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Road trip planned! Who's coming
Robecology comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I bet it's not the drinkable type o alcohol...just my luck...
I could watch lava eruptions and flows from the safety of my screen all day if I had the time.
Robecology comments on Jan 15, 2021:
Great shots of Hawai-ian lava!! I stayed inside my home in Homestead florida when Hurricane Andrew hit in '92. It was frightening...yet amazing. We watched part of our roof go upwards into the eye of a mini-tornado when the eyewall passed over our home. I remember feeling - with my eardrums.- the intense reduction in pressure just before the roof section was lifted. Glad I stayed...No pics on this computer....sorry. We went outside when the eye was passing over; I looked up and saw that huge eye-wall illuminated by a full moon....I'll never forget it!
This was written by a guy that was one of the Administrators on a successful website that is no ...
Robecology comments on Jan 15, 2021:
@TheGreatShadow ; Can you provide a link or tell us where you got this information from? Thanks In Advance.
Too many other things to worry about...
Robecology comments on Jan 14, 2021:
Trump ended up doing America a favor; we now have a Democrat in the W.H., a democratic House of Representatives and a 50-50 Senate house. Thanks, Trump!
Happy Thursday Everyone! What is a new goal that you have set for yourself?
Robecology comments on Jan 14, 2021:
I'm 75. I'm healthy today...but I know life's downhill from I'm trying to relish every moment. Thanks to all the Agnostic folk who follow and reply to my posts! You're part of my "relish"....
Hello everyone, I am conducting a survey on Childhood Experiences and Religious Affiliation.
Robecology comments on Jan 14, 2021:
I took the survey; Can you mail participants the results?
Confusing I know.
Robecology comments on Jan 13, 2021:
and what's s minute? A minute portion of time?
From the recent FBI warning, there is one thing that is evident: Conservatives, including the rest ...
Robecology comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Copy and share this list; it's an FBI visual list of outstanding warrants from January 6th Capitol invasion. I.D. if you know any of them; and call the number on the post.
When will I stop "doom scrolling"?
Robecology comments on Jan 12, 2021:
It's an exciting time. And progressives are making gains all over. We won the mid-terms. We won this election. With the Georgia senate vote of Jan 5th, we've now attained a balanced Senate. And Trump's being the worst of sore losers. So democrat/liberal/progressive gains have been made. Trump's now in the process of being impeached a second time; and McConnell s signaling that while he doesn't think there's time to convict by Jan 20th...he is in favor of impeachment. So sit tight. Be positive. Trump's rebellious minions are likely to remain home and lick their wounds from Jan 6 (150 arrests...more every day). Copy save and share this list. Here's a charming video showing at least 15 people that Trump called it's their turn to call him that;
Bad Habits?
Robecology comments on Jan 12, 2021:
This says a lot...
I wrote this post [agnostic.
Robecology comments on Jan 12, 2021:
It's a comment on Trump...and you're posting it in "General comments and Hellos"? There's plenty of political groups and anti-Trump groups that would appreciate that post better. Consider sharing it with other groups.
But without gods how would we know right from wrong?
Robecology comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Remember; those suffering prison/incarceration were not raised with an emphasis on loving discipline. Many (unofficially 90% or 9 out o 10 - but the research only done by survey of the children....not the parents) were not brought in to this world as a "planned pregnancy". Many (25% or 1 in 4) incarcerated adults had incarcerated parents themselves.
I got no response from site support and am wondering if others have the same problem on computers.
Robecology comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Even if I did gamble, I'm not taking her to the casino.
Robecology comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Why is that? Why are the attractive women so dumb?
I suppose this is how I’ll start my first post: It’s amazing, how majority of the world still...
