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When you don’t know what to cook. A bit of help goes a long way.
Robecology comments on Aug 13, 2020:
Insect-eaten cook books...another reason why we're giving up on the old cook-book....
Hi grouphugs! ☺ what are you up to?
Robecology comments on Aug 13, 2020:
It's real. In this time of our lives...we meet more people, we become different at a faster pace. 100 years ago our ancestors had decades shorter lives, and far fewer distractions. Relationships lasted longer out of necessity to depend on eachother. Not so much the case today. Alvin Toffler wrote a book in the 70's - Future Shock - that said pretty much the same thing. So I can only suggest you (or your friend...or anyone who reads this) adhere to the strategy of Ken Keyes Jr..." hold on tightly - let go lightly". You don't want to "blame" him or talk negatively about both just became rapidly different. He is still the father of your child. Let him do that with as much indifference as you can. There's love, hate and indifference. Your goal is to become "indifferent" as quickly and easily as you can.
Energy drink...
Robecology comments on Aug 12, 2020:
The energy boost is subtle. It's the reason I switched to half-decaf a few years back...too much energy too early in the day caused a "hyper-ness" that left me uncomfortable...and left me with a crashing lethargy by late morning through mid-afternoon. The half decaf leveled that out.
Advertising analysis:kinda sucks.
Robecology comments on Aug 12, 2020:
Get addicted to almost pure sugar and caffeine while waiting for a COVID19 test....yea...that's about right...(said no one in their right mind).
"One general law, leading to the advancement of all organic beings, namely, multiply, vary, let the ...
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
We have to put a modern spin on what Darwin meant by "strongest". We've known for decades that it's the mentally strong that survive better than the physically strong in the realm of homo sapiens...(with the obvious exceptions of pro athletes)...but as @Theresa_N suggests it might take a cleverness of cooperation to gain on the evolutionary ladder.
Everyone always wants to place blame...
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
A very cool dude. He will have a great acting career.
I am at this instant attending the American Humanist conference Wish I had thought of this ...
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
Looks #religulous to me....
Genomic Study Reveals New Zealand's Tuatara Is Like No Other Animal on The Planet
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
And naturally; Global warming will create all males....which will crash their population.
OK, I do sincerely hope people don't overreact to this and bail out.
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
If you go to the article - you see that he rambles on about "Wokeism" - and gets nuts about calling it a religion. Then he gets defensive for the #religulous and the conservatives....suggesting they're more fact's a long and tedious read...but it gives you insight to the thinking of the creator of Agnostic...and why he opened a second website called "' He calls us here on Agnostic far too liberal, too anti-Trump. My response is - if you're serious about agnosticism you demand facts. We agnostics know why some love, and some hate...and we hate Trump with good all fact-oriented people do when they've been repeatedly lied to. There's love - hate - and indifference. We love leaders who are honest and factual. We hate - dishonesty. Hence we hate Trump. is full of pro-religious groups. We here at Agnostics have developed a hatred for religion for the same reasons we've developed a hatred for Trump - He has lied - repeatedly, chronically - over and over. So has organized religion. But his "wokeism" rant is interesting....and a charming way to look at those who simply respect honesty, facts, and truths.
Physicists: 90% Chance of Human Society Collapsing Within Decades: []
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
I give them credit. They do point out that it's root factor is "greed". "The numbers the researchers look at highlight the extent of human greed" I've been saying that for years....Greed is the "perfect addiction". Nothing to smoke/snort/inject/eat. If you are clever/tricky you can gamble with other's money. Drug addict families loathe them...Greed addict families praise them. But it is an addiction. With withdrawal negative effects. High suicide rate. Big trends toward poor health, and obesity. ....and extinction. Here's a blog on the topic I made back in 2014.
I'm with the Joker on this one
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
That movie was awesome. No wonder it won so many awards. It showed how a rather normal person could become such a psychopathic monster...great acting, great story line... Speaking of which...
Atheism isn't a religion...
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
"Calling Atheism a religion is like calling NOT stamp collecting a hobby"...
