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Should the government ban the assault weapons of war and have a mandatory buy-back as Beto ...
Moravian comments on Sep 14, 2019:
Makes sense. Other countries that have banned certain types of firearms have had an amnesty for people to hand in their guns and it seems to work
I want to mention some hypocrisy I've noticed here. I see numerous posts and comments which condemn,...
Moravian comments on Sep 14, 2019:
Because Christians don't declare a fatwa and threaten to kill you for criticising the religion
There may NOT be life on other planets
Moravian comments on Sep 14, 2019:
Haven't really got a clue what you are on about but a planet has been discovered recently which is in "the goldilocks zone" has a temp between 0C and 40C and has water in the atmosphere. How the boffins can ascertain this is beyond my comprehension but if they are right there must be millions of similar planets in the universe, so it is very likely that there is life out there. Whether "it is life Jim but not as we know it" is another matter.
Unhealthy food. How could I have been more tactful?
Moravian comments on Sep 14, 2019:
KFC have hundreds of fast food outlets in the UK and they recently installed ovens in many off them to give the punters a choice between fried chicken and presumably healthier baked chicken.The demand for the baked chicken was so low that they have removed the ovens at great cost. Seems like some people are adicted to unhealthy food.
When I moved into my house 6 years ago I had four opened bottles of hard liquors, and one unopened ...
Moravian comments on Sep 14, 2019:
You will probably sleep but unfortunately alcohol induced sleep is not particularly satisfying. Hope your hangover isn't too bad.
Just heard a great quote from Dan Barker, one that I wish I had thought of myself. I'm ...
Moravian comments on Sep 13, 2019:
I tried this on a religious friend recently. If the universe resulted from a singularity, an infinitely small.infinitely dense particle,god must have been outside of this particle so as the universe expanded he would still be outside so you can he affect happenings inside the universe. If god was inside this particle then he must be spread very thinly throughout the universe and must permeate everything so he is inside our brains, so why do we have to pray to him.
Allende’s Last Speech
Moravian comments on Sep 13, 2019:
One of the many shameful examples of US foreign meddling. Margaret Thatcher was a great friend of his successor Pinochet, the right wing dictator. One of the many reasons that I disliked the woman.
The 50 Shades of Grey novels are terrible and overrated. Few spoiler alerts I read all 3 to see ...
Moravian comments on Sep 12, 2019:
I leafed through one in a charity shop just to see what all the hype was about. Boring soft porn in my opinion
It is more unusual these days to see somebody who does not have their "device" in their hand than ...
Moravian comments on Sep 12, 2019:
I do not have a smart phone but I usually take my old Blackberry with me if I drive any distance. I have a reliable car now but years ago before cell phones I drove old bangers that were very likely to break down and never gave it a thought. Sad.
Billy Graham’s daughter: ‘9/11 was God’s punishment for trans people, evolution, and ...
Moravian comments on Sep 12, 2019:
the apple does not fall far from the tree
Dead fish photos. A turnoff?
Moravian comments on Sep 12, 2019:
There's fishing and fishing. Sitting by a canal, throwing ground bait into the water and catching uneatable fish which you put in a keepnet until the end of the day and then release them is one type Fly fishing for trout on an English chalk stream or highland burn is another. I would not even consider the first but have spent many enjoyable days doing the second. As for the dead fish photos bizarre. Reminds me of a scene from the Simpsons. Fat Tony describing someone "he sleeps with the fishes" Homers reply "you mean he is dead" Fat Tony "no, he sleeps with the fishes "
My son the rock star, living the life. This song, Broken, was (maybe still is) number one on ...
Moravian comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Great song. Love the "garage" set. It is the size of a small house over here.
What’s one of the dumbest movies you’ve watched?
Moravian comments on Sep 12, 2019:
The day after tomorrow. A post about global cooling brought it to mind. Absolute garbage
I don't know why I'm ever even surprised anyone
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Not so funny. If he wins the 2020 election he will try to change the constitution so that he can carry on. After all Xi managed it in China
Effigy of Australian Water Minister David Littleproud thrown into the Murray River by 3000 ...
