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“I guess the only time most people think about injustice is when it happens to them.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 2, 2022:
“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” ― Charles Bukowski
I am being told that this is potentially onyx and that onyx comes in clusters.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 2, 2022:
This blog post may be of assistance
A small victory!!!
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 2, 2022:
PURLOIN - Verb…to steal (something); to appropriate wrongfully and often by a breach of trust ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 2, 2022:
There is an interesting school of thought that the original meaning of the word *purloin* (to take far away) was given the meaning of to steal by two entirely different sources. Firstly it was considered very bad form to poach by offering better pay, an apprentice or an expensively trained servant from a colleague and take them away hence the act was known as purloining Secondly the actions of a "cutpurse" the spiritual ancestor of the modern pickpocket, was to use a knife to snip the leather band of a *pur'loin* (literally a hip=loin purse=purz) by which it was attached to a belt and make free with it. The homonyms being both associated with theft of one kind or another resulted in the redefining of the word to simple mean steal.
The Young Turks - Politician Blames Crime on Women []
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 2, 2022:
This is an old story from November last year, Nick Fletcher like many of his tory ilk is a complete knob in every sense of the word. Congrads on reaching level ten by the way :)
Does anyone have reoccurring nightmares, have you found a way to stop them?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 1, 2022:
Yes and no respectively. These are something you learn to live with. I wait till utter exhaustion before going to sleep, and allow myself no more than six hours sleep a night (not a problem as I am also a hopeless insomniac), as this avoids the later REM cycles where in deeper sleep the night terrors happen most vividly. Meditation before sleep, or meditation leading in to sleep can calm the brain and lessen the stress of the worst of them. I have been told that trying to find the recurring theme in the dreams can help you move the problem to the conscious mind and allow it to be dealt with, but that has not worked for me, as the recurring theme is of being on the wrong bus, train, boat or plane and being take to places I neither know nor recognise and dumped there with no way home. Your particular case might benefit from your reading up on survivor guilt.
What is your opnion?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 1, 2022:
Reminds me of the old joke about about the Bishop's daughter who wanted a new expensive doll for Xmas, her father seeing a teaching opportunity and a way to get out of paying for the toy, asked her "what do you think Jesus would do?" Next day he saw his daughter with the doll and asked "How did you get that?" The daughter smiled and said you said "You told me to think what would Jesus do, so I checked the bible and decided Jesus would forgive I stole the doll and asked him to and he did."
Aishwarya Rai
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 1, 2022:
Aishwarya Rai has had a long running rivalry with fellow actress Madhuri Dixit, the latter never having quite achieved the same level of fame in the English speaking world owing to the unfortunate but correct phonetic Hindi pronunciation of her last name as dick...Shit
NASA hired 24 theologians to study human reaction to aliens: new book "...where do aliens fit in?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 1, 2022:
I am sure the Aliens themselves will have something to say about this... once they have stopped laughing
“Whatever you’re scared of doing.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 1, 2022:
Those two statements could so easily contradict one another ;)
Happy Newish Year all Y'all bitches!..except You..yeah You..yeah I'm talkin to Y.O.U..
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 1, 2022:
“You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the $+&% do you think you’re talking to?” What? I'm not the only one here? Ooooops sorry :)
Michael Bublé, Kris Jenner part of $40M investment in Christian meditation app Glorify An app ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
Golem noun a figure artificially constructed in the form of a human being and endowed with ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
The First modern Golem was reputed to have been created by Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the late-16th-century rabbi of Prague, who used his monster to protect the Jewish community from anti-Semitic attacks, the beast however fell in love with a Jewish maiden and had to be fooled in to altering the Chem (or spell) on his forehead, by being made to wash his face for his assignation with his love, thus returning him to inanimate clay. Later Golem's avoided this fate by having their Chem placed inside of their head.
Golem noun a figure artificially constructed in the form of a human being and endowed with ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
The Golem 1920 played by Paul Wegene One of the first feature length monster movies
Not really
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
"A mime is a terrible thing to waste" Mel Brooks
My dating profile says I'm liberal and that Trump followers need not apply.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
Liberal is only a dirty word in the USA, the rest off the world see nothing wrong with it. Pretty much based on the crazy US idea that "they who are not for us are against us... and should be shot!"
