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Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019: reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from "Meet the Fockers" ...simply called...ass - hole.... Watch; it WILL make you smile!
Who else shops like I do?
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
We're all price conscientious to a degree; depending on our incomes. It's a problem with the extremes in income; both the very rich and very poor are not wise shoppers. The wealthy - even the ecological minded - tend to be wasteful if they're making good money. Very poor are often big wasters and poor shoppers as well....often eating out "fast food" when it's much more thrifty and wiser to prep meals at home.
Says the guy whose net worth is 65 million dollars, earned as an employee of some of the most ...
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
@corrupt(231) and @bigpawbullets; First let me thank you for sharing Woodie's "cause" Now, let me say....I'm sad that your intro has to mention, and denigrate, his wealth. He's a spokesperson. He's taking risks of losing support by coming out against the very corporations that feed let's empathize. He's using his success and popularity to reach people to create social justice. If this were you or I we'd make far less of an impact. You may see this as hypocrisy; but I don't. There's lots of wealthy actors who do NOT speak out for any social causes...and they're the ones who are far more hypocritical. People attack Leo DeCaprio for being environmental activist as well. They laugh at his wealthy lifestyle, his private jets, etc. But again...he's taking a lot of risk speaking out against the "establishment"; and if you dig in to either one of their personal'd see that they do their best to support their cause - they spend a far greater percentage of their income for charity than you or I do Let's applaud these fellows for NOT "keeping their mouths shut" for "speaking out against the establishment" that in many ways fund their success. You or I could never dream of having near the "impact" they do.
Good morning! If you walked a mile in my shoes, you'd feel my brace that keeps me from falling ...
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
That's a wonderful commentary encouraging empathy. Humanists - especially Agnostic ones I know - are great empaths.
The Marvels of Tick Saliva []
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
I’m so confused lately about how those defending racist statement keep claiming that they ...
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Racism is deeply ingrained; and the more crowded the earth becomes (158 more births, than deaths per minute, 227,000 more per day) the slower the evolution is away from hate and competition. My parents were racist; especially my father. I caught myself growing up with racist feelings. Education, awareness, and experiences makes you realize how wrong it is; but it's not something you can just wake up and switch out of. It takes a behavioral evolution. So let's be patient. We know it's wrong. Most Americans know it's wrong. But there's a competitiveness among peoples and classes of people that intensifies as we grow more crowded. This isn't opinion; this is proven science.
The origin of Amway
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Yul Brynner made a striking image in that scene...I think it was from the 1956 movie "The Ten commandments" and Mr. Brynner played the pharoah....not sure of the ruler's name.
Heck! Might be a hit!!!
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
The book was good, as was the hearing. This is obviously a Republican/conervative laughing point. But the truth hurts too many Americans; so the meme exists. Sadly we'll have to toterate the tyrant until Nov 2020.... I sure hope the dems pick a clear favorite. The choices are not good ones.
Practical joke
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
LOL...Love his work!
24 July 2019 - Diet Diary - Well, the body was being cooperative today, slid off that plateau and ...
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Wow! Good job, Dot! I suffered a setback...I made a chili that was "too delicious" and gave in to temptation...and finished the rather large remaining/leftovers. Oh...well...
I simply reject the entire notion that there are any sort of non-physical beings in existance.
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Of course you're right.... ...but then there's "imagination" . The human mind's ability to consider the future is a blessing and a curse, IMO. ...many "pretend" to be "religious" or act "spiritual" simply because that's the socially acceptable "thing" right now. Saying you're agnostic or atheist too often is labeled as being "too honest" or "brutally honest".
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Not surprising. When there's some seriously long heat waves, along with major power outages and numerous deaths....maybe then we'll sse some pro-alternative energy/anti fossil fuel action. Please view this great speech by Elon Musk made at the Sorbonne in Paris a few years ago. I think his idea of a "carbon tax" isn't do-able at this point...but his presentation explaining our very narrow temperature tolerance range is brilliant.
Practical joke
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Larsen is the best!
What attracts women to men []
Robecology comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Do a similar study with glasses, please! Wait.....I found a video; that include frame-makers that let you use your own image to see how the glasses look! Very cool technology!
Here’s an interesting statistic.
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
I actually had a parking lot troll motion me over to tell me I should smile.
