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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!


Exposing Republican's Malicious Christmas Plans [youtube.com] This explains a lot.
Robecology comments on Nov 1, 2019:
Yada yada....the GOP is too #religulous to suggest any anti-Santa stuff. He's stretching the truth...a lot.
Good morning and Happy Halloween! Do you like to read? If so, what? I love historical fiction, ...
Robecology comments on Oct 31, 2019:
If you love historical fiction...I have a "must-read" for you. "The Egyptian" by Mika Waltari. This book...and the story it builds around (a child found adrift in "the reeds of the nile" is raised to become a "healer"...ends up deeply involved in "healing" the Pharoah...and discovering that he was a likely pharoah himself"....but with a real historic timeline...leading through Ramses and Tutankhamon... I've read it 3 times... I've loaned out copies that were never returned... but I've bought new ones.... https://pictures.abebooks.com/isbn/9781556524417-us.jpg
Good morning all.. No pics from me today.. It's Halloween and I don't have the time to search for ...
Robecology comments on Oct 31, 2019:
Is this a "trick" or a "treat"? (LOL...enjoy your day off!)
I have a random physics question for science types here, would be curious to hear some thoughts. ...
Robecology comments on Oct 31, 2019:
Remember; that rod is made of atoms of metal. There's lots of space between the atoms of that rod; in fact even the densest substances known to us still is mostly "space"....so you can bet that the whole length....even a modest length - say a few meters long - would not move, or roll, or rotate together...if the force were applied at one end. That's what torque measures...rotational force. If you had a really long (say, hundreds of meters) metal rod with the same diameter...I'm willing to bet that one end would go 360º while the other will not move for a few seconds...maybe even longer?
The worst thing about aging is that you occasionally get very forceful reminders of your mortality....
Robecology comments on Oct 31, 2019:
I'm cruising with no issues at 74...but I do know they're right around the corner. I'm sad for you....but you said something interesting; "My life did not dramatically improve (for a very long time after". So your life did improve...but not dramatically? Did you respect your father's suicide or not? I think I'd do the same...but I'm not there yet...so I can't talk... If it's any comfort; here's a special meme on death and dying that I keep handy and read often...by a famous Atheist...
Not sure if this is off topic, but does anyone else here love cooking with antique cast iron ...
Robecology comments on Oct 31, 2019:
Indeed. I've tried stainless. I've tried well oiled woks. Nothing beats cast iron! And with my new "induction" cook top only working with iron or steel....it's amazing how well they work. I just toasted some tortillas at the same time I was cooking - the tortilla was between the pan and the cooktop...worked great!
Some people say sarcasm is the lowest form of humor. Ever wonder if maybe they just don't get the ...
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2019:
Sarcasm works if you're there to hear inflection or to see the innuendo in the remark-maker's face...it just doesn't work well in written messages.
A couple is flying in a hot air balloon and realizes they're lost. They spot a man down below and ...
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2019:
I've read this exact same thing but substituting democrats and republicans...I don't recall which was "tagged" as which...but I'm sure you "get it"...
The best of times.
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2019:
Excellent. I can't see the date; it says '12-20" I'm guessing the year is missing....any help with that? Love Gary Larsen comics.
Happy Wednesday! So - last night in my car on the way home from picking my middle kiddo up from ...
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2019:
Did in the past to get the kids to eat right....Both grew up pretty close to ideal fitness, so "mission accomplished" - with the kids. Now if I can only get along with the "ex"....
Friendly PSA
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2019:
Let's not belittle the ignorant. We don't call names here. They're "troubled" or "incomplete" or "mentally not well" - but let's be kind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9R6jgE7SQ
Stunning!! See the Winners of the 2019 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Contest ...
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2019:
Wow! Shared on FB....
Game 7 - who do you have? This is the 1st time is history that the road team has won every time - ...
Robecology comments on Oct 30, 2019:
I'm so out of touch with baseball that I only knew about game 5 because of Trump's being booed....sorry!
They call us "the looney Left" I call them the "rediculious Right"! There was this post on ...
