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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront condo in the background!
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I'm a retired science and health teacher and tutor (taught 1967 to 2012), and a father of two successful, independent adults (one step-, one that I'm in touch with often). I'm a grandpa to one grand-son and one grand-daughter .

I consider myself quite fit, and healthy! Full head of hair, and close to ideal weight. I get a workout in every day! Sweating is in my daily -book!

I do volunteer work a local botanical garden that's famous having the biggest/best Bonsai collection in America!.

Search Botanical garden in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

I've been there since 2016, focusing on the veggie garden.

See my pics of me working the veggies and helping with the Garden of Lights!

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This one hurts to even read
Robecology comments on Nov 23, 2021:
It was only a few months ago that our allegedly intelligent Senators and congresspeople discredited the wind energy growth - suggesting that too many could affect the wind speed and climate.
What could go wrong... ?
Robecology comments on Nov 23, 2021:
At least she's being honest about her mental condition...
"who possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferosity," ...
Robecology comments on Nov 23, 2021:
I heard the perfect quick analogy of cats and dogs. Dogs think you're "god"...cats think they're god.
Who remembers reading these old comic book versions of famous novels?
Robecology comments on Nov 23, 2021:
I have the book, the comic and the original CD recording of the radio show or War of the Worlds. What a Classic! and here's a thought. Many thought that the Hallowe'en's night broadcast was real...few realized it was a "Halllowe'en spoof by H.G. Wells. And that was among the early strong radio broadcasts....that actually went out in to space....imagine if some alien race came upon and translated that broad cast and took it seriously? But let's see; they'd have to be within 83 light years to have even received it! (produced and broadcast October 30th, 1938).
Nuff said!
Robecology comments on Nov 22, 2021:
We saw it coming. The judge was obviously biased. #FauxNews was clearly making Kyle a "favorite son"...a "cause celebré". The 2nd amendment fanatics who defend having rapid kill paranoia machines at home applaud him....and of course Trump and the weird Republicans want to make K.R. a Republican apprentice.
Sounds like BS to me but fascinating to think about
Robecology comments on Nov 21, 2021:
What "U.S. Ecologist" said this? I call B.S.! Please seek to find out more about this alleged comment. But about the question...**.Are there Aliens? Can we travel to stars? Should we?** I've done a lot of research on this. Short answer...No, no, and. no. It ain't gonna happen for several reasons #1 - We can go 18.6 miles per second now. That's 1/10,000th the speed of light. That will get us to our nearest star system -which is 4.3 light years ( L.Y.) away, in 43,000 years. In other words....all star systems are much too far from us. Even if we somehow achieve moving at light speed...or through "worm holes"...Who would bother doing this? #2. Even talking to ET, via radio (going speed of light, or 186K per second) would take 8.6 years round trip message. #3.The odds of being life on any planets within 100 L.Y. of us are nil. (most scientists search within the 100 LY range because it was about 100 years. ago that we first sent strong radio and TV waves in to space - hence only folk within 100 LY of us would even know we exist. There's about 500+ systems within that range...of which only a few have rocky planets that are in the "goldilocks" zone (not too hot, not too likely to have water and life). So there has been several "Earth-like" planets that are out there...but all that we've found are over 100 LY away. Out of those few, there's a much reduced likelihood that they evolved at the same pace we their civilization's either come and gone...or not there yet. In September 2020, astronomers identified 24 superhabitable planet (planets better than Earth) contenders, from among more than 4000 confirmed exoplanets at present, based on astrophysical parameters, as well as the natural history of known life forms on the Earth.
Hubble’s Stunning Grand Tour of the Outer Solar System: []
Robecology comments on Nov 21, 2021: Here's the video.
Veritasium - The Big Misconception About Electricity []
Robecology comments on Nov 21, 2021:
Committing to 1/c seconds because I learned that electricity does travel fast..but not the speed of light .
November. An oft-overlooked month of great natural beauty......
Robecology comments on Nov 21, 2021:
The loss of fall color...the dreary, stormy're is often overlooked...
Another mom joke! 😂🤣😲🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Robecology comments on Nov 21, 2021:
Sad for the trend in food addiction. (obesity)'s almost not funny...
A beginner’s guide to how cryptocurrencies work From Bitcoin to blockchain, here's what to ...
Robecology comments on Nov 21, 2021:
meh....two things that keep me from getting involved 1. It's so "scammable" 2. It's based on "mining math problems"? I still don't get that 3. Each coin can be wildly volatile...