The hauntingly beautiful voice you hear on the Titanic soundtrack…the soundtrack that James Horner...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
Horner is one of my favourite movie music composers. Like Cameron himself, Horner was discovered and given his big break by Roger Corman
Greetings from the Resident Skeptic.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
The thing about conspiracies is that often all they require is a common aim and interested parties will rally around it without ever knowing they are a part of it. Most revolutions begin like this, when the dust settles some arrogant prick usually stands up and claims he planned it all along.
31st December 192 AD…Roman Emperor Commodus survives poisoning attempt by his mistress only to be ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
It was his own wrestling partner who strangled him, upon why he a muscular young man was allowed to get so close to the emperor while he was taking a bath, we can but speculate.
Not exactly keeping the faith.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
It is almost worth wishing their was god just to see their faces when he stamps them flat.
This is just hypothetical. How bad does someone have to mess up to cause a breakup?
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
How long is a piece of string? There are so many variables depending on the individuals concerned, the home life circumstances, the willingness to compromise, the culture and the levels of tolerance. My rule is that nothing much will destroy a relationship if there is complete mutual honesty, complete mutual trust and a fair degree of determination on the part of BOTH parties to make the relationship work. A break up is almost always the result of the collapse of honesty, trust or determination leading to sense of betrayal on one side or the other.
Venn diagram
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
Interestingly both "1984" (1949) and "Brave New World" (1931) were written as an answer to HG Well's "The Sleeper Awakes" (1899 then in a revised edition 1910) Both Orwell and Huxley believing that Wells was too optimistic in his dystopian vision of the future. This ultimately lead to Wells producing "The Shape of things to come" as an answer to "Brave New world" in 1933.
We can only hope that a special prosecutor or SDNY gets their asses.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
Her only hope now of dying in prison is to start naming names, then again she might decide to commit physically impossible suicide in the middle of the night too?
Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Dems Moving to Red States Temporarily Barred from Voting Taking ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
Anyone else think she looks like Skeletor's mum?
Good riddance!!! []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
In the immortal words of sergeant major "Shut Up" Williams
This fits more in the common words with new meanings ...[]
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 31, 2021:
A better pun on #6 might be a posh male transvestite but only in bed?
Farron Balanced - Louie Gohmert Sued Mike Pence To Force Him To Overturn 2020 Election ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 30, 2021:
The point here is of course that Jan 6th happened, the whole world saw it happen and after the failure of the coupe the members of the house and the members of the senate are all desperately trying, regardless of consequence, to A) Pretend it did not happen B) Convince everyone else that what they saw was NOT what actually happened C) Stop any investigation because as the old Police maxim has it "NEVER search your own back yard, 'cos you might find what you are looking for" D) Cling on to their own phony baloney jobs for a few more years It benefits NO ONE IN government to admit that government was so near and so easily overthrown because that means that A) It can happen again and B) Enough people are in favour of it happenings that it can happen again very easily The sound of the guillotine blade being sharpened must rings loud in their ears on sleepless nights!
Happy day before New Years Eve... Ann Hathaway
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 30, 2021:
Really bad photoshop dating from 2014, you can actually see the mismatch on the neck join on the left
I am here, How are you guys doing?
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 30, 2021:
Diasporic adjective of, being, or relating to any group that has been dispersed outside its ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 30, 2021:
Related to but not exactly synonymic with ex-patriotic?
MSNBC - Stacey Abrams: Voting Rights Isn't A Partisan Issue; It's About Patriotism ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 29, 2021:
Anything can become a Partisan Issue if it is considered expedient by one or another party for it to be so.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 29, 2021:
In the various myths of how the world works there does seem to be a subtle difference between Fate and Destiny. Destiny usually is represented as "that which will invariably happen regardless of any attempted interference" Fate, however is the offering (and re-offering) of paths and opportunities which maybe chosen or rejected as a matter of free will, what Faye Weldon called god's rewrites As I personally believe in neither of these and am very much at odds with modern thinking that there is no such thing as free will (argument which are themselves reliant on the ludicrous idea of Pre-destination) I vote for Freewill
Kith noun acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or the like; persons living in the same general...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 29, 2021:
Kin means family in the sense of a blood relation, Kith means family in the sense of a countryman, race or religious affiliation.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 29, 2021:
I often wonder if there is any connection between the Latin Loqui and the Norse Loki, the good of trickery and mischief, who was also known as the silver tongue.
