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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!


Another swimsuit.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Wow. Take my money....please!
Something's been bothering me. I lost my brother/best friend a while back, and also a couple of ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
There's wisdom in not grieving too long. I want folk to remember the good times when I kick the bucket...then move on. Dust to dust. Dawkins said it best. http://commonsenseatheism.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/dawkins-quote.png
This weeks scavenger hunt.... Legs... Male or female... Songs... Memes... Toons...
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Legs by ZZ is good...."Rough boy" by ZZ is great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_4ULKpkLNc
My contribution to the Scavenger Hunt: [youtu.be]
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Thanks for this! It's been a while!
Seeing as we only have a somewhat limited amount of time left according to AOC we might as well kick...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
When you're ready for some wisdom (I think she's a closet conservative, IMO) check this out. It's a cool site; you pick any famous person; get their quotes....and click on their quotes to see when and where they said it. https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/alexandria_ocasiocortez
Name something you find in a Trump Supporter's home.
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wondering .... is there any difference whether you share your personal email address versus your ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I must get 5-10 unsolicited phone calls selling me insurance, hearing aides, car insurance, etc. I stopped answering almost all. Email has its' share of junk - but there's less interruption of what I'm doing with Emails...and persistent ones are fairly easy to unsubscribe... Advice? don't give out your phone # nearly as easity as your email.
Energy doesn't FLOW the way you THINK! (Electrodynamics) - The Science Asylum [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Articulate and fast moving. The speaker covers a lot of ground almost too fast. Good one for advanced HS science/physics classes.
What to do with a huge pumpkin? Pt. 1--Pumpkin ajlouke A ways back, I mentioned in a comment on ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Great way for me to use some of the puree I have when I baked my leftover fall pumpkin. I posted a high fiber muffin recipe recently; but cakes/breads/muffings get old.... Thanks!
COLLECTING IDEAS! THOUGHTS PLEASE. What do you think would be a good plant /tree for this ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I'm surprised the builder got the OK to build so many homes so close together on such a slope. I foresee a lot a land shifting and slippage in the future. Encourage deep rooted trees from the developer; they should be planted along the entire wall - although a serious rainfall can cause a landslide there, IMO...
it's 15° ! we're being spoiled by Mother Nature!
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I'm so glad I moved to Florida when I did...it's not so cold here...although we've been setting "cool" records in the low 50º range for the past few weeks now...and that sure does make me uncomfortable....I have to wear sox with my shorts and flip-flops!
Poster Girl of a "sport".
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Not impressed...but I recall reading and seeing Daryl Hannah as Ayla in "Clan of the Cave Bear"...hunting using a "forbidden-for-women" sling... https://youtu.be/ggA_RrP1jJw?t=88
I turn up the music because I'm partially deaf or I'm partially deaf because I turn up the music. ...
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Huh? Whadidyasay? I had my music turned up...and my hearing aids are not in....
Hopefully PolitiFact can keep the meter updated quickly enough
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I think I saw that MSNBC will be posting a "real-time" fact checking as a CC on the POTUS speech. I'm already committed to sending $100 to the first politician who stands up and shouts "You LIe".
God wanted Trump to be president, straight from the press secretary's mouth. That's so fucking ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
More people use "God" when talking about Trump...as in "Godda....d him! LOL! https://scontent.fmia1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/51061408_2213996865585094_8374918448873996288_n.jpg?_nc_cat=104=AeFThwn3ShVeJ_b8kM0a_DnzducBZBhADqp-bK_aXmYo25xHcPWON4NVVqweBMCIXljUEWNZsPdGzPzz_YKNJHdcCrrxov30k8YzeY_PWMsYDg=scontent.fmia1-2.fna&oh=e3f0be99aef35d20fefcd0e42f414134&oe=5CC130BA
I am proud to be called a "denier" by the climate alarmists and those who say "green" energy is the ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
So your main argument against alternative energy is that gas is more reliable than wind? Weak. -Do yourself a favor. Test drive a Tesla. Talk to people even in northern territories that have Solar on their roofs. Search the internet; ask "proof of Global temperature rise". I agree that it's wrong to take an "alarmist" view. I'm optimistic that EV's Solar and wind will make fossil fuels obsolete in a decade or so. Dinosaurs thrived on much hotter temps, no ice, nor snow....so we'll be fine with the higher temps... ...it's just that our temp rise is so drastic that if you're not in A.C. business then you should consider it...profits from good AC skills will soar. Yea, I know; the mid west is having record colds. Google "record cold vs record warm, data"...you'll see far more record warm spots in the world. Those who are good at building seawalls will make profits. Moving companies will score big in the next 10 years as coastal cites flood. But we'll survive. No alarmism needed...just gotta be in the right business.
