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I really hate people like this…
Robecology comments on Mar 25, 2022:
The look on his face says it even better....
High hopes!!!
Robecology comments on Mar 25, 2022:
Meh...There's good Sci Fi and there's not so good... And "god bless"? An old #religulous based thought, no doubt? I recommend you read **Arthur C. Clarke's 2010 - Odyssey two.** Here's a review. I've read it at least've inspired me to read it again. Very optimistic/ your point...we never achieved anything close to this yet... And there's no refs to god in this read!
Taliban bars Afghan girls from attending school beyond 6th grade : NPR
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
Knowledge is power. The more educated a woman is - the lower her fecundity (likelihood of getting pregnant). So of course they want their women ignorant.
Impoverishing Ukraine: What the US and the EU have been doing to the country for the past 30 years...
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
I stopped reading when I read this obvious lie; "Neither the United States nor the EU nor any of their related institutions care now or have ever cared about the people of Ukraine, much less their liberty" WHAT A BLANKET, BIASED, UN-FACT BASED COMMENT. I agree with the basic facts...that Ukraine is "in the middle"....has some Russian influence. Has some European influence. But I see a lot of $$ flowing to the Ukrainians and to the refugees running from war. To say they don't care is just biased, un-fact-based propaganda. Talk about "out of the illusion". Wow.
The ISS and Russia: []
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
Arnold Schwarzenegger produced this message to Russians and the world. Note the CC is in two languages;
Cosmic Milestone: NASA Confirms 5,000 Exoplanets – “It Is Inevitable That We’ll Find Some Kind...
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
....but it will be too far to even chat with...let alone visit. The life we find will not be civilized nor radio/TV adaptive. If you read the article they don't discuss how far away these "exoplanets" are. If you do more research you find that there's been about 20 found within a circumference of about 100 light years. That's the usual standard. Why? Because that's about how long we've been broadcasting radio and TV signals. Oh...and we have some very advanced Non -radio/TV using civilizations right here....that we spend little time trying to "chat" with. We have aliens on this planet. Hundred of thousands - maybe even millions of them. Consider the Cetaceans. It makes you wonder who the most advanced species on the planet are… They don’t need clothes. Nor buildings. Nor schools. Nor hospitals. Nor money. Nor technology. Nor doctors. Nor farms... They apparently rarely get sick; and there's no records for cancer. They just eat play and make love all day - and sleep all night. Their brains are larger than ours and more complex. They have complex communication skills..and can talk to each other while miles away from each other.....without electronics. They communicate with looks, and rarely with high pitched, long range squeaks and whistles... When they die there's no funeral. No "mourning". No suffering among the surviving friends and relatives. Is this primitive? Or advanced? They've even arranged with their former hunters (us) to act as entertainment in exchange for a reduction in hunting. Why are we trying to find aliens in far away locations when we have an advanced group here on "Earth" (they would call it "Ocean"). Don't get me started.
Republicans gaslighting…
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
Even if your source is telling the truth (for them) it may not be correct for you
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
In these days of Internet reference-checking it's good to know which websites are the most dependable; Internet source - which is best? **Googling** is a good way to get background info...just watch your web suffixes....they're a clue to the objectivity of the source; and there are other search "engines" **Wikipedia** is a favorite of mine....but it's easy to forge and submit data that's biased. Beware. Dot **com'**s - are not very reliable; they're posting to make money. Go within the article to see/find better, more reliable links. Dot** org**s -are a little better/more reliable. To get an "org" rating you can't advertise...but you can accept gifts that influence what you share. Dot **gov**s.- are generally OK...but some government posts are conservative - some moderate - some progressive. Be wary still Dot **edu**s…are probably the best sources... These are the college and university sponsored sites. Often these are research papers that folk have to present to a tough critical board that are quick to challenge the results...but they're the most scientific.
What are the odds at this time?
