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A journey into the past.
Robecology comments on Mar 11, 2021:
Smart move on that chimney extension. I see in one of the other images that it's a dense smoke coming out (wood? coal?). One more question...It appears that two clock hands are on the front face of one of the machines; One at 10:30 the other at 2:15....I assume they weren't working clocks...was that a way to signal times?
Yeah, dis me, go ahead...
Robecology comments on Mar 10, 2021:
@273Kelvin should get a kick out of this...
Politico In 2018, Diplomats Warned of Risky Coronavirus Experiments in a Wuhan Lab.
Robecology comments on Mar 10, 2021:
I feel a bit of a bias from this article. The author (Josh Rogan) leaves us hanging....but he's right...there's been no resolution. No one is sure of the source of this pandemic. Here's another POV from Bloomberg - which lends to lean more conservatively (note that they're both highly reliable- but Bloomberg sits a little higher and more to the right on this chart). They also leave us scratching our heads.
OK, this has to be considered NEWS : The Official Girl Scout cookie power rankings.
Robecology comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Anyone who's eaten a variety of them knows the Chocolate mint is the hands-down best - but Samoas are close. There's been imitations...but they know how to stay one cut ahead.
Remember we only have a limited time here so use it wisely!
Robecology comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Love it!
Deep thoughts! Lol
Robecology comments on Mar 10, 2021:
When I hear/read about these theories about "anti-matter" or "dark matter" I've often thought this. Now I have a meme to share when I see it again!!!
Landscapes — just for a change, all three photos in this post are from the suburbs of Melbourne, ...
Robecology comments on Mar 10, 2021:
The stone and wood structure going up hill is unique!
A science nerd meme...
Robecology comments on Mar 10, 2021:
DID YOU KNOW; There's no translation for "Nerd" or "Geek" in to any other language? Only those who generally live in America or English-founded nations know of this word. It's not common to be derogatory or insulting to the "intelligentsia" in any other nations.
I wish the publisher had of just stopped selling the 6 books. No one would have even noticed.
Robecology comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Shared on FB!
I don’t think of myself as a prude and I can swear like a sailor if circumstances bring it out of ...
Robecology comments on Mar 9, 2021:
I heard a friend say "Profanity is the inability of feeble-minded people to express themselves forcefully"....and it made so much sense to me!! It's my life-strategy.... I've saved a couple of memes...
Pope: 'We cannot be silent when terrorism abuses religion' []
Robecology comments on Mar 9, 2021:
Religion has, historically, depended upon terrorism;
What is "judgmental" about saying I'm an atheist?
Robecology comments on Mar 8, 2021:
Dating - setting out to find potential life-mates...ain't easy. You have to sort through those who communicate fairly, those who are, in fact, excessively "judgemental" or those who are not judgemental enough. It's a tough path you must take. If they name-call without explaining why...then they're breaking debate rules....and you can call that a "red flag" and let the un clear labeling itself as a reason to stop pursuing that person. Let me attach a "debate pyramid" so you can use it as guide. Actually I'm attaching 3 pyramids...broken down by detail.
PBS Eons Dimetrodon: Our Most Unlikely Ancestor []
Robecology comments on Mar 8, 2021:
Wow... amazing.
Been this way for some time now, says a lot about 'Merika, don't it!
Robecology comments on Mar 8, 2021:
Our status in the world has obviously been diminished since we had Bush, then Trump in as POTUS. Let me post an unofficial apology;
Trump supporters, ugh! Lol
Robecology comments on Mar 8, 2021:
We tend to knock "internet" research...but there's smart ways and dependable sources to do web/internet research....and there's not so smart. Best/fastest guide? look at the 2-3-4 letters at the end. dot com sites depend on advertisers to pay for their sites. So do dot orgs....but to get "organization" web rights, you often have to be non profit. Then there's the dot edu's...for educational (non-profit). Now you're going to a dependable source. Dot govs are usually dependable....but you need to know the bias of the government source. Dot info is special, and rare. I've never known of any for-profit dot info's. And then there's your search tools, or search "engines". (I've never been comfortable with the "engine" descriptor.). Google is by far the most well known...but there are others. By all means -- research what you read - especially if you get that nagging feeling that it's not quite right. Then copy and paste the website. If you have images - especially graphs and charts - that helps...but don't forget to give the source for the graph or chart. Here's a "link" where you can fact-check me to see if what I "resurched" on the web is correct;
Real Time with Bill Maher Monologue: Give Me Liberty AND Give Me Death | Real Time with Bill Maher ...