McConnell and Donald are two of a kind ...standing against democracy at every turn. ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I had the feeling McConnell favored Trump back in 2016 when he pushed Obama not to react to the news of Russian interference. He's slick....he's covered all his tracks. McConnell won't get snagged...but I'm hoping Trump will.
Travel advisory
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
LOL! Shared on FB!
Donald Trump is Right "A WALL is a WALL!" [youtube.com] Can't imagine Chris Christie throwing his ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I'd like to climb over or dig under a peach?
Seems true from my perspective
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I've purchased...and shared....over a dozen of these "Make America Smart Again"....I think I first heard it from Neil DeGrasse Tyson... https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61uQ48S67eL._UX522_.jpg
Happy Friday Hippies. Still cold with snow hardening. More banana boxes to get for my books. So far ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Happy Friday, all you old hippies...OK...anyone still got a pair of bell bottoms in the closet? I kept one....LOL!
[youtu.be] Good morning everyone.... I haven't logged in for a few days... I've had a little ...
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One of my all time favorites. Saw them live, front row, decades ago. The tune - played on the Tesla sound system...is just "stunning"....I have to pull over and do my air-drums....put the volume up to 11...
Omfg look what I woke up to! These are the Sonoma brown oysters. The other 2 havent awakened yet!! ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Shrooms? You grow your own? Wow!
Happy Friday! Here's today's question: What amazing thing did you do that no one was around to ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I'm a frustrated, idealistic teacher. Ecology was my forte...You know; Renew, Reuse, Recycle? I'm happiest when I share info that someone "appreciates". Having said that - you're asking for good deeds that go "unappreciated"? I'd have to say IMO it's not "amazing": but I make an effort to live "below my means" and 3R my "stuff".... I give anything I have that I don't use anymore to the different used store folk. My favorite "used store" charities are; 1. a funky, eclectic collection in tiny rooms in an old house in "White City" Florida, as well as.... 2."Anastasia's Attic"....an out-of-the-way, not-Goodwill/not Salvation Army....just a few folks making a living selling used goods. 3. Then there's the one chain of Jimmy Carter-sponsored stores - the "Re-Stores" - that I also give to and shop at. Not amazing...but soooo satisfying to "move unused stuff along"...
Poster Girl of a "sport".
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
She's got a nice smile....the gun is impressive....the kill is obvious. Meh. I'd be more impressed if she killed her dinner with her bare hands, or a sling-shot...wearing less.
I know I'll receive" sexist " accusations for this observation. But this NY abortion legislation is...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
It's not about being "sexist"....it's not comprehending why - if family planning were encouraged and welcomed - abortions would all but disappear. It's about the ultra-poor/ultra ignorant. They are naive. They need to have access to birth control...or they will keep making unwanted, unloved children...and the prison population will continue to grow. It's not about being sexist, or racist. It's about social priorities. If you want less money to go to abortions and more to go to things you like, you rant about and fight abortion and family planning funding - but the prison population grows. If you want an end to the ignorant getting abortions - give them an alternative - or they will keep having babies.
?Who likes big butts?