India blocks foreign funding for Mother Teresa charity []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 28, 2021:
Good, she was an evil old witch, a friend to dictators and tyrants, a medical incompetent who believed death was a gift from god and that suffering was divine chastisement, a woman who thought medical advancements interfered with the holy plan and a woman with a warped sense of priorities who thought contraception more evil than genocide and clerical child abuse. Her myth of saintliness is finally crumbling.
A Happy 87th Birthday to Dame Maggie Smith, born in Ilford, E.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 28, 2021:
A true great, I first saw her in "Go To Blazes" the 1962 comedy filled with the best of British comedy talent
It's never wise to jump to conclusions. []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 28, 2021:
"Conclusions is an Island in the sea of knowledge, with a gravity all of its own" Norman Juster "The phantom tollbooth" 1961
US Catholic clergy shortage eased by recruits from Africa The U.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 28, 2021:
There was a BBC documentary in England on just this subject some five years ago, relating to African priests being "imported en masse" to fill vacancies in England caused by a shortage of new priests who are now able to exert their will over which parishes they will take on. One young priest shipped in from Zambia was interviewed, he was under the impression he had been sent to the UK as a promotion after catering to a congregation of hundreds of enthusiastic you people, only to find himself in an inner city parish with a congregation totally made up of old women between the ages of 65 and 90 for whom he was expected to prepare funerals.
You people can't follow the simplest instructions.!
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 27, 2021:
Big brother watching Canadians. The American disease continues to spread!
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 27, 2021:
Big Buddy is watching you eh!
Clergy fleeing their ministries due to fights with parishioners over politics: report
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 27, 2021:
Unlike the Babble Clergy cannot be all things to all people Damned if they do, damned if they don't
Like most bullies running their own beliefs the UK continues to oppress & steal from other ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 27, 2021:
In case the usual bunch of "shoot the messenger" mafia decide to write this off as RT propaganda, here are some alternate sources Of the 193 members of the UN 60 support Nicolás Maduro as Interim President, 20 support opposition leader Juan Guaidó, as having been "robbed" and 113 nation states think it is none of their Damn business.
'Go in peace': US church founded in 1800 holds last service A central Pennsylvania church with a ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 27, 2021:
WWWWHHHHAAATTTTTT?????? And their all powerful Sky Daddy is NOT going to save them with a last minute miracle, or a resurrected Michael Landon? Just So Long and thanks for all the Tithing?
My GF asked me to have a threesome with a bi guy friend.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 26, 2021:
I have participated in MMF threesomes, but neither I or the other guy did anything with one another, but then again in the FFM threesomes I have been involved in the women were not really interested in one another either. I think it is more of a treat for your partner for most none bi people. Two of my partners have been bi-sexual women but when having fun with their own sex, did not want or expect me to participate, other than to be home (in another room) in case of trouble.
Wouldn't matter, look how you're dressed...would have to club at a Mormon Temple...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 26, 2021:
It has been pointed out many times to the chagrin of Mormon Apostles that Jesus would not pass a temple worthiness interview and so would be barred from his own house. 1 He drinks alcohol 2 He does not pay tithing at the church rate (the widows mite) 3 He refuses to shave off his beard 4 He does not wear a tie 5 He associates with disreputable people and none Mormons 6 He would today be seen as a transvestite for not wearing "male clothes" 7 He is (in "reality") Black African and is not married to a woman at 33 years old hence not heaven worthy 8 He advocates loving your fellow man and so is possibly homosexual 9 He never openly condemned homosexuality or masturbation and so is considered tacitly in favour of sin 10 He declared himself the son of God, not not something backed up in the BOM
(As a goodbye to Xmas, 2021...) Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Live In London) []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 26, 2021:
Fauci calls on Fox News to fire host who urged 'kill shot' in 'ambush' interviews []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 25, 2021:
Another Fux Snooze dick head deliberately endangers an actually useful person by rabble rousing the hard of thinking.
Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters dancing with Fred & Ginger in Pennies From Heaven, 1981: Let's Face...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 25, 2021:
Preferred the original Denis Potter version with Bob Hoskins and Gemma Craven
Mysterious "Poe Toaster" left Booze and Roses at Edgar Allan Poe's Grave for 70 Years
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 24, 2021:
I contributed to a charitable anthology to raise funds in support of the Poe house some years back, I was privileged to be included. The print edition is no longer available but the Kindle is still down loadable on amazon
Yeah, that's about it...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 24, 2021:
Things don't trigger people, people trigger themselves so they can moan about them. If my book is titled **"This is a Very violent horror story, don't read it if you are a fucking snowflake!"** or such like, and you choose to read it, don't email me afterward and complain I did not give a blow by blow set of trigger warning in the frontispiece that some of the characters are a bit not so nice Same goes for if my stage show is called ***I am a racist shit*** and you come to watch it and are offend because I used certain censored words, don't complain saying I am a racist shit..I know If my song is called *Suck on my love muscle* and you choose to listen to it, don't complain that you did not know it might be a bit sexist. ... arsehole!
An appropriate word for this time of year.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 24, 2021:
Comedian Ken Dodd claimed in his fictitious history to have lived by the Treacle wells of Notty Ash *( a real place near Liverpool)* and to have gone to work in the Jam Butty Mines (Jam Butty=Jelly sandwich for our US friends) before making it big on the stage.
I always thought of the song "Father Christmas", by Greg Lake to be sort of an "anti-Christmas" ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 24, 2021:
Christians are notoriously humourless morons. You ask most British Christians what the greatest hymn ever written was and they will answer reverently "Jerusalem" they will even quote the lines of the first verse with great deference. The Lyrics of Jerusalem (The Poem "And did those feet in ancient time") were first written as an anti-Church of England satire by William Blake, the notorious mystic and metaphysical poet and thorn in the side of organized religion.
In case you wondered what they believed
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 24, 2021:
Those are just the tip of the iceberg Spencer W Kimble wrote that the so called "Bigfoot" of the USA was Caine the son of Adam forever cursed to rule the world Missionaries are not allowed to go swimming because Satan has power over water God lives on a planet orbiting the star Kolob (bollocks spelled backwards) at the center of the universe but God has a physical body of flesh and blood, that can be transported to earth when ever he likes. God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are three separate people, not three in one, but one in purpose Joseph Smith the first prophet is to be the judge on the day of judgment, with God and Jesus advising him. There are three heavens, but (before 1978) black people could only get in to Mormon super heaven if they bind themselves in servitude to a white dude FOREVER. Black, brown, red and other none white skins are a sign of a cowardly soul, who did not fight in the war in heaven against Satan in the pre-mortal existence. The pre-mortal existence. Red Indians are descended from Jews and though they are in the BOM described as riding horses, those horses were ACTUALLY tapirs, since there were no Horses in the Americas in 2000 BCE, it was just their word for them. DNA Tests are bollocks because the BOM cannot be wrong about Nephites and Laminites being Jews. That women who do not consent to polygamy (Spiritual wifery) condemn their whole family to hell and their husband to death by an angel with a flaming sword. The language of the ancient indigenous Americans was "Reformed Egyptian" a type of writing that can only be translated by putting a seeing stone in a hat, shoving your head in said hat and yelling. Inter racial sex (according to Brigham Young the second prophet) can only be forgiven if both parties involved submit to "Blood Atonement" and allow themselves to publicly have their throats cut Blood Atonement also requires that any Mormon sentenced to death must insist that the state grant their execution be by firing squad, or beheading so that blood will be spilled. All churches except the LDS are "Abominations in the sight of the Lord" except when they are agreeing with you. God is a corporation sole, ***$60billion discovered in a Utah bank account in 2019 does not belong to the church but is in fact awaiting the second coming of Christ and legally belongs to Jesus (not the church) to be claimed upon his return to Kirkland Ohio at some unspecified point. The interest on said capital is however the property of the church and is paid as a tithe by Jesus to the LDS once a month.*** Mormons must acknowledge 3 (three) holy scriptures The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of great price and if they have time the Doctrine and Covenants formerly known as the book of commandments (It used to be four, but the ...
The Young Turks - Fox Host Tries To Own The Squad And FAILS Hilariously []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 23, 2021:
Are we sure this woman is not The evil magician Hoodoo played by Charles Nelson Reilly in Lidsville?
