I grew up in a cult, and was indoctrinated from a very young age, taught to believe that everyone around me was going to die in Armageddon. I wasn't allowed to go to college, ponder over philosophy (of man), or read/watch anything that didn't support Jehovah's Witnesses.

A couple of years ago some things came up which allowed me to see through the lies and got me started on my journey for truth. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, if you study "apostate teachings", or leave you are shunned, hence I lost my wife, parents, and friends when I left.

Now that I am out, I have been trying to make new friends and learn the truth about the world around me. I love philosophy, cosmology, quantum physics, and good hearted debates! I'm looking to meet open minded people in my area, I'd like to make new friends and maybe meet someone special. If you're open to chatting please let me know, I'd love to meet you!

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