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Einstein, in his discussion of the Theory of Relativity, describes a person dropping a rock from a ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Einstein was really bad at metaphor, also if he was dropping rocks out of train windows he should have been arrested.
I often see people posting critical comments about various religious or political groups, "pushing" ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
The fundamental difference between some one wanting to share an opinion on their favourite flavour of ice cream and a Christian wanting to tell me about Jesus is that the Ice cream salesman does not feel I, my children and grandchildren all deserve to be thrown in to a pit of burning sulphur for all eternity to suffer in eternal agony for NOT acknowledging that Tutti-frutti is better than mint chocolate chip. The Christian bastard does think, I, my children and grandchildren DO deserve exactly that for not accepting what he says and what is more WORSHIPS the foul cunt who he thinks made that law in the first place. Sorry but that sort of warped hateful mentality I kind of have a problem with, and chose not to simply say “no thank you” and walk away, I want to ask him just what the fucking fuck makes him or his imaginary friend believe they have the right to consider my family in that way. THAT is why I object to religious people foisting their filth on me in public places, down the throats of my family in state schools and being given endless platforms to preach hate, bigotry and idiocy to morons who will spread this pestilent infection to more fools down the generations all to willing to take up the cudgels of hate in the name of their loving god.
Happy Hippie Tuesday ✌❤
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Hey Herbie in Drag! Cool.
The philosophy inquisition of the evening.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
SSDD ("Same Shit, Different Day" ) Stephen King
Are you a son/daughter of the sun and the moon? Is your race of the stars?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
we are all made of a dusting of elements forged in the heart of a star.
Can someone clear this up for me.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
First of all you have to be certain if you are being faced with "faith" or "Faith" To be clear Faith is a theological concept and is a proper noun, faith is an abstract concept and is a noun. Godbotherers love to equivocate and confuse the two to the point that many dictionaries actually list them as the same word, even though they have different etymological root faith from *fides* Latin for trust and Faith from the Indo-European *bheidh* meaning belief. Theological Faith is the acceptance as true of proposed statements of fact with no evidential proof or support other than the admonition that they are true. Belief is the acceptance of facts based a posteriori knowledge, that is knowledge gathered from experience rather than experimentation of hard evidence. "The sun with come up in the morning" is a belief based on experience, even though it is not factually true. The sun does not raise in the sky it stays stationary but appears to rise owing to the rotation of the earth, but people believe it does and that belief serves for day to day reliability and the expectation that the incident will recur at given intervals of time. So in short Belief is an acceptance of a proposed fact based on experience and likelihood perhaps backed up by a posteriori knowledge. Faith is knowledge based on no evidence, experience or proof, but accepted as knowledge simply because it is declared to be so, sometimes under threat of consequence if it is not.
Missing boy Casey Hathaway says bear kept him safe
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Someones been sleeping in my bed.
It has just come to my attention that the 26th of January is not only the date Australia celebrates ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Churchill was indeed a war cabinet member in one war and a war leader in another, he like many of his contemporaries made mistakes and dodgy alliances, famously saying he would even make a deal with Satan if Satan would agree to fight Hitler. He was a chain smoking drunk and never denied it, he was a bully and a fighter. However at a moment when the world tottered on the brink of a fall in to racial cleansing, Nazism and a new dark age, he, De-Gaul and Roosevelt among others stood as unlikely symbols of democracy roused of patriotism and the power of the common man enraged, above all the folly of totalitarianism. In an age of appeasement of monsters they stood tall, faced ridicule and hate, in the cross hairs of the snipers rifle sights and LEAD when few others could or would. Yes, Churchill was a mass murderer, but not in the name of dictatorship, not in the name of an elite, not even for an ideology but **out of necessity** when some one had to for a free and potentially great future, which subsequent generations have failed to prove themselves worthy of. Or perhaps Mr. Greer would rather today be speaking German with a Caledonian accent. No one is obliged to hold Mr Churchill in esteem, but we should all be grateful someone was willing to do what he did: Came the hour came the man
Atheists Are Sometimes More Religious Than Christians - The Atlantic
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Word salad
Homosexuality: natural or not.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 27, 2019:
I thought of a dozen ways to answer this, but ultimate, what the hell? It does not matter, it makes no difference and it spreads love companionship and makes people happy, with no degree of compulsion what so ever. This world and society in general is fucked up, like to destroy itself at any minute and is electing greedy morons to office of power when they could not be actually trusted to look after a public convenience. So if Adam and Steve decide to look after one another, love one another and be nice to one another, FUCKING LET THEM and good luck to them. It is no ones business but there own.
