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How many of you have watched intercourse between human an animal?
Robecology comments on May 9, 2020:
There's social intercourse, and there's sexual intercourse. What four letter word, ends in K and implies "intercourse" T. A. L K.
“Judge nothing, you will be happy.
Robecology comments on May 9, 2020:
I have that and other wonderful epithets in a meme...
Peacock display today! (Walking freely in the Brickell area)
Robecology comments on May 9, 2020:
They are loud...and they do poop all over....They remind me of our president...
Some memes I stole off Twitter tending under TrumpIsTheKindOfGuyWho....
Robecology comments on May 9, 2020:
Here's my latest find. I'm stealing the one on the right...please...take any of mine and share!
Giant Inflatable Ice Cream Sandwich
Robecology comments on May 9, 2020:
Alcohol does that...
Perhaps, maybe...
Robecology comments on May 9, 2020:
Caffeine can be overdosed...easy does it, @Merseyman1!
Happy Friday! What is your favourite fruit, and how do you like to eat it?
Robecology comments on May 8, 2020:
Berries. Pineapples. Apples. Oranges. Bananas. All good...better with greek Yogurt and splenda....even better with protein powder, even better with some coffee and granola. A standard lunch for me.
Freeze warnings past Mother's Day!! Unheard of here in the Miami Valley.
Robecology comments on May 8, 2020:
If you're still in a Greenhouse you're smarter than most! Kudos on the greenhouse use!
Round Two with Joe Rogan - AI/Human Symbiosis within 5 years and the Covid Crisis. []
Robecology comments on May 8, 2020:
Excellent interview. Now I know why he's willing to sit and chat with Rogan....articulate, fast-talking....gets to the dirt inside Musk's mind fast... I'm sharing this with my Tesla group. For those of you who want the latest on Tesla, slide the view bar to the last orange info about the Cybertruck and Roadster....
Next-door neighbor is observed taking up mulch he put down two years ago and placing it in recycling...
Robecology comments on May 8, 2020:
I bet by the time I'm commenting on this that it's been raked in to that beautiful lawn. It will not only make your lawn happier but raise your land level ( reducing flooding possibilities) and reduce weeds.
Morning rituals.
Robecology comments on May 8, 2020:
Nailed it!
He is not that bad, surely - or is he? 😁 πŸ˜‚
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
It's hard not to "like" this...but we need a more empathetic view. This isn't funny - it's sad...and reflects on our thinking. He's a sick man. A troubled man. A misguided man. A wealthy man who's clearly abused his wealth. But we need to not "hate" him nor want him "dead" or "hurt"....we need to talk with the Trumpster to persuade them that he's not who they think he is.
Happy Thursday! I have a tricksy question today! When’s censorship warranted?
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
I watched an interview, back in the 80's (I believe) with Jacques Costeau and Fidel Castro...and developed a better understanding of "Communist censorship". Costeau was being his usual diplomatic self, when he asked Fidel "why do you like to have such a strong "grip" on the decisions of your people"....and Fidel's answer floored me.... The people are my children. They are not so well "disciplined" so I need to be "fatherly" to them. Simple, logical. It frightened me with the sense it made. I found the video...go to the 25 minute segment to see the discussion Costeau had with Castro to get their exact words and tones.
When do stars in their corresponding sequences appear to behave like a swarming flock of birds?
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
Starlings are prodigious...but aggressive. It's a good thing they like to eat pest insects...because they also have a habit of chasing away shyer, less aggressive species... All the European Starlings in North America descended from 100 birds set loose in New York's Central Park in the early 1890s. The birds were intentionally released by a group who wanted America to have all the birds that Shakespeare ever mentioned. Most American birders have little respect for them... Here's that star diagram you're referring to...
Prove me wrong.
