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Here for just friends!
I am happy that I met my boyfriend Metalhead222 on here! We started out as friends and it eventually led to us being together! So happy to have been lucky enough to meet him on here! This is an awesome site and I am very happy I joined it!


For all you fuckers
MichelleGar1 comments on Nov 16, 2018:
Good morning fucker from a fellow fucker! Lol
Not me I'm too poor.
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Fuck them! I don't have to impress anyone! Lol
Debated for a while were to post this... I personally love this cover... [youtube.com]
MichelleGar1 comments on Oct 3, 2018:
Different! I like it!
That is a strange desire...I prefer Dos Equis.
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 14, 2019:
Dos XX are the best! Lol
Pop Evil - Trenches, I get to see these guys at Louder Than Life this weekend. [youtube.com]
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 24, 2018:
I saw them live a couple of years ago and they were badass! Better live than on the radio!
Love his white hairy chest!
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 10, 2019:
since I've been on a 'stuff I haven't heard in a long time' kick, I thought I'd post some more. I...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
I haven't heard this one in a long time!
Hi I'm new. Is this free?
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 21, 2018:
Hi! Yes, it's free
For the ladies...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 7, 2019:
ISIS has a new division
MichelleGar1 comments on May 2, 2018:
Their world is narrowing
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 15, 2018:
I love Willie now!! ❤️
Just found out my friend who I'd wrote about visiting a few weeks ago passed away today. She was 55 ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Dec 8, 2018:
Sorry for your loss
Californians be like
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 14, 2018:
I hate when that happens! Lol
Die Young by Black Sabbath ://[www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa9X9QJ2sqE]
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 10, 2018:
Love Sabbath!
In Brazil, Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals pay tribute to Bruce "Batman" Corbitt. RIP Bruce. ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Max Calavera from Soulfly did the same Saturday night, he will be missed!
IF you found out a CEO was very open about being religious, but explicitly said that they wouldn't ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 28, 2018:
It wouldn't bother me
So someone from this site messaged me to "Die slow." Because I did not want to call him.
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 1, 2019:
I think I know who, he's back again, he got booted before! Ladies beware!
My kind of Lamb Of God ://youtu.be/iFm9v0wvEnw
MichelleGar1 comments on May 6, 2018:
My song!!!! Love it!!!
Finally settling in to see A Quiet Place. I have the theater to myself. Yay.
MichelleGar1 comments on May 9, 2018:
That's the best!
Sunset over the North Concho River in San Angelo, TX. I love San Angelo’s river walk. It’s ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Dec 1, 2018:
I have been there and I agree that it is beautiful
I ditched a narcissist over a year ago...after 9 years. Who was at my front door today as I pulled ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Dec 21, 2018:
Happy for you and that you are stronger now! Fuck him!
Architects - Hereafter [youtube.com]
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 21, 2018:
Love it!!!
How a SW geek gets likes from the cat lovers
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Awwwww that's so cute!
two for one, METAL
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Fucking brutal!!! Lol
What has been the weirdest or worst response you have received from telling someone you are an ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 19, 2018:
Oh but you believe in Satan! From a childhood friend! Lol
Question about dating after divorce. I had a great date last Saturday and we're planning on meeting ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
I remember feeling like that when I first got divorced, it takes a while to get over but go and have fun! You will feel free once you see your ex out there too, don't feel weird, it's ok! Sounds like you went through a horrible marriage and divorce! It's understandable, it's ok
poor cowgirls. nfc east belongs to new york, starting next year. we can win in the playoffs just ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 13, 2019:
Hahahahaha!!!! That's what you think grashoppa!
Fear Factory - Martyr [youtu.be]
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 30, 2018:
Saw them open for Megadeth in 2015
Welcome New member @openmindoutside Enjoy our group ????
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 2, 2019:
Might be a salivation problem
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 16, 2019:
Gross! Lol
Ok anyone like foreign movies? These are my favorites in order
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
City of God was good!
Should one bring/send flowers on a first date? Not a coffee. A real date. Dinner and a show, or ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 16, 2018:
Lunch and a ball game, the beers would be my flowers! Anyway a ball game would be fun, you can actually talk with one another in a relaxed atmosphere, low key and laid back
It's SLAYER Friday, a tradition I've carried on for several Fridays now, many of them in a row. Post...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 1, 2018:
Slayer- Mandatory Suicide https://youtu.be/jqduxsQ8WVs
Dirty Black Summer by Danzig [youtube.com]
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 21, 2018:
Love Danzig!
