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“If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many it’s ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 9, 2022:
Sir Terry Pratchett, when threatened by Warner Bros films legal dept for plagiarizing J.K. Rowling. Dear Sirs you are quite right in that I stole her idea for a wizarding school 26 years before she wrote about it, fortunately for me however prophesy is not recognised in UK and US courts.
Two halves of a whole cat.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 9, 2022:
The pet of Harvey "Two face" Dent and catwoman?
Michael Flynn should be in jail instead of out making money on the religious political circuits.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 9, 2022:
A Royal or Presidential Pardon was invented to clear the name of innocent people wrongly convicted and who usually had been executed and so had no other recourse to justice other than a postmortem pardon. The other normal use was for someone (usually in wartime) who had committed a clearly criminal event but as the lesser of two evils, in order to save life or to be of service to the nation or the world as a whole. It was never meant to be a get out of jail free card for the buddies of leaders, clearly guilty people taking the fall for their leaders or basically hired assassins. It is THE most abused leaders privilege in the world allowing would be dictators and tyrants to ride rough shod over their own judiciary
Unbelievable! When will people wake up?[]
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 9, 2022:
"Land of the free" unless of course you want to be free from assholes with guns killing your kids, drug companies who want to profit from keeping you sick rather than cure you and lunatic ex-presidents inciting civil war and selling state secrets to your enemies.
Here's my question, how did god come up with <120 years for living as a human?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 9, 2022:
There is a Greek fable that when the gods created the animals they offered them all fifty years of life, the donkey did not want 50 years as a beast of burden, so thirty were taken from him, the dog did not want fifty years of growing old and pain he just wanted his youth, so forty were taken from him, but when man was offered fifty he said that was not enough, so god gave him the thirty from the donkey to have as a time to work hard, but man was still not satisfied so god gave him the forty from the dog to play in his youth and rest in his old age. Man however was still not satisfied so the gods gave him a mind and imagination to try and find other ways to extend his life for himself.
Mistakenly drop that here…….
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 7, 2022:
So this is you? Is it? 'Cos this is where that picture is from! 100 percent Real Pics! No Bait and Switch Are you stressed and need Some hot reliever? I’m a horny mature girl, I love squirting ๐Ÿ’ฆand I give the best ****..I Wanna fulfill your widest sexual fantasies ๐Ÿ‘… I’ll satisfy you with my service such as Angled Doggy,Twisted spoon position,The Cat position.Chair position.,Maypole position.,Twist and shout position,Cradled cowgirl position ,Double-decker position. I can ride your cock ๐Ÿ† till you beg me to stop., I’m ๐Ÿ’ฏ honest and sincere lady you’d ever love to meet ๐Ÿ˜ I’m available all day and night for incall and outcall... text me for unforgettable experience ๐Ÿ’‹ Ready Now๐Ÿ‘…๐ŸญNaughty Fun๐Ÿ’‹My Place Or Yours๐Ÿ’‹ my cell number: (717) 251-1027 ,my Snapchat๐Ÿ‘ป: maryjames1919….Google
What are some conversations that can only happen between two British people?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 7, 2022:
Or in the North of England "If you fall down and break your leg...Don't come running to me for help" "Don't look at me in that tone of voice!" "I'll make you smile on the other side of your face" "Come on get off" "Hang on, listen, can you smell something funny" "Listen buddy, you're no friend of mine, but that old bastard he's my best mate" "it's old news that he's pretty ugly but for an old boy, but well a nods as good as a wink to a black cat in a coal cellar with the lights off and snow on the roof doesn't mean no fire in the grate, if you know what I mean"
What are some conversations that can only happen between two British people?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 7, 2022:
Ist Irishman: (answering a knock at his door) Oh hello Micheal 2nd Irishman: Are you at home or is this not your house? 1st Irishman: 'tis my house 2nd Irishman: Well then It's no wonder that you are the spitting image of yourself. I've come to the wrong house 1st Irishman: Ah that'll be the case, do you have time for a drink? 2nd Irishman: I do that 1st Irishman: then you've not come to the wrong house. *Some time and half a bottle of Jameson's later* 1st Irishman: Where was it you were wanting to be anyway 2nd Irishman: I was want to visit old O'leary, he's awful poorly, in bed under the doctor with his leg they say. Would you know how I get there 1st Irishman: Oh that's a long ways off, and I'll tell you this, you don't want to be starting from here! 2nd Irishman: Oh right then, I'll head home and try again in the morning.