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
That's the way parking attendants flirt...or you could be like slydr68 and shoot him...
Is there anyone who actually thinks Mueller's testimony will do anything to help?
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
Remember; Independents have been rising; a recent data check said America is 46% Independent and rising, and Democrats, slightly ahead of Republicans, are both sinking in new registration sign-ups. The independents can't vote in primaries...but more are sacrificing that right for the chance to chose the best at the time....a true open-minded approach. So the independents, in my opinion, are watching Mueller and realizing that we have to chose someone else besides Trump in 2020.
Robert Mueller : 1.
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
You got it right IMO...but you're "preaching to the choir"....we're mostly with you. The real problem is those polite church folk. Those American Legion folk. The incredible number of folk who get rich off the "Republican" way of life. They are a solidified group. They're locked in to their opinions. ....and we ignored them in 2016. We did a better job in 2018. Now we REALLY got to get busy and support the "democratic" way of life for 2020....or we are in deep.....
23 July 2019 - Diet Diary - Alright! Back on track here.
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
Congrats on breaking the 140 mark!
Let's listen to what our Islamic Scientist has to say. πŸ˜‚
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019: he's #religulous. We all know that there's a very high level of gullibility in all religious folk. But be aware; The Islamic religion is rising much faster than the Christian religion, or agnostics, for that the world. At least Islamic folk don't buy the reincarnation thing, or the "risen again" thing, or the "virgin birth" thing... But they do buy a "heaven" or "after-life"...and all sorts of diet restrictions (no pork, etc.) and they also buy that aggressive proselytizing behavior gets the males more - or fewer - virgins in heaven. Yea, they're very misogynist - that's why they demand that their women wear Burqas - they're afraid their lust will have them rape all eligible women - which - in fact - they do. Hence the need for virgins in heaven. But let's not poke fun at alleged "spokespeople" for them. Remember; our numerical system is Arabic....they were the "cradle of civilization" once. Sadly, the typical middle eastern man is what we agnostics know as "unenlightened". Who the Chinese grow to world dominance, and we produce more Trump/Republicans....maybe we'll sink to 3rd world status?
This article looks at the common ancestry and evolution of gut bacterium in apes and humans - the ...
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
The most fascinating research (about symbiotic organisms living within us) is that **Mitochondria** *have their own DNA.*..and might be an invasive organism from very, very early in the evolution of life that evolved a symbiotic relationship with all animal life. "**Mitochondria Have DNA**" Mitochondria and chloroplasts have striking similarities to bacteria cells. They have their own DNA, which is separate from the DNA found in the nucleus of the cell. And both organelles use their DNA to produce many proteins and enzymes required for their function. The Evolution of the Cell - Learn Genetics Utah - University of Utah
Meanwhile, in Miami:
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
It's true! The drivers there are soooo aggressive!
Good morning! On a more silly and fun side today, what will you not do for love?
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
Ever wonder what Meat Loaf actually won't do? I looked it up... What is “that” which he won’t do? Meat Loaf explains in VH1 Storytellers that each chorus starts with the line “But I’ll never…”, and ends with “But I won’t do that”. So the things that he won’t do are: But I’ll never forget the way you feel right now But I’ll never forgive myself if we don’t go all the way tonight But I’ll never do it better than I do it with you But I’ll never stop dreaming of you every night of my life And the song...and the lyrics...are long; [Intro] And I would do anything for love I'd run right into hell and back I would do anything for love I'll never lie to you and that's a fact But I'll never forget the way you feel right now - Oh no - No way And I would do anything for love But I won't do that, No I won't do that Anything for love Oh I would do anything for love I would do anything for love But I won't do that No I won't do that [Verse 1] And some days it don't come easy And some days it don't come hard Some days it don't come at all And these are the days that never end And some nights you're breathing fire And some nights you're carved in ice Some nights you're like nothing I've ever Seen before, or will again [Pre-Chorus] And maybe I'm crazy Oh it's crazy and it's true I know you can save me No one else can save me now but you As long as the planets are turning As long as the stars are burning As long as your dreams are coming true- You better believe it! [Chorus] That I would do anything for love! And I'll be there till the final act And I would do anything for love! And I'll take the vow and seal a pact But I'll never forgive myself if we don't go all the way Tonight And I would do anything for love! Oh I would do anything for love! Oh I would do anything for love! But I won't do that! No I won't do that! [Hook] I would do anything for love Anything you've been dreaming of But I just won't do that... I would do anything for love Anything you've been dreaming of But I just won't do that... I would do anything for love Anything you've been dreaming of But I just won't do that... [Verse 2] And some days I pray for Silence And some days I pray for Soul Some days I just pray to the God Of Sex and Drums and Rock 'N' Roll And some nights I lose the feeling And some nights I lose control Some nights I just lose it all When I watch you dance and the thunder rolls [Pre-Chorus] And maybe I'm lonely That's all I'm qualified to be There's just one and only One and only promise I can keep As long as the wheels are turning As long as the fires are burning As long as your prayers are coming true You better ...