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
We like to think we're invincible...but this COVID situation showed us a thing or three. I'm afraid that all the sign waving about "The end is near" might be coming to pass. Here's Sagan's famous English and Spanish.
Talk on the best electric bikes: [bicycling.
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
@gsiamne I'm curious. I've never owned electric bikes nor trikes. But I'm getting up for my age...but still - I'm 76. But I took a nasty spill and seriously bruised a shoulder...and I'm tempted to go that route. There's many recommended and reviewed in Amazon. What's your opinion?
Lewis Black... []
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
Lewis is so good...his "rants" are off the wall...a little too profane for me...but he's funny!
One of my favorite numbers from the 2002 musical Chicago.
Robecology comments on Mar 23, 2022:
20 years later she's still doing well (IMO) with "The Equalizer" singing...but good acting.
Here is a scene that might interest those of you familiar with older films: from 1938 Alexander's ...
Robecology comments on Mar 22, 2022:
Great old clip. Who are the players? Read this;
Why Hybrid Animals May Take Over the North []
Robecology comments on Mar 22, 2022:
It's called evolution. The arctic is disappearing. Fast. Evolution of hybrids can barely keep up.
Wars are a waste.
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
A peace song... In 1943, not yet twenty, Hank Williams sold the song (I’m Praying for the Day That) Peace Will Come to Grand Ole Opry star Pee Wee King after opening a show for him. Hank wrote this song, but never recorded it himself. It was recorded by other artists in the following years (famous performance by Roscoe Haskins in 1951). "I have not heard the song, so it is a best guess based on the phrasing and the chords, which I believe would be early in his writing career when he was writing gospel songs. I added part of a John Lennon’s song, which I feel goes along with the flow. So, apologies to the memories of these great artists.... I felt, I had to give it a try". Hank Williams The Peace Song. Oh I'm praying for the day when the whole wide world can say That this cruel war is now o'er And the ones who are gone start their long journey home Oh I'm praying for the day when peace will come. When the black clouds roll away, and the skies are bright all day And the guns are silenced forever more When the bombs no longer fly -from the planes up in the sky Oh I'm praying for the day when peace will come. Oh there's your momma and your dad don't you know they'll be so glad To see their child's a comin' home to stay This whole world will rock with joy -for freedom, girls and boys Oh I'm praying for the day when peace will come. Sweethearts and loves so dear who have waited for this year When their loved ones would safely return This whole world will come to play -on that great and happy day Oh I'm praying for the day when peace will come Calling all nations give peace a chance, All we are sayin' - give peace a chance
Do you pray? Do you yearn for spirit-based community?
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
Some favorite Memes which will answer whether I talk to the imaginary sky daddy.
It is about to get nasty
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
Talking tough to these arrogant and righteous folk will just egg them on. Let's hope wisdom and justice prevails....or we are proving to the Authoritarian world that democracy doesn't work. Again.
Harder Daddy! Nail me like Jesus.
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
Maybe not that extreme....but I know good, caring, considerate adults who run children's rescue and recovery programs - and are just #religulous to the max. I set up my smile dot amazon dot com program to benefit them...and they do good...but they're just so "deluded"!
New Rule: Apply Precision to the Pandemic | Real Time (HBO) - YouTube
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
We learned a lot about our mistakes with HIV...and that was an S.T.D.; COVID19 was simply an air-carried viral infection. Big difference. This is over a month old...Bill's point was why aren't we more precise with out infectious disease targets...Yea, but....
Take your pick...
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
It's careless of us to call them stupid. They were clever enough to get in to positions of power and wealth with little effort, little common sense. Let's call it "indoctrination". They've been "indoctrinated" (a politer word for being brain-washed). They decide the direction of our nation. NO.....they're not stupid. We're stupid for letting them take control.
Or What Was I Thinking?
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
I've made ignorant and careless decisions...but I think "stupid" is a little too harsh;
Guess he didn't think that through
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
The brainwashing is stunning! Here's my favorite memes on "thoughts and prayers"...