ROZZER - Noun….
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 7, 2022:
It could be argued that "The Bow Street Runners" and the "the Bow Street Horse Patrol" established by the Fielding brothers in 1749 and 1763 repectively, preceded both and were the original Rozzers, so called because of their distinctive "Rouge" tunics later replaced by more covert red waist coats. Head quartered at Bow Street court the "Red Breasts" or "Rozzers" worked nationally to apprehend criminals, serve writs and investigate crimes. In 1839 they were absorbed in to the Metropolitan police as the "Police Detective Agency" the PDA which in time became the C.I.D.
TRUMPITE BAN A New Mexico state court judge ruled Thursday that Couy Griffin, the founder of the ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
If this becomes precedent it means that the secret service agent who insisted on driving Trump home did us no favours. If Trump had set foot in the capitol on that day, this provision would have applied to him and he could never run for any office ever again :(
Swain noun A male admirer or lover.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
Swain and Swine have the same root etymology the English swan meaning "shepherd, swineherd," and Old German swein meaning a "farm hand/ labourer" Swine being applied to pigs comes from swein herder (boy/servant herder) , meaning a generic herder of animals (boy meant servant up until the 18th century Girl was the term for a prepubescent child a nave girl being male and a gaye girl being female) That which was herded by a swein herder became the swine and in time this was applied uniquely to pigs. Pigge/pig (Boar male sow female pigge infant) was was returned to favour in time when using Germen words became unfashionable. Swein became Swain for a servant in a noble house simply to avoid using vulgar terms in polite society replacing Squire. As a term for a suiter one was expected to attend on ones lady as if you were her servant, becoming her Swain
I ran onto this article while trying to find out whether or not wizards were ever burned at the ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
There were many male witches burned, hanged and drowned in Europe, witchcraft was considered an heretical religion and so was subject to the same punishments as any other heretic. Wizard is a title and originally had nothing to do with magic (unless it was to study it from the outside for the purposes of fighting it) Wyz simple means wise or learned and -ard one who does or practices and was seen as comparable with the biblical 3 magi, so were spared the fate of witches and those of more provocative terms such as sorcerer, thaumaturge, necromancer, alchemist. Just as an aside male witches were always simply known as that until the 1960s when the TV show Bewitched decided that men could not be called witches because it was a "female" term and so replaced it with Warlock. In Scotland Warlock was a legal term used in witch hunting and trials for one who aided and abated witches but was not one themselves. Warlock simply and literally means Oath Breaker Old Norse varar and germen Schwur(sh'war) both from the Latin lurare meaning to swear a "solemn promise, vow" and Latin Luscus ‘One-Eyed’ or blind Someone who breaks or is blind to their baptismal vows a blasphemy, therefore a warlock was a heretic.
Is this true that you, Americans, don't spread butter/margarine on bread when you make sandwiches?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
It varies these days depending on how I feel. However there is one exception were the recipe has to be adhered to exactly The perfect corned beef sandwich Two thick home cut slices of bloomer bread (door steps as we call them) (***never*** pre sliced bread) Real slightly salted butter (Never margarine) spread thickly on bother inside faces (ideally this could be home made too). Sliced red salad onions Two thick slices of corned beef Tomato sauce or ketchup, on the upper slice at least two tea spoons, or alternately serve the sandwich with a mug of Heinz Tomato soup for dunking Build the sandwich, compress slightly and cut in to quarters Enjoy. Add salad to taste, and toast the outside of the bread if you like a crunch.
