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I thought this was funnier than it might be
Robecology comments on Sep 30, 2020:
Joe seemed to blow chances to be "flip" and toss in "zingers". I suspect - and hope - that he'll loosen up and throw out some more at the next one. This one seemed to be very popular;
Lowes discards: Blue Spruce marked down from 99.
Robecology comments on Sep 30, 2020:
That's a healthy but deformed spruce. Give it some TLC and a nice garden location and it should straighten out and make you proud in a few years. A deep hole, wide, well fertilized...with good, healthy soil should reward you...eventually.
Please vote and share so West Michigan Trump supporters don't have the satisfaction of winning this ...
Robecology comments on Sep 30, 2020:
Trump was ahead by a few points...but in the polls that are bigger/better/more well known, Biden leads. see the 2nd link. This will be a close contest. It's been proven that malware is already in most voting machines -installed by Russians.....designed to eliminate pro=biden votes...then disappear. Read page 116 in Woodward's book "Rage" for the details. (1st link)
Hey guys, Happy Tuesday! When you hear the phrase "Processed foods," what does that mean to you?
Robecology comments on Sep 29, 2020:
Processed can mean anything from dried to frozen, freeze-dried, Cooked, dehydrated, canned, etc. It's a blanket term. UN processed foods are at the store "edges"...meats, veggies, etc. Even milk and most cheeses were "processed" to get to be on those shelves.
Happy Monday! What’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Robecology comments on Sep 28, 2020:
I'll never forget; the Pickle barrel was "a thing" in a grocery market that I went to with my parents...and for the learning experience I popped one of the pickled peppers in my mouth... Wow....lesson learned!!!
Hmmmmm Least Religious....most peaceful?
Robecology comments on Sep 28, 2020:
This list ought to resolve a lot of questions; Keep in mind it was made in '09...lots have changed since then...
Who said a mermaid needs a tail? []
Robecology comments on Sep 26, 2020:
Unreal...and how did they get so many camera angles?
Robecology comments on Sep 25, 2020:
Even the nuts are "Escheresque"
Robecology comments on Sep 25, 2020:
This is, of course, a marvelous modern translation of a brilliant artist and mathematician, M.C. Escher. Watch!
It’s tempting
Robecology comments on Sep 25, 2020:
I know the two signs in my town that will get this treatment right after they (hopefully) go down on 11/3. Thanks for my first LOL of the day!
Another item that came up in zoom last night, The original version of a great Santana hit.
Robecology comments on Sep 25, 2020:
You are right! And that version dates from the late 60's (1968) This is the polished version by Carlos Santana and his group - which was published decades later.
all I can say, wow ... next level stuff here ... []
Robecology comments on Sep 24, 2020:
Wow. Impressive skills and sounds!
Who wants to live forever?
Robecology comments on Sep 24, 2020:
We all do what we can to stay alive. Some of us make the connection to diet, exercise, supplements and longevity more than others. My bad life-shortening habit is salt. I know it. I've read about it. But I ain't gonna ease up...too addicted.
Definitely wouldn’t want a weirdo doing that 🤪
Robecology comments on Sep 24, 2020:
But we get to suck the fingers of the dorrito-feeders? Yea....I'm with that.
Loyal, yeah right! Lol
Robecology comments on Sep 24, 2020:
Everyone loves a surprise 😉
Robecology comments on Sep 24, 2020:
If only....
Assam is one of the states in the Northeastern part of India - close to Bhutan and China .
Robecology comments on Sep 24, 2020:
Love the flavor, and odor, or Sesame. The oil is pricey....but worth it. It burns easily...and is best used almost raw or close to room temp. I love the idea of pan roasting the sesame seeds then grinding it....looking forward to trying this!!
Happy Thursday! What's one thing you've done to improve your health?
Robecology comments on Sep 24, 2020:
Losing weight is the one confirmed way to lower blood pressure and the need for I've dropped nearly 10 pounds over a year. Not much...and very slow...but I keep going back to this's my reminder for tonight
Hello all! My first recipe for you: Something my buddies and I perfected for us bachelors to have ...