Today is international Holocaust Remembrance Day, and yet many do not believe it really happened.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 27, 2019:
There are also people who believe Prince Philip is a shape changing Lizard, that the Earth is flat, that the moon is made of cheese, that there is a big hole at the north pole wherein live a race of Vril and run away Nazis liv at the south pole in a similar but different hole, those that did not escape to the moon that is, or that Trump is a competent president...of anything. Holocaust deniers are rank amatuers compared to these nut jobs.
A montage of janis.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Wonderful, I love her music and found her to be a passionate and beautiful if damaged (for want of a better word) soul.
So, I've been a comic book nerd as far as I can remember.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 27, 2019:
The original love interests of most of the Marvel heroes are often over looked in adaptations. My particular bugbear is spiderman's first girl friend Betty Brant, who most modern fans have never even heard of. I once intervened in a row between two guys in Forbidden Planet, who were coming to blows over whether Gwen Stacy or MJ were Peter's first love, when I told them they were both wrong I thought they were either going to cry or kill me.
I didn’t begin living a true life until I finally left the church.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 27, 2019:
Great stuff, the SCC is dieing, year on year more people leave and only in Africa is the cult growing, and that is because they don't tell simple folk with no internet about their horrific racist past. In a few years there will be little of the church left, just enough to front for their business interests and reap the tax exception status of being a religion, at which point their diseased chickens will come on home to roost and rot.
Psalm 3:7 (NRSV): Rise up, O Lord! Deliver me, O my God! For you strike all my enemies on the cheek;...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
People believe god made them in his image and so being polite reciprocated the favour
Mass murder Biblical style: 1.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
The old Testament god is a psychopathic mass murdering twat. and yet people still hold up the book of his misdeeds as the ultimate source of societal moral propriety. Next to him Thanos is an amatuer
Attended my Aunt's funeral this past week.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
My Father in law died just before Christmas last, I was asked to organise the funeral, so I arranged a secular service, almost everyone said it was the happiest and most enjoyable funeral they had ever been to, and had made the memory of John not God the centre of the experience.
Daily Blasphemy: Trust in the Lord?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
That about sums it up
"For the sight being sent upwards by light and beholding the nature of the stars and their ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I still find a clear night sky amazing and inspiring, just because I know what it is, doesn't make it any less of a wonder and a subject for curiosity.
Can anyone recommend a book, video or website that has a good explanation of secular humanism?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
It all boils down to the one commandment Thou shalt not be an arsehole.
As more drumpf associates go down and his castle crumbles, do you feel compassion for any of his ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Why would I Do you have sympathy for the people who watch the vandal smash something good and do nothing to stop it.
I had quite an interesting response to my query about masculinity vs toxic masculinity.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
There are people and there are bad people, no such thing as toxic anything in this context, is just sound bites for the illiterate and to stir up a non existent moral panic.
"This year, Bible literacy bills have been introduced in Florida, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Another bit of idiotic virtue signaling from and for the uneducated hoards who have never read a page of the slavery promoting, incestuous, polygamous, genocidal, rape victim blaming bible in their lives
Leading Mormon Gay Conversion Therapist Now Wants To Date Men | Michael Stone
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Well isn't he going to be seen as a catch. RM Nelson probably gave him a huge bung (no pun intended) to keep his mouth shut about Evergreen and the other "loving ways" of the LDS
Who's your ?? []
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Just like all people who don't serve the Flying Spaghetti Monster are the nephews of Absalom the Mighty evil Aardvark even the women.
Fill in the blank????
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich at the Globe Theater in Stockton
Good Morning Hippies! This reminds me of a kaleiscope how about you?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Nice modern Mandala
Paul writes that if any church spreads teachings other that his, then they should cut off their ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
One of the few things Peter, Paul and John had in common was their hatred of the Johannite Gnostic church (Who followed and Worshiped a church that hailed John the baptist as the True Messiah, but predated him by several hundred years) and their contemporary leader Simon Magus.
