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Just one man looking to find someone to live with on this warm ass rock until we die. I'm a very quiet person until I get to know you. I love to travel and go to different museums. I'm a huge Air and Space nerd so I love looking at different airplanes . I like to play video games as well (PC and PS4) and just hang out.

Some interesting facts about myself

  1. I once ate a entire onion in under two minutes.
  2. Can make a smoking device out of anything, ANYTHING!
  3. Once divided Zero by Zero.
  4. Walked into a Church and a said fuck you Jesus, and nothing happened, proof of No God, well except me.

Two of those facts are true, try and guess!!! Message me your answers!



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Open to meeting women
  • BirthdayOctober 16
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  • EducationCollege
  • Top tags#religious #memes #god
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