Yikes, what a surprise to see these in my local Kroger's grocery! I was not interested in purchasing...
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
"Chirps" is getting close to making the ideal insect based food....ground sign of insect parts...high protein...snack-based nutrition. Now I only wonder about the price tag. All "high protein" foods from greek yogurt to deli meats come with a price boost if they can brag "high protein" that will be a determining factor. I'm impressed, also, that they were found in a rather popular food store-chain. It's with mixed feelings that I say's the future trend for foods. Insects are easy to raise. Easy to "euthanize"... ...and easy to bake, dry, and make in to flour. They will soon be a common food base.
Thomas Jefferson never so timely!
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
Shared on Facebook. Brilliant.
Please state if you find this video useful []
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
Too much chatter, too little visualization of results. I'd give it a 3/5 or 6/10. Good concept; but the scientist/flim-makers focused on personalities not on data. Here's the data I have;
A couple of years back I did a photography project for the Lego company.
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
Very, very strong Superman with an A.D.D. or hearing disorder...? LOL!
Im new here and have a question.
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
If you "hover" your cursor over the image and avatar name, you get basic info. If you "click" on their image/avatar, it takes you to their page. Both are recorded so you know who's "checking you out". NBD.
I wish I could go back to the Cafee Cabron for a delicious cup of coffee!
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
We can socialize - but we will then raise the risk of continuing this plague. Be creative. Make your own "cafe" experience at home...with close friends. If we don't let group gatherings like this fade away...we might go extinct.
As someone who grew up in the American public school system this seemed very fitting.
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
This COVID19 will revolutionize home schooling, on-line schooling, and even bus transportation. This years' set of smelly, polluting, unsafe buses will languish and age another year. Meanwhile Electric buses that are far more safer and more efficient are being developed... Yes; they are costly right now. But in a year they will cost less...and in a year - when this COVID19 attack subsides (we hope) they will make much more sense...
I shot many photos of Greek and Lycian Vases ( 400 - 325 BCE) at the British Museum : beautiful art!...
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
I recall watching a video explaining the images, once on these masterpieces. Good photo-study!
"If atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby." - David Eller
Robecology comments on Aug 11, 2020:
@Hages Perfect analogy!
So, atomic bombs were dropped in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, ...
Robecology comments on Aug 10, 2020:
Of course not. But that's like asking if you favor or oppose pollution or atomic energy. Nuke weapons, Fossil fuel pollution, nuclear energy are inevitable and a sign of our impending doom. Many of us know it's bad...but stopping it's progress seems futile.
I wish more men appreciated lacy sexy lingerie.
Robecology comments on Aug 10, 2020:
When I was younger I'd go out of my way to shop for sexy lingerie. From translucent bras to suspender-style bathing suits, from long flowing nightgowns to tiny teddies...but if a woman's not in good physical shape it's kind of embarrassing to even ask her to "participate". I was all for it in my younger days....that interest has faded...
Damn fish
Robecology comments on Aug 10, 2020:
Remember; it's just a theory...
What the ____
Robecology comments on Aug 8, 2020:
To the credit of Islam it shows that men can't control their sexual drives and it's up to women...On the down side a virgin woman is rare in the mid-east - any girl who show any sign of woman-hood is impregnated.
[] DNA from another source for humans
Robecology comments on Aug 7, 2020:
The Denisovans...humanoid...but to call them "not human" is a stretch...
Hey yah all grouphugs😙 how was ur day so far?
Robecology comments on Aug 7, 2020:
You are optimistic about "COVID being over"... I so hope you're right...but I'm afraid that won't be the case...we are in a new age of sanitation and isolation, I'm afraid.
Shower thoughts...
Robecology comments on Aug 7, 2020:
I'm agnostic. Prove it.
Happy Thursday, Everyone! What's someone or something for which you feel love today?
Robecology comments on Aug 6, 2020:
#1; In my 20'a-40's. #2-5 Through most of my life. #6....Nope....haven't found it. #7. Developing that now....better than ever #8. Saving that for when I know my time's up.
I am so angry.
