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I grew up in a cult, and was indoctrinated from a very young age, taught to believe that everyone around me was going to die in Armageddon. I wasn't allowed to go to college, ponder over philosophy (of man), or read/watch anything that didn't support Jehovah's Witnesses.

A couple of years ago some things came up which allowed me to see through the lies and got me started on my journey for truth. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, if you study "apostate teachings", or leave you are shunned, hence I lost my wife, parents, and friends when I left.

Now that I am out, I have been trying to make new friends and learn the truth about the world around me. I love philosophy, cosmology, quantum physics, and good hearted debates! I'm looking to meet open minded people in my area, I'd like to make new friends and maybe meet someone special. If you're open to chatting please let me know, I'd love to meet you!

I gotta know. I really HAVE to know why men spit outside in the streets! What compels guys to spit in the streets? Do men have overactive mouth glands that produce too much saliva and need to spit all the time? What is going on? Do guys think it's sexy or cool? Do you really think women want to kiss you if you're hocking luggies all the time all over the streets? WHAT THE HELL?
MaxPlanck comments:
Umm... maybe you're hanging out with the wrong guys? Maybe it's a kid thing, but I'm 34 and have spat in the street maybe 20 times in my whole life...
So now the fundi christian avangelicals are claiming Steven Hawking is burning in hell? And sending their condolences to his family? Brilliant! smh LMAO
MaxPlanck comments:
It's sad that people live in such proposed ignorance their whole lives. Rather than build up society, they try as hard as possible to tear it down and hold everyone back! If it wasn't for religion causing the dark ages how much further along, technologically speaking, would we be?
MaxPlanck comments:
It's good to see a relationship from all angles. Sex is as important as having similar interests, and goals. It's hard and time consuming, but finding the right person after enduring years of loneliness is immensely better than settling now for one good trait and regretting it for years to come!
Could a Star Trek future happen?
MaxPlanck comments:
I do believe so. That being said, Star Trek is set in post WWW 3 earth... &#128547
Why do supposedly intelligent people believe in god.
MaxPlanck comments:
That's a great question! Maybe the "supposedly" holds the key! &#128526
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