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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!


florida, Florida, FLORIDA... [nbcnews.com]
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Not fair to pick on Florida for this horror story. https://images.app.goo.gl/ypduVCSe7oDYsMhe8
Why can’t they both agree??
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Cute "jokes" and play on the "poetry" of "heartstrings" and keeping your "Mind" in control over your "heart"...but as resident scientist I just tell you the truth; Emotional signals in the brain are felt throughout the body—in the gut, in the heart, in the head, in the neck, and so on. ... But.... Most scientists believe that the control center of emotions in the brain is the limbic system, consisting of the amygdala, the hippocampus, and other structures in the mid-brain. The Science Behind Emotional Intelligence - HRD Press www.hrdpress.com/site/html/includes/items/SBEI.html OK...now...how about songs that have "heart" in the title....I'll start..."I left my heart in San Francisco".....and....go....
Indoor plants, not garden nor edible but .... Y'all I may have a problem.... or is it an addiction?...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Nothing wrong with an addiction to orchids. It takes special attention; not over nor under watering....just the right amount of light....I used to have many - then I moved...I can't grow them here....too close to the beach? Not sure why...I'm on the shady side of the building....the patio gets too hot in summer? Anyway....kudos on your collection!
Look at what is wrong with the pic. Dumbfuck does not have an issue with his wife and daughter. ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Those shots of Melania and Ivanka were photoshopped...they never wore clothing like that....but there is a great deal of hypocrisy in the WH... https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/melania-trump-ivanka-trump-wearing-transparent-shirts/?_ga=2.103672518.752060772.1554842101-901772509.1554834141
?️. Anyone seen my top?
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
She sure reminds me of "eye candy" Kaley Cuoco? https://www.thewrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/kaley.jpg
[youtu.be], Abraham, Martin and John
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: BeP8vd7R-iGpn0nV)...but Let me try this link... https://youtu.be/a5hFMy4pTrs
This is my Muscovy Waterfowl who came to swim around in the pond, and didn't leave. When it rains ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Muscovy's are, in fact, pushing out many native species of not just ducks, but many waterfowl like herons and egrets. Their wastes carry the psiticosis egg and larvae (swimmers itch). Their agressive nesting habits and friendliness to humans helps them speed their spread. They're considered a pest here in Florida; better to not feed them. Oh...and they are "huntable" and edible. Muscovy Duck Problems | Florida Department of Health in Lee lee.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/environmental.../muscovy-ducks.html
Today's cheese has a different flavor! ????
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I think I recall hearing that the "flat earth society" got started just a few years ago when a bunch of Nerds wanted to take advantage of the obvious gullibility of so many out there. So they posted some pseudo-documentation - kind of in the vein of #Religulousity ...and voila...the "Flat earth society" was a thing. There's a sucker born every second.... http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock
Bill Maher [youtu.be]
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
So true! Sharing on FB...
Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot are fabulous. But to you have any photos of beautiful girls in Wonder ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Hot, fit, attractive!
Could increased air pollution change the color of the sky?.......
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I think it's not a matter of could...remember; Mars atmosphere now (and ours billions of years ago) is tinted red from the high CO2. it's a matter of degrees and types of pollution. Even "light" itself is considered a pollutant... https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/HCXCQB2fRoVCfr8WqkzPNJ-970-80.jpg
EROTIC, SEXY, CLASSY ... were her names!
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I have a very similar framed shot of her on my wall...Good find!
When someone you've never met asks if you want to meet at the restaurant or meet somewhere else and ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Meet at a restaurant? What's wrong with that? Meeting to share a ride...now that's a different story.
Photos that look like glitches. I saw this link today of interesting photographs and thought I ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Wow; such imagination and creativity! Kudos, @ATDayHiker!