Robecology comments on Oct 29, 2019:
I feel as you do....progressive in many ways, conservative/non-religious in others. I'm actually allowed to post and debate on "Conservative Nation" on Facebook because I provide not only a good debate...but I report anyone who's nasty/threatening....I help them keep it clean....so they let me post there. Come join me there...it's fun...and no...I'm not a "troll"...I don't throw out "bait" tot get the "suckers"....I offer legitimate POV's.
Bo Derek - the original 10
Robecology comments on Oct 29, 2019:
Classic beauty...and soooooo sexy! Thanks! She recently turned 60 (2017) and she's still in great shape... https://www.aol.com/article/entertainment/2017/06/21/bo-derek-60-looks-incredible-at-the-2017-monte-carlo-film-festival/22528148/#slide=6156385#fullscreen
Good morning? Do you decorate for the holidays? I used to do a bit more around Christmas time, but ...
Robecology comments on Oct 29, 2019:
I have a couple boxes of ornaments...some from my parents...even one or two from when my dad was a kid...and I even bought a new tree...sadly...no family around to share it with...so I'm part of the "Garden of Lights" Illumination committee...(Heathcote Gardens, Ft. Pierce, Florida). Photos not uploading right now....sorry.....will try later!
That isn’t how the game is played.
Robecology comments on Oct 29, 2019:
I had to park my Tesla outdoors near big trees during a recent hurricane while "escaping" a direct hit from where I live....I dodged the bullet so to speak...my car "ducked"....but I'm very lucky it didn't get "goosed"
Good Evening My Hippies. Posting tonight. Hope everyone had a great day. Working in rural area ...
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
That's not an easy picture to take...to actually get the glow from the dark side of the moon. If you got that on a camera,please list the lens/speed specs....if you got in on your phone....wow!!!
What if god took a poll?....
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
This is real....and funny! https://twitter.com/i/status/1188624322191069184
Should I go in there, or not?
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
To get some J....maybe?
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
Just re-start your phone. Sometimes you need to be near a wifi location.
True that...
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
Now...if that offer was free pizza a week for a year...that might be an interesting offer....
Words of Wisdom :)
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
And his mother, Dess.....
Don't forget
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
I can't operate without music playing in the background...it would do a lot more than suck to be without music....
Always put a smile on my face, how about you?😁
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
From the 70's through the 90's...early 00 they started mounting them in the corner of every room...and then the AV department got in to "morning announcements on the TV....then it was the way for the principal to "address the student body"....interesting evolution! Now they're all "smart TV's - big screens, with internet access...and in science classes...access to microsopic cameras. Yep...the TV has made a serious evolution in to education.
BERNIE SANDERS' PLAN Bernie Sanders Open To Covering Medical Marijuana Through Medicare For All, ...
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
60 minutes did a good segment on the Cannabis industry struggles...here's a good read on the topic; https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/medmen-dispensaries-lawsuit-scandal-marijuana-pot-822427/
Hey Everybody, Happy Monday! I had to go to "court" this morning to give a deposition regarding ...
Robecology comments on Oct 28, 2019:
Court Jury duty is a PIA...and fortunately I was able to avoid "appearing" for the guy that "admitted" attempting to break in to my home...simply because that was a couple years after I had moved out of there that he was finally brought to trial....and I never saw the guy...so contacting me had no value.
Hi Everyone! Good Evening! Got home from work by 2. Planned to go to my Trivia Group tonight. Fell ...
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
Glad you're doing a career and not cutting out your "personal life"...it's not an either-or decision...it's more of a balancing act; I personally think you can't do without having both....
[yahoo.com] Kelly Conway dishes it out but can't take a Washington Examiner reporter criticism of...
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
Her best line? Straight out of "Malificent" - "He gets his power through me, if you haven’t noticed."....wow...it sure appears that he is under that woman's thumb....
BIG TOBACCO BAN Bernie Sanders Plan Pledges Immediate Marijuana Descheduling Through Executive ...
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
Bernie's always been ahead of the curve....ahead of so many in his call for reform. He so deserves this chance at the presidency.
It's stupid, but I laughed
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
The history of how it was "discovered" is interesting. It had a lot to do with the evolution of large magnifying lenses. https://www.chemicool.com/elements/oxygen.html
In case you are wondering how Trump got elected...