Robecology comments on Aug 6, 2020:
Vote. Encourage others to vote. Volunteer to your favorite candidates. Buy wear and share vote promotion pins. Share memes on Facebook. Talk with, not at, ordinary folk... Some don't think we're "abused" - you need to reason with the opposition. The most cost effective vote-enabling tool I've discovered is pins and car stickers. The 01.20.21 is on my Tesla bumper...and you know how I feel about putting stuff on bumpers (hate it). Here's images of my favorites. I've given away dozens of pins, several bumper stickers, and a couple of "countdown clocks"...and this site is the most reasonable, IMO...
Coronavirus stimulus: McConnell says any Trump-Democrats deal works for him amid GOP disarray - AOL ...
Robecology comments on Aug 6, 2020:
@SeaGreenEyez You accuse Pelosi of "Sniveling"? Uh -oh. Pelosi trying for all sorts of other stuff? You're sounding awfully pro-Trump/GOP-ish...
Hey! Yo! How are the days going with you groupies🥰 I was fucked up yesterday, my boss gives me ...
Robecology comments on Aug 6, 2020:
It depends on what you mean by "F'ed up"..on drugs? Distracted? Real women come in all flavors and varieties. Real men don't want to know 'F'ed up" women. Intelligence, a focus on getting/staying healthy, wisdom, are good things. Arrogance, righteousness, poor focus on health, blaming, irresponsibility...not good.
I think he covers all the high points.
Robecology comments on Aug 6, 2020:
Excellent. I understand he's one of the cosponsors of the Lincoln Project. I shared this on FB. I'm surprised that he and his wife KellyAnn Conway still get along... Here's a recent ad from him and several other Republicans...
I went to town yesterday and people were panic buying again.
Robecology comments on Aug 6, 2020:
The "thing" in Lebanon was a result of storing a dangerous substance in phenomenally huge amounts right in the port of a big city. No inspections. No regulations. No logic. "A massive shipment of agricultural fertilizer that authorities say was stored in the port of Beirut without safety precautions for years -- despite warnings by local officials.' And can you guess what ship, from which nation, was the main culprit?
I can't believe this silly Neomarica caerulea AKA Walking Iris is still blooming.
Robecology comments on Aug 6, 2020:
Charming photo-study...and charming calling them "silly"....
I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, ...
Robecology comments on Aug 5, 2020:
I lived only miles from where Burroughs used to live. I visited "Slabsides" and read his books. I met his granddaughter (in West Park, N.Y...route 9 between Kingston and Highland). Fabulous quotes from a pioneer Ecologist.
Governors Bay New Zealand worth getting up early to take the photo...
Robecology comments on Aug 5, 2020:
seriously long pier....and no boats?
Happy Wednesday, Wonderful Friends! I hope your day is going well.
Robecology comments on Aug 5, 2020:
It's been a while since I posted the classic;
An oldie but a goody....
Robecology comments on Aug 5, 2020:
Hollywood is pissed off at Ricky right now... He lamb-basted them at the Golden Globes earlier this year...and it was soooo good!
An oldie but a goody....
Robecology comments on Aug 5, 2020:
Ricky Gervais is a master at explaining agnosticism with whit and humor!
I bought a house yesterday! I’ll be farther from friends than I expected to be — a 40-minute ...
Robecology comments on Aug 5, 2020:
The excitement of buying a home can be rejuvenating - or aging. Enjoy it...don't stress over what needs to be done, etc. Let it make you feel it's doing, so far!
In 7 days, Biden's average poll numbers have slipped over 2 points (that's the average of ALL ...
Robecology comments on Aug 4, 2020:
Daisugi, The Ancient Bonsai Technique That Can Prevent Deforestation
Robecology comments on Aug 4, 2020:
Yea, right. Cultivate cedar trees to grow from a central tree. Not going to happen. Far too slow, and inefficient. Beautiful but takes soooo long....and is so labor intensive.
Colbert on Trump in a way no other news media covers him.
Robecology comments on Aug 4, 2020:
Here's a more recent show...funny and thought-provoking as ever!!
