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Guinea pigs. They're not just for eating anymore.
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I think therefore I am a DEMOCRAT.

"& when they died, all they left me was alone".

I am far too damaged to offer anything positive to those seeking a partner. It really is me & not you. Well maybe just a little you.

After witnessing GI rapes of French women during the Big 1, Dad taught me to strike 1st & survive intact. I do. I have. I will. A sad comment none the less. =0{

C-SPAN, Mandelbrot set, Noam Chomsky, Bill Maher, Rachel Carlson, Dian Fossey, Fanny Lou Hamer, Boudica

One does not have to like the teacher in order to learn the lesson.

I would rather be an American than a Republican.

The 2nd Amendment  provides my protection from what I perceive as a threat. An unregulated militia is a threat. Right Rittenhouse?
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Illinois governor pardons 11,000 pot convictions ahead of Jan. 1 legalization []
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
And people laugh at me when I raise cannabis prohibition as an issue. It is an incarceration issue.
Happy last day of 2019! I'm sidestepping the 36 questions to ask you how you feel 2019 went for ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
Worst year yet. Lost 3 dogs, 3 guinea pigs, 2 cats, and a spouse. I would do seek medical care sooner for the pets. The spouse was on his own.
I just arrived home in Pennsylvania after a month in the Everglades. I was fortunate to see a lot ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
Yes. Invasives are alarming to me as well.
Some of the beautiful birds I encountered during my month in southern Florida. Cormorant Painted ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
All but the male bunting I have seen. I have seen the female bunting. Great pics as usual. =0}
UPDATE if you read my post about my major Dilemma... Thanks to everyone for their views, ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
Chin up. It could be worse.
How would you reply to a theist who says, "You send yourself to hell"?
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
I don't believe in hell therefore there is none.
Narp! This came to me while frequently finding a group that finds uncommon words in Yiddish. That's...
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
Spielberg strikes again.
Why does everyone want to argue today?
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
To get in the last digs before 2020 when the rapture arrives.
Workplace memos from the boss from Hell
Mooolah comments on Dec 31, 2019:
As an introvert, I wouldn't speak to him anyway as I rarely acknowledged my previous bosses. How rude of ME!
Just trying to get a head count here. Who's an atheist and who isn't, and why?? Tell me your story, ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 27, 2019:
No Santa? No god.
How do my fellow Atheists deal with depression?
Mooolah comments on Dec 27, 2019:
Talk or cognitive therapy/counseling, meds, meditation/prayer, pets & dancing/exercise.
I officially quit smoking cigarettes! Has anyone else been able to quit? Aside from my health, being...
Mooolah comments on Dec 19, 2019:
Don't look back, give up, or stop trying.
I’m a 37-Year-Old Mom & I Spent Seven Days Online as an 11-Year-Old Girl. Here’s What I Learned....
Mooolah comments on Dec 19, 2019:
I am always surprised that people are surprised.
I am interested in independent, intelligent women who enjoy sex. I have dated 14 years younger (I ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 18, 2019:
And just how long did these dates last Level 4 B1head?
Here's Stoya reading some erotic literature to us while being physically stimulated, culminating in ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 18, 2019:
How many of us skipped to the 3/.4 point. Be honest now. =0}
Why Some Men Still Dress Like They’re 16
Mooolah comments on Dec 18, 2019:
Nix the perfume. Especially the Calvin Klein One. It put me in the hospital. What are you trying to cover up anyway. Fresh soap & water is good. Your natural odor will reveal your diet, meds you are on, diseases on the horizon etc........ to some women. But then thank fully I am not in the market any longer & have a servant who goes into town for me. Thusly if I wish to meet men I go to the hardware type stores & flirt with them in the tool section. Slim pick'ins. Lately.
A slightly graphic - but symbolically true....cartoon by John Cuneo....a fabulous political cartoon ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 18, 2019:
Oh my!
It's time to bring out the toilet brush again.
Mooolah comments on Dec 18, 2019:
Is this apropo or what!!! Points for you. Sir.
I bring joyous news... The Far Side is finally online! Fans of the excellent and long-running ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 18, 2019:
You are the best Jnei. I am there. We need this humor more than ever, not less. Yay!