New Fearsome Predatory Dinosaur Discovered: An Ancient Relative of Velociraptor Is Unearthed in ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 23, 2021:
The Borisaurus Perplexed?
Man Sues Bible School Leaders for Spreading Rumor He "Had Contagious Demons"
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 23, 2021:
May I suggest the law firm of Ouga Booga & Boo!
Conservative Christians Can't Handle the Satanic "Baby Baphomet" Display in the IL State Capitol
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 22, 2021:
Priceless, the irony that catholics protest Satanism by erecting banners around a Christmas tree, a pagan symbol of Yule, that is expressly forbidden by the bible, and they don't see it.
Billionaire Utah native Jeff T. Green quits LDS Church, gives $600K to Equality Utah
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 21, 2021:
He has been what is called by Mormons an "Inactive" for about a decade, meaning he does not attend church or more importantly no longer pays tithing. However unlike other religions if you wish to leave Mormonism, you have to send a request to SLC (Salt Lake City) and have your name stricken from the records (or Rolls as they are refered to), otherwise you are still counted in LDS propoganda as an official member of "The fasted growing church in the world" and your name may be used to back up church policy, propaganda and doctrine, with implied consent. If you do resign, you receive an official notice from the church informing you that, in effect, you are going to Hell, that you baptism has been rendered invalid and that if you at any point want rejoin the church, you will have to request to do so, serve a probationary period and then be rebaptised if you are found worthy. This is what Mr. Green and his family have done, such is their disgust with the SCC (So called Church)'s recent behaviour, with regard to "Sinners".
10 INSANE Facts About SCIENTOLOGY - YouTube
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 21, 2021:
Scientology is simply the most successful example of organised crime, hiding beneath a veneer of affected religious "respectability"
Say it isn't so!
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 21, 2021:
Or perhaps worse still 2020 II
Billionaire Utahn resigns from the LDS Church - []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Good good,
This is today’s reality.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Prince Jug-lugs said this on 29 Dec 2016. 70 years prior to 2016 was 1946 one year after the defeat of fascism and two years before he was born. The Dark days of the 1930s were not nearly 70 years ago they were almost 90 years past. This inbred fucking idiot does not even know what freaking year he is living in
Eric Clapton is a monumental prick. That is all.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
So it would seem, a shame his talent has not imbued him with any decency or wisdom.
Pope Francis condemns domestic abuse as "almost satanic" []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Dumb old fart sworn to celibacy whose main job seems to be covering up for his peadophile employees and trying to hang on to wealth and power gain from the suffering of those he intimidates with threats of ever lasting violence... Yes he is ideally placed to comment on real world problems, his ban on divorce and contraception is in no small part responsible form.
What the.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 19, 2021:
I adore cheese and eat far of it than is good for me BUT This? No...just no
Real meanings of seasonal traditions
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 19, 2021:
And of course the bible warns against all these things, frankly Christmas is not Christian Jeremiah 10 NIV 1 Hear what the LORD says to you, O house of Israel. 2 This is what the LORD says: “Do not learn the ways of the nations or be terrified by signs in the sky, (Star of Bethlehem?) though the nations are terrified by them. 3 For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. 4 They adorn it with silver and gold;
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 19, 2021:
It is likely the street in Yokohama explanation is the correct one as ‘Honcho dori’ or 本著 取り literally translates as "the book written by the laws of nature" or colloquially "the book of how things should be"
Jesus Armored Vehicle
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 18, 2021:
A Trumptard gets banged up for more than 5 years for his part in the January 6 insurrection: ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 18, 2021:
Now they need to start handing out similar sentences to the "honourable" ladies and gentlemen of the senate who help plan this act of gross malfeasance
No explanation needed for those "in the know."
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 17, 2021:
Big pussy cat
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 17, 2021:
Picture banned in China?
Looks can be deceiving
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 17, 2021:
Carolyn Jones as Morticia Adams. :)
“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 17, 2021:
Which John Holmes said this? The context might greatly alter the meaning.
Friday morning fire...Playful
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 17, 2021:
That is a cheeky smile
Mega-hit coming soon near you!