Photos taken by me in Ingram, Texas. Part of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.
Robecology comments on Aug 4, 2020:
Stonehenge II was created as an art project by the late Al Shepperd, a Hill Country Arts Foundation patron, and his neighbor Doug Hill more than 20 years ago on Shepperd's land in nearby Hunt, Texas. Stonehenge II It took nine months to build and is 90 percent the height and 60 percent the width as the original. Giving free range to his fanciful notion, Shepperd added two 13-foot Easter Island head replicas for good measure.
Happy Tuesday! What is your relationship with your joints?
Robecology comments on Aug 4, 2020:
Use them to keep them healthy. Walk stairs instead of using the elevator/escalator. Do some sort of work-out. My go-to therapeutic machine is my decades old Total gym (it actually pre-dates the T.G.).. "Research shows that patients with the best pain relief maintain a healthy weight. Many also benefit from exercise or physical therapy."
Why all the hate?
Robecology comments on Aug 3, 2020:
It works like this...
I want to make it clear!...
Robecology comments on Aug 3, 2020:
Yea, I'm an addict....
Happy Monday! What's your fatal flaw? I am terrible about being late. 😬
Robecology comments on Aug 3, 2020:
@FlippantLlama Most of our "fatal" flaws are our diets or the materials we live in drink, or breathe. I'd hardly consider "being late" a "fatal flaw". Cardiovascular diseases; heart, artery and vein diseases - are clearly diet or drug-based. Something we are eating - or some types of things we eat - are better for us than others...and then there's some that are just age-accelerating...I'm guessing caffeined coffee, refined sugar, strong alcohol..fatty meats... Now THOSE things, consumed, are fatal flaws. As you see by the list, below; infectious (germ caused) diseases is much lower than the other three above it. Cancers are said to be 90-95% caused by our environment; something we inhale, touch, eat or drink. Respiratory is largely smoking tobacco...although there's a significant percentage that comes from environmental particulates (dust from smoke, asbestos, etc). Suicides are 90% gun related. Full details, here; Number of deaths by cause, World, 2017 Cardiovascular diseases 17.79 million Cancers 9.56 million Respiratory diseases 3.91 million Lower respiratory infections 2.56 million Dementia 2.51 million Digestive diseases 2.38 million Neonatal disorders 1.78 million Diarrheal diseases 1.57 million Diabetes 1.37 million Liver diseases 1.32 million Road injuries 1.24 million Kidney disease 1.23 million Tuberculosis 1.18 million HIV/AIDS 954,492 Suicide 793,823 Malaria 619,827 Homicide 405,346 Parkinson disease 340,639 Drowning 295,210 Meningitis 288,021 Nutritional deficiencies 269,997 Protein-energy malnutrition 231,771 Maternal disorders 193,639 Alcohol use disorders 184,934 Drug use disorders 166,613 Conflict 129,720 Hepatitis 126,391 Fire 120,632 Poisonings 72,371 Heat (hot and cold exposure) 53,350 Terrorism 26,440.
An interesting NPR program had a bit about sundials and the fact that many are accompanied by ...
Robecology comments on Aug 3, 2020:
"Grow old with me. The Best is Yet to be" was the saying on my garden sundial...also serving as a headstone for my last dog....
In 7 days, Biden's average poll numbers have slipped over 2 points (that's the average of ALL ...
Robecology comments on Aug 3, 2020:
I concur; is my go-to for polls..actually a poll of polls, or average of them. I keep it tabbed...
This Is Why She Won't Let You Eat Her Pussy []
Robecology comments on Aug 3, 2020:
Nicely detailed. Basically; if guys weren't so condescending about it...they'd be able to pleasure her more...and get more out of it!
Sarah Cooper is driving Trump nuts... Awwwww.. []
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
I should have added this;
[]. Alexandria glass
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
Fascinating. Ordinary clear glass is obviously not an easy thing to do!
Happy Sunday! It's pose your own question day, everybody!