Weekend Update: Mother Earth on Climate Change - SNL []
Robecology comments on Nov 21, 2021:
Funny stuff!!
We need clear directions.
Robecology comments on Nov 19, 2021:
Gotta give credit to the romantics who still send love via Text messages!
My short trip to Vegas is over, over 300 pictures and 30 videos of the Bellagio fountains, it is ...
Robecology comments on Nov 18, 2021:
And please,'s been months now...can you please fix the photo orientation feature?
Someone posted about nudes here. Where the hell are they??? :)
Robecology comments on Nov 18, 2021:
"Sexy pics" moderated by @CutieBeauty is a good one.
Go ahead...Try to not smile.
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
Good looking pooch!
Some of the petrified wood that I have discovered on my property.
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
They all have a potential to become gemstones. Take a few of them to a local jeweler and ask them about their potential.
I hope this isn't considered being nosy, but I have been wondering about our fellow member ...
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
I miss the moderator for "Sexy Classy Pics, Ms. "@CutieBeauty - When you click on her page you can see that she posted over a year ago....right after the Election. Then Nada. Anyone? Updates?
Just wanted to thank the universe for this mornings large cup of coffee. It was really needed.
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
You are welcome; and on behalf of the Universe....
I am a member of a group known as the Brights (noun) a group advocating a naturalistic worldview as ...
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
That reminds me of what a mentor of mine said;
It's so nice to have a group of folks to connect with, who have lived this as I did.
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
Let me share this about that!
Jimmy Kimmel Live - QAnon Nuts Still Waiting for JFK Jr, the Trump Tower of Tell-Alls & Chris ...
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
Wow....the Qanon crazies are alive and well! Unreal!
MSNBC - Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Nov. 16 []
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
I heard this "conspiracy theory" from Rachel's post as well. Who are the "good guys" or the "bad guys". Gina Haspel was not killed. Not detained. Not even in Germany. She's in Virginia. Why even shed light on this absurdity? It gives it some validity. Try to ignore such outrageous BS.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Urinewhile.
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
Where does he come up with that intro to his "meanwhile"? He is brilliant!
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Trump Considered Ripping Off Shirt to Reveal Superman Symbol After ...
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
Wait...a Christmas party without Frosty? LOLOLOL!
Dr. Becky - Do ALIENS exist? | An astrophysicist's perspective []
Robecology comments on Nov 17, 2021:
The logic is this; Speed of light = 186,000 miles per second Nearest star system 4.3 Light years (LY). Fastest humans can go to date 18.6 miles per second (MPS)- or 1/10,000th the speed of light. Time it would take us - going at 18.6 mps to reach the nearest star system -43,000 years. Assuming that - in decades ahead - we can speed up that max speed to 186 MPS it would still take 4,300 years to reach the nearest star system. Even talking to them...a simple "hi, how are you"? Would take 8.6 years before we heard back from them. (assuming radio waves travel that far, and go the speed of light). 100 years or so, ago, we started broadcasting radio and TV to space. Before then - a bit...but very weak. So there's a max of 20 star systems within 100 LY of us. Out of them - there's only a handful that are likely to hold life. Out of them - the likelihood that they've evolved a radio-communicating advanced civilization is in very close to Zero. Now let's discuss the concepts - elaborated on below, of the probability that "aliens" have visited us - and that their visits are unprovable or hidden as "demonic" by the #religulous. Let's look at it this way....if we could communicate with any other life forms - don't you thing that us fact-seeking agnostics would be all over it....searching every fact...posting every detail? The headlines would be "(Wo)man learns to communicate with _______". (fill in the blank) So from an Astronomer - scientist's POV....can we STFU about aliens? - - - - - - - - - - - BTW - earth has evolved a very advanced life form compared to humans; tens of thousands of them! They only eat, play and make love all day. They have a very sophisticated communication system among themselves. No farms, no money, no clothes, no buildings, no cancer, no hospitals, no radio...just good living. A few have volunteered to entertain us in exchange for us agreeing not to hunt, kill and eat them. Of course - you know who I'm talking about, right?
A consideration: when the comfortable, soft chair makes one's bottom more pliable--- and the ...
Robecology comments on Nov 15, 2021:
I used to think that a soft bed was a good I'm not so sure!
View from Sky 100 observation deck at the International Commerce Centre (ICC) of Kowloon Peninsula, ...