"People no longer understand how to hold a rational conversation.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I have replied to your other posting of this
"People no longer understand how hold a rational conversation.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Texting and tweeting have raised a generation of sound bite addicts, with 15 second attention spans, and a demand for fast simple answers. I can demonstrate from experience the demand for speed required. I engaged in dispute with an an active Mormon about the origins and status of the Community of Christ formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS), the actual successor to the church founded by Joseph smith and not the church of Brigham Young now as then often called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He asked me to back this up and I referred him to the supreme court Judgement of 1924 when the RLDS claimed back the Kirtland Temple as their property and were recognised legally as the successor to the original church. The Utah church had to reincorporate, something they did not do for nearly thirty years, during which time their church did not exist as anything other than a charity (hence a period of the prophets simply being called presidents) Again he demanded a reference and I gave it to him as volume and page of Oxford world encyclopedia of religion. This was met with stunned silence for a while and then a demand for a "proper reference, like a URL" I told him I did not have one, as when I discovered this, it was still common to actually get off your arse and go to a library and read a book, I left the church a long time ago. A day or so later he came back to me calling me a liar because he could not find it on line and even a photocopy scanned in and put up would not convince him it was true. If it is not on the net it does not exist. When I received my degree in 2002 as a mature student I was told to go back and rewrite my bibliography since the assessor simply would not believe I could do it without incorporating any web references, I basically had to go and look for stuff that agreed with me and put it in, even though I had not used it.
I like historical fiction.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
I recently binge watched The Krays 1990 The Rise and fall of the Kays 2015-2016 and Legend 2015 All telling the same story from various perspectives, all true but selective in their portrayal of incidents from the Krays lives, between the three versions I think there is a pretty good representation of gangland London in the 1960s
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
No good if you don't have a facebook account
If Today Had a Theme, It Would Be DEATH (but maybe optimistically) Today, my day started with ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Some things in life are bad, They can really make you mad. Other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle, Don't grumble, give a whistle! And this'll help things turn out for the best And Always look on the bright side of life! Always look on the bright side of life If life seems jolly rotten, There's something you've forgotten! And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing, When you're feeling in the dumps, Don't be silly chumps, Just purse your lips and whistle -- that's the thing! And always look on the bright side of life Come on! Always look on the bright side of life For life is quite absurd, And death's the final word. You must always face the curtain with a bow! Forget about your sin -- give the audience a grin, Enjoy it, it's the last chance anyhow! So always look on the bright side of death! Just before you draw your terminal breath. Life's a piece of shit, When you look at it. Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true, You'll see it's all a show, Keep 'em laughing as you go. Just remember that the last laugh is on you! And always look on the bright side of life Always look on the bright side of life Come on guys, cheer up Always look on the bright side of life Always look on the bright side of life Worse things happen at sea you know Always look on the bright side of life I mean, what have you got to lose? you know, you come from nothing you're going back to nothing what have you lost? Nothing! Always look on the bright side of life
Ecclesiastes 10:19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes the life glad; and money is the ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
An early example of hegemony, but then again Ecclesiastes has probably more of the most stupid and ill informed passages of the bible than any other book bar proverbs Ecclesiastes 1:7 All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full;
I can't help but wonder what this world would be like if people had more faith in themselves and ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Is it just more comfortable to be led than to lead and if so who is fit to lead? A question that form the basis of much of Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy of Der Mensch und Übermensch
Does the end justify the means?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
It is a different question to ask if you would sacrifice a few to save many s in the examples given below, and to ask if it is okay to experiment on people you consider less important to develop medicines and treatments that **might** save millions in the future as was said of bastards like Josef Mengele and his ilk. One immediate and definite, the other is a conscious choice made in cold blood and involving moral judgement of worth as to who is expendable and who is not.
A favorite of mine; religion defined by robotics professor Hans Moravec in his book Robot: ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Yup, especially if you are a scientologist.
I need money, but I’m having trouble finding work.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion. L. Ron Hubbard
It just occurred to me this morning that some names in the Book of Mormon may be coded.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Yes but of course in reformed Egyptian these mean "like a rock " "He who keeps a rock in his hat" and "Rocks in the head"
How many on here find it difficult to share your views in your communities?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Being raised English I always find questions like this disturbing, short of walking in to a church on Sunday dressed as Satan, wearing an I love Richard Dawkins T shirt and roasting a baby on a spit while singing "God is a Wanker" announcing you are an Atheist in this country will raise little more than an eyebrow and perhaps a round of tutting. However saying you are a Mormon ... well that is another matter entirely, Mormons don't drink Tea and that is just damned well Un-British.