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
MAGA (or close, or not even) Collection
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Here's my favorite; I've ordered 2 dozen and given most of 'em away; https://rlv.zcache.com/make_america_smart_again_anti_donald_trump_embroidered_baseball_cap-r497966cd1a1948a6ad3d2c6f19954423_65f3k_8byvr_512.jpg?rlvnet=1
God wanted Trump to be president, straight from the press secretary's mouth. That's so fucking ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
One word to say; "Religulous" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uqiv3tCghA
Today I would like to submit “Let Me Go”, which is a poem by Christina Rossetti which was read ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
I searched the original. You're right...it's religious. I like your version better. I'm going to copy it down and keep it handly. I know a friend on his death bed...and I'm afraid I might need it soon. Thanks for this.
I have many liberal views... like gay marriage, legalise cannibis , legalized prostitution. Total ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
There's a simple way to end abortions; make it easier for the poor and under-educated to get family planning. Between the abortion protesters and the politicians who fight to de-fund planned parenthood, I don't think they realize that by fighting family planning they're actually encouraging abortions - and encouraging unplanned, unwanted, unloved burdens to society. 90% of inmates in prison admit they were "unplanned".. the rest don't even have a clue. I know...."I pay for my family planning - they should pay for theirs". or how about "if you don't want abortions, don't get pregnant". .....but they're far dumber than you. They don't know how to control this; but we who have computers and can type above 4th grade level know better. For the ultra-ignorant woman it's the only way to get love and respect .For the ultra-ignorant man, they think it's an ego thing to make a woman pregnant. Solution? Let all women be "well equipped. IUD's. Diaphragms. Pills. There's a whole mess of ways to prevent kids. They just need easier access to them. If you want an end to abortions. Then do a 180º on family planning.
Avantgardens - Millions of frozen methane bubbles in Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada. ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Wow! Methane? Confirmed?
Media Bias Chart. I'm neutral to hyper-partisan. Who do you read or listen to?
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
I love this chart. I keep it on my laptop "desktop" and share it often.
Anti-Bernie, pro-AOC Democrats are one of the most frustrating people I’ve encountered. They give ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
It will come down to the primaries...starting in early 2020. We can't predict at this point who'll get the "nod"...it might even be someone who's not even "jumped in" yet....I'm waiting to see if Gavin Newsome joins the fracas.
Does anyone have any experience juggling more than one possible partner? I'm juggling three at the ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
It' depends on your degree of honesty, and the levels of intimacy that you've been with each. I've been guilty of trying to juggle three at a time; always with pretty disastrous results... so all I can suggest - the lesson I've learned - is be forthright, be honest. It'll take courage to say "I'm dating others" - but those who care and are self confident will say "cool - compare me - I'm sure you'll see Im the best" vs...those who are isecure/unimpressed with your "3-at-a-time" approach and say "uh-oh...see ya". They lose; the confident one wins.
Trump Says One Thing, U.S. Intel Says Another - The Late Show [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Colbert is the best! Funny, accurate, and articulate!
Floridians should not complain about being cold. We have it good compare to the other states.
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
I've studied the science. We really do get "thinner" blood. The amount of lipids flowing in Central/southern Floridian blood is significantly lower in the winter after being here just a few weeks...so we tend to react to cold more "acutely" than our "hearty"/Thick-blooded northern neighbors. https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/verify-does-living-in-florida-actually-thin-your-blood/77-615333114
Tree Stump House - what do you think?
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Charming. You should also post in the "Gardening" strand...not sure of its' exact name...search it....they'd love it!
Good Day. House Update. My daughter has to move out by Tuesday Feb 5th. My ex is moving out as soon ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Congrats. Concrete baby steps...important.
Someone posted this article the other day but I'm not sure where, maybe in the Love & Relationships ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Nice...and good tips for a couple looking to make it last....
This made me laugh, because if we are all here to help others. Then the question I would ask is not ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Accidental fornication?
Air is like sex.
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Soooo true!