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
Forbes is becoming "sensationalist". This might be true of many outspoken Americans....but it isn't true of the rest of the world. (see the link, below, for data). What we have is a post war population boom. The **deaths** from wars and crime **are declining**. Not dramatically...but steadily. T**here's more people employed.** The **average worker salary is going up.** The situation in America is unique. Big business (i.e. the wealthy of America) saw the tightening economy coming when they "went overseas for cheap labor" and the government not only didn't stop gave them "loopholes" and subtle incentives. general; -the world economy is stagnating...but not declining. -more are employed than ever -there's less starvation and better distribution of food than ever. -Americans are getting fatter and lazier...while the rest of the world is catching up. and all nations - except Americans...are living longer. (see graph) But having said that - the rich are getting richer. The poor are getting poorer. We are suffering economic class separation. Us true agnostics love facts.
ok but we are the ones who have demons.kl
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
What bothers me is that there's some real smart folk out there who are also #religulous. I guess the fear of death along with the need to imagine a better, imaginary world is still strong? Only 16 per cent of people worldwide are not religious, but this still equates to approximately 1.2 billion individuals who find it difficult to reconcile the ideas of religion with what they know about the world. I love fellow Agnostics. Thank you for asking questions and demanding facts...
Good Morning Everyone! Happy Thursday! I'd like to thank everyone who participated in Zoom Chat ...
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
Oops...intended to join involved in buying a rental condo in my community....sorry.
A quick question: what can I substitute for Matzoh meal?
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
Interesting story behind Matzoh/Matzo...the first "unleavened" (not fluffed up by either chemicals nor yeast) bread.
Yesterday in Iowa in B&W.
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
Nice detail! Has an "Ansel Adams/Clyde Butcher" feel to it...
How the church sees you when your with a believer.
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
Yea...and agnostics see you pretty much the same's just not a wise match-up...
It's just science
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
The burns...
Back to the project that started last year.
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
Things look dry there....Oregon's coast is famous for being wet...where are you - I'm guessing inland?
Yeah, keep your nose to yourself.
Robecology comments on May 7, 2020:
And keep your F'ing eyebrows out of this!
My apologies....
Robecology comments on May 6, 2020:
If you've ever been a teacher - you've met the future Trump supporters. They were bright...but arrogant. They often thought they "knew it all". They were the worst, the most "problematic" in school.... ...and ridiculing them doesn't work. In fact; it hardens their resolve. It doesn't make them makes them more determined to be rebellious. So take it from me....a 45 year retired teacher. This banter is charming...but if you want to get through to to a #Trumpster you have to be "empathetic". They're ignorant - but righteous. Very convinced (as most of the religious we know) that their POV is right. And if we don't "win" them over...we are going to be stuck with another 4 years...and possibly longer - of the Trump-#religulous- conservative rule in America. Watch and share this on FB....please. They're decent folk who are just profoundly ignorant.
Can't spell but.....
Robecology comments on May 6, 2020:
Sharing on my "Language abuse and bad speling" page!
Attached is a picture of my tomato plants today.
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
Remember; if you don't trim them back that means more stems...less fruit. That's why farmers actually send laborers out in to the fields every few weeks - to pinch back the stem growth and push fruit! Notice these are short, but very fruit-filled!
Marked in my calender already....
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
I'm on my 3rd dozen of this buttion...and I've given away two countdown clocks already...
I need some general advice.
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
Update (Tuesday, May 6th. PM) The loan is started. The closing is the end of this month. If any of you want a place (2-2) to stay a few hundred feet from the beach, inside a gated community....PM me. I'm not sure what the going renter's rate is now; but I do know that the unit I have will be one of the few for rent by the week inside of OV....
Right now, I am once again gathering my treasures to decide on how to disperse them.
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
Cook books are quickly losing their value - as are books, in general. If you have any signed books...then post them on Ebay; I think I have two; one by an oriental chef (Yan?) one by the author of Pooh Corner (Milne?) who made a small "honey" cook book back in the 70's. I’ve been donating the rest to goodwill and to the humane society that runs a “goodwill/thrift” store nearby.
Once again, Elon Musk comes through with the right tool for the job.
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
Interesting story behind those 'flamethrowers.... 1. They were technically not flame-throwers. They were technically roofing heat guns. He actually had to write on the outside of the packaging "not a flamethrower" in order to be able to ship them. 2. Elon did it as a lark to raise money for the "boring company" and sold all 10,000 of them out in a hefty $500 each (which Musk said was almost all profit).
πŸ’•Betty WhiteπŸ’•
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
Love Betty!
Tunnel vision.
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
The art of people folding
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
...and when I googled it (I noticed that the spelling seemed odd) I found out that there's two different Jiu Jitsu's...a Ju Jitsu not to be confused with Jiu Jitsu!!
I need some general advice.