Still on the books? ๐Ÿค”
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
That is priceless
Not just the Kangaroos!
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
With penguins riding on their backs?
This phrase really never made any sense.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
Years of education, a decade of medical school, a life time of work and experience and these bastards thank their own imagination.
Ahoy there, kinda scary...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
Charon has gone up market these days
Jesus! Just look at that face!
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
You want an expression like that? You need two thistles in the pink and six ice cubes in the stink.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
I am shocked! Shocked I tell you!
i used this word in a reply today, and realized I did it again.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
"Smokin' in the Boy's Room " was released in 1973.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
All also from 1973, see if you can work them out. Touch me in the morning (I'm giving consent now) Diana Ross Testicle and shaved pubis city limits by Tina Turner Subjectively Judged twice Leroy p.o.c. Jim Croce I have no right to judge the size of your genital by The Sweet Ramblin' person of indeterminate gender The Allperson Sibling Band
I tried hard but just had to share this with you in between rofl's:
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 6, 2022:
First battalion of the Korean blow Job regiment welcomes Kim Jong-un on an imperial visit
MeidasTouch - BREAKING: Corrupt Trump Judge IGNORES LAW and Rules for Trump in Mar-a-Lago Search...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 5, 2022:
More on this madness
Is anyone familiar with "Vision Church at Christian International?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 4, 2022:
Greg Locke founded and heads this "church" as sole leader. Greg Locke is a bigoted, hate mongering, Trump supporting, arrested six times and placed on probation five times, wife divorcing secretary marrying, covid denying, anti-vax, fuckwit He brands himself as the “outspoken pastor that is unashamed of the gospel of Jesus, who refuses to bow to the politically correct idols of our culture.” His personal motto is “ripe for revival and ready for war.” and he means it, having declared his intent to have his followers rise up in armed revolt, should Trump not be given back the presidency that was stolen from him.
Professor Dave Explains - Wal Thornhill is a Complete Fraud (Thunderbolts Project Debunked) ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 4, 2022:
Stopped watching after he made four mistakes and told two outright lies in the first few minutes. The actual worrying thing about about Wal Thornhill is that if you explore some of his foundation work (After weeding out the Immanuel Velikovsky crap,) and compare it with with Plasma Cosmology, then stop calling it EU cosmology the two are almost indistinguishable and Hannes Alfvén and Louis-Eugène-Félix Néel who postulated **Plasma cosmology** and won the Nobel prize for it in 1970. Plasma Cosmology lead them to the discovery of Solid State matter which is now the basis behind computer memory and Solid state drives and provides the only viable alternate theory to the Big Bang. Though Thornhill (who IS a physicist his degree is in Physics and Electrical engineering) knew Velikovsky and even spoke at his funeral, David Talbott was Velikovsky's protégé and he co authored Thornhils first book, acknowledging Velikovsky's contribution while largely debunking him as a product of his time limited by the science available to him.
Fauna noun The animals of a given region or period considered as a whole.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 4, 2022:
Usually used in conjunction with flora
Donald Trump has called President Joe Biden an "enemy of the state": []
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 4, 2022:
Poor Biden that must be as frightening as being savaged by a dead hamster
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 4, 2022:
From the Latin Ob- (facing, in front of, toward ) as in obverse (the heads sign of a coin) and Via a path or a road and -te suffix denoting state or condition, So a metaphor being in the state of choosing the right path, or avoiding the wrong path
Self love is something we all need to practice however this picture looks like suicide instead.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 4, 2022:
The line between self love and narcissism is as narrow as a hair on Patrick Stewart's head
Will this ultimately result in a health catalyst to break the current cycles of infection from ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 3, 2022:
Yup coat everything in this muck and sit back and watch a whole generation of people grow up developing NO natural immunity to anything, who are invalided by the common cold and die of the first bout of flu they catch. Two generations on and it a society of people living in sealed rooms wrapped in cotton wool for fear of a splinter or a graze resulting in an infection, amputation and death.