Despite my being an atheist, I still like Christmas. Right now I am listening to the Messiah, a ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 10, 2019:
I adore Christ's Mass. It is not Jesus I fear. It is his followers. So one hypocritical religion this Saint Niklaus is, but after the pseudo birthday of the 25th (Caesar changed the calendar) the bargains can be reveled in. This year I set up my charitable trust & have already received 10 fold in karmic blessings. Those that shall go forth I do good deeds shall be known forthwith as good deed doers. I am giving back to fortune as fortune has given unto me. New vehicle perhaps? Ford Ranger 2020 or Subaru equivalent? Hhmmm.
Alone on Thanksgiving Day. How do you cope?
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019:
As an introvert, I rejoice being alone on any day.
Please keep your fingers crossed for me. A schipperke is within minutes from me up for adoption. I ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019: yep. Schipperke
Trump's psychology fascinates me! CIA psychologist on Trump’s ‘damaged personality’: The ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019:
yes. Bill Maher keeps saying the same thing. That he will refuse to leave.
I bought this cutie yest at Sprouts! We actually got snow yest too 🙄. Do you think I should repot...
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019:
why repot it?
This is my first post on this site.. no idea how it works. but anyhow there are a couple orchids on ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019:
I have been told that if one can grow african violets, one can grow orchids. There is the proof. I lose my african violets to cold. I must have them too close to the NE window.
freshly minted ex-facebooger: I just deactivated my Facebook account. it's something I never ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019:
I use FB to find dogs to adopt & spy on those I know.
Chick-fil-A faces rightwing backlash after cutting ties to Christian groups | Food | The Guardian
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019:
I still boycott them
There's a rumour doing the rounds here in the UK that the queen died early on Sunday morning, but ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019:
The only reason they fascinate me is because of their scandalous history. And so it continues with Andrew's romper room. No 1st Amendment in the UK so the BBC owned by the government will squash any news until they want the public to know. It is not on a public fairway.
I came across something regarding the Westboro Baptist Church. I decided to visit their website and ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 2, 2019:
But I defend the right to be assholes .....squared.
My girls, Belle and Leia. They look so sweet and innocent. I know better!!!
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
We have the same taste in fencing. Lovely. =0} Sheesh It is 30 F here in Wisconsin. I need to move to a colder climate. This is ridiculous. It is almost winter.
Please keep your fingers crossed for me. A schipperke is within minutes from me up for adoption. I ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019: and here they are!
Now here's the best part of this site! YEP I'm part of the Club Nobody Wants to Join and have been ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Find purpose. Do good deeds in homage. Travel. Do your thing. Rejoice & celebrate your loved one. The tears will become less. The pain will not. Embrace the moment & come thru. It will subside.
Today (and for the second time since he died), I washed and packed all of my husband's clothes to ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
I have been soul crushed & it took a decade before the tears finally subsided. In homage I do good deeds , "In Memory of...." I make charitable contributions. Thank you W Clement Stone. Thank you Warren Buffet. Thank you Bill & Melinda Gates. For helping me to realise philanthropy. & the United States government for permitting me a deduction thru my charitable trust in honor of our bond. It has healed me. I send empathetic energy. 2 months in and I still can not go into his room to sort his high end clothes. It is an addicts room. All prescribed so...... Do I want the deduction this year or next? Do people need the winter clothes now or later. Books & CDs. I can't do it yet.
In your home lab, always keep some signs like this around. The friends and family already worry a ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Get the hint?
I just found this group.... it's right up my alley. I live with 7 Labs.... three yellow and four ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Why breeding?
I've bought a house with a nice piece of property (8400 sq. ft. property with my little ole 750 sq. ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
It is commendable that you are researching dogs to fit your lifestyle. English bulldogs have a short lifespan as most of the larger breeds do. French bulldog would be preferable. Dobermans & rotts also shorter life spans. A puppy requires lots of energy expenditure or you will have trouble. Dogs are pack animals & loathe isolation so no dog would fit that scenario. The isolation can result in destructive behavior, poor socialization, incessant barking, training problems. They are as children needing intensive attention as their brain develops. Perhaps a shelter dog already trained and awaiting a home might be an option. Also there are many rescue sites online which I have used successfully in my adoptions. Rescue,org, petfinder, & specific breed rescue groups. Do research & be happy you did.
Idk if this belongs here or not, but it's where I'm posting it: is food depression a real thing? ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Sometimes a thyroid condition or side effects of drugs will increase appetite. 1) cut out the carbs which are really sugar. Yes beer is a carb. It is the only carb I permit myself. 2) snack on grapes, or another plant. 3) eat meat once a day if at all. 4) get off of the couch ( learn to square dance & do it) 5) stop whining 6) drink water not soda 7) garden 8) Avoid brown & white food 9)Avoid food in a box 10) support organics 11) yogurt not ice cream Get the idea. Start with one change a week.
