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Does a disbelief in a god mean a disbelief in good and evil spirits?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Define what you mean by spirit
In general, and very simply put, do you think people are basically good but are capable of doing ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Neither, what is good in one circumstance is evil in another and vice versa, civilization is simply the ability make choices that benefit and facilitate the overall survival of the species.
OBSCURANTISM: ob-scu-rant-ism.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
When you use the literal translation from the Latin it is much more sinister **"Darkening"**
Vatican erases pope's remarks about psychiatric help for gay children | World news | The Guardian
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
An old fart in a dress who, supposedly, has never had sex in his life and believes a big invisible man in the sky talks to him on a regular basis, thinks he has the right to tell other people how they should be using their genitals, and that to do other wise mean *they* need a psychiatrist.
Iceland Raises Age Of Religious Consent To 21 | Andrew Hall
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Oh how I wish it were true
All are welcome. All are welcome. @mensgroupliberal
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
All of the above
Does society owe lazy or stupid a living?
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
think of it the other way around do the lazy or stupid deserve life? If your answer to this is no, you're evil. are people responsible for there actions? Of course they are so long as they are capable of making responsible decisions if not then those decisions must be taken for then to protect them and others from them.
Why during christ lifetime wasn't there any mention of him by any scholar of the times
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Flavius Josephus, the note scholar of Jewish history makes only one mention of Jesus and than has long since been debunked as a forgery. However the churches still cling to it as proof of the existence of the Nazarene. NOW here is the odd part, Josephus devotes a whole chapter to John the Baptist as a politically influential leader of a heretical Jewish sect, a powerful speaker and a man hailed as the Messiah of the Jews. The Churches don't mention this AT ALL. Why not, because in reality John was not the cousin of Jesus, he was not the herald of Jesus, he was not Killed by Herod Antipas the way it is described in the bible, he was not against Herod for marrying his brothers wife (it was his step brother or half brother Philip and not the full brother Archelaus mentioned in the bible) he was against him for making military pacts with surrounding gentile kingdoms. There was no Salome she is a biblical invention, Both brothers were childless probably as a result of massive in breeding and it goes on and on. In short the biblical scholars are willing to site a fraudulent passage in Josephus to back up the existence of their man god, but ignore and deride as unreliable, page after page about the man god's own cousin because it disagrees with the biblical accounts and PROVES them inaccurate lies.
New roommate is a very devout Muslim.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
next time he starts going on about great god is and how all Allah's creations are so beautiful just sing him this All Things Dull and Ugly Monty Python All things dull and ugly, All creatures short and squat, All things rude and nasty, The Lord God made the lot. Each little snake that poisons, Each little wasp that stings, He made their brutish venom. He made their horrid wings. All things sick and cancerous, All evil great and small, All things foul and dangerous, The Lord God made them all. Each nasty little hornet, Each beastly little squid Who made the spikey urchin? Who made the sharks? He did! All things scabbed and ulcerous, All pox both great and small, Putrid, foul and gangrenous, The Lord God made them all. Amen.
TOPIC: has political correctness, and americans frustration with it, contributed to the rise of ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Yes but not in the way you are implying. Stupid PC behaviour has increased since Trump took office the sort of crap that leads to the rise of off feminanazis and victim mentality loudmouths . The PC behaviour that lead to people who have never voted before in their lives and probably though going in to a voting booth was confusing because they couldn't find the urinal, actually taking a course on how to vote for "the funny guy offa the TV" was the good stuff the world has been fighting for for years. These are people who want N***er baitin, brought back as a prime time sport, who want uppity women put back in the kitchen bare foot and pregnant, who think Mexicans actually do shout "ariba,ariba, ondelay" and wear sombreros all the time and hate puddy tats. People to who "Build a wall" is a good answer to everything because they can understand it. To the trump supporter Anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-bullying and not shooting everything that moves are deprivation of freedom and the PC world gone mad. To them Western movies are great, men were men and solved their problems by shooting one another in the street, or by hanging the nearest Mexican and keeping black people in chains. That was when America was Great and they want it to be Great again. In the UK we have a similar problem with old farts who think Britain went on a downward spiral when "Paki-bashing" was made illegal and black people were allowed to move out of Brixton. We are now being told Nigel Farrage is going to run for mayor of London, he is unlikely to win, but that there is even a call for him to do so shows the level of discontent with the equally though oppositely biased and useless current mayor and professional Phillip Schofield lookalike Sadiq Khan or (Sad eek Can't) as some call him. Knee jerk overreactions to bad situations and angry backlash always leads to extremism, the only answer is better educational foundations all round, the abolition of religiously agenda schools in favour of pragmatic secular education, an end to politically motivated positive bias of any kind and legally enforced meritocracy at all levels of society and true equality, that is everyone gets the same start in life and it is up to them what they do with it, the best people for the right jobs and positions based on ability ONLY.
