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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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I'm a retired science and health teacher and tutor (taught 1967 to 2012), and a father of two successful, independent adults (one step-, one that I'm in touch with often). I'm a grandpa to one grand- and one grand .

I consider myself quite fit, and healthy! Full head of hair, and close to ideal weight. I get a workout in every day! Sweating is in my daily -book!

I do volunteer work a local botanical garden that's famous having the biggest/best Bonsai collection in America!.

Search Botanical garden in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

I've been there since 2016, focusing on the veggie garden.

See my pics of me working the veggies and helping with the Garden of Lights!

Full Bio


Here is what coffee. Thinks of some of us coffee addicts
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
I've studied plant evolution enough to know that there are three plants that are very popular to humans for their "Psycho-active" properties...Coffee, Cacao, and Cannabis. Their evolution has been studied; and the cultivation to make better, more potent, more disease-resistant varieties is actively being pursued. I predict that some day...when we get the "dose" down....that Cannabis will take its' place along Coffee and Cacao as the herbs of choice for a mild buzz...
How Did Crucifixion Actually Work? []
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Two words come to mind; 1.#Stupidstitious 2.#Religulous
Happy Sunday! It's pose your own question day!
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
How do you return a greeting from a religious person of "Happy Easter" or "Happy Passover?? 1. No comment 2. "Back at ya" 3. Happy (Easter, or whatever rieligious holiday they celebrate) to you. 4.Thanks...but you do know I'm agnostic.... 5. Grrrrr. Grrrmmmppph..Arrrrggghhh. Really? Are you f...g kidding me? 6. (S)he's risen? Today? You can say any number; or add your own choice.
“Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main ...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Coincidentally; it's one of the two memes of Carlin I have on my desktop. Feel free to copy and save either! (germ free!). He died too young...
These are weird times. 🙄
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Dawkins has the perfect retort for those wishing death on themselves... "How dare we whine...."
1450 Brickell Avenue, Miami : during my daily walks...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
I knew that area in the 70's when it was just single family homes... Melancholic about this....
Happy Sunday all
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Sexy and classy! Yay, RobertHappi2!
Black and white conversion, Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona.
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Thanks for sharing both. This was another small yet beautiful park that the cheapskate new federal administration that "closed" the park to take away the salaries of the very few care-takers who oversaw the visitor centers there....sad...
"It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in ...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
I never got HH...sad for his demise...
Meanwhile the crooks are still out there....
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
I hope this guy gets what's coming....
A discussion of why antioxidant supplements might not be a good idea. []
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
The last sentence says it all; The health benefits of exercise greatly outweigh the dubious benefits of antioxidant supplements. In a very real sense, exercise is an antioxidant.
Frank Zappa, on the Military-Industrial Complex "When a reporter for the United States Army ...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Zappa was a thinker ahead of his time. Sad that poor health took him out too soon. I'm sharing a graph that points out his wisdom;
At the data-entry company where I work, the other operators and I share a coffeepot. One morning I ...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
I think it was another reason...and this is based on fossil evidence...
Non group member replies to posts @Admin. I have just had someone reply on a group post when the ...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Let me share my favorites...Feel free to copy and use...
See the happy moron, He doesn’t give a damn, I wish I were a moron, My God! perhaps I am! ...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
What's a Moron ? Asking for a friend....
After taking a break for one or two days I discovered yesterday a large punnet of strawberries had ...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Wow; my daughter in law swears by her dryer....and I love dried fruits...I might have to invest in one. Keep us/me posted?
[] Please sign petition to vote by mail. We really need it now. Thank you.
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
Signed; but isn't this on a state-by-state thing? I think I'm already registered to vote by mail in Florida.
Sun up is my favorite time to be out on a walk. But good photos of it are elusive. Two candidates....
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
The sunrise photo is good...but if you crop out the would be better!!
I have this plant taking over an area that I'm glad it's taking over. Unfortunately I can't remember...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
Looks like something in the wild lettuce family. Looks like it's edible, as well. My "plantsnap" app on my phone gave me "Wood Spurge" - but I don't agree...leaves are too "wild-lettuce-like".
No alerts for me
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
I recommend you see what groups you're in. Perhaps many of the groups you're in stopped posting/participating. Join more groups you'll get more alerts?
Well, it's smarter than Captain Covfefe McHamberders, that's for damn sure.. And it has better ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
This is intentional. He's trying to sound so ignorant that we'll forgive him when it comes time to arrest him in January 2021.