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 17, 2021:
In various studies of animals, such as mice, rabbits, rats and others studying the effects of over population a number patterns regularly emerge first social violence, Second an increase in homosexuality Third mortality of the young by suicide, fatal illness and a general reduction in life expectancy Finally cannibalism even in vegetarian species for example population density and social pathology in rodents and human by E Ramsden · 2009 Behavioral Changes Due to Overpopulation in Mice by JR Hammock · 1971
So USA still believes that Nazism is the way to go?
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 16, 2021:
This is Well known and easily explained If the US votes for this, they have to abide by it, and how would the US manage with most of their public officials, senators and police force all under arrest?
The smoking gun held by America whilst it hypocritically blames China for Covid 19?
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 16, 2021:
Bio-weapons (Germ warfare technologies) have technically been banned since 1918 by international agreement, and this was ratified between 1956 and 1971 by most major powers. BUT of course no one checks up on it and bio-research continues in every nation, under the loop hole pretense that no one is prevented from researching bio-weapon in order to find defenses and cures for newly developed bio-threats.
Poland's border wall will cut Europe's oldest forest in half
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 16, 2021:
Are they also claiming they are going to make the migrants pay for it? Or perhaps the Trees?
Someone suggested that I ought to share this article with this group.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 15, 2021:
Well said. Fortunately many breeds deformed by selective breeding are being restored to their original breed shape, or as near to it as possible. My (lovely) shar pei is one such, that has come back to their original shape by cross breeding them with Chow Chows
“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 15, 2021:
It is always easiest to see your own faults in others rather than in yourself A trick I learned long ago when trying to de-convert Mormons is to ask them to tell me everything they thought was wrong with Jehovah's witness's, after a few minutes you could see the shock of the "hang on, we Mormons do that too" revelation start to spread over their faces.
I drove by a gorgeous nativity scene and I'm always amazed that here in Oklahoma people aren't ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 15, 2021:
D'uh nope bubba dems Bye-bull clothes, dems not Ay-Rabs 'cos MusHammed had not invented thum thur Ay-rab yet, and dem Aaaay-rabbits wares de sheets not the tea towels on thur head, like what I sore in the natty tivvy tea plays at the scool house! Sea, Erm Smert!
December 7, 1909 Belgian chemist Leo Hendrik Baekeland received the first U.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 14, 2021:
I remember when I was a boy most telephones were made of Bakelite, and tended to have an acrid stink in the summer time
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 14, 2021:
Nepotism with out the blood connection
I had taken my kids to the convenience store today after school.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 14, 2021:
I might but my wife would probably have something to say about it.
Satrap: 1: the governor of a province in ancient Persia 2a : ruler b : a subordinate official...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 13, 2021:
It Satrap
The Steel Man Technique: How To Argue Better And Be More Persuasive
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 13, 2021:
It somewhat undermines the point being made when the head line reads How To Argue Better rather than How to make a better argument Perhaps?
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 13, 2021:
There is all so Cock-eyed, the opposite of cross/boss eyed when both eye look in opposite direction
A little more religious humour for this time of the year PLUS a very special just for the Morons, ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 12, 2021:
I think someone watched the Exorcist and thought, now there is a gap in the market
Bezoar noun a calculus or concretion found in the stomach or intestines of certain animals, ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 12, 2021:
A Harry Potter staple
How true is it that religion has done more harm than good in the world ?