Robecology comments on Sep 23, 2020:
You are from India; so I will try your recipe.... but having said that...have you ever done a non-tomato sauce curry with Coconut milk? A tomato-based chicken stew is, IMO, an Italian Cacciatore. And - why shy away from all the excellent prepared "curry" spices out there? There's too many to just suggest to go to a Masala-spice mix. And why so little masala spice? I say pour it on...double that amount with a can of coconut milk...try skipping the tomato sauces completely....and you'll have a totally different "Chicken Curry". The curry dishes I've seen are a brownish color (left image). The Cacciatores are the redder more tomato based chicken dish (right image).
Covid-19 and HIV Vaccine
Robecology comments on Sep 23, 2020:
There's a once-daily tablet (Biktarvy) that keeps HIV symptoms under control and does so well to reduce it in the blood so that even blood tests come up negative. Here's the latest on COVID19 vaccines from a CDC scientist;
Trying to stay a few steps ahead of tomorrow's fall start, the trumpet vine has been shorn.
Robecology comments on Sep 22, 2020:
That's Right! Today is the first official day of Fall...happy Autumnal Equinox, everyone!
From the 2004 movie "Sideways" - Wine Safari composed by Rolfe Kent.
Robecology comments on Sep 22, 2020:
Great movie. Thanks for refreshing my memory!
Don’t know why this really makes me giggle
Robecology comments on Sep 22, 2020:
Tucker Carlson meme []
Robecology comments on Sep 22, 2020:
Almost too truth-based to get a ha-ha from me...
With best wishes for all my friends in this Group!
Robecology comments on Sep 22, 2020:
Reading this on Tuesday....but...still love it!
Did Stephen Hawking get it correct? []
Robecology comments on Sep 22, 2020:
Subscribers only...paywalled.
Happy Tuesday! I hope today's question finds you doing well! What's a recent scientific advancement ...
Robecology comments on Sep 22, 2020:
@FlippantLlama Jessl The Salk institute is often looking for folks to "experiment" with. Contact them.
[] Hi all. Guess what? Woohoo!
Robecology comments on Sep 21, 2020:
## **Congrats!!**
Today is Dale Chihuly's 72nd birthday.
Robecology comments on Sep 20, 2020:
Go here to see much more of his work. He works and lives in home since '77!
Nobody jinx it
Robecology comments on Sep 19, 2020:
It looks like Bermuda's going to be wacked by "Teddy"
Not that rudeness ever happens here, (hah), but has anyone else noticed there are towns/cities where...
Robecology comments on Sep 19, 2020:
I was a junior in High school when I read a short research article by John B. Calhoun called, "Population Density and Social Pathology" and what he said....back in '62...has really proven to be true. Basically the more crowded it gets the -ruder -less sexual -more agressive -more pathological -more hoarding (greed) -more group/gang behavior -more asexual/alternative sexual behavior (male-male, female-female) -more child neglect/abandonment/cannibalism. -easier disease transmission. He did an eloquently simple experiment. He kept rats in cages; gave them all the food and water they needed. Cleaned away their wastes - - he just made the walls smaller. At different rates, with different sized groups. Read the whole thing if you like; I found an on line copy; It explains a lot about us....
Robecology comments on Sep 19, 2020: value nor comfort in hanging out nude/naked. Not for me, anyway. Now when I swim laps I often get laughed at for being the 75 year old "speedo" guy...but for me, the less suit (while swimming) the better. I often swim laps only when the pool and i are the only ones there.
I try to avoid all forms of sugar in my diet.