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020:
Thank you all. To Herb; yes; point taken...this might be a bad time to buy any properties for investment...the prices could drop further. This place went on the market last September at over $200k...and they sold to me for $160k. I might get stuck with an empty home for a while...but the population is still growing...and this home is a budget price compared to others in this community. My question to Roy; good point about the logic of this loan outlasting me...but does that mean that those who follow me will be indebted to pay it off? Question to Ann; I so wanted to go with my C.U....but the loan officer kept making errors....I'm just not comfortable with her comments and "dropping the ball" (she literally told me "no loan" because CU's dont' do investment loans. I had to call her up to ask alternatives). She never told me about the "no need to even pay back" feature... To Paula; I concur about the need for low monthly payments...15 year loan = near $1000 a month. 30 year = $600 a month. Good suggestion. To Eric; I love the Condo I'm in now. I had my eye on Condos within my development (Ocean Village - OV) and no 2-2's were offered until this one - so they took my low offer (above) and now I'm about to get a loan for it. So to your observation...I concur; we are heading towards a depression. I might end up paying a mtg on a home that goes unrented for a while. It's a risky business...but the lady -friend also might buy in to it to move closer to me...she's 120 miles south...but has a very good job that's actually paying her stay home. But good points. Thanks.
Elon's best interview in my experience. []
Robecology comments on May 5, 2020: shows us what a calm, thoughtful person Elon is. I hope Bill Maher interviews him soon.
Some people just aren't taking this pandemic seriously enough, time to up the ante.
Robecology comments on May 4, 2020:
Here's my go-to source for info. Great interactive graphs and maps. The peak of the curve is - in the US, at least, coming to its peak...perhaps this week.
Evangelical fundamentalists who openly defied social distancing guidelines are dying of COVID-19 | ...
Robecology comments on May 4, 2020:
Evolution - it works.
Happy Monday! So the Pentagon admitted to seeing objects that they cannot identify flying through ...
Robecology comments on May 4, 2020:
There is absolutely no logic to the theory that an alien E.T. would travel light-years (which even if a clone or robot could go 1/1000 the speed of light that would be 186,000 miles per hour; That's 51.67 miles per second). And with the nearest star being 4.5 LY away; that would mean, even at that incredible speed...they would take 4,500 years to get here. Let's assume they figured out how to travel the speed of light. That's still 4.5 years...from the nearest star to earth. And scientists now suggest that the nearest planet that might have harbored any life at all (described as 'Earth like") is 80 LY away. That implies that if they had left their planet in 1940, in June....they are still not here yet...and that's going the speed of light. (186,000 miles per second). So Let's give up the consideration that there's ET's visiting us? It would be far smarter for them to call first. And even a call from the 80 LY away "earth-like" planet...if it started in 1940...won't be here yet. And it would take us 80 years to send them back a we heard that they said "hi" in a few weeks...and we said "hi" back....they wouldn't get the message until the year 2100. Watch the movie "Contact" to see the most logical way any alien race would even contact us to begin with. It assumes that the "Einstein-Rosen-bridge" or "wormhole" theory is correct....and we have no way to test that.
NOT wearing a MASK in public during a pandemic makes you a RUSSIAN ROULETTE BIOTERRORIST.
Robecology comments on May 4, 2020:
I wouldn't give them that much credit. They're just profoundly ignorant... I call these deniers the MacArthur Wheelers of the world...
Let's see them wiggle out of this one.
Robecology comments on May 4, 2020:
More memes attacking the absurdity and hypocrisy....
While you are in lock down you may have time for a laugh.
Robecology comments on May 4, 2020:
Funny one about the Seagulls...I heard someone once describe them as "flying rats"...and it fits! I'll be sharing this video on FB...thanks!
How did you learn to read?
Robecology comments on May 3, 2020:
I can recall when I developed a love for was watching my mother not being able to put a book down. I honestly think it's generational...if your parents "loved to read" you often do...and the love will be passed on.
Red Bull Magic.
Robecology comments on May 2, 2020:
I'd like to know the chemistry of these experiments. The turning of a wooden hammer handle to rubber in seconds? Not likely.
the problem isn't the lockdown, the problem is income inequality.
Robecology comments on May 2, 2020:
You're right...but you're preaching to the choir. We need to get laws changed...
[] Pompeii recycled
Robecology comments on May 2, 2020:
Sharing this to my Ecology page!