Robecology comments on Nov 15, 2021:
The images of Hong Kong's ultra tall buildings - built on such a rocky geology - is always amazing to me. Serious architecture!
We always have a choice.
Robecology comments on Nov 15, 2021:
It's a wise and fortunate trend among any overcrowded population to relish being by oneself. I recall doing experiments in genetics with fruit flies...and it's easy to prove with many other populations. The sooner we slow down our population growth (2.5 more per second, 150 more per minute, 9,000 more humans on the planet per hour) the faster we reach ZPG and avoid the coming disasters. Right now we're not projected to go to ZPG for 70 years. That might be too late for humanity to avoid extinction. Population Density and Social Pathology JOHN B.CALHOUN, PH.D., National Institute of Mental Health
From the novelist Mary Gaitskill: "They say that you come into the world alone and that you leave...
Robecology comments on Nov 14, 2021:
Powerful good words.
The theme music from 1974 film Chinatown, composed by Jerry Goldsmith.
Robecology comments on Nov 13, 2021:
Great movie. I have to watch it again....I forgot how amazing it was.
Vegetarians Since I’m one of ‘these’ types I will only post positive ones Nothing wrong ...
Robecology comments on Nov 13, 2021:
We can all get moral about eating animals...but changing one's diet requires a "Herculian" effort. Look at the growth of overeating, or obesity. And please don't even start to defend going "vegan" as a way to improve our planet. We are growing - births minus deaths - at the rate of 150 more per minute, 9,000 more per hour. What we need to change is our fertility rate....not our diets. Once we reach ZPG (not projected for many decades) then you can talk to me about changing my diet.... Which I won't do....because it's been ingrained in my since before I could walk and talk. Agriculture adds 10% to our air pollution. It's energy, manufacturing, and transportation using fossil fuels that's the biggest factor - by far.
Monologue: Your Tax Dollars at Work | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) []
Robecology comments on Nov 13, 2021:
..."remember that year we thinned their herd"? Bill is so funny!
24,000 Years of Temperature Data Show Just How Unprecedented Current Global Heating Is: ...
Robecology comments on Nov 12, 2021:
So true! It's not only warming and setting records.....but the rate of warming is accelerating.Watch. Here's the source;
All part of His plan...
Robecology comments on Nov 12, 2021:
Carl Sagan.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - "Presidents Are Not Kings" - Judge Rebuffs No.
Robecology comments on Nov 11, 2021:
Johnson, and Johnson....then Johnson? Wow!
This is fucked up, but it's hard to argue
Robecology comments on Nov 11, 2021:
Shared on FB.
"This world of ours.
Robecology comments on Nov 11, 2021:
He was the last great Republican President. He said that ultra rich should pay a 90% tax... He built the Interstate highway system. He employed tens of thousands of GI's returning from the Korean war. He was also famous in his exit speech...warning of the coming "Military Industrial complex" that made wars profitable. Ike's Warning Of Military Expansion, 50 Years Later NPR
Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
Robecology comments on Nov 10, 2021:
It was changed with a "Constitutional amendment" in the 1950's ...and for congress to convene a Constitutional convention you have to have a strong, compelling reason. We've all learned to be passive about this obsession America has with "under God", "in God we Trust" (now on all coins and bills" and "swearing on the Bible"...etc. It's stuck - in a nation allegedly concerned about "separation of Church and State". WTF? NBD.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Big Bird Has A New Word For Ted Cruz []
Robecology comments on Nov 9, 2021:
Love it!
Geoengineering suggested as only hope to climate change.
Robecology comments on Nov 9, 2021:
The last paragraph finally gets to specifics; Planting billions of trees from Canada and Russia to Brazil and China is an obvious example of building carbon sinks and refortifying habitats at the same time. Cloud seeding has been used since the 1970s and could help ameliorate today’s droughts. Coating fresh ice with white sand to reflect more light so it can strengthen rather than melt is another less invasive treatment for the wounded Earth. Of course, each of these approaches has its own challenges and limitations, ones that will require us to commit resources other than simply flying diplomats to summits to sign empty promises. Let us not pretend there is any other way to reduce the widening climate injustice. Sorry PARAG KHANNA MICHAEL FERRARIIDEAS I don't concur; The simplest, and easiest way - and perhaps the most likely and eventually successful way to fix climate change is to slow down the influx of climate changers. That's right...we need to slow population growth. I know it's almost a #Taboo discussion. How dare we talk about not growing? Even ZPG gave up the name a few years ago. But that's our solution, IMO. Right now...our world wide growth rate is -150 more births than deaths per minute, -9000 more per hour, -216,000 more per day. Check a data site; here's one; If/when we reach ZPG (around 2100) it's likely to be too late...most food crops will be un-growable almost everywhere. Storms will be more frequent and devastating. Viral mutations will likely produce deadlier, faster transmitted infections. So the simple solution to Climate change? Speed up our slowing of the growth rate (see the yellow chart below). There is a solution; 1. Governments stop encouraging growth. Stop tax incentives for large families. Stop saying "growth is good" 2. We tone down our egos - our need to "have kids". We examine the concept of being "child-free" as opposed to being "childless". 3. We boost our ECOlogy...or 3r's...the concept of restoring, refreshing, repairing, and renewing, are added to recycling.
