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7/13/19 Missing the Osprey this year; I took them for granted last year.
Robecology comments on Jul 14, 2019:
Wow...sad...any idea why there's none in the nest? Osprey population statistics The Osprey is classified globally as a species of "Least Concern" by BirdLife International. Population Estimates: Poole (1989) estimated the world population at 25,000-30,000 breeding pairs, but the population obviously far exceeds those figures by now.Dec 29, 2014 Osprey - Global Raptor Information Network
We should make a goal of planting a tree for every person in our family.
Robecology comments on Jul 14, 2019:
Great thought....and I belong to folk who make it easy. They send me greeting cards that say nice messages...then inside they say "A tree has been planted in your name by ____"....and they send you trees for cheap.....check them out! or
The monster building in Quarry bay, Hongkong and the road heading there๐Ÿ˜‰known as the ‘Monster ...
Robecology comments on Jul 14, 2019:
The use of balconies seems to be unique! Thanks for the pics! Almost scary how dense the population must be there!
Something happened! I can lose weight, but a few years ago I could not.
Robecology comments on Jul 14, 2019:
I think it's a matter of maturity and awareness. Theoretically it should be harder for us to lose weight/get fit as we get older....for several reasons; 1. We're set in our ways 2. Our metabolism slows down 3. We do less/are less active 4. We enjoy comfort foods more. That's where the M and A comes in - because we now know...that we are older...and now, more than ever, life is precious...and if we want to live a full life.... ....we have to get fit, or face the consequences. You and I, Ed...are facing the consequences...that's why we're both signed in to "battling obesity" I've plateaued...but reading your story inspires me to get busy. I need to lose 10 more...and it has to be done soon or I will not age well. So...thanks...for the details!
Flavored Coffee?
Robecology comments on Jul 14, 2019:
I'm a big fan. Chocolate, Hazelnut, Maple, - all good flavor adds to me.
Get to it y’all!
Robecology comments on Jul 14, 2019:
You laugh...but there's now a trend of enjoying raw chicken, or "Chicken Sushi"
13 Jul 2019 Yesterday I ate around 1500 calories.
Robecology comments on Jul 13, 2019:
Good job, Ed...I'm getting hungry myself...but water (and hunger pangs) are my friend for the night...
The Doors with Dick Clark on American Bands stand! July 1967 []
Robecology comments on Jul 13, 2019:
Not clear then...but clear now...they were lip-syncing...not live singing....sad...
How to save money.
Robecology comments on Jul 13, 2019:
And... Today 384,701 people will be born and 156,936 people will die, resulting in a net gain of 227,765 humans (give or take a few thousand). This year 140 million babies will be born and 57 million people will die. That's an increase (births minus deaths) of 158 per minute. ..F A M I L Y P L A N N I N G will make our world better. Let's get rid of the "growth is good" mentality.
You asked for it! you'll get it!
Robecology comments on Jul 13, 2019:
Delicious and nutritious....
Cleaned up my 4C last night and took it to a loc car show this morning.
Robecology comments on Jul 13, 2019:
What's a 4C?
Hi there.
Robecology comments on Jul 13, 2019:
#1 Post lots of pics; and not just of you making faces and wearing wigs....Pics of you doing things... #2. Make a detailed honest, upfront. #3. Adjust your settings...go to your profile questions. Extend your range, and your age group.
Negative personality traits?
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
"Speaking your mind" can mean lots of things...hostile/accepting, aggressive/passive, warm/cold friendly/unfriendly. It has a lot to do with how your parents and folks influential in your early life "spoke their mind" regarding depends on how you/I were "programmed". If people blocked you and you say "their loss" you're not reflecting on why they blocked you will continue to be annoying (to them) until you become more flexible and tolerant. That may - or may not - be important to you. Ken Keyes put it this way; You may be "right" and be alone....or you may be tolerant and be with more who care about you. Ken spoke of "addictions" (things you must have) vs "preferences" (things you would like, but can do without). He kept suggesting to make all your addictions preferences to gain a higher level of consciousness and happiness.
Propaine from a bulk tank to grill?
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
If all your connections are tight, it should work. Keep a spray bottle of soapy water handy to spray on the connections under pressure. If you see bubbles...stop...undo the pressure, THEN tighten the fittings. Still bubbles? Don't proceed.
