to the leadership. I don't think you can design a better religion, because the concept is inherently flawed. A better religion is only ever going to be a polished turd, no matter how pretty you make it look it is still essentially a pile of shit.
75 years ago: People’s Republic of Yugoslavia proclaimed On November 29, 1945, the Federal ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 29, 2020:
Seeing children armed, uniformed and brainwashed breaks my heart.
Anagram for " Joe Biden " is " I need Job ". Should we worried about employment ?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 29, 2020:
Anagram for "Joseph Robinette Biden" is "I ripen the nose Job debt" Should we worried about cosmetic surgery prices?
VERBOSE - Adjective.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 29, 2020:
Mine own idiosyncratic and individualistic verbosity and lack of conciseness has upon numerous or even super numerous junctures has brought about and engendered criticisms, to a more abundant intensity than is, mayhap to mine own partiality? Translation: Yeah I've copped for that.
I wonder if my thought is true that a sequel to a horror genre will always be an action genre.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 29, 2020:
I don't think it really sets a precedent, for example it might be argued that Dawn of the dead is more action based than Night of the living dead, but not that Halloween 2 is more action based than Halloween. Your thesis is probably more applicable to science fiction/horror than to horror generally, that said of course in some cases, vampires for instance the whole genre has moved more toward Sci-fi/ horror anyway with films such as Ultraviolet , Priest and Day breakers.
Maggie Thatcher, first female Prime Minster of England, resigned this day in 1990: ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 28, 2020:
A day only surpassed in joy by 8 April 2013 when the news broke that the evil old baggage had finally fucking died.
I just found the first academic job that I am barred from applying for due to my lack of faith in ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 28, 2020:
Why would you want to work for such a disreputable establishment in the first place?
I would not doubt it!!!!
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 28, 2020:
"There are very fine people on both sides of the argument"
Nudism around the World: Africa, Asia and Oceania - Naked Wanderings
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Ironic that an article lauding the uninhibited, free, natural and unashamed lifestyle of the naturist, refused to show frontal nudity and even censors the cartoon boobs on a surf board.
Today's Mass Shooting Totals Gun violence has taken a sharp turn for the worst this year.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 27, 2020:
and yet still the US refuses to accept that their are systemic civil problems inherent in the societal system.
Trump Flips Out at Reporter in Thanksgiving Tantrum: “Don't Talk To Me That Way!” | Vanity Fair
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 27, 2020:
"I am d' pressy-dent, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, d' prezzy dunt! WAH!"
Why can't we all just be decent to each other? []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Perhaps we should do it like this?
my olde tyme bulldog puppy playing with one of my ten-year-old sharpei brothers. []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Is there any significant difference between the view that the existence of (fairies at the bottom of...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 27, 2020:
"I for one welcome our fairy overlords if, as and when they choose to reveal themselves." Kent Brockman
Number 6 😴
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 25, 2020:
I've woken up in all of those positions
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 25, 2020:
Spiral dance do a version of the witches chant as part of their track The Burning Time from the album "From the Mist -- A Retrospective" The chant starts at 4:11
The dog needs a Lab coat.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 25, 2020:
Is that Lab work with a built in Cat scan?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 25, 2020:
The irony being that this whole policy is totally against Trump's own interest, he being a mentally defective old fart, he is likely to be his own first victim.
November 25, 1986 As President Ronald Reagan announces the Justice Department's findings concerning...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 25, 2020:
The classic ballad of Olly North
Seriously? Can she really be this clueless? []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 24, 2020:
Like father like daughter, what a pair prize pillocks!
Is this a trick? If not, it's about time. []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 23, 2020:
He will never admit to having lost, and probably already has a book deal line up (and a ghost writer) about how democracy died when "they" stole the election from him. He has said that he is allowing the transition to "prepare", since there are threats being made to the team at the GSA, so as a humanitarian he is allowing some movement.
Covid baptismal protocols.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 23, 2020:
Feeling lucky Punk!
Is respect earned or simply demanded by the undeserving & Government desirous of destroying society?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 23, 2020:
"Respect" that is demanded under threat of consequence is a misnomer, a pathetic euphemism for intimidation.
Couth A word that many do not know as they are uncouth.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 23, 2020:
It used to be a running joke in the Beano comic to call naughty children an uncouth youth
Evangelical Mom in Canada Sues School Over Indigenous Smudging Ritual | Val Wilde | Friendly Atheist...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 22, 2020:
Well of course it is heathen blasphemous bullshit, those kids should be practicing ***decent rituals*** like the cannibalistic eating the flesh and blood of their man god king, and worshiping statues of his bloody mutilated body nailed to a plank!