In ancient Greece, pederasty was promoted, why? Was Aristotle correct? He claimed that the Cretan...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Once humans became organized and started large, successful communities, they saw the first signs of "excessive growth"...from an overcrowded cave, or an over-used "latrine" or any communal growth that saw that "moving" wasn't a viable solution - population control was an issue. The history of condom use is almost funny; first evolving to slow the growth of camel herds in the middle east. The science of condom use is less than 200 years old...as is diaphragm use. The use of "castration" both as a punishment and as a way to keep boys choir voices high is documented. I've never heard of this alleged claim that Aristotle - or the ancient greeks - promoted pederasty. Perhaps you can share links? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_condoms
Good morning! There are some parts of my body I would like to just take off and put aside when ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Nope...not an issue with me. Weird question. I remember seeing in "Gataca" a surgery performed to lengthen one's legs..and make him "taller' - that would have been considered when I was younger...
[alternet.org] 21 Facts that explain who Stephen Miller, 31, Trump's unofficial immigration czar ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
yep...sick pup...but one of the longest non-family members to stay on with DJT...he never got "you're fired"....he won the admiration of DJT much more than any of his other staff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Miller_(political_advisor).
Here is another article from a few months ago that helps to explain the psychology behind Trump ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
Whenever this topic comes up i share this cartoon video. It's very polite to the Trump supporter...very empathetic. It's also quite fact-driven....watch, and share. We're obligated to help the Trump supporter - regardless of how hard-headed they seem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9R6jgE7SQ
Is it wrong to be in love with being in love?
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
Be sure to define like vs love in your mind. Be sure to know the difference if you want to keep your mental health.
Turned on Newsy for the first time in days, found my searing hatred of trump has not wained any. ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
I keep saying this. We have to focus very hard and very strongly on voting him out. I recommend you buy a dozen of these; wear them on your cap or visor. If someone comments in a positive way....give them the pin. Pin wearing is a subtle yet strong commitment strategy. Buy 'em, wear 'em, share 'em. We must soundly defeat him in 2020. https://dqzrr9k4bjpzk.cloudfront.net/images/10483604/580654734.jpg
Interesting that America could accept a gay president before an atheist president. A gay atheist ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
The Republican pseudo-Christians will tear him up in the debates...saying "he can't possibly be Christian and gay at the same time". I don't forsee him making it as a candidate nominee yet...he's got to be brave enough to shed the "Christian" thing...
[yahoo.com] Saturday Night Live nailed the problem of Joe Biden's touchy feelyness. Will this ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
If Biden's cool and fights fire with fire - bringing up DJT women-abusing style whenever his abuse is pointed out - it might work. I'm skeptical. Waiting for the debates.
Hahahahaha! 😄 At it's most basic, this is true!
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
Or making eggs more palatable by mixing them with milk and powdered plant seeds...then baking? The reference is totally unique, and a funny way to look at it! Of course we need bubbles in our bread; either by yeast farts or Sodium bicarbonate bubbles...
I've read posts by several ladies on this site who have made various comments about their "FWB." My ...
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
It's a fine line between "paying for it" and "dating someone who's ____ maintenance. " Women don't want to be labeled "hooker" or "whore" (as far as I know) - but they accept "funding"...and if you are generous, sometimes their offers of sensuality are - while not in "direct payment" for "favors" - kind of become that in some sense. Again; it's a fine line. Maybe we need more research among the women of Nevada who "do it" for "pay" and are rather successful at it. https://qz.com/779415/moonlite-bunny-ranch-revealed-what-its-like-to-work-as-a-legal-prostitute-in-nevada/
I'm here in N.W. Puerto Rico right now. The devastation is still obvious....sections of roadway ...
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
Hi fellow agnostic/atheist/free-thinkers who are following Puerto Rico's "solar" movement....and thank you, again, for your encouragement. My dear friend, Thomas Meyer, is a humble apartment owner He cleans his whole linen stock himself....using water that's turned on every other day, 1 washing machine, and lots of clothespins! I made a new friend; CEO of a solar company - Robert W. Hyde, who's actually teaching certification classes to native P.R. folk (men and women)....and making all his low cost "Solar Libre" installations professional and safe. Below is a picture of him conducting class to get several young men and women in P.R. Solar installation-certified. Tom and Bob are generous and gold-hearted to a fault. Please, email Tom or Bob, or at least go to "Solar Libre" on Facebook...and "follow thier posts. Tom and Bob, and Tom's son Walter, who got this off the ground 2 years ago....are being modern day - non-religious, saints.