Robecology comments on Sep 19, 2020:
You do need some simple carbs (sugars)...the point is not to get the bi-products of their production. Moderation works. I avoid most starches and breads (complex carbs) and I've found splenda (sucralose) pretty safe and less of an aftertaste than Stevia. Daily Intake Levels The reference values used for the Daily Intake Guide are based on those provided in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSC). The FSC has outlined the composition and labelling requirements for food. According to the FSC, a balanced diet for an average adult is made up of the following nutrients each day: Nutrient Quantity Per Day Energy 8,700 kilojoules Protein 50 grams Fat 70 grams (oils, liquid fat) Saturated Fatty Acids 24 grams (solid fats - lard, butter) Carbohydrates 310 grams Sugars 90 grams Sodium (salt) 2.3 grams Dietary Fibre 30 grams You also appear slim; so hopefully you're ahead of the game. Fitness is important also...there's a lot of scientific evidence that sweating and raising your pulse through strenuous activities is also life-prolonging. Here's a frightening article on the growing obesity epidemic;
A message from AOC's secret admirer []
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
She's "hot" but she's wise. She's managed to keep images of her that appear in public strongly conservative. She's a shapely beauty - but she effectively hides that in almost all the images I've seen of her. And anytime she speaks officially - her ascerbic wit and wisdom really shines. She's got a great future....and the man who's "with" her is fortunate, indeed!!
Were you able to remain close friends with exes?
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
Good question!! I've had mixed feelings about those who've managed to "stay in touch" and/or "stay friends" with their exes. I lost my first wife to cancer at a very young age....but am still in touch with at least 3 of her friends. My second "ex" was the only woman who I had a child while I "know" her I don't stay in touch...and consider her my son's mother more than my "ex. Several ex's and ladyfriends later- I'm totally out of touch with each and every one of them. For better or worse, I've "moved on". Now I'm pleasantly alone - mildly horny....but at 75 that's fading as well.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies. []
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
....and I'm reading and hearing that Mitch McConnell will push to have Trump's nominee for replacement voted on by the Congress and Senate.
Grandma knitted a tea spout cover. Cute mushroom and 2 babies....
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
Looks like DJT did some modeling....
My favorite cooking documentary: []
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
That's a very young Jacques Pepin! He turns 85 this December!épin
Happy Friday Everyone! A close friend of mine presented an opportunity recently to our group of ...
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
Buying meat in quantities is not wise IMO...too much to store, and most good meats get "freezer burn" after a few months. I even stopped buying those Omaha steaks "deals"... Best strategy; when you're in the mood for Beef/steer, go to the local butcher or even your regular store now has prime cuts...grass-fed/spoiled animal meats...etc. Aldi's even has Buffalo/bison, and Ostrich. Buy a couple...enjoy them fresh.
Although our school has sense spring been and is currently 100% online and masks are mandated on ...
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
They're frightened because you represent stark reality. Keep wearing it. Share this; or search "COVID19 patients" to see many more.
This video is a social experiment.🙂 []
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
Looks staged to me....both seem so "fake"
If I had a nickel for every time I heard that...
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
Five foot, 6 inches for most of my life...
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
Getting drunk has its sexual advantages...but too many social and health disadvantages.
Was this the sort of science education you received?
Robecology comments on Sep 18, 2020:
That's stated in most First day curricula for any decent science teacher. Learn the process, not memorize the facts. Show you know the scientific method by doing, not saying nor writing.
Cancel culture (from August 4th) []
Robecology comments on Sep 17, 2020:
5 thought provoking memes on "Liberalism"
Guide to understand Trump...