Her boyfriend is 40 years older []
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Nice to see a successful, and apparently happy older gent younger woman relationship!
What's all this then?
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:'s not 4:20....come down from that cloud, click on your profile, go to "My points/level" and see what all this is....
Nice day for a dip in the pool
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
The "Mansfield Safety Bar" was not only required for all trucks as a result of her and her driver and husband's horrible death by hitting a slowed truck in '67 but was obviously named in her honor. In 1967, Mansfield was in Biloxi, Mississippi, for an engagement at the Gus Stevens Supper Club. After two appearances on the evening of June 28, Mansfield, Sam Brody (her attorney and companion), their driver Ronnie Harrison (age 20), and three of her children— Miklós, Zoltán, and Mariska—left Biloxi after midnight in a 1966 Buick Electra 225. Their destination was New Orleans, where Mansfield was to appear on WDSU's Midday Show the next day. At about 2:25 a.m., on U.S. Highway 90 west of the Rigolets Bridge, the Buick crashed at high speed into the rear of a tractor-trailer that had slowed behind a truck spraying mosquito fogger shrouded in an insecticide fog. The three adults in the front seat died instantly. The children, asleep in the rear seat, survived with minor injuries. Reports that Mansfield was decapitated are untrue, although she suffered severe head trauma.This urban legend started with the appearance in police photographs of a crashed car with its top virtually sheared off, and what resembled a blonde-haired head tangled in the car's smashed windshield. However, the blonde object was a wig Mansfield was wearing, and possibly parts of her real hair and scalp. Her death certificate stated that the immediate cause of death was a "crushed skull with avulsion of cranium and brain". After her death, the NHTSA recommended requiring an under-ride guard (a strong bar made of steel tubing) on all tractor-trailers; the trucking industry was slow to adopt this change. In America the under-ride guard is sometimes known as a "Mansfield bar", or an "ICC bumper" The death car was saved by a private collector in Florida, where it became a roadside attraction in the 1970s. As of 2019, the car is owned by Scott Michaels and is housed and shown at his Dearly Departed Tours & Artifact Museum in Los Angeles across from Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
10 Future Predictions From World's Best Futurists []
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
I agree and expect all of them to happen - except the autonomous cars, and two more I'll mention at the end of this comment. Perhaps in many decades; but not nearly as soon as predicted. We like to drive too much; and automatic, or "autonomous" reading of all the stop signs, lights, and other subtle signals that we get in a typical drive will not allow autonomous driving to happen "exponentially". It will be a slow, linear growth. I predict 40 or 50 years until it's common. Going from riding horses to cars took 20 years. Going from desk and wall phones to cell phones took 20 years. Going from No computer to computer common usage took 20 years. I drive an EV (Tesla) - I've had one since 2013... but I predict the same transition rate to EV's as to the above technologies - another 15 years until they're common. But I have the latest Autopilot in my Tesla....and it's not at all what it's hyped up to be. The autopilot still can't recognize stop signs, and street signals....and I like to "drive" my car, not be a passenger in the "drivers" I predict that this sentiment will be strong world wide. Great and interesting predictions... The other things that I predict won't occur is the uninhabitability of our earth, as predicted by Stephen Hawking. I'm more of an optimist; with alternative energy growing exponentially, and coal and oil now on slow declines in all markets....I predict we'll get hotter for decades to come...but we'll adapt to it better than Hawking forecasted. I'm mildly skeptical about the elimination of hospitals...mainly for bureaucratic reasons. There's too much specialization in the operating room "theaters" that are evolving at most major hospitals. Doctors, big pharma, and Insurance CEO's won't allow this transition to "home medicine" nearly as fast as forecast.
It was the ganja
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Be considerate, please. The Chinese have been a part of the American restaurant scene for many decades. They've come to America, and learned of our weakness for good, inexpensive dining and take-out. They live in the shadows...they don't make waves. Don't let your stoned condition let you slip in to a state of racism. The Chinese are at the brink of dominating the world. Look around your home...everything you have has a "made in China" label on it. And they've already made more electric cars than's just that our tariff and importation laws make them almost impossible to bring in...yet. A few years ago, they were opening a coal plant every week. Today they're closing one every month, and have more solar and wind farms than America and Europe combined. Here's a scene from "A Christmas Story - the Chinese restaurant" that should leave a smile on your face! Be nice...and realize what a good bargain Chinese take-out is. Some day that "take out" will be an easy to install solar energy panel for your roof....and an electric car.