Robecology comments on Mar 8, 2021:
Good ones! I used to pay $15 a month to subscribe to HBO just to see his show...
SciShow 6 Lonely Branches on the Tree of Life []
Robecology comments on Mar 8, 2021:
Wow...who knew? Good research!
So Spring is just two weeks away and I need to get my beach bod back.
Robecology comments on Mar 8, 2021:
LOL...shared on FB...very funny!
Almost immediately, actually...
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2021:
I feel that's much more true on Facbook than here...
Every little helps
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2021:
I just saved a couple of "Spock-isms".
Yesterday I tried to remember the last time I wore a tie.
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2021:
Interesting history!
Self righteous fucks act like they're actually doing something when it takes absolutely no effort.
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2021:
Don't breathe on me.
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2021:
Just a friendly reminder;
Yeah good Texas republican
Robecology comments on Mar 7, 2021:
I'm always debating with a Christian conservative from Texas. I will gladly post this on her page!!
The True Story Of How Mr. Rogers Sued The KKK And Won
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Another favorite of mine about Fred is about his weight. He was almost obsessive about maintaining his weight...which was 143 pounds. The number had a special meaning to him; It was the number of letters in the 3 words he used a lot... I LOVE YOU!
Good Morning! Happy Saturday!! Sad day for me.
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Bold move. Time will tell. We support you.
[] We can live together. If we defeat the disease of more&more. An albatross cougar.
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
70 year old Albatross....who'd a thunk it?
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Quarantinewhile.
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Thanks for this post, @phxbillcee. I had no idea Jane had a website for community activists.
A short introduction to the Two Row Wampum by Tom Keefer Mar 10, 2014 4 min read The ...
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Native Americans ( I refuse to use the incorrectly named "indians") were shafted... but there's a lesson in the shafting. Even today's people in power (The Republicans, The #Religulous) are out to "shaft" or unfairly put down minorities/folks who are struggling/socially marginal people. But I aware and you won't get shafted. If you're aware that it's part of the culture at the time you deal better with it. Yes; Anglo-saxon/Caucasian took advantage of native Americans. Then Africans. And lately migrants and still those who are in the minority - be it women or even people of color. Deal effectively with those who would shaft you....just come to expect the attempts to shaft - and you won't be shafted.
Afghani torshee.
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Got to be good tasting AND good for you! I am about to try a simple recipe (I think I found it here) for Sauerkraut. From what I understand...I have to be careful not to overheat...and be super-clean in the prep...lest I add harmful bacteria to the mix!
Brian Tyler Cohen Reporter tries to invoke Trump during press briefing… it does NOT go well ...
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
LOVE her comments... brilliant spokesperson for Biden!!! who is that fellow trying to follow up?
San Xavier Del Bac, Tucson, Arizona.
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Amazing photo....excellent lighting...perfect use of B & only complaint is the stick in the upper right corner..
Venns can come in handy...
Robecology comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Here's my favorite Venn lately;
Best thing I've ever read!
Robecology comments on Mar 4, 2021:
yea; and there's "grow up" and "what is wrong with you"...but I've learned that when anyone uses these - they not only have "lost" the debate, but they're a sore loser. Here's 3 versions of the "Debate pyramid" I often share with those who resort to this level of debate...
This is a concern of something that has been overlooked.
Robecology comments on Mar 4, 2021:
I've read that perhaps you're being excessively paranoid.
I have to give them credit for their stick to it ness
Robecology comments on Mar 3, 2021:
Sadly, the Nazis actually met to discuss "The Final Solution"...In Wannsee - and they not only admitted they were out to exterminate Jews...they wanted to plan it. See the details in the link, below. Skip to the CPAC conference - and the all too obvious pro death-to-all-minorities-and-poor-people attitude that they apparently have but - wisely - havent "verbalized or even "conspired". Yet their intentions are becoming painfully clear. Remember if we fail to learn from our history we're bound to repeat it.
What's your sign?
Robecology comments on Mar 3, 2021:
Hard to tell if he's laughing or crying...
Who doesn't love a good flow chart?
Robecology comments on Mar 2, 2021:
Flowcharts can be very funny! Here's one in a similar vein regarding be religious...
Can’t wait to try these new boots out this weekend.
Robecology comments on Mar 2, 2021:
Yea....get lighter...get VERY much more lighter....