Nikola Tesla, Serbian inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer...
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
I've read several stories about him. Quite a genius. He actually foresaw cell phones...in 1926... "...We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face..." The whole quote, here; https://bigthink.com/words-of-wisdom/nikola-tesla-2
American heritage of freedom and equality.
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
Gotta give it to the Superman comic series...they were for "the American way" in a very open-minded, empathetic way....
Saw this on Facebook thought it was a cool statement so Sharing it here
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
A theme that has been around for decades is "Teach Tolerance" by the Southern Poverty law center" https://www.splcenter.org/teaching-tolerance
The edge of an infinite universe [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
What amazes me is that there's so many names, so many labels, and so many diagrams outlining what the shape of our universe is. He lost me in the first minute....and he could be talking about "compactification" and "hologram surfaces" "Teselation" and other terms...and laughing at our - or at least my - gullibility.
He followed me to work.
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
It's the larval or "instar" stages of the Lubber Grasshopper... https://www.agefotostock.com/age/en/Stock-Images/eastern-lubber-grasshopper.html
As a none teacher I would like to ask a question if I may, this issue came up in a post on another ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
And here's what's going on in Puerto Rico... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlIV9HjHgoY
As a none teacher I would like to ask a question if I may, this issue came up in a post on another ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
@FernApple In the last 45 years, science has made leaps and bounds. The internet was born. AIDS/HIV has been brought under control. We've discovered a lot of what we use, and even breathe, causes cancer; so we're eating a lot wiser, taking smarter meds. So in general, education has kept up with science and progress. Climate change is another matter. Most are like the classic "Frog in warm water"....that....as the water heats up....they just sit there...and cook. We're naive because we see posters, we sense record heat days, but we don't put them together to see the future very well. Now, having said that; I'm a proud Tesla owner. I feel the EV revolution is happening. Wind farms are popping up. I'm in P.R. right now helping a solar power for the common man incentive....so there are baby steps happening that prove that folk are taking science and applying it to our changing world. I'm optimistic. I think we'll fix climate shift, and end fossil fuel use sooner rather than later. But I could be wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Jg1IJ68_g
5 April 2019 - Diet Diary - No report for today, got really busy with moving stuff into the cabinets...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
"Keeping your hands out of the fridge"...so much easier said than done! It sounds like the cabinet making is keeping you busy.... I'm in Puerto Rico...no scale here...so I have to judge by how I feel, how I fit my clothes...I've been eating a lot...but being a lot more active. I'll be home in Ft. Pierce this time tomorrow....we'll see how I did....
Good morning all. I love these colors don't you? After 5 inches of snow yesterday its a sloppy ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
@SassyGirl3869 ; That image is surreal. Details? Where? Time of day?
Dark mood to start the day.
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
Dawkins has the answer for dark moods... http://godlessmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Richard-Dawkins-014.png
May your week be filled with?❤?
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
Nice!!! May all your wishes for us reflect back on you!
Good Saturday morning! I hope all of you will have a great weekend! Chuck and I have a lot of ...
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
I'm coming to the end of a "work-vacation" in Puerto Rico. Old friend Tom Meyers retired to several apartments in Jobos beach, N.W. Puerto Rico...and then Maria hit. It's been nearly 2 years...and the devastation is still evident; down wires, washed out roads...even the water here at Tom's apartments is only on every other day...but thanks to his son's efforts, Tom has a huge solar array on the roof...and serious solar batteries in the ground floor. I go home late tonight...but it's been an eye-opening vacation! I'm also attaching the video that highlights what's been going on here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlIV9HjHgoY
After waking up so early I need a giant coffee??
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
The folk here at Tom's apartments at Jobos beach (Isabella, Puerto Rico) like their coffee straight and strong....and I'm a half-decaf kinda guy...so I'm dealing with faster than usual pulse, a hyper-ish feeling...and a crash in the afternoon. Looking forward to getting home tomorrow (to my usual cup of Joe)! As I've mentioned in other posts...I'm here to lend support, labor, and funding to a worthy cause...Solar Libre of Puerto Rico....an effort to "solarize" the island...I've met some serious "players" in the island's energy future...