Some rainy day photos. I am endlessly fascinated with the little world that exists under our feet.
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Is that a very rare "pig nosed turtle"... I found this about them;
Let me be specific.
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
I don't concur with the violence inherent in your post. Is Trump very subversive, #religulous and corrupt? No doubt. Are Republicans ignorant, racist, sexist liars and tax cheats? No doubt Can I break bread and be friends with a Republican? For sure. We need an empathetic approach - not an angry, violent one. Jim Carrey says a lot about how I feel - watch...
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Here's a good interview of Harris on Maddow. She just was on last night..this was the first one in January;
Hollywood has the technology to make computer simulated people.
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
I'm looking forward to seeing the realistic animals in the pseudo-live version of "The Lion King"....all appear to be real animals...
I only see one women and few lusty (sorry) old guys in this group.
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Thanks for the warning. We elder gents live lives of quiet desperation hoping for that younger lady to come yea...the scam alert is a wise one....I'll be sure to get those "favors" before I pay.....
I did a quick sketch of a new friend, first one Ive done while I was drunk, haha.
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Some features seem exaggerated, but your details on the eyes are astonishing! Please post a pic of your friend so we can compare!
11 July 2019 - Diet Diary - Well, in the way of weight loss, mine has outmaneuvered me again.
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Hi Dot! Yea....I did the same thing....I bounced up today, as 146. But I know why....I had a package of ground beef that needed to be used. The daughter-in-law made some lentil and kidney been mix for me that was rather I added the cooked beef with fresh garlic, tomato sauce, paste, chunks, and some hot chili spice. Wow....too good to eat just a pigged out. I'll measure out portions later today and eat the rest in smaller portions - I promise!
Hello all, it's been a while.
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
You're still "seeking"...and that's not a bad thing....but too much effort to find that perfect relationship can hurt you. Especially if you're losing sleep over're causing premature aging, more susceptibility to colds and cancer, and a whole mess of life-shortening stuff. So focus on self love. Make sure you sweat once a day. Be hungry part of the day. Close the lights early and deep breathe..... And go get some Melatonin; it's what any world traveler uses (along with caffeine) to adjust to different time zones and get decent sleep!. Do something nice for yourself that no-one knows bragging about it....just buy yourself flowers, a treat, a gift. Then you might discover the answer to your question is right there in front of you....
RIGHT, having screwed up with my last attempt at posting a picture of a ballerina - not realising ...
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Now these appear to be real!
Looks like i will be freezing Broccoli when I get off work later today...
Robecology comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Nice harvest! Next time you might want to "stagger-plant" (one plant per week)
A little Comic Relief... []
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
C'mon,'re level know by now that most folk here can't see Facebook posts...the trend is folk quitting FB and coming do us all a favor...and if you find something you like.... ...find it on You.Tube? Thanks!!
3-D Virtual reality painting...a first for me... []
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
After this one is finished there's a bunch of others you can watch.... I recommend you watch the one in the upper left hand corner, called "Jealousy"....she does a marvelous job making a large 3-D Fly....amazing...I've never seen anything like this before.
New Orleans faces a never-before-seen problem with Tropical Storm Barry []
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
"The unusual confluence of factors adds up to a forecast that has the river cresting Saturday at 19 feet, a level not seen since February 1950 and about 2.3 feet shy of the record set in April 1922, the weather service said Thursday." Wow.... We will be watching the evolution of housing locations, raised housing, immigration and emigration closely....New Orleans is being the model city showing the early effects of Climate shift and Global warming....
11 Jun 2019 I fasted 24 hours yesterday, until 9pm, and then ate about 600 calories.
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019: incredible self discipline to do that...kudos, sir. I've never found it in me.
Making a book on the bible and need help filling in the blanks...
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
The third image; Joseph saying ..."Someone else's kid...Yes...but I'm cool with that...but I deserve the "saint" rating here..."
Grocery shopping!