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
He was lucky there was any water in the river. Thousands of fish are being moved from the upper reaches of the Murray/Darling because of low water caused by a prolonged drought. Drought possibly caused by climate change, but the Ausies are still going to sell millions of tonnes of coal to the Chinese for burning in power stations
Is the term "African-American" rasict. Why or why not. Thoughtful, intelligent replies ...
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
I am never sure why anyone has to have any ethnic label attached to them apart from maybe on a police wanted poster of course.
Land Grabbing... Greed over Native People is not only an ameriKKKan Only Disease... []
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Without the support of the USA this would not happen. Politicians are in the pockets of wealthy Zionists and the current administration is siding with Netanyahu
Given that I am as old as I am, I could forget any concern for the younger generations, and leave it...
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
In addition to all that is the rise of right wing nationalism worldwide. Countries such as USA,UK, Brazil, Hungary all have right wing govts.. and other countries have an upsurge in nationalism including Germany (scary)
If you had to kill your own meat would you?
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
I think there would be many more vegetarians if everyone had to be involved in the killing and butchery of the animals they eat. It is so easy to go to the supermarket and buy a plastic wrapped joint and I doubt if many people give a thought as to the living animal it originally was part of. I try to avoid cheap chicken and pork because of the conditions the animals are kept in. Beef here is mainly from grass fed animals that lead a reasonable life before being slaughtered but having driven past feedlots in the USA where cattle are kept in bare earth pens and pumped full of antibiotics that is a totally different thing. We have evolved as omnivores but many of us eat far too much meat which makes us ill but to me veganism is too extreme and a step too far
Daughter: Why is that boy wearing a dress? Son: It's not a dress, it's a... Daughter: A ...
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
A dress ? Was the daughter visually impaired ?.Uninformed,ignorant people would possibly call the kilt a skirt, eg the soldiers from highland regiments fighting in WW1 were nicknamed "devils in skirts", but never a dress.
Testicle shot as man holsters gun | Alert |
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Not available in the EU area. They probably don't want us sensible Europeans laughing at the ineptitude of some US citizens.
Theme Song for the Atheist Experience by Shelley Segal. []
Moravian comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Like it. That would go down well at one of those happy clappy churches ;-)
John Bolton fired. []
Moravian comments on Sep 10, 2019:
One of the few sensible things Trump has done
Whaaaat??? You knew it was bound to happen.. 🙄😒 []
Moravian comments on Sep 10, 2019:
Poor satire
Moravian comments on Sep 10, 2019:
He was an ultra religious Jew. or at least the person or persons he was based on so of course he would embrace the teachings of the Torah. Why does it matter ?.
How do we know when something is true?
Moravian comments on Sep 9, 2019:
If it's on Fox news of course
Hiking dilemma. Be a good sport or bail with thunderstorms?
Moravian comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Hiking with a threat of thunderstorms is not wise. A woman was hit by lightning and killed n the west highlands of Scotland earlier this year but it literally was "a bolt from the blue" as no thunderstorms were forecast. She was just very unlucky.
Although I love John Lennon's "Imagine," I also have some favorite religious pop songs. These ...
Moravian comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is a favourite of mine.
Unfortunately some merit in this
Moravian comments on Sep 8, 2019:
Very little merit in it. People still smoke. drink to excess, become obese and take no exercise, all contributors to developing cancers. Can't blame big pharma for that.
Trump's Use of Pentagon Cash to Prop Up Scottish Resort Latest Example of Why He 'Must Be ...
Moravian comments on Sep 8, 2019:
But America is the land of opportunity, including the opportunity to cheat and steal. Trump's supporters probably admire him for this. Prestwick airport is important to him as it is close to Turnberry and he would probably like to see it as his personal airport where his buddies can land their private jets and play golf at his Turnberry course. Loss making Prestwick was bought by the Scottish Govt. for £1 and only Ryanair use it regularly. It was an important USAF base during the cold war as the runway was originally built to their specification and it is nearly always fog free. It's main claim to fame is that it is the only place where Elvis set foot in the UK
The EU believes that it "owns" the UK. []
Moravian comments on Sep 7, 2019:
This is the rag that was edited by Boris Johnson and he published a poem about exterminating the verminous Scots. I'm surprised Boris escaped back down south after his visit yesterday.