Silly me, I ignored the warnings.
Robecology comments on Apr 5, 2019:
The real reason Trump is pissed off at wind power... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-47400641?fbclid=IwAR23SVpNc1lRJM9DdFzE6Mrk-bcSPvMPHE0G2iKaR9XRWzvVQa-k68nKum4
Why Trump is scared of windpower.
Robecology comments on Apr 5, 2019:
Another reason why Trump hates wind power; https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-47400641?fbclid=IwAR23SVpNc1lRJM9DdFzE6Mrk-bcSPvMPHE0G2iKaR9XRWzvVQa-k68nKum4
I've seen a few questions from men asking women to tell them what is great sex to them. I'LL jut ...
Robecology comments on Apr 5, 2019:
In general? Slow down. Way down. Take your time. Be clean - be extra clean. Offer to help her "clean -up". Be meticulous. Smile.
Why Trump is scared of windpower.
Robecology comments on Apr 5, 2019:
It's all about the $$. But it's too late to stop it, DJT...too many are making serious bucks from wind power in America. Ask T. Boone Pickens....former oil tycoon....now biggest wind farm owner in Texas.. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-oil-pickens-wind/billionaire-texas-oil-man-makes-big-bets-on-wind-idUSN1719800520080417
No pic today... I'm thinking about shutting down the group cause there isn't too much activity here...
Robecology comments on Apr 5, 2019:
For every one that clicks "like" there's probably many more that view. You offer a refreshing view of "classy-sexy"...I make a motion to keep the site up. On the other hand; your B.F. might object...and becoming a mom might entail less time here, more time "there"...so perhaps pass on the baton?
So where is his hand?
Robecology comments on Apr 5, 2019:
and where, exactly, is his thumb? LOL!
This is odd. Why would anyone use this as a daiting site?
Robecology comments on Apr 5, 2019:
I've been dating women using the personals...in the 80's before dating sites evolved. A.com allows the choice of interacting with an intention to "date" or get personal...or not. There's a freedom to just interact with folk with no intimacy intended if that's your desire. Having "been there done that" I can say with some authority that this site - Agnostic.com - does what F.bk intended to do...allow people to interact without the push to "date" or "get intimate". The 'dating sites" are - in my impression - just scam/moneymaking sites that see profits over product.
Good morning and happy Friday! A friend of mine posted a question about favorite childhood smells ...
Robecology comments on Apr 5, 2019:
The smells that stand out to me where the polluting smells of Niagara Falls N.Y.. I was only a few years old....less than 10....but that was my first exposure to strong air pollution odors....and we lived on Long Island....but visited family in the Niagara Falls area. Of the "nice" smells I recall; it was almost always the smell of the ocean, and/or fresh cut grass.
Not anymore!
Robecology comments on Apr 4, 2019:
As a teacher of science for 45 years...you have no idea how disillusioned I am about the inept science skills and knowledge of the average American. I feel like a major failure in that regard...
Nat King Cole: Unforgettable. What a voice he had! [youtu.be]
Robecology comments on Apr 4, 2019:
Died at age 48....Serious smoker....
Another brickhouse?
Robecology comments on Apr 4, 2019:
Sexy, classy. Perfect.
? One girl, three poses...
Robecology comments on Apr 4, 2019:
A smile would certainly add to the quality of the image....
Good afternoon! This morning, time ran away from me and it hasn't gotten much better yet! I'm ...
Robecology comments on Apr 4, 2019:
Doing great. Getting more leg exercise this week than I have in years...between Salsa lessons (almost a requirement in Puerto Rico) and the hundreds of steps necessary to climb up to the observatory at Arecibo (home of the largest radio-telescope in this hemisphere)...my legs are screaming at me!
Getting to be a crisis ya know?
