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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!


Ok, so 10,000 is a very conservative number.
Robecology comments on Jun 14, 2019:
Trump is no fool. He's playing the ignorant of America like a clever carnival shill. He knows just the right buttons to push...things to say.
I knew she was a professional at something!
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
I see an easy new job for KellyAnne; press secretary.
The brain washing continues. I saw this posted in Facebook by a Trump fan and I had to laugh. ...
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
OK. Trump can be a nice person. Look...he got a Slovenian hooker a great opportunity for a new lifestyle in her a new face, new boobs... Can you imagine what he did for this 13 year old that he raped? Probably got her new boobs and a new face, a name change, new SS wonder no one can find her....,539
Out looking for wildlife. All from the White Mountains of Arizona over the last couple of weeks.
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Nice; Please, a reminder; consider sharing your lens size, speed and apertures? Unless not listed....thanks!
Started on a modified vegetable diet Monday and have lost nearly 8 pounds in the last 84 hours - ...
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
A good vegan diet takes a lot of work. Kudos on finding one that works for you.
Does socialists are against the right of guns possesion by the people?
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Socialism isn't for or against gun rights. It's for using the government to collect funds to pay for things that society for example, Socialism collects money (taxes) to pay for -military -health care -road and highway maintenance -schools/education. -regulation of farming, food production, and other things...including licensing, testing and demanding insurance for car -and gun - use. Some nations have got this down well. Some don't do well with it at all. Brazil has had the socialization of fuel regulation ahead of most North and South American nations. That's why you pay so little for gas; and almost all of your gas has 10-15% Ethanol (alcohol from plants) in it. Brazil is apparently well socialized in health care. I'm not sure where you stand with gun regulation and control. But you are far ahead of us in the fuel and health care department. With our rediculous death rate, I'm guessing you're ahead of us in gun regulation and control (socialization) as well Healthcare in Brazil is a constitutional right. ... Public healthcare is provided to all Brazilian permanent residents and foreigners in Brazilian territory through the National Healthcare System, known as the Unified Health System (Portuguese: Sistema Único de Saúde, SUS). The SUS is universal and free for everyone. Healthcare in Brazil - Wikipedia
I have always hated the or else technique (utlamatam) Why as a society do we still go on the threat ...
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
You hit on the main reason I'm happily divorced. I have been with women who at first seem smart, and articulate; but then get down to the "threatening and belittling" campaigns. That's when I softly, and politely, issue an ultimatum...'either you will quietly, softly, and slowly discuss the issue, and how you will help me solve it...or you will say nothing - and leave". It's about "Transactional Analysis" (see link attached). It's about talking "adult to adult" not talking "down". It's about talking, not shouting. It's about addressing the problem, not attacking the person. If you're in a debate; it's debating the issues; fairly, quietly, with equal time given to each debater. The goal is to stay close to the top of the debate triangle. (see image) Here's my favorite chart on that issue; I keep it handy;
Hi from coastal Alabama! I’m still learning the ropes here. πŸ™‚
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
I think Jimmy Buffett went to school in your home town! Buffett was born on December 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and spent part of his childhood in Mobile, Alabama. He is the son of Mary Lorraine (née Peets) and James Delaney Buffett, Jr. During his grade school years, he attended St. Ignatius School, where he played the trombone in the school band.
Hello from Indianapolis Indiana! Thought I'd stop lurking and start participating.
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Welcome Indy person!
Would you?
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It's an interesting perspective. I have to respect those tapering off on red meat, as I have; most med science finds we eat too much of it. Butchering is still a skill, and can be an expensive proposition. While touring a mid-western cattle ranch last year, I asked the owner "what's holding back farmers from raising Buffalo" the answer wasn't the cost of the feed - it was the cost of the butchering harness. Cattle can have their heads locked In rather inexpensively. Buffalo, due to their almost missing neck and huge shoulders, need a very expensive harness. Laws are now being considered and passed, allowing field slaughter. That way the animals aren't herded and guided in to slaughter locks....which builds up toxins in their flesh. Once you've seen it...or have taken part in "get it" and know that the best and smartest make sure that it's sudden and leaves the animal with little "suffering". Those labels were slapped on the packaging by folk who I'm sure never experienced "butchering"; and it shows a bias of theirs...the animals aren't "named" - they are I.D. by number tags...and it's unkind and unfair of them to assign a name to the meat cut. They're trying to personalize this. That's wrong. And it's a fact; taste is an acquired thing. I do admire folk who've lowered or removed their taste for meat from their diet. I've tried...I can't.
