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Eric Swalwell gives the single BEST speech shredding Republicans you’ll ever hear [youtube.
Robecology comments on Jun 3, 2022:
Swallwell makes sense...but he talks too long for Jordan's - and most other Republican's - attention span. They just don't get it.
Yes. You are right.
Robecology comments on Jun 3, 2022:
I copied this one...from this website...over a year ago. Glad it's still going around!
"If you pray for rain long enough, it eventually does fall.
Robecology comments on Jun 3, 2022:
Steve was so subtle...I watched him as a of the first late night talk show hosts.
So yesterday a man, Michael Louis, bought two guns, took them across Tulsa, walked in to his ...
Robecology comments on Jun 3, 2022:
And if you ever get someone defending his/her 2nd amendment rights - show them/share this;
A question has been started (and I totally agree), should the carnage of the latest (and previous ...
Robecology comments on Jun 3, 2022:
I concur with the other responders...I'm glad the media on such hate crimes has been limited...I feel we talk enough about it...and apparently we continue to tolerate the killing.
Tri-colored heron Merritt Island Florida. Nikon P1000.
Robecology comments on Jun 2, 2022:
Yeah, shove em where the sun don't shine
Robecology comments on Jun 2, 2022:
Whenever I get the argument about "2nd amendment rights" I always share this meme...a quote from a conservative - and a former SCOTUS chief justice - Warren Burger.
Playing with my iPhone Pro Max, using macro in RAW. Anyone else shooting with their smartphone?
Robecology comments on Jun 2, 2022:
Their cameras have caused me to retire at least 3 other film/digital SLR's and etc. They are, indeed, amazing.
Yeah, shove em where the sun don't shine
Robecology comments on Jun 1, 2022:
Thoughts and prayers. i have lots of memes about those. I share them often on twitter. Feel free to copy any and share...
My grandparents had one on the back porch, but in the summer they moved it into the backyard under ...
Robecology comments on Jun 1, 2022: "Queens village" or "Cambria heights"...I recall seeing farmland around the corner. Horses, chickens, cows. Things sure have changed.
you know, regardless of how you feel about the Depp/Heard trial, you have to admit this is true.
Robecology comments on Jun 1, 2022:
It's hard to tell. Both were caught lying and exaggerating their situation. It's sad - when love dies, the lawyers make out far better than either partner...
It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone. - Mahatma Gandhi
Robecology comments on Jun 1, 2022:
Love Gandhi; here's a favorite of his...
How about a theme?
Robecology comments on Jun 1, 2022:
Here's a few hours that'll change your life...and it's still a "free" experience!
Bless their hearts. 😄
Robecology comments on Jun 1, 2022:
Bless their hearts?
The Lincoln Memorial Dedication — White Supremacy Rules Why couldn’t America get it right?
Robecology comments on Jun 1, 2022:
Simple answer? Racism is passed on - like religion. It stays with you for generations.
A just issued report how our neighbor to the north reacted more quickly than we did on control ...
Robecology comments on May 31, 2022:
Thanks for all your "Thoughts and Prayers" Wayne LaPierre...(head of NRA).
Quite a crew, who else remembers 1975
Robecology comments on May 31, 2022:
I'm guessing Chevy made more $$ than the others...followed by Ackroyd, then Murray? One of the girls died young (cancer), Belushi died of an overdose...young. Not sure what happened to Garett Morris... But those skits were all brilliant.–1980)
Sadly I doubt there will be any knowledge transfer
Robecology comments on May 30, 2022:
And sadly, it's not children in school who are the highest percentage of those being shot.. Most people killed by gun violence don't die in mass shootings In 2020, 45,222 people died from gun-related injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — about 124 people each day. 124 per day.
[] it's bad, real bad..
Robecology comments on May 30, 2022:
Ike tried to warn us;
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - A Simple, If Extremely Difficult Solution: Reduce The Number ...
Robecology comments on May 30, 2022:
Thanks, Bill, for sharing Stephen's stuff. Obviously I appreciate it...and I'm betting lots of others are as well
Just looking about FTL flight and found this which I thought was interesting.
Robecology comments on May 30, 2022:
@dalefvictor The future for nuclear is dim. Its basic concept - while not CO2 producing...a a huge heat producer. We don't need more heat! We're adding heat by simply increasing the population... By 216,000 per day. Over a million per week. Earth's resources to feed, house and provide energy and transportation for these growing numbers are dwindling. Nuclear - both fission and fusion - is ** exothermic** - heat producing. We need to work on **mesothermic** or **endothermic **energy forms...that use the sun or wind or running water (or tides, or waves) for energy. Please stop pushing "completely safe" Nuclear reactions?