Robecology comments on Apr 4, 2019:
The key awareness is population growth. 158 more births, than deaths, per minute, world wide. Every other number; from increasing temps and CO2 to rising tides, strange storms. and tougher to cure diseases - are rooted in this trunk of the tree; this root stock. The sooner we get to ZPG, the better. Malthus said, in 1812; "As the quantity of life increases, the quality of life decreases". If you are serious about "giving a s...t"...talk about family planning. Talk about being child-free; not child-less. http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock/
[dailykos.com] 7 Women have now come forward to disclose Joe Biden violated them with ...
Robecology comments on Apr 4, 2019:
It's far more than Trump promised...or even acknowledged.
[alternet.org] House Democrats just officially requested Trump's tax returns for 6 years from ...
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
He's altered doctors reports. You can bet he'll alter his tax reports.
The paid dating site I'm on-rhymes with Batch-just removed 4 traits from its checklist of member ...
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
I empathize with you, Tom....I'm not being naive....just trying to be supportive. I've pretty much given up the chase....going through a phase of enjoying being by myself.
I love making jewelry, wish I had more time to do so!! Anyone know of any cool festivals or events?
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
You need to narrow it down to where you live. Use the internet; google "art festivals near______"
Thanks to whoever started putting the thumbnails in the postings :) That's helpful when someone ...
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
What thumbnails? Where? I recall seeing them months ago...?
Good morning! Thanks for your input yesterday (and every day)! @MrLizard and I are in the ...
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
Wow....tough question. The better we deal with it....the longer we live disease free...IMO...so it's important to reduce it...naturally, as much as possible.
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
Great answer (about sex in space)... “It was hard to decide who was on top and who was on bottom” said Kelly. “Since there’s no gravity, there’s no up or down, which means it’s really a matter of interpretation. So we just called it ‘Schrodinger’s Missionary’ instead.” Read more at: https://ascienceenthusiast.com/nasa-confirms-space-reverse-cowgirl-doggystyle-thing/?fbclid=IwAR2HnVS6Ban9WHV9eA117VrG8tVFpVJ78ddyb1d10ugQQh-H66hDxFFtdIAow
Okay...I normally post something for laughs but I have a serious question - What would be the ...
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
In a sense, DJT's attack on the media has made them tighten up even more than they had been....
interestingly succint article for 1912. I wonder what they were saying about the flatness of the ...
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
I copied and posted on FB. Shared. Thanks.
I recently said something hurtful to a good friend...about 3-4 weeks ago. I realized it about over ...
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
If you let it go...perhaps 1. It wasn't taken as "hurtful". or 2. They assume you intended to be hurtful but let it go or 3. They ignored it. Try sending a note to them. Texting them. a card, perhaps. Telling them how you feel. They are likely to appreciate it.
A reminder..
Robecology comments on Apr 3, 2019:
DJT...."good girl, Ivanka"...I mean....I'd date her.... https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7TKMeCOV3oXSb5bq/giphy.gif
WOW, check this short TED talk out with the amazing cloud formation photos. [ted.com]
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Amazing...great pics, great story!
At this stage this process of REMOVING Co2 from the air with natural gas is a hypotheses yet it is ...
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Scrubbers will never even put a dent in the CO2. (BTW...it's CO2, not Co2...). Land covers 30% of earth, Oceans 70%. It's the oceanic plants (phytoplankton) that are the major converters of CO2 to O2. Plants cover 30% of that 30% land mass; so plant CO2 conversion on land only accounts for 9% of the total for our planet. But beware. This tech is being pushed by the FFC...the Fossil fuel consortium...because they make a profit if they allegedly can make useful by-products...including more fuels. But serious ecologists say end all burning. Remove the sources. Stop all "fuels". Switch to alternative energy - Solar and wind. No burning. No heat produced. Even the huge heat producers of Nuclear and geothermal are waning and fading in popularity as bigger, better more efficient cheaper batteries are evolving (yes, it's going slowly) but battery evolution is the key.
[alternet.org] Joe Biden's handsy behavior is a symptom of the larger problems with his candidacy...