When I die, as we all must, I hope for peace: maybe even a dreamless sleep as the Buddhist's yearn ...
Robecology comments on May 2, 2020:
My go-to meme on dying. By the famous Agnostic/Atheist/Scientist Richard Dawkins.
Will protecting 30 percent of Earth prevent the extinction crisis? | Science News
Robecology comments on May 2, 2020:
...and that's only land species - and our "earth" was should be called planet "Ocean".
Happy Saturday! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, so most of my day will be spent out in my ...
Robecology comments on May 2, 2020:
I moved to a Condo in '15....and the thing i missed most was my involvement with plants. ) I gardened often at the old home...(1st pic of me gardening...sorry it's rotated incorrectly). so I was sorely missing my hands in the to speak. (2nd pic of my feeble attempt at growing orchids). I eventually found two gardens that welcomed volunteers; a local "commemorative" garden (3rd image) with all sorts of named and dedicated walkway stones...and a public "Botanical Garden" about 15 minutes from my home. Thirst quenched. Hey Agnostic #Admin... what's with the poor rotation of the images? None are like that in my album!
Hey everyone, I'd love to get your opinion here.
Robecology comments on May 2, 2020:
The "White" sub-species (technically sub because it's been well known for a while now that we're all one species) are allegedly from the "Caucasus mountain range of Northern Turkey and southern Russia. There were few "Jewish" people - if any go with #FrayedBear's comments..."Who gives a brass razoo?" (that's a new one to me...but I get the gist....) My grandfather on my mother's side came from this region, as well...and he was jewish.
As has happened for me several times before on here, this past week, not one, but this time two ...
Robecology comments on May 2, 2020:
I find a lot of attractve young "players" on WWF...who suddenly disappear. I even got my first bribe email suggesting they've "watched and filmed me" and demanding bitcoin for be careful out there...
[] Definition of Liberal. Agree/Disagree?
Robecology comments on May 1, 2020:
I have two memes that I keep handy - that are JFK's and Eleanor Roosevelt's explanations of "Liberalism".
We've lost all sense of logic and our innovation.
Robecology comments on May 1, 2020:
What do you mean "we"? There's all sorts of folk out there - the ones who seem to sacrifice the sanity and morality seem far more like Trump supporters than Trump haters. The eloquence, the wisdom, the sophistication of Obama made us proud - even those who harbored some racial biases - to have such an articulate, considerate president. This person who holds the office now - what a sad, sorry example of an allegedly rich person. The point of getting rid of Trump is to get someone in the office with wisdom, maturity, and honesty. Trump's obviously lacking in those features.
Happy Friday Everybody! What are your thoughts on cannabis?
Robecology comments on May 1, 2020:
I've been a user...never an abuser....up until just a few years ago...and I started in the mid 60's fresh out of college. I quit for two reasons; #1; When you are young - it's OK to be ravenously hungry and unforgiveably, foolishly forgetful. When you're's called Obesity and Dimentia. The fun just went away. #2. Blood pressure and pulse changes. I'm now on two different blood pressure meds...and one time when stoned I took my BP...then retook it...then took it again...and that did it for me.
The perfect sport during COVID-19
Robecology comments on May 1, 2020:
Isn't that were we get Touché from? Borrowed from French touché, past participle of toucher (“to touch”). More at touch.
I have been trying to identify this bird for longer than I want to admit. Anybody familiar?
Robecology comments on May 1, 2020:
The Merlin Bird ID calls it a Magnolia Warbler...
I have finally been able to emotionally and intellectually say that I give up on dating.
Robecology comments on May 1, 2020:
You are not alone. Now the thing to do is realize how you can run your own program, cook and clean when you decide it’s time, and etc. You’re finally dong everything just for yourself...which can be very uplifting. It’s time to fall in love with yourself.
Interesting perspective .
Robecology comments on Apr 30, 2020:
The last paragraph in the article is so important; "The path is clear. The way to defeat Trump is to raise turnout among traditional non-voters. To do that, Democrats not only have to fight for mail-in ballots but also articulate an affirmative vision for the future that speaks to the needs of working class people of all races."
Why MDMA Sex Feels So Good []
Robecology comments on Apr 29, 2020:
You can do drugs to alter sex...but why try to alter the normal chemistry of your body? Why are you afraid to try for "natural" ecstasy? Do you find it too difficult to achieve?
More pictures taken from a train.