Robecology comments on Jan 10, 2021:
@Psyche91 Our knowledge, and education, in growing. But for us's growing too slowly to indicate our successful transition to a balanced planet. As knowledge grows religion declines and the wisdom of family planning grows....these are proven facts...but the sad part is that due to our still rapid (150 more births, than deaths, per minute) growth...religion will maintain its' hold....and we are heading for an extinction. I wish it weren't so...but it explains a lot about why we're still so slow to come off religion.
Amazon Rainforest Will Collapse by 2064, New Study Predicts: []
Robecology comments on Jan 8, 2021:
Here's the thing. There are some who see the big picture and don't care. Call them aware...but accepting, or tolerant. There's some who see the big picture and think we can do something to change our species' course. Call them aware and optimistic. There's some who see the big picture and are resigned to accept our demise. Call them aware pessimists. There's some people who see the big picture and welcome the changes. Call them aware evolutionists/evolutionaries. There's some who have been so shell shocked by the big picture that they don't care - or deny the "big picture" - or say "it's in God's hands". Call these folk naive, uncaring, "shell-shocked" or #religulous...and to be honest; the "fear-mongers" - many who are legitimate environmental progressives - are a bit to blame for these people. The myth of "Chicken little running around declaring the sky is falling" does have a logical ring to it. And there's a huge number who do NOT see the "big picture" - call them simply Unaware.
My parents had this album when I grew up and always enjoyed it.
Robecology comments on Jan 8, 2021:
Henry Mancini was decades ahead of most modern "soft" or "smooth jazz" artists. He - along with Peter Sellers and the producers of the "Pink Panther" - made jazz popular for the masses. It was nominated - but didn't win - the best music score in 1963 (The Sherman brothers and their music for Mary Poppins won that year).
It's true...
Robecology comments on Jan 6, 2021:
I copied that's my favorites along that line;
Part 6 Life is better on the water! I hope you have enjoyed my tour of the coast of NC (well, my ...
Robecology comments on Jan 6, 2021:
Glad to see solar panels on that boat!
Dear ol’ Dad...
Robecology comments on Jan 6, 2021:
And don't you love how they put a shirt or blouse on the upper body...but leave the lower body without clothes...nor sex organs?! LOL!
Robecology comments on Jan 6, 2021:
From the article; Warnock makes history with Senate win as Dems near majority. What's Mexico got to do with it?
"Now, we judge people as lazy if they don’t exercise.
Robecology comments on Jan 6, 2021:
The conclusion to the article says it for me; "Dose response curves show that just 150 minutes of exercise a week — only 21 minutes a day — lowers mortality rates by about 50 percent. Knowing that, I think, can help people feel better about doing just a little exercise instead of none." I'll be going to do my 1/2 hour daily biking routine soon...
Here's a good-bye to bad rubbish that was 2020. Yea! Happy New Year! 🎉😷😷😷
Robecology comments on Jan 5, 2021:
I'm lucky I'm alive...
Status check! Has anyone heard from, or have knowledge of the reason, @cutiebeauty has gone "radio ...
Robecology comments on Jan 5, 2021:
I've had a nice off and on relationship with Kaitlyn...only on these pages...nothing personal....but I'm concerned about her well being as well. We had a few debates about things she posted on the sexy photo group....and I dropped out of the group for a while. On her profile page she seems to be "looking" again....(click on @cutiebeauty ) and this is after she mentioned that she was "engaged" or that he proposed? I'm guessing that her and her man (I think it was "Frankie"?) are either struggling or splitting up...or have split up? Pure conjecture on my part....but I'm concerned about her as well. Miss you, Kaitlyn!
To start off the new year on a positive note , tell us about what you like most in your current ...
Robecology comments on Jan 5, 2021:
I love my fairly good health Car (Tesla) Diet exercise routine (biking 1/2 hour- 1hour a day) Condo (overlooking the ocean) financial situation (retired - getting by - no debts) East coast Florida weather. Don't love so much that - The kids, their son (my grandson) and their daughter (my granddaughter) live a good hour away The lady friend live 2 hours away...and her health's not so good... But overall...happy to be alive and healthy - COVID word from my Doc about the vaccine...but I hear it's imminent.