Good Afternoon Everyone! Happy Saturday! Been busy this morning. Took out the garbage-freezing out ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
Here's a very interactive, data-driven site on the COVID19 issue; Click the words "Linear" or "log"...drag your cursor across a graph or map, slide the blue lines at the bottom or each to see the changes over time.
Yesterday while mowing.... I noticed the first of our asparagus was up! And as a bonus, a stalk ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
I'll never forget the first time I saw asparagus unusual. Good luck with a plentiful harvest!
My good friend Bruce Baillie died today at age 88. I’ve known him for almost 50 years. He was an ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
88. I'm hoping he led a full life, and left quietly, painlessly.
I'm sorry we can't see her face, but damn, that ass!
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
B & W...subtle lighting...not porn...a woman, not a nailed it...again!
Happy good Saturday morning! I got glorious sleep, and a machine I ordered yesterday is showing as ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
I have had the fortune of a dry. and sunny spring here in Central/East coast Florida; so I've been biking every day. I rarely go on the designated bike lanes....too afraid of cars, and I go too slow for most of the bikers who use that lane...but fortunately there's a path along the highway that runs up and down A1A for many miles. A few years ago I saw the "Adopt-a-highway" sign....and since a highlight of my teaching career was doing that for decades with my high school Ecology club, I decided to try to get the seniors here at my "Ocean Village" community to participate - with no results at all. I think I should take pics of me picking up the litter - by myself - near one of the signs....then send it to them. WhadyathinK?
This chart is more accurate - alcohol and TP included
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
Two more bars to add; Food consumption and/or variety, and exercise regimen. Mine are slowly going south....
Round about in Perth filled with gorgeous plants.
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
That's a lot of community horticultural devotion, there!
Saturday morning! Time to get excited.😖
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
I watch very little TV. Last night I "binged" for 2 whole hours...Rachel Maddow - and then Bill Maher. If you hadn't seen Bill, and have an hour to kill - and are's a great - and rare - video of the whole one hour show.
My Thoughts on Being Housebound… I’ve put some thought into this and was first hesitant to ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
It's a tough call. If we "mix"...get "out in the world - if we "socialize" then we increase our chances of both good and bad experiences. I'm guessing since we have one life to live; we can isolate, let few outsiders "know" us...and live longer....or we can get out, get involved, get intimate - and suffer the consequences - and not live as long. This "new normal" as you called it is probably going to do humanity good. We'll live - as a species - a little longer if only because we're not sharing diseases as well. There's been reports of lower pollution levels, less social intimacy development...which could lead to our slowing of our out-of-control growth rate. (see this;https://www.worldometers.info0 But as a Demographer...(population Scientist) I see the deeper message...we need to slow down our growth....or GAIA/ mother nature/ the nature of biological infestation and disease-sharing will win the battle.
If dinosaurs thought like us...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
Here's a couple more Dinosaur/Covid19 memes;
Mask up Ben
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2020:
Here's a bunch of my recent COVID19 memes...feel free to copy and share!
"80 Conversation Starters That Don’t Have To Do With Coronavirus" [] Because, even ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
And here's some conversation starters that are related to the COVID19....(tongue in cheek)
Canine supremacy
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Found another "good dog"/Covid19 meme;
Mysterious ways and all that.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Saved and shared on FB...good one!
Once again, hypocrisy is completely lost on the Trump crowd. "Bumbling doofus" "doesn't understand ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
We have to empathize with the Trump supporter. They're just like him...quick to label and call names (democRATS"). Sexist. Racist. Tax cheats. Business cheats. Every person I know who's a Trump supporter has most of these traits - -and they're nearly impossible to debate. They've made up their minds. They're akin to #religulous about him...they want a loud, aggressive, ignorant bully as POTUS. They want to suppress the poor and the foreigners. They want to force people to avoid abortions and not do well with family planning...because that's what they've done. So it comes down to this; either ignore them; or reason with the guy/gal "on the fence" about him. Then work to "get out the vote". That's about all we can do.
Damn dog!ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020: where's the "take-out" or "to-go" punch lines? This is a good one!
I wish I could say that this was taken on a photo safari... But it was taken last September at the ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Don't apologize for zoo photography. That's what their goal make the animals "feel at home" and yet bring wildlife to folk who cannot "go on safari" by all means support your local zoos - and do so with pride and no regrets. Great photo!
Kirsten Dunst
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
She's a beautiful woman. She was treated for "depression" and the look on her face shows that she's not happy posing....