Pic of the day.
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
The soft blue green on the water and the!!
Imagine the carnage that ensued!
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Fascinating indeed. I recall reading that the Oriental eyelid (which contains far more fatty tissue than most) evolved as eye protection from the cold. I also recall reading that small-statured was a survival feature of many island species; from humans down to Key Deer. Something about the smaller body needing less food and thus thriving in a minimalist island environment. "The diminutive stature and small brain of H. floresiensis may have resulted from island dwarfism—an evolutionary process that results from long-term isolation on a small island with limited food resources and a lack of predators. Pygmy elephants on Flores, now extinct, showed the same adaptation." "The smallest known species of Homo and Stegodon elephant are both found on the island of Flores, Indonesia. However, some scientists are now considering the possibility that the ancestors of H. floresiensis may have been small when they first reached Flores."
Has anyone seen Kraft's new Salad Frosting campaign ads? It is designed to help parents get kids eat...
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
I love my son and daughter in law; but that's one habit they've developed that i hate; always pushing my new grandson to eat. I raised my son to be a very picky eater...and now in his late 30's he's still lean and athletic...yet they've adopted a "helicopter" or "bulldozer" parent approach...and I feel sorry for my little Grandson. Notice, in this CDC GIF, how rampantly obesity is growing in America. I think this "push to eat" is the root cause of the problem.
Good morning ... I think we will need a canoe soon to go anywhere! It has been raining so hard, and...
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Nice. I do remember a child who was a neighbor...and the first "bully" I encountered. I remember his name, as well; Jackie Winston. I remember suffering being "hit" for no clear reason when he was around. Only later in life did I discover that bullies are themselves "loved" by abusive that's how they know assaults from thier parents. He was...and is to this my nightmares.
So trump says he would like to run against Biden because Biden is mentally weak... Should be a fair...
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Trump and his followers are suffering a delusional syndrome similar to the #Religulous... watch...
This answers one question I have heard from some concerned citizens.
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
There's a reason they're so relatively un/under educated. They've been raised by the #religulous so they're very prone to delusional thinking... This cartoon explains it well;
This answers one question I have heard from some concerned citizens.
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
My absolute worst students from 1967 up until 2012 are, I'm sure, today's Trump voters. They won't be forced to do a damned thing. That's why the worse comments he makes, the more obstinate the "Trump support" gets. Here's a great cartoon to explain their mentality....
Why am I always stuck in the middle?
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Shared on FB...too funny!
A little political and economics lesson
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Copied and shared on FB...excellent!
Remember this or do you still use them?
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Yep; I still have a very similar box!
Good morning all... It's been almost a week since my gf Heidi has been staying with Frankie and ...
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Sounds like everythings' going for you. Have you decided on a name?
Have you been teaching the little ones?
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
LOL...the stuff of legends...
I need my coffee......
Robecology comments on Jun 13, 2019:
I think we're genetically adapted to having coffee....
What is the main difference between Social Democracy and Social Liberalism?
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Watch this, and decide for yourself. Socialism is an easy word to break down. It's doing something for the benefit of society; the Ism comes in when it becomes a practice; Watch, please;
Who is awake?
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Getting sleepy; turning on Maddow in 10 minutes...
Yes, menaretrash, but the good kind.
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
What we think about vs what will probably kill us. “We must fight the fear instinct that ...
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Valuable charts!
Meanwhile, back at the Mall.......
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Damned; you really capture colors and angles so well...true photographic art. Are you enlarging any of these? Putting any on the market?