Robecology comments on Sep 17, 2020:
I found this verbose diatribe....a bit wordy and long....but it gets to the the heart of why Trump supporters do support him. I don't know the O.P. nor the "lady named Bev....but it sure rings true; The question is, "Why do people continue supporting Trump no matter what he does?" A lady named Bev answered it this way: “You all don't get it. I live in Trump country, in the Ozarks in southern Missouri, one of the last places where the KKK still has a relatively strong established presence. I'm not favoring them, and I'm not favoring liberals...but I understand the cult of Trump. They don't give a shit what he does. He's just something to rally around and hate liberals, that's it, period. He absolutely realizes that and plays it up. They love it. He knows they love it. The fact that people act like it's anything other than that proves to them that liberals are idiots, all the more reason for high fives all around. If you keep getting caught up in "why do they not realize this problem" and "how can they still back Trump after this scandal," then you do not understand what the underlying motivating factor of his support is. It's "fuck liberals", that's pretty much it. They don't have the mental facilities to debate. Have you noticed he can do pretty much anything imaginable, and they'll explain some way that rationalizes it that makes zero logical sense? Because they're not even keeping track of any coherent narrative, it's irrelevant. They just don't get it. "Fuck liberals" is the only relevant thing. Trust me; I know first-hand what I'm talking about. That's why they just laugh at it all because you all don't even realize they truly don't give a fuck about whatever the conversation is about. It's just a side mission story that doesn't matter anyway. That's all just trivial details - the economy, health care, whatever. "Fuck liberals" - that's their attitude...not mine...theirs. Look at the issue with not wearing the masks. I can tell you what that's about. It's about exposing fear. They're playing chicken with nature, and whoever flinches just moved down their internal pecking order, one step closer to being a liberal. They don't comprehend the liberal strategy. You've got to understand the one core value that they hold above all others is hatred for what they consider weakness because that's what they believe strength is, hatred of weakness. And I mean passionate, sadistic hatred. Sadistic, passionate hatred, and that's what proves they're strong, their passionate hatred for weakness. Sometimes they will lump vulnerability in with weakness. They do that because people tend to start humbling themselves when they're in some compromising or overwhelming circumstance, ...
"The great merit of the capitalist system, it has been said, is that it succeeds in using the ...
Robecology comments on Sep 17, 2020:
Slavery was a great source of wealth. Then Weapons. At the same time as weapons, railroads, and fossil fuels created a lot of wealth. Today it's capital investments in technology;\
“One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 ...
Robecology comments on Sep 17, 2020:
Love the Sagan quip....sad for the silly meme....
Happy Thursday Everyone.
Robecology comments on Sep 17, 2020:
Both of mine died after I went to I grew up with both. Dad was a typical 50's dad...innocuous, a heavy meat eater and smoker...who died in his 60's. Mom was good - you know....when she was good she was very good, and when she was bad she was awful... I moved out my senior year in HS and then went to college with a clunker $50 car...but managed to get two degrees on my own, through loans. It's hard to say which I cared for more....both were - very typical. I give them credit for becoming who i am...a lifelong (retired after 45 years) teacher, and after (too) many marriages....happily single.
I couldn’t let the frost kill the basil in my mother’s garden, so I cut the plants and have them...
Robecology comments on Sep 16, 2020:
Pesto freezes well...make batches of it!
The Trump mechanic "Hey, dipshit, what the fuck did you do to my car?
Robecology comments on Sep 16, 2020:
That reminds me of a meme I have..
Hi, this is my first time here. Can I suggest a group? Thanks.
Robecology comments on Sep 15, 2020:
I think once you're past level 4 you can make your own groups.
Testing the vaccine...
Robecology comments on Sep 15, 2020:
I saved this excellent video by a CDC official about the chances of creating a vaccine soon...
LoL. Decaf. Loved by some , despised by most
Robecology comments on Sep 15, 2020:
Sorry, no. Too many of us love the taste but not the buzz. For too many of us...we can't tolerate the full strength "high". We have to "titrate"....half regular, half decaf does that for me.
Some more photo fun!
Robecology comments on Sep 14, 2020:
Sooo nice!
Making tomato sauce on Saturday.
Robecology comments on Sep 14, 2020:
Roasting at 400º for 60 minutes seems to me to be a waste of a lot of heat...It seems easier to just puree the fresh fruit....then cook the thick liquid down to either a sauce or paste...depending on your patience and temp settings. Some fussy sauce makers skim off the seeds once you've pureed your tomatoes. If you freeze your sauces/ need for the acidity.But...If you're going to can/jar your cooked down tomatoes - don't forget to add either vitamin c or lemon juice to make it slightly more acidic - thus avoiding bacteria.