I am pissed that in 1954 they added "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance! Damn Dwight D.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I wonder if like many people who spent their life in the military, he was trying to buy his way in to his fictional Heaven? Given that he was one of the main reasons for the ending of Nazism and WW2 I can't imagine why he might feel so.
Does 'character' mean anything one can define?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Another attempt to redefine a word. Character simply means an identifiable set of personality traits recognisable as being unique or nearly unique to one particular person or type of person, that can be used to predict his/her/their likely action or reaction to a given circumstance. Character need not necessarily be positive. The above is more applicable to what would in times past have been known as traits of a sound, good or staunch character.
God speaks ask everything you ever wanted to know, butt, were afraid to ask!!! I love you all.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 24, 2019:
everything you ever wanted to know,**butt**, were afraid to ask!!! So he was talking out of his arse, I geddit ?
What Is This Thing You Call 'Social Justice'? - Quillette
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 24, 2019:
On step away from naming the Klingon flag ship "Cak-handed Trump Metaphor"
I saw this word in my cousin's FB post this morning and had to look it up.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 24, 2019:
As an ongoing mission to introduce our american members to some of the more watchable british films.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
Here are a few suggestions 1) The Ruling Class (1972) 2) Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939) 3) Things to Come (1936) 4) Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979) 5) The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961) 6) Village of the Damned (1960) 7) Witch finder General (1968 ) 8 ) Night of the Eagle (1962) 9) The Devil Rides Out (1968 ) 10) The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
People prefer to be lied to. Even though deep down in their logical mind they know it's all a lie.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
Most lies are concocted to make life easier, give easy answers and make people feel better about themselves. Truth and reality almost always involve learning, thinking and doing three things modern society has successfully demonized in civilised people who want an easy, comfortable, paid for life handed to them on a plate *as a right.*
Dan Barker is one of my favorites
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
Candyman, Candyman, Candyman... oops sorry that is Clive Barker
Wouldn’t it?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
You forgot the third panel showing the teacher and faculty burning Billy as a heretic on the football field.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
We have the same thing on Alcohol and Tobacco in this country. The cost of 20 cigarettes is about £12 ($16) £11.44 ($14.91) of that is taxes. They will do the same with Wakky Bakky if it is ever legalised here.
Priest’s sex with teenage boy was ‘consensual’ says Vatican | Barry Duke
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
It is worth remembering in this context that the age of consent within the Vatican city was 12, until 2013 when the current Pope was persuaded to raise it to 18. Therefore under the contemporary Vatican law when they giving sanctuary to paedophile priest, those men had not within the Vatican committed (in most cases) a criminal offense. Sick, sick organisation.
And I will help you bring it to the ground!
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Hey it will be a Trump construction product, it will be lucky if one end of it is still standing by the time they finish the other.
Literally every person I've seen on here that listed themselves as agnostic also listed themselves ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
That being the case you need to give your personal definition of the word agnostic, because like Brexit, it is a word that covers a multitude of definitions outside of the literal or etymological one.
If you think about it, due to the time-space continuum, and the forward expansion of the universe, ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
If you really be at rest, the universe would run away from until part of it smashed in to you at thousands of miles per hour.
The problem of dogma. – Possumpipesup
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
The problem with "Dogma"? Ben Affleck's over acting.
Do you actually watch what you're watching on TV?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Wallpaper television
Saudis execute Indonesian maid after she killed boss while being raped [] via @MailOnline
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Well I suppose their logics is you cannot have women starting to think they are people now, can you?
Are morality and empathy basically the same?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Not at all, some of the worst of sadists have been completely emphatic, so as to savour the pain of others, if they did not understand and empathise with the agony they inflicted, they could derive no joy from it. Morally they can know it is wrong and get a kick from doing wrong, but sharing in the pain of another requires an emphatic bond.