Menology noun a record or account arranged in the order of a calendar.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 3, 2022:
Originally from the Greek "menologion" a religious calender used by the early Greek Orthadaox church marking observable saints days (about 80 of them) and potted biographies of said saints and the methods by which they should be worshiped.
NUBILE - Adjective….
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 3, 2022:
Also related to the name of the ancient country and empire of Nubia, an African state neighboring Sheba (modern day Ethiopia) the name of which in their own language meant literally the Golden land, hence Nubians (the golden People). When the Empire fell to first the Hittites, then the Egyptians and eventually Rome, Nubian Slaves (especially females) were highly sought after as the most beautiful slaves highly skilled in the erotic arts, especially by the rich who liked to boast even their Nubile slaves were golden. The word became a bi-word for marriagable women, women resembling Nubians in looks or actions or skills were worth a lot more as chattels and this perhaps is the origin of the term a golden girl perhaps?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2022:
There is an English expression from the post war years "Living on Maudlin street" basically meaning a miserable person . Hence in the 1959 comedy film Carry On Teacher the name of the school is "Maudlin Street secondary modern school" ( for those who don't know a secondary modern was the type of school used as a dumping ground for those who failed their 11+ exam and so were not eligible for Grammar School)
Poll: In your personal opinion, is Donald J. Trump guilty of treason?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 1, 2022:
Treason Start this at 0:15 and go on to 1:04 then this is the out come I want at Trumpties trial
Atheist take marriage seriously.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 1, 2022:
Not surprising when you have that many sins to blame your partner for, whereas as an atheist those same "sins" are just natural everyday behaviour
There is little doubt that the murder of Daria Dugina was an act of terrorism perpetrated on behalf ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 1, 2022:
War in the 21st century The use of the near infinite resource of nationalist morons, weaponised by stochastic terrorist websites and loud mouth social media shit stirring troublemakers let loose on the guilty and innocent alike without the inconvenience of law, order, justice, TRUTH or trial. None charging, idealistic assassins by the truck load, just waiting for the right hint from their favourite "influencer" to set out on their own holy, political crusade to ride the world of those who dare question the wisdom and infallibility of the populist opinion of the moment.
USA - the world's most dangerous terrorist.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 1, 2022:
The problem is that a freedom fighter, a resistance fighter, a terrorist and a participant in a military police action all come under the same definition and which epithet is attached is a very subjective decision. Until of course a war is declared and then all bets are off and all is "fair". Even more so when you declare some foney baloney war on a concept, such as drugs, terror and Christmas
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 1, 2022:
It used to be a trope in old gangster movies that some hulking henchman would be told to put a lien on someone who owed money and would literally lean on them, until they agreed to pay.
Lucy Colman; who lived to a ripe age of 89 through most of the 1800's said this;
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
Of course she is quoting out of context and should abide by 1 Timothy 2:12
Children’s Hospital Targeted Amid Right Wing Anti-Trans Hate [youtu.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
Right wing ideology relies upon demonization of a minority group, a scapegoat to be blamed for all the perceived ills of the world, a focus for hate and violence as a rallying point and a PR tool. At the moment it is Trans people but has been Witches Single parent families Jews Muslims Immigrants Gay people Fat people Pornography Falsely accused paedophiles Feminists Sex workers Communist by fascist Fascists by communists Catholics Protestants Mormons Freemasons Jehovah's witnesses POC The Irish Red Haired People Fiction writers Reporters and journalists Short People Germans Ex-cons Women Men The Japanese Enemies of the people The rich The poor the middles classes Comedians Other right wing groups who are doing it wrong!!! In fact anyone you can think of has by someone else been demonized and blamed for everything by someone else, usually someone who has been previously persecuted and wants to get their own back.
Everybody's a critic
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
I love that.
Never have I ever..
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
Despite being an avid fan and collector of horror films I have never seen or owned a copy of "The Exorcist" I have however read WP Blatty's novel.
Can anyone tell why Election-Deniers are so sure Trump won the last election?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
Simple, following their glorious leader's example WAH!!! I didn't get what I wanted WAH!!!!