Maybe there's something to this reincarnation stuff.
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
The Clown and The Colonel are both welcome guests at his dinner table;
Agree or disagree?πŸ€”
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
I'm not sure I like the spiritial/#religulous intonations of "meant to be". Some are raised with good communications skills - these have better chances at relationship success...period. There's always the exception - I don't buy that "meant to be" thing. Some are raised by not such good "communicators....some raised with less "love" than does this mean they're "fated" to be the same? Some of us come out of sad/corrupt/spiteful/hostile parental relationships and fight to never let that happen in their lives... And what does that mean; "fight like a married couple"? I know some who never fight. Some who verbally fight. Some who physically "fight"...was that "meant to be"? Sorry...hard to buy the "meant to be" thing. Call me agnostic....I need proof...
For most of us, pool season has begun. Here's some inspiration to get out there and get some Vit D!!...
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
C'mon,! It's summertime...almost....
Stephen was in great form - just hammered on the orange one. :) []
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Colbert ALWAYS covers Trump so "on point"...
Good Morning All. Last night Dan set up his telescope over Tammy's, with no trees , to see Saturn ...
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
I sold my scope. :-( I'd have to spend thousands to get a scope that would get decent shots, or "follow" a star long enough for a time-lapse... I have to get myself over to the local planetarium in Port St. Lucie; I hear they have good shows there....
Hey guys... Just wanted to thank all the members here who have increased their activity here! It ...
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Wow; I'm're actually counting the likes per day? Now that's a good originator/moderator!
DRIVING WHILE STONED Drivers With Common THC Limit Are Not More Likely To Cause Accidents, Study ...
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Driving drunk... "sure I can drive - in my opinion, I'm clever and smarter when I'm drunk" . Driving stoned... " I have to? Maybe if I go real slow....." ...of course a stoned driver is safer.
Love these old ChevysπŸ€—β€
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Anyone notice which are "sedans" and which are "hardtops"? That's not a term used much anymore; but had significance back then. I had a 55 Plymouth "hardtop" that was just so good looking...
People inspire you or drain you. Choose wisely. Agree/isagree?
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Soooo much easier said than done....
She said she needed another bra. Who am I to argue?
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Perfect example of Neither Sexy nor classy...almost feel sorry for the lass...
Sophie Turner in a risque bikini.
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
For those who aren't "in the know"....
I want everybody here to be able to talk about whatever facet of gun and lethal weapon control you ...
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
As is my usual comment; I present the best president we're likely to have had in our lifetime explain the simple things that will someday make gun use much smarter, much safer, much more responsible. Obama had the answer to this complex question years and listen;
Should the USWNT have stopped celebrating goals against Thailand in World Cup blowout?
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
This was a "world cup" match. I'm talking as a former soccer coach. don't "ease up" if you're ahead. You put in 2nd and 3rd string to test your depth. This was "the best of the best of each nation".... Shame on Thailand...a former well known soccer-obsessed nation For putting up such a defenseless team; or for playing "defeatist" Soccer. The U.S. players in then were 2nd and 3rd, don't "let up" and play soft in a championship match. This was a chance for players who are rarely put in to "show their stuff" of course the 2nd and 3rd string women played hard. This is a tribute to our depth of field. This is a harbinger of Women's soccer; watch out, World. We're tough...and deep. Here's a clip of the Thailand women's soccer team warming up. They'll be back; they could easily beat most American men teams.
Mall Shadows have been busy since my last visit.....
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Nice! Clearly you have a corner on the art-form!
For the past few weeks, I've been using my manual wheelchair, instead of the electric, which ...
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Sounds like you're getting younger! Kudos!
OPTIMISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Post your obituary for Donald Trump here!
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
First there was the Soup Nazi and now there is the Grilled Cheese Nazi.
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
This guy is off the rails....He got backing from Stephen King to put this giant image on the front of his truck!
First there was the Soup Nazi and now there is the Grilled Cheese Nazi.