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Biden's been filmed being touchy-feely with several women and even young girls...and to the hypocritical Republicans, that will be their focus if he gets the candidacy...so it is a stain that will work against him. Sanders has been super careful never to do anything like Biden....but he did write something lurid many decades ago that the the sex-hypocrites will point up. (google Sanders sex article from the 70's - i won't dignify it by posting it here. DJT has had all sorts of sordid affairs. from the unprotected sex with Stormy Daniels while his wife was having his son, to the payoff during the presidential elections that he hid thanks to his lawyer Cohen. Will the evangelicals ignore that and attack Biden and/or Sanders? Is the Pope Catholic?
A few of the most absurd "checkmate" memes (found on checkmateatheists/tumbler.)
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
#1. It was a very calm day and the recently flooded plain gave the illusion of walking on water? #2; At a time when we feared the power of growing communism, and someone associated them with being "godless" (they had more churches per person than we did) a few paranoids thought "In god we trust" on our pledge and our money would help. It did stall the demise of the #religuous in America for a while. #3.Mary M (not his mother, his lover; the woman who he saved from being 'stoned to death" and allegedly had kids with) was the alleged last person to see Jesus...but because she was a woman the church thought she was "hysterical" she wasn't allowed to write any biblical passages. Same true for most women of the church, even to this day. The root word of Hysterics is Womb (greek). Women who were intelligent were, for most of history, considered "hysterical" (a disease of the mind caused by their wombs) or "witches". Planetary objects? Don't get me started. Galileo went through an exhaustive and famous trial for saying the sun didn't rise, that we moved by both spinning and orbiting the sun. He ended up under "house arrest" and all his telescopic equipment was removed. It's estimated that tens, if not hundreds of millions of intelligent science-oriented Witches, Alchemists, and Warlocks were put to death because they didn't "believe". Trial of Galileo - Famous Trials https://www.famous-trials.com/galileotrial
Mr. Two-Faced Idiot strikes again! [cnn.com]
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Trumps Last day...1-20-21,,,the day Melanoma files for divorce. The day the Feds come and arrest him. https://trumpslastday012021.com
Got a few rain related pics today, just a bit of fun taking them ?
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Sweeeeeet! The water drop? The prize winner.
You are not too old and its not too late. Agree/Disagree??
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Feeling old, and acting old, are two different things. Feeling old presents a challenge.. are you ready to die? Then wallow in the feeling. Not ready? Then push it, strain it. challenge it. It's not too late...kick it in. Or accept your fate, and go out smiling at the good times you had. Don't be sad. As Nike says...just do it. Either way.
Were I given the chance to visit any place in the solar system I would go to Io It has some ...
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
It depends on the time and inconvenience involved in getting there. I'd be happy with a sub-orbitat flight...but that alone costs hundreds of thousands.
Picked some of this up at Krogers this morning. You hippies better watch out! ;-)
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
You mean "Rethuglicans"....
Squirrel porn
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
LOL! Lucky in love...
I find that getting older brings problems, but the world seems to get less sombre. A lot of what I ...
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
May you have decades more to go. Stay curious. Stay contemplative. Stay well. I'm an "old" 73 and I admire your wisdom.
10 Reasons we may be entering a dark age of technology [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
An alarmist POV...no substantiation...little evidence or documentation. He does make a good point - that we're building technology on more tech... The reasons cetaceans - a very intelligent, advanced life form living in our oceans - survived so well for tens of millions of years is that they either chose or were directed by evolution to go the simple route; no homes, no tech, no money, no clothes, no schools, no hospitals, no doctors...their children play all day and the adults eat and make love all day... Kind of an ideal life...
Singapore Takes the Lead in Green Building in Asia: [e360.yale.edu]
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
This is just one small example; check out the video within this link... https://www.eco-business.com/opinion/planet-earth-ii-ignores-threats-to-singapores-last-forests/
I think we can all agree Islam would be better off?
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
The purpose of those outfits were/are to inhibit and discourage (islamic) men from coming on too strongly. With their "dreams of virgins in heaven" the outfits are apparently not working....