I have my own personal love hate relationship with Tim, sometimes I love him then I hate the ...
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
So sad for Tim (crippled with a a wheelchair and living a quiet life)....but happy that he's still alive and arrogant as ever!
What was mankinds greatest achievement?
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
@darren316 Yes....wheels win the Pre-historic invention "device" or "tool" But then there's **clear glass windows**. **Hinges and handles **are up there, IMHO. As are **plows**....which gave birth to agriculture...which gave birth to our first population boom. But these "**tools**" and **"inventions**" are now thousands of years old. About a thousand years ago we went* from devices to processes *that are the "winners"... Kudos to **-mathematic**s (this goes back 2 or 3 thousand years...depending on the formulas and their uses) Then **art.**...statuary, painting...less than 2000 years ago Then, less than 1000 y.a. -**astronomy (the lens - and the microscope and telescope) **- Thanks to Copernicus, Galileo, Leeuwenhoek - and let's not forget eyeglasses..(thanks, Ben Franklin!). And only a few hundred years ago **-evolution -germ theory -medicine, and public sanitation** Louis Pasteur and many others.... Imagine if we didn't solve the "**Bubonic" plague**? And yes...that's where the term **Bubu** comes from!
“I do honestly think that if women were running the world, there would be more investment in ...
Robecology comments on Mar 21, 2022:
This is going to be close. The global temps are rising. Wars and territoriality is making a comeback. Populations are still growing at absurdly fast rates. But- The pace of growth has slowed. Women are become more "in charge". Alternative and renewable energy forms and uses are making breakthroughs. I'm cautiously optimistic. Here's a great "book preview" on this issue... that's worth at least $19 on Amazon (it used to be $79). Please read it, share, it, and consider a donation to them.
Wow! Just wow!
Robecology comments on Mar 20, 2022:
Indeed. I hate grammatically incorrect posts.
The helical model - our solar system is a vortex - YouTube
Robecology comments on Mar 20, 2022:
here's some pretty awesome images (mouse-zoomable- pseudo 3-d) of the JWST.
"Stupid is as stupid does." -- Forest Gump
Robecology comments on Mar 20, 2022:
Yes....sadly he became crippled in his teenage youth... in a car crash....which then tipped him irreversibly in to being #religulous (god saved me that night, he's said). So with his good looks and religious bend - and crippled condition - he's appealing to the cult that is American right wing/#religulous. Read what a horrible youth he had.
Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.
Robecology comments on Mar 20, 2022:
A great scientist...and I followed his regimen for mega dosing vitamin C for decades...I'm not convinced that his research was flawed...but many suggest it was;
Tomato, tomahto
Robecology comments on Mar 20, 2022:
Or...we're obsessively compulsed to be neat, clean, and organized...yeh, that's it!!
This is fucked up.
Robecology comments on Mar 19, 2022:
Soooo typical
I’m sure that’s what the religious had in mind…
Robecology comments on Mar 19, 2022:
That's one of the many reasons I often use the term #religulous...
Exhausted and dreaming sweet dreams....
Robecology comments on Mar 19, 2022:
Or they grow old, and die? Why must they always be "sleeping"?
I try to live my life as if no one is watching
Robecology comments on Mar 18, 2022:
But I just took a hard fall on a bike...and if you're in a condition like that fella you're gonna break stuff. I did...and maybe I didn't take biking seriously enough. Uh...uh...I have my fun...and have my dangly stuff from the handle bars and silly basket in front...but I won't let myself go like he has.
Not at all humorous, but largely true.
Robecology comments on Mar 17, 2022:
Mexican food is simple. Homestead, Florida is a very large Mexican-American population due to the influx of farm labor there....consequently there's many good Mexican restaurants there. Delicious...very competitive...and with all sorts of local entertainment. Lyle's talking about decades ago...this simply isn't true today.
