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Remember this guy? Born on Oct. 23, 1925 in Corning, Iowa.
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Would have been 95 today...if he had quit smoking soon enough. Tobacco took too many too soon.
Ludwig Feuerbach - “Man created God in his own image.“
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
And who says it's even a "he"?
When I was growing up, my mom was a bakery manager.
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Our "aroma memory" is interesting. Perhaps more primitive than our sight evolution is sensing flavors and smells/tastes (if in a fluid/liquid environment, it's more defined as "taste" rather than smell). That complex emotion and memory can be triggered by a simple sensory cue: the smell of winter air, for example. How do smells trigger such strong emotions and memories? The answer is likely due to brain anatomy. Incoming smells are first processed by the olfactory bulb, which starts inside the nose and runs along the bottom of the brain. The olfactory bulb has direct connections to two brain areas that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory: the amygdala and hippocampus. Interestingly, visual, auditory (sound), and tactile (touch) information do not pass through these brain areas. This may be why olfaction, more than any other sense, is so successful at triggering emotions and memories.
Sadly, true:
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
...and the skills of writing cursive are quickly fading....
Zap. You're all frogs.
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Arthur C. Clarke wrote the very prophetic Space Odessey series; If you think 2001 was good, do consider reading which he predicts (via fiction) landing on one of Saturn's moons and discovering life below the ice there. They've since alleged that this is true (although Clarke's life form was monstrous.).
I have grown uncomfortable with a norm/culture of pornography that seems focus on pedophilic ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Ditto. I'm continually amazed that there's still apparently a lot of money to be made in that field...
What is the goal of this group? To join and start messaging other members naughty discussions?
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Good point. I'm leaving.the group...
That's why everyone likes him
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
We are lucky...
Why do some atheists or agnostics still feel so unsecured and not in peace?
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
You're from a very religious-based to doubt or question religion puts you in a tough spot. As you and your nation grows through a "demographic transition" in to an industrialized, learned nation, you'll become more secure and at peace with science...and asking questions about the "myths" that - right now - surround you.
Blowing Rock, NC, is famous for (drum roll please) a rock that blows.
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Plumb slap? Wow....a new set of adjectives to add to my vocab!
Happy Wednesday, Friends ๐Ÿ˜Š I am getting my cpap today - I am hopeful and excited that I will ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
I don't - now - but it comes with the job if you're a teacher. Which I was for 45 years. Up before dawn....always....and always you "intend" to get 8 hours...and always you have papers to grade, lessons to make. So, you "run on empty" and hope no stress diseases pop up. How do I "get"? Cranky, irritable, short-tempered...sick...the usual...but I am convinced that a lot of our "cancers" are rooted in us being sleep deprived....
Can't argue with that
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Aren't sexy high heel shoes called "Mules"? Technically this shoe doesn't qualify as a "mule".... "Like the animal whose name it shares, the shoe known as the mule is a hybrid creature. Just as the beast combines the characteristics of the donkey and the horse, the mule fuses elements of two disparate forebears: the pump, with its high heel and partially or entirely closed front; and the slipper, with its open back."
Mark Twain - “The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible.”
Robecology comments on Oct 22, 2019:
Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens was an enigma. He privately was religious...but publicly joked about the hypocrisy every chance he had. Twain’s skepticism about religion lasted all of his life. He had a personal faith - he said he believed in God, attended church and donated money for the construction of a church. But he skewered religious hypocrisy wherever he found it. “Man is without any doubt the most interesting fool there is,” he wrote in “Letters from the Earth,” a commentary on Bible stories written in 1909, a year before his death.
[] I guess, but wouldn't evolution have addressed this?
Robecology comments on Oct 22, 2019:
Evolution has had many, many dead ends and wrong turns. Consider why men are still born with a foreskin; even though we now know that untouched foreskins promote more genital/venereal diseases. If it hadn't been for the development of circumcision, then many generations of a higher illness/death frequency would have eventually favored no foreskin...but we "bypassed" evolution. Neanderthals were but one of several well known Pre-homo-sapiens humanoid species that despite their massive strength and endurance, had many small evolutionary "dead ends"....the Eustachian tube was simply one more these folk discovered.
Another artistic photo...
Robecology comments on Oct 22, 2019:
S E X Y. C L A S S Y !!!