Good morning! Today's question comes directly from me, not from a huge list, and is a multi-part ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
1. yes 2. No 3. Out. The first one...she died young from cancer. Then in. Then out. Then in. Then out. Then in. Then out. Done. 4. Always amicably. I've paid dearly for poor decisions; but I've always admitted it's been close to 50% my idiosyncrasies that caused the end of the relationship I'm a "marrying man"...I fall in love too quickly. Losing Cathy (1st) taught me to "hold on tightly, let go lightly" (Keyes Jr.)
What are the temperatures where you are? Here it is -24°F. -51°F with wind chill.
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
It's 55º here in Ft. Pierce Fl...and 120 miles south, in the Ft. Lauderdale area, it's 14º higher; 69º.
So Greeters - has anyone else noticed a sizable down tick in greeting lately? I used to get ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
I came upon the "Senate" group completely by accident. Maybe there's less publicity about it?
Is the scammer squad in full force this time of year? I have had a fake call after fake call seems ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
You're not alone. There's a new way to immediately abandon a phone number and call from a new number that slime-ball scammers are using. Hello, any people involved in phone company decisions; please fix this?
Your bladder is about to blow a gasket, you get to the restroom; full house. You could put a horse ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
It's a natural control, which does fade as you get older. Men in particular suffer because our prostate enlarges both with age and with sexual inactivity. There is a set of pelvic muscles that control the bladder to some degree, called the Kegels, or the exercise to strengthen them is called Kegel...doing research....here you go... https://www.everydayhealth.com/incontinence/kegel-exercises-for-urinary-incontinence.aspx
Climate Change explained..
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
I make my own coffee; haven't been to a Starbucks....ever.
Everyone Hates Starbucks Billionaire Howard Schultz | The Daily Show [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
"Im thinking of calling it upside-down magic talk"...LOL! Trevore Noah is good!
What To Expect As The Polar Vortex Brings Extreme Weather To The US - Science Insider [youtube.com]...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Remember; if you check weather records world-wide, you see that there are far more WARM records than COLD records. The earth is, in fact going through GLOBAL WARMING due to a growing population (158 more births, than deaths, per minute) using more energy to survive. http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock/
Seeking recommendations: what would you do if the family member you live with has accused you of ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Strategy #1 Hold his/her hands. Look them in the eye. Tell them, softly, and honestly; "I didn't use your facial cream and/or ketchup". Strategy #2 Hold his her hands. Look them in the eye. Tell them, softly, and honestly: "yes, I did use your facial cream and/or ketchup"...would you accept an apology? or do you want me to compensate for their use? Strategy #3; Hold his her hands. Look them in the eye. Tell them, softly, and honestly: What's really bothering you? I know it's not the facial cream nor ketchup use. Is it that I've decided to divorce you/ask you to leave the house/tell you I'm leaving for good?
What do you call a guy with a rubber toe? ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Another Robert joke; What do you call I guy named Robert with no arms or legs, floating in the water??? Bob.
" SMALLPOX SKRILLEX" The nickname given to liar an bully Nathan Phillips. . So appropriate.. I ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
He was, and is, an "elder"of Native Americans, and a Vietnam Vet. Why label him with demented, inappropriate, and hostile names? When you name call...you lose the debate. Step up. Post reasons he was wrong for trying to calm the violence. Tell why you think it was right for the MAGA students to smirk and make fun of his attempt to induce peace....if you're capable. https://nativenewsonline.net/currents/nathan-phillips-i-was-afraid-for-the-four-black-men-surrounded-by-a-mob/
trump and the republican Fascists Estate Tax repeal are now outright stealing more from the poor, ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
A little long winded...but your point is taken. Let's hope Mueller lays his cards on the table soon. We need to indict a lot more politicians.
I would date the guy who owns this and pay for the date, lol! Actually, I didn't know where to put ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
I'm a yard sale/garage sale/used/recycled goods shop connoisseur, but I wouldn't touch that car. That was a good looking year for Chevy; but their - and GM's reluctance - to go E.V. causes me to disassociate with them...