Now at last I can have the vicar to tea, because finally I have something really suitable to wear. ...
Moravian comments on Sep 7, 2019:
well done
The moon's effect..
Moravian comments on Sep 7, 2019:
The effect of the full moon on people has been investigated and totally disproved. I booked a dental appointment recently for Friday 13 Sept and the receptionist said it was very quiet that day. People love to cling on to those old superstitions. Just look at the number of churchgoers on any Sunday ;-)
[] This got me thinking, how many people on here support strict gun control? ...
Moravian comments on Sep 7, 2019:
I support the second amendment but I think it should be altered slightly to "the right to arm bears" Even things up a bit ;-)
Iceland president wears rainbow bracelet for meeting with Mike Pence | The Independent
Moravian comments on Sep 6, 2019:
probably to stop him asking to buy the country.Who would want it with all those gays.
Does anyone else think Boris Johnson is now out of his depth, floundering and making one blunder ...
Moravian comments on Sep 6, 2019:
All he seems to have left is his optimism, which is totally misplaced anyway He says he will die in a ditch before allowing an extension after 31 October. I can see ditches being dug throughout the country.
Hi Everyone, I like a girl who is very religious but she is very pretty. But I am not able to ...
Moravian comments on Sep 6, 2019:
Move on. Plenty more fish in the sea.
how many have noticed that the ppl who post the most have the least to say?
Moravian comments on Sep 6, 2019:
The ones who annoy me are those who post something controversial and then sit back and do not contribute again but leave others to argue.
Eat your hearts out, peons. Keep trying and someday you, too, can have a pretty purple t-shirt. And...
Moravian comments on Sep 6, 2019:
Love the pigtail
Is the RDIF chip sign of end times?
Moravian comments on Sep 6, 2019:
When I read something like this I am glad that I live in a secular country. People with beliefs like this worry me.
Scientists identify the genes linked to left-handedness
Moravian comments on Sep 6, 2019:
Let me guess. Was the scientist a leftie ;-)
Conservatives fear of diversity
Moravian comments on Sep 5, 2019:
that's why they are called conservatives. they want to conserve the past. they do not like change. Unless of course if it benefits them
I don't believe in God. I am searching for job since last year but no where iam getting position ...
Moravian comments on Sep 5, 2019:
How is your English. there are always jobs for English teachers
The coming death of just about every rock legend
Moravian comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Being in that age band myself I find that very depressing.
Do we just need god?
Moravian comments on Sep 5, 2019:
You may need god. I don't.
Diverting Defense money to build the wall is the same as diverting Defense money to his own ...
Moravian comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Look on the bright side. It may leave less money for bombs to drop on people in the middle east and North Africa.
"Harry Potter is dangerous? The beloved book series by author J.K. Rowling about a young wizard and ...
Moravian comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Maybe he thinks it is stronger magic than RC magic. He doesn't like competition
I have been reading the warranty and home builder's information on the new house (well, it's not ...
Moravian comments on Sep 5, 2019:
I'm surprised that they still use that term. It hasn't been included in insurance policies here for years. Taken logically if it is ascertained that your house was damaged by "an act of god" and you don't believe in god , should you be compensated ?
Keeping to my theme of the day, right to the last.....Rolling Stones. - Happy (live at Copacabana ...
Moravian comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Great music. but I'm not a great fan of Keef's singing.