Robecology comments on Apr 29, 2020:
The fourth one....showing the uplifted flat rocks deposited eons ago....magnificent.
Impossible not to read this in Rod Serling's voice
Robecology comments on Apr 29, 2020:
Brilliant writing. I loved Rod and followed his stories closely. He died before his 51st birthday...if you look at this image of him on his "Wiki" page you see why.
They just might have a shot with the MAGA crowd
Robecology comments on Apr 28, 2020:
LOL...shared on FB...
I have sent out Zoom invitations to anyone who expressed interest.
Robecology comments on Apr 27, 2020:
Thanks...but couldn't figure out how to sign in.
Conservative Christians rebelling against the virus...
Robecology comments on Apr 27, 2020:
The want armegeddon....badly...
Pump your lizard.
Robecology comments on Apr 27, 2020:
Head bobbing? Here you go!
How Trump supporters sound, trying to make sense of what he said
Robecology comments on Apr 27, 2020:
Something very far away but very strange. []
Robecology comments on Apr 27, 2020:
NBD...we have to stop even being concerned about these. The nearest star with planets is 4.5 light years away. If we could go one thousandth the speed of light...186,000 miles per hour - - that would be 3,100 miles per second.... we wouldn't reach the nearest star...for 4,500 years. Please. Enough about fantasizing about "other earths".
I live near a lake that is a regional vacation spot, normally the place is vacant this time of ...
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
This might be a good thing...
The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. - Carl Sagan
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
If you like Carl's work; I strongly recommend the book first, then the movie, "Contact".
About right,,right along with instant
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
Sorry all you Caffeine purists...I'm a half-decaf kinda guy...the pure stuff was giving me a hyper high and then a groggy crash....and wasn't the sugar....I'm off that too. Now I can sustain on the mild high...then catch that late afternoon nap when the AM half-caf buzz wears off. You don't have to suffer with "brown water". I mix my decaf with Hazelnut and/or other flavored coffees, sometimes dark french roast, sometimes just plain milk nor cream.
There have been a number of news reports lately about farmers who have had to destroy surplus ...
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
As a retired science and health teacher I applaud your comment and concur 100%. This might be a good thing for the whole world;
Hi Everyone! I just opened up Trivia to everyone at any level.
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
I've never used "zoom" but - I hear it's useful....I'm in!
Working towards a more sustainable future is a state of mind, one we need more of if we are to ...
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
Love my Tesla!
Working towards a more sustainable future is a state of mind, one we need more of if we are to ...
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
Nice! Sharing on my Tesla page!
This vine is trying to suffocate the tree! (today's walk)
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
The vine has no "intention" to suffocate - it's called an "Advantitious symbiosis" where one plant survives and thrives based on taking advantage of another. I don't think there's any evidence of the trees dying from the's to the parasite's advantage to keep the host alive. Here's an image of a tree that I posted recently that has a famous habit of literally "strangling" trees that it vines around....but it's evolution makes it work because it only attacks mature or old trees. I'm also sharing an image of a palm tree that ends up being a symbiotic home for certain species of ferns. It happens often in nature. Post edit; something's not right with the picture uploads...they're being "rotated"....they're right-side-up in my collection.
You had one job.Fail.
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
Wow - these are funny!! Gotta wonder how many were done intentionally....
[] food for thought during these mad times
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
Why? Why Is Preparation Considered Problematic?
25 April 2020 - Diet Diary - Not quite as good a day today but not bad.
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
I finally did it..I broke in to the 142 pound range. I've been cruising along at 143-144 for months...Yesterday I finally had a "hungry" day...resisted the M&M's...and weighed 142.8 this AM.. Thanks in part to your inspiration!
πŸŸπŸœπŸ”πŸŽπŸ° So my little food bank project is going well.
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
This is amazing. I hope you're documenting what you're doing. Take pics. You don't have to include faces... just you giving stuff to neighbors... .this is big-time're being a real hero.
Happy Sunday, Everyone! It's pose your own question day!
Robecology comments on Apr 26, 2020:
OK...take out your magic ball....I'm asking you to predict the future. I saw this on Colbert the other night....and wow...I don't know whether to be delighted or frightened. Watch it first, please; before commenting. This is huge.
Now that's one mean disease!
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
Called #Covfefe19 in Denmark; The artist's name is on the upper right...
play on macduff []
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
Do take our president's advice!