From 50 years ago: theme music from The Godfather, by composer Nino Rota. []
Robecology comments on Mar 17, 2022:
Great music, and great snippets from the movie! Thanks for the memories!
In my January 16th post this year I posted the America dance number from the original West Side ...
Robecology comments on Mar 17, 2022:
Great singing...great camera work, great lyrics...great setting...and so prophetic! Wow!
Will the really big problem of low carbon ever be solved ?
Robecology comments on Mar 17, 2022:
It's a good question...and a key one. Elon Musk...CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and a whole bunch of other companies...has a unique
That's not a knife ......... THIS is a knife!
Robecology comments on Mar 17, 2022:
And he's serious! And where's his left arm?
Happy St.
Robecology comments on Mar 17, 2022:
And no...I don't work for Tesla...this is NOT spam....but in case you'd like to test drive one...
No BINGO here.
Robecology comments on Mar 15, 2022:
Elon Musk wants to wrestle him?
Robecology comments on Mar 15, 2022:
I'm convinced that he will have a good talk with his Offensive line. He knows that they are his "insurance" for security. One tough, mean, aggressive rule breaker who could terminate his career breaking through the front line would spell disaster for him.
Who are those close to Putin?
Robecology comments on Mar 15, 2022:
And - wow....did Elon Musk really do this?
Maui - I just returned from a trip to Maui, Lanai and Molokai with my daughter.
Robecology comments on Mar 15, 2022:
Hawaii is amazing. I've been once....and want to go again... But...check out P..R. if you live on the U.S. East coast. What many don't know is that Puerto Rico has waterfalls, beautiful seas, exotic terrain and great restaurants as well...and is here on he east coast of the U.S. Not as pristine, not as "polished" but very nice. Faster and cheaper flights to there, as well.
If you need to force people, it isn't right.
Robecology comments on Mar 15, 2022:
Can someone tell Putin this? Please?
I also like to troll my wife, but who thought it was a good idea to write these on tampon wrappers?
Robecology comments on Mar 13, 2022:
And - just like "god bless you" or "god-dammit" there's the #religulous undertones...."I swear to god"....
I have similar aspirations if time machines become available…
Robecology comments on Mar 12, 2022:
I get the same feelings when anyone starts talking about "wormholes" or theoretical instantaneous space travel. Reminds me of my #religulous days.
medical advice needed.
Robecology comments on Mar 11, 2022:
Update late Thursday PM...I got a call from an Ortho doc (receptionist, not the doc) who said he could "see me" Monday 3/21. Wow....surprised and disappointed....I drove over to the local emergency room. It had been a few years since I'd I thought I'd drop in. NBD. Lots of waiting. A few hours and a dozen or so solitaire games later a doc took a look...and I was impressed. Very thorough. Moved my arms. Asked me lots of questions. Finally set me up for current x-rays. I was a little concerned.- but the docs and nurses said the dosage of radiation was lower than ever. A few hours and a dozen more solitaire games later...I got the printed report. A "sprain." - technically there were breaks but the bones went back in time and rest would heal me. Thanks for all your concerns!!! Scared the s...t out of me. I'll have to bike much more carefully from now on...but the doc said.."get back on that bike'. And I will! (and the pic is on it's side...oh...well! @Admin...please fix?
One can dream... that's about all we can do right now.