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
Religion itself has never done any good Most of the good that religion lays claim to being responsible for, was throughout the ages, the work of dedicated morally genuine people who happened to be religious. These men and women would have done so anyway without their faith, but are modest enough to allow their "god" to take the credit. Unfortunately their personal god is all to often personified by smug amoral priests in extravagant robes willing to take payment for another's act of freely gifted charity. Those events for which religions have definitely be responsible were were acts of monstrous cruelty CRUSADES INQUISITIONS POGROMS WITCH HUNTS HERETIC BURNINGS GENOCIDES EXTIRPATIONS CHILD EXPLOITATION DEATH BED THIEVERY TERRORISM HOLOCAUSTS FORCED CONVERSION SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION HOMOSEXUAL PERSECUTION AND UNENDING WARS
heads or tails
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
A variation, I think, upon Alice's conversation with Humpty Dumpty in Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll ***'What a beautiful belt you've got on!' Alice suddenly remarked...'At least,' she corrected herself on second thoughts, 'a beautiful cravat, I should have said — no, a belt, I mean — I beg your pardon!' she added in dismay, for Humpty Dumpty looked thoroughly offended, and she began to wish she hadn't chosen that subject. 'If only I knew,' she thought to herself, 'which was neck and which was waist!'*** ***Evidently Humpty Dumpty was very angry, though he said nothing for a minute or two. When he did speak again, it was in a deep growl.*** ***'It is a — most — provoking — thing,' he said at last, 'when a person doesn't know a cravat from a belt!'*** ***'I know it's very ignorant of me,' Alice said, in so humble a tone that Humpty Dumpty relented.*** ***'It's a cravat, child, and a beautiful one, as you say. It's a present from the White King and Queen. There now!'***
Filiopietistic adjective of or relating to reverence of forebears or tradition, especially ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
Never heard this word before, I'm guessing it derives from Filius: meaning son and pietism: religious zeal
I fear this man knows what he's talking about. []
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
THis what happens when two generations are brought to believe they have the right to do anything and have everything, but hold no responsibility for anything and have no duty to anyone or anything.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
This reminds of an old theatrical anecdote of two comedy actors (Tony Hancock and Kenneth Williams) who did not get a long too well being cast together in a revue sketch while touring with the ENSA military concert troop in WW2. Williams was to affect a camp mannerism and dance on to stage and mince about the other throwing about confetti and crying, "I am spreading wiffle dust to keep away the wild elephants, I am spreading wiffle dust to keep away the wild elephants" The second Hancock was to say "What are you doing?" Then Williams repeats, with many ballet movements "I am spreading wiffle dust to keep away the wild elephants" To which the Hancock declares "But there are no wild elephants here" Then Williams answers smugly "Don't worry its not real wiffle dust" (Drum hit exit stage right) However, on the first night Williams came on stage cast about confetti and declared "I am spreading wiffle dust to keep away the wild elephants, I am spreading wiffle dust to keep away the wild elephants" However, Tony Hancock simply stood still and stared at him, Williams began to panic and danced still more elaborately shouting "I am spreading wiffle dust to keep away the wild elephants" But again Hancocks, just stared and shook head. Deciding the other had forgotten his lines number one hissed, "What am I doing?" The second cupped his hand to his ear and shouted "Pardon? I can't hear you!" Outraged at the unprofessional behaviour Williams stopped, planted his hands on his hips and shouted, "What am I doing?" Hancock began laughing and breaking the fourth wall address the audience "I've no idea what you are doing," he laughed "But we all know what you are" (Drum hit exit stage right)
Coastal species are forming colonies on plastic trash in the ocean, study finds
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
As the wise man said
Babushka noun an elderly Russian woman, especially an elderly grandmother.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
An adopted word, Бабушка literally Grandmother in Russian
Christian Mom: Sephora Promotes “Perversion” By Showing Gay Men in Makeup Ad | Hemant Mehta | ...
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 10, 2021:
Oh dear poor diddums, did de nasty happy men make you feel upset 'cos you is a bitter frustrated old misery guts? There there, so sad, too bad, never mind.
Seriously? For real? British Foreign Secretary outdoes Trump.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 10, 2021:
A Truss a medical appliance worn wrapped around the male genitals to offer support and prevent collapse. Quite appropriate A Truss support for a failing dick.
And this is the barbarity that xtians revere & ghoulishely display in their churches?
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 10, 2021:
A Christian Nursery rhyme In December meek and mild In a manger our bless'd Christ child But come spring time, wel'come see That Babe Jesus nailed to a tree Rated U suitable for family viewing each and every fucking Sunday
Last night I did the crulest thing imaginable to myself.
LenHazell53 comments on Dec 10, 2021:
Kevin Sorbo has tended toward really bad films since he became involved in the founding of Pureflix, the "Christian" studio who brought us such gems as "God's not dead" "God's not dead2" and "God's not dead3" with their redeeming message of "ATHEIST beware before god strikes you down with a semi truck, a train and cancer respectively" Sorbones usually playing the evil atheist who waits too long before toddling off to hell. He seems to be trying to buy his way in to heaven after making his name playing the false gawd Hercules for five years.


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