Honest Government Ad | Net Zero by 2050 (feat. Greta) []
Robecology comments on Nov 8, 2021:
Sad...but becoming more obvious...the sad part is that the wealthy/greedy of the world don't see it.
This should go on the conservative group but as I am blocked from that group it is here
Robecology comments on Nov 8, 2021:
I was blocked by the "Conservative Agnostics" within weeks of joining - I don't get their strategy. To be a Conservative in America you have to be's one of the "pillars" of the foundation of American Conservatism....hence I wonder if any of the Conservatives allegedly here are - indeed - #religulous and just keeping it quiet. And I'm not only stealing that meme - I'm sharing similar ones with you, @Moravian!
Agnes Kasparkova What a beautiful story! []
Robecology comments on Nov 8, 2021:
Real Science - The Zombies That Live Among Us [youtube.
Robecology comments on Nov 8, 2021:
Stunning - amazing videos!
Monologue: Let's Go Brandon! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) []
Robecology comments on Nov 7, 2021:
Bill's amazing...he makes the worst news laughable. Oh....and about that "Let's go Brandon" crap? I found a good meme...
"It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so.
Robecology comments on Nov 7, 2021:
Love the meme; stealing it!
Fallen gingko leaves.
Robecology comments on Nov 6, 2021:
The Ginkgo has an interesting lineage.... The ginkgo tree is thought to be one of the oldest living trees, dating back more than 200 million years. It is native to China, Japan, and Korea, but is also now grown in Europe and the United States. It seems to improve blood circulation, and might also act as an antioxidant to slow down changes in the brain.
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Democrats Win in New Jersey; QAnon Supporters Await JFK Jr’s ...
Robecology comments on Nov 6, 2021:
Seth's humor is deep...often beyond me....but I concur - and I'm surprised even Liberal TV hosts called it a "bloodbath"....
I worked for the UCI Physics Dept.
Robecology comments on Nov 6, 2021:
It's not clear what you're trying to achieve...but the image is interesting. When you blow it up/expand it..different colors appear.
Mixed emotion. Do we laugh or cry?
Robecology comments on Nov 6, 2021:
Gotta feel sorry for so many delusional people! They need some help! Here's recent meme I found addressing the frequently used "Let's go Brandon" (as a thin disguise for F- you Biden) and a great video produced in 2016...
Make a man smile with this one simple trick
Robecology comments on Nov 5, 2021:
Something about seeing a young, fit, semi-nude woman...ahhhh...
Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: November 4th | MSNBC []
Robecology comments on Nov 5, 2021:
Good Summary of where we are today. Love Rachel...she's a bit fast talking for extra thanks to Bill for sharing these gives me a second chance to watch and absorb what she's saying.
Of course there are theists still stuck back on the earth is round argument
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
I found a "catch phrase" that seems to be catching on; Boost your ECO - tone down your EGO....and we'll all be happier. The math is simple - more and more of us (150 more per minute) have to fight harder and harder for less and less. Fact check my data here;
Listen If You Dare: Exploring Our Belief In Ghosts
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
Our obsession with "the other side" means that a good number of us (not including us Agnostics) are #stupidstitious or #religulous and want a life after death to be possible. Us Agnostics apparently are more scientific - and thus much more dismissive - about such info...but "Listen if you dare"...Bwahahahahaha!
I thought this Yucca wasn’t doing too well, after the really hot summer we had, but it is blooming...
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
Plants that "bloom" are sensing that their end is near.
I hope this isn't considered being nosy, but I have been wondering about our fellow member ...