THE STORY OF ROGER STONE AND WIKILEAKS. NY Times [nyti.ms] This is a NY Times podcast for those ...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Here's a 5 minute summary of what Stone did to get arrested....with a hilarious "Colbert" twist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss9YgccAt4Y
I can't stand that woman. [thefederalist.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
She's tough, she's articulate, and she's clever. The Federalist is obviously suffering a bias; "Short of sporting a hammer and sickle lapel pin ....(she's) somewhere to the left of whoopee. " That's not only not factual - it's obviously slanderous. If you want to come down on Harris; look at her record, and stop alleging "Hammer and Sickle Lapel Pins"....if anyone should be wearing that pin, it should be our POTUS. https://votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/120012/kamala-harris#.XFHm9i2ZNQJ
This though not long, this is a more thoughtful account of library at Alexandria than the usual glib...
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Interesting and informative!
An asteroid hit the moon during last week's lunar eclipse [cnet.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul. Where do you go to chill?
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
I just look up...and see the beach, about 200 yards away. Chillin' right now..and for most of the day. Retired and LOOOVVVVING it!
I'm on my 2nd mug full....
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
I got a mess of mugs...but my son got me a small 16 oz sized thermos for the holidays and I love it. Spill proof...keeps it hot for hours...so hot that i have to add ice for the initial pour! Hate to say this; but with thermal drink bottles...the "Thermos" brand costs more...but works a lot better. Talking from lots of experience. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61HesbVIeML._SY879_.jpg
Guten Morgen :) Here's today's question: What kind of art do you enjoy most?
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
I have a nice collection of relatively cheap stuff; but special to me. A life-sized image of Marylin. A small hand-painted boat scene by a Haitian artist. A numbered "Jumbo" 4' x 2.5' numbered print by Audubon. A small native American woven rug. A couple of native American masks. At least 2 prints, signed by B &W photo artist Clyde Butcher (see this; https://clydebutcher.com) My latest edition was a mahogany and bronze ship's wheel. Eclectic, I guess you could say.
Church of Bob said they wanted a word with me.
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
....and you accepted? The word "church" should be a clue that you're being "swayed"....
Saw this on FB this morning.
Robecology comments on Jan 30, 2019:
REAL ESTATE Feds freeze Russian oligarch’s assets, Upper East Side mansion A sprawling mansion on the Upper East Side has been frozen as part of a hard-core battle between the US government and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, The Post has learned. US officials say Deripaska, an aluminum billionaire, is close both with Russian mob leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin — and that he is on the sanctions list because he is allegedly involved in murder, money-laundering, bribery and racketeering. Deripaska also had President Trump’s ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort — who has been convicted of crimes including money-laundering and who is cooperating with US special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — on his payroll for years. Abramovich recently transferred $92 million worth of property to his ex-wife, Dasha Zhukova, an editor and patron of the arts who listed her current address as 11 E. 64th St., according to property records. https://nypost.com/2018/10/08/feds-freeze-russian-oligarchs-assets-upper-east-side-mansion/
Here is a pretty interesting video from keto and intermittent fasting proponent Dr. Eric Berg, ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
It's a 42 minute video....they seem to be in a rambling conversation....so I stopped watching. I'd be far more interested in your POV on fasting and using Keto/IF chips.
Such lovely lines and colors! I dunno why, but I realllllly dig sporty thigh highs. I wore some ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Thigh-highs are such a turn-on to me. My only complaint is the flame-red hair...but kids like that look...us old guys - not so much. Give me a naturally colored hair with that face, body, and outfit...and ...here..take my money....