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
Did you ever take a "walk in the rain" - not because you were angry, or desperate...but just because of wanting the experience? OK...if not a walk in the about a walk in a blizzard? In an impending storm/hurricane? I just did down on the beach, with Isaias approaching. OK...NBD - it's been downgraded to a tropical storm....but still - very exhilarating!! And I apologize for the orientation - @Admin can you fix this?
Tesla Autopilot Accidents: 1 out of 4,530,000 Miles; US Average: 1 out of 479,000 Miles
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
It's logical. The AutoPilot is a conservative, overly cautious PITA....I use it on uncrowded stretches of turnpike...that's about it. It breaks if cars are far away. It finds imaginary speed limits and slows down for no clear reason. If you want to be a passenger in the driver's seat..AP is for you. if you like to drive your car....AP is too much....
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
It's what happens when you let the #religulous in the door...
“All enforceable political decisions must be formulated in a language that is equally accessible ...
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
Legalese sucks.
Just hope it isn't raining
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
What's the term? Pussy-footing? There really is such a word... pus·sy·foot /ˈpo͝osēˌfo͝ot/ verb gerund or present participle: pussy-footing act in a cautious or noncommittal way. "I realized I could no longer pussyfoot around" Similar: equivocate be evasive be noncommittal prevaricate quibble parry questions hedge fence vacillate shuffle about beat about the bush hum and haw duck the question sit on the fence shilly-shally blow hot and cold tergiversate move stealthily or warily. "they make a great show of pussyfooting through the greenery"
Dogs are superior to looters - no doubt.
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
So this is suggesting that it's OK to hit a human - if they're "looting"? Not funny...
Wow, summer has gone by fast.
Robecology comments on Aug 2, 2020:
Good point; I'm tempted - thanks to you - to go for a walk on the beach - in the midst of this approaching storm (Isaias). I live on the beach in Ft. Pierce. will post pics later.
Happy Saturday y’all
Robecology comments on Aug 1, 2020:
You bring up a great topic. Are aliens real? Have they ever visited us? Is "faith" so unbelievable as to frighten aliens? It brought me back to the concluding speech in 'Contact";
Happy Saturday Everyone! What is something that you would do on your "weekend" that you wouldn't do...
Robecology comments on Aug 1, 2020:
Shopping, swimming, hanging on the beach, biking...sleeping in... But being retired...I suffer @JackPedigo s fate.
I’m on a roll...🤣🤣
Robecology comments on Aug 1, 2020:
I accept the challenge;
Trump accomplishes failure like most people accomplish scratching their ass.
Robecology comments on Aug 1, 2020:
I have the perfect meme-image to go with that comment...
Utopias rest on the fallacy that perfection is a legitimate goal of human existence - Lewis Mumford...
Robecology comments on Jul 31, 2020:
What? Perfection isn't attainable? Who'd a thunk it?
45 is saying it may be wise.
Robecology comments on Jul 31, 2020:
Hypocrisy. He wants to delay the election but not the opening of schools? Oh...and if he manages to succeed in delaying past 1/20/21, Nancy Pelosi will become president.
Have you heard about our lord and savior Smokey the bear?
Robecology comments on Jul 31, 2020:
Have YOU heard how tasty bear meat is?
A little misty Miami...
Robecology comments on Jul 31, 2020:
irrefuteable - undenyable - indisputable - TRUTH - the attestment to the - Validity & Veracity - ...
Robecology comments on Jul 31, 2020:
I think I read similar babble on the side of a bottle of Dr. Bronners soap, once...
Without An Expanding Universe, the Big Bang Is History.
Robecology comments on Jul 31, 2020:
I think there's been an infinite number of "big bangs" - and an infinite number of universes. - - - - - - We've discovered that we're not the center of the universe. We've discovered were not the only sun-planet system. We discovered that we're not the only planet likely to harbor life. I'm sure that we'll soon discover that "our" universe isn't the only one... And that it didn't "start 17 billion years ago...
Happy Friday! Share a pic of something that makes you happy!
Robecology comments on Jul 31, 2020:
The grandson...hyper, arrogant, mischievous, testy....but that's how kids learn, right? Right?
True words, and some still want to kill you!