One of the reasons we plant lots of tomatoes.
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
Uh-oh....I see vines in serious need of trimming...more trimming = more fruit. Less trimming = more vines...
Neanderthals made repeated use of the ancient settlement of ‘Ein Qashish, Israel ...
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
...and to look at that "settlement"...makes me could that hill be there? Why is the land around it so flat....could it have been an early burial ground? Could that "mound" be human-made?
Which do you prefer?
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
I'll pay good $$ for either...
I sure do miss this guy on TV every night.
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
Love John...and his mentor, and now late-night-show-host both of them challenge Mitch...
Immigration is getting ridiculous!
Robecology comments on Jul 24, 2019:
Funny....yet sad. I see the Mexican immigrants in town (Homestead) avoiding eye contact, skulking around....I'm embarrassed for them...and for the alleged "white American" I represent. They work hard at work no regular, ordinary person would take nor endure....working the crops is seasonal, hard work. Some crops just need I don't see mechanization of harvesting in the near future. We need to respect the immigrant more....please! Blow an immigrant mind. Give them a buck or two just because....
Good afternoon and Happy Friday! As I am eating my Knackwurst (or "knockwurst" as it's called here)...
Robecology comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Unique Italian has caught my interest. Not the typical pasta, or sauce, but a combination that's unique.
Elon Musk & Nuralink: share your thoughts. Go! []
Robecology comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Elon Musk; our illustrious dabbling...
I remember those days, many decades ago, when I could climb trees like a squirrel.
Robecology comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Growing old gracefully isn't as easy as it sounds...that's for sure! Consider that you always had "common sense" but now you have the wisdom of experience.
Childhood fun and terror!
Robecology comments on Jul 23, 2019:
The "wheel of death" the "psycho-go-round"...the "playground suicide machine" The "vomitorium".... any others?
Nice windows. Too bad you can't see more.
Robecology comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Can't believe she's dumb enough to wear underwear...and whoever took the pic thinks it's hot!
"Toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices | Melanie Joy" [youtube.
Robecology comments on Jul 23, 2019:
@AnonySchmoose; There's an ecological advantage to eating lower on the food chain....more plants, in other words. There's also lots of research and development of plant proteins with the "feel" and "flavor" of meats - to help those who have "acquired the taste" to transition. Good video. Thanks for sharing.
Robecology comments on Jul 23, 2019:
LOL...solution? Buy an EV....plug in charge at home or at a Supercharger....the fee for the "juice" is paid for on the privacy of your car...and it's a third the price of gas....
How do you spend your non-work, non-family obligation time?
Robecology comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Great question - I'm a retired teacher. I have a son, daughter-in-law, and grandson who live 60 miles, away, a step daughter who lives 180 miles away, and an occasional lady friend 120 miles away. I spend each day doing at least 1/2 hour of "working out"...biking, swimming, walking. Rarely tennis and golf. Rarely exercise machines I have in my home (three of them) ** But both friends and relatives say I spend too much time on the computer. **I'm on it from morning until bed time.** I rarely watch TV...maybe some Maddow (news) at bedtime. My weight is good; I'm close to ideal. My eating habits are healthy. Almost vegan, with occasional fish and chicken, rarely beef, lots of yogurts cereal and fruits and veggies. But I love my Words with Friends, and Facebook time..and yes...time here on I sing in the shower...but I don't have the ego to sing publicly. And I don't have pets. I've had pets all my life; but the need to "put down" an elderly shepherd a few years ago broke me of the "pet" habit. I do volunteer; I help with two different community gardens at least a few hours a week. I'm going to a "meeting" for a "children's garden" group in a few hours. So the big question on my mind is the concern from friends...of spending too much time on the computer. To's not too much. **How do I convince them to quit bugging me about it?**
Friend posted. Care to guess? She wants to know what it's called.