I'm just going to leave this here. Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth 1967 [youtu.be]
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
The lyrics for this are very timely...especially these days. There's something happening here But what it is ain't exactly clear There's a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware I think it's time we stop Children, what's that sound? Everybody look - what's going down? There's battle lines being drawn Nobody's right if everybody's wrong Young people speaking' their minds Are getting so much resistance from behind It's time we stop Hey, what's that sound? Everybody look - what's going down? Related Read more: Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth Lyrics | MetroLyrics
28 Jan 2019 - Diet diary, another day, we just keep plodding along. Nice to have some members ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Wow, Dot....that's a low calorie count...especially with you burning all those calories working on those cabinets. Be sure to treat yourself...a protein bar, a cup of greek yogurt with fruit....something high protein, low carbs. You don't want to get sick/ill....going under 1200 is dangerous.
I'm on a roll ... Swiping left, see this guy, visited his profile. He contacts me, I respond, two...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
I'm sorry for your suffering. It's a shame that men are still on this planet like that. You say "charges filed". I hope you've done that, and not just posted this on social media....he sounds dangerous. Consider uprooting and moving.
Donald Trump's Compromise Got Him Nothing - The Late Show [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Colbert is the king of late night news - with a comedic twist!
Golden Girls Valentines. ???
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Wow...good one!
I want to see if you people think, the same way they do on Facebook. The president of the ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Nice try, Mike; but you're talking to a brick wall. Maybe if you watch this you'll get why they don't believe you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9R6jgE7SQ
One of those things I don't think I'll ever understand.
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
There's scientific evidence that the more crowded it gets, the harder it becomes to make a relationship work. J.B. Calhoun first made a prominent study, published in Scientific American in '62....that actually influenced my selection of college and major (I read it as a senior in H.S.)...it was called Population Density and Social pathology; and in a few words he said that basically the more crowded it gets the weirder we get toward eachother....gangs, greed, child neglect, sexual deviancy, fear of intimacy - all proven to be the effect of crowding. Search **"Population Density and Social Pathology - Calhoun - 1962 **to find the article. Alvin Toffler said in in the 70's in **Future Shock.**..pointing out that with increased population density we had more opportunities to not only meet more people but change directions...and thus find it tougher to stay with the same person.
Which is worse? The clueless president or his equally clueless base of supporters. Make America ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
He's not that stupid. He's obviously getting great $$$ support from the FFC ( the Fossil Fuel Consortium; tens of millions who get rich on fossil fuel related businesses)...so it behooves him to push the rumor that GW is "fake news". I wish Ivanka would have a talk with him; like Michael Moore suggested long ago... https://michaelmoore.com/DearIvanka/
I look at myself with a microscope. I look at others with a filter of their character. Why don't I ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
You probably do (use the same filter on yourself)....but obviously we're far more concerned with self than with others...so relax, Forgive yourself more. Cut yourself some slack. When i see folk stressed by self-judgment I often share Ken Keyes jr.'s 12 steps to higher consciousness; It's been my favorite go-to strategy since the 70's... http://www.mindpowernews.com/HigherConsciousness.html
I was chatting with a buddy of mine in Florida and he felt that Fundies weren't concerned about ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Conservative/#Religulous (C/R) obviously welcome eco disasters - they do so on the surface with their beliefs in Armageddon - but in reality it's their selfish, greedy, racist lifestyle that's being epressed. Why? 1. The C/R fear/hate family planning for several reasons; a. they were likely unplanned and b. the poor/ignorant are the poorest users of famiy planning; sot he C/R think they should be "punished" with the burden of unwanted kids. 2. The C/R deny climate change - why? They want to see their investments in gas power/petrol powered vehicles and fuels continue to grow. They know support for EV's Alternate energy, while profitable and far better for the environment, will kill their fossil fuel investments. So if they ignore climate change, they ignore the fact that it's the poor who will suffer climate disasters first. So much for having a "Christian Morality' or being a "shepherd for mother earth".
I am post this rant because one, I have read the book, and two I don't trust much from government....