The Damage Report McConnell Should Go To JAIL For This! []
Robecology comments on Mar 2, 2021:
Couda-woulda-shoulda. He won't even be impeached....
Merck to help make Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine - The Washington Post
Robecology comments on Mar 2, 2021:
J and J is the first one-shot vaccine, and it's also the first that just needs close to freezing (0º C or 32ºF) temps. This will make a lot of vaccinaphobics happy.
SciMan Dan (Feat. Conspiracy Catz) The Greatest Debunking Video of all Time!! []
Robecology comments on Mar 2, 2021:
Wow...these fellows actually wasted over 12 minutes trying to prove the earth was round? The joke's on you guys. There's no such thing as a serious flat-earther... That's almost an oxymoron.
Well I ain't doing that again that's for sure.
Robecology comments on Mar 2, 2021:
Cool..Where's "Broken HIll?
A simple TV ad....for the CyberTruck.... []
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2021:
I found this Image of the CT that you can superimpose on any shot you have - in case you're a fan who's anxiously waiting and want to visualize it in your you go!
Article from National geographic about new vaccines
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2021:
I was lucky. The nurse friend had to get hers...she called me her "significant other"...and being 75 I I got my first Pfizer shot in January, the second a couple weeks ago. Arm ache for a week. from the first shot....ache is now gone. I still wear a mask...
Leafy Seadragon, Birch Aquarium, La Jolla, California.
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2021:
Saw this creature in motion at a Seaquarium exhibit. It was the highlight of my day!
Book club.....
Robecology comments on Mar 1, 2021:
I found an acronym for BIBLE; that suits it perfectly;
The insanity of the ultra rich
Robecology comments on Feb 28, 2021:
I can't believe that that gold Trump statue isn't quietly laughing at the CPAC folk....
My walk today, Sunday at Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin nunnery, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Robecology comments on Feb 28, 2021:
Amazingly beautiful!
Bringing facts to the republican lies
Robecology comments on Feb 27, 2021:
The story is/was NOT that the wind generators (which only provide 20% for Texas energy anyway) failed. The point is not that wind generators work in Antarctica and other parts of the world...the point is that the Republicans in Texas voted to avoid Federal regulation of their equipment...which meant they were obligated, under fed guidelines - to winterize their equipment...and they cheaped out and didn't do that. On top of this; they were warned about this possibility in 2011.
Yes it is a joke, and a video, but the punch line at the very end is very quotable.
Robecology comments on Feb 27, 2021:
Love Penn; here's a couple of memes I have for him; Penn does ramble a bit...but his point is clear...just because we don't accept that there is a "god" doesn't imply that we shouldn't love and reach out, and offer solace to the religious. I've often felt this...they're just delusional...but some of them are really good-hearted people.
Good morning/afternoon/ evening(delete inapropiate one) I hope you are all fit and well Its a lovely...
Robecology comments on Feb 26, 2021:
Being retired is a mixed blessing. Plenty of time to do what you want...but you know that the disabilities are waiting around the corner. I retired from teaching in 2012...but by 2014 they found a strange "mass" that had to be removed. Over that hill...doing OK...and then the hip starts "giving out' on me. Got that it's the frequent bladder issues. So stay well. Stay healthy.... I like your wishes for hoping we're all fit...soooo important to us retirees! For old SNL's the meme that we elders can use...
A little more on bird feeding, this one is thoughtful and in depth, with some great video footage ...
Robecology comments on Feb 24, 2021:
Be sure you're feeding birds...
Sometimes when a text comes through and it has anagrams I just make up whatever I think is the ...
Robecology comments on Feb 24, 2021:
A recent one I use is big deal. For car parking there's NDD spots...( no door ding)...usually in a corner, not close to the facility you are visiting.
Finally the quote I intended to post when I joined this group, perhaps my favorite political quote ...
Robecology comments on Feb 24, 2021:
My dad had a pin that I had for a while (not sure where it is...some dusty box somewhere) with an image of a sole of a shoe with a hole in it...representing Stevenson's bid against Ike... The silver shoe pin was inspired by a Flint Journal photograph of Stevenson shuffling over some papers while slouching in a leather chair. William Gallagher, the photographer, was about to snap a photo. It would be just a so-so picture until Stevenson crossed his right leg over his left knee. It displayed a hole in the sole of his right shoe.
I want to talk about intimacy co-ordinators.
Robecology comments on Feb 24, 2021:
This sounds like something one ponders when one is very stoned.