Robecology comments on Mar 11, 2022:
Few make the connection between population density and supply and demand. Simply put; It was called "the good old days"...but why? The Good Old Days We crossed over from 2 billion to 3 billion in 1959 3 billion to 4 billion in 1973, 14 years later 4 billion to 5 billion in 1986, 13 years later 5 billion to 6 billion in 1998, 13 years later 6 billion to 7 billion in 2010, 13 years later And we’re rapidly approaching 8 billion. We should be there by the start of 2023. We’ve gone beyond our ideal number for stability - and are heading toward a crash…at the rate of… -2.5 more births, than deaths per second, -150 more per minute, -9000 more per hour, -216,000 more per day. -79,000,000 per year Again...that's not just births...that's births minus deaths. Growth. In the 1950’s there were no seat belts. No helmet laws. Deaths from accidents far exceeded those from infectious diseases. Today Cancer and heart disease are the #1 and #2 killer, followed by Malaria and several infectious diseases. Accidental deaths are way down. Oh...and leaded gasoline might have caused a dumbing down of a significant number of us; I don't long for the "Good old days".
A very short history of Ukraine and Russia as it relates to the current conflict.
Robecology comments on Mar 11, 2022:
So historically it goes back hundreds of years..and Putin's thinking like a 20th century Autocrat, while the rest of Ukraine doesn't want to be told what to do. Sad that Putin's getting his way.
The only way to stop this war is cutting off the head of the snake! For once I agree with Sen.
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
Except it's an impulsive remark. We all think it...but for him to say it out loud is just foolish.
This list is meant to be "The Golden Rules of Scientific Method" Have they missed any rule out ...
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
I love memes. They're easy to read and copy. Here's my go-to about the Scientific Method;
Religions survive mainly because they brainwash the young. - A.C. Grayling
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
An unsolicited message I received on Match.
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
I have several memes about the term "Liberal" - perhaps you can send these?
Something I never knew about THe Ukraine. Something amazing.[]
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
sounds about right
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
“I have just one purpose … and that is to build up a strong progressive Republican Party in this...
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
This was long before the democrats abandoned the South and the Republicans "took it over".
Couldn't quite put my finger on the similarity until now
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
Almost not funny.
I want to upload a video to my profile from my iPhone.
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
Call Apple and ask them.
New coffee cups
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2022:
Hi - has anyone had to pay for a post-warranty battery replacement or other part replacement?
Robecology comments on Mar 4, 2022:
I don't blame you for considering a trade-up. Talk to Tesla people first..I'm hearing that after-market batteries are hard to come by. If you live near California check these guys out; I just scheduled to have my range's dropped drastically.
It's happening more and more...
Robecology comments on Mar 4, 2022:
If you're ready to go gas-free?
From the 2006 film Casino Royale: Chris Cornell singing theme song You Know My Name. []
Robecology comments on Mar 2, 2022:
That fight scene at the start of the movie had to have been the best I've seen in a while. Great video.
I love this in reply to the stupid pray for Ukraine ridiculousness…
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2022:
Penn Gillette addressed this issue well;
I love this in reply to the stupid pray for Ukraine ridiculousness…
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2022:
Except that there's not one bit of evidence that god created anything.
One evident truth has emerged
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2022:
BTW; I still have the Steele dossier on Trump.
One evident truth has emerged
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2022:
He has a frighteningly efficient secret police following. They quickly and quietly "dispose" or put anyone who opposes him out of touch. There's a large number of former employees and opponents who have "disappeared" - apparently related to opposing him...but hard to confirm. "Vladimir Putin likes to associate today’s Russian Federation with the old Russian empire, and in one sense he is right. The Russian empire was the most repressive state of its era, with the most refined state police: the Okhrana. Russian revolutionaries, the men and women who would establish the Soviet state, were educated by its methods. It did not simply hunt them down; it ensnared them, often without their knowledge, in a complicated dance of incriminating their comrades. It specialized in provocations. It knew how to make its enemies do the work for it." Read more, here;
And now we all bow and be thankful for the Walton family largesse. 🙄🙄
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2022:
One of the main reasons I've stopped going to Walmart!
What a great ad for condoms
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2022:
If only!
"View the past as your enemy, and it will be an albatross.
Robecology comments on Feb 28, 2022:
A sad and sullen reminder that we, too have made egregious mistakes with nation building and nation-blaming.