Who else ?
Robecology comments on Sep 14, 2020:
Ah...there's the
Happy Monday Everyone! When's the last time you felt really proud?
Robecology comments on Sep 14, 2020:
Pride is's sort of a feeling of superiority. I feel success, accomplishment....but pride seems to be a dangerous feeling these days. Humility is cool with me. There's this; And then there's this;
2020 meatloaf, the word was meatloaf.
Robecology comments on Sep 13, 2020:
I, too, thought I was "ready"....
September’s leaves.
Robecology comments on Sep 12, 2020:
The fall colors creep in. Here's a moving map of US fall foliage predictions.
[] Bird songs
Robecology comments on Sep 12, 2020:
But over the past 20 years, research has shown that both males and females in many bird species sing, especially in the tropics. Cool! Who knew women can sing? (tongue firmly in cheek).
Just a little funny for the food page....
Robecology comments on Sep 12, 2020:
Canned beans and tortillas. I'm willing to bet you could survive on just those two items for months! (well, that and some chili relish?)
Back by popular demand .
Robecology comments on Sep 12, 2020:
Hey guys, Happy Saturday! Today is one of my favorite questions.
Robecology comments on Sep 12, 2020:
The " zombie Apocalypse" is a fictional absurd mis-direction away from what might really take most of us out... A strong, very contagious, very fast acting, high mortality, easily spreadable disease is the much more likely "apocalypse" we'll experience. This IS's not a matter of if, but when. That's why "wearing masks" and "social distancing" is a good practice. Consider it a "dry run" for the next pandemic. What skills will create survivors? #1. They know social distancing skills. #2. They know which masks to where, and when, and how tight to wear them #3. They know about fitness, diet and maintaining a high level of the same to survive. #4. They will have certain innate/inborn traits to help them; stronger genetic background, More immunities built up, etc. This one's death toll in America is closing in on 200,000. I predict the next one will close in on a million or more; and might visit us in a year or less. And then there will be a third wave of a genetically modified strain, which could take out billions in months. That might be just a few years away. Good question. We do need to get mentally prepared.
A history lesson for those younger than me ... [] []
Robecology comments on Sep 12, 2020:
I need my "Hendrix" fix every now and then. Thanks! His blues tunes were/are my favorites.
Anyone else have times they have lowered their standards and regretted it?
Robecology comments on Sep 12, 2020:
Too often. I'm the original "marrying man"...and I've lived to regret it. Too many times. But I'm comfortable. The experiences were hell then....and now I'm alone...but I sure do feel happier! Do I miss a lady-friend/lover? Sure...but at 75 the "drive" wanes a bit...
So, the guy who talks about shadow governments, caravans of evil Mexicans, cancer-causing windmills ...
Robecology comments on Sep 11, 2020:
How about the Q'anon paranoia?
Happy Friday! My daughter is having her first guest this weekend since the start of Covid, and she's...
Robecology comments on Sep 11, 2020:
I just bought (in June) a condo to rent....and hooked up with a local rental agency; So far....crickets. No contacts. And I've spent nearly $10 K on upgrades...from ceiling fans to induction cooktop/convection oven, to granite counter in the kitchen. Nada. Folk are very afraid to "rent" or go in to a stranger's home. This COVID19 thing has hit hard. If anyone might like to visit this Condo in Ft. Pierce, let me know!
"After 9/11, America was so outraged by the deaths of thousands of innocent American civilians over ...
Robecology comments on Sep 11, 2020:
I'm beginning to see wars and attacks on nations for what they are....crude attempts at population control.
Carolina Reaper hot sauce 12 chopped reapers 4 garlic cloves 1 small onion In a 3.
Robecology comments on Sep 11, 2020:
Too much work...and you end up making too much. I'm a fan of hot sauces...but I'm afraid too many use it too heavily too often. There's plenty on the market, in small bottles. I have a dozen or so in the fridge.