Star Trek.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
This was why it was such a WTF moment when Tasha Yar actually died.
BOWDLERIZE: bowd-ler-ize.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Yes Thomas Bowdler from who we also get the term to blue pencil, disgusting man
Does psychological violence on men from their partners engender or create the high male suicide in ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Nope, at least there wasn't. I had a hell of a time growing up and the psychological violence done to me by my father I am certain contributed to my Bi-Polar disorder, however in those days even physical violence was looked on as a good thing in a parent, not beating your kids was considered irresponsible and did not prepare them for the harsh realities of life. So getting "upset" over words was a sure sign of being a "Poof" because in those days of course only homosexual men were allowed to have feeling other than anger and lust. My doctors for years saw the answer to my "Problem" as being to shove pills down my neck and ask me if I was gay and if not to "man up" and stop wasting their time because they had people who were "really" ill to see to. This lead to my first marriage being to a woman who exactly like my father. She was psychotically manipulative, cruel, forced me to suppress my feelings, had unrealistic expectations of "manliness", when I did get psychological help, she threatened to beat up the female psychologist for trying to feminise me (She encouraged me to pursue writing as a joint career and therapy) and had be removed from the hospital by force which lead to my doctor striking me off his list for not controlling my family and endangering a colleague. I was beaten by my wife, and had been conditioned from birth that you never hit back against a woman even if she is hitting you first (I still feel men who hit women are the scum of the earth) so put up with it, for five and a half years, then she got bored and divorced me to move in a with a known criminal. By the time I had gone through a hell of a divorce where my mental state was held up as reasonable cause to assume mental cruelty and unreasonable behaviour on my part, I was a wreck. My current wife saved me, she encouraged me, sent me to university, gave me two amazing children who in time gave me 4 equally amazing grandchildren, fixed my diet and got me genuine help for a condition that was by that time being taken seriously in men. The difference of course was that my now wife came from an upper middle class family, where as I came from a working class background, her upbringing taught support, encouragement and social mobility, mine taught punishment for failure and punishment for doing to well (getting ideas above your station). I would say the same to anyone male or female who is in an abusive relationship, mentally or physically, get out now, get legal advice, get help and seek out someone good, a friend, a lover, parent, sibling anyone who is on your side, has your well being at heart, and lean on them a little till you get back on your feet. Never be afraid to express your feeling about what has happened to you and never bottle up emotion, one of ...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
I was once stuck for a name for a character and so named him Norman Clature, worked really well :)
Gallivanting - going around from one place another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
It is a fascinating word and come from the same root as another wonderful word gallimaufry. Though some has postulated the origin to come from Gallant, this is completely wrong. Gali or Cali in Normandic French means a random mix or a jumble and though now meaning a mix of interesting items gallimaufry or Calimafree was a sauce made of random left overs used with actual left overs of food, sort of a continental Bubble and Squeak. Vant or Vent in old and in fact modern french means the wind so a Gallivant is one who allows the wind to blow him to a random mix of new places and experiences. We can than William the conqueror for this one.
I had my first ever dealings with the morons, I mean Mormons, yesterday .