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
They've been told how smart they are...and they're totally convinced that they are....despite the poor grades in school...so they've developed what's known as the "Dunning-Kruger" effect. Please feel free to share... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9R6jgE7SQ
An observation: Our Terra-Family-Planet needs Protectivity before Productivity. Humans-Gods must ...
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
What's are Sciarts for Peace...in fact, what's a Sciart?
An observation: Our Terra-Family-Planet needs Protectivity before Productivity. Humans-Gods must ...
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
This reminds me of the rant on the side of the Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap....WTF?
Attention Required! | Cloudflare
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
When you see conspiracy theories pop up like this..then you know the candidate's making an impression...and I, for one, will pay much closer attention to her...
Happy Friday morning.. she wants to know your plans for the weekend.. 😍😘😄
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
Science Fair on Saturday...then on to "the kids" house to hang w/grandson while Mom and Dad go party... But she's invited...anytime!
Justice Ginsburg wins $1M prize for ideas that 'have profoundly shaped human self-understanding' ...
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
Well deserved! She's a true pioneer in women's rights.
Happy Friday people! I have had 2 nights of solid sleep with my new mask! There are little things I ...
Robecology comments on Oct 25, 2019:
I helped raise two great kids...now successful adults with kids of their own (my grandkids) but I struck out at marriage...3 times! I think it's too late for me to have another "at bat"....
Just remember kiddies. You can vote Socialism in, but you'll have to shoot your way out of it: ...
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2019:
@Bigpawbullets; Sorry, this just isn't true. We can vote it in...and vote it out. The decision to gain socialized medicine and education is crucial if we want to fight climate change. The problem with Venezuela was....and still is...Oil. Read Maddow's book,** BlowOut**. The **FFC** the Fossil fuel consortium...is out to gain profits and ignore the mental and physical health of our nation. We won't have it. Yes...we want democratic Socialism. Socialized medicine, socialized education. What we want is medicare for all...like most civilized nations.- and no....it won't cost us more; there will be no insurance charges...only a simple higher tax....which will mean much lower costs for all of us...in a "socialist" healthy society. And higher education - free - so we can regain our status in the world as the leader in education. In the 1950's we were #1 (taxes on the wealthiest 90%). Now we're 32nd. The **FFC.**....is many times bigger than** BT.**..big tobacco. I bet you know someone who died, far too early - mainly because they were a "smoker". I bet you have grandchildren that will be sad that you posted this naive commentary about Venezuela. The toxicity of fossil fuels may not be that obvious.....but it will eventually lead us to irreversible, runaway global warming. Your grandchildren will explain it to you some day. BT lied their way through decades of profits. They lied to the smokers you and I knew that died prematurely. Click on the ad images below...I remember them. I bet you do too. They were all lies. This lie above, that you posted about Venezuela, is FFC propaganda. It's a lie. The FFC will continue to lie, decry government regulation, and enjoy the lowest taxes of any developed nation. They want their profits. They don't care about your grandkids' lungs.
If you are saying God created all living things then why all living things except us aren't in ...
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2019:
If you're even asking then there's hope for you, pseudo-Christian! (said no agnostic, ever).
Good Thursday morning! Are you a snacker? What do you snack on? I usually have a handful of ...
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2019:
Ideally; fruit and nuts. Realistically; a rare chococate chunk indulgence; and I keep my "muscle brownies" on hand (regular brownie recipe, plus protein powder and oatmeal - adds fiber and protein).. Almost never; commercial cakes, cookies and candies. A recent drink/snack I indulge in...V8's "smoothies"...Banana strawberry, and Banana coconut.
I’m wondering if anyone here has been successful making their own yogurt? I noticed the yogurt ...
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2019:
Been there, done that.... Too much work for the effort. I buy the Greek non-fat yogurt...and do a variety of things with it... Experiment...try it in cakes and cookies. Try it with fruit. Try it with coffee. Try it with eggs. When a recipe calls for sour cream or Ricotta...greek yogurt's a decent substitute.
Something that bothers me is why Trump is digging up dirt on Biden over the 2016 election for ...