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
When I read in some of the bios that they're "here for the community" I say, "yea, right"....this renews my faith in "the community"....nice to see such care put in for alleged missing - unresponsive members. Us elderly (I'm 76) really appreciate it.
Leaves! Again!
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
The contrast of orange on green is breath-taking. Thanks!
Eartha Kitt singing The Yellow Dog Blues from the 1958 film St.
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
Wow...Eartha and Nat....a phenomenal combination!
A new discovery about a well known domestic animal, and its origins,, which seems to narrow the ...
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
Wow...4,200 years ago!!
More options for sustainable energy
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
Electric regeneration is already an important factor not often spoken about with Teslas...if you use the car's motors to slow you down, you not only add juice to your battery, you add life to your brakes. Watch; On the solar photovoltaic scene; there's now see through/transparent/translucent glass that also serves to add power to storage batteries.
Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: November 3rd | MSNBC []
Robecology comments on Nov 4, 2021:
Rachel makes sense...and for a change - she made me realize that things aren't that bad...
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Trump Under Fire for Participating in Controversial "Tomahawk Chop"...
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
As long as it's racist! LOL!
My "problem" is that even at 73, I am fitter than almost all women even in the 30 to 50 year range.
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
I feel for you. I'm 76, close to ideal weight, work out daily, and have given up dating. I have an on and off semi-steady lady friend...and we both are "sort of" intimate"....but it's pretty much a lost cause to pretend to make babies at our age. I'm sad that you say; "The only women who contact me on these dating sites are usually 75 to 85 and don't have a pulse"....those women have a pulse - they're still alive, and are still brave enough to reach out to you. I recommend you try to contact's either communicate with them or be proud of your intimidation strong enough to die alone...
Very stupid indeed.
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
It's normal, not stupid. I think Robin Williams summed it up once; He said something like -When we're kids we can't wait to grow up. When we grow up we all wonder where the time went.
Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian - The United States of Freedom []
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
"You can't make me wear a mask...but I can make you have a baby"....another brilliant video comedienne.
Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid ...
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
I've been sharing this video of the suffering #Trumpster for years; I interact with many of them....and what Socrates said is still true today!
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - World Leaders Try To Wish Away Climate Change, Bezos Skips ...
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
I've shared this already...and I'm an here's David's video one more time;
Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: November 1st - MSNBC []
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
Sadly, Trump's man won;
Juno Provides New Information about Jupiter’s Enigmatic Atmospheric Features: []
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
"The findings also indicate these storms are far taller than expected, with some extending 100 km (62 miles) below the cloud tops and others. This surprise discovery demonstrates that the vortices cover regions beyond those where water condenses and clouds form, below the depth where sunlight warms the atmosphere." Wow; so we can conclude that the Jovian atmosphere is 1. Many miles deep 2. Thin and warm on top, dense and cold many miles below. and There might not be a solid surface to land might get gradually more dense with descent - but not have a solid surface at all?
Perhaps I have not been paying close enough attention.
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
Let's hope @Admin reads this once in a while and supports those of us lusting to spend $$ to support our cause right here. Those pens and T shirts had to cost something...and the perks stop at level 8? Why?
Jimmy Kimmel Live - QAnuts Gather for JFK Jr’s Triumphant Return & Klan Mom Marjorie Taylor ...
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
Yea, I used to be chubby and cheeky decades ago, too!
Deep sigh...
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
It's that infantile programming that inspired that answer...I'd give him a "good try" response....
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Queen Urges Leaders To Rise Above Climate Politics | ...
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
"unholy love child of Mr. Rogers and Ted Cruz"....damn! Where does he come up with these gems?
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Meanwhile... Would You Try Christmas Dinner In A Can?
Robecology comments on Nov 3, 2021:
"Eggnog seltzer; perfect for people who love eggnog but hate themselves" Man...either his writers or he is a literary genius!
Six Ridiculous Facts About Termite Queens: []
Robecology comments on Oct 31, 2021:
Loved #5...being possibly "licked" to death...what a way to go!
Metaverse ?
Robecology comments on Oct 31, 2021:
If only Trump's dad was thoughtful enough...
Drive on the BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway, NC) last weekend.
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2021:
Remember; you are talking to the world on this site. BRP? I guess North Carolina, USA?
As an Arizonian, fuck that bitch!
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2021:
Follow the money;
As an Arizonian, fuck that bitch!
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2021:
You can see it...literally...