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 1, 2018:
Anyone on a mission is Known as Elder (M) regardless of age or Sister (F) They are on a mission which means they are under a strict impoverished cult regime for two years in a foreign country, they are never allowed to be alone, they must sleep, eat and wake when they are told to, work when told to and do what they are told to serve the church and they pay $thousands for the privilidge. They have undergone missionary training a form of brainwashing based on sleep deprivation, constant chanting of repetitious platitudes, enforced reading of the "standard works" for 6 hours every day, worthiness interviews including in depth questioning on sexual thoughts and practices. Removal of all privacy, being taught to spy on other elders and report "sin". Constant pressure to deliver on target numbers of investigators and baptisms, failure to do so will result in being accused of faithlessness and sin preventing them spreading the word. Many of these kids can't take it and try to go home, they are prevented, sometimes by force, and if they insist and fight back with legal help or outside help (I can tell you horror stories), will be sent home to ostracization and as a source of shame to their family and church. Mormonism (a term now outlawed by the church itself) IS a cult, it prays on the weak, fearful and ignorant, it is isolationist for its members and presents a disguised face of lies to the world.
The Bible, the old and new testament.
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 1, 2018:
The Bible is no more important historically than Mein Kampf, it has no intrinsic value other than as a window in the mindset of idiots and dangerous lunatics and what garbage can be used to motivate and steer them in the direction an insane demagogue desires for political, religious or theocratic reasons. The fact this filth has been idolised for millennia, imbued with mythological power and given credence in no way makes it right, true, important or admirable. The same goes for all other so called "holy books"
So because I live in an Islamic country, the local people see me as someone who is non-religious and...
LenHazell53 comments on Sep 1, 2018:
Why don't people think you are a Hindu? or a Sikh? What is it about you that makes ignorant people think you are either a Muslim or an Atheist?
Are agnostics and atheists smarter?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Well we have the intelligence to know a god(s) is unproven and unprovable, that religious doctrine is stupid and contradictory and that it is not safe to leave our children in the solitary care of self proclaimed celibate, so called holy men. Before going in to a multitude of other reasons, I think those three pretty much prove in this area at least Atheists are are more intelligent and knowledgable than Theists.
I called to wish my grandma a happy birthday, she's 90, devout Catholic.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
I would not lie, I think that shows more disrespect. You need not go in to details, you simply ask her to respect your choices.
Which top three of these Ron Howard films is your favorite?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Grand Theft Auto, very under rated little film
Do you like Tim Burton movies? Pick your favorite one, mine is "Big Fish" ?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Some of them, he has a wide range, from Brilliant , to utter crap. My personal favourite being Batman, and least favourite being Mars Attacks
moral standards.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
1994 is considered one of the best all around Movie Years. How would you rank these three greats?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
1994 was nothing special, a fair mix of good great and turkeys If any films stand out for one reason or another, to me in that year they would be Léon: The Professional Clerks The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert In the Mouth of Madness Ed Wood The Shadow (yes I know, but I'm a fan)_ The Madness of King George and Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
Did anyone one else see the documentary last night on Christian Hate preachers?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
Hitler once lamented that his dreams of word domination for the Aryan master race would have been easier if Germany had not embraced Christianity, which he saw as a weak religion to concerned with love and brotherhood and had been Islamic, a faith he believed bred natural soldiers. Had he seen the rise of this kind "Christianity" he would made it his state religion and lead them on a holy crusade.
Bloggers, Atheists and secularists are always in danger in the Bangladesh.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
Religion and Religious people are insane, it is socially accepted madness, kill, maim, destroy in the name of your imaginary friend and you will be rewarded throughout eternity, and that is basis of stable and just society. FUCK that!
How many waited in a long line just to watch this movie?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
Not that one, I did stand in line for hours to take my younger brother to see Grease, that's time I'll never get back :(
I was raised Catholic and always questioned why priests and nuns could never get married.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
Catholics love guilt, it is a great way to control people.
To some of you, the following will already be second nature, to others like myself it will be new ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
Inaccurate, simplistic and over simplified. Read up on actual logical fallacies and rhetoric.
Out of these three Stephen King movies pick one that is your favorite.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
Don't like any of them, King should stick to horror, it what he is good at.
The Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About The History of Christianity by Richard Carrier - Agatan ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 29, 2018:
The idea of a special animal replacing a human sacrifice originates in ancient Egypt with the cult of the Apis Bull, a substitute used because Pharaoh decided that being killed every time there was an eclipse, was maybe not such a great idea.