Testing the current climate of this group
Robecology comments on Sep 11, 2020:
Robecology comments on Sep 11, 2020:
Glad to have you with us.
Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope today finds you doing well.
Robecology comments on Sep 10, 2020:
I was getting along fine with a distant lady friend when she reverted back to her screaming at me. So I packed my stuff....made no comments. Just left...put a "block" on her phone. Today...5 days later - i got an email....not an apology...but a rationale for her the phone stays blocked. So do I "forgive" her? No. But the only anger I'll show is not responding to her rants by phone. Emails allow a rational discussion. Phone calls don't. This has been going on for close to 15 years. I feel so "stuck"...and find it so hard to "move on".
Hi Everyone!!!! Happy Wednesday!!!! I don't know about you but Bob Woodward's latest expose on ...
Robecology comments on Sep 9, 2020:
We - many of us here on milions of Americans....are angry with Trump and the Republicans - but to want someone executed? That's harsh. Even to want him "locked up" seems a bit of a waste of energy and an over-reaction to someone who won out of 18 nominees, won the electoral college, and won at least 62 million popular votes. I have a meme somewhere that suggests - don't be angry at Trump. Be angry at the people who put him in power... I'm just too tired to find it right now. But this video might help you comprehend; they're just 'ill"
But it’s in the book😳
Robecology comments on Sep 9, 2020:
And the science behind Spiderman isn't that outrageous, either.
Its shocking to see the decline and fall of the American intellect.
Robecology comments on Sep 8, 2020:
China had a rise and fall. Egypt. The "fertile crescent" was famous as a hub of early civilization and it's declined in to ignorance. Even Great Britain once dominated the world but pulled back. And everyone's aware of the rise - and fall - of Rome. So it's almost inevitable that the US will follow a path of decline in to poverty, #religulousness, and ignorance. It's no longer a matter of if...but when.
I had a random thought about all the q people seeing sex traffickers everywhere.
Robecology comments on Sep 8, 2020:
This was made for you @MsAl
Trump...a "Benedict Arnold"? []
Robecology comments on Sep 8, 2020:
Sorry, all! I think I found the original article; instead of trying to copy and paste the video, I'll just give you the article.
COMPARING THE EFFICIENCY OF FACE MASKS The N95 is different with and without a valve It does ...
Robecology comments on Sep 8, 2020:
It's the wearing or not wearing of masks that, in America, at least, is the polarizing factor. Health care workers are far more cautious and conservative - as they should be. Folk in public who avoid masks often don't recognize the value; and will probably never read this; they're also strong supporters of #Religulous, #Trumpism, ad #Republicanism.
Amazing how the things work out.
Robecology comments on Sep 8, 2020:
Odd to consider being blocked by a person as a good thing. Sad, to me.
An interesting list; 20 most prosperous countries (as of 2019) [insider.
Robecology comments on Sep 8, 2020:
Interesting; Japan's high for an oriental island state because they developed excellent strategies for consumerism after WW II...making cars and electronics so dominant in the world led to their prosperity. America is still suffering with two huge errors; destroying the native American world, and slavery. Dominating the Native Americans (I refuse to call them the incorrectly labeled "Indians") didn't affect our economic situation as much as our moral strategy- But it did encourage an attitude; we became righteous, and some would say "imperialistic". I think that led to importing captive Africans under force; we called it slavery; and we're still suffering from racial inequality - that reflects in our economic status.
Happy back to work for all the other non-retired folks and happy continue to enjoy retirement for ...
Robecology comments on Sep 8, 2020:
You would love the Children's garden at Heathcote in Ft. Pierce, Florida!
Those of this in this subgroup already get this. []
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
A nine minute lecture? Ugggh. And "Those of this"....huh?
I picked a peck of peppers!
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Now you have to change your name to Peter Piper....and please Pickle those peppers!
Is there anything that can be done about people who post things multiple times in the same group?