First post.
Robecology comments on Jan 5, 2021:
Yes; I'm from Florida; 200,000 more registered democrats than Republicans...but between the weird restrictions and the dominant GOP in the State well as a push by the GOP (the signage has been pitifully pro-Trump) we lost the state. Make yourself at home....join lots of groups.
economics lesson for the young ...[]
Robecology comments on Jan 5, 2021:
It might be too late for polite reminders; 150 more births, than deaths, per minute. 220,000 more per day. 1,500,000 every week. 79 million more last year...yes; births minus deaths. Growth. Don't believe me; do the math;
Volcano Watch — Kīlauea’s ongoing eruption: a rising lava lake: []
Robecology comments on Jan 5, 2021:
Thanks for the links. I flew over this volcano and biked down the less active one on the neighboring island (Maui?) a few years back. Amazing adventures.
Hi Everyone! Happy Tuesday!!! Hope yours is better than mine!!!!! Just had the worst day ...
Robecology comments on Jan 5, 2021:
I got a solution for a Tesla. Hit me up for a discount code if you buy new...or buy a used one...they're getting cheaper every day...and you just plug that puppy in at night....full "tank" in the AM!
Robecology comments on Jan 4, 2021:
Happy Monday Everyone! I'm really struggling with sleep lately and I am so exhausted.
Robecology comments on Jan 4, 2021:
Good question. I think you told us that you've been using a breathing machine to help you sleep? I'm afraid I've become an "afrin" junkie...I need a spray each night to breathe easily and let me fall to sleep. Then I'm often up a lot because of a small -shrunken bladder. Yea; I. even keep a bottle by the bed. Now on the positive side I do hit the sac 9 ish...and I'm up early - 6 I get at least 8 - 9 hours.
Something to ponder...
Robecology comments on Jan 4, 2021:
We are evolving. Agnosticism and atheism IS growing worldwide.
Some of the developments about to rock the world of transportation in almost unimaginable ways.
Robecology comments on Jan 3, 2021:
A verbose and wordy attempt to detail the wonderful news about Musk's Hyperloop. It appears you neglect to talk about the near future; Musk's push to get E.V.'s on the road with better, longer lasting and quicker charging batteries. Watch;
Why is it that men can straight up tell you they aren’t attracted to you.
Robecology comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Be careful about labeling "men" with a behavior. It's showing us you're pre-judging. Obviously not all do that.
Rocks at the beach...
Robecology comments on Jan 1, 2021:
How did you exaggerate the colors? Awesome image!
For some people, safety is not a priority.
Robecology comments on Jan 1, 2021:
One prevents births as well as disease spread...the other just prevents disease spread. We're growing at the horrendous rate of 150 more births, than deaths, per minute. Maybe this is predicting how we will become extinct?
Education, R&D, the arts, outcomes, national security, foreign relations, public health, culture, ...
Robecology comments on Dec 31, 2020:
What's your point?
And I'm not kidding...
Robecology comments on Dec 31, 2020:
As if prayers have any affect...
One of the frequent concerns we singles have , are the ever present scammers .
Robecology comments on Dec 31, 2020:
Don't think it's just young and single thats "hit on" by scammers. Once you retire...if you happen to have a "nest egg" they find out about it fast...and send you all sorts of garbage. All sorts of're not exclusive nor alone in the attack of the scammers. Latest one; "Excuse me sir....I think you dropped this $20 ....check your wallet...." don't do it. Get in your car and drive off.
Hi Everyone!!!! Happy Tuesday!!!! Made it to work today - didn't oversleep today lol!!!! Spending...
Robecology comments on Dec 30, 2020:
May your 2020 hindsight be truly revealing, May 2021 be better than ever!
Happy Tuesday Friends! Which destination do you prefer, mountains or oceans?