Does your local quality of air explain your cognitive dissonance or is it simply the fact that you ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 29, 2018:
an oversupply of males compared to females? Well being a culture that tolerates putting little girl babies in dustbins will do that for you.
It is hard to know what you do not know...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
It's freaking impossible
Pick your top three that you liked from this group. Mine are Braveheart, Gladiator and Star Trek.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Wrath of Khan, Robocop, Aliens
I've been with my current partner for nearly 6 years.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Sad to say there is a trick some men use to absolve themselves of responsibility in a failing relationship, which is simply to become such a pain in the arse that the other partner leaves or throws them out, making him the innocent victim of a heartless and unreasonable woman.
What are some of you favourite scary movies?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Witch finder General Frailty The Thing (Carpenter version) The Haunting (original) 13 Ghosts (remake)
These were documentaries?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Mike Judge is on record as saying on the day of the Trump inauguration "I didn't realise I was making a documentary"
These were documentaries?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Ironically Being there would no longer get made in America, it is too seminal and would not attract audiences large enough to justify its budget and even if it did they would no understand it.
Some might disagree with this, but it something I hold very true.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
When I was growing up, your race was just another word for your nationality, your skin colour was your ethnicity. The Human race was our species, and being racist was being prejudice against a person's ancestry. The first time I remember people complaining about racist jokes was when it was trendy to make gags about thick Irishmen.
The pope is more concerned with how the church is going to look.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
What will it take? A few more years, and a couple of generations growing up knowing the truth . It will never come crashing down, but may well become a small fringe church fronting a massive business empire.
Athiests what is the one thing you respect about theists and why?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
Depends on the theist, same as anyone else, nothing to do with their religious delusions or lack of them.
How parents act on their religious beliefs linked to the onset of atheism in their children
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
How parents act on their religious beliefs linked to the onset of atheism in their children This has been an announcement from the department of the bleedin' obvious
How parents act on their religious beliefs linked to the onset of atheism in their children
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
How parents act on their religious beliefs linked to the onset of atheism in their children This has been an announcement from the department of the bleedin' obvious
FYI The monolithic Marriott International hotelier company, whose founding family remains active in...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
This is common occurrence of defacement in Marriott hotels
If you know, How do you know god doesn’t exist ?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
I don't know, that there is no god however I have no reason or evidence to think there is one, or that the possibility even exists, therefore I do not believe so. Give a good and evidence supported reason to change my mind and I will.
Still getting my 50th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey geek on! Saw it this past Saturday in ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
I know one of them because my Dad made me sit through it several times, he is a huge F1 geek.
Hi folks! I'm about to meet a psychic for the first time. What do you think about medium work?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
I was a spiritualist medium for several years, before I came to my senses, I can tell you now it is totally fake, but the "psychic" will believe it is true, if you are lucky, some are total charlatans but most are sincerely deluded. The way we were trained was designed to convince you the medium, that tricks, cold reading, reading body languages are all signs from "spirit" that you are genuinely passing on messages from the other side. You can quickly get so good at it, that you become brainwashing in to believing it yourself, especially when the poor souls so desperate to believe that you can contact the dead, keep encouraging you and finding reasons to believe you are passing on a message from dear old Uncle Fred and Auntie Agnes. Looking back with the clarity of hindsight I can see this now and that it was just as daft as believing in the priesthood powers I was ordained to when a Mormon.
What I learned when I met a real life exorcist []
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
My late writing partner was several years older than me, he often told the story of how when he was 11 he was jumped when he came home from school by his parents and two priests who strapped him to a chair in their front room and carried out an exorcism on him, because one of the Nuns at his school was convinced his bad behavior was the result of possession. Said bad behavior was having a large vocabulary, asking "blasphemous" questions about bible passages and being caught with a copy of Dr. No in his school bag. Well in to middle age he still found the most disturbing part about the experience was that he parents went along with it.
Is it just me or are these "In Memory Of .
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
What gets to me is that on most of the sites where you can order these it says something like In loving memory followed by Your name here You just know, loads of people have got them sent back with their own name on them
So the pope asks god for forgiveness.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
I wonder if Interpol or the UN are taking an interest in the pope's apology?