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
Take my money, honey!...Feel free to blind me with those "pointers"...
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
She'll be on Rachel Maddow show tonight, Thursday, July 11. MSNBC, 9 PM EDST.
Anybody else believe that we are all just atoms/energy that gets released to join the rest of the ...
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
There's the #Religulous alternative that suggests that we have a soul, or ghost. Your belief in this depends on how "agnostic" you are - where you fit on the Agnostic/Atheist/Theist/Gnostic spectrum. Dieters know the truth....calories in = calories out. Even the religious have said "dust to dust, ashes to ashes" all this "soul" and "residual energy" is hocus pocus wishful thinking by those who fear death. I leave you with two images...
The invisible woman attempted modelling for awhile... It didn't work out for her...
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
Here's the Steele Dossier....all 35 pages. Page 2, #3 is the "sordid" suggestion that Trump paid women to pee on the Obama bed....the video hasn't surfaced yet....chances are good Putin has seen it. It's a slow read....but for you political Junkies out there, this is a "must have" document....
This is me. Wish it could be everyone
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
Great POV!!
Ate my tiny meal...... Still hungry.... Waiting for snack time like this......
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
While you're waiting, peruse this map...and remember; these diet habits were started before we could walk and talk, by our well-intended parents. Our job is to fight this battle and win it. You win if you're aware of the enemy....
I've been doing this for some time now... it's a work in progress. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ˜
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
Don't forget the "things I already am" list!
Blond,Brunette, Redhead number 2
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
A trifecta; 3 Sexy classy ladies! Kudos, @Actofdog!
This 18 year old girl is dating a 68 year old man []
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
There you go! Kudos to both of them for finding happiness despite the age gap! It's sad that they filmed their disputes... ....and fights are bound to happen. The trick is - for the gent - to find a woman who is eager and ready to adapt to s slower, less active life-style...and for the gent to get more energized and adapt to the higher energy of the young lady. Shouting and profanity shouldn't be part of the equation. If any debates come up, they should set rules...soft discussion...agree to disagree...set rules and make them clear for both. If they...or any couple....can't debate fairly they need to terminate the relationship. They need to end the relationship in an amicable fashion if they can't see eye-to-eye...and they should agree to that before hand...
Which Jump between levels did you find the hardest? Are the gaps fair? I want there to be a 7.5.
Robecology comments on Jul 11, 2019:
What's the fuss? No other social media web site gives you stuff for participating! Quit yer belly-aching! Just participate and quit worrying about the points! Kudos to @Admin for staying out of this...probably laughing at all the complainers...and kudos to them for the system...the higher you go the tougher it gets to reach a level. Deal with it, cry-babies!
To be Christian means to act like Christ did.
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
Bingo...the hypocrisy that I saw consistently for years - decades....made me give up on religion in my 20's-30's. I did meet one family that runs a children's home, education center and camp. They live such modest lives...and give so much to so many that I name them as a charity on my " account; but I call them Jesusians...they're not caught up in the hocus-pocus of the mythical BS...they just live a life of being devoted to helping others. In case you're interested; google Timothy Hill Children's Ranch, Riverhead, N.Y.; Fern and Jerry their late 80's...such good people...truly exceptional...and not typical Christians.
Guten Morgen! I'm not a huge comics and cartoon buff, but do have one favorite character, and that ...
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
So many; Snoopy/Peanuts...the cartoon images of Dr. Seuss, Bugs, Daffy, even Mickie and Minnie....then there's Pop - eye... Mad Magazine's Don Martin has to be a classic favorite; Let me google and post one of his...
Yesterday I ate too much, around 1500 calories.
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
I gained 0.8....still at 145...had a better day today...determined to stop eating the rest of the eve...and there....I put it in I'm committed!
MSNBC This Morning 7/10/2019-Samantha Guthrie of the Today Show interviews one of Jeffrey Epstein's ...
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
You might want to read this; and/or this;
Atheism Is Inconsistent with the Scientific Method, Prizewinning Physicist Says - Scientific ...
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
I get what he's saying. First let's be upfront. He says; "an agnostic would say, look, I have no evidence for God or any kind of god ...but that doesn't preclude that there isn't a god. An Atheist says he's certain that there is no god. That's not scientific reasoning." Which, makes me....a science teacher and science thinker. Whenever this discussion arises; I share this....I keep it on my desktop...