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Isn't it weird how the GOP/Republicans loved the FBi prior to the election...now all of a sudden they're the "American Gestapo"? Comey was and is a Republican. Mueller's a Republican. Where do you get your evidence/data from? Please don't tell me Faux News? The FBI and the Department of Justice is supposed to be a neutral, apolitical branch of the government...yet I'm sure you saw the Kavanaugh debacle. Wasn't it clear to you that they wanted a pro-Republican on the Supreme Court? Imagine if Kavanaugh was man enough to just apologize to that woman for his childish, drunken behavior instead of blatantly lying about it? The GOP/Republicans are clearly, obviously trying to sway the FBI and the Justice department toward their line of thinking. If it's time to abolish any group of people...it's the Republicans who are in Congress and in the Executive branch of our government. They clearly, obviously want Russian rule over America.
Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel [youtu.be]
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Hard to believe there's enough ignorant people out there that this experiment had to be done to prove that the earth, is, indeed, curved.
OK, I have a lady friend who forgot how to fuck. The other day she said she had a memory from 30 ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
You could have taken the opportunity to be a good teacher....sounds like you "blew" it....metaphorically speaking....
Roger Stone Is Weirdly Enjoying All Of This - The Late Show [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
He is the very best. I used to think Bill Maher was the king of late night political commentary....I just changed my mind.
[alternet.org] These are Mitch McConnell's nefarious links to Putin and Russian oligarch Oleg ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
You can "impeach" any U.S. political office holder....it's just become such a complex, token, and often unenforceable "route" that there seems to be a new direction (Indictments). Remember; it took 17 months to even start Nixon's "impeachment"- and even before it became official he bowed out...and saw how by bowing out, he could get his VP to "pardon" him and earn his retirement benefits. (I'm afraid Trump is at that stage now). Clinton was "impeached" but not convicted, and A. Johnson was impeached....but allowed to finish out his term. Historically Impeachment hasn't worked.
A swift end is approaching! I give you...Mr Rainbow; [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
I LOVE this, and shared this on FB yesterday....RR is very talented....but far too "gay" for most mainstream folk to appreciate.
Good morning! Today's question: If all jobs had the same pay and hours, what job would you like ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
I retired a life-long teacher. I tried being a college level administrator (registrar)...too much work....then too little...isolationism...not for me. As a retiree I'm still joyous just getting volunteer jobs as a local botanical garden guide for school field trips....yep....I do it for free...I just love it!
Open to constructive criticism. Here is my dating site bio. After reading some of the horror stories...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Recommendations; 1.Start with what you WANT to do...not what you DONT want. ("I don't want to go for walks, don't want to get married....change to "I prefer".... 2.That "tear your clothes off"? Save it for later communications. You're scaring potential dates away. 3, Life's not lifes. 4. ....affectionate chap (comma, not period)....then....message. ( period).
4am and my body hurts sleeping on the hard floor but it's better than when I slept on the streets ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Venting - what you're doing here - is valuable. It lets you see reactions...let's you re-read what you're going through. Keep it up. Even if no one replies....it's good to post... Here's a fabulous perspective from a very old and quite famous Agnostic; https://wflatheism.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/1779711_632237386850750_1545405203_n.jpg
Percentage millionaires in the US.
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
The comment is actually a bit naive. If You're making $174K a year, it's really quite easy to have over a million $$ in assets. Having said that; the graph....and past history...suggests our representatives don't "represent" the average American very well.