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Ignore them?
When we buy a chicken here, fresh or frozen, they always have the innards included.
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Many -including myself - like the chicken innards. Stir-fry them with garlic and onion and other veggies for a different "treat". They're high in nutrients. Heart muscle has nutrients in it found in no other food...and is extra good for us.
Happy Saturday! I'm going to try mussels for the first time tonight! I'm excited and have a bit of ...
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Love Seafood. Just bought Salmon filets and frozen jumbo shrimp (Oxymoron?) - but it's an easy prep; the food adapts easily to any's high in protein, and so easy to fix.
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Great detail!
More on the Yard Long Red Noodle Beans: I picked the first one at 27", as it was getting thicker ...
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
I think it takes someone with a romantic attitude to succeed in a garden. Kudos on the color and variety!
Sometimes I'm glad I still carry a pocket Bible!
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Wait; "Don't be a Cunt"...does that suggest the opposite; "Be a Dick"?
I like to search for new recipies and try them out.
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
That does it! I'm putting Ricotta on my shopping list! I make a "muscle Brownie" and that sounds like a perfect add to it! Those chip-cookies look exquisite (Chocoholic here).
Memories of the Colosseum
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
The history of that magnificent structure is even more stunning. They actually flooded the lower areas and had pretend sea battles inside the Colosseum
Please do not forget!
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Indeed! time for that second cup! I"m on it! It's my "religion" - well...sort of ...
What were your best and worst birthday gifts?
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Worst gift? a Cake that's too rich? How about enjoy it in small portions...over a long period of time? To me a rich cake is a great gift...and one that lasts!!
Saturday I picked beans...
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
The purple ones...they contain a coloring that's allegedly very good for us? I found out for myself..
New fire proof crop that may help with depleting oxygen levels. []
Robecology comments on Sep 6, 2020:
No link.
Earth's 'lost species' only the tip of the iceberg - BBC News
Robecology comments on Sep 5, 2020:
There's a simple solution; Slowing down our own growth rate. J.R. Malthus; the father of Demography - said - "As the quantity of life increases the quality of life decreases". We are more and more...fighting for less and less. And the viruses are growing stronger and transferring to victims easier. If we don't slow this pace - 150 more per minute, -220,000 more per day, -1.6 million more per week. - 80 million more per year Most species of life we share this earth on will be doomed...and we will be doomed. But "the planet" will breathe a breath of fresh air. Reset the evolutionary clock....and start over. NBD to us elder scientists. It's an easy fix. We have the technology. We have the know-how. We just need the motivation.
"You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on...
Robecology comments on Sep 4, 2020:
Wow - this is so true.
Dousing flames with low-frequency sound waves – Physics World
Robecology comments on Sep 4, 2020:
It seems like a spot -focused solution. Let's see that in action over an area of burning grass/lawn/field for example....I'm afraid it would act to spread the fire, not douse it. This is like "blowing out a candle" - a focused blast of air on a single flame point will put out the fire...but a focused blast of air on a larger, wide-spread fire actually helps that firs spread.
If you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have to worry, right?
Robecology comments on Sep 3, 2020:
I found this about cops and bad apples....


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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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Robecology's Groups
Older Men and Younger Women
101 members, Host
Language abuse and bad spelling
37 members, Host
Environmental science/Ecology/Demography
31 members, Host, Moderator
George Carlin sayings, memes, etc.
27 members, Host
Ricky Gervais
24 members, Host
Tesla owners/drivers/lovers
14 members, Host, Moderator
Prostate treatments
3 members, Host
Topic of the day
86598 members
Just for Laughs
2879 members
Memes R Us
2676 members
2429 members
Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter
2182 members
Newbie Groupies!