Where does Santa Claus really live live?
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
I've done research on Santa/Saint Nicholas. The original story of how he came to be a saint is charming; He was from Turkey....where Orange trees were just getting a start (originally from China). So he was instrumental in bringing big bags of them (his "sack") in sleighs pulled by Reindeer to northern climates. where he not only left thousands of the fruit on the doorsteps of the poor, but was known to sneak in to the homes, and stuff them in to the stockings drying by the fireplace. the story goes. ...and like a typical Christian story; that act of generosity got blown way out of proportion to flying sleighs, climbing down chimneys, and doing all of this at the stroke of midnight. Good thing there's 24 time zones, right?
Front view or back view? Make your opinions known...
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
The front view is charming...the back is....alarming...
Today 2 of our members are challenging me for definining Leftists as a non-hate group.
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
Why are you even defending it to the public? Just block those who aren't clear that hate has no place in politics. Give them a warning...then if they continue with any posts remotely resembling a strategy of what you gotta do...
Shade border garden.
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
Throw some 20-20-20 on them a few days you'll have much bigger ones.
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
Please say this is a bad joke...and you really knew what that snake is? Please?
Trump’s July 4 event and weekend protests bankrupted D.
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
The easiest, and least expensive way to "do something" about this is to get out the vote. Encourage your neighbors. I suggest wearing and sharing "go vote" pins...if you're wearing one...and someone give it to them. Then they get the "fever" and buy them to wear and share. Here's my favorite. I'm on my 3rd dozen...the countdown clock is also available, as are other paraphernalia...but the pins are cheap...($17 a dozen) and easy to share...
What Happens To Your Energy When You Die? []
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
Here we go again...the hocus-pocus of ghosts and spirits. This is a good "click-bait"/pay-attention video for high school and - more realistically - junior high school biology students Why is it so hard to accept that the one thing the #religulous say that's right is... From dust you come, and to dust you shall return" Here's a well-known Atheist on death...
ok - so not a meme, but there have been plenty that would fit.
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
A "click-bait" article... “how many million protein molecules are there in a single cell?" 42 million. Not just 42.
Do you use cast iron skillets or other cast iron cookware?
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
The new induction cook tops LOVE those iron skillets and iron/steel woks. I have at least 4 cast iron pans (maybe 5?) and I just gave an old wok to a used goods store and bought a new one.
Happy Hump Day.
Robecology comments on Jul 10, 2019:
Grateful for you guys! A place where I can be myself without criticism from the Christian crowd.
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Love that tune!
Brand new jeans ๐Ÿ˜
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Sorry; not sexy, not classy. Please; one of you regulars...start a "young and sexy" strand? I think anyone over group 5 or 6 can start their own group. It's NBD. Looking at these children falling out of their clothing is creepy.
Married for 34 years.
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
My favorite is Canadian Cialis (Tadalafil), 20 mg.. Easy to find on-line. Ask for a small sample first; they'll always try to sell you bulk. Tell them "if the sample works I'll order more". Far cheaper than getting regular prescription Cialis.
We all know who this is.
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
She's a beautiful woman who made the right connections and went from sleeze model to First lady - -so she has to get some credit. I hear that I might have stumbled on the exact date that she files for divorce;
At least it pays something?
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Don't laugh....Lifeguarding is days and days of endless watching - with that very rare incident where someone's not doing well. It's not a good paying job either. I know; I was a lifeguard for a few summers.
Reincarnation gone horribly wrong
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
We all might have some, if not most or all of our molecules recycled many times in nature. You might actually become a thought producing being tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands...dare I say millions of years from now?
Growing up thru adolescence in the 90s i was told by my teachers that we get angry over those we ...
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
I've learned early (thanks mainly to good books - Ken Keyes Jr. is a favorite) that there's **Love, hate, and indifference.** **Love **takes time. that "love at first site" is's lust. **Hate **is almost the opposite of love; it comes when a loved one disappoints you, and won't work to fix their act....or keeps disappointing you. This is the **"anger"** you are referring to. **Indifference** is reserved for strangers...and if you've ended a relationship, it's a goal to become "indifferent" to the former lover/hated one. When you've forgotten their birthdays, habits, comments, you've graduated to "indifference"...and just takes time; although being decisive (blocking/removing addresses/phone numbers) about moving toward indifference will help you move on in your life...