Worst meme ever. I just dare you to watch this. I give this a .5/10.0 for originality and a ...
MichelleGar1 comments on May 11, 2019:
That was an annoying 36 seconds for me! Lol
Our Hot Hunk of the Day for 1/16/2019 goes to @Sticks48. He's definitely a good guy and seems like a...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 16, 2019:
I just realized my previous post read 'what the hell' at the end. Probably not the best choice of ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
Fuck it! Do it!!!
I wanted to share an update on my "Romantic Situation" here at agnostic since it is This Site that ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Feb 15, 2019:
You're instead of your
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 7, 2018:
Is he Mexican? Ya guey! Lol
Level 7 - Woo hoo!
MichelleGar1 comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Joining in on the theme... Snortin' Whiskey - Pat Travers [youtu.be]
MichelleGar1 comments on May 19, 2018:
I haven't heard this song in a long while!
[youtu.be] The Brothers Johnson- Strawberry Letter 23 (This was my favorite song when I was a kid. ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
Great song!!!
Technology 101
MichelleGar1 comments on May 24, 2018:
Main reason I left Facebook! Lol
March of the Cat-cat.
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 9, 2019:
Too cute!
I love The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack. I watched them as my son was growing up, and I miss ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 15, 2018:
I watched those with my kids! I'm Bubbles! Lol
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 20, 2018:
That's me, especially right meow!
This!!! [blackeneddeath.bandcamp.com]
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
I read about this yesterday, I am on board!
What are your favorite condiments? I like mustard, mayo, sambal.
MichelleGar1 comments on May 9, 2018:
Sirracha, mustard and mayo
Hi everyone! I'm back from NH after a lot of drama and heartache. Thank something my good friend ...
MichelleGar1 comments on May 10, 2019:
I am so sorry Lisa! I hope you find somewhere! Why would he put you out without knowing that you have somewhere to go? That's just heartless! Again I am so sorry!
People don't think it be like that but it dohttps://pin.it/mamj3mdog2uhmv
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 29, 2018:
It's with deep sorrow that I share the news that my mother, Ellen, passed away today. She went ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 10, 2018:
So sorry for your loss
MMmmm Bacon!
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 27, 2019:
So that's how! Lol
Blues Traveler: Hookhttps://youtu.be/pdz5kCaCRFM
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 7, 2019:
Nice to have you back!!! I actually met John Popper in Santa Fe at a bar and grill there called Cowgirls, he jammed with a local band!
......unless you're Big Pharma.
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 29, 2019:
Sad but true!
Any Latinos in the group?
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
Latina here!
Happy birthday to me!!! I'm 29 tomorrow woohoo
MichelleGar1 comments on Dec 31, 2018:
Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to you! Hope you have a great time!!!
@Admin Is it possible to get a Hobbies Category when posting outside of groups in order to promote ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
Beautiful picture!
My recipe for the beef stew I made for Christmas day... Ingredients: 3-4 pounds of beef... I use ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 2, 2019:
Sounds delicious!
Ollie Ollie oxen free!! Has anyone seen @phnxbillcee ?
MichelleGar1 comments on Dec 3, 2018:
Why can't people like this com knocking at my door?
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 14, 2019:
I would let him in give him a beer and put on some SLAYER!!!! Lol
Sounds right
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
So true!
Kathy Bates is my favorite in this movie _______________?????
MichelleGar1 comments on Oct 2, 2018:
It was a great movie!
Christ Prat
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 2, 2018:
Lol! ://twitter.com/GRRM/status/997979887167246336?s=19
MichelleGar1 comments on May 20, 2018:
Sucks to not have any deaths at a royal wedding! Lol
Go doggo ....
MichelleGar1 comments on May 30, 2018:
Cute!!! Lol
Is this too much Priest for one day? [youtu.be]
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 7, 2019:
No! Love Priest!
Jon Snow, the flirt..
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 13, 2018:
He is beautiful! Lol
Flour tortillas or corn tortillas?
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 28, 2018:
Try the yellow corn tortillas, better flavor!
Everything about this is badass. ://youtu.be/nl2LTjeC5Ns
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 3, 2018:
Fuck yeah!!!!
Happy Birthday @phxbillcee!!! Hope you have a great one!!!