2111 members
1805 members
Real Intimacy
1797 members
1663 members
50s +
1500 members
Out Of The Illusion
1463 members
1319 members
Food Glorious Food
1284 members
Music Fans
1269 members
Trump Pinata
1133 members
1085 members
Human Sexuality: Everything About It
1020 members
handcrafters , fine artists, photographers, or other things of beauty
989 members
Gun Control Now
820 members
Humour, Fun, Chuckles, Laughs, or Cutes, From Everywhere.
783 members
Legalize Cannabis Nationwide/Worldwide
774 members
Sexy Classy Pics
773 members
All Things Astronomy
699 members
Mental Health Support
634 members
Freedom from Religion Foundation
626 members
Critical thinking
613 members
594 members
The Watering hole
521 members
Florida Freethinkers
440 members
439 members
The Escapees- - Hide here!
424 members
Science, Health & History Tidbits
423 members
Music of the Movies
413 members
Community Senate
384 members
374 members
372 members
Dating for Real People
372 members
aussie sceptics
372 members
Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dance, Punk, Alternative, Rock and Roll.
364 members
Hike, Climb, Paddle
355 members
Coffee Drinkers Corner
338 members
Critter Corner
330 members
Documentaries you should see
328 members
visual art
328 members
Online Dating: The Reality
324 members
"Positive Vibes"
324 members
Geek's Corner
313 members
Environment, Ecology and Sustainability
313 members
305 members
Liberal/Progressive Party
296 members
Abuse Survivors(Emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, toxic relationship)
294 members
P.A.T.C.H. People Against The Christian Hypocrites
289 members
Hippie Land -
288 members
American Atheists (Fans)
287 members
284 members
Workout Warriors
268 members
Childfree Domain
259 members
Battling Obesity
253 members
36 Questions
250 members
244 members
Me Too - Women's Rights and Men's Rights
230 members
Baby Boomers
228 members
Simply Atheist
224 members
The Best of Late Night & News
205 members
Simple Thoughts
199 members
Memes edited
191 members
Science and religion. :) lets debate
191 members
Non-nude sexy pics
189 members
General Forum
187 members
Truly single gal and guys looking for love.
183 members
Science Fiction & Godlessness
181 members
Natural history
173 members
I Love Halloween!
169 members
This Day In History
166 members
Political Posts, Articles and Memes
152 members
Sun Moon Stars
152 members
Science & Technology
151 members
Pets and wildlife
149 members
Women's Empowerment
145 members
Biden 2020
143 members
All Things Legal/Crime and Punishment
143 members
General Topics
142 members
Autism and/or Asperger's Syndrome
140 members
Dharma Café
130 members
125 members
Earth Preservers
121 members
Jewish by Culture
121 members
115 members
106 members
104 members
Marriage & Long-term Relationships
102 members
Celebrity Pictures
102 members
Conservative Atheist Singles
100 members
Political Theory & Policy
95 members
At Retirement!
93 members
Crass Comedy
88 members
Pop Culture - TV
87 members
Memes R hilarioUS!
84 members
Tales from the Lockdown
84 members
Atheist Videos & Miscellany
80 members
Sex Over Sixty
79 members
76 members
Marijuana changing the world
75 members
Age Related
74 members
Healthy Living
72 members
Atheist News Network
72 members
Religion of Science & Higher Consciousness
67 members
The Path of a Taoist
60 members
60 members
Gardening and natural crafting
59 members
Trumpanzees & Morons
58 members
Common Ground
58 members
55 members
54 members
The Truth Is Out There
51 members
Electric Vehicles and Vehicle Related Technology.
50 members
Suicide is painless
48 members
Volunteering, Charity Work, and Community Service
46 members
Car Lovers Group
45 members
42 members
Meatballs & Pasta
40 members
Secular Teachers
40 members
38 members
38 members
Signs signs everywhere signs
37 members
34 members
Non Religious Science teachers -any age
31 members
Elon Musk
30 members
Sunset, Sea, Coffee and Me
30 members
Camping for adults in Dixie (no children)
28 members
Atheist Points Of View On The Middle East
21 members
Pin Ups
20 members
Oppression Throughout The World
15 members
7 members