Let's keep it real
Robecology comments on Feb 28, 2022:
Good one. Copied and I will be sharing on FB. Here's more. Feel free to copy save and share these.
can't happen soon enough. I stand with Ukraine and we need to do more
Robecology comments on Feb 27, 2022:
I share this with all the folks on Facebook sending "thoughts and prayers"...feel free to copy and paste!
2 Supermassive Black Holes Are Locked in The Tightest Orbit We've Seen Yet : []
Robecology comments on Feb 26, 2022:
"Some 10 billion light-years away, two supermassive black holes are locked in an orbit so tight that they will collide with each other and form one much larger black hole in the relatively short time of just 10,000 years" So let me see if I interpret this correctly These The Astrophysical Journal Letters publishers are saying that two black holes that are 10 billion light years away will allegedly combine 10 thousand years....from 10 billion years ago? Why do we even publish this?
This Facebook Group Collects The Most 'Cursed' Foods That Might Test The Strength Of Your Stomach ...
Robecology comments on Feb 25, 2022:
Funny and gross!
What's your opinion
Robecology comments on Feb 25, 2022:
Saw and saved a similar quote by the pseudo-Religious Stephen Colbert. (I'm still not sure where he is on decide;).
Actually it was much, much worse!
Robecology comments on Feb 25, 2022:
For those who are tired of those pining for "The good old days"? I'm stealing this one!
I’d laugh but I am so disgusted I have no words
Robecology comments on Feb 24, 2022:
From a recent post by Michael Moore (who I think is a closet agnostic posing as a #religulous).... Ah, Chernobyl. One of Ukraine's finest hours when it was part of the Soviet Union. (see video link, below) Nice to see Russia helping again. Of course Russia should be upset if we made Ukraine part of NATO. Like how we'd react if the Soviet Union had made Mexico or Canada a member of the Warsaw Pact. Or if Russia had tried to put nuclear missiles in Cuba. We wouldn't stand for that! Stop all war. No US troops anywhere. Putin -- get some mental help. Your people made the greatest sacrifice in WW II - 27 million dead. We couldn't have defeated Hitler without you. We in this country have never sufficiently acknowledged your suffering and your loss. And then thank God for the brilliant Gorbachev who ended the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation between us. I prefer today to think of all the good Russia has done for the world. So let's stop. This is the 21st century . What you're doing looks so old and weird. You are no longer in the KGB. Take off your shirt, go sit in the sauna, then go ride your horse. Ukraine is not joining NATO. The people of the US are sick of war and we will restrain our government. The Czar is dead. He's not coming back. What would Marx say about your love of money and state-sponsored capitalism and oligarchs? The life expectancy of the average Russian male is between 62 and 68 years old. Focus on that.
Astonishing Image Captures The Epic Collision of Three Galaxies: []
Robecology comments on Feb 24, 2022:
Again disproving that we are "all" moving away from a central point? I'm beginning to think this "Big Bang" hypothesis was created by the #religulous who need a birth and death. I think the "Big Bang" wasn't the first...and won't be the last. Andromeda is allegedly moving towards us as well. I don't buy the "Big Bang" theory.
What's your super power...
Robecology comments on Feb 23, 2022:
Another discussion of "common sense"? We need to identify that what's "common sense" to one group of people is almost non-intersecting with the common sense that we agnostic/atheist/scientists have (if you use "Venn" diagrams) Attached are my favorites...
The Dragonfly ( 2 videos ) ● The Insane Biology of: The Dragonfly [youtu.
Robecology comments on Feb 23, 2022:
There was this cool science fiction movie...Dune, believe - where the helicopters worked and flew like dragon flies.
Bird of Prey Spotted in U.S. For the First Time, Drawing Crowds to Texas
Robecology comments on Feb 22, 2022:
I forwarde the article to a lifetime friend and fellow devotee to Falconry. Thanks!!
Can someone tell me why I have a major criteria for a man’s build?