Good evening everyone! Worked at home today while the Kia dealership replaced my remote and ...
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
Great pic...and I urge all energy conscientious hippies to look in to tune ups..95% fewer moving gas stations...and an end to fossil fuels sooner...something we hippies were looking to do decades ago!
Can you identify these 2?
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
If it's not his dad...and a famous old dude from when David was young....I'm guessing Bucky Fuller? David was in to his architecture. Found's his dad...
Jack London - “I believe that when I am dead, I am dead.
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
I keep this great post handy...
20 Sept.
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
Courage and kudos, Dot My thoughts are with you...
And in the WHITE HOUSE! Gawd help us!
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
Who wore earth shoes?
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
I still have..and wear....3 pair! I found a great set in a thrift store!.
Good night all... It's cuddle time...
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
G' sure and take your share of the bed space....
Might be true
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
We short folk call them "heightists"
Happy Monday, everybody! Which do you prefer - baths or showers? For me, baths!
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
Showers work for cleaning...fortunately the Condo I live in keeps a hot tub at 105º 24/ I do indulge in that at least 2-3x a week...
A Nissan electric car that can power house []
Robecology comments on Oct 20, 2019:
In the far future, and not in America. The owner of an electric car will be able to meet household power needs from the vehicle itself based on a technology developed by Nissan, the Japanese auto giant. It plans to introduce the new ‘Leaf’ electric cars in the Indian market (in India) next year and is on the look-out for local partners for collaboration on the application of its latest ‘Vehicle-to-Home’ technology (V2H) in the state. This is just talk. They're "looking for collaboration partners". No concept cars have even been produced. But do remember; There's serious pressure to keep you/us addicted to fossil fuels. We - and Russia - pay the lowest taxes on fuels in the world. I'm reading Maddow's book "Blowout"....about the excesses, and tricks being used in the industry to keep us "hooked". Beware...look in to an EV...a great investment. Oil companies really, really hate this guy, Tony Seba...
Now, don't you get offended, I do like men! Tell me what you think..
Robecology comments on Oct 20, 2019:
Congrats! A tastefully photographed male nude! Not offended in the fact...impressed!
Seems legit.
Robecology comments on Oct 20, 2019:
One of the best audio books ever; read by Keith Richards and his alter-ego actor, Johnny Depp.
Tesla Sentry Mode makes vandal internet famous [electrek.
Robecology comments on Oct 20, 2019:
Excellent. I just "discovered" Sentry mode....and my car is even telling my I have "Four sentry reports"....but I still don't know how to access them! I'll be asking this question on the FB group "Tesla owners worldwide"....
The impossible fight to save Jakarta, the sinking megacity []
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Here's another city in Asia...Dhaka....look at the homes on the left as the drone flies over the inland water storm of any significance will means death to tens of thousands...
18 Oct.
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019: said a point!! I'm not as sharp as you with the calorie count....but thanks to you I'm back on the weight loss bandwagon....down to 143. (goal to get stable around 135). Thanks, again!
Any of you fuckers
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
It's true. I married an alcoholic...and started drinking more and more often...kind of the "Days of Wine and Roses" took me nearly 10 years to end that...
Makes sense to me
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Bill Maher's comment on this last week was hilarious"...California power was afraid that downed power lines in certain areas would start they decided that millions of homes should light candles for a few days" (tongue in cheek, of course...that's Bill) On a serious note...The FFC (the fossil fuel consortium) has pressured most states to have the lowest fuel taxes of any developed nation...except, of course...Russia.... See chart.
Our fall colors continue to deliver up here in Canada... a photog's dream.
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Amazing. Drone shots or manned aerial flight?
Good Saturday morning! It's a dreary morning, kinda rainy from the storm that landed on Florida at ...
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Don't "love" it...but don't miss the days on end of bleak skies in the North. Florida has an unusual paradox....they have more Rain total..and yet more sunny days....than the northeast. I looked in to's because the rain in Florida is abrupt, hard, and over with. In the N.E. it's slow, lingering, and rarely intense. "Florida gets 55 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. On average, there are 237 sunny days per year in Florida. The US average is 205 sunny days."
I loved being on the beach yesterday, Lake Huron was windy and wild.
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
I remember going near there as a child; the lake water has gotten much "greener" and cleaner looking!
Hey, all.