I've finally reach 8.1... and I've only been on since the early eighties.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
I don't believe you 8.1 is a mythical promised land created in the imagination of the elders of agnostics dot com to keeps us all hooked with the promise of a better place hereafter. You can't prove it exists! You can't, You can't, You can't, You can't, You can't, You can't, You can't, You can't, You can't, You can't, You can't!
::Eyeroll:: []
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Perhaps he looking for the flying nun?
Melissa Joan Hart told her 6-year-old son that only people who believe in Jesus are 'good' — and ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
Stupidity shared begets stupidity tenfold in return.
Melissa Joan Hart told her 6-year-old son that only people who believe in Jesus are 'good' — and ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
I'll bet you Dollars to Donuts it was the ADL who said this those guy would see even one of their own going to the toilet as an anti semitic act because it might imply that they as defenders of the Jews are full of shit.
Welcome new members Thomasina and Tommylee64.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
I have just been advised by @Marionville that she has just had a tragedy in her family and so is ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
All the best to her
Why can I not locate the movie "King's Day Out" featured on PBS?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
FOUND IT! This from the 1994 Halliwell's film guide The half-hour film King’s Day Out produced, written and directed by Rob Kuhns was first shown at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival, it premiered on WTTW’s series, Image Union There you go hope this helps
Some people have a head start and don't even know it! []
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
and some people never start their head, or at least their brain at all. What a load of patronising self righteous crap. If you have a father in the home mean nothing, if your parents are married means nothing, half of the so called examples mean nothing. "Some of these black dudes"? What a racist fuckwit, he may as well have just started with "Are you white, take ten steps forward. then feel guilty about it... but not too guilty."
The greatest truth is the knowledge .
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
Utter twaddle. There is no greatest truth, there is that which is actual and is supported by evidence and contentions and that which is not, variously known as mistakes, lies and faith.
Ethics, a prescription for human conduct is not the sole property of any religion.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
Right and wrong are never fixed by "an innate sense of what is right and wrong" they are interchangeable dependent on circumstance.
Makes life so much easier !
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
Define an "insignificant action"
Sometimes the answer to "What should I do?", is so simple yet oh so difficult.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
Bollocks! There are two things in this world that influence and motivate 98% of all decisions Passion and personal gain.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
Being atheist, I do not believe in "heaven" or "hell" .
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
The problem with arseholes such as you mention is not so much what they say as that there are hoards of other idiots out there willing to listen to them unthinkingly and follow them unquestioningly. As birds of a feather flock together, jerks junket joyously with fellow juvenile Jackasses.
Thanos and God
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
I could give you the answer, as approved by most churches, but if I did I would sound like a raving lunatic with the attention span of a gnat and the brains of a turnip, you see I'm not a theologian and only they are allowed to spout this tripe and not get picked up by the men in white coats driving the Loony detector van.
Just got this in the mail.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
Send it back saying "Fellowship" is an inherently sexist misogynist term and that you are reporting them to SJW central until they amend it to person-ship or some other equally good gender neutral term. It isn't's just a fella.
FOOD for thought, anyone?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
If there is a bag of Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts in the house, I can't sleep till it is all eaten and no one else in my home likes liquorice, so it's a rotten job but some one has to do it..
Great article "Is there a hell for children?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
I am afraid it has always been the case that if you want a strong following quickly, it is much easier to rally people to hate as one, than to care as one. Kill the "problem" was always easier than solve the "problem" Hide the different and pretend it does not exist, less frightening than accept and understand the unfamiliar. ## "The Lord Jesus Christ hates a great many people but non more so than the homosexual" Seth MacFarlane
Great article "Is there a hell for children?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
I think I am going to vomit ?
Forbidden Planet [imdb.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
Forbidden Planet is basically a retelling of the Tempest by Shakespeare, with Morbius filling in for Prospero and Robbie as Ariel while Caliban is reborn as the monster from the Id. The idea of Technology/Magic setting everyone free to destroy themselves by removing all limits on want and desire could be read as a prophesy for the internet and the digital age is true enough. When everyone thinks they are a god, minor disputes can wipe out the word as major disputes are ignored as other peoples problems.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
IN my part of the world to simper is to do these things insincerely, for the purpose of crawling, creeping in an Obsequious or Toadyish manner.
when are we as a species going to get our s together?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
Trouble is we do get our shit together and then we throw it in to the sea.