I'll just leave this here among friends.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
I don't believe in Santa. Does that mean I won't be getting any Christmas presents thus year?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
Oh you're one of those pagan Father Christmas guys :(
What movies have you seen that are strange, odd, peculiar, or just plain weird?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
Lost Highway and Mulholland drive are both pretty strange, until you get on the wavelenght.
So here's an interesting thing.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
Once you hit level 7 you go up one decimal place for every 4000 points, until you reach level eight then it is one one decimal point for every 15,000 points
The Russian Presidential Human Rights Council wants to decriminalize insults that offend religious ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
about two or three years ago Russia banned street preaching, public proselyting and door to door missionaries. Both the Jehovah's Witless and the Morons were up in arms about it, if this is true it is a continuation of the same policy to lessen the power and influence of the churches other than the official state one.
The Russian Presidential Human Rights Council wants to decriminalize insults that offend religious ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
about two or three years ago Russia banned street preaching, public proselyting and door to door missionaries. Both the Jehovah's Witless and the Morons were up in arms about it, if this is true it is a continuation of the same policy to lessen the power and influence of the churches other than the official state one.
MAGA - So Monsanto has a big award made against it and now Vietnam says that it has 3,000,000 more ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
Maybe, but as was proven in the UK when war widows and servicemen's compensation claims from WW1 fought for their rights, you can keep these things tied up in court postponements for so long that by the time you do settle the claims (in 2010) in most of the claiments are dead.
I am a committed Atheist since I was about 19.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
All atheist means is without a belief in god or gods, other than that you can believe whatever the fuck you like. Non of my business. However I hold some very right wing views and some very left wing views, quite a few centrist too I find the black and white thinking irksome and boring. If people based their opinions on both pragmatism and compassion, rather than some preconceived ideas about what their stance should be based on spurious self identification, then maybe things would get a little better on the whole.
A great source is Ken's Guide to the Bible Available at amazon.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
you'll find a lot of useful stuff at too
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
in Irish Gaelic -ín pronounced een is an indicator of a diminutive form so eens probably means small piece of the preceding A Smyther in Gaelic is also a word for a small piece, but in middle English is metal worker, it is a fair guess then to say Smithereens means either smallest of small pieces, or the tiny bits of metal chipped away while metal working at a forge.
Jesus said that he would return in his disciples lifetime. 2000 years on and...........
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
Yes but he found a loop hole by making one of them immortal
I had a stillborn son 6 years ago.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
Why do people think this makes people feel better? They don't, they do it to make themselves feel better, they imagine that by saying crap like that they are "doing something", they are being missionary and spreading the word and love of gawd by being an apologist for actions that were he (gawd) real would be acts of inexcusable cruelty, they would rather try and explain away than admit the truth that he is imaginary. Rely on the true love and comfort of family and friends and move forward knowing this is not the end of your life and the joy of family you can still experience. My daughter lost her first child too, but now she has given me four beautiful grandchildren who the whole family love unconditionally. Comfort is in the future not the past. Your anger does you credit, now use it to strong and carry on. :)
How do you choose the movies you watch?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
Instinct, intuition If I had gone by reviews and recommendations or avoid films people tell you you're not supposed to approve of, I would have missed out on some of my favourite movies.
Who likes anime movies?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 24, 2018:
Slightly off topic but the first Anime I saw was a boy and was a B+W series called "Marine Boy", apparently it did badly in Japan and only 16 episodes were ever shown there, but the BBC commissioned an additional 60 episodes in colour that were only ever shown in the UK and other English speaking countries. It was one of the first shows to be commissioned in colour by the Beeb for the upcoming legalization of colour TV in 1967.
Deracinate: To tear something up by the roots
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 24, 2018:
great word, love it.