I’m soo terribly introverted it kept me from getting a job that I desperately needed. I want to ...
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Have you even come back to read any of these suggestions? "LIKE" them to show you read them.
When you try to find a clever way to get people to leave you alone:
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
"No SOUP for you!"
Jellyfish? or not? []
Mooolah comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Krill. Microscopic baby invertebrates.
❤️You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your ...
Mooolah comments on Nov 21, 2019:
But not at a Trump rally. You will be pummeled.
I stumbled upon a video called Gay Hollywood: The Last Taboo. It's from ten years ago, but I wonder ...
Mooolah comments on Nov 21, 2019:
This was a great documentary, my favorite genre. The taxi driver for many celebs knew all of the secret liasons. It is far far far better than it was. Marriage equality!. Who would have thunk it? It believed cannabis would be legal before marriage equality. We still have work to do but that is democracy. Ponderous. We must make clear the necessity & value of organizing & voting. I took a lot of heat as a big mouth for many "minorities". Some one has to stand when no one else does. I worked at blue collar jobs where I put a stop to workers yelling "FAGGOT" across the work room floor. I have no problem being a pariah when bigots are involved. Vote!
As an introvert and loner, this is my love ideal. 😄
Mooolah comments on Nov 21, 2019:
My housemate/caretaker knows how to give me the space I need. She is the only person who can tolerate me. Aquarius.
Foster's Wisdom
Mooolah comments on Nov 14, 2019:
Pretty good for a novice. Points will lead you to a free T shirt. Follow & you will find many surprises here.
𝘓𝘰𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘔𝘺 𝘙𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘨𝘪𝘰𝘯 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ According to the ...
Mooolah comments on Nov 12, 2019:
Education. Thusly it was a crime to teach a slave to read. And religion is the opioid of the masses (or currently the cell phone), & give a man a fish & he eats for a day. Teach one to fish & one eats for a lifetime (assuming global climate change doesn't kill all of the fish). So education results in the evolution in the ability to think. Thusly, "I think therefore I am an atheist".
How does this thing work?
Mooolah comments on Nov 12, 2019:
Learn baby! Learn!
Are there any folks here who have geeky collection habits? A co-worker of mine is trying to collect...
Mooolah comments on Nov 12, 2019:
Nice! There is a mineral group here. Check it out under GROUPS.
Why is it so hard to find a lover that shares the same beliefs?
Mooolah comments on Nov 12, 2019:
There are boneheads out there which have not evolved beyond acceptance of one's upbringing as a child. Mostly Trump supporters. I digress. Go where the atheists the next convention.
This is that Monty Python Medieval Logic.
Mooolah comments on Nov 12, 2019:
Trump voter?
Just read a good article. Thought I'd share it. Why Is It Still So Hard For Young People of Color...
Mooolah comments on Nov 12, 2019:
With the advent of such shows as The Therapist on Vice and Iyanla: Fix My Life on OWN, Black Love on OWN, the stigma is being dismantled. It is difficult undoing cultural views without the access of education. With the advent of the cell, we now have access to self learning. Just as "whooping" one's child was accepted as discipline & not assault of babies, it is a vestige of a bygone era of plantation order enforcement. We have more work to do & you can help by supporting your siblings in the cause. I am another caucasoid, but I embrace the diversity of our most multi cultural society. Keep the best. Discard the rest. Folks of color have so much to contribute in every aspect of America & the world.
Remembering the gay man who saved 17 million lives / LGBTQ Nation
Mooolah comments on Nov 10, 2019:
Unsung hero
"I was an astrologer – here's how it really works, and why I had to stop" [] ...
Mooolah comments on Nov 8, 2019:
Not much about astrology. Tarot cards? phe!
I can't believe how out of hand my anger can get right now. Dawn's been dead for 10 days, and I knew...
Mooolah comments on Nov 8, 2019:
One must find a positive manner by which to express anger. I am working on tempering my temper as well. I have a counselor & medication has soothed my rage. You need to find a way of channeling it towards a positive outcome. Exercise, writing a journal, talk therapy, volunteer. Good luck.
What is a non-religious ritual you commit to?
Mooolah comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Take my SSRI or I turn into a harpy.