Cognoscenti plural noun persons who have superior knowledge and understanding of a particular ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
Fans of the Eurovision song contest tend to use this word to define themselves
It seems like every major injury I've had stems from this cause.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
True dat
Texas lawmaker: Those Arabic 'In God We Trust' posters don't count!
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
***"But Bryan Hughes is now trying to fix the problems he created.*** ***In a letter to the state’s Commissioner of Education Mike Morath, Hughes elaborates on his intentions. He says that the wording of the law requires posters to say “In God We Trust” in English because that’s the way it’s written in the law itself. "*** There was a joke when I was a kid that according to English speakers there are only two languages in the world English and Foreign and that was only so because non English speakers are smelly, stupid and too lazy to learn English. Typical that a racist joke from the 1960s is now a Texas State Senator
Don Jr.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2022:
***Wisdom and goodness to the vile seem vile; Filths savour but themselves ... Humanity must perforce prey on itself,*** The Tragedy of King Lear Act IV, Scene 2 William Shakespeare
Many years ago a group of us went to this.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2022:
A lot of the women on my wife's side of the family have a turned in right eye that needed surgical correction they blame it on French ancestry, my mother in law's family name was Cockatrice
Gangsta's Paradise - Vintage 1920's Al Capone Style Coolio Cover ft.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2022:
love it
NCAA Basketball Player Cameron Brink is 6'5"
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2022:
Nice, but might benefit from some mars bars and pork pie now and then
A lawyer, A priest and a scout Leader with his troupe are on a plane.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2022:
When you know you *should* not laugh,
Good night all.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2022:
All of those examples ARE things
A little of this but hopefully a lot more of that
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2022:
The morons will take to the streets? Good then we will know who they are even without their silly red noddy caps.
Republican Heads Spinning As Biden Calls MAGA Thugs ‘Semi-Fascist’ Prominent Republicans ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2022:
Amazing, a politician get something almost right and then tells the truth about it... no wonder he is getting flack from other "Polly wanna crackers" and shocked incredulity from the public. "Truly, we are through the looking glass" Lewis Carroll
Let's talk about the predictions about Trump's indictment.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 29, 2022:
Starting to look less and less likely, with Florida US District Judge Aileen Cannon today ignoring legal protocol and agreeing in principle to grant Trump his special Master, to oversee the documents seized from margarine larger and in effect bringing to a screeching halt to the FBI investigation while he or she does so. Trump is rallying his "you owe me a favour" brigade
Brattice noun any temporary wooden fortification, especially at the top of a wall.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 29, 2022:
We in Britain had structures a Motte and Bailey basically a temporary castle, so the perhaps the Bailey part contributed to the word. Today a Brattice is a coal mining term for a temporary partition
This is a truth, I will never understand why some of us believe in religions that were forced on us!
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 28, 2022:
**"(W)e will establish our religion with the sword. We will trample down our enemies and make it one gore of blood…from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. I will be to this generation a 2nd Muhammad, whose motto in treating for peace was 'the Al-Qur’an or the sword.’ So shall it be with us"** Joseph Smith (1st prophet of the LDS Church) Nauvoo 1838 plus ça change
A feeling came upon me.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2022:
What say I? I say that I think you are on the wrong site as phrases such as "If one holds the set of beliefs do they not have a God?" smacks of religious trolling
Scientology. Well, at least that have that one good thing going for them...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2022:
They would say that, but abuse in Scientology is as prevalent as it it is in any other bat shit crazy religion, that is to say all religions
Star Trek fans, we have to help.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2022:
Today, in 1872, the last Indian war east of the Mississippi ended with the capture of Black Hawk.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2022:
Typical UK/US Hubris, an enemy surrendering is not as triumphant as giving Johnny foreigner "a damn good thrashing"
The tale of the Sloth....
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2022:
Maybe he got a lift in a kangeroo's pouch or a flying penguin carried him?