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
I'm off...then on...then off...then on...then off...(You get the picture) with a woman who's nice, good, and charming.... A song comes to mind by "Queen"
WTF? Paris zoo unveils the blob, an organism with no brain but 720 sexes []
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
It's been around a while - known as "slime mold"'s common in wet sub-tropical-tropical forests. I don't know where they get that "720" number from...there's sexual, and asexual reproduction. Watch;
Don't loose your head over it..
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
Good one!
I made a big pot of chili for supper to go with our cold temps.
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019: inspired me... I stocked up on beans today....
Snap shots from silver mine cave and silver mine water falls in mui wo Island, Hongkong
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
I'm amazed at the number of islands there! I checked a map....
Anyone losing a little bit of hearing?
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
Maybe hold off a LOT longer...the research being proposed was vague..... I went from a $5,000 hearing aid to a $700, to a $150 for s set, as of now. The difference is minor (no "Phone programing " ) They're available on Amazon. Search Britzgo.
I had a coffee with the woman I've chatting with for about three weeks.
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
One meet-up closer to finding her...
Word Jumble.
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
That Cork soaking sock-tucker!
Hap, HAP, HAPPY FRIDAY! What's a silly little something that makes you happy?
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
Finding supplements that work. Feeling that "high" after a workout. A good night's sleep.
its 4am and my body needs to shut down for a while .
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
You need to control your sleep pattern. You can't let a hyperactive thought overtake you at 4 AM....that's toxic, cancer inducing behavior. Look in to's inexpensive, over the counter supplement that is tolerable in large doses...but works well in small doses. I do 3-4 millirgrams every evening...double or triple that if I've had a hyper day. Trick your brain...for your body's sake.
A vast heat wave is endangering sea life in the Pacific Ocean. Is this the wave of the future?
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
As it warms - more and more will suffer. Right now the evidence is sparse, and the sufferers are poor/third world folk. Scientists have presented fact after fact....about this. (see chart) We've realized that those who get rich off the extracting, refining, sale, and use of Fossil fuels either intentionally ignore the data, or work to suppress it....because if the facts are acted on too "pre-emptively then their profits will sink too quickly...and millions of them will have to dig out of financial holes. The FFC....the Fossil Fuel Consortium - is many times bigger than BT....big tobacco. Remember their lies? (see the ad image, below). They stalled legislation for decades. Be prepared for more decades of lies and deception. Here's a video about the "optimistic" End of Oil by 2030....
Hot, Hot, Hot.....
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
One mouth? That's the beginnings of a brilliant idea!
Mom is savage!
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
She's a Poet And she doesn't Knowit....
What If the Earth Was One Living Organism? []
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
The Gaia hypothesis - Earth behaving like an organism....makes a lot of sense. We get a "fever" when a population of germs gets a "foothold" in a part of our body. The fever actually is a mechanism that not only kills the germs, but speeds the production of anti-germ chemicals (anti-bodies and WBC's). Could Global warming be a "fever" that Gaia earth has caught to rid it of excess "germs"? It's interesting that as earth evolved life - it started in the oceans...and was only able to come on land once Ozone protecion was in place. This Ozone wasn't possible until we built up at least 16% Oxygen. Dinosaurs not only dealt with lower O2 levels but much higher CO2 levels...there was no ice nor snow for most dinosaur evolution. So Gaia first synthesized Oxygen in the ocean. Then the excess oxygen in the upper atmosphere allowed the UV protecting "Ozone" layer to form...which then allowed land life to evolve. But CO2 acts like a greenhouse....and over the past 200 years we've unburied and burned (dumped in to our atmosphere) what took hundreds of millions of years to store underground...carbon. So this greenhouse gas gives the earth a "fever' which then acts to destroy those who dug up and dumped the CO2 in to the air....especially the dumb ones who live too close to the ocean? hmmmmm? Watch...for a solution - by Elon Musk....the CEO of Tesla...
Good almost afternoon! Do you have a never fully satisfied sweet tooth, like I do?