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
This guy truly is a pisser! Here's an image of the other side of the truck!!
First there was the Soup Nazi and now there is the Grilled Cheese Nazi.
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Now you would think that he'd offer the sandwich with some additions...for a price....of course!? Suggestion to the Grilled Cheese Nazi....since you don't like change...Charge another buck for -extra cheese -tomatoe slice -onion slice -mushrooms (canned or fresh) - more ideas welcome! Any two ingredients added...I'd still pay $2 for that... I pursued the story; found this;
More of Susanna Bauer's work. I just want to know how she doesn't break the leaf!
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
I never heard of this, did you?
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Loved the character! I was even a childhood fan of Red Foxx when he was just a stand-up comic. Both are sorely missed.
Hi—Here’s another post about my sabbatical road trip. []
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
@UUNJ are you and Melanie Davis the same person? Is this "your sabbatical road trip" or hers...or one and the same? Followup edit; duh...I guess so!
I found this hilarious.
Robecology comments on Jun 12, 2019:
He can't "cut it"?
Time to go to sleep all... Have sweet dreams...
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Gnite! Sleep well!
I want to know: what's the lettering on her outfit spell out? What does it mean?
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Pretty face, pretty figure. hard to call her "sexy-classy"...almost too young looking to be "classy" in my book...but what a cutie!
What are YOUR doomsday fears??
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
My prediction could almost be made in to a movie; in fact; I'm thinking of producing a story-line and marketing it, because it's based on real-life information. 1. As global warming continues - conditions are improving for "super-storm formation and two or more "perfect" hurricanes, Saffir-Simpson #5 or stronger...hits not only a major metropolis in the US east coast, but a Typhoon (the name for hurricanes in the pacific) does the same, around the same time. (this isn't a matter of's a matter of when). The area hit in the Pacific can be Seoul Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, even India and/or Bangladesh. See this video to see why - if Bangladesh takes the brunt of a #5 Typhoon - that millions will die. 2. With the US disaster, there's tens to hundreds of billions of dollars of damage, and some very "photogenic" images of tilted - and perhaps toppled - skyscrapers. Perhaps this happens to the metropolis of Washington, D.C; which also causes a political "stand-still". But with the Pacific disaster, a wide swath of low-lying ultra poor are drowned or killed by the savage winds and flying debris. The two day death toll is in the hundreds of thousands and the 7 day toll goes over a million. 3. In the US....the death toll is low; but the images of tilted and toppled skyscrapers incite politicians to create emergency measures and proposals to stop the "already-too-late-to-stop" fossil fuel onslaught on our atmosphere. 4. Meanwhile, in the pacific and Asia, death tolls continue to rise as all the rotting corpses create an ideal breeding ground for more potent rapidly evolving infections are becoming air borne; and the death toll not only rises, but spreads. 5.The spreading, highly contagious diseases brewed by all the rotting corpses creates panic and mass migrations. Reactions to mass migrations go from mass incarceration to mass weapons assault in a vain attempt to slow down the panic-flow of immigrants. 6. One of the middle eastern - or North Korean - nations with a phalanx of armed nuclear weapons presses the button to counter-act the aggression against the nations blocking the massive migration away from the rapidly spreading disease....and larger nations, getting wind of this nuclear launch, produce a counter attack. 7.And you continue the story....
I was always told that I'd "find religion" in times of crisis or chaos. I was just in the worst ...
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
"Thank god for airbags and seatbelts" - said no car safety scientist or law-maker....ever....
[] Trump rewrites the first Amendment? Threatens to regulate YouTube for not allowing...
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
The Trump a nutshell;
Sounds good.
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Anyone else hoping for a coronary? Stroke? The odds may not be in this sedentary teetotaler's (DJT's) favor, however, and not just because he faces an estimated 1 in 50 chance of dying of natural causes over the next year. He has unhealthy habits, cardiologists and psychiatrists fret over the state of his heart and mind, and history is not on his side. Most presidents over the last century suffered from significant health scares or died while in office, and only one -- an often-ailing Ronald Reagan -- was older than Trump.