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Rope clouds. Google "Rope cloud images"
I have no idea what are the names of those flowers but I find them so lovely even they are tiny and ...
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Nice. I think the purple ones are "Snapdragons"...the second one looks like a thorny rose? Not sure of the "flowers of Hong Kong ID images"....I found this....
Indian ghost pipe plant. Taken during my Sunday hike.
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
A rare one, for sure! It's actually a real flowering plant. The only species that is "parasitic" and doesn't make its' own food (hence no chlorophyll, no green color). But do note; it does "flower; produce sperm (inside of pollen) and eggs; and reproduces sexually!
I guess even the seemingly perfect relationship is really wrought with problems.
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
I think it comes down to a lot of luck, and a great ability to compromise. Luck to meet that person that likes you apparently as much as you like them. ...and then the give and take begins. I've met quite a few; we hit it off; then one of us gave up on the "compromise" thing. The flexible and tolerant do well in relationships. Those like me with a narrow tolerance for debate and/or give-and-take are learning to love themselves and live alone - or they're not happy with their "alone-ness" and keep seeking that "relationship" More power to you! I'm falling in love with me, more than ever before.
Missed opportunity.....
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Not a chance...not even close with me; mainly because I'm hetero, and they're nearly always guys. But I would love to know if a woman ever "seduced" a good looking THAT would be funny!
Since many here are looking to develop friendships with like-minded folks and distance seems to be ...
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
I live in Ft. Pierce, Florida on the beach. I've welcomed women who've read my bio and IF they like what I've said to get in touch. I'm not gonna beg...if it happens, it happens. I've had one visitor. I hope to have more!
Get the hell out Trump!
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Shared on FB!
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
The "being alone" takes "getting used to"'s a matter of preferences...I'm totally happy with my level of cleanliness, style and quantity of food I eat, time on the computer vs time on the TV, work out prefs, etc. When she's here it's a compromise. I've done that enough in my life. I think my days of compromising to please a woman are over.
Question: Have you lost a relationship (spouse/family/friend)due to the political climate in our ...
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Liking/not liking Trump is symbolic of lots of things...Religious vs non religious, Scientific vs not scientific, honest vs corrupt, sexist vs not, racist vs not. Some of us fell in to a habit of lying - and it it continued...for the Trump supporters. Being honest goes hand-in-hand with agnosticism. So my brothers and I were at odds with each other for years. Trump's rise to power just put a wrap on the finality of ending communications with them.
How do you motivate yourself to exercise?
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Biking, swimming and walking the beach are my 3 favorite "sweat-producers". A close 4th is tennis and golf....but they cost $$ and I can't find the time and energy to haul out the equipment and go to the clubhouse...but the bikes are in the garage, and he pool is out back...hence my two favorite "go-to" workouts. Why work out? It's a high...I feel so much better after having "pushed" myself. I think when the day comes that it hurts too much to bike or swim I'll be ready to say....bye-bye...
For better or for half.
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
I would say....DON't get in touch....or please, remove my # from your phone?
Dragons from Hell!
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Shared on FB...excellent!
Anyone have a good, positive vibe today... ?
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
The weather's nice, the coffee's perfect, and the computer and internet is working.... The only thing stopping me from having a perfect day is that my garage door power is out...and the fusebox switch keeps tripping. It went out when lightning hit Friday. It worked once to get in the garage...but then I couldn't close the door (electrically; fortunately it's manually close and openable). Suggestions? Ideas?
‘Lennon Walls’ spring up across Hong Kong after Chief Executive Carrie Lam declares extradition ...
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Please specify; what is the significance of the "Extradition Bill" and its "death"? I am not aware...
I'm tempted to do this.
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
My first snotty LOL of the day!
Who are the REAL crazies . . . ?
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Thus the trend toward more independent voter registration than ever. Independent voter registration just hit 46% nationwide for the first time in history, June 2019.
