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53 yo woman in NE Connecticut.
Looking for friends and community.

Hope it has central air.
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Who is driving the bus this time?
It's 8:30am and I've already had my fifth cup of coffee. I can see noises.
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Yes I have a meme for that.
I either need more sleep or way more caffeine. I was sitting at my desk, calmly (a.k.a. catatonically) waiting for my computer to prompt for my password when I was suddenly struck with the illuminating thought, "Perhaps it would work faster if I actually turned it on ..." Eep.
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Hey you noticed! 👍
Even The Borg are like, “nope, we’re good.” https://www.facebook.com/traecrowder/videos/788516714692327/
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That was awesome!
Dun, dun...dun, dun...dun, dun,dun dun, dun,Shark week.
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Aww you gotta see a good Doctor! Also these are just right! 👍
And the Lord...
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This explains the toast!
What is going on!? So I started the day a-ok. Decent. Go to work, LA Dee daa. Go on my break to get my lunch and some jerk parked up against my car. Wiggled in only to find my car no longer can reverse (that darn tranny) so while I'm sitting in it smoking a cig and lamenting the fact that I won't have lunch today, I notice "boy there sure are some dark clouds in the sky. Isn't it going to rain?" Pull up the forecast and no the radar is clear as cream. Weird. Pull up a different radar just to double check, still crystal. Okay? I go back inside and sit at my desk and no sooner does my tush touch the seat it sounded like a bomb went off right outside my office. All the lights and computers go out and there's an awful smell and suddenly I'm surrounded by blaring alarms and security phones screaming and the lights start flickering. Then my lights and computers come back up, but somehow my office and the er are the only places with any power. We frantically call in all of the emergency people, trying to figure out why the generators failed and how to get them back, we have patients on ventilators and life support so it's kind of imperative that our generators work. Anyway Im having an anxiety attack while dealing with all of this. It's insane. Turns out the radar was very very wrong. Very wrong. And lightning struck our generators. The big boom. Everything is insane. We got the generators working again but the computer network has crashed, the coolers in surgery and ...
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Sometimes radar will go down in intense storms. It happened here tonight too - it showed nothing because the info. wasn't being relayed. Always trust you senses first! Glad you are ok.
How do I fix a broken cat?
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I bet if you tickle that tummy she'll straighten right up! lol
Hello, I'm new here. I have fibro, DDD, arthritis, joint hypermobility, among some other things. Saw a new rheumy today, bc mine no longer takes my ins. The new one was awful. Treated me like a junkie, wouldn't let me finish a sentence. Looking forward to meeting people here who can relate. Wishing everyone lots of spoons!!
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I'm so sorry they treated you that way. Hang in there.
I don't know where to put this or if it's even relevant. It sure hit me the wrong way though. What an approach.
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I hover and check people all the time and it means nothing.
Rats Enjoy Being Tickled--When They're in the Right Mood [Video] - Scientific American
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Rats are adorable pets. I got to cuddle one of my step-niece's Rats. Just awesome.
Anyone in/near Belfast
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Take a look under "Meet" and then "Members" it will show people in your area.
Joe Rogan Wants Everyone to Smoke Weed - Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High - Uncensored https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMNOLFPU1L4
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That guy in the intersection was drinking Dunkin' Donuts. I'm certain of it. Pretty sure I've done this.
Where is My Cat?
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Hey sometimes the two actually come together. It's why I love my cats.
It seems that the code to handle commonly offensive language is inconsistent and could be improved. It appears that the f--- word is acceptable in post titles and elsewhere, while the simple word s&x gets removed from ordinary comments and is replace by nothing, not even @!#. It would be an improvement if a common sense standard was decided on and then implemented in a consistent fashion.
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I've never seen any filtering. And I'm good with this. We're all adults after all. Unless the language is abusive to a member - and then the whole thing may be removed.
These Cookies are a Little Scratchy
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A little nutty too!
Your who.....?
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Squill is not impressed with tonight's obedience exercises.
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Serious "Side Eye". lol
A creative asshole at that!
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Evil Ent!
Leonbergers! I survived the visit but barely remained upright as they were both jumpers. Gorgeous dogs. Both walked beautifully on leash. Phew!
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They're really pretty! Glad you survived.
Six years and four days ago this guy came into the house and he's been running the show ever since. The lord of all pussydom. The king of no fucks to give. Hitch. I love this little fucker.
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That kitty has cattitude! He is adorable.
Poking Huge Spiders In The Butt With My Finger - YouTube
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I'm pretty sure I did the same high jump when my sister knocked on the front door when my back was to it.
The far side!
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I (L) the Far Side.
Just got my job assignment for tomorrow, pet visit. 2 of these dogs! https://g.co/kgs/FCjFrf Leonbergers. Anyone familiar with the breed? Not gonna lie..I'm a little bit terrified. Dogs that are some 30 pounds heavier than me?! Another massive dog from this year did this damage to me. He took off and I was airborne...grass burn on the landing!
RavenCT comments:
Halter lead. Way easier. If you have a dog by the head it's hard for them to pull you over. (Just like a horse). Only no bit.
People your contacts in washington DC.
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I've never been so relieved that my State is Democratic.
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