Religion is a culture of faith. Science is a culture of fact =- Richard Feynman
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2021:
So logical. So obvious that it's hard to believe that. Sadly he only lived to be 69....
Sorting through some boxes of books in preparation for a move.
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2021:
OK, Dave...I nominate you to start a Mad magazine/Don Martin page. It looks like you're well equipped!
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Norman Lear on Being Called the No.
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2021:
Smart, strong...thank you, Norman Lear, for hanging in there...for being there for the interview. You are an inspiration.
Robecology comments on Oct 27, 2021:
Even NPR is laughing at Tucker.
Halloween facts
Robecology comments on Oct 27, 2021:
Halloween's not spelled Halloween. It's actually an old-fashioned hyphened two-word combination of Hallow and evening. All Hallow's Evening was the original term (a very #religulous one at that) and then evening was shortened to "en, then someone dropped the all....and we ended up with "Hallowe'en .
I heard that the pelicans were returning to winter over in the Dallas area, so I went out and ...
Robecology comments on Oct 27, 2021:
If only they hadn't removed the feathers from that'd be much more believable!
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Elon Musk’s Net Worth Increases by $36 Billion Overnight ...
Robecology comments on Oct 27, 2021:
I read that the main reason was that Hertz ordered 100,000 Teslas.
I haven't been drinking much coffee lately for health reasons.
Robecology comments on Oct 27, 2021:
I have cut back as well. I used to be 10 cups a day....Now down to 8...may have to drop that to 6. I drink it black with splenda/sucralose . I feel for you....but I'm glad others are feeling their limit as well.
Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: October 25th | MSNBC []
Robecology comments on Oct 26, 2021:
Rachel Maddow is so awesome. It's almost hard to comprehend why she's the sole voice for the progressives....Thanks, Bill. Good stuff. I had to stop watching it....I just got so angry about the situation.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Rainfall Swamps The West, And GOP Members Conspired With Jan.
Robecology comments on Oct 26, 2021:
"It's a real 'Oceans 11"of people who can't count to 10"...great lines! I watched three Bruce Springsteen interviews....then watched him play "Down to the river" almost like he did when he was 29.....Thanks, Stephen, and thanks, Bill!
I hit a new weight milestone this week. Still trying for the six-pack.
Robecology comments on Oct 26, 2021:
Kudos. i know how hard it is to fight the eating habits we've been ingrained with since before we cculd walk and talk...I've fought it all my a health and biology teacher and now in retirement. Check this out;
Just in case you wanted to know.
Robecology comments on Oct 26, 2021:
I've been a user of Vitamin E for decades now. I'm guessing that it helped me get to 76 in decent shape....but I'm also guessing a lot of it is genetics.
Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say ...
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2021:
I found an excellent meme or diagram that explains the levels of learning well...take a look...let me know what you think;
2.5 billion-year-old traces of life locked inside primeval ruby: []
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2021:
Not at all surprised. The more I taught about the evolution of life on earth....the earlier it seemed to have evolved. Look up "Stromatolites". These primitive photosynthetic organisms may have been the primary providers of Oxygen in our ancient world. A great video to watch that talks about this is the History Channel's "How the Earth Was made"
Real Science - The Insane Biology of: The Axolotl []
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2021:
So sad that "The Gods" were key to naming many creatures. Very cool that they were critical in the research of Thyroids, and that they are the only Vertebrates that can regenerate many body parts.
My ex and his new wife came over for dinner and we had a really lovely time.
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2021:
What? No poisons? No toxins? No subtly awful effects? Too kind, @UUNJ
It's Okay To Be Smart - The Most Unbelievable Image Ever Captured by Hubble Space Telescope ...
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2021:
The images are getting better!
SciShow Space - How Stars Freeze []
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2021:
Catch phrase; "freeze"...I think the term for hardening of Carbon atoms to crystals is "Crystallize or solidify...but...OK...Click bait for the masses...cute!
Just in time for Halloween 🎃
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2021:
Happen to have this old meme of Osteen...
Sunlamp flower.......
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2021:
Pretty creative. We here in Ft. Pierce have to have creative street lighting like that with an dark orange glow to reduce the attraction inland of birthing turtles! I don't have images...but you've inspired me to get some!


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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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Robecology's Groups
Older Men and Younger Women
99 members, Host
Language abuse and bad spelling
37 members, Host
Environmental science/Ecology/Demography
31 members, Host, Moderator
George Carlin sayings, memes, etc.