Interesting on how few people show up on the new contributors list anymore.
Robecology comments on Feb 24, 2021:
@Creative51 Scroll down to the bottom. See "promote"? Click on that. On the "promote" page, copy the link. paste it on FB and in email to your friends...then you'll see new names.
Why Texas is afraid of the new green deal
Robecology comments on Feb 23, 2021:
Search "The Final Solution". I think that the GOP wants the poor and socially marginalized in Texas - dead. I haven't "heard" this....This isn't a "conspiracy theory"'s just that what the Nazi's said nearly 100 years ago still has foundations in the #religulous GOP of today. It's my theory only.
Mars lander touches down
Robecology comments on Feb 21, 2021:
This motherfucker!
Robecology comments on Feb 21, 2021:
We joke and jest; but it's becoming painfully obvious; The Texas GOP is following The Final Solution 2021 plan...not for jews...but for the poor, the socially marginalized in Texas. It's never been "conspired"....I have no proof....but their behaviors are becoming obvious.
Can big science be sustained: []
Robecology comments on Feb 20, 2021:
The challenges to "Big Science" are looming threateningly on the horizon. If we don't grow to respect the concept of scientific method better and more consistently...we are doomed to an early extinction.
I like this acronym!
Robecology comments on Feb 20, 2021:
Copied and posted on FB...good one!
We can still jail him
Robecology comments on Feb 19, 2021:
Coulda-woulda-shoulda....I'm getting tired of even seeing his face....
Now that's real karma,
Robecology comments on Feb 19, 2021:
And guess who's paying for that box?
Amo, amas, a...oh wtf?
Robecology comments on Feb 19, 2021:
Explain, please? I don't get it.
Watchdog groups outline how to prevent Trump from ever holding office
Robecology comments on Feb 19, 2021:
Yada-yada- so far all talk, no action. I'm thinking that between his advancing age, his hidden ill effects of COVID19 and his lawsuits against him he - nor any of his family - will NOT run for office in the near future.
Looking for something to celebrate today in 1930 Pluto was discovered. []
Robecology comments on Feb 19, 2021:
And since then we've discovered 9 more "planetoids"...Astronomers estimate that there could be as many as 200 dwarf planets in the solar system and the Kuiper Belt. But the differences between planets and dwarf planets may not be obvious at first.
My local weather report predicts a nasty ice storm tomorrow morning that will affect rush hour ...
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2021:
I love what Florida calls "cold weather"...down to the (brrrr) 50's!
This is a Texas politician We owe you nothing
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2021:
It's their way of a "final solution" that the Nazi's persued with the Jews...only now it's the wealthy Republicans that have the "final solution" to getting rid of the socially struggling in Texas...let 'em freeze" (Their way, not mine).
Why are you thanking god for this delicious meal I slaved over?
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2021:
The meme got it backwards. it would be the Atheists saying "someone made this" it would be the Theists saying "nope...thank god for this food".
Just a friendly warning!
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2021:
Please; if anyone can arrange this? Perhaps a go-away-fund-me?
NOt a meme but just a reminder that the Russians built huge wind farms in the arctic such as this ...
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2021:
I heard/read that the greed-based Texas Republicans didn't want to follow federal mandates to "winterize" (add anti-freeze to fluids, add warming wires to liquid flow lines) - so their systems froze. I'd share memes...but the "add photo" feature's not working for me? p.S.their solution was to jump the price of electricity up by thousands of percentage points... Poor? Texan? Suffer. (that's them speaking, not me). Texas operates an independent grid closed off from the rest of the country. On Wednesday, power prices in Dallas and Fort Worth hit $8,800 per megawatt-hour (MWh), compared with the more typical average of roughly $26 per MWh. Over time, the state's grid operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), could impose higher costs to consumers to prepare for subsequent, similar events.
I haven't been able to post pics recently; and before that many pics I did post were not "oriented" ...
Robecology comments on Feb 18, 2021:
Trying again this AM..nope...still not working..and works on my FB and email. Help! I miss sharing pics! Post's WORKING! Thanks, All!!
Why Texas energy grid failed
Robecology comments on Feb 17, 2021:
Yes, indeed!
Question: How do you know if you’ve been chucked out of a group?
Robecology comments on Feb 17, 2021:
When you go to a group and you see a note that "you're not a member of this group" - or just click on "groups" above....if you see a check next to it that means you're "in".
Ever notice that the right wing/GOP (particularly the Texas variety) are always raving about ...