Because most dogs are smart. He doesn't want to get bit. From donkeys to racoons, plenty of pets ...
Mooolah comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Because little donny & eric would shoot them in a cage & mount them in the Oval Office, being the great white hunters & rugged outdoors men, as they are.
The god police are the most dangerous on the planet: christian, islamist, buddhist, hinduist, ...
Mooolah comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Tyranny of the left or right is tyranny. That tyranny is the enemy seems lost to you.
;Hello? is anyone in here?; I want you all to know that this group is dead and that makes me a ...
Mooolah comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Been polishing my artillery in preparation for the Russian invasion. Working on my bomb shelter & stockpile of beer.
What happened to the Senate? Didn't we use to have 700 members? What happened? I've been busy ...
Mooolah comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Utopia does not need a senate. =0}
Am I on freaking acid? Somebody tell me this is fake news?
Mooolah comments on Nov 3, 2019:
I hope he does the gig naked.
Fukin slayer
Mooolah comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Double the pleasure. Double the fun. With double mint, double mint, double mint gum.
I love metal but never equated metal with aggression -- why would the two correlate?
Mooolah comments on Nov 3, 2019:
aggression is not synonymous with violence. Aggression can be focused & express by many means other than violence. One can be an aggressive gardener, or an an aggressive artist with color. Aggression can be channelled into sports such as chess. =0} Aggressive electric guitar can be about passion. Metallica!
level 2 not active after profile completed
Mooolah comments on Oct 28, 2019:
Yes. Start posting & liking, & responding at a frenzied pace. Free T shirt at level 8. Took me months but it was fun.
traditionally people ask if God could make a rock so big he couldn't pick it up. but I'd like to ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 28, 2019:
How do you deal with unwanted advances?
Mooolah comments on Oct 28, 2019:
Depends how aggressive the socially awkward perp/perv is. Fondled in movie theaters at 7 years old to being attacked from behind around my neck as my feet left the ground, to overly zealous alcohol infused exuberance by co workers also lifted me against my will. Why am I not social? Rhetorical. Even here Fathercat pursued me through other sites trying to access a photo or address or something else. I have dogs, self defence training, & I am hypervigilant. My dad taught me to punch first & then apologize. "You're a girl. They will give you a pass." He witnessed the rapes in France by the YANKS as they had this idea that French women were....."willing" (?). De Gaulle had to approach Eisenhower on this mayhem. Where is that history.Thusly I no longer put myself in situations that require me to interact with men. I am uncomfortable when service MEN arrive. We need more women in every capacity as the men have done a poor job these last monotheist centuries. Take back the night. Sisterhood is powerful. Here me roar in numbers too big to ignore. I am anti patriarchy......Not anti men. Viva bonobos, hyenas,mole rats, bees, ants. DNA discovered by a woman. Her Nobel Peace Prize stolen by 2 men.Where is that history? Rhetorical. Unexpressed pain becomes rage. So.......... VOTE 2020. VOTE!
A few simple thoughts....
Mooolah comments on Oct 28, 2019:
And then some.
Is anyone else a reptile lover? I have had this little guy for 4 years. I feed him live Dubia ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 28, 2019:
My reptiles & amphibians reside outside, free, in their natural habitat. Garter snakes, toads, frogs & salamanders. I have witnessed the crash of amphibians. Frogs in particular are nowhere near the numbers they were 25 years ago. Climate change. They are affected by incremental changes.
Gangsta kittens????
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
pussy posse
I quit talking my anti psychotics! Fuck that shit! I'm happier crazy!
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
That is ok if there is no chance of harm to yourself or others. Delusions are also not a good thing. Without the meds the crushing depression & terror for no reason takes over. Hyper vigilance due to parental harm keeps this brain on high alert. I have never felt safe except alone in the wilderness.
A couple of pics from today. Squill "helping" to round up some of the escaped alpacas on a friend's...
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Your cuteness for today
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
More cuteness in the world
LGBTQ Activists Shut Down Britain’s Only Chick-fil-A Just 9 Days After Opening | Megan H | ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
EPH U chik-fil-ay
My dog came up on FB memories from seven years ago. He’s a Puli, a Hungarian sheepdog, and he ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Cords anyone? So that is why & post few photos. I can't take it.
Five years ago, when they first moved in: 🙀
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
I am happy they permitted you to remain.
I am widowed. What I regret most is the finality of it all. That my quest to reach him regarding his...