Sharks: We've been here long before you existed. ๐Ÿ˜
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2022:
Shark infested custard on the other hand, is a different matter entirely.
It says in the bible, beware of false prophets and false teachers ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2022:
Also Nostradamus predicted that the third Anti-Christ (after Hitler and Napoleon) would garb himself in a blue turban (Blue being in Europe the colour of the politically right wing) with his mark of evil upon it Nostradamus was Italian born, French by naturalization, spoke fluent Greek, Hebrew and Latin. Apropos of nothing Maga in old Italian means black magic worker, in medieval French means a man of business, in Greek means a shop owner, in Latin means a worker of magic and in Hebrew means one who touches or grabs
FURBELOW - Noun…a gathered strip or pleated border of a skirt or petticoat “the trains of the...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2022:
There is a folk etymology as to how falbala (French) and farbello (provicial French) was coarsely *punned* in to English as a fur-below, but it is in VERY poor taste and perhaps here is not the place to discuss it.
Another time I tried to make a difference.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2022:
Imagine if this was by all checkouts in a supermarket Dear Customer The checkout operator at this till station is currently on a diet Therefore if your purchases contain cookies or sweets they will not be able to serve you, as we respect their right to believe you are a greedy fat bastard, sent by the devil to tempt them away from their righteous path. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you lard ass The management.
What is the reasoning/logic behind some religions demanding celibacy from their priests?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2022:
That picture reminds me of the Eton boys School joke, that is someone yelled out for the "Head Boy" half of the school would kneel down
THIS IS TOTALLY NUTS !! Trump files motion seeking "special master" to view Mar-a-Lago evidence ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2022:
Update Florida judge and Trump appointee Judge Aileen M. Cannon sent back Trump's filing to his "Legal Team" basically saying "this rubbish, take it away do it again and then send it to another judge who is actually involved with the case, because I have no time for this inept garbage."
Trump files nonsensical brief attacking DOJ/Mar-a-Lago search warrant; Judge tells him to try again ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2022:
I think I am in love with guy's brain
Cause you know, Hilter Youth were "Morally Responcible".. []
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 24, 2022:
The problem with morals are that they are subjective Being the biggest shit in sewer makes you a saint in the eyes of all the little shits.
On Michael Gove’s announcement of his leaving government to reside in future on the back ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 24, 2022:
WOW a British politician actually becoming aware of the wishes of his constituents, or a professional politico simply deciding he has played the system enough to retire and enjoy the spoils of his career?
THIS IS TOTALLY NUTS !! Trump files motion seeking "special master" to view Mar-a-Lago evidence ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 24, 2022:
To update, the text of Trumps filing has been released and his request for a special master (an actual but near obsolete legal term) is based on his contention that many of the documents are subject to "executive privilege" and therefore are his personal property. Also that had the national archive asked he would have returned all the documents, and further that continued persecution of former president Trump is causing national unrest and that therefore the matter should either be dropped or carried out under the auspices of a Trump appointed special master to "assist" with the "Defusing mounting pressure" 1) Executive privilege only applies to serving presidents 2) All documents produced in the Whitehouse are property of the national archive and the ***current*** president 3) The Nation archive DID request the return of the documents in full several times, Trump refused t give them back 4) Trump is not being persecuted, he is being legitimately investigated 5) Making threats and trying to blackmail the current administration with veiled hints of civil war is not making his assholiness look any better.