Robecology comments on Dec 30, 2020:
Both are equally refreshing and appealing. Some shorelines - and mountainous areas - are boring - some are exciting. Obviously, I prefer shorelines (see images) but one visit to the giant redwoods in California was a pleasant surprise. It depends on what peaks and shores you're desiring to visit. AND @ADMIN ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME YOU FIX THIS DOWNLOAD ISSUE? nearly ALL POSTING SIDEWARDS...WTF?
Fitness goals! Lol
Robecology comments on Dec 30, 2020:
It can be an endurance workout!
'bout sums it up...
Robecology comments on Dec 30, 2020:
US English curmudgeon Definition of curmudgeon in English: curmudgeon Pronunciation /kərˈməjən/ /kərˈmədʒən/ See synonyms for curmudgeon Translate curmudgeon into Spanish NOUN A bad-tempered person, especially an old one. ‘Only the worst curmudgeon could dislike this site.’
What is this lovely plant? It is like a “grass” with lovely blue “berries”.
Robecology comments on Dec 29, 2020:
My "plantsnap" app (free) says Dianella caerulea...commonly know as Blue Flax-Lily.
Yay Science!
Robecology comments on Dec 28, 2020:
Good ones,'s my addition to those;
Do married couples, before they untie the knot, seek or get counseling?
Robecology comments on Dec 28, 2020:
I was never impeded by laws requiring me to get counseling....but as a three time divorcé I did anyway....but it seemed like it just was a waste of time and money. I even went to one at the recommendation of the latest on-off girlfriend...but it led to nothing improving. I'm in love with....myself. I'm happiest - alone! I foresee problems with that some day; especially if I get suddenly ill or injured and have no one to call for assistance....but I'll cross that bridge - or not - when I come to it. Ideally; I'd like to find a young nurse who'd take care of me...without imposing her "lifestyle" on me...but It looks like that's never going to happen.
As a minimalist since well before it became a pop-culture thing, this resonates with me.
Robecology comments on Dec 28, 2020:
Yes.. I wear my shirt proudly in public!!😂😂
Robecology comments on Dec 28, 2020:
I emplore **@Admin** to consider sending another shirt when we reach level 10. It could be the same could even leave off the "dot com" thing and just print "**Agnostic**
Happy Monday Everyone! I have so much paper for the recycling bin! Do you recycle?
Robecology comments on Dec 28, 2020:
I recycled long before it was common or popular. I recall walks with my grandfather through the "trolley-car grave-yards" where he'd get everything from old springs to old motors and repair and re-apply their use to other things. I give grandpa Sam a lot of credit for inspiring me to become "Robecology" And it is simply a matter of social position in life. You waste more - you "throw away" more.....when your income's better. Simple fact of life.
the Klingons
Robecology comments on Dec 27, 2020:
Neil deGrasse Tyson said this about those reindeer; eil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson · Dec 24 Santa doesn’t know Zoology: Both male & female Reindeer grow antlers. But all male Reindeer lose their antlers in the late fall, well-before Christmas. So Santa’s reindeer, which all sport antlers, are therefore all female, which means Rudolf has been misgendered
Happy Sunday Everyone! It has been a very long week.
Robecology comments on Dec 27, 2020:
January 6th will be the last chance for Trump to disrupt the Electoral college - and I understand he's planning not only a series of disruptive official actions, but he's invited the public to come to DC and "get wild". My question is; What's your opinion on this? Can he do anything to change history? Can we? Can his cabinet finally see that he's losing it and put Mike Pence in for him? Here's the official government proceedings for the Electoral college. and here's his latest strategy. and finally; here's what Pence can do...and many are encouraging him to proceed; I don't know...maybe I'm worrying about this too much?
I watched A Hard Day's Night yesterday, so I'm posting another song from it I really liked, partly ...