Close call
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Dog's know how to look guilty...
Scenes from around my garden Two species of Long Legged Fly, good guys Japanese Beetle.
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Great type?
Your move, Big mouth! []
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
I just heard (last night) that Megan Rapinoe (the woman soccer player that's been in a Twitter debate with DJT) will be on the Maddow show (9 PM EDST) tonight (7/9)
Good morning! It sure is difficult coming back to real life after 5 wonderful days off.
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Here's a big one. Impulse buying. I did it last night. I saw an ad for an electric bike for an unbelievably cheap price (I'll attach a pic in a minute). The problem is...I already have a bike, I don't need a new one, nor a faster one. But the price sent me buying. A true "first world" problem. I'll call Pay Pal when they open at 10 AM...see if I can get a refund.
8 July 2019 - Diet Diary - It rained tonight, HARD for a bit.
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Kudos to you, Dot....for getting back "on the wagon" (ice cream is addictive). I've gone down on the scale for the last 3 days in a row. Token amounts...really...but incremental progress.
It's a tad bit nipply in here
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Once again...a small breasted woman shows us how to "work it"...what a beauty! Sad about the tattoo...but who's perfect? It looks like it's an erasure in progress...
Don't normally get involved in pop culture, but I do like Bill Nye.
Robecology comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Not like Bill to be rude like that....and all he's doing is making her popular.
So, I've started going on dates.
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
You're actually fortunate that the early dates aren't sexually "stimulating". It's letting you develop your "friend" factor....which might be a good thing. Eventually there might be a date that you're "turned on" to but he's not feeling it with be prepared for that as well. This experience (you turned on, him not) also will let you empathize with the fellows you weren't "turned on" to that lusted to be with you.... Stay loose...and stay "thirsty"....good luck!
Its Green Carrot, sorry but dont give a double meaning on this๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜น I was just amazed because we ...
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
That doesn't look like any kind of "root" vegetable. No pointy stems or leaves...... But research proves that I could be wrong....
8 July 2019 I'm not using my wheelchair in the house, and have been exercising to increase my ...
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
Good job, Ed. Keep us posted...I'm sure you're sliming down and getting younger every day. Kudos, sir!
Today's ๐Ÿง€๐Ÿง€๐Ÿง€๐Ÿง€
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
Your cheese is "full of holes".....or shall I should have been a factory in Switzerland?
Talk about a NO Brain er....I'd dive right in!!!!
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
Such an ordinary looking woman...not big huge slim waist; but her face...and her perfect proportions and healthy fitness...I'm drooling here!
More bad news for coal: Wind and solar are getting cheaper []
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
BTW; Anyone recall the lyrics to "Allentown" by Billy Joel? Written in 1980? Nearly 40 years ago? About half way through; "But they've taken all the coal from the ground". Songwriters knew it then. Why are we so slow to catch on?
I am not a coffee addict … but sometimes the temptation is just overwhelming. It was on special!!!
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
put some in a zip-loc...suck all the air out of it..then stick 'em in the freezer...
Given the news today . . . just had to share
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
The back story; The latest...
Makes it go away
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
The reason it's not legalized is that too many politicians are paid well to vote to continue to keep it illegal. -which funds our prison-for-profit. -which funds our DEA -which legitimizes our attacks on drug cartels. -which allows black market profits tax free. The system of corruption is deep and complex. Don't expect legalization for logical reasons in the near future. The same complex issues keeps us in Afghanistan;
Snake eats lizard eats beetle Fossil food chain from the Messel Pit examined
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
To be that well preserved took a sudden, rapid burial. That snake didn't budge - so it was a significant amount covering it very suddenly. Good anthroloigical dig. (This also explains why there's so few human fossils - humans just avoid getting covered by accident far better than snakes....although human intentional burials have been important to anthropology. )
Um...I think there's something wrong with your car.
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
Desperate times for some people. 'I complained because I had no shoes until I met the happy person with no feet"....
The catacombs in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary ...
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
That's some seriously talented brick-work there. In the foreground, right, in particular!