Tuesday has turned into a beautiful day…a gem of a day as I predicted earlier…let’s continue ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2022:
Yeah of course it was ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค
X in the sky? What does it mean????๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ Any ideas?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2022:
It means two planes very nearly had sex
Trumpistan fashion of the day
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2022:
OP was lucky that was all they got, could have gotten VD, 5 to 10 years inside or irreparable damage to their credibility
CALIGINOUS - Adjective…dark, dim, or misty; obscure or murky.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2022:
This really fascinating In Roman history Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus the emperor, was known commonly and eventually historically as Caligula, the common explanation for this is that as a child he often marched with his father's legion and became known as "Little Boots" Caliga (boot)Ula (small) However the nick name came about only after Caligula's father Germanicus died under very mysterious circumstance during the Antioch campaign, while sleeping in a tent, he was poisoned with his only son present, who saw nothing. Though the main suspect for the assassination was Piso, on the promise of becoming emperor and the chance to clear the name of his disgraced father. However later Caligula claimed he ploted to kill emperor Tiberius and that this would not be his first assassination. This makes me thing the nick name Caligula may have been a pun on Caligo (dark, obscured) and Caliga (boot)
I need to post this often.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2022:
This exactly why first past the post democracy is a deeply flawed system, as only those who participate in voting are considered to exist. In a true democracy the votes cast on either side must be considered as a percentage of the entire potential electorate with a win being decided on a situation where 50% of the entire electorate + 1.5%. The UK Brexit referendum was a prize example of this The potential electorate was approximately 55,000,000 17,000,000 (approx) voted to leave 31% (rounded down) 16,500, 000 (approx) voted to remain 30% (rounded down) 21,000,000 (approx) abstained 39% (rounded down) Meaning approximately 69% of the population of 4 countries were completely ignored for either disagreeing or refusing to participate in a total farce. Even if we count only those who did vote 50% voted to leave 49.25% voted to remain Meaning 0.75% of those who chose to vote made the decision for 100% of the total population This we call democracy.
CROWBAR Not really an uncommon word, but WHY is it called a CROWBAR?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2022:
Thanks for this, I had assumed the crow was from the old French croc meaning hook, but I like this etymology much better
He's got a point there!!!
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2022:
I'm on a diet so YOU cannot have a biscuit!!!!
Please remember that Donald Trump is not a crook.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 20, 2022:
Ha dat's a guddun, tell us another
WHATABOUTERY (also known as WHATABOUTISM) - Noun….
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 20, 2022:
Often preceded with "HUH Well you can talk..."
Meliorism noun the doctrine that the world tends to become better or may be made better by ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 20, 2022:
Note the use of the word WORLD in the definition, not the planet, not the earth. World is a particularly hard word to define, but I tend to lean toward "human existence and the affairs of human life," We might practice selfish Meliorism, but at what cost to other life on earth and to the planet itself, one that in my opinion is unjustifiable. This world might end but the Earth will continue in one form or another, to think otherwise is sheer human pomposity, ask a dinosaur.
Jennifer Beals (Flashdance 1983) Is it just me, or has she gotten dramatically prettier as she's ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
No its not you, its lots and lots of expensive cosmetic surgery and botox
Seen on fbuk:
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
GOOD it is time that godbotherers realised their religion does not give them immunity from actual law. Sad however that breaking a speed limit will be enforced while covering up for serial child molestation is still overlooked on the grounds of special legal dispensations for "penitents" and confessors. Priest or not, if some filth confessed to me he was a kiddy fiddler, he would end up in the police station with his balls in his throat even if it did cost me my job.
Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Know The Meaning Of These 16 Old-Fashioned Words -
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
A Jig was actually a device for making rings used by silversmiths and goldsmiths, and when we all had open coal fire places in the Victorian days (up to the 1970s) a poker was the standard tool for keeping the coal burning. Therefore if you were a dishonest person making rings from poor quality brass and passing them off as gold, you would use your poker as a makeshift jig, to bend bronze or brass wire in to rings over an open fire instead of a forge. Hence Jiggery pokery
You knew that when Donald Trump was elected to the presidency that it was going to be horrible.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
I still cannot get over that more than 50% of the adult population of any country could so stupid as to vote for this walking turd in a wig.
Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Know The Meaning Of These 16 Old-Fashioned Words -
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
100% I still use many of these
As a child, assuming television existed, LOL, what was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon(s)?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
The Hair Bear Bunch and Marine Boy
Alex Jones Dumping Trump for Ron DeSantis in 2024 Presidential Race InfoWars host and conspiracy ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
The Pratt deserting the stinking gyp?