Robecology comments on Feb 22, 2022:
Sexual drive is weird. It's very strong - as @KhaCR says - exhausting - in our youth (she says she's 29)....then - at least in my case - fades out rapidly with age. Don't get me wrong...I still like "doing it"'s one of our finest just seems - again. - to me at least - to be fading - fast.
Robecology comments on Feb 21, 2022:
So male obesity was a problem...but back then it was looked on as a prestigious possession?
Hello people here. Greetings.
Robecology comments on Feb 20, 2022:
Greetings from East coast of Florida. SpaceX launches. beaches.
Robecology comments on Feb 20, 2022:
We jest...but it's a serous issue;
I have been trying to figure out how to write an effective profile on these dating sites.
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2022:
I was in to it before there was internet dating...yea...I wrote personal ads in he local newspapers. So I've been through the whole thing...and I've found the best results happen when you post LOTS of images. Images that are current...of you doing things....not just posing.
I hate it when that happens.
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2022:
Is that even a cow?
my ego wants to kill me, and my pride wants to help it
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2022:
And about Nihilism? Remember - you lucked out over 300 million sperm and thousands of eggs. You're lucky to be here!
my ego wants to kill me, and my pride wants to help it
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2022:
Being a nihilist I get it....but some day you will be getting married and then it will be decision/ego time; Chose wisely...
Raiders of the Lost Ark: John Williams []
Robecology comments on Feb 17, 2022:
Great, superb set of movies.
I have more, but this one bites me most often
Robecology comments on Feb 17, 2022:
Therein lies the rub...what's "common sense"?
Some chuckles []
Robecology comments on Feb 17, 2022:
Wow...more than "some"!
uncanny predictions from 1964 []
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2022:
He was correct about the satellites giving us instant communication world wide. Conducting business remotely got a push (via zoom) thanks to the Pandemic...he had a point about the spread of cities....but he was dead wrong about the need for us to do less road traveling. Bioengineering? Well...not quite...but automation is given credit for 80% reduction in employment ( Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and CEO for now doing lots of research on Neuralink Good find, @Philip21
Who knew this?
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2022:
Pretty interesting!
This literally happened to me yesterday
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2022:
This happened to me just last night! Uggghhhh!
Biblical holiday problems: Side chicks
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2022:
And here's some useful references - for those who still peruse the bible.
Now, what 10-year-old kid wouldn't find this funny.
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2022:
I had no idea we Tesla owners could even change external sounds.!!
How is your weather out there?
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2022:
It's been months since Agnostic lost its' photo-orientation thing...I've given up on posing photos here! Oh...and the weather has been on the cool side (high 60's during the day...low 50's (ºF)at night...brrr.
More funny quotes this time about Life.
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2022:
All good ones. Steven Wright is one of my favorites.
My grandfather was was part of the greatest generation; surviving the Great Depression, and serving ...
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2022:
Let's see. Republicans won Florida by 30,000 votes in 2020. Since then 87,000 have died (in Florida) for resisting the they were mostly Republicans. I see a trend here.


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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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Robecology's Groups
Older Men and Younger Women
101 members, Host
Language abuse and bad spelling
37 members, Host
Environmental science/Ecology/Demography
31 members, Host, Moderator
George Carlin sayings, memes, etc.
27 members, Host
Ricky Gervais
24 members, Host
Tesla owners/drivers/lovers
14 members, Host, Moderator
Prostate treatments
3 members, Host
Topic of the day
86702 members
Just for Laughs
2889 members
Memes R Us
2683 members
2428 members
Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter
2186 members
Newbie Groupies!
2112 members
1811 members
Real Intimacy
1800 members
1663 members
50s +
1502 members
Out Of The Illusion
1468 members
1323 members
Food Glorious Food
1287 members
Music Fans
1270 members
Trump Pinata
1134 members
1087 members
Human Sexuality: Everything About It
1019 members
handcrafters , fine artists, photographers, or other things of beauty
990 members
Gun Control Now
822 members
Humour, Fun, Chuckles, Laughs, or Cutes, From Everywhere.