Good morning! After a fun day in Tampa yesterday, meeting an Agnostics member and then see ELO ...
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
The Waffle house has Pecan Pancakes that outdo anyone else's. I have to have just one, with a soft over easy and some butter and syrup....whenever I travel. I alternate that with egg-white omelettes at various locations to bring the cholesterol and glycerides back to normal. And to add to your conversation...I just met my first fellow poster yesterday! We had an iced coffee and a Tea at an Applebees...Nice meeting you, @EyesThatSmile !
The Young Turks []
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
"Sorry, this content isn't available right now"...
Found this on ...a good article about HHS... []
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
The Headline is clearly redundant; "American Atheists Condemns HHS for Putting Religion Ahead of Health Care" duh, ya think?
7 July 2019 - Diet Diary - Uneventful day.
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
My exact weight goal....135. I finally made it to 145 two days in a row....One more day of no carbs, eating light at dinner....staying away from sweets...and I'll have it....(I hope).
Okay, time for me on the West Coast to go to bed, it's almost 11! was cleaning out files on computer...
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
LOVE spider web's one I captured with unusual lighting...
Good morning my PEEPS!!!
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
Now THAT's how a small-breasted woman accents her "assets"....true Sexy-classy!
Hot issues here is the extradition bill, and I saw this in the tunnel in which I have to passed by ...
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
Please give us details...who/what's being extradited? Why?
What are the odds he never attended those "parties"
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
Here's Snopes' story on that alleged 13 year old Rape... And for those who think Snopes is slanted....I searched the court documents... The woman didn't have enough evidence nor $$ to persue the case. She dropped it, quite mysteriously, in 2016. She's since disappeared. Either Trump's henchmen scrubbed her records, gave her s boob job and some serious $ to "disappear" or she was snuffed.
Last night I went to listen to some live music and dance for a couple of hours.
Robecology comments on Jul 8, 2019:
So sorry that you had to end your story with "An angel must have been looking out for me."... You do know you're on, right? Do you understand what it means to be agnostic? angels. Odds were in your favor. Alcohol made fewer brain cells work. The warning is there. Heed it.
Bumper stickers.
Robecology comments on Jul 7, 2019:
Here's one for them;
Why is it we all try so hard when we are looking for a relationship with the opposite sex, we try to...
Robecology comments on Jul 7, 2019:
With the comfort of a relationship comes the attitude of assumptions of tolerance. It's also called "complacency". We assume that we're loved "just the way we are" so we get careless with our diet and exercise routines. Couple that with the abundance of junk foods available, the ads that favor consumption, and we have an obesity epidemic on our hands. Further couple that we age our metabolism slows down. our desire for the fitness "high" wanes...and thus we "let ourselves go".
US just won 12:55 PM EDT the World womens' Soccer cup! 2-0 []
Robecology comments on Jul 7, 2019:
And Rapinoe knew this day would come;
For the Americans who vote for either Democrats or Republicans .
Robecology comments on Jul 7, 2019:
@THHA; So all who align themselves with a party are "stupid"...In you opinion? And "Stop and think"...that's right up there with "Grow Up" and "Get a life". I think. I'm grown. I have a life. Do you know what a Troll is? A Troll, on social media, is "trolling for responses by throwing out "click-bait" to catch "suckers" - to the Troller can say he "caught" someone. caught me...feel better now, Troll? You ASSume that being associated with a party makes you support a military-industrial complex strategy? You ASSume wrong. Within both parties are "Doves" and "Hawks" If you don't "register" with one party or another, you don't get to vote in many like that privilege. ...and no third party candidate has come along....ever...who's accomplished anything worth voing for. So call your names. Act upset and disgruntled. Stay home on voting day. That'll show little you care, and what a Troll you are. BTW; Name calling is the lowest form of debate. Try offering reasons behind your opinions besides your "ASSumptions.
Tutankhamun's head auctioned for $6m in UK despite Egypt's outcry | Egypt News | Al Jazeera
Robecology comments on Jul 7, 2019:
Sad. As an Egyptologist I'm shocked with the money exchanged for artifacts. Private holders of materials "looted" from Tombs should not be profiting from the sale of any artifacts.... ....but it's a sad, and somber reality.


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront condo in the background!
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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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