I don't know the name of the flowers, but I liked them
Robecology comments on May 30, 2022:
I got turned on to the "Seek" app by a naturalist friend,,,,and it works amazingly well. Use the free version. It's fast, and simple. It immediately ID'ed "Blue columbine" from the pics you shared!
This world of ours.
Robecology comments on May 30, 2022:
Dwight David Eisenhower was perhaps the best president of the 20th century. He did a lot for our nation; -Approved the start of NASA and NOAA. -brought the "Korean conflict" to a close. hired many of the returning veterans (then known as "General Issues" or G.I.'s) to create the interstate highway system. Got the first integration laws on the books. And most importantly...he tried to warn us about the coming "military Industrial complex"....and the encouragement of war for profits. Here's the story; and here's the actual speech.
I think we all could use a little break from world events, so with that in mind here are Mr.
Robecology comments on May 29, 2022:
Great stuff!
Kind of makes you wonder why cops get paid more than firemen.
Robecology comments on May 29, 2022:
Shared a lot...on twitter! Good one!
Rough on the bum
Robecology comments on May 28, 2022:
Posting on the Ricky Gervais page...this is excellent!
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Senate Skips Town Without Taking Action | 100+ GOP Midterm ...
Robecology comments on May 27, 2022:
Love Stephen...He summarizes the news in the most humorous way...I'm almost smiling about this horrific situation. Here's my two cents...They are 170 body bags...each symbolizing 1,000 dead sicne 2018 in America from gun violence from David Hogg...a survivor of a recent school shooting... on display at the D.C. Mall for a few days in March.
Nailed that one!
Robecology comments on May 27, 2022:
I just checked a survey..and while the "uncommitted" (no religion/agnostic) are growing, the religious, particularly those of the Muslim faith - are growing faster. We're doomed.
Good guy with a gun?? []
Robecology comments on May 27, 2022:
Klepper's sharp, witty and wise...but he ain't shaking one lawmaker loose. They're too locked in to their huge payoffs for simply keeping guns for sale.
The world of rock/pop music throws up some really weird people, a great number of whom have died at ...
Robecology comments on May 27, 2022:
EGO...FOR SURE. And debt. You can bet several companies saw a lot of money that needed them. The smart ones didn't sell the whole thing...they "indebted" the rock stars...from jets to can bet a lot of them are in deep debt.
The Brown Bess was the standard fire arm during writing of the second amendment.
Robecology comments on May 26, 2022:
Here's the Youtube link of this important video. Share it, please?
Well its Victoria's birthday celebrated in the former dominions, such as the Dominion of Canada.
Robecology comments on May 23, 2022:
And it's soon to be our former POTUS birthday, who also had girth well as reading ones..
"Solar" energy at night. []
Robecology comments on May 22, 2022:
I wish I could stay alive a few decades longer...I foresee a great change in energy production and use.
In a van down by the river
Robecology comments on May 22, 2022:
Jeez! Errr...Chee -riced! err...Why there? why now? Day late, dollar short. Here's some of my recent Jesus memes...
A long day and a rainy one, so what I wanted for dinner was comfort food - Salchipapas.
Robecology comments on May 20, 2022:
So french fries, tomatoes and hot dogs baked and coated with Condiments? Not my idea of comfort food...but I guess it's possible...
Late Night with Seth Meyers George W.
Robecology comments on May 20, 2022:
OOoooops! G.W. slips up...again!
This made me laugh so hard tonight! I want one! []
Robecology comments on May 20, 2022:
I know...How did they actually make a profit selling ordinary shirts that are simply "untucked". Love "GoTuckYourself"....Colbert always has an answer!
Just a bit of fun. []
Robecology comments on May 20, 2022:
A voice so bad...yet so good! The musicians...amazing!
I’m thinking that if Space Aliens were actively visiting Earth from across the galaxy, we would ...
Robecology comments on May 18, 2022:
LOVE N deG T....brilliant, plain-spoken scientist who's just so darn real...
Planting tip.
Robecology comments on May 18, 2022:
The hocus-pocus of pseudo science...Why reading an old farmer's almanac can be fun...
Happy Wednesday skeptics!
Robecology comments on May 18, 2022:
And it happens way more than I ever thought it would.
Robecology comments on May 17, 2022:
Yes...getting older is generally awful...and full of subtle changes that anger and disgust me/you...but it's those who enter the final years in style that I admire. That's my goal.