Robecology comments on Oct 24, 2019:
There's an answer; it's a protective mental mechanism that happens to any organism when they're "overcrowded". I read this in my Senior year in HS...and it helped set my career direction (Ecology and Demography). To sum it up; The more crowded it gets, the more psychotic we - or any social animal - becomes. Crowding causes wars, greed, territoriality, child-neglect, Asexual behavior...you name the social ill...this explains it. Oh...and we're growing at 158 more births, than deaths, per minute. http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1501789/pdf/califmed00143-0080.pdf Here's a video to help you understand the "religulous" and the "Trumpster"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9R6jgE7SQ
Opinion: The Chinese Threat to American Speech [nytimes.com]
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Wow...a complicated issue. I see why Trump wants to get the trade talks up and going with China, again. They hold a heavy hand over many companies that deal with them...according to the article. Thanks for this. It's a tedious read....but worth it.
They can dish it out, but they can't take it
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Hate Gowdy.
Is there a way to block all the boob and butt photos in my recent photos section?
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
You probably checked off that you liked the "classy sexy" strand or group. Simply "leave" the group...and the pics won't appear.
This cracked me up. Image description: a very white Jesus with clasped prayer hands, looking ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Here's one of God painted on some chapel ceiling somewhere....
Good morning! I have this old mantle clock that hasn't worked in decades, so it's pretty much ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
LOL! I have not one, but two barometers...that probably no longer work...but I got them as gifts and they're still on display....I think I can find one pic....nope...but it's the older dial, round ones..two of them...still on my wall....still useless...
Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Richard Dawkins.
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Here's a recent one of his I keep on my desktop;
The Evolution of the Heart [youtube.com]
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Excellent video. Hard to believe that even our heart went through a slow, gradual evolution!
Jennifer Aniston at 50
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
She's amazing!
I made a big batch of home-cultured Yogurt yesterday using a heating pad in my oven. I used 4 - 1 Qt...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
I tried that - once. Far too much work and too much to clean up. I just buy a quart container of Fat-free greek Yogurt every once in a while...use it up...buy a new one.
Interesting view on President Trump's twitter posts:
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Poor Mike. Raised his daughter to be almost as good a liar as he is...and a staunch defender of the #LiarInChief....sad, in a way, for the delusional but nice guy. I even know the name of his disease....I used to call it being "#religulous" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9R6jgE7SQ
Tough day my hippies. Narrowly missed being hit by a car in my favorite parking lot at Job Lots. ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Wow; was the "close call" a car almost hitting you as a pedestrian or in your car? But it's a moot question....you're alive and well...and it's in the past. Lesson learned?
I rather like this picture
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Sexy. Classy. Excellent!
Remember this guy? Born on Oct. 23, 1925 in Corning, Iowa.
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Would have been 95 today...if he had quit smoking soon enough. Tobacco took too many too soon.
Ludwig Feuerbach - “Man created God in his own image.“
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
And who says it's even a "he"?
When I was growing up, my mom was a bakery manager. Rather unheard of in those days for a woman to ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Our "aroma memory" is interesting. Perhaps more primitive than our sight evolution is sensing flavors and smells/tastes (if in a fluid/liquid environment, it's more defined as "taste" rather than smell). That complex emotion and memory can be triggered by a simple sensory cue: the smell of winter air, for example. How do smells trigger such strong emotions and memories? The answer is likely due to brain anatomy. Incoming smells are first processed by the olfactory bulb, which starts inside the nose and runs along the bottom of the brain. The olfactory bulb has direct connections to two brain areas that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory: the amygdala and hippocampus. Interestingly, visual, auditory (sound), and tactile (touch) information do not pass through these brain areas. This may be why olfaction, more than any other sense, is so successful at triggering emotions and memories. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/brain-babble/201501/smells-ring-bells-how-smell-triggers-memories-and-emotions
Sadly, true:
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
...and the skills of writing cursive are quickly fading.... https://www.eonline.com/news/481596/cursive-handwriting-will-no-longer-be-taught-in-schools-because-it-s-a-big-old-waste-of-time
Zap. You're all frogs.
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Arthur C. Clarke wrote the very prophetic Space Odessey series; If you think 2001 was good, do consider reading 2010....in which he predicts (via fiction) landing on one of Saturn's moons and discovering life below the ice there. They've since alleged that this is true (although Clarke's life form was monstrous.).