Janis Ian - Married in London []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 22, 2020:
MY hero and inspiration the GREAT Janis Ian and I use that word advisedly
Timeless from Jake.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 22, 2020:
was going to post this myself lol
When I was small , Mom would read us stories from a book of Greek and Roman myths .
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 22, 2020:
As in the phrase "Trump is a disgusting narcissist!"
Regale verb (used with object) to entertain lavishly or agreeably; delight.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 22, 2020:
A word that has become very much associated with hunting stories, told by "brave" huntsmen about how they risked life and limb, armed only with semi automatic military grade weapons, lazer sights and a land rover they engaged in a life and death struggle with a deadly giraffe located *only* half a mile away.
I watched a few episodes of Quantico on Netflix last night.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 22, 2020:
Reminds me of a Missionary I met who was a former drug dealer who saw nothing wrong with "atoning" for past sins by using the money made from poisoning kids with crack to pay for his mission.
Tonight at my bedtime I’m leaving you with the epic double talents of Freddie Mercury and ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 21, 2020:
one of the all time greats
“We can’t direct the wind but we can adjust the sails”............Cora L.V. Hatch.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 21, 2020:
Cora L. V. Hatch said this in 1859 Thomas S. Monson was a lying, bigoted, homophobic fuckwit. An electrocuter of Mormon homosexual children with the blood of a thousand youth suicides on his hands. A man who never had an original thought in his life, who as the late prophet of the LDS church almost makes me wish there was a god, just so that there might be a hell for Monson to be burning in.
“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 21, 2020:
How blessed is the pessimist for he shall never be disappointed Anonymous
I'm not sure if this qualifies as a quote, it's pretty long.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 21, 2020:
very wise I had similar moments of epiphany myself.
How does your Government respond to highest level enquiries?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 20, 2020:
"800 citizens have been killed by the C19 virus" Our government would be jumping for joy if that were our death toll. as of today 54,286 have died of Covid 19 15,699 in elderly care homes Our government considers this a successful containment.
Our democracy is in great danger as long as the orange turd is in power.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 20, 2020:
I will be very surprised if he does not at least try to start a war before Christmas in order to declare marshal law and suspend the constitution. He is far from finished. "Tempt not a desparate man" Shakespeare Romeo and Juliette (Act V, Sc. III)
Anal Wax []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Everything we eat comes from somewhere and was once alive, or still is. Is it not cognitive dissonance to object to eating one living thing while happily munching down on another?
Pastor Wiles Warns Florida Liberals We’re Coming After You In a recent telecast to his many ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Pastor Wiles/ pasta willies
Yes Ivanka, as all investigators should be, ruthless.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Oh she is SO her father's daughter, dumb as fuck and as self entitled as a sinking boat load of millennial douches complaining about the the amount salt water in the prawn cocktail.
Comment from a CA trumper in Orange County regarding the curfew ordered by Governor Newsome from pm ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Another millennial genius from the generation who learned life from reality TV.
OH MY!!! Mei Ziang and the baby panda are finally two entities, doing what Mom and kids do! He's...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Trump probably thinks this is a Chinese plot to undermine the election by smuggling in multi ethnic, sino espionage agents inside illegal alien nationals disguised as bears carrying forged mail in ballots!
Watch your fingers Joe!
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 19, 2020:
That is feckin' WONDERFUL! Best laugh all day.
There is actually a book with that title! []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 19, 2020:
Love it
Whether or not God exists, Christopher Hitchens is still a scumbag
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 19, 2020:
OH fuck off, what a waste of time and eyesight.