Political ideology can corrupt the mind, and science. - Edward O. Wilson
Robecology comments on May 17, 2022:
Ugh...this is so darn true! Science is about facts...politics is about guiding the folks in your community...and too often if they're ignorant, or racist, or sexist, or unscientific - you won't get elected to guide them!
I leased out my crop ground last year for crops this year and last.
Robecology comments on May 17, 2022:
It sounds like you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Hopefully you got that "understanding he would use the difference to bring the micro-nutrients up in the soil" in writing.... if's time to end his lease.
I fail to understand what is so difficult in engaging in rational thought about Covid-19 and ...
Robecology comments on May 17, 2022:
Dear @angiophone...You're not aware of the 60 million Americans who buy in to Trump, are you? They're not " catastrophically cognitively challenged" - they tend to be #religulous, sexist and racist... but please do become aware...there's a not of ignorant folk out there...
I got to see the partial eclipse of the moon this evening, while sitting on a log at the beach.
Robecology comments on May 16, 2022:
I've seen two in my life...They're pretty similar...and not uncommon.
It's getting to me!
Robecology comments on May 16, 2022:
Yes...and while "unaffiliated grows slowly world wide the #religious grow faster.
I am a true right-to-lifer who holds that abortions need to be safe, legal, rare, and we need ...
Robecology comments on May 15, 2022:
@Reignmond; #1."Right to Life" people are severly misguided; the name of the cause is itself a misnomer. They are talking about the "right to life" of the unplanned, unloved child created by accident. Right now 150 more births, than deaths occur per minute; that's -2.5 more births, than deaths per second, -9000 more per hour, -216,000 more per day. -79,000,000 per year Most of these kids end up as burdens to society or in prison. #2. If we are serious about ending abortions we just need better Planned parenthood services and facilities - not burned and blown up ones.
How much do you agree with this assertion?
Robecology comments on May 15, 2022:
Morality comes from the term Mores. mo·res /ˈmôrāz/ noun plural noun: mores the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of a community. "an offense against social mores" So if it's "right" to kill your neighbor and eat him...then there will be no "guilt associated with this behavior within that culture or community. The #religulous got this confused...and assumed primitive was without "mores" so they went about "civilizing" primitive cultures. As it turns out...they had "mores" all along...many far more "critical" than the #religulous ones.
A new member, hoadao3493 just seems to have joined, for the sole purpose of posting adverts for ...
Robecology comments on May 15, 2022:
What's with all the skammers? Are people actually finding money with all these scams? calls? Emails? WTF?
 “There is a rumour going around that I have found God.
Robecology comments on May 15, 2022:
I found him. He's a she. and she's a black woman. Here's proof! (well, sorta)...
I'm definitely a stoic (or a fatalist), it's important to get your sea legs and keep your balance in...
Robecology comments on May 15, 2022:
Love Ram Dass. I just bought his (last) book..."Still here"....and yes...he did die in 2019...but his foundation is still "alive".
Yep that would change my mind.
Robecology comments on May 15, 2022:
Sadly I'm at an age where the buzz - although obviously sexually enhancing - also enhances I just chill with the buzz... As I tell friends...when you're young it's OK to be be hungry horny and dumb. When you reach my age it's called obesity, heart attacks and dementia... oh, well...turning a corner...
I just deactivated my Match account with about two weeks to go.
Robecology comments on May 15, 2022:
I hear you. I'm a 76 year old in "the same boat". Enjoy your travels, Enjoy the kids and grandkids. We had our's now past that time.
Infusing Youthful Brain Juice Restores Older Mice’s Memories! []
Robecology comments on May 13, 2022:
Now if we can figure out a way to create spinal fluid for us old guys that mimics kid's fluid...hmmm...
Free yourself from a fixed mindset.
Robecology comments on May 13, 2022:
There is one regarding fertility and having children...that's education. The more education fertile women have the fewer chidren they have.
George Carlin: What It Was Like to Grow Up as his Daughter (2016) - YouTube
Robecology comments on May 11, 2022: She's got a website, and podcast. but...being a woman...she's not very successful making money with her father's sense of humor and wisdom...Go figure!
Opening theme music to the 1994 film Forrest Gump. []
Robecology comments on May 11, 2022:
Truly amazing film. I watch it over and over again.
A motion to abolish the daily prayer at the House of Commons in Ottawa was rejected today. []
Robecology comments on May 11, 2022:
The #religulous have a firm grip on society. Agnostic atheists are growing...but the #religulous are growing faster, world wide. From Pew research in 2015;
Any arguments?