I have grown uncomfortable with a norm/culture of pornography that seems focus on pedophilic ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Ditto. I'm continually amazed that there's still apparently a lot of money to be made in that field... https://moneymaven.io/blackwealthchannel/entrepreneurship/how-pornhub-s-founder-has-become-one-of-the-richest-people-in-japan-while-staying-socially-conscious-iGpBy3FtykGEjL-sI9KNnA/
What is the goal of this group? To join and start messaging other members naughty discussions?
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Good point. I'm leaving.the group...
That's why everyone likes him
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
We are lucky...
Why do some atheists or agnostics still feel so unsecured and not in peace? They want to be loved...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
You're from a very religious-based nation....Bangladesh....so to doubt or question religion puts you in a tough spot. As you and your nation grows through a "demographic transition" in to an industrialized, learned nation, you'll become more secure and at peace with science...and asking questions about the "myths" that - right now - surround you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic_transition
Blowing Rock, NC, is famous for (drum roll please) a rock that blows. No. Really. Perched ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Plumb slap? Wow....a new set of adjectives to add to my vocab! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SingleComposedBlackfootedferret-mobile.mp4 https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=plum%20slap
Happy Wednesday, Friends 😊 I am getting my cpap today - I am hopeful and excited that I will ...
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
I don't - now - but it comes with the job if you're a teacher. Which I was for 45 years. Up before dawn....always....and always you "intend" to get 8 hours...and always you have papers to grade, lessons to make. So, you "run on empty" and hope no stress diseases pop up. How do I "get"? Cranky, irritable, short-tempered...sick...the usual...but I am convinced that a lot of our "cancers" are rooted in us being sleep deprived....
Can't argue with that
Robecology comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Aren't sexy high heel shoes called "Mules"? Technically this shoe doesn't qualify as a "mule".... "Like the animal whose name it shares, the shoe known as the mule is a hybrid creature. Just as the beast combines the characteristics of the donkey and the horse, the mule fuses elements of two disparate forebears: the pump, with its high heel and partially or entirely closed front; and the slipper, with its open back." https://www.wmagazine.com/story/mules-spring-trendy-shoes
Mark Twain - “The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible.”
Robecology comments on Oct 22, 2019:
Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens was an enigma. He privately was religious...but publicly joked about the hypocrisy every chance he had. Twain’s skepticism about religion lasted all of his life. He had a personal faith - he said he believed in God, attended church and donated money for the construction of a church. But he skewered religious hypocrisy wherever he found it. “Man is without any doubt the most interesting fool there is,” he wrote in “Letters from the Earth,” a commentary on Bible stories written in 1909, a year before his death. https://www.sltrib.com/religion/global/2017/10/16/new-film-on-mark-twain-highlights-his-religious-doubts/
[thevintagenews.com] I guess, but wouldn't evolution have addressed this? And if a level ...
Robecology comments on Oct 22, 2019:
Evolution has had many, many dead ends and wrong turns. Consider why men are still born with a foreskin; even though we now know that untouched foreskins promote more genital/venereal diseases. If it hadn't been for the development of circumcision, then many generations of a higher illness/death frequency would have eventually favored no foreskin...but we "bypassed" evolution. Neanderthals were but one of several well known Pre-homo-sapiens humanoid species that despite their massive strength and endurance, had many small evolutionary "dead ends"....the Eustachian tube was simply one more these folk discovered. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/circumcision/about/pac-20393550
Another artistic photo...
Robecology comments on Oct 22, 2019:
S E X Y. C L A S S Y !!!
Good evening everyone! Worked at home today while the Kia dealership replaced my remote and ...
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
Great pic...and I urge all energy conscientious hippies to look in to Tesla...no tune ups..95% fewer moving parts...no gas stations...and an end to fossil fuels sooner...something we hippies were looking to do decades ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Jg1IJ68_g=IwAR18dzu9dkzCXnz3KJwzBBcGmVVA_Rfg27Tzz_lRokvZf5rlhdDvcuzhLcQ
Can you identify these 2?
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
If it's not his dad...and a famous old dude from when David was young....I'm guessing Bucky Fuller? David was in to his architecture. Found it....it's his dad... http://ounodesign.com/2008/12/06/deja-vu/
Jack London - “I believe that when I am dead, I am dead. I believe that with my death I am just as...