I know these are not uncommon words but they confuse many people.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 24, 2018:
When my father was working for ICI (imperial chemical industries) in the 1960's he asked what the difference is and was told Flammable is a chemical or substance that will spontaneously burst in to flame if exposed to high temperatures where as inflammable will only burst in to flames if exposed to a flame or electric spark from the verb "to inflame" nothing to do with the in- prefix meaning not. May have been true then, or may have been a BS explanation to shut him up, but it does sound probable
HELL EXPLAINED BY A CHEMISTRY STUDENT The following is an actual question given on a ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2018:
Only in the USA would a science test ask for theories about the nature of Hell. Perhaps next year he can write a thesis on the chemical elements and conditions needed to produce A1 quality ectoplasm
Bible Verses That Inspired the Pennsylvania Church to Cover Up Abuse []
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2018:
Cognitive dissonance
"It's not what I say, it's what the Bible says."
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2018:
It is even better when they tell you "It's not what I say, it's what the Bible says." and they have just quoted Shakespeare, Milton, Anton LeVey or Mr Spock
"It's not what I say, it's what the Bible says."
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2018:
1) Why should I care what the Bible says? 2) I didn't ask what the bible says, I asked YOUR honest opinion, are you capable of telling me that? 3) Oh I see, so you mean you don't agree with it, you're just to frightened of your god to object?Then doesn't it say more about you that you choose to agree with it unquestioningly when you know it is evil? 4) The bible also says Bats are Birds, snakes and Donkeys can talk, a man can walk on water, Unicorns exist and that women should STFU, not me, the bible says that.
Who likes anime movies?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2018:
Saying who likes anime movie is like saying who likes live action movies, anime is a form of film making covering every genre some is good, some is appalling, some are delightful, some are pornographic. Having said that I do like many anime movies and series, especially sci fi and horror, though one of my all time favourites is "Colorful", the story of a spirit sent back to earth for a second chance at life, it is both disturbing and beautiful.
How many like this TV show?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2018:
liked every version, and "The Outer limits"
Tee shirt.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 23, 2018:
want one
Does anyone know how to sell ideas for amusing TV adverts without just having them stolen as soon as...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
Nope. Editor, sub editors, ad execs, all are similes for thieving scum bags
Have you ever come across a blooper in a movie?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
There is one Bond film, can't remember which one, where Sean Connery is thumped, falls back against a dressing table and moves it, at which point the whole camera crew can be seen in the mirror, desperately signaling to move it back.
Fellow members in case you haven't seen this please read it and protect yourselves from such ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
yeah daily wire is Ben Shapiro's personal piss take site
I hope this isn't too off-topic.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
love Blackadder
Is trust a irrelevant thing?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
Trust is best when earned and given sparsely and with caution, only a fool trusts unconditionally and without good cause but it is equally unwise to never trust those who have proven themselves trustworthy.
I took a course in theology in collage and to sum it up you had to beleive i guess to pass.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
I seem to recall Bertrand Russell telling a story of a student asking him which universities had fellowships in theology and his replying that it would first have to be proved to him that theology was even an educational discipline before he could give question brain space.
I've been a fan of the show ' the Atheist Experience ' for about a decade.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 21, 2018:
I wish Jeff Dee was still on this show, he was awesome when he just lost it with pius aholes
Richard Burton - the Greatest Poem in the English Language.mpg []
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 21, 2018:
or my favourite rendition of the Raven
Richard Burton - the Greatest Poem in the English Language.mpg []
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 21, 2018:
Am i the only one who thinks the catholic church public relations department was selling their feel ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 21, 2018:
PR trick, ignore the man behind the curtain, look over here, oooooh shiny shiny, jingle jingle
Who was your favorite 007 ? mine was Sean Connery.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 21, 2018:
Dalton was closest to the book character, but my personal favourite was Roger Moore
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 21, 2018:
Thou shall not kill. Didn't God send his son down here to be murdered?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 20, 2018:
Yup the great logic of Christianity is that God put people in a garden and ordered them not to eat a fruit he knew they would eat since he is omniscient, then punished them for falling for his entrapment. Then he waits three thousand years of letting everyone go to hell for the sins of their first ancestors before turning himself in to a human version of himself, so he can go to earth and sacrifice himself, to himself, so he can forgive everyone else for what their great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandma did after he tricked her in to it. However having done all that he adds the codicil that even if he never gives any evidence of his own existence and in fact gives lots of evidence of his not existing, if people don't swear life long fidelity to him, obedience and give him 10% of their money, they all get to still go to Hell and burn forever, rather than go to heaven and spend eternity praising him for not burning them for doing what he knew they would do in the first place until he interfered. *Grown up people* believe this shit is proof of an all wise and all merciful being who created everything and tortures people because he loves them, and that is just peachy.