Robecology comments on Dec 27, 2020:
He was called the "quiet Beatle" for obvious reasons. He took a back seat to Lennon and McCartney's driving power. Not a bad thing....his rare originals are gems....
If chasers are people who go after a certain quality in a sexual partner, then does that mean that ...
Robecology comments on Dec 27, 2020:
Pidgeon-hole much?
Have anyone of been schooled by your partner for "being too nice" ?
Robecology comments on Dec 27, 2020:
It's a fine line when you're in a relationship....especially if the other partner's insecure. You have two choices; 1. Reflect on her wisdom...maybe you are being "too nice" and that reflects on her. Consider that she's right...and that you owe her better attention. 2. Reflect on getting caught being excessively friendly in front of her. Were you? Are you tired/bored/falling out of love with your main partner? Think; did you "get your ass handed to you" or did you just get "made"? If you get humble and re-direct your friendliness toward'll keep her. If you get arrogant you're not ready to keep're still "in the hunt" - that might be OK...or you might lose a winner who's got your number.
Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 astronaut
Robecology comments on Dec 25, 2020:
A holiday joke about astronauts; What's on the feet of every successful Astronaut? Answer; Missile Toes. I even have an illustration to (sort of) illustrate...
Happy Friday and for those of you who celebrate it, Merry Christmas.
Robecology comments on Dec 25, 2020:
It's been pretty much proven that Christmas day is the first day (following the 12/21 Winter solstice) when the length of the daylight hours begins to increase, while the length of darkness begins to shorten again. It's this that we celebrate....not the birth of Christ. We celebrate the return of the sun....happy 25th of December! Oh...and here's a few of my recent memes I've from 102 years ago!
I looooove California rolls, every time i have them i sink into a dark void and all i see is the ...
Robecology comments on Dec 23, 2020:
@TimothySkaggs; Pre-made is cool...home made is better. And once you roll and cut your first homemade roll..THEN you will be deeper in to that dark void. Basically the hardest part is making the sticky and pricey sushi rice, and rolling it in the seaweed sheet. The easy/cheap part is the imitation crab and avocado inside; and those store-made ones look like they're not to well placed inside... You can even buy a Sushi-roll torpedo (google it) if you're not comfortable "rolling your own".
It's Tuesday! One of my idiosyncrasies is that I have to have the volume on an even number.
Robecology comments on Dec 23, 2020:
LOL...Elon Musk made the Tesla car music volume goes up to 11....he did that on purpose! He tweeted this just this past October; Tweet @elonmusk · Oct 5 Music volume on a Tesla goes to 11, because it’s louder than 10
just finished a supper i threw together & cooked in 5 mins.
Robecology comments on Dec 23, 2020:
OK...good idea; But i see the Tikka Masala sauces and the dried spices in a jar; and I'm it better to simply make your own? Which is better; raw spice or sauce? Homemade or store-bought? The prices for store bought are outragious....I'm guessing because of the contents of the rare flower stamens - is it Saffron? Anyway; I have Cardamom, Chili, Cumin, and even a little Safron...let's discuss!
Anyone see it?
Robecology comments on Dec 23, 2020:
Funny how that scene of Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained became so popular!
Thoughtful discussion on COVID and related issues. []
Robecology comments on Dec 23, 2020:
Scary mutant strain might be dubbed COVID20 in honor of the terrible year...In Bill's words,; " Computer models suggest that the pandemic could get even worse over the next month or so..."
I had the rudest, slowest, and nastiest cashier today.
Robecology comments on Dec 22, 2020:
Au Contraire....I keep a bill in my pocket and "slip" it to any employee who assists me on the self-check-out line...and I often need assistance. Those folks are desperate for some $$ and if we T.I.P. the usual food service there's nothing wrong with tipping the employees who help us check our stuff out. (I say "slip it" to them because if you do it blatantly they're obligated to refuse have to "stuff it in their pocket"....sad....but that's how it works.
Cute, but probably correct.