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
This is why I'm signed on for "battling obesity". I learn tricks of (diet) self control from them. Ed and the others are modest...and they've lost a lot more weight than I ever did...but their "tricks" helps me keep track of my weight. Here's the root of the problem; We were raised....before we could walk and like certain foods. We were given a variety of things by our parents in response to our "tantrums"... -hugs -breast milk -water/milk in a bottle -wise snack foods - veggies, complex foods. -unwise snack foods; candy, sugar-based. -ignoring - letting us cry or struggle with nothing. We were told - very eat...even when we weren't hungry. So fighting "sweet tooth" habits is far worse and more challenging than fighting a drug addiction. Drug addictions start in our teen years...Food addictions....again....before we could walk and talk. Don't blame your parents. But do educate the parents you know now....if they'll listen to you Food addiction is powerful...and pervasive.
Cute little CJ with a couple friends... And this is my last pic of CJ for awhile...
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
CJ is you?
Happy Coffee Cheers!!! โ˜•๐ŸŽƒโ˜•
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
Nursing my last cup....Thanks for the "cheers"! TGI almost F...
I might finally get the answer regarding which came first.
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
We all know evolution works. So to answer that eternal question - which came first; the chicken or the egg...; ...There were - many millions of years ago....many bird-like, egg laying reptiles....but then a few evolved that were more bird than reptiles They flew short distances...and took up the niche that would become our domestic chickens. Eventually a few of these Reptilian-birds met....did the intimate thing (no intercourse in birds and reptiles....just touching "cloacas" where sperm from the male entered the female) and voila ...the first chicken egg occurred. So technically; the chicken came first. When a male and female bird-reptilian-chicken-like creature met; they mated. Their children became more chicken like...and less reptilian....over many thousands of years.
Here's another one.. You know who it is... ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
Hot, cute, and what a great bathing suit! Whew!
Your Appendix Isn't Useless After All []
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
"While there is no smoking gun, the abundance of circumstantial evidence makes a strong case for the role of the appendix as a place where the good bacteria can live safe and undisturbed until they are needed," researcher William Parker, PhD, assistant professor of experimental surgery at Duke University Medical Center, says in a news release.' Impressive!
A little Bruges...
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
The canal-based city on the coast in Belgium. Beautiful. We will be needed your engineering wisdom soon on the Florida East coast and MIami and most of the coastal cities there transition to many more 'canals" due to the influx of sea level there.
Another snapshots from cheung chau Island, HKโ˜บ
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
I nominate the elderly gent with the huge smile as the winner...great photos!
Long story short, this video is about a supposedly properly conducted study on male and female brain...
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
@DZhukovin. Shit...Read it? Gather it? Question it? Compare it? A meme comes to mind....
A little corny.
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
....and definitely "corn-y"
How can they even pedal this stupid bullshit with a straight face?
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
Sad that there's actually fairly intelligent adults maintaining important jobs that still buy this. If you haven't seen this movie, it's a must see....
Be it enlightenment or wisdom or some other inspiration that guides me, I have come to a time in my ...
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
You're only have one "antagonist"?
Soft light photo.. Looks great!
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
She has a resemblance to your avatar..hmmmmm?
We are a very strange society: ๐Ÿค”
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
What is your point...that voter registration is not being adhered to? Can you tell us where this is the case? I tried finding some in USA...I can't. Do you realize the racist and biased push of this chart, above? Where can you go, or cite - that it's legal to vote without documentation in the U.S.? On the other hand; do you know what "gerrymandering" is? Do you know that many legitimately registered voters were "wiped off the records"? How much in-person voter fraud was detacted and persecuted between 2000 and 2014? 35 . How many people voted in that time period? 834,065,926 Republicans have accused several organizations of planning or carrying out voter fraud, targeting groups like the New Black Panther Party (which isn't affiliated with the original Black Panther Party), and community organizing group ACORN with various accusations during and after President Barack Obama's 2008 election. But voter ID laws - including the much-scrutinized law in North Carolina - don't address the types of fraud that do happen. The North Carolina law in fact made it easier to vote by mail-in absentee ballot by making registration forms more easily available online, and it doesn't require absentee voters to show photo ID. So those who are clever enough can skirt voter ID demands in North Carolina. @bigpawbullets; Your racism and Xenophobia is showing.
Meanwhile in the Oldest Colony in the World.
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
So where's the documentation about the shootout? And I assume you're OK with people having shootouts? And you have no empathy for the Opiates crisis...what's your idea of a solution...a shootout?
I sure do, how about you?