An erudite and succinct indictment of American hypocrisy regarding its foreign policies and ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 20, 2018:
The American taxpayer has always been deceived: it is his birthright...lending money to South American dictators, for instance, which the taxpayer thought was being spent on South American peasants. Besides his own Secretary of State agrees with the deceit. He knows that it is good for the American taxpayer. And *it is* good for him. Leonard Wibberley 1963
Psychopomp (from the Greek word ψυχοπομπός, psuchopompos, literally meaning the "guide of ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 20, 2018:
Actually, literally ψυχοπομπός means Mind Transmitter/Transmigrater since the ancient Greeks did not believe in a souls in the way religions do today, but did believe in the survival of intelligence and individuality away from the body, and the possibility of the strong mind of one person inhabiting a second or more bodies and dominating them, or like wise the power of a strong animal mind, especially that of a wolf, possessing a human being. Plato wrote extensively on it.
Better things to do.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 20, 2018:
the year they give a Nobel Prize in science to the first man to find a way to harness magic as an inexhaustible source of thaumatic powered magic carpets and solvees the energy crisis once and for all, I might considered perhaps thinking about the possibility that their may be some speck misinterpreted of half truth in the idea of a godlike thingummyjig. I cautious of even going that far though.
Here are 2 great movie stars of the past. Can you name them & the movie?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 20, 2018:
Rings a bell, but can't quite get it.
What favorite movie do you not have in your DVD collection that you wish you had?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
There are a few of my old VHS that have never had a DVD release so have not yet been replaced and one or two rarities that I am not going to pay over £200 for. Ski Patrol (1990) is one that comes to mind, terrible film but it is a guilty pleasure and was my introduction to Leslie Jordan
The place you are looking for Is the place you are looking from.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
Oh Bollocks. "If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard." ... L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Fuck that.
Floccinaucinihilipilification (Noun) the estimation of something as valueless or worthless.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
This used to a favourite on the old TV word game "Call my Bluff" (1965 to 2005) a sort of right of initiation for each new host or team captain.
I tried to understand how Christians are like.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
Don't worry about it, for most Christians, especially USA Christians it is a make it up as you go along religion. Tonight I watched a documentary on "Cowboy" churches in the USA and who they are almost 100% pro-Trump because they say he espouses Christian values Those values being 1) Jesus was all for personal Gun Ownership 2) Jesus was anti immigration 3) Jesus would rather have an amoral womaniser as president if the alternate was a gay loving/ marriage equality democrat snowflake. Not the bible I remember reading
CASTIGATE: cas-ti-gate.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
I had an English teacher at school who would often threaten the class with "Castigation and Vilification" None of knew what it meant but it sounded terrifying
SCINTILLA: scin-til-la.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
This possibly the root of scintillating?
AUGURY: au-gu-ry.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
related are an AUGUR a sign or portent that is interpreted as an augury or To AUGUR verb can be the action of one who produces an augury a prophet or soothsayer An August is that or the person who was foretold and is therefore considered holy or venerable
Sooooo, one of my Facebook friends is complaining that she prayed before she started driving, and ...
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
Have Faith God has a plan, his ways are not your ways, everything happens for a reason, God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. Feeling better now? By the way hating god and leading others in to temptation ***will*** send you straight to hell, so STFU!
Skol or Skoal. Viking toast, made when good friends sit down to drink. Means "Cheers!" basically.
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
Also spelled "skål" Norwegian for Bowl
Do some emotionally moving movies retain (after multiple viewings) greatness better then others?
LenHazell53 comments on Aug 18, 2018:
Silly example but in "Cool Runnings" the scene when Junior's father stands at the finishing post, wearing the the team shirt to support his son, brings me to tears every time. On the other hand "It's a wonderful life" used to move me to tears, now it annoys me as simply contrived and deliberately emotionally manipulative, with a very, VERY bad message behind it.


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