One for Joe to read?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 18, 2020:
Oh dear me, someone read far to much Jean Baudrillard at university and did not understand a word of it. The very idea that Trump was some kind of nationalist messiah simply ignores the in indisputable fact that Trump is a selfish narcissist who does nothing for any kind of "Greater Good" but simply knows how to sell a pig in a poke to a hungry man on the promise that it will one day turn in to a bacon sandwich all by itself. Many have compared Trump to Nixon, but other than the fact that both were impeached there is very little similarity, Ms Chang in this article implies that they are of equal wit and sagacity,which they are not and that Trump has a legacy that will live on comparable to Nixon ending the Vietnam war "an honourable end..." that in time it has come to be realized was the right time, since it stopped sacrificing American lives and forced at least in part Vietnam to give up on communism simply because they could no longer afford it. Nixon's last act of honour was to resign when he knew he was beaten and preserve the dignity of the office, Trumps last act by comparison is to cling on to power as a drowning man will cling on to a barb wire fence, refusing to use the rope thrown to him for fear of it not matching his tie. Trump is not a patriot, he is not even a nationalist he is simply a used car salesman who knows the way to appeal to the widest demographic is not to offer quality or even quantity but to appeal to vanity, base instincts and snobbery. The Trump brand offers not economy, reliability or sturdiness, it offers false self esteem, the promise of admiration and the promise of consequence free, sheer, raw power. Once he has gone his legacy will be like that of Aldolf Hitler, not in that he committed atrocities, but in that he is best remembered by the jokes made about him. Like Hitler in the minds of many is Mel Brooks, Trump will be forever Alec Baldwin.
I was wondering where this term came from. Did anyone else know this?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 18, 2020:
Dawkins did name and introduce the concept of the meme in that way, but the idea of the Internet meme, a picture bearing information and humour owes far more and goes back far further to the 19th century mimeograph, a quick way of producing pictures from acid etched brass plates, used for made to order advertisements, joke cards and holiday souvenirs later replaced by picture postcards and photocopy machines.
Trump is determined leave America in the most vulnerable position possible since he was not ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 18, 2020:
He is calling home his praetorian guard because he believes the armed forces will protect their god king emperor when he refuses to leave his temple palace next January.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 18, 2020:
Will Mitch? I doubt anyone has been within six feet of him voluntarily for decades
I just heard that Guillani is getting $20,000.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 17, 2020:
Nothing, Trump does not deal in "good" anything.
Here's something to think about.....
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 17, 2020:
Prayer Because an omnipotent god knows what you want and need, but really likes to hear you beg for it.
Hello Bruce, I'm a "Nice" Evangelical | The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 17, 2020:
Fred Phelps, the perfect answer to the question "Can you show me the perfect example of a faithful Bible believing Christian?"
Can agnosticism be expanded to include all knowledge because nothing can ever be proven?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 17, 2020:
Agnosticism can be expanded to all things that have not YET been proven yes. However there are things that can never be proven to be true but can be proven to be false such as lies and things that can be proven to be true such as axioms and things which are conceptual that all fall outside of the realm of agnosticism in the true sense of the word. Agnosticism as a proper noun however is commonly held to apply uniquely to religion because as in so many other instance religion is given a privileged position in discursive dialog exempting it from commonly held rules of academia and intellectual study for no good or sound reason.
F. Scott Fitzgerald.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 17, 2020:
MY favourite story about Fitzgerald is related in David Niven's autobiography "The Moons a Balloon". In 1938 MGM had been using Fitzgerald as a staff writer and script doctor largely uncredited, but the studio decided that having such a famous writer on staff and not exploiting his name was unacceptable. As a result Fitzgerald was ordered to turn in a script for the next years big movie, an adaptation of "Raffles, the gentleman thief". It was believed that the famous book combined with the name of one of the countries greatest living writers would guarantee a sure fire hit. Fitzgerald did not want to do it and tried every way he could to get out of his contractual obligation all to no avail. So slow was he eventually the studio called in two stalwarts to "help" the great man John Van Druten who wrote the 1930 adaptation & Sidney Howard who had famously just saved the originally disastrous adapted script for "Gone with the Wind" at the request of his friend John Van Druten who had his name taken off the script after huge amounts of studio interference kowtowing to Margaret Mitchell the author of the book. Finally Fitzgerald delivered ten opening pages for a read through and everyone waited with baited breathe as Niven (Raffles) read out the great man's words. The scene opened in the apartment of A.J. Raffles, Raffles and Gwen (Olivia de Havilland) sit on a chez lounge, lit by candle light which makes her many diamonds sparkle. **Raffles** Close your eyes She does so demurely RAFFLES strokes her ear and ear ring **Raffles** Smile She does so seductively **Raffles** wider She prepares to be kissed **Raffles** That reminds me, could you give me the name of your dentist, I have a shocking toothache. Fitzgerald was fired on the spot.
Release the Turkraken.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 16, 2020:
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 16, 2020:
Who remembers Winifred Atwell?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 16, 2020:
Yes, she was great. Along with Fat's Domino and Eartha Kitt her records were played a lot in our house when I was a kid. Odd that while my dad was such a Bigot who hated "our tinted brethren" (his term not mine) he sure did love black music.
Athiests still culturally Christian ????