Robecology comments on Jul 31, 2020:
I need some general advice.
Robecology comments on Jul 30, 2020:
Update July 30th. I siged on to a Rental company - Coldwell Banker Paradise in Ft. Pierce....(PM me if you want contact details) and they sent a person to evaluate the rental rate. It received a 3 star (out of 1-5) rating...but I'm closing in on a 4 star. I already had the popcorn ceiling replaced with "knock-down".. .I installed ceiling fans in the 2 BR's and LR, and just bought an induction cooksurface range and side-by-side-water-ice-in-door refrigerator. To go to a 5 star I need granite counters in the kitchen and a furniture update...and I'm working on that. Sorry about the image rotations -this has been a problem at Agnostic since May.
Is there any truth to the "drink more water" advice?
Robecology comments on Jul 29, 2020:
There's such a thing as excessive water...but that's extremely rare. It often occurs in marathon runners who are hydrating excessively. That being's better to err on the the side of excess than not enough. Our bodies are mostly water. 80-90%. It carries good stuff to cells, bad stuff out. Excessive keeps things moving. Not enough slows the process. I won't google the can do that....but I've known folk who are suffering - from dialysis patients to folks who died because they didn't hydrate enough. So go with the excess. IMO.
What do I need?
Robecology comments on Jul 28, 2020:
I, too, assumed I was ready....
“It is not by delusion, however exalted, that mankind can prosper, but only by unswerving courage ...
Robecology comments on Jul 28, 2020:
Or...maybe it is delusional? I see us turning a corner on prosperity here...truth be damned!
some cheesy humor for a change .... []
Robecology comments on Jul 28, 2020:
Has anyone noticed the price of ANY variety of Blue cheese is through the roof?
I’ve been furloughed , tomorrow is my first day back.
Robecology comments on Jul 28, 2020:
I'm in Ft. Pierce. Different community. It depends on lots of variables...Check this site out..very specific; Click the tiny tabs at the bottom for more data.
If hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world. ― Nikola Tesla
Robecology comments on Jul 28, 2020:
Here's my favorite meme on hate...
Dodo update. []
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
@EyesThatSmile Nope; won't spend money to read NG on the web. That said; their paper magazines are a treasure; I have bunches of those. Ir you can, copy and paste the article here? Check this out;
‘Stay away.
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
Best LOL of the article? "You know you’re becoming a pariah country when the Canadians go all “pardon the expression” on you."
Happy Monday! When do you get your oil changed?
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
Never. No fluids to change in a Tesla. In fact; 95% fewer moving parts.
Who's doing BBQ? - 16 hour mesquite smoked brisket with 50/50 Salt and Pepper rub.
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
Looks a bit dry...Hope I'm wrong!
I am still trying to figure this out.
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
In the United States, for example, women are more likely than men to say religion is “very important” in their lives (60% vs. 47%), according to a 2014 Pew Research Center survey. Why? Remember the vows of marriage is to "love, honor, and obey" there's that brain-washing going on. As Pew points out (in this link, below) ALL the prophets, ALL the god images are men. Dominant, outspoken, tough men. Marriage vows; even of those who do strictly non-religious ceremonies...still hint at the notion of "taking" a partner rather than sharing a lifetime together. The women of any - if not all - religions are painted as demure, passive, willing to be controlled and manipulated...and, for some, to be put on a pedestal and worshiped. So I'm guessing that - apparently - many women like this...they prefer it to being "independent" or pushing for equality. They like the inequality that the religious view takes....and - unfortunately - too many old fashioned/macho/religious men smile and accept this notion.
What are your feelings about cologne.
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
There's a lot of hype attached to a fragrance. A pricey bottle, housing a few pennies worth of plant extract and alcohol, properly marketed... Was/is liquid gold. The trick is to find a fragrance that makes you smile. That reminds you of something, or a time in your life. My favorite fragrances are lately - Bay Rum. Liz Taylor's "Passion". 4711. Realm, and Grey Flannel. Earlier in my life? English Leather. Canoe. Opium, Pi (Givenchy), Polo.