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
The first well known "innoculation"...against seems weird even writing it... In case you've ever wondered what you would look like if you never got "that little round scar" take a look here....
Here is a PDF of something called "Agenda 21" What do we find wrong about it?
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
The problem with the UN is that they make these unbelievably long, drawn out doctrines...and then no one follows them. Their ideas are great. Their enforcement is toothless. They need to re-program their policies to be simpler, easier to measure/gage, and enforce. Love the UN concept, hate the reality of their excessive bureaucracy.
CJ Miles... Black and white...
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
Nice figure, nice exposure of fliesh. nice shades and tones in the pic....even the slightly out-of-focus of the image....I'd give it a 5/5 but the background choices were just awful.... Imagine her standing in front of a plain wall...or window...or even a
Hello, and happy Wednesday! What, aside from grammatical errors, is one of your biggest pet peeves?
Robecology comments on Oct 16, 2019:
I recall watching old folk talking as a child...and I noticed they just talked about their ills. It saddened the point of resolve never to do that when I get older... So I concur with @Ugly, peeve #1...(besides grammar errors)...."People who jabber on about their maladies."
People should have guessed that
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I'm rather surprised with the lack of public comment on the state of Trump's mental health....but I'm assuming that too many assume that if he got this far he's a "stable genius"...?
A club far too many people today are members of if you ask me...
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
The "Dunning-Kruger effect for those not sure what's being discussed...
The man I am dating told me that most women wear thong underwear, at least on date night.
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Rude of him to say "most women wear thong underwear"....much nicer if he just bought you a few pair....assuming the intimacy has gone that far...
Been in hiatus for weeks๐Ÿ™‚ and here are some snapshots๐Ÿ˜‰ ( first page๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‹)
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
OK...where's this "Hiatus"?
You know gun laws in America are ridiculous when even the 2nd Amendment screamers are totally ...
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
A charming....yet intelligent word, from America's greatest (tongue-in-cheek) Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers.
But muh guns!
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I don't think they "get it"....
Cheung Chau Island, Hongkongโ˜บ tremendous and one of the place who doesn't have the demonstration ...
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
The more I hear and see about what's going on in Hong Kong, the more I'm in awe of your courage - for even mentioning the "revolution" let alone, photographing it. You are doing an historic thing. Please keep doing what you're doing (regarding covering the "demonstrations"). The Agnostic world thanks you.
Had a lovely evening picnic at a winery tonight with 8 other local divorced women I met on Facebook.
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
The mind-system behind the Trump supporters are complex...and there's a lot of parallels between them and the "Religulous" of kudos to you for speaking out....and here's a great video that I share with many "fence-sitters" - it's a cartoon...narrated by a famous guy...(I forget his name...but very articulate...and very polite)...yet full o stats on how/why the Trump people don't "get it".
A (female) friend called me sexist. Is it sexist to want to be treated equally?
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Women have suffered - and still suffer today in many "3rd world nations"....a "second class status". As a man who calls himself a feminist, I can only apologize for the slow creep toward equality that women are going through. I've seen little change throughout my adult life. All I can suggest is to stay positive, took at the glass as "half-full" and keep pushing....but try to avoid the "struggle"....make it a "flow" towards equality for your sanity.....there's a growing number of men who support your POV.
What's the story line?
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
You're looking at yourself....and not me?
14 October, 2019 (again) Diet Diary - Was so tired last night I didn't even know what day it was.
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Growing old is not fun. Sad and sorry for your situation...
I've been in a monogamous relationship with my wife for 20 years.
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
It's a serious - and all too common - problem. Two routes; Either ask her to go to counseling with you...or.. Let go lightly. Wish her well... Be firm - not loud, not angry, just firm.... in your resolve to set out on your own. Don't use any bad language. Don't rage/act-out in front of the kids... ust tell her it's time for you both to part. No "down on your knees" no long "let's fix this" discussions. My first wife died young...which set the stage for me ending a relationship if it wasn't working. I"ve since divorced 3 times....and have nothing bad to say about any of my "ex's"...I take at least 50% of the "blame" for the ending. Ken Keyes Jr. has been a master to me....I've read many of his books. His strategy of "preferences vs addictions" and "hold on tightly-let go lightly" has worked many times for me.
Kitty is triggered.
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Lighten up, Pussy!
Why Is Sex Like Riding A Bike?