‘Mad’ Magazine Cartoonist Mort Drucker Dead at 91 []
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Sad. I loved Mad....I even tried a recent subscription when generation II started up, a few years ago...but...meh....not like the original. "What, me, Worry?" was, and is, more than an epithet to me...Here's 3 MAD- relevant images I keep handy....
Good Morning Everyone! Happy Friday! Went to Aldis fairly early and there were several changes ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
I love Aldi's too...and I'm glad they're having so much success...and taking steps to mitigate contagion. You and others who love them might consider this; they usually have same day delivery...(when I tried it there was a 3 day wait) but it saves you gas, time, and interaction with strangers...and gives them and the hard working delivery people some desperately needed $$.
Stunning new photos of Jupiter! []
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Copied and shared on FB. Thanks for this!
The Christian Right Is Very Angry That Pornhub is Offering Free Premium Content ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Pornhub...meh...I've looked...not turned on. Call me old, call me jaded...but I think they're still stuck in the dark ages...abusive male-dominant woman repressive awfulness...most is not easy to watch....but I can see why the #religulous eat it up...
Little purple riding-hood.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Cute woman, nice figure...cute outfit....poor color combinations....and I conur with @cutie beauty - poor pose. Imagine that woman, same outfit, more "sophisticated" pose, on pure white?
Nature is beautiful
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
•A crack in the Earth's magnetic field over the weekend (not uncommon around the Equinox) allowed ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Amazing image!
The graphs show it all
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
So true! I'd be interested to see where "intimacy" or "intimate relationships" are on this graph...(I think I know)
Yuck! Hahahahaha!!!
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
LOL! Sharing to "Trump Pinata"!
Weird gun loophole I just found out about. The 100% lowers still require a FFL to be shipped. ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Why would you even want to "skirt the law" and make your own rapid-human-killing machine?
Welcome to my virtual birthday party! The only party I am allowed to have. I am shamelessly ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
I tried to find the cartoon luck...but
Welcome to my virtual birthday party! The only party I am allowed to have. I am shamelessly ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Happy Friday! How would you describe your sense of smell? I'm normally sensitive, but when I was ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2020:
I've been resorting to nasal spray - I know it's "addictive" but I need the ability - not so much to smell, as to breathe at night. If I don't use it I wind up with an awfully dry mouth.
Why don't they 'get it'??
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
With all the growth of internet and portable phones, you'd think that knowledge and science were also growing. They are, but not nearly as fast. It's called "tradition". It's called "indoctrination". It's called "brain-washing" - it's the reason there's our group - the Agnostics. I just got a handwritten letter from a Jehovah Witness. They are so hard-up because they can't go door to door, that now they're sending mail. The religious are #Religulous. Watch the Movie and maybe you'll "get it"....
The latest from Stephen Colbert; at home, but still up on the news; []
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
I think this is the follow-up video interview with Bernie;
I just read this statement and it made me think, seems too good to be true, no ads, no...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
Hopefully the administrators are reading this and coming up with an answer.
If you like me have lots of old seed packets this might be helpful.[]
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
This is a great science experiment for any of your kids stuck at home. Lay out 10 (or multiples of 10) evenly distant on a wet towel surface Keep it wet. Moisten with purified water, if possible, to eliminate variables. Take pictures of each set once one has germinated. Be consistent with your watering time, amounts, and time of day the pic is taken (the goal...eliminate variables). Remember; a control would be fresh seeds, or seed types that create 100% germination. (that's why the sets of keep it mathematically simple). Print out the pics...make graphs...Easy, valid science experiment; most elementary and/or Jr. Hi science competitions would welcome a well done, clearly illustrated experiment like this. Don't take on too many seed types/ages; remember the KISS rule (Keep it Short and Simple).
It’s funny. When I watch movies now I find it odd to see groups of people NOT practicing social ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
This reminds me of the profound changes we felt after 9/11. Tighter security everywhere. Paranoia penetrating deeply. This will have strong affect on 'intimacy". Everyone - or at least most who are concerned/aware - are working to be cleaner, more sanitary, more germ and contagion conscious. Many of us are working harder on "fitness"...this might have an effect of a slowing of the population growth, a slowing of the growth of pollution.
Is it "arrogant" if somebody believed that they'd be save at the proverbial RAPTURE ????