Robecology comments on Dec 22, 2020:
U.S. cars were officially required to show dual - both MPH and KPH - readings by 1976....yet it's still lagging behind in fluid containers and road signs. The U.S. will "catch up" to the rest of the world around the same time we "catch up" with universal health care...some day in the. not to close future.
The “Great Conjuction” of Saturn and Jupiter.
Robecology comments on Dec 22, 2020:
@EyesThatSmile share this with them...
How would you answer this question lol?
Robecology comments on Dec 22, 2020:
What he's called at least 15 people publicly;
This might be a serious "bite" in right-wing/conservative media's butt; []
Robecology comments on Dec 21, 2020:
Mr. Mugica has emerged as an unlikely figure with the power to put the genie back in the bottle. Last week, his lawyer sent scathing letters to the Fox News Channel, Newsmax and OAN demanding that they immediately, forcefully clear his company’s name — and that they retain documents for a planned defamation lawsuit. He has, legal experts say, an unusually strong case. And his new lawyer is J. Erik Connolly, who not coincidentally won the largest settlement in the history of American media defamation in 2017, at least $177 million, for a beef producer whose “lean finely textured beef” was described by ABC News as “pink slime.”
It is absolutely sickening that when it comes to political gambits, people don't respect the rules ...
Robecology comments on Dec 21, 2020:
@DZukovin They - you. - do what you can get away with. They play by the rules....but some of the rules are hidden in the documents and long-winded 'legaleeze" contracts. I hand it to Trump. He warned us in the debates with Hillary; he said it more than once ""I took advantage of loopholes" - He may have a low reading level...and make dumb and arrogant remarks...but he knows exactly what he can get away with. You say "It is absolutely sickening"....don't get sick....get busy. Contact your congress people. Contact your senators. Keep calling. Keep signing petitions. If you got $$ keep donating to causes you support. I think this is the one we all should be focused on;
Does anyone in here believe in reincarnation?
Robecology comments on Dec 21, 2020:
@DBlaine There's a remote possibility that a trace of your DNA remains whole (in teeth, hair, and fingernails, for example; - scientists have found ancient DNA in well preserved remains) but it would take an intentional effort to transfer that DNA to a reproductive tissue (sperm or eggs) to even have a remote chance of "reincarnation" - it's called "cloning" might create a "twin" of yourself...but with no association other than looking exactly alike. Only flowers, rodents, and sheep have been "cloned" to date. Google "Cloning" So inform or ask your family or friends to preserve some part of you...then ask a relative to have that DNA inserted in to their sperm/eggs and yea - a similar form of who you are might be reproduced....but with no memories - it's like having a twin of you born after you die...not reincarnation by a long shot. And we have cloned if you're desperate speak to a scientist in this area who may be able to save your DNA for a future twin of you...but "reincarnation"
Filed under "Doh".
Robecology comments on Dec 20, 2020: You think?
Did i miss some rule disclosure where the use of the word fuck was prohibited?
Robecology comments on Dec 20, 2020:
I think we have an obscure setting in our home page that asks to post stars. (****) in place of profanities. I think you can turn that on and off.
Happy Sunday Everyone! It's pose your own question day. Please have fun!
Robecology comments on Dec 20, 2020:
I've been called a pessimist because I keep talking about H.sapiens extinction here and on my Blog ( So - my question is how many are "optimistic" that humanity will solve the environmental/population crisis, how many are "pessimistic" and why?
How has anyone been dating in the days of COVID? I've given it up. I barely see friends.
Robecology comments on Dec 20, 2020:
Not a bad thing to be taking a break from dating...The world's been in "reproducing"...150 more births, than deaths, per minute, 220,000 more per day. Again; that's births, minus we need to slow that down a bit. Regroup. Fall in love with yourself. Focus on self-awareness. This isn't a bad thing.
We'll soon get to the end of it!