Arcane adjective known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
Derived from the ancient middle eastern (and eventually Hebrew) word Arc ( box for holding secret things) which developed further through Latin arcanus and arca "secret, hidden, private, concealed," and "a box for secrets" respectively to the Greek arkos a defended place and Ark ( as in ark-angels) meaning a defender In Europe in the 15th century Arcana became a word for the major and minor cards in a Tarot deck simply meaning mystery (in the original sense of something unknown) and eventually all magical, mystic or occult knowledge which in itself became known as the arcane.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
I am afraid you are mistaken volvere is the root of words such as revolve and revolution However Volubility, volume and voluble come from two Latin words volumen derived from Vol meaning a "wish" or "by the will" of, meaning a written or spoken contract and the Latin word voluminosus meaning capacity being also translated as volume (or voluminous) meaning space taken up by the mass of an object, or the space inside of an object causing an echo. Confusion of these two second definitions combine to give us VOL as a measurement of the level or capacity of sound The confusion with volvere comes from the English translation of volumen as the noun "a Volume" meaning a book written on parchment that was typically rolled up
Judge limits privilege defense in AZ Mormon sex abuse case
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2022:
yup a complete shower of bastards
Making a lot of red necks uncomfortable...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 18, 2022:
Might make a few think about how they always wanted to ride in a Trans-am and how that made them feel like a "real man"!
I'm not sure this is completely true.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 18, 2022:
I think you are right. In reality a good marriage, family and life well lived can be far more satisfying the the desire and hunt to attain them. I have been happily married for over thirty years now, and I am both happy and content with my life, have achieved most everything I ever set out to find and achieve. However western society, especially US social conventions continually pounds people from birth with the myth that the grass is always greener, success is not success if you do not get everything that you want, that not winning is utter failure and that being satisfied is a weakness. Hence soaring debts and divorce rates, the desire to stay young forever, elective surgery and medication use and the constant depression caused by always wanting the new and the better and having to struggle for it lest you be found wanting. All for the unwitting financial benefit of the peddlers of the problem myth and the easy solution A little ambition is fine, the writer who wants to write a another story, the artist who struggle for greater realism, the musician seeing a more beautiful melody, the parent wanting happiness for their child. This is perhaps the sentiment and "wise desire"Tennessee Williams was attempting to convey?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 18, 2022:
Uxor from uxoris is always translated as "Wife" but the literal translation is not so nice Uxoris "She who has no choice but to adapt" From the Proto indo European Uk-sor (fem. get used to it)
Cuckold: a man whose wife is sexually unfaithful.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 18, 2022:
From the same root as Cuckoo (Scots Gowk-u and high German Go-uh both meaning fool) , a bird that leaves it's offspring in another birds nest EDIT from the 15th century there has been a female equivalent Cuc-quean pronounced Cuckeen, it has largely fallen in obscurity
In Australia it is now coming to light that there is a "Prima facie case Scott Morrison committed ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 17, 2022:
Many more world leaders get indited and Rwanda will be offering to take them en mass at a wholesale rate
Fluff for word nerds.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 17, 2022:
Oh like Mormon and Moron?
Went out on my boat last Sunday with Kathy, she loves to show her bod but first time she flashed me,...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 17, 2022:
Yeah she was over at my house too that night back in 2014 only then she was an escort and called herself Sonya
Lindsey loses in court; Rudy's now a target in GA criminal probe; Trump says FBI took his passports?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 16, 2022:
Interesting that they took an expired passport, that would indicate that someone wants to know where Trumpty was on a specific date at some time in the past, when that passport was still valid. Perhaps on a visit to a friends private Island for example, when certain other crimes and peccadilloes, already established in other trials of interest took place, and where nasty dirty little crimes have been proved to have been committed? A private island where a series of despicable crimes against children, all having involved a known lady associate of Mr Trump, a woman who also happened to be the daughter of one late good friends of the former president and the former lover of another late good friend of the former president, a woman who was I believe recently found guilty.


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