MichelleGar1 comments on Nov 5, 2018:
https://youtu.be/u85wVlFBBW8 Metalocalypse- Berthday, Dethday
Wonder what it says
MichelleGar1 comments on May 2, 2018:
Is that a promise? Lol
How many of these songs had you rocking 30 years ago? Top songs of 1988 (Not sure who's opinion ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 14, 2018:
I was a hairdresser during this time, I was forced to listen to this in the hair salon I worked at! Now I want to get out my shear's and cut some hair! Lol
I want to see this origin story
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 27, 2019:
I do like cheese
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 10, 2018:
Pos no!
@KKGator needs less than 600 points to reach Level 9! Let's help give her a boost!
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 15, 2018:
YAY!!!! You made it!!! Congratulations!!!
Are posts garnering for points (trying to finish the trip to Level 8 ) taboo? I had my couple ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Nov 15, 2018:
Here you go more points @DoDapper!
A Birthday wish for the person who hands me the most scammers... @Kafir Pretty sure this is ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Feliz cumpleanos Hermosa!
Outlaw religion
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 24, 2018:
So sad!
I'd rather give it to the homeless.
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 26, 2018:
So true! Keep them rich! Fuck the needy! It's sad!
? [youtu.be]
MichelleGar1 comments on Oct 15, 2018:
Now I'm going to listen to Opeth all day! This is a great song! Thanks for posting it
(Something a bit different I wish there was more of - a bridge between Metal and Jazz. The awesome ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jan 13, 2019:
Love Santana!! This was awesome thanks for posting!
Black Cat Fever! I love black cats. My very first cat was black and no matter how many cats I've ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jul 6, 2018:
Beautiful! I miss mine!
Some from the Hound! [youtube.com]
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 15, 2018:
Love the Hound, even he's afraid of Ayra!
The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings [youtu.be]
MichelleGar1 comments on May 12, 2018:
Great song!
The Raconteurs-Broken Boy Soldier [youtu.be]
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 26, 2018:
Great band! Love Jack White!
For fun! I would probably poke it to see if its alive. ? what would you do?
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 20, 2018:
Throw a rock at it! Lol
Sabbath is always good [youtu.be]
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 14, 2018:
Love Sabbath!!!!
This post is to greet new members to g:66. A welcome to one and all. I hope that you find the group...
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 22, 2018:
Hello! My name is Michelle and I love to cook and to learn new recipes. I hope to learn different ways of cooking and foods I have never eaten before. I look forward to learning and meeting all of you here! I really like to eat too! Thank you for the warm welcome here!
I love the fact that bands like pantera, alice in chains, tool, and many others go great with a ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
If the ice cream man still ding dings in your neighborhood, what's the first thing that goes through...
MichelleGar1 comments on Jun 3, 2018:
When he drives around the neighborhood at 10pm, is he really selling ice cream?! Lol
[youtu.be] soulfly/evil empowered
MichelleGar1 comments on Feb 13, 2019:
@metalhead222 So you like them?
I'm back bitches! Did you miss me? Or has the entire neighborhood changed since I left?
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 1, 2019:
Welcome back Duke!
It's official. Cohen has flipped on 45. Lololololol!!!!!
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 15, 2018:
Good!!!! LMAO!!!
Sept. 3, 2018: It's the end of one of those three day holiday weekends here in the United States. ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 4, 2018:
I love the extra day off, I stay home so I won't be annoyed by all of that nonsense! Except this time I went to Mexico! Lol
He's mad at us heathens lol
MichelleGar1 comments on Mar 27, 2019:
Good! Because we don't care! Lol
Apparently the original Battlestar Galactica first aired 40 years ago today. Anyone here old enough...
MichelleGar1 comments on Sep 17, 2018:
I'm old enough to remember! I would watch it! Lol
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Actually I just need 263 points to make level 5 and I’m ...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 29, 2018:
Hope this helps!!!
Who likes Black Metal, which Bands? Drudkh is my favorite. I also love so called "Blackgaze".
MichelleGar1 comments on Apr 14, 2019:
Rotting Christ, Pillorian, Carach Angren
Hi folks! I'm about to meet a psychic for the first time. What do you think about medium work?
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
I foresee that they are going to tell you that your life is in shambles but if you pay them more they will help you out with your troubles coming your way in the near future! Lol!!!
Just saw 3 Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri. Wow, I should have guessed it would be intense, given its...
MichelleGar1 comments on Aug 7, 2018:
I saw it too! I agree with you!


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Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Freethinker
Here for community
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