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
If it's arrogance, it's an arrogance borne of delusion. And, if it doesn't hurt me....I'm not offended. But when you start pushing religion on me with your arrogance; then I will fight back, fiercely. We're agnostic. We're scientists. We faced no Santa around 4 or 5. No Easter bunny. No tooth fairy. I feel sad and sorry tor the delusional arrogant #religulous of the world who just don't get it. Richard Dawkins has summed it up nicely for me;
I have to admit this...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
I'm feeling favorite "thermos" brand of small (16 oz) hot liquids container died! I quickly went to Amazon and ordered a "better" model...but now I'm relegated to drinking coffee out of (gulp-gag) mugs. Too hot to start, too cool when I'm done... Woe is me! what is this world coming to? Images; my instruments for "imbibing"...and a charming snoopy mood-setter... I'll recover soon...
Here is a link to a number of well done Carona Virus dark humor song parodies. I think they are ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
Gotta add one...another Queen "cover" I think you'll like this one...and it's done "Karaoke" style....sing along!
Happy Thursday Everyone! I'm sitting here at work (home) with my door and windows open. There's sun ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
Good strategy....if the temps keep climbing we will set more all-time high enjoy the open windows while you can. Now (or soon) is the time to call the A.C. guy to check your don't want it breaking down in the middle of a heat wave. Spring in Florida; the Snowbirds are closing their shutters and packing up for the travel back home....the air is going from warm to hot...the bike rides make me sweat a little more every day....but it's "dry season" here in rain, no mosquitoes, no no-see-ums...a nice time to be out in the air... And you can bet I'll be setting up my A.C. guy for a system check soon. Drive less, plan your trips out, better...test drive an electric car....let's pollute less... Remember; Al Gore warned us - 14 years ago...
OK...have to share my latest AntiTrump memes...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
The cartoon...."Fullofcrapoquine" had me on the floor....
Let's talk about the end of the Universe for a while. I can't accept it will die in a heat death, ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2020:
...that at least one...what? You're sounding #religulous. Relax. You're doing fine. Enjoy your brief visit here...don't concern yourself about the
1 1/800 sec. f/8 18mm 2 1/800 sec. f/8 18mm 3 1/1000 sec. f/10 18mm These are more pictures ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
The sedimentary (?) rock layering in two of those!
Really looking forward to when this can happen again
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
On the other hand...for those of us who cherish being alone...
This could be fun.....
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
No pets....just an image of my imaginary girlfriend Marilyn....standing in my L.R. Not drunk, but "stiff" (cardboard)
From the 1944 film "Two Girls & a Sailor" are comedian/singer Jimmy Durante and Harry James and his ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Jimmy wasn't good looking. He wasn't funny. He was short. But he sure hit the nail on the head. He was adored. Here he is singing a great tune that was used in "Sleepless in Seattle"
Conservative Columnist Max Boot Looks At History, Concludes Trump Is Worst President Ever. ”Boot, ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Duh....Ya think?
The headlines.....
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
The Chinese went through a very controversial "One child per family" policy from 1980 until just recently. It did ease some growth. - but they - and we - still suffer from out-of-control population growth. It was my major in Grad school...and i taught a large/long unit about it in HS for decades. The basic facts; We're growing by 150 more births, than deaths per minute. 220,000 more per day. 1,000,000 every 5 days. Yet most nations applaud and reward "growth" with tax incentives for larger families. But more people means more easily transmitted diseases. This COVID thing is the tip of the iceberg. If we don't act now - the next Pandemic will make this one look like a walk in the park. Al Gore tried to warn us 14 years ago.
[] Mammoth bone hut
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Cool! Resourceful Great, great, great, great....(let's see; 20-30 generations ago?) grandparents. Probably related to all of us.
Aftermath of attempting to use logic in debate with "True Believers":
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Except Bill is far too smart to be a smoker...
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 presidential race [] It. Is... Over....
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Tell me this is a spoof? post edit...Nope. He dropped out. Sad. Disappointed. Let's hope we get some Bernie people behind Joe. Let's hope Obama comes out swinging to support him.
These places really exist on Google maps
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020: take me along routes that have Superchargers...
How I rather watch his daily briefings!
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
I don't get Dr. Birx stare; is it "WTF are you thinking" ? Maybe; "You're so hot/wise/cool"? Only funny interpretations, please...
Went out to get some air and watch the osprey.
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
LOVE the Osprey; Let me share two of my favorites...I keep them handy...
Happy Wednesday all
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Ahhhh...thanks, Rob....I needed that! Classy, Sexy! Love the soft smile! Great lighting!
I saw this white cattle egret in Honolulu, Hi. They are more common in fields than on city streets.
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
That's true here in Florida, as well. They're a very wide-spread, well adapted egret; interestingly; it's closer to the "Heron" genus than the "Egret" genus....
Good morning! It's Wacky Wednesday! Dad jokes, bad jokes, terribly punny jokes and stories ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Two funny comedians,,,
Got quite a rousing load of posts on social media with people telling other people that they were ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Here's a bunch of my favorites...