Robecology comments on Dec 20, 2020:
Be prepared; 2021 doesn't promise much; 1. Vaccines. for COVID19 won't be commonly available for months. 2. Trump will continue his fundraising and anti-democracy rallies. 3. We are growing by 150 more births, than deaths, per minute; 220,000 more per day. 4. Huge glaciers threaten to break off drift in to open waters, slow/stop the Gulf stream, produce worse weather, raise sea levels. Sorry; buckle up!
Something is wrong here...
Robecology comments on Dec 19, 2020:
I so miss George. I think his death was not only untimely...but it was a result of willful neglect on the part of professional caretakers.
"I'm not saying God doesn't exist, I'm saying it would be nice if God existed"- one of my all time ...
Robecology comments on Dec 19, 2020:
@Ashwin Please elaborate....why do you think "it would be nice if God existed"? What makes you inspired to say that? In the meantime, while you're thinking of an answer, read these;
Ahh...what was I saying...
Robecology comments on Dec 19, 2020:
That's kind of the reason I swore off pot. When you're young and get high...people laugh at your stupidity and munchies....When you're older they say...uh-oh...mentally disabled/alzheimer's ...or...eating addict....not to mention what it does to my B.P.; pot days are done...
Happy Saturday Everyone. What are you up to?
Robecology comments on Dec 19, 2020:
Five foot, 6 inches....though I fear that I've shrunk some since my late 60's...
You're all scared aren't ya?!
Robecology comments on Dec 19, 2020:
I have read that vaccines for COVID19 won't become widely available until June or won't be a good year. I've also read that as our population continues to grow (150 more births, than deaths, per minute, 220,000 more per day) that we are speeding up our pollution rate, our chances for another pandemic, and our rush toward widespread poverty. Viruses are getting stronger, as well as vectors for disease spread....especially mosquitoes! Oh...and ice melt rate is increasing in both Antarctica and Arctic regions. Seas may start rising drastically. Happy 2021, all! It's beginning to look like tough times began in 2020....
Hey guys.
Robecology comments on Dec 19, 2020:
@EyesThatSmile; Back story, please! How come you're "just meeting him"?
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Maybe...but only if....
This is some of the petrified wood that I have discovered on my property.
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Where was this found? (Where's Vaughn?)
Mount Rushmore
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
I get why the did the carving. It was a noble effort. What's not noble is that it was done on land that recently had belonged to the Native American tribes in the were most lands in the U.S.; and we lied and cheated to steal most of these locations. The creation of Mount Rushmore is a story of struggle — and to some, desecration. The Black Hills are sacred to the Lakota Sioux, the original occupants of the area when white settlers arrived. For some, the four presidents carved in the hill are not without negative symbolism. The Sioux have never had much luck dealing with white men. In the Treaty of 1868, the U.S. government promised the Sioux territory that included the Black Hills in perpetuity. Perpetuity lasted only until gold was found in the mountains and prospectors migrated there in the 1870s. The federal government then forced the Sioux to relinquish the Black Hills portion of their reservation.
This is just one of the many insane posts floating around the Internet right now.
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Did some googling... First one proven false/ a lie.
This is just one of the many insane posts floating around the Internet right now.
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Pfizer was refused financial help by the Trump "Warp speed" they went to Germany; Now Trump is touting Pfizer as being the first to come out with a Vaccine....that clearly was NOT sponsored nor funded by any Americans nor him;
Sad story, 2 don't exist and one shouldn't
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Osteen is which one?