Brexit Deal
Moravian comments on Sep 4, 2019:
The UK is a net contributor to the EU along with the wealthier countries such as Germany.France, Italy and the Netherlands. Beneficiaries have been Ireland,Greece,Spain and many of the smaller newer members. The UK is so intractably linked with the EU that it will be a nightmare to separate. In addition to trade there are common laws on health and safely,employment protection etc.We are members of the common fisheries and common agricultural agreement and there is free movement between member countries although the UK is not party to the Schengen agreement which allows border crossing without checks. We voted overwhelmingly to remain in Scotland and I would love to see us remain but England and Wales voted to leave for many reasons. Immigration was one reason and something called sovereignty, if anyone really knows what it means and entails. PM Cameron called the referendum to quieten the Eurosceptics in the Tory party not thinking for a moment that the public vote would be to leave. Of course he immediately cut and run and is now being paid handsomely by his city friends who are benefitting financially. Apart from the likes of Rees Mogg who has benefitted to the tune of £millions by playing the money market with the £ falling in value by the day I cannot see the motivation of others. It costs us money to be a member but the benefits are enormous and I would rather be an equal partner in the EU rather than the 51st state of the US which is more or less what will happen with this amazing trade deal that Johnson and Trump are about to negotiate. ;
Employee-Owned | WinCo Foods
Moravian comments on Sep 4, 2019:
We are not allowed to open the link in the UK. Can't have those foreigners thinking the USA is developing a social conscience
Will You Still Love You When You're No Longer Young and Beautiful?
Moravian comments on Sep 4, 2019:
I don't think there is any doubt that beautiful people have an advantage in life but that does not automatically make them shallow people.
You've got to love British politics. Especially Brexit: The Saga of Old Britannia sailing away from ...
Moravian comments on Sep 4, 2019:
This is the third one I have seen and by far the best. One other had his legs replaced with a womans stocking clad legs and the other had a graph showing the decline of the popularity of the Tory party following his supine form
What's the most "poetic" line or two of poetry that you can remember? I don't mean a poem, just a ...
Moravian comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.Your children are not your children. Not a poem by the first part of Kahlil Gibran's profound writing "on children"
God, Santa Claus and religious indoctrination. Children's minds are like dry sponges and readily ...
Moravian comments on Sep 4, 2019:
I still remember being told by older kids that Santa didn't exist and it was my parents who provided the gifts.I dont think it really bothered me, after all I still got the gifts. As for the non existence of gods., no one told me that, I found that out for myself. Reading the old testament of the bible should be enough to convince anyone that the Jewish god is fictional.
Minimum temperature: 7 °C Maximum 34 °C "C" stands for civilised.
Moravian comments on Sep 4, 2019:
That's quite a temp range. 34C ?. i thought it was winter in Oz
So, its appears a bunch of Floridians are at the coast. And are actually trying to use prayer to ...
Moravian comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Hopefully Darwin awards all round.
Christian “Prophetess”: “I Have Authority” Over Hurricane Dorian, So Relax! | Hemant Mehta |...
Moravian comments on Sep 3, 2019:
What a pity she wasn't born 200 years ago. They would have burned her as a witch
Teenage Kicks. - The Undertones.....great classic song by a group of guys from just up the road ...
Moravian comments on Sep 3, 2019:
The late great John Peel's favourite song.
To be ill informed is not the same as being stupid. People made up their mind about Brexit for a ...
Moravian comments on Sep 3, 2019:
brexit results
I’ve just posted the 1985 original of this song by The Waterboys in the Music Fans Group...but ...
Moravian comments on Sep 3, 2019:
A great song. He even sounds a bit like Mike Scott here. Thr Waterboys are in the middle of a world tour at the moment which they started in Portree. Good choice.
Texas gun laws: Weapons will be allowed in churches and on school grounds
Moravian comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Another good reason for never going in to a church and if the gun is in a locked car on school premises that will be very useful when some nutter starts shooting.
Chiropractors are bullshit | The Outline
Moravian comments on Sep 2, 2019:
I have mixed feelings about this. I have never tried one but my partner swears by one who treated her in Bridgeport Con. She was involved in a car accident and for months afterwards had excruciating headaches. Regular doctors were useless but a chiropractor cured the problem after manipulation of her back and neck. There are no doubt some charlatans out there but the best are probably useful for limited back or neck problems.
Has anyone ever had any impossible prayers answered? 🤪
Moravian comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Are you implying that "possible" prayers may be answered ?