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2021:
And yet he keeps winning by big margins. What does that say about Texans?
I suppose that laughter might just be the best medicine...
Robecology comments on Feb 16, 2021:
It's said that if that cruise ship with the dozen or so COVID19 victims on it had stayed out to sea a few more days that there would be 400,000 + Americans alive today...and Trump would have won a second term....Hmmm...maybe it was worth it?
FWIW, here's my non-eventful experience with my first shot of the COVID vaccine.
Robecology comments on Feb 15, 2021:
I had almost the exact same reaction to the Phizer ache in the shot (right) arm for a few days. I'm a total gym user..and I could barely pull myself up for a couple of days. I'm 75. The second shot had a lot less soreness...but it was still there. Happy to be double vaccinated.
It is no secret that i hate winter and prefer the tropics
Robecology comments on Feb 15, 2021:
Except in Florida...
Mars In 4K []
Robecology comments on Feb 15, 2021:
It's bitter cold. There's no Oxygen. The water that probably exists is now deep underground. Since the core is no longer molten and plastic, there's no deadly Gamma radiation rains down on the surface. Why we are even considering human trips to Mars is beyond me. It might have been alive and watery eons ago...perhaps our DNA even got started there. But there's clearly no life there now...and no reason to visit there - let alone colonize it.
Who uses a rice cooker or a magic pot?
Robecology comments on Feb 14, 2021:
I'm a pressure cooker junkie; so basic works for me...and the 15 minutes cooking /10 minutes rest turns in to 3 and 6 minutes, for me. Same amount of H2O...rinsing is more a tradition than a valuable process...but do try the pressure cooker method. Faster. Fluffier.
For those who would like to have a better understanding of bitcoin. []
Robecology comments on Feb 14, 2021:
Problems with it. Bitcoin is a currency. Not a technology. Not an internet app. Not a tool. Just currency. It's basically a pyramid scheme. An increasing amount of folk on here and fB (I assume twitter, as well) pose a friendly "hi, how are you, I hear you have money"....and then the lure begins. If you want to invest in a growing stock...I recommend TSLA...the stock behind the Tesla electric vehicles (EV's) . Lucid - another E.V. is struggling to get in to a "public offering" and they have an EV with similar, but even more deluxe features than Tesla. But I recommend you stay away from Bitcoin - and there's lots of investors who, like Mitch, want you to get comfy with it...and buy in. Do your research. Search Tsla 1 month, 1 year, and 5 year graphs. Drive one. Then you'll know.
-6 degrees outside. I definitely would rather be on a tropical island today.
Robecology comments on Feb 14, 2021:
Do I have to keep reminding you? It's 79º in the East Coast of Florida!
What do you think scammer or just a misguided individual? []
Robecology comments on Feb 11, 2021:
Cute, young, cleavage prominent in the pic...yep...scammer.
There is an upcoming lockdown Worldwide 😂😂😂😂 set aside your bitterness ...
Robecology comments on Feb 10, 2021:
LOL...I'll be "nursing" a nurse back to health...she goes for hip surgery tomorrow AM! I'll give her The "Saint Valentine's" sendoff. The myth is charming.. Signing a card "Your Valentine" is mimicking history...but it wasn't always a greeting of love!
Reminders of warmer weather.
Robecology comments on Feb 10, 2021:
I'm an East Coast American....and I've never seen a "Robin" that looked like that...but my "Merlin ID" bird ID app says it is, indeed a European Robin!
Does anyone not secretly hope that there is a god and that we can spend eternity in heaven with our ...
Robecology comments on Feb 9, 2021:
To "secretly hope" is to give in to Religious dogma. If you "secretly hope" for "time travel" If you "secretly hope" for alien contact. If you "secretly hope" for the ability to travel to other solar systems. Then you, @waitingforgodo" are not well, and need some kind of special attention. If you "secretly hope" that you will have a sense of existence in another organism...say, a plant, an insect, a creature, the distant future....another human...then you can have what scientists call "reasonable odds" But the other stuff? You're sad and suffering. Seek help.
I should have retired before I did. Retirement is the best mental relaxation ever!
Robecology comments on Feb 9, 2021:
I concur; if you play your cards truly can be your "golden years". I do get sad when I hear of losses...especially today..Onc of the original voices of the Supremes..**.Mary Wilson**. Here's a video she made just a few days ago. Her death was "sudden and mysterious"'s being investigated.
