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Okay so three words describe me: sarcastic, lazy and pervy. If I were too pick more words I'd say: geeky and blunt. I will describe most of these little by little.
Sarcastic and blunt are the things anyone that knows me would identify me as. I can't stop being sarcastic to the point it is a like a disease.
Lazy, well not putting too much here
I can be too honest sometimes and that for some people can be a turn on or off
Geeky, love discussing politics and stuff while being polite about it. Watch anime, blah, blah
Pervy, kinky. I am over sexual, but also a virgin. I would post the stuff I am into but this is not a NSFW page so ask me or whatever.
Anything else ask, this place seems a bit more highbrow than the other sites I've been on, but I have to assume most people don't read profiles.

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Atheist, Secularist, Skeptic
Open to meeting women, trans men and trans women
  • BirthdayApril 14
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  • EducationCollege
  • Top tags#society #punk #religious #babies #Atheist #movies #holy
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