Good morning, drink plenty of coffee and stay warm today.☺
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
What a great old song. A little sexist/chauvanist (I think it made a stir on Social media before the holidays) but...had to look up the lyrics....here you go! Baby It's Cold Outside Idina Menzel I really can't stay (Baby it's cold outside) I gotta go away (Baby it's cold outside) This evening has been (Been hoping that you'd dropped in) So very nice (I'll hold your hands they're just like ice) My mother will start to worry (Beautiful what's your hurry?) My father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the fireplace roar) So really I'd better scurry (Beautiful please don't hurry) Well maybe just a half a drink more (I'll put some records on while I pour) The neighbors might think (Baby it's bad out there) Say what's in this drink? (No cabs to be had out there) I wish I knew how (Your eyes are like starlight now) To break this spell (I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell) (Why thank you) I ought to say no, no, no sir (Mind if move in closer?) At least I'm gonna say that I tried (What's the sense of hurtin' my pride?) I really can't stay (Baby don't hold out) Baby it's cold outside Ah, you're very pushy you know? I like to think of it as opportunistic I simply must go (Baby it's cold outside) The answer is no (But baby it's cold outside) The welcome has been (How lucky that you dropped in) So nice and warm (Look out the window at that storm) My sister will be suspicious (Gosh your lips look delicious!) My brother will be there at the door (Waves upon a tropical shore) My maiden aunt's mind is vicious (Gosh your lips are delicious!) Well maybe just a cigarette more (Never such a blizzard before) (And I don't even smoke) I've got to get home (Baby you'll freeze out there) Say lend me a coat? (It's up to your knees out there!) You've really been grand, (I feel when I touch your hand) But don't you see? (How can you do this thing to me?) There's bound to be talk tomorrow (Think of my life long sorrow!) At least there will be plenty implied (If you caught pneumonia and died!) I really can't stay (Get over that old out) Baby it's cold Baby it's cold outside Okay fine, just another drink then That took a lot of convincing! Songwriters: Frank Loesser Baby It's Cold Outside lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
things change
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
I'm not impressed with Twitter....but I feel the pain of the meme; like FB, Twitter has gone downhill. That's part of the reason I'm here....Ag dot com seems far more positive, and sophisticated.
Is real love possible for people with mental illness? Of course no one would want to be in a ...
Robecology comments on Jan 29, 2019:
What a loaded question! There's a whole spectrum of mental illness; many not recognized. The number of mental institutions declined drastically in recent years - while the number of "stress" disorders seems to be growing. You have to take this on a case-by-case thing.
[youtu.be] my hero may he rip. fuck the establishment
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
If you look in to the details of his death...you can see a lot of neglect - nothing provably willful...but he died prematurely, and the powers that be let it happen. https://brontebaxter.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/is-george-carlin-dead-because-he-spoke-of-the-new-world-order/
The Donald Trump CELL BLOCK TANGO (Part One) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Too funny! Shared on FB...
The Donald Trump CELL BLOCK TANGO (Part One) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Half a bubble off...but so talented...and so spot on! Love Randy Rainbow! Sharing on FB.
Couldn’t resist posting this.
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Faux News or Wishful thinking?
America it's Mueller time.
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
We can only hope... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jixdTHhayvw
I swear, sometimes I think I've gone to sleep and awakened in a Bizarro America. Today, with no ...
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Students have always had the "option of studying the bible". It's never been banned - by any school in America - ever. He's trying to gin up his base, again, as usual.
Why would anybody vote for the looney democrats?
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Remember; #1. We want to impeach a Russian sympathizer. 2. We only want to raise taxes on those making over a million (trump and reps already raised in on all of us) 3. No one wants to "shield illegals"...we want a firm and fair process. 4. Guns kill 30 Americans per day - 10 per day suicide. Illegal immigrants killed less than 1 per month last year. 5. Strengthen America With more of us having more $ due to health care for all and we're smarter thanks to college for all, America will finally become great again. Not because we can police the world...but because we're healthy and smart.
I bet all the guys remember this car. older bald men could get women with these cars. A chick ...
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
R U ready for an E.V. Corvette? If this prototype catches on...we may see the EV revolution continue. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1114485_genovations-800-horsepower-corvette-ev-debuts-at-2018-ces
I know it's relatively early, but I'm having a bad day. I woke up in a weird, bad mood, and it's ...
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Read this. Then re-read it. Consider printing it out, and pasting on your frige. http://www.mindpowernews.com/HigherConsciousness.html
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
Robecology comments on Jan 28, 2019:
"The Past is Dead. The future is an Illusion. Be here Now" Richard Alpert a.k.a. Ram Dass; https://www.ramdass.org/bio/


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