Robecology comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Not terrible...there's obviously a new focus in your family. You've hopefully taught Suzy's family a lesson...that she needs more attention from them. You were "free" day care for it's her family's time to find a new "day care" for her. Your focus now is on your health first, then your baby's then Frankie. Any plans for a wedding"?
Took this yesterday in Lai chi kuk, Kowloon πŸ‡­πŸ‡°
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
The contrast in building architecture is striking...
Tim Wise on Twitter: "1/ If the Dems blow this election it will not be because they were "too far ...
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
The Trump supporters are focused and diligent. They will support thier liar, sexist, racist, tax-cheat-in-Chief... So our job? Just get out the vote. I recommend you buy a dozen of these...they're, fast shipping....web site is on the pin. Wear 'em and share 'em. I'm on my third dozen.
Everyone should ask themselves this question: are you really better off then you were before Trump ...
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
I've been "immune" to the Trump presidency because I'm retired. The economy was recovered from the Bush crash by Obama....and Trump has been riding the wave. So I can't complain about the economy; and that might be Trump's strongest suit going in to the 2020 election. But Trump is hurting a lot of working people. He's hurting folk who expected Coal to recover. He's hurting the scientists who want more environmental awareness. He's hurting the health care system in America, while helping the Pharmaceuticals and Insurance folk to thrive. He's hurting folk who are stuck in minimum wage jobs (and it's only 10% teenaged people...). Minorities are making strides on the job market - but not in the social equality scene. And immigrants, mostly the Spanish American ones from central America, as well as too many Muslim-Americans are lying low, trying to stay out of the spotlight....sort of like the Jews in Europe did in the 1920's through 1940's.
Here’s all the girls (& boys) with the curves grab πŸ’œπŸ’œ
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Big boobs, narrow waist, huge hips...what's not to like. Unfortunately women like this are super rare...and far more prone to aging diseases. They won't stay voluptuous and proportionate for long. Voluptuous, if proportional, is exciting. Obesity is frightening, and these victims are sad.
AOC did what trump suggested.
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
I don't think "he had no idea she is American"....I think he plays dumb on purpose.
Would you honestly stay in America if Trump wins again
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Stop the B.S. Very few are leaving. It's true, and becoming clearer every day....that living in another nation is becoming more rewarding...but let's be real. We all have roots. Friends. Relatives. a Job. A plot of land. A home we're proud of. I can count on one hand all the people I know and have known that decided to move to another nation....and they suffered a great deal with the decision. I won't go in to the particulars here....but if the government gets worse - the wimps and weak will talk about leaving....but very few actually do. Most of us who aren't happy with our government participate in it... We vote, we "get out the vote" some of us write or call our representatives, some of us participate in "protest meetings". Quit yer' bitchin" and stop talking about moving. Talk about doing something to help bring the change. Be a real patriot...not a quitter. Besides calling your rep, there's pins. I personally will encourage you to wear a pin to support your move toward a change. I'm on my 3rd dozen of these. Buy 'em, Wear 'em. Share 'em. The website's on the pin.
She's my good, scratch that, very good and sexy friend Bianca, she's sexy as hell, a photographer ...
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
The main reason I rarely comment on the Sexy-classy site is that I know it's impossible to actually see, touch, and experience these women in real life. thanks, Mofo1953 for giving me "hope"....
Love a woman who puts things in her mouth....
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Except cigarettes...uhgggghhhh!
Remembering my grandma Flavia on her birthday.
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Wow; me too!
Some old buildings I noticed while cycling today.
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Someone's going to make a lot of money out of that sealed off brick building...selling those bricks!
Round here when it gets to 95°F (35°C) we reluctantly take the winter woollies off! Extreme ...
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
I live in East coast of Florida, where the temps are there's lots of inland areas now suffering much hotter than Florida. All I can suggest is stay cool...and work to slow down global warming. Work to "acclimate" yourselves...tolerate sweating. Where light colored clothing. Make sure that fan and AC has been "tuned up" so it won't die suddenly on you. Remember; only 2 generations ago there was no such thing as air conditioning. And our ancestors survived the warmth for thousands of generations. We can all do a token amount. Plan our trips better. Use less fossil fuels. Waste less, recycle more. It will continue to get hotter...and the "slope" of the increase isn't a straight's curving more upwards every day.