Isn't that just the way it goes
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2020:
Global warming is not only real..but the real danger is the increasing strength of not only viruses, but their a direct result; Al Gore was right -14 years ago... And it's still an "Inconvenient Truth"
Is this you at the present. Stay safe everyonev
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2020:
My two favorite coffee memes
[] Its time for Democrats to start playing hard ball against the GOP's threat to the ...
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2020:
When I searched "Bill Maher (saying) Democrats should play hard ball" I found an actual interview with the originator of the "Hard ball" NBC news show - Chris Mathews - inteviewing Bill
[] Its time for Democrats to start playing hard ball against the GOP's threat to the ...
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2020:
Correct. Bill Maher's been saying that for months...years, really. Here's one of him saying this in February of this year;
If only he stopped and gave up there...... []
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2020:
Sad. Why even post such an embarrassing thing?
Happy Tuesday to my wonderfully supportive group! I hope it finds you doing well. Today is the first...
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2020:
My greatest weakness? I'm not a "procrastinator" like many on this page admit...I like getting things done. My greatest weakness is intolerance of lovers, friends, acquaintences and others who aren't on the same page. I do think that's why I'm alone....but I can't complain...I sort of like it like this. It's almost hard to call it a's more like a personality trait that might be built on a weakness....but one that I savor and justify. I've been called "honest to a fault", "condescending" "intolerant"....the "critical teacher"...but it's who I am. I like who I am...and I have my share of life-long friends who like and respect who I am as well. I've been married too many times (check my bio for details) - and i've never "blamed" any of my exes for us breaking up - I've always conceded it was a lot to do with who I am.... but...oh well....I'm in love with who I am now. What's the thing we used to say as kids? "If you don't like it, lump it, digest it and dump it"....yep, that's me.
Classy? Not particularly. Sexy? That's up to you. For boredoms sake? Most definitely!ðŸĪŠ
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2020:
I'm glad it's not just nude women being posted. Let's be fair to the ladies who need eye candy (in this case, maybe eye french fries?)
This looks sort of Egyptian
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
In paintings and sculpture, Minoan women wear bell-shaped dresses that reach to the floor while above their cinched waists, tightly laced, short-sleeved bodices support and display their bare breasts.
This Is What Coronavirus Does To Your Body...graphic description, down to the cellular level ... ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
Here's a great website for the latest info; the graphs are dynamic and interactive; Click on the word "linear" to change the math to "log" (as in logarithmic). Try scrolling over the graph. Try the bars at the bottoms of graphs and maps. Very cool, and educational.
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
Like Electric cars? Recycleable rockets? tubes under cities for better transportation? Yep...that's my man, Elon. In case you haven't seen the first rockets return to you go!
And yet, in spite of all this, he has the best science. People are always telling him that he has ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
From the article; “Anybody that needs a test gets a test,” Trump told the gaggle of reporters in Atlanta. “They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful.” The tests were not beautiful, they were critically flawed. Anybody who needed them was not getting them.
Today's cheese .... 🧀🧀🧀🧀
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
I can smell it through the computer...
Ice Cubes anyone? My order arrived today. These were a favorite of mine many years ago and recently ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
Wow...they are good....looks like a serious addiction being developed here...
Ever get the feeling that you're out of the loop? TRAPPED IN QUARANTINE, FRIENDS CAN’T STOP ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
Indeed; this "isolation" seems to be nurturing many of us in unexpected ways!
Never ruin an apology with an excuse. – Benjamin Franklin
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
That's a great one. I copied the "image/meme" for those of us who like to keep those around...if you google the phrase with the word "meme" after it; there's dozens!
10 Percent Body Fat
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
Wow...a true "Sexy-Classy"!! kudos, @OldMetalHead !
Couldn’t possibly hurt…
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
For those not familiar with the great meme;
Logic is as logic is
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
DeSantis must be a closet Agnostic. This will be a significant act of upping the odds for infections of the #religulous..but shhhhh....I'm cool with that....
Good morning! Monday's question is: What's your least favorite color? Brown! Everybody wants to...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
I love the blues and greens of tropical oceans.The sky-blue of good Turquoise, even the faded blue of Larimar... I haven't given much thought to a least favorite. Brown? Purple? Meh....not a great question...
In this days of the Virus...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
I had a similar one on my desktop...too funny!
Dangerous curves - Caylee Cowan
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2020:
Dangerous? I wish she were "endangering" me...


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront condo in the background!
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