HAS SCIENCE BECOME A RELIGION? - Abdurraheem Green - LDM Show - YouTube
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
@Affrives So #1; Both of the video participants are of the Muslim faith. So of course they're going to try to minimize/trivialize science.....but they - you - can't. #2. Science is not a body of knowledge - it's a learning strategy. If you practice fact-based information you're being scientific. If you're expressing faith in unproven doctrine - you're being religious - the opposite of being scientific. Science is not dependent on blind obedience....religion is. #3.The best scientists are always open to change. They welcome being proven wrong. The best religious are locked in to the words and sayings of their originators, their "prophets. They try to apply their ancient wisdom to modern life....and they are failing. #4. Science is a process of evaluating and analyzing data. Religion if a process of accepting doctrine. I won't bother continuing to expound upon the absurdity of your video...just let me share these memes; I know you fear them...but please consider them. Welcome to Do bring your religious arguments....we here at welcome the curious and the fence sitter. You wil learn the truth, and the facts. You will analyze will be scientific...or you won't - you will hold on to your religion. السلام عليكم
States Say Trump Administration is Reducing Vaccine Shipments Officials in multiple states say ...
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
There's a strategy that Trump bought months ago...the "Herd mentality". He and his empaths suggest that everyone just "catch it-deal with it - get immunity to it". So naturally...being a "lame duck"...he's going to push his strategy as well as he can...slow down vaccine deliveries. etc.
He is right
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Dawkins, too suggested the same strategy;
That ought to keep things toasty as we sit by the roaring fire, realizing we don't have a fireplace
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Reminds me of the circuit overload scene in "Griswald Christmas"
Here's your sign. Mic drop.
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
I think St. Nicholas was born in Greece, and did most of his "saintly" work Turkey! In his later life it was suggested that he had imitators. Interesting side story; his most prodigious activity was the spreading of Oranges as a popular treat. He often did "sneak in" to homes and stuff them in to stockings (actually hanging by the fireplace to dry). The myths about his sleigh and reindeer had some validity as well...he did have huge sacs of oranges that he distributed widely....using his sleigh and reindeer. Of course the Christian trend was to exaggerate he then was said to "fly", he allegedly landed on rooftops, worked at the north pole, and went down chimneys to leave his "prizes" according to the middle ages myth-makers. Oh...and say "Saint Nicholas" fast a few times...and you get Santa Claus.
It is absolutely sickening that when it comes to political gambits, people don't respect the rules ...
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
I think the biggest mistake we made in the past two decades - that encouraged all this cheating and greed - is the passage of "Citizen's United" amendment to the constitution. It sound's so "user friendly" but what it that anyone can donate any amount - anonymously - to any candidate. It allows what we used to call "payola" or "bribery"...or paying off politicians. It will take a 2/3 vote in both houses and a signature by the president to amend it...but we must. It's crucial;
I think most people feel the same way.
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
LOVE Penn....Here's another famous quip of his;
What Would Richard Dawkins Do?
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Here's Dawkin's comment on Trump and Biden;
Another beautiful story from deep time. []
Robecology comments on Dec 18, 2020:
The cartoon movie "Ice Age, the Meltdown" was based on a huge sudden dam collapse. I buy that theory.
What does everyone think about Joe/Harris and fracking?
Robecology comments on Dec 17, 2020:
Happy Thursday Everyone! What's something that someone did this year that you haven't seen done in ...
Robecology comments on Dec 17, 2020:
Lived isolated - almost entirely alone! Oh...and speaking of Christmas cards...there's a nice line of e-cards....complete with classical music (if you choose) - Go to J and check it out...$20 a year, $30 for two.
This scene occurred very near my home in Florida.
Robecology comments on Dec 17, 2020:
A challenging dinner.
I would have little doubt of this.
Robecology comments on Dec 17, 2020:
Vlad and Melania would make a far better couple...
Got all excited when I saw this.
Robecology comments on Dec 17, 2020:
Not surprised. I'm betting that Trump will hop on one of his yachts and set sail for one of his foreign properties; I'm guessing Dubai, U.A.E.- women used to wearing face-masks there, I'm guessing DJT will love the male-dominant society there.
Trump considered refusing to leave White House on inauguration day.
Robecology comments on Dec 17, 2020:
A great Youtube response; Trump fires Trump.


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