Is One really the loneliest number? [curiosity.com]
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Memories of the song by Three Dog Night; One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do Two can be as bad as one... It's the loneliest number since the number one... No is the saddest experience you'll ever know... Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know... 'Cause one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do One is the loneliest number, whoa-oh, worse than two... It's just no good anymore since you went away Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday...
I wonder ?
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
The naive...they're still out there. We have a new name for them...but they're a force for disruption and control....don't assume it's "a miracle" that they swallow it...or you fall in to platitudes like this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9R6jgE7SQ
April 1 stuff, including a bit of Bible for Easter.
Robecology comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Shared at least 2 on FB....keep 'em coming! We have to penetrate the Dunning-Kruger victims! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9R6jgE7SQ
The paid dating site I'm on-rhymes with Batch-just removed 4 traits from its checklist of member ...
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
You mention baldness as a feature that's been removed...which could be an interesting plus for bald men! Apparently their admins have found that demanding "having hair" is too superficial...so go with it! If it comes up in a conversation don't hide it....but I'm guessing once you're face to face the chemistry either works or it doesn't...which is a good thing for you!
something interesting happened today. I was on break at Starbucks, and there was a cashier with whom...
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
Organic conversation...? How about an inorganic conversation...what's the difference? I never heard "organic" applied to a conversation...do educate us!?
[washingtonpost.com] Massive disaster relief bill faces likely defeat in Senate over Puerto Rico ...
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
I'm here in N.W. Puerto Rico right now. The devastation is still obvious....sections of roadway literally washed out and never repaired, forcing cars to take turns going in each direction. Homes and buildings still in various stages of being repaired. Fortunately, I'm here visiting a Philanthropic effort. Solar Libre. Tom Meyer and I were single dads in the 80's and 90's. His 3 kids and my son went to the same schools. Tom retired about 10 years ago, and bought a group of "apartments" (Las Dunas in Jobos Beach, NW P.R.) and then Maria hit. He suffered major damage, and lost most of his clientele...but his son, Walter Meyer, now a successful Architect in Manhattan, got inspired to pursue the propagation of solar energy in the region. Together Walter and Tom formed "Solar Libre" (spanish for Free Solar) and thanks to Walter finding donors and shippers and getting a hold of nearly 5000 Solar panels - they're putting some smiles on the faces of folks in this region. Tom's exhausting me with his efforts. Watch this video; and please get in touch with Tom if you can help in some way; either by vacationing at his "apartments". or offering $$ and/or your time to come, stay, and volunteer your skills and services. I don't think I can share a phone # here...but google "Las Dunas Apartments, Jobos Beach P.R." and/or message me for more details...and watch the video; contact info is at the end. The pics are #1 hundreds of Solar panels lie waiting delivery and installation. #2. Tom and Me. #3 Solar power needs batteries; and that's the big cost issue...the panels were a "free" donation..that battery folk want their $$. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlIV9HjHgoY
Boooooom! As what I thought ???
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
Every relationship has helped me refine my ability to "pleasure" women; and my patience gets better with age. My desperation and "horniness" is waning....so it becomes more apparent to me when men "hit" on women, or apparently come on (to them) far too strongly or obviously... but it took decades to learn. So any woman who figures this out and becomes selective...will, naturally, chose an older gent...(he says with hopeful anticipation)....
I have never seen a swarm of hawks before this was a surprise to me. This was just in the field ...
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
I've never seen Hawks group like that. What part of the world is this? How positive are you that they were in the "Accipiter" family? (Accipitridae). It's far more likely that they were a collection of Red or Black Vultures.(Cathartidae).
5 Recent NASA Discoveries To Blow Your Mind [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
Delightful news....in an articulate video, with beautiful music. Very well done!
FYI Messages are not working, tried six different messages with three different people makes no ...
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
LOL....no, tell us!?
Believe it or not.
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
2020. Nov 6. Plan for it. Buy a dozen of these - wear 'em and share 'em... https://dqzrr9k4bjpzk.cloudfront.net/images/10483604/580654734.jpg
Extremes of size...do they, and how do they, affect intimacy for you?