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019: wonder I like bike-riding so much!
Don't go extinct like the dinosaurs.
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I''d be in serious trouble if the coffee plantations went through some sort of catastrophic is forecast by many climate-change scientists.... "Study after study has laid out the threat climate change poses to the coffee industry. Rising temperatures will bring drought, increase the range of diseases and kill large swaths of the insects that pollinate coffee plants. "
NASA engineer's 'helical engine' may violate the laws of physics []
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I've heard of using photons from our sun...and even other stars, to "push" a solar sail...but this sounds/reads too absurd to me. I'll live another couple - maybe three decades longer...I hope to see science focusing on getting our earth get in better shape.
This is exactly what it's like. It changes fast, and often!
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Great pic! I hope that's not photoshopped....but I know Florida weather enough to know how real that is!
Red lipstick, heavy mascara, short skirt, high heels.
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Duh, ya think?
You don't need a teeny bikini to look sexy!
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
It's the fitness, not the exposure...great pic!
Good morning. Here's a sentence for you to complete:. If only ....
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
No, sorry; not for me. I abhor the "what ifs". I won't look at fancy cars and nice houses and "pine".... I love who I am. I love the life I lived. I have no regrets...and I think it's unwise to even consider them.
Religious people will believe anything
Robecology comments on Oct 15, 2019:
If you haven't seen Bill Maher's "Religulous" - please make a point of doing so...
Hey there.
Robecology comments on Oct 14, 2019:
The religious are, indeed, #religulous. Be glad you're done with him...or he with you. Instead of navigating "the dating world" just navigate "the world" always meet someone better when you're not "looking" for them...but do "get out there"...
AR-15 Inventor's Family: This Was Meant to Be a Military Weapon But you got to keep in mind some ...
Robecology comments on Oct 14, 2019:
Few know what critters lived before dinosaurs.
Robecology comments on Oct 14, 2019:
And there was long evolution of both animals and plants - both on land and in the ocean..before dinosaurs. Palm trees and Cycads predate ferns, which predate conifers, which predate flowering trees. The Palm trees you see today were around long before dinosaurs.....
Happy Monday! What's your favorite frozen treat? Mine is butter pecan ice cream ๐Ÿ˜
Robecology comments on Oct 14, 2019:
Any chocolate "frozen treat" works for me....the complex "Rocky Road" and other nut, marshmallow, and chocolate sauces and syrups do it for me... But Rich brownies are are Pies....the more complex, the better.
I previously posted about my recent breakup.
Robecology comments on Oct 14, 2019:
Aging is catastrophic on sex drive. Men need Cialis or Viagra...women need "maintain the sexual adventures" we enjoyed commonly - what seems like just a few years ago. You simply have to weigh the merits of keeping your active (intercourse) intimacy in tact - or switch to a non-intercourse "intimacy" that works for you and your partner. It's a tough call...and varies from day to day, person to person. The keys - the most important issues, IMO, is staying flexible, open, and healthy.
Advanced auto maintenance tip....
Robecology comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Better yet....look in to an E.V.... Use this link to order it....get 2000 free supercharge miles...
Robecology comments on Oct 13, 2019:
The video "shows what happens"...but it's still a computer-generated video...not the actual photographs.
The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. - John Burroughs
Robecology comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I visited John Borrough's home in the Hudson valley in the 80's...when his granddaughter was stlll alive and hosting visits to his deep woods hideaway, "Slabsides"....charming and inspiring.
Sailing, anyone?
Robecology comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Ahhh, yes. In my days when I had a sailboat...the highlights of the trip was when the lady chose to relax enough to strip down...thanks for bringing back great memories!
I was called liberal scum on Seriously!
Robecology comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Any name-caller the world of "debate" protocol... giving up. They're admitting defeat in the worst way expressing their anger at their loss with personal attacks. So my advice to you is... 1. Ignore the individual who does this. They're not worth your effort and attention. 2. If you see a possibility to help them...(you feel sorry for their cornered/confrontational remark...) ....share this with them. My motto is to always help the handicapped. They're just ill, not well, not equipped to debate with standard logic.
Robecology comments on Oct 13, 2019:
It's not Menohorror, or's just "menopause" ...a pause, or tapering off of the menses cycle. Maybe we just should let go of the "stigma"...


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront condo in the background!
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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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