I used to watch The Big Valley television series, which ran from September 15, 1965 to May 19, 1969.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
From the late 50's to the late sixties all of the highest rated US TV shows were westerns. Even Star Trek was marketed as Wagon train in space.
Proverbs 18:6 (NRSV): A fool’s lips bring strife, and a fool’s mouth invites a flogging.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
However this is only if the supposed "fool" disagrees with you.
Abortion the Biblical way.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
revolting on so many levels
"I became an atheist when I looked around and saw all of the death and destruction, misery and ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
I could not possibly care less.
It makes me ill to see sports figures praying , crossing themselves and taking other religious ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
Of course not, everyone knows God only watches the WNBA (he has a thing for tall black women, well if I'm made in his image he does.)
Karen Pences school ban goes on to say banned conduct includes, but is not limited, to: ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
The Ten commandments of Evangelicalism Rule 1 If it is fun it is probably a sin so don't do it Rule 2 If it is not fun, it might still be a sin so don't do it unless a Pastor tells you to Rule 3 If you have money God wants it, to save you from using it for sin Rule 4 Thinking will give you Cancer Rule 5 Send money Rule 6 You must own a Bible, but you must never read it, that's what Pastors are for Rule 7 Always go to church on a Sunday bring money Rule 8 Using the internet will give you AIDS Rule 9 Always vote republican, Democracy is a sin Rule 10 Pastors are good men so never tell anyone anything that they may or may not have done to you when alone with you or in the company of another holy man, or else you will make baby Jesus cry and your privates will wither and drop off.
Remember The Red Skelton Show?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
Seen him in films a lot and like him, never seen or heard of this show. I know my Mother used to get Red Skelton and Red Buttons mixed up a lot. Incidently my wife's mother was brought up on a farm just outside of the town of Skelton in the North East of England
freegan a person who buys as little as possible and makes use of recycled or discarded goods and ...
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
We used to call them Skip-raiders
" I have never heard a rational argument to defeat the smell of frying bacon".
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
Andy Hamilton is hilarious
(A great James Mason movie with an unexpected ending.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 19, 2019:
Mason ranks very high in my all time favourite male actors.
I have been thinking about this website.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
Hypocrites? Some of the more educated ones maybe, most are just dumb, know nothing about their or anyone else's religion, think that "God Hates Fags" is a biblical quote ad believe Jesus was named after a Mexican swear word. Believers of a right wing tendency tend to have the brains of a cucumber frame, the imagination of a trailer park and the morals of a US president.
We can only hope
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
Adults are just Children who owe money Rita Rudner
I went to church because our family went to church.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
I figured out very early Sunday School was full of shit. As a kid the only reason I went was because if I sat quietly for the first half I go to play with the toys in the second half, and since my Mum did not allow me toy guns and Sundays School did, it was to my mind a fair exchange.
Should sharia law be banned from the West?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
Sharia holds the same status in the west as do church courts, which do exist still and have since the middle ages. These religious "law" systems have only the power that people give them, if you do not accept their authority and do not recognise them they have no authority at all. If in trying to exert authority they break the law of the land, they are liable to prosecution themselves. A lot of clubs, institution and still some churches especially teh Mormons and the scientologists do have their own internal disciplinary systems even foorball clubs do, but no matter what they may CALL themselves they are not courts, they are not law making or enforcing bodies, they are people playing at authoritarianism. The best thing to do is ignore them or report them to the actual law when they go to far. You may as well try to ban your teacher for gving you detention.
[] Just how hard is it to recall a child abuser in your employ?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
I don't know what is more insane, his claiming that he forgot, or people taking his claim that he forgot seriously.
What's your opinion on unitarian churches?
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
The Alcohol free beer of religion.
A video with quite a bit of facts to counter Mormon theology and dogmas. []
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
A good if simplified precise of some of the more common secrets about Mormonism. Incidentally when I used to be on Facebook, Hans was a member of my group, hell of nice guy.
The shaving brand Gillette has launched a new ad campaign in response to the Me Too movement.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
Hey look how successful this ad has been on your tube
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
Hence the name of Proffesor Quirinus Quirrell in the first Harry potter book being a homonym and partial anagram
Not a word alone, but some literature and word-play this group may appreciate.
LenHazell53 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
Because it was mind numbingly obvious and in the second book, children of Dune is stated as such, his is why the spice is called melange.


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