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 16, 2020:
Almost all "Christian" holidays are co-opted from older cultural or pagan celebrations any way. The Bible specifically warns against having decorated trees inside of your house to welcome the winter solstice, Easter is named after a pagan goddess and so on and so forth. There is no such thing as culturally Christian since CHRISTIAN CULTURE IS ALL PLAGIARISED ANYWAY. ***That which is good in Christianity is not original and that which is original is not good Bertrand Russell***
And the answer is---
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 15, 2020:
It doesn't, it is equally disturbing either way trapping yourself in a one sided relationship is a sign of of low self respect and obsessive behaviour.
Jehovah’s Witnesses Forced a Teen to Listen to Audio of Her Own Rape | Val Wilde | Friendly ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 15, 2020:
Where the fuck are and were her parents? How could they possibly condone this?
Over 74K alleged sex abuse victims file claims against the Boy Scouts
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 15, 2020:
If that just in the USA what might it be world wide?
In the last few days, there have been a number of posts being being posted over and over several ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 15, 2020:
***"NO, the same post by the same person is what I am talking about"*** Posted ***3*** times on the same thread by the same person and the irony is NOT noticed? 😃😃😃😃😃
Ezekiel 23:20 (NIV): There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 15, 2020:
'E-yor-te not to have said that
Luke 14:26-28: English Standard Version - If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 15, 2020:
Sounds like a cult leader to me.
DUENDE doo-EN-dey Part of speech: noun Origin: Spanish, late 19th century 1: A quality of ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 14, 2020:
Literally the Spanish word for Elf.
What would Jesus say?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 14, 2020:
What would Jesus say? "OW yer fecking bastards, those feckin' nails really feckin' hurt, OW!!!"
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 14, 2020:
There is also the homonym Googly pronounced gog-eL-ee meaning the opposite of cross eyed, where the eyes face in diffent directions at the same time from goggle-eyed sometimes called long cross eyed
Sultans Of Swing Gayageum ver. by Luna []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 13, 2020:
I've been a big fan of Luna for years now, she is amazing
Me too. It's a fucking cult!
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 13, 2020:
I'd call that's a big yes
Evangelical said COVID-19 might be a 'wake-up call' from God for female 'fornication' dies of ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 13, 2020:
St. Nelson says :-
Although I don't believe the world is ending soon , I believe there's a God, a force that has power ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 12, 2020:
I think... you should try it.
Is 45 planning to attempt to suspend the Constitution and declare himself a dictator?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 11, 2020:
To be honest it would not surprise me, were he to try it.
Vintage! Lilian Bond (1926) Photographed By Alfred Cheney Johnston
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 10, 2020:
This is ACJ's infamous picture of Louise Brook, the original flapper girl from the same era
Vintage! Lilian Bond (1926) Photographed By Alfred Cheney Johnston
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 10, 2020:
Unlikely Lillian Bond was born in 1908, in 1920 she would have been 12 years old. That Pic is almost certainly from her days s a Zeigfield girl, placing it between 1926 and 1929.
Those elitist Democrats! They just can't relate to ordinary people.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 10, 2020:
I wonder if Joe Biden allows *his* dog up on the piano? Just asking.
Posting as a reminder of GOP concern for election integrity: Senate GOP blocks three election ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 10, 2020:
So Trumps objections to electoral integrity amount to the old card sharps excuse upon losing ***"I know you were cheating, because those are not the cards I dealt you!"***
Did you know?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 10, 2020:
False dichotomy a gun is not a sentient entity and so cannot accidentally kill people, a doctor is and can You are only counting *accidental* deaths by fire arms *users* no one is legally a professional fire arms user, therefore the comparable amount of professional fire arms users compared to the amount of professional doctors is 700,000 : 0 which of course is going to mean Doctors kill more people through negligence or accident than professional gun users. Comparing victims of guns and medical personable is a slightly more fair comparison. On average 1378440 people in the USA die from fire arms every year, not counting those who survive being shot. Which is 0.42% of the total population the percentage of the total population deaths by medial negligence (according to your figures) is 0.0036% The actual number of licenced physicians in the USA is 985,026 (0.021) deaths per doctor per annum
I think this might be a joke but I'm not quite sure?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 9, 2020:
Nah, Trump is not really a billionaire.
Air Water []
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 9, 2020:
So it is a dehumidifier with a filter and a tap added.