I will be doing this soon😊
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
"Warm smell of Colitas, rising up in the air..." And we all know what the reference to "colitas" was... And did you see the ad for the new VW EV microbus?
I sure do, how about you? πŸ„πŸ‘
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Someone said I wasn't a product of the stork, I was a product of my mom and the milkman....
Love it! Anyone else?
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
That took hours to put together. Beautiful.
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
A; "not. Gnostic; All-knowing, fully knowledgeable. Agnostic. Most are; they just don't like labels.
Hi everyone! What a busy morning! Please fill in the blank here: Never have I ever __________...
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
"been with a man". I've had gay friends...I even hosted a gay wedding. Some have even wanted to mouth-kiss....sorry...that's just not me.
You think this is true? Do most non-religious democrats prefer Bernie? []
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
They probably do...but not because of his religious views. He's simply the most honest. The most forthright. The most factual. No BS Bernie....
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Amazing that Coca-Cola is still named after one of the two psycho-active drugs (Coca and Cola) that were the original ingredients. To be accurate the drink should be called Caffeine-cola.
Climate Deniersw
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
I call them the FFC...the Fossil Fuel Consortium. If you think BT (big tobacco) was good at stalling legislation to stop the aint seen nothin' yet. The FFC is comprised of tens of millions of folk who have fossil fuel stock, are car dealer/seller/service people, mine/refine/ship/sell oil and gas. They want to crush the wind generator/solar panel/ Electric vehicle enthusiasts. They will stall our Green New deal. Be ready for decades of lies....until it's 'too late"?
I am deeply pessimistic about life and when I hear the virtues of "hope" being extolled I always ...
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Sorry you're "deeply pessimistic" about life. Please read some Richard Dawkins. You're so very lucky to be alive... Although your quote about "hope" is accurate. Sorry for your "pessimism". I "hope" you read this, and somehow become more "optimistic"....
[] Pompeo suggests people should move if they don't like climate change. - Is he a moron?...
Robecology comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Pompeo is religious; he often talks about "being blessed" and "blessings to you and your family"....but he seems to carry on intelligent conversations; so as an ecologist/Environmentalist, I'm disappointed about his comments regarding "climate change" - yet I'm impressed with his efforts to gain knowledge. So as unreal as it seems, Pompeo also seems to know what he's doing in politics...albeit a bit of a "traditionalist" approach...he's well versed in "intelligence" (per se...see this; But most, if not all "religous" are #religulous" to me. They look at climate as "god's will" they minimize man's influence on it. They ignore the profit/greed motive for the fossil fuel push. And there's the rub. Is he intentionally ignoring the profiteers? Does he truly believe "it's in god's hands"? Or does he make the connection between the profit motive and the build-up of our "greenhouse" and inevitable ensuing disasters? That's a tough call. Read the interview. It's very detailed...and a bit revealing of Pompeo's personality.
Religion in a relationship
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
They became a "spousal" relationship because they obviously love eachother...So if you meet a religious person who's really a winner - and he thinks he same of you - then you need to have a serious conversation together about compromise.
Not giving a fuck: the basics
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
And when you graduate from "not giving a fuck" to just "not caring." will have made a major accomplishment.
Really? ?
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Watch out for those sneaky Russian dolls...