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Thank you all for reaching out to me. I do not blame myself logically, but the voice says "If only....". I came home from visiting my Colorado property after cancelling the trip 3 times, to find him dead on the kitchen floor. Toxicology will take 16 weeks due to the many drugs the labs must test for & the epidemic of drug deaths plaguing our nation. I do have a counselor & I know I was/am helpless in altering the behavior of others. But that voice that says "If only....." continues to torment me. It is irrational & emotional. I just have to ride it out as you all have done. Once again, thank you.
What do You do When You Have a sexless Marriage
Mooolah comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Discuss your dissatisfaction. Ask for a revisit of your vows & perhaps ask for a release. An open marriage can work when each party is consenting & the terms can be worked out. It is a contract & can be amended. Mine was.
Headphones...a survival tool for introverts ^^
Mooolah comments on Oct 18, 2019:
OMG! I couldn't agree more. When the boss took away our privilege of using headphones to drown out the din of the ever flapping loud mouths on the workroom floor, the UNION restored this necessity to sanity. It seems productivity went down as the distractions crippled the bottom line & attendance suffered. UNION YES!
Ask not what your country can do for, Ask what you can do for your country Trump: Run like hell, ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 15, 2019:
You can VOTE against this abomination that sits in OUR Oval Office.
I'd probably say "You've got some serious explaining to do." You?
Mooolah comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Answer: Just one of many.
I got my first butterfly pic today I don't know what it is but at least it's a decent pic.
Mooolah comments on Oct 15, 2019:
What say ye Insectra. Painted lady?
This Red Robin cherry tomato is 1 year old and still producing tomatoes. I keep the branches tied up...
Mooolah comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Wow! Pinch that baby back in the spring.
I've been in a monogamous relationship with my wife for 20 years. For 15 years of that, I've been ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Talk! She might just permit an open marriage. Ethical monogamy is the term current. Life is too short for yearning. It is worth a try. Counseling is also an option. Don't waste time. Sometimes it is hormonal with women. Sometimes it may be that she is no longer into you or it. Good luck.
Good morning. Here's a sentence for you to complete:. If only ....
Mooolah comments on Oct 15, 2019:
If only I had sought counseling sooner.
Fed-Up Farmer’s Message To Trump: I Wouldn’t Vote For You If You Walked On Water
Mooolah comments on Oct 15, 2019:
His skin is a thin as that mess on his head.
Be careful out there.....
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
MOM! (I recognized your socks)
A wonderful example of how news channels (in this case, Fox News) manipulates those who watch it by ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Where is ICE when you need them? Oh yeah, right. Murdoch is white, Australian & rich. Never mind.
I was called liberal scum on Seriously!
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Congratulations! You have arrived! =0}
This is so hilarious lol
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
He convinced his apostles to abandon their families.
For those of you who live in the moment, when did you realize you weren't living in the moment?
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
At this moment. Ooops. It's gone.
What makes you think you are an atheist ???
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Because like the FBI, I want proof.
Finally less than 6000 to level 8 ! It's been a long haul ! Lol
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Here. Permit me to help with some more points.
Karen Pence tells audience of women 'don't be afraid to get on your knees' for Donald Trump | Daily ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Her spouse has no qualms about kneeling.
What emotional satisfaction do you get from being an agnostic or atheist?
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I don't have to fret about going to hell, or heaven.
What activity has most consistently given you a feeling of inner peace?
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Smelling my dog's head.
ACTIVIST TOOL: Urge your state legislators to support taxing and regulating marijuana! The ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I write all the time.
Just counter protested the Westboro Baptist Church. Can fill in details and provide pix/video, if ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Yay! Bunch of wackos. But that is America.
Posing with my shirt!! Thanks!
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Is anthropogenic climate change a serious crisis facing humanity? (Just curious what the ...
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
No question in my mind. Since 1970, 6.5 billion humans have been added to the planet. A chauvinist species such as ours will only result in the crash that is merely beginning. I have personally witnessed the massive decline in migratory birds & the enormous disappearance of amphibians. I burden the world with no progeny.
Love this.
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
"I think. Therefore I am an atheist."
Such a great quote. :)
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Oscar. We could sure use you now.
Who’s your favorite scientist and why?
Mooolah comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Rachel Carlson. Because she warned us of our environments impending doom due to humanity's relentless pursuit of dominating the world.


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You were a great red cat Tula.
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