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
I keep this great post handy...
20 Sept. 2019 - Diet Diary - Regaining control is proving to be a challenge. Start out the day OK ...
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
Courage and kudos, Dot My thoughts are with you...
And in the WHITE HOUSE! Gawd help us!
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
Who wore earth shoes?
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
I still have..and wear....3 pair! I found a great set in a thrift store!.
Good night all... It's cuddle time...
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
G'nite...be sure and take your share of the bed space....
Might be true
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
We short folk call them "heightists"
Happy Monday, everybody! Which do you prefer - baths or showers? For me, baths!
Robecology comments on Oct 21, 2019:
Showers work for cleaning...fortunately the Condo I live in keeps a hot tub at 105º 24/7....so I do indulge in that at least 2-3x a week...
A Nissan electric car that can power house [deccanchronicle.com]
Robecology comments on Oct 20, 2019:
In the far future, and not in America. The owner of an electric car will be able to meet household power needs from the vehicle itself based on a technology developed by Nissan, the Japanese auto giant. It plans to introduce the new ‘Leaf’ electric cars in the Indian market (in India) next year and is on the look-out for local partners for collaboration on the application of its latest ‘Vehicle-to-Home’ technology (V2H) in the state. This is just talk. They're "looking for collaboration partners". No concept cars have even been produced. But do remember; There's serious pressure to keep you/us addicted to fossil fuels. We - and Russia - pay the lowest taxes on fuels in the world. I'm reading Maddow's book "Blowout"....about the excesses, and tricks being used in the industry to keep us "hooked". Beware...look in to an EV...a great investment. Oil companies really, really hate this guy, Tony Seba... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Jg1IJ68_g=IwAR18dzu9dkzCXnz3KJwzBBcGmVVA_Rfg27Tzz_lRokvZf5rlhdDvcuzhLcQ
Now, don't you get offended, I do like men! Tell me what you think..
Robecology comments on Oct 20, 2019:
Congrats! A tastefully photographed male nude! Not offended in the least...in fact...impressed!
Seems legit.
Robecology comments on Oct 20, 2019:
One of the best audio books ever; read by Keith Richards and his alter-ego actor, Johnny Depp. https://www.amazon.com/Life/dp/B00498YNLG
Tesla Sentry Mode makes vandal internet famous [electrek.co] Tesla vandal turns himself in ...
Robecology comments on Oct 20, 2019:
Excellent. I just "discovered" Sentry mode....and my car is even telling my I have "Four sentry reports"....but I still don't know how to access them! I'll be asking this question on the FB group "Tesla owners worldwide"....
The impossible fight to save Jakarta, the sinking megacity [wired.co.uk]
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Here's another city in Asia...Dhaka....look at the homes on the left as the drone flies over the inland water flow....one storm of any significance will means death to tens of thousands... https://www.nrdc.org/onearth/bangladesh-country-underwater-culture-move
18 Oct. 2019 - Diet Diary - Quick check in. Up and down, yesterday was good, today not so good. ...
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Dang...you said a mouth-full...er...good point!! I'm not as sharp as you with the calorie count....but thanks to you I'm back on the weight loss bandwagon....down to 143. (goal to get stable around 135). Thanks, again!
Any of you fuckers
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
It's true. I married an alcoholic...and started drinking more and more often...kind of the "Days of Wine and Roses" effect...it took me nearly 10 years to end that...
Makes sense to me
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Bill Maher's comment on this last week was hilarious"...California power was afraid that downed power lines in certain areas would start fires...so they decided that millions of homes should light candles for a few days" (tongue in cheek, of course...that's Bill) On a serious note...The FFC (the fossil fuel consortium) has pressured most states to have the lowest fuel taxes of any developed nation...except, of course...Russia.... See chart.
Our fall colors continue to deliver up here in Canada... a photog's dream.
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Amazing. Drone shots or manned aerial flight?
Good Saturday morning! It's a dreary morning, kinda rainy from the storm that landed on Florida at ...
Robecology comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Don't "love" it...but don't miss the days on end of bleak skies in the North