Anyone know what's going on here? It's hundreds of tiny white bumps as well as the thicker spots if ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
They're called snowy or woolly aphids. They're hard to exterminate. I recommend you spend $10 or so, and buy a few thousand ladybugs (technically not a bug; but also called a "ladybird beetle")
Im an idiot. Called my ex. Talked for half an hour. She is in a relationship, but she implied she ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
OK. You admitted it. You said you're an idiot. But let's be real; That's not the normal you. Now how do you fix this? How do you go from idiot to wise and shrewd? Here's my recommendation #1..You admitted you're an idiot; but that's not who you normally are; Realize that this was the idiot side of you who called her. That's not normally who you are. She is obviously an obsession of your "idiot" persona. She likes him. She's been intimate with him. This isn't your fault. It's her loss. #2. Her attraction to him isn't based on anything he did to you; Why did "the idiot" think he needs his teeth knocked out...Does "the idiot" (your alter-ego) need to be in jail? Remember - you're not an idiot. You need to erase this persona. Get back to the man she was impressed with; the shrewd and wise one. Erase the idiot. #3. You need to go from hatred to indifference ASAP. How? Block her phone # and/or remove it from your phone. Write down on a note and hang it on the fridge; "You want to move from hatred to indifference ASAP." Find ways to be OK being alone. Get back in to a hobby. Or cooking. or fixing the car. Spend time contacting new people. Going out with old friends not related to her Get some gym equipment. Do some workouts at home. No one to 'impress" there. Do this. Now. You'll thank me later.
OK now to talk about the 2nd amendment. Right to Bear Arms. What does that mean to you? More ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019: touched on the major flaw of the 2nd amendment. And what's a "well disciplined militia"? Isn't it clear in the 2nd amendment that in order to "bear arms" you have to be a member of a "well disciplined militia"? I sure hope that in 2020 we have such a sweeping change in politicians that some brave soul finally proposes a re-write for this terribly written and obviously out-dated legal document.
A sweet, and mature woman!
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Sexy-Classy to the Max!
1) Byoin Temple gardens in Nara (see the cherry blossom petals in the water) 2) Kumamoto Castle 3) ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Wow; No where but in Japan. Beautiful!!
Kissing. How do you like it? My climate science denier had another drawback. How he kissed. It ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019: kissed a Climate science denier? What was in that drink?
[] Four democratic presidential candidates reach double digits. As a political advocate ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
I've contributed to Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg. I'll save the biggest check for the nominee.
A mature woman in a sexy outfit and pose....
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Classic Sexy Classy! Nice!
What is your experience with online dating?
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Some good came of it...I met three "lovers" - one whom I married - then divorced....but overall; it was a useful tool. I'm talking about almost pre-internet days (late 80's) until less than 10 years ago...and quite a lot has changed since then. The best; most recommended? POF, OKCupid - only because they were free. Eharmony and Match proved (to me) to be waste of time...and money. Right now? I've met no-one through Agnostic but I can see how it could be a useful - and free - dating site. Right now the population (of this site) seems too low to find a like-minded person within a reasonable distance....but that could change.
Love these bracelets? I wore a braided leather band and a hemp-like one till it started shredding. I...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
I was in to American Indian-ism in the 70's...had several Turquoise bracelets (still have them somewhere....time to pass them on) and I wove an indian bone neck-protector. (PM me for pics)
Good afternoon! I must have been asleep when I posted the question this morning ......... in the ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
As I had said...earlier... I've been in to - and out of - alcohol interests all my life. Never developed a "Wine-snob" POV. I like my Martini's straight and cold...not dirty, "dry" (no vermouth) and any brand will do. Tequila's fun...anyone notice a slightly different "high"? ...and I'll "taste" a liquer every now and then... Beer? The cheap stuff is fine to me...every once in a while. A feature that "sold" me on my new home is a separate "bar" complete with mirrors and glass shelves. I hung a couple of glass racks at the top....and I'm proud of the look!
Restricting abortion is 'bad for business,' 180 business leaders say []
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
FYI. A Brief History of Birth Control in the U.S.
Life is like roasting a marshmallow
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
That looks like the "Bluebird of Happiness"? sorry, Mr. B...
I have never seen one like this before, have you? 😊
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Going by the prices, I'd guess early to mid 70's.
Gun Control News... [] []
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Whenever I see a Gun Control post in my feed, I share this classic bit of wisdom from our former president;
Smoky bacon cheddar quiche with a bit of fresh chives and basil from my daughter's herb garden. ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Mmmmm....looks delicious! Show us a piece cut!
It's Muuundaaaay
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019: pants....just shorts and a great T shirt ("Take Your Top Off" Convertible car top repair service) and my coffee, of course....smooth jazz playing....paradise! . Ask me for the pic if you're interested....