25 members, Host
Ricky Gervais
24 members, Host
Tesla owners/drivers/lovers
14 members, Host, Moderator
Topic of the day
82859 members
Just for Laughs
2649 members
Memes R Us
2510 members
2244 members
Newbie Groupies!
2070 members
Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter
2049 members
Real Intimacy
1749 members
1662 members
1639 members
50s +
1398 members
Out Of The Illusion
1331 members
Music Fans
1258 members
1211 members
Food Glorious Food
1192 members
Trump Pinata
1118 members
1033 members
Human Sexuality: Everything About It
1016 members
handcrafters , fine artists, photographers, or other things of beauty
931 members
Gun Control Now
777 members
Sexy Classy Pics
775 members
Legalize Cannabis Nationwide/Worldwide
767 members
Humour, Fun, Chuckles, Laughs, or Cutes, From Everywhere.
734 members
All Things Astronomy
674 members
Mental Health Support
632 members
Freedom from Religion Foundation
612 members
Critical thinking
598 members
593 members
The Watering hole
520 members
439 members
Florida Freethinkers
432 members
The Escapees- - Hide here!
426 members
Science, Health & History Tidbits
418 members
Community Senate
384 members
371 members
Music of the Movies
371 members
Dating for Real People
359 members
Hike, Climb, Paddle
355 members
354 members
Coffee Drinkers Corner
336 members
Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dance, Punk, Alternative, Rock and Roll.
336 members
aussie sceptics
331 members
visual art
329 members
Documentaries you should see
327 members
"Positive Vibes"
323 members
Online Dating: The Reality
321 members
Critter Corner
315 members
Geek's Corner
309 members
308 members
Environment, Ecology and Sustainability
302 members
Abuse Survivors(Emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, toxic relationship)
289 members
American Atheists (Fans)
286 members
Hippie Land -
284 members
284 members
P.A.T.C.H. People Against The Christian Hypocrites
282 members
Liberal/Progressive Party
277 members
Workout Warriors
267 members
Childfree Domain
258 members
Battling Obesity
250 members
36 Questions
250 members
241 members
Me Too - Women's Rights and Men's Rights
229 members
Baby Boomers
223 members
Simply Atheist
222 members
The Best of Late Night & News
202 members
Simple Thoughts
197 members
Science and religion. :) lets debate
191 members
Memes edited
190 members
Non-nude sexy pics
185 members
General Forum
183 members
Truly single gal and guys looking for love.
181 members
Science Fiction & Godlessness
179 members
I Love Halloween!
168 members
This Day In History
168 members
Natural history
158 members
Sun Moon Stars
151 members
Biden 2020
147 members
Pets and wildlife
146 members
Women's Empowerment
145 members
Autism and/or Asperger's Syndrome
144 members
Political Posts, Articles and Memes
143 members
Science & Technology
143 members
All Things Legal/Crime and Punishment
140 members
Dharma Café
129 members
124 members
General Topics
122 members
Jewish by Culture
121 members
Earth Preservers
120 members
115 members
106 members
Marriage & Long-term Relationships
103 members
Conservative Atheist Singles
100 members
100 members
Political Theory & Policy
95 members
At Retirement!
94 members
Pop Culture - TV
88 members
Celebrity Pictures
88 members
Crass Comedy
87 members
Tales from the Lockdown
85 members
Memes R hilarioUS!
84 members
Atheist Videos & Miscellany
80 members
Sex Over Sixty
77 members
Marijuana changing the world
75 members
74 members
Age Related
72 members
Healthy Living
72 members
Atheist News Network
72 members
Religion of Science & Higher Consciousness
63 members
63 members
The Path of a Taoist
60 members
Common Ground
59 members
Gardening and natural crafting
59 members
Trumpanzees & Morons
57 members
55 members
52 members
Electric Vehicles and Vehicle Related Technology.
49 members
The Truth Is Out There
48 members
Suicide is painless
48 members
Volunteering, Charity Work, and Community Service
47 members
Car Lovers Group
45 members
Meatballs & Pasta
40 members
40 members
Secular Teachers
38 members
38 members
Signs signs everywhere signs
37 members
33 members
Sunset, Sea, Coffee and Me
31 members
Non Religious Science teachers -any age
30 members
Elon Musk
29 members
Camping for adults in Dixie (no children)
28 members
23 members
Atheist Points Of View On The Middle East
19 members
Pin Ups
18 members
Oppression Throughout The World
15 members
6 members