TRUMP'S FAVORITE PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON "My original convictions upon this subject have been ...
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
Not sure what you're referring to - Are you quoting Jackson?
Trolling some people think that trolling is disagreeing during a debate this is not trolling it is ...
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
I'm glad you differentiate between "trolling" and debating. I've said what you've said - often. Did you know that folk don't even comprehend where the term came from? It's not the mythical deformed creature who lives under bridges. It comes from the verb "to troll" or fish using bait that is easily taken...often by "suckers". A Troller will throw out "bait" (absurd comments that are easilly arguable) and wait for the "sucker" to bite. The key is - as you suggest - belittling. Debaters never do that. Trollers and those who are "caught" by trollers do. Name calling. Those who've experienced debate groups call it "ad hominen attacks. Here's a guide. I keep mine handy and refer to it often. Debate me? Anytime. Troll me? you're blocked.
Fantasy is what religion is all about...
Robecology comments on Jul 27, 2020:
To comprehend why there's religion in the first place, you have to know/learn the nature of humanity. We've come a long way...but the #religulous and the #Trumpsters prove we have a long, hard road to go. I'm sad for us....with global warming, pandemics, and other absurdities popping up....things don't look good for us.
New research puts the 'good guy with a gun' idea to rest: Loose concealed-carry laws are linked to ...
Robecology comments on Jul 26, 2020:
Good afternoon everyone! What's your favourite mixed drink?
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Bloody Mary; on the hot and spicy side. Any Vodka will do. Margarita, with a quality Tequila, fresh lemon, Triple sec and salt. Gin and Tonic with lime is good - if the gin is a quality gin.
The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
A great cartoon that illustrates this;
It’s time to take UFOs seriously.
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
@Phillip21 Even in the text of the article you referred is this; Sean Illing- "Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?" Alexander Wendt- "Well, it’s kind of like asking if somebody believes in God." Come on, Phillip. You're being very pseudo-scientific Do you know what the term "agnostic" means?
It’s time to take UFOs seriously.
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
U. Un identified. Not Alien. Not extra-terrestrial...just Unidentified. No. It's NOT time to take them seriously. Read a little bit of anything by Carl Sagan on UFO's. He spent many years with SETI....Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. He will tell you better than I can that we should NOT take UFO's seriously.
My 63-year-old sister died Friday morning of cancer, and I spent the day making calls to friends and...
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Sad and sorry...
If you wish to go fast, go alone. If you wish to go far, go together. African proverb.
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Slow and steady wins the race...Turtle strategy.
So basically, things that are haram on earth will become halal in heaven.
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
For you to even ask...makes us wonder...
On the benefits of high intensity in exercise.
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Remember; Dot com means they have a license to fabricate information that may not be scientifically accurate. They're trying to sell their of course they'll say that.
Jesus was gay?
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Although he had many men close to him, I honestly believe he not only was intimate with a woman, but bore children by her. The "Da Vinci Code" book by Brown suggested the woman Mary Magdalen bore children fathered by Jesus that carried on the blood line to the present day - and The "Da Vinci Code' provoked a popular interest in speculation concerning the Holy Grail legend and Mary Magdalene's role in the history of Christianity. Mary allegedly was the key person to help remove his body from the cross, and bury him in a tomb...but oppression of women blocked her testiment in the bible. In fact; there's no text written by any women in the bible. The book has, however, been extensively denounced by many Christian denominations as an attack on the Catholic Church, and consistently criticized for its historical and scientific inaccuracies. But the book is a great read...strongly suggested!!
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2020:
Don't feel so badly, or be so negative. Look at it this 'committed" to making a relationship public, in a ceremony. You tried really hard. And you wisely got out when things turned sour. I applaud your efforts - and I've been there, myself; 4 marriages...3 divorces. (The first one I became single due to her passing from Cancer at a very young age). So don't think you have much to are who you are...good and bad...pretty much set in your ways. You've kept your health and made it to "maturity" so good for you. You are wise. You made wise decisions at the time. Assume that much.


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront condo in the background!
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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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