Happy Saturday! What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
A recent costly lesson was charging my Tesla to the max. Two battery swaps later...I finally learned my warns us..."charging battery to full capacity could shorten battery life"...but I guess I didn't pay attention....
Strawberries and blueberries on sale this week.
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
For a high protein snack, mix them in with some fat-free greek yogurt...add some pecans or
Got a fever from COVID-19? There's a prescription for that. You need more...
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
"I don't know...I think it needs more cow bell".....LOL!
Why So Many People Seem to Hate Christianity It’s not about hatred or prejudice.
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
May I recommend a dose of Mrs Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian? She has a great series of youtube videos that just make you smile...
A piece of vintage Bowie.
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
Sadly; the article is 7 years old.. in Music | April 3rd, 2013.....but he was avant-garde. He was a smoker....cancer took him far too soon...
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
Those ones with the tiny hairs....take care...I think they're capable of stinging.! This "puss" (stinging) caterpillar reminds me faintly of the hair on our POTUS' head...
blanket octopus []
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
Amazing nature; The most amazing thing I've ever seen about Octopi is that when -not if - when- all the mammals of the sea die off....guess who's positioned to not only dominate sea life; but evolve forms that can live on land? has been trying to achieve eradication of loneliness since its inception: []
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
After 4 wives, 2 kids...I'm finally "lonely"...and loving it!
Trump really did suggest (in this clip) that we could inject bleach or alcohol to kill the virus - ...
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
I keep reading that "he wasn't serious". Did anyone seriously catch any tone of sarcasm? I'm afraid his ignorance...and those of his defenders and followers...runs deep....
24 April, 2020 - Diet Diary - Made it 3 days now.
Robecology comments on Apr 25, 2020:
You're an inspiration...keep at it!
Your sign says no but your PPE says yes
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
He's a pseudo-liberator?
@Robecology has just started an hilarious new group - g:1157 Made my fray!
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
Good one, @FrayedBear!
@Robecology has just started an hilarious new group - g:1157 Made my fray!
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
And made my week weak! And now I know - no! Thanks for the boost, @FrayedBear...and; If you notice any funny signs, any weird spellings, any quirks in our language - - please, share! P.S.; I'm thinking of changing image logos; Tell me which one you prefer?
I think they should pay me.
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
EV's. It's not an if. It's when.
Happy Friday! What are movie quotes you use on a regular basis?
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
Ah....I see you favor one of my all-time favorites; that word...
That sounds about right.
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
...and did you listen to the rant of the pro-Liberation-so-what-if-some-die Mayor?
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
Saw this on Maddow (MSNBC) last night. Wow.
"During the Vietnam War, which lasted longer than any war we've ever been in - and which we lost - ...
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
Kurt wasn't just a good writer; he might be considered one of the best writers in modern history. Vonnegut had been writing about his war experiences at Dresden ever since he returned from the war, but had never been able to write anything acceptable to himself or his publishers—Chapter 1 of Slaughterhouse-Five tells of his difficulties. Released in 1969, the novel rocketed Vonnegut to fame. It tells of the life of Billy Pilgrim, who like Vonnegut was born in 1922 and survives the bombing of Dresden. The story is told in a non-linear fashion, with many of the story's climaxes—Billy's death in 1976, his kidnapping by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore nine years earlier, and the execution of Billy's friend Edgar Derby in the ashes of Dresden for stealing a teapot—disclosed in the story's first pages. In 1970, he was also a correspondent in Biafra during the Nigerian Civil War. Slaughterhouse-Five received generally positive reviews, with Michael Crichton writing in The New Republic, "he writes about the most excruciatingly painful things. His novels have attacked our deepest fears of automation and the bomb, our deepest political guilts, our fiercest hatreds and loves. No one else writes books on these subjects; they are inaccessible to normal novelists." The book went immediately to the top of The New York Times Best Seller list. Vonnegut's earlier works had appealed strongly to many college students, and the antiwar message of Slaughterhouse-Five resonated with a generation marked by the Vietnam War. He later stated that the loss of confidence in government that Vietnam caused finally allowed for an honest conversation regarding events like Dresden. If you have some time; this study of Vonnegut, is, in itself...a great story.
reopen []
Robecology comments on Apr 24, 2020:
I found a similarly funny one...


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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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