Keep it in the family
Robecology comments on Feb 8, 2021:
She was and is....thanks to the miracle of plastic surgery - still a cutie!
”For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.
Robecology comments on Feb 7, 2021:
Sad that you feel that way, @JackPedigo
How We Grow Food Could Determine Whether 28,000 Species Can Survive: []
Robecology comments on Feb 7, 2021:
The root of the issue is our population growth. 150 more births, than deaths, per minute. 216,000 more per day 1,512,000 per week 78 million more per year. COVID19 might have put a dent in that number; I'm guessing it slowed us down to 76 million. More. Births than deaths...Growth in the world human population.In one year. and 10 species becoming extinct per make room for us.; from obscure ants with almost a different species in each section of forest to great whales - I'm lucky to be alive...and thankful to have made it to 75. I don't look forward to the approaching extinction that might happen...rather soon...we can fix's called family planning...or we can avoid the fix and suffer....
“Once people get hung up on theology, they're lost to sanity forever.
Robecology comments on Feb 7, 2021:
Population control...
What do you think when you hear an extremely loud car or truck?
Robecology comments on Feb 7, 2021:
They're suffering some ego inadequacies - they need attention as they go down the road. It's one of the strong suits for my almost too quiet Tesla... Oh...and of course there's new markets popping up to make our quiet Teslas noisy; for both ego-centric reasons and for alleged need to "alert pedestrians"..
Black and White
Robecology comments on Feb 7, 2021:
True Sexy -Classyi image!
Doing THIS kind of representation or explanation of Liberalism has to be a form of brain disease, or...
Robecology comments on Feb 7, 2021:
When ever I get in to "what is a"...with anyone...I save these two excellent phrases by these two great folk from the past;
Robecology comments on Feb 7, 2021:
The problem boils down to the reason we're here...religion/the #religulous
Every morning...
Robecology comments on Feb 6, 2021:
Bacon...if there ever was a non-sweet food addiction...that and black, unsweetened coffee are at the top of my list....and the coffee is partially explainable by the caffeine. I have no clue about why bacon is so addictive.
Are some people just not right for marriage?
Robecology comments on Feb 6, 2021:
When I read Alvin Toffler's future shock...what he explained to me (in the book) explains why we fall in and out - and back in - to marriage. It's the growing population, and the root cause of it...our increasing longevity. As he put it; 100 years ago there were far fewer people...and we didn't live as marriages were both shorter and the old fashioned "commitment" was much more real. Today we are doubling in population faster and faster. When I was born there were less than 3 billion on the planet; now we're approaching 8 billion. And longevity - while having leveled off recently...increased for decades during the late 20th century. So we meet more people today than ever before. We either grow similarly or grow differently faster today than ever before. Our tastes - in food, in habits, in friends - change -- faster than ever. So of course we easily marriage...and easily divorce. Of course it's not an easy process....but fewer are changing their names. More are doing prenuptial agreements. And more are finding that living by themselves works best. Not a bad thing...and as Toffler implied...if we hold to traditions then it will be a "future shock" that relationships are changing. (and yes; this was co-written with Alvin's spouse, Adelaide). Sad about your grandfather and those #religulous children of hers...
Spread those bananas around
Robecology comments on Feb 5, 2021:
Thus we worship the perfect addiction - greed - and it will lead to our extinction.
The first lesson of economics is scarcity; there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all ...
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2021:
This - sadly - seems true. Most politicians know - or find out, eventually - that if they reduce scarcity and improve prosperity - a liberal/progressive POV, they invite an increase in the population growth rate. Do the opposite - improve scarcity and reduce prosperity - a Conservative/reactionary POV - and it's the greatest single factor that slows down the population growth. By that I mean the death rate might slow down a bit...people get leaner, eat more carefully, work harder, and are forced to have fewer kids...and coincidentally - they live longer. The birth rate slows down as well (although there's still growth - but at a reduced rate). The reduction of scarcity - improvement of prosperity (the Liberal POV) also reduces the Ecology/ recycling. It also raises the death rate (less focus on personal health), and raises the unhealthy/ obesity of a nation - But if more people are prosperous - they have more kids...and the population growth rate increases. So the Liberal POV...while reducing scarcity and improving prosperity - invites a higher death rate, but a much higher birth rate. Demographers know this. Insurance rate adjusters know this. Not many others do. This is a conundrum of Conservatives (who tend toward the latter relationship) and liberals (the former). Where do you draw the line?


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