Something else we are blamed for.
Moravian comments on Sep 1, 2019:
And if you play your cards right she will make it soft again
Something for the flat Earthers to think about []
Moravian comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Are you suggesting that flat earthers think ?
Interesting... []
Moravian comments on Sep 1, 2019:
"Lies damned lies, and statistics". Someone recently posted a cover story from "Time" magazine about a teacher with a masters degree who had to work two other jobs and sell blood to make ends meet. Obviously something seriously wrong with the teachers money management, but maybe teachers are undervalued, but there is something wrong with a society which bases it's worth solely on material possessions.
Damn, here we go again. Glad we went down there on Thursday and not today as we had originally ...
Moravian comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Just watched VP Pence making some inane comment about the shooting, something like "we are working hard to remove this scourge".Like hell you are.
20.50 miles today! Did another Rails to Trails ride which started in Todd, NC. What a beautiful ...
Moravian comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Rails to trails ?
[] Good News Story! Make a Wish bone marrow recipient meets his bone marrow donor...
Moravian comments on Aug 31, 2019:
What a heartwarming story.
I had an interesting conversation with a believer last evening. He mentioned Jesus, and I took the ...
Moravian comments on Aug 31, 2019: All your questions answered. I remember getting fits of the giggles at sunday school when the minister mentioned the holy ghost. I think that was the start of my realising what a load of nonsense Christianity is.
Income taxes is theft.
Moravian comments on Aug 31, 2019: So where would the funding for Roosevelt's "New Deal" have come from if there was no taxation ?. No one likes paying taxes but they are essential for some semblance of social equality.
If Americans want to understand Israel, they should think of 1950s Alabama, with an air force
Moravian comments on Aug 31, 2019: Alabama ?. What a great place to live
In 45 years we hav killed 60% of Earth’s wildlife. []
Moravian comments on Aug 31, 2019:
It was put very simply by author Daniel Quinn. Look on the environment as a huge brick wall. Every time we kill a species, be at animal, plant, insect or anything else it is like removing a brick from the wall. We can go on doing this year after year with no obvious effect until one day we remove a brick and the whole wall collapses.I am sure we are a long way from this but keep going on the way we are doing and it could happen eventually.
I turned 27 in July, I haven't gone on a date in 2 years because I feel like I'm going to throw up &...
Moravian comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Years ago I suffered from severe social anxiety. I had to do lots of presentation in my job and it terrified me. I read somewhere that beta blockers , normally given to people with heart problems, were useful in alleviate symptoms. I persuaded my GP to give me some and I tried taking one before I was in a situation where I would be crippled by anxiety. They didn't completely cure it but helped dramatically Try to get some and give it a go
The sign said, “You are here,” and I was relieved. I knew where I was. But a sign down the ...
Moravian comments on Aug 31, 2019:
There there, calm down,or you will be beside yourself
[] Lech Walesa condemns Trump - The US is no longer the moral and political leader in ...
Moravian comments on Aug 30, 2019:
It has been and still is to an extent the economic and military leader of the world Don't know if it ever was the moral and political leader.
And they still insist that the US is so superior to the rest of the world.
Moravian comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Average teachers salaries are in excess of $40000. I'm not sure if I would want my children taught by someone who cannot survive on on that level of pay.
Stood up! Was going to meet a local guy for coffee last night, 6pm at a Dunkin Donuts. I had ...
Moravian comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Some strange comments here.In my opinion to call off just 20 mins before the date without even an apology was very inconsiderate. I think you are probably right in thinking that you were being tested to see how desperate you were.
Hi, new to Atheism. Well, newer-ish. Anyone have solid advice?
Moravian comments on Aug 30, 2019:
"In defence of atheism (the case against christianity,judaism and islam)" by Michel Onfray is a good read
Time to start prepping for the possibility of Dorian coming to call. If you're in the "cone of ...
Moravian comments on Aug 30, 2019:
I heard that Trump has cancelled a trip to Poland because of the hurricane. What is he going to do I wonder. Hand out paper towels to mop up the rain ?