Just curious. Who would not have joined this forum if it was called
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
It's sometimes let me share an image that I keep on my desktop...
Looking out to the horizon😱😁😯
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
What a collection! Stunning!
We need a house leader with the balls to start a mass impeachment proceeding for about half of the ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Do they still "tar and feather" in Kentucky? Asking for a friend...
This pinball wizard brought her own bumpers!
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
That is one tanned, voluptuous tush! OK....I know the ladies don't want to hear this...but that skirt is an invitation if I ever saw one....
Cheeseburger sliders... I took some ground beef, added some Jamaican jerk paste, salt and pepper....
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
[] Pompeo suggests people should move if they don't like climate change. - Is he a moron?...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
He makes a good point. Most people who live close to rising shore lines -and who can afford to do so - are moving. The property value in some of these area are going down....and the insurance rates are going up. Except for future developers....who know how to "raise the ground level, elevate driveways, this is, in fact, happening now. And the rich are getting richer...while the poor get poorer. Watch this shocking aerial view of Bangladesth....then read - the coming floods, or sudden sea-level rise in these areas will kill a million or more overnight. There are few other places to go when your country is being slowly swallowed by the sea. Climate experts predict that by 2050, rising sea levels will submerge some 17 percent of the nation’s land and displace about 20 million people. And the whole of Bangladesh is roughly the size of Iowa. So Dhaka, for so many of its transplants, is a city of last resort. But the #Religulous Republicans will call it "god's plan" and "natural birth control"
Sometimes I feel like I'm so behind when it comes to life experiences... ... and then I have to ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
My mom would often say "count your blessings" and "I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes...until I met the happy person with no feet".... ...and she wasn't religious...
I had bought a pressure cooker from Amazon deal of the week last week. Until I had used it I had no...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
I've been using a pressure cooker for decades. Read the recipe book. With some effort you can make some astounding good meals. And I ignore the warnings about rice and pasta...just watch that you don't add so much water that the outlet at the top sputters. It really speeds up cooking brown rice.
Hello from Portland OR, I'm a new agnostic who was raised Christian looking for a new tribe of ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
And you chose an Avatar-name of a very advanced species! Kudos! The Cetaceans will then have their turn... When, in the near future we Homo sapiens bite the dust... Think about it. No clothes, no buildings, no farms, no schools, no jobs. The dolphins and whales already are more advanced than us in a lot of ways. They deserve the next dominance on earth. they don't develop technology and spend their entire lives eating, having fun, and having sex...doesn't sound that bad, does it? I bet they even figure out intelligent family planning...maybe they already have?
a dance, I don't know what else to say - []
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Did anyone notice the dancing wasn't all that well done? Lots of miscues...lots of collisions...I'm guessing this was done as a Pun?
Are there any foragers in this group? I believe there is fungus among us! Coral fungus Morel ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Good finds...and good work at'm not a fan; but clearly you are...and your photographs are almost pro-quality. Interesting side....Fungi are in their own kingdom. They're no longer considered a type of "plant"..
I met two nice guys yesterday, and while we went our separate ways, I want to share with folks here ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
I've been told - chided, really - that I should "get a dog" so that I'd have the opportunity to meet like-minded women. I guess these two gents took that advice to heart....
Good Monday morning 🌞 Right on to today's question: what is your favorite alcohol drink? And ...
Robecology comments on Jun 10, 2019:
I've been in to - and out of - alcohol interests all my life. Never developed a "Wine-snob" POV. I like my Martini's straight and cold...not dirty, "dry" (no vermouth) and any brand will do. Tequila's fun...anyone notice a slightly different "high"? ...and I'll "taste" a liquer every now and then... A feature that "sold" me on my new home is a separate "bar" complete with mirrors and glass shelves. I hung a couple of glass racks at the top....and I'm proud of the look...(sorry - no pics....surprising to me....I thought I had one!)


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront condo in the background!
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