Robecology comments on Apr 1, 2019:
I'm a "height-challenged" guy who's been labeled "Napoleonic" and felt like I've missed out on many relationships. I know for a fact that short men are more "challenged" as teachers by agressive students (usuallly male) than most. I know for a fact that taller people are better paid... So it's an interesting topic.
Heads up...I'm headed for Puerto Rico ....going to lend an old friend a hand - gone for at least a ...
Robecology comments on Mar 30, 2019:
Hi all. For some reason the "likes" arent' working this AM. I'm packed and heading out now...next time I'll open this up will be in P.R....hopefully Tom will have WiFi...if not....chat next week. Thanks, to all, for the support. Share the video; spread the word, please!?
I have been having trouble finding my way around this site. it isn't very intuitive for me. how do i...
Robecology comments on Mar 30, 2019:
Experience is the best teacher, here. Click the "learn" box above, for hints. Click the bell, above, to the right, to see the latest posts. Click "browse" above, to find groups you might like, etc.
Gia favors clean, streamlined look
Robecology comments on Mar 30, 2019:
Sexy....not classy. Still a child/woman....
??. Yeah yeah, I know, they're probably fake... Who cares?
Robecology comments on Mar 30, 2019:
Exactly...who cares. Those who mention it are suffering - and missing out on possible relationships with real women who went through a lot to "enhance her body" for....them....
Do most men just play along for eventual pussy...or do they actually want a companion. Come on, be ...
Robecology comments on Mar 30, 2019:
How do you define most men? It's such an obviously biased question....c'mon....be honest....you're ASSuming most men just want eventual p....y.....do most women want eventual d....k?
It's Friday! Extra cheese ????
Robecology comments on Mar 29, 2019:
Now THERE's an "edible"....
Puerto Rico Governor Calls Trump a ‘Bully’ as Aid Fight Escalates [bloomberg.com]
Robecology comments on Mar 29, 2019:
I'm going to P.R. tomorrow to help with "Solar Libre"...I'll report back here in a week...I'll bring my computer but don't know the internet wifi capabilities there.. Watch this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlIV9HjHgoY
Barr says he'll be releasing a redacted copy of Mueller's report in Mid-April. At least it's a ...
Robecology comments on Mar 29, 2019:
Watching Rachel Maddow now...including an interview with Schiff. Barr's in deep s...t and digging deeper.. Congress expects the full report by April 2. https://www.washingtonpost.com
Daisy Dukes qualify for Erotic Pictures?
Robecology comments on Mar 29, 2019:
maybe sexy...but not quite erotic...but still...quite nice!
10 Reasons Aliens Won't Invade Earth. [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Mar 29, 2019:
They won't invade because even the closest star system with planets, Alpha Centauri, is 4.5 light years away. If aliens could trave 186 miles per second - from the closest star system to us - that would mean they could get here in 4,500 years. So let's stop talking about aliens visiting us? Now...we can talk about talking to them...Our radio signals have been going out in to space for over 100 years...so there's a lot of stars within 100 light years (LY) of us... There's a simple equation that explains the logic of alien existence. It's called the Drake equation. Here's the letters that make it up. https://www.seti.org/sites/default/files/inline-images/drake-equation-1600px.jpg And basically it says this. -there's 500 stars within our range of radio communication....which has been going on for 100 years...so within a l00 (LY) there' 500 stars. -of those 500 stars, 1 in 5 have earth like planets. -of those 100 stars, 1 in 5 have earth like planets capable of starting life. -of those 20 earth-like planets, 1 in 5 have evolved intelligent life. -so **out of 500 nearby stars only 4 are likely candidates for intelligent life**. -now, Dolphins are intelligent life....but they don't have technology. They live a good life - no banks, no schools, no money - their kids play all day, their adults make love all day...some would say they have a far smarter system then we do. -so who's to say that even the 4 likely star systems out there within 100 LY of us even care enough to communicate with us...let alone come here? ....so it's very unlikely they'll even talk to us....sorry...
It's Friday night, when all the photogenic subjects come out to play.........
Robecology comments on Mar 29, 2019:


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront dune...my condo in the background!
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