Time for a little humor..Grumpy Bernie Goes Off On Jimmy Dore []
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Funny...but not Bernie...he's just too classy to ever throw around that profanity.
Photos from Colorado []
Robecology comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Petroglyphs and Pictographs...nice. The strongest signs of life tousands of years America!
Don't know what the temp.
Robecology comments on Jul 20, 2019:
Climate change/global warming is real. Two generations ago there was no such thing as Air my recommendation is adapt, or suffer. Deal with sweating, hand-made fans, and "chilling"....because until we stop using fossil fuels..(and for a long time after that) things will keep getting worse.
Fitness diet tip.
Robecology comments on Jul 20, 2019:
I make a "muscle" brownie that works for me. A regular brownie mix; spiked with a cup of oatmeal (put in the food processor to be "floured" ) a scoop or two of "protein powder" and eggs without yolks (more protein less fat). If you like a gooey brownie, leave the oil mixture as prescribed on the box, or even add a bit more. If you like a "low fat" brownie, then do less oil. Sometimes I throw in some greek yogurt as well. DON"T OVERCOOK! For a chunkiness, I add dried cranberries, pecans or walnuts, and sometimes dried papaya or pineapple.
Just saying...😳
Robecology comments on Jul 20, 2019:
Porn has become sad....obviously it's still popular to many men to be abusive to women. I'vs searched for videos of slow, sensual experiences there...they're just so rare/hard to find I've given up....
I don't like swimming but today i'll drink the pool !
Robecology comments on Jul 20, 2019:
Cute and unusual pic!
Done for today, but let's have a drink with cognac before going homeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹
Robecology comments on Jul 20, 2019:
It looks like you're on the top of a very tall building? And what does "Gong Cha" mean?
Hello members, I was given a cutting of this cactus some years ago and It has flowered with this ...
Robecology comments on Jul 20, 2019:
I think I found out its' name as well as an article suggesting care....
Robecology comments on Jul 20, 2019:
His stare gotta be the meanest one in Hollywood....
Tomato plants running amuck. But we're finally getting ripe tomatoes.
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
The Science is clear; fi you let the plants "run amuck" you won't get fruit....or you'll get small, easily diseased fruit. **TRIM THOSE PLANTS!!**
Kind of creepy
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Joe is going to have a hard time this season. Sorry, Joe....time to just "chill" - you've served your nation well....
Well, I did put pants on today.
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
I got a last place award for getting out of bed this morning....does that count?
Standing on Proxima b the closest Exoplanet to Earth []
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
So 70,000 years away by the fastest travelling space ships. 21 times closer to the star it's no chance for water. Far too hot, no atmosphere (solar winds). What's the point of even theorizing "standing on its' surface"?
Fresh and organic at that.
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019: the bird's butt is technically a "Cloaca" which is a common opening where solid and liquid wastes leave, and sperm enter and find their way to those "nuggets" to make little "chicks"....don't make me show you an image.....
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Next Wednesday, July 24th...could go down as a turning point. It'll be the day Mueller testifies in a public hearing...broadcast on all major channels...(except Fox)....I'll be watching.
Yes - it's an unimpressed squirrel.
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
And obviously well stocked up and ready for that winter hibernation!
I'm sure that some of my fellow members live in coastal cities as I do! Here in Algarve, south coast...
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Have you contacted any city representatives? Is there anything being done at the city, or district, or national level, to slow down their infestation? Please share pictures with us!
19 Jul 2019 In spite of my transgressions this week, my weight today is 312 lbs, which means I've ...
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
**Impressive!!! ** Very few can claim a loss of **over 100 pounds.** Keep us posted...
If you consider yourself a Progressive you should know by now that these centrist corporate dems are...
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
@Looking4-Others/ Tony; Let me's kind of a blanket "pre-judicial remark to say "centrist corporate dems are not going to do a damn thing for the country"... Dems stand, much more so, for the middle american, the average American, than Republicans do. So let's give them some credit; and not lump all "Dems" whether centrist or leftist or progressive with any faction of the Republican party. Remember; there's even a few legitimately wise, and caring Republicans. Yes, they also have a huge majority that favor corporate welfare over the welfare of the average American...but even a few Republicans show the courage to go against the tide. Be careful of blanket pre-judicial statements, please. It shows your poor judgment not the truth...and as Agnostics, that's what we strongly seek out....the facts....the truth.