786 members
Legalize Cannabis Nationwide/Worldwide
775 members
Sexy Classy Pics
774 members
All Things Astronomy
700 members
Mental Health Support
634 members
Freedom from Religion Foundation
627 members
Critical thinking
614 members
594 members
The Watering hole
521 members
Florida Freethinkers
440 members
439 members
The Escapees- - Hide here!
424 members
Science, Health & History Tidbits
423 members
Music of the Movies
415 members
Community Senate
384 members
374 members
aussie sceptics
373 members
372 members
Dating for Real People
372 members
Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dance, Punk, Alternative, Rock and Roll.
368 members
Hike, Climb, Paddle
355 members
Coffee Drinkers Corner
338 members
Critter Corner
333 members
Documentaries you should see
328 members
visual art
328 members
Online Dating: The Reality
323 members
"Positive Vibes"
322 members
Geek's Corner
313 members
Environment, Ecology and Sustainability
313 members
305 members
Liberal/Progressive Party
297 members
Abuse Survivors(Emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, toxic relationship)
294 members
P.A.T.C.H. People Against The Christian Hypocrites
289 members
American Atheists (Fans)
287 members
Hippie Land -
287 members
283 members
Workout Warriors
268 members
Childfree Domain
258 members
Battling Obesity
253 members
36 Questions
250 members
244 members
Me Too - Women's Rights and Men's Rights
230 members
Baby Boomers
228 members
Simply Atheist
224 members
The Best of Late Night & News
205 members
Simple Thoughts
199 members
Memes edited
191 members
Science and religion. :) lets debate
191 members
Non-nude sexy pics
189 members
General Forum
187 members
Truly single gal and guys looking for love.
183 members
Science Fiction & Godlessness
181 members
Natural history
173 members
I Love Halloween!
169 members
This Day In History
166 members
Political Posts, Articles and Memes
152 members
Sun Moon Stars
152 members
Science & Technology
151 members
Pets and wildlife
149 members
All Things Legal/Crime and Punishment
146 members
Women's Empowerment
145 members
Biden 2020
143 members
General Topics
142 members
Autism and/or Asperger's Syndrome
140 members
Dharma Café
131 members
125 members
Earth Preservers
121 members
Jewish by Culture
121 members
115 members
106 members
103 members
Marriage & Long-term Relationships
102 members
Celebrity Pictures
102 members
Conservative Atheist Singles
100 members
Political Theory & Policy
95 members
At Retirement!
93 members
Crass Comedy
88 members
Pop Culture - TV
87 members
Memes R hilarioUS!
84 members
Tales from the Lockdown
84 members
Atheist Videos & Miscellany
81 members
Sex Over Sixty
79 members
76 members
Marijuana changing the world
75 members
Age Related
74 members
Healthy Living
72 members
Atheist News Network
72 members
Religion of Science & Higher Consciousness
67 members
The Path of a Taoist
60 members
60 members
Gardening and natural crafting
59 members
Trumpanzees & Morons
58 members
Common Ground
58 members
55 members
54 members
The Truth Is Out There
51 members
Electric Vehicles and Vehicle Related Technology.
50 members
Suicide is painless
48 members
Volunteering, Charity Work, and Community Service
46 members
Car Lovers Group
45 members
42 members
Meatballs & Pasta
40 members
Secular Teachers
40 members
38 members
38 members
Signs signs everywhere signs
37 members
34 members
Non Religious Science teachers -any age
31 members
Elon Musk
30 members
Sunset, Sea, Coffee and Me
30 members
Camping for adults in Dixie (no children)
28 members
Atheist Points Of View On The Middle East
21 members
Pin Ups
20 members
Oppression Throughout The World
15 members
7 members