“You are not entitled to your opinion.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 9, 2020:
'Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan
The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 9, 2020:
"the **sun** of the squares of the other two sides."?😳
Deer Republican atheists,if you received an email requesting donations for a defense fund for Donald...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 9, 2020:
Deer Republican
The sad story of Mary Heaton who after two years of tutoring the Anglican vicar's demanded payment ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 9, 2020:
Not uncommon, during the Victorian period calling someone insane was the replacement for calling "witch" once accused there was little you could do to prove yourself "innocent" and incarceration in a lunatic asylum was invariably for life. Nagging wives, political undesirables, and aristocrats known to have committed crimes or have made embarrassing blunders such as giving large donations to charity, all ended up in one of the many "hospitals". At one time Bethlehem hospital (from where we get the word Bedlam) and Nut Hatch asylum in London we filled with people who had shown homosexual tendencies, suffragettes, or had been seduced by royalty and given birth, when the aristocracy needed them to be kept quiet. The definitions of insanity where very elastic and could range from eating "inappropriate" foodstuffs, to disagreeing with social norms or slandering your "betters" all obvious indications of a diseased mind.
God Is Dead: the Phrase Associated With Nietzsche
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 7, 2020:
The more accurate translate would be "God is extinct" The word Nietzsche used was Tot, which is a scientific term meaning extinct or expired but is used colloquially to mean dead, if he had meant deceased the word would have been verstorben, gestorben or abgestorben. The phrase came from a discussion on the enlightenment and how in light of it, religion was a pointless exercise.
And they are asking only $AU150 for it! 😀😁🤣🤣🤣🤣
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 7, 2020:
I don't get it, what is funny?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 7, 2020:
This is an interesting word, often confused with Woe Begone (to Cheer up) but has a completely different root. Bigo/bego is middle English meaning to overwhelm rather than Be-gone (be outside of my perception)
Some thoughts on broadening the appeal of Agnostic.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 7, 2020:
I have found a very useful maxim to be very useful and invariably correct. Given to me by my Grandfather it runs:- "If it ain't broke, DON'T try and fix it!"
Mutated coronavirus in Danish mink results in country wide minkicide.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 6, 2020:
We were being assured in February that Covid 19 was a very stable virus and slow to mutate, now we find it has mutated twice i the last 10 months, there is no way this is simply going to "go away"
Quaff. To drink heartily. I often use this word in conjunction with a good Merlot or Pinotage.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 6, 2020:
often associated with roistering "the Valkyries carried him off to Valhalla for some quaffing and roistering.”
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 6, 2020:
Reminds me of Vainglorious unjustified self pride.
If we use the old-fashioned meaning for the word 'ejaculate', could we call Trump's declaration a.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 6, 2020:
Literally from from Latin ejaculari "to throw out or shoot out from the body"
My mother's brother is in the hospital with some sort of bleeding issue.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 5, 2020:
MY mother was always coming out with this crap about "when your time comes" and "There is an alloted time when gawd will call you home" and so forth. If that was the case gawd must have had a right good laugh when he decided to take her causing her to fall off the toilet and end up face down on the bathroom floor with her knickers round her ankles and her nose wedging the door shut.
Black hole revelations win the 2020 Nobel Prize in physics | Science News
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 5, 2020:
This might be an explanation for the Lambda constant, a theory Einstein considered his biggest blunder, one however that post-mortem turned out to be right after all.
BONHOMIE ba-nə-MEE Part of speech: noun Origin: French, late 18th century 1: Cheerful ...
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 4, 2020:
An English variation on the French bon hommie "good fellow"
Maine is still in play thanks to rank choice voting. [newscentermaine.]
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 4, 2020:
access denied
I got a notification that someone responded to a comment i made (it said so and so 3 mins ago).
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 4, 2020:
Happens all the time, especially if the comment has been edited.
Thaumaturge: one who practices magic or sorcery.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 4, 2020:
Hence Thaumatology the academic study of magical practices, as a branch of anthropology.
Who said it?
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 3, 2020:
The Doctor Doctor Who series three episode ten "Blink"
Leviathan noun anything of immense size and power.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 2, 2020:
In some traditions Leviathan is one of the seven princes of Hell, and is the demon of envy and coveting.
It looks like Republicans are proud to be jerks.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 2, 2020:
Just want to encourage everyone to exercise patience while ALL votes are counted.
LenHazell53 comments on Nov 2, 2020:
It is why the transfer of power is after xmas, dating back to the days when the voting results and votes of the electoral college would have to Delivered to Washington via pony express or stage coach, in those days they wanted to be sure EVERY vote honestly cast was honestly counted.


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