I know this is sexist and since I enjoy cooking and have my share of failures - I would re-write ...
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
This is the MAGA Trump wants to go back to...where women "knew their place" - were politely sub-servient to "their men", tolerated being "seduced" (translated...raped) when HE wanted kids - and had little/nothing to say about "family planning.
If you consider yourself a Progressive you should know by now that these centrist corporate dems are...
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Let's consider what our alternatives are. The rich will survive and thrive. There will be a massive die-off of the not so wealthy as the planet gets hotter. The #religulous will say "it's gods plan". The scientists/agnostics will fight for legislation but won't get much done....the wealthy profit from denying climate keeps their fossil-fuel-related profits flowing; and seeing that the wealthy are the politicians (or have them "in their pockets")...we won't see much official change. The wealthy who live on the shore are well insured....they're actually "betting" (paying insurance) in favor of a devastating coastal storm and/or sea level rise so they can rebuild bigger, stronger, and higher above sea level. The poor and not so wealthy...the folks who live close to the shore because they have's their living....will lose, struggle to survive, go bankrupt, suffer injuries, diseases, and shorter life spans as the seas encroach. Watch this 20 second video. The poor vs the rich. The haves vs the have-nots...we will see the disasters increase in death tolls and frequency as time marches on....
'Wibbly Wobbly': Human-Sized Jellyfish Spotted off the Coast of England (Video) - Sputnik ...
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
These primitive creatures have been around virtually unchanged for 1/2 billion - that's 500 million - years. The rare fossils of super-ancient Jellyfish shows they had stinging tentacles and a central nervous system even back then.. be Happy! 😁
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
I read somewhere that technically bees aren't supposed to be able to fly. Look at that wing size, compared to its' body size... "According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible."Dec 27, 2017 This myth people keep quoting about how bees shouldn't be able to fly ...
I photograph what I love. This is a very favorite. My granddaughter, who is 14 now. lol
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
That's one tolerant kitty!
How many licks does it take?
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
I miss the Cannabis edibles! I had a "Denver" lollipop and felt just like that owl....Please...someone....send me some?
Elon Musk & Nuralink: share your thoughts. Go! []
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
It's not his area of expertise....and his stuttering talking style makes it hard to "stay with him"... ...and I'm totally opposed to his visions for a Mars settlement.... ..but I'm a huge Tesla fan. (owner since 2013) and I live 100 miles south of where his SpaceX launches what he's doing in these areas are pure joy to me...
18 July 2019 - Diet DIary - Busy day, worse tomorrow.
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
I'm still struggling with the mid-140's ....sis "gave me a gift" of ooey gooey chocolate brownies...I'll ask her to not "be so nice" in the future...right now i'm rationing them....
On my way home from the office earlier and I see this, something like a stairway of lights 😊
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
I gotta give a kudos to some of the mall architects....some great designs!
How do you look when you're upset?
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019: know it when you see it!
Oh yeah! Late Night With Seth Meyers-Patriotic Singing Group Responds To Trump's "Go Back To Your ...
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Seth is great!
I wanna join.
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Great models, great pose, great lighting... But DAMN...can't you chose a better background?
Good morning all.
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
I'm glad you'll be "challenging" the outdoors....good for you! Have fun, drive safely....don't forget to test drive that Tesla.... "Tesla owners/drivers/lovers Group"
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Another reason to "go Electric" (I'm the moderator for the Tesla owners group)...."Tesla owners/drivers/lovers Group" You'll never, ever have to use a "charge card" or even open your wallet in a strange place.
Another favorite beach shot, the little guy is my four year old grandson Ben. 😊
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Pic of him just "lifting off" on a awesome!
Crop circles.
Robecology comments on Jul 19, 2019:
The "universality' of parents and kids....I've often thought that there must be, somewhere in our galaxy, someone who looks just like me, doing just what I'm doing on his/her/its' social media...
Dave’s 4Personalities Theory In Relationships Relax.
Robecology comments on Jul 18, 2019:
Can't agree with the conclusion..."Choose to be honestly happy, rather than self-righteously justified and alone… " How about "choose to be honestly happy, AND be self-righteously justified, AND alone"?


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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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