A doctor and medical ethicist argues life after 75 is not worth living
Moravian comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Wants to die at 75 ?. Can be arranged I am sure
more Israeli war crimes []
Moravian comments on Aug 29, 2019:
They are following the example and probably the instructions of their Zionist masters in Washington
Dave Daubenmire: My Bible Suggests Millions of Jews Didn’t Die in the Holocaust | Hemant Mehta | ...
Moravian comments on Aug 29, 2019:
Daub :- to carelessly cover in Mire ;- wet slimy earth. He is well named
GIRL HOWLS WITH NORWEGIAN WOLVES The animal watch activists posted this .... "I travel to the ...
Moravian comments on Aug 29, 2019:
Probably hurting the ears of the poor things. Do this with most dogs or play a musical instrument at a certain pitch and the dog will howl.
Quantum teleportation. []
Moravian comments on Aug 29, 2019:
I was so enthralled reading this that i was beside myself with excitement
Way cool decorating idea for Halloween. Think I'll try it with a full-sized mannequin.
Moravian comments on Aug 29, 2019:
Looks like fun but I still find it incongruous that a predominantly Christian country like the USA has such a love affair with Halloween and its pagan connections.
Trump Pushes to Open the World’s Largest Remaining Temperate Rainforest to Logging and Mining
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019:
This is very sad
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019:
There is no doubt that Moses was a mythological figure but there is a possibility that the Jesus figure was based on a historical person or an amalgam of more than one person
The Edgar Winter Group. Free Ride. []
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019:
Saw his band play in the Usher hall in Edinburgh about 15 years ago. can't remember if they played this one.
Small Faces All or Nothing []
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019:
Love this song. I remember playing it on the jukebox in my local all those years ago
Time to start prepping for the possibility of Dorian coming to call. If you're in the "cone of ...
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019:
Is this Dorian Gray ?. scary
Anybody buy this crock of excrement? I wouldn't buy it on sale. []
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019:
There have been a few books written about this topic.All nonsense of course but people will buy the books because they want to believe.
Perhaps some accurate information on the Amazon fires. []
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019: So the Amazon and other tropical forests have been gradually destroyed for years ?. What's your point.? Maybe there are more pressing problems being caused by this populist govt.
This is why I hate technology
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019:
I got caught in a downpour a couple of weeks ago and my phone was ruined. No big deal as I still use a 3G Blackberry and I bought a new one for £18 and a little leather pouch for £2 which will hopefully protect it in future. I only use it for calls and texts and wouldn't recognise an app if I tripped over one. I feel a bit sorry for people who are lost without instant access to the world through there expensive smartphones. I was toiling up a forest track on my bike recently and was almost hit by a young woman coming the other way at speed holding on to the bars with her left hand and holding her phone with her right hand.. A serious accident looking for a place to happen.
Can some of you agnostic women please help me i am sexually deprived I just want to have sex again ...
Moravian comments on Aug 28, 2019:
This is a joke. right ?
Couple mortified by mother-in-law's engagement gift with very awkward design flaw - Mirror Online
Moravian comments on Aug 27, 2019:
Surely the "appendage" could be easily removed.
Johnson & Johnson must pay over $572 million for its role in Oklahoma opioid crisis, judge rules
Moravian comments on Aug 27, 2019:
Surely this says as much about the punters taking the drug as the drug companies and doctors. Do they just blindly swallow everything the doctors give them?. Do they not question anything.?. I have not seen the leaflet which accompanies the drugs but I would hazard a guess that somewhere in the small print it would say that continued use could be addictive.
¿noʎ ǝsoʃ puıɯ ɹnoʎ pıp ɹo 'puıɯ ɹnoʎ ǝsoʃ noʎ pı◖
Moravian comments on Aug 27, 2019:
Not lost just temporarily misslaid
I read a similar quote a few years ago. The analogy of turning the page made a big impression on me ...
Moravian comments on Aug 26, 2019:
Very profound. Who needs the likes of Descartes and Sartre when you have an ex boy band member to give the benefit of his superior wisdom.


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