Robecology comments on May 11, 2022:
Excellent. Stole it...will repost it on Twitter! Here's a bunch more!
"I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have ...
Robecology comments on May 11, 2022:
Look at our Chromosomes...XX...Two complete ones. X Y....creating a male...the Y is missing at least 13 other connections. I am thankful!...and sad that white males have taken control of our planet. Color-blindness and Hemophilia are both sex linked. Women carry the genes...Men are the sole phenotypical expression of the diseases... See this;
The secret world beneath our feet is mind-blowing – and the key to our planet’s future: ...
Robecology comments on May 11, 2022:
In a word...soil. Wow!
Calvin, the sage.
Robecology comments on May 11, 2022:
Love Calvin...Here's a favorite of the Walt Kelly Calvin and/or Pogo series...I share it all the time on Twitter!
Yoda tried to warn us.
Robecology comments on May 6, 2022:
And I had to repeat the lesson 4 times. Obviously I was "the marrying man"....ughh!
You really need to have a good memory to get this one. If you miss it google Dave Brubeck
Robecology comments on May 5, 2022:
A great tribute to the man who, back in the 60'a - help me evolve a mature taste for music. Smooth Jazz is my goto listening these days...
It's that time of year that I welcome back my fern friends! And yes, I am somewhat obsessed with ...
Robecology comments on May 5, 2022:
Excellent What a green thumb!
On May 4th, 1977 the first “Star Wars” film was released. [] []
Robecology comments on May 4, 2022:
I recall standing in line outdoors (cold winter in N.Y.) to get tickets to watch it. Phenomenal.
I am a true right-to-lifer who holds that abortions need to be safe, legal, rare, and we need ...
Robecology comments on May 3, 2022:
Maddow said this once...and I've captured it...important on the issues of abortion. Basically - if women were well educated in family planning techniques (and if research on anti-fertility meds for men weren't still in the dark ages) abortions wouldn't be an issue. Thanks, Rachel...
It's obvious Mett Gaetz eats people. What else would that fucking enormous jaw be for?
Robecology comments on May 2, 2022:
Funny...but let's not stoop to making fun of looks. He's generally a good looking, charismatic political figure. We need to point out his political flaws and get him out of politics. Having said that...I'll join the fun...
Hello people, I need some advice.
Robecology comments on May 1, 2022:
Your spare time and devotion will be the limiting factor. Another one is access to tools, plants, seeds, and fencing. I helped create a community garden inside of a botanical garden...but got little cooperation. I needed fencing, tools. etc...and was pointed to the tool I was on my own. Glad to say others took up where I left off and now the garden has raised beds, good mulch, and a new well as many more volunteers. It's a tough call;
An interesting and actionable paper on citrus flavonoids and cancer. []
Robecology comments on May 1, 2022:
Interesting....and we rarely - if ever - eat the peel....where most of the anti-cancer bioflavenoids exist. Monkees and related primates eat the entire fruit.
It's been raining and thundering here this morning, but like some comic once said, "Any morning I ...
Robecology comments on May 1, 2022:
Mickey was among the shortest of the successful Hollywood folk. He was only 5' 2",
Things that make you go hmmm… Toe tips???
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
Good ones...I heard/read that George Carlin came up with most of those.
Price fixing, monopolistic practices made them rich…
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
I like Musk. I think he's on a roll. He pays his workers better than any car maker...and includes great health insurance. I trust him. Read his book...
I should write this, since people call me for help all the damn time!
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
He who hesitates...fools a lot of people!
Gym Hordan…
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
Under "oath"? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Now you know, use correct terminology!
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
From what I've heard/read, "nerd, geek, and dork" are strictly American-originated terms. Only in America do we have such disdain for the educated that we create slang labels for them.
Yeah, it happened to me back in the day…
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
I think women still earn $0.77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Inequality still exists.'s gone $0.82 cents. Wow.
When it’s nails on a chalkboard when they get it wrong😱
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
I thought it was "educmacation"
I am about to get snowballed in Brooklyn 1976.
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
The late 70's was the last time earth's temps were that low - almost "normal". They've been rising since! See the chart.
Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive. – Elbert Hubbard
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2022:
And most Olympic athletes retire before they're 30!
Dem bones dem bones.. where would we be without dem bones.
Robecology comments on Apr 29, 2022:
The science of this explains it; You have to be either very ignorant or very trouble making to cause you to be buried suddenly by dense, anti-bacterial muds. "Otzi" - the well preserved pre-historic H. sapiens had a combination of unique features that preserved him well. Many famous Egyptian kings and noblemen - and women - were also well preserved. The orient - and even the aristocracy of south and central Americans - was also famous for intense preservation techniques.
Luckily we don’t have to pick just one, but if you had to take a side?
Robecology comments on Apr 27, 2022:
What can we do about guns? Moms demand action []
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2022:
Saw this #religulous theme spelled out in body bags in D.C. recently. Thanks, @DavidHogg
Tomatoes and pepper seedlings in my livingroom. Garden season in Alaska begins indoors.
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2022:
I found a huge (at least 5" maybe 6") diameter tomato at a local farm stand - and just had to start the seeds. Tomatoes are the easiest to start...and toughest to get to fruit!...Maybe better luck this season?
The notion of “now” as we understand and use it, outside of the immediate vicinity is ...
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2022:
When that question came up...the existence of aliens....I often referred my students to the Drake equation...which suggests that there's** likely to be millions of civilizations** alive and probably doing just what we're our galaxy alone! **They're all - every one of them - much too far away to even chat with....let alone visit.**. Here's two versions. Enjoy!
With a couple of exceptions I was not much of a fan of Cher, acting or singing.
Robecology comments on Apr 23, 2022:
I think Nicholas Cage made his film debut in that movie as well? They both were amazing!
Why do people keeping trying to stop the Darwin Awards?
Robecology comments on Apr 23, 2022:
THe point is - we've come to realize that it's easy to maim, and handicap loved ones. Safety isn't a bad thing... although I don't use bubble-wrap - I'm glad that seat belt and bicycle helmet laws are common.
I've got to watch those misdials
Robecology comments on Apr 23, 2022:
Those #religulous drunks... "AA itself believes it is indeed spirituality that is the answer, explicitly stating that recovery is achieved through a “spiritual awakening” from working through its 12-step program"
“The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three ...
Robecology comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Good one. I have several by Carl....sharing here;
To think about benefits for the criminals is like dumping water into the oceans. Cervantes.
Robecology comments on Apr 21, 2022:
What's your point?
The truth is hiding in there somewhere.
Robecology comments on Apr 20, 2022:
We call them folk who create biased posts like this "heightists". Hey...but if Randy Newman can joke about "short people" I guess Glenn can...
...and before you know it you are flashing your zucchini?
Robecology comments on Apr 20, 2022:
DAMN! you're right! Egads!
Cheap but were they Abby Normal?
Robecology comments on Apr 19, 2022:
And in case you don't connect the "Abby Normal"'s the scene from the movie;
The Mars Rover is still rolling along.
Robecology comments on Apr 19, 2022:
I keep reading/hearing that Mars WON'T ever be settled by humanity. Far too cold. the dead/frozen core eliminates a magnetic field there's no protection from radiation... no easily accessible water. No Oxygen. Imagine a dwelling there? it'd have to be able to insulate well from cold and radiation. produce liquid H2O, Oxygen and they'd need a farming area so they could raise food? Ugggghhh....What's the point? Since Earth day is coming up (this Friday) let me share this post that went out Nearly 5 years ago...
Beauty in eye of beholder?
Robecology comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Or on the glasses thereof?
I might buy this red hat…
Robecology comments on Apr 18, 2022:
and if you're good with can make a "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" logo to a "MAKE AMERICA GRETA AGAIN" just swap two letters in Great! (and seriously...if you seek to buy the actual "MAKE AMERICA GRETA AGAIN" there's one source that sends their profits to her group!!
I watched the Spielberg's remake of West Side Story on dvd last night and thought it quite good.
Robecology comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Surprisingly well done!
On This Day In Space: April 17, 1970: Apollo 13 returns home from aborted moon mission: [space.
Robecology comments on Apr 17, 2022:
If you haven't seen the movie, please, please do? It's awesome...Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton - i think even his fellow star from Forrest Gump Gary Sinese! Watch the trailer...great movie...and Tom did extensive research to emulate the real astronauts who handled that situation. Post edit...had to mention that the whole thing was put together by 'OBIE' AKA Ron Howard!
Putin is running out of military equipment, he may need to order some of those assemble-it-yourself ...
Robecology comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Sadly...the U.S. is sending about $800 million dollars worth of very sophisticated missiles to the Ukraine...which has prompted Russian authorities to issue a formal "cease and desist" warning to American politicians. From what I've heard and read these missiles can be carried concealed in regular trucks....have a range of many miles...and have a deadly accuracy. They're even said to explode - not on impact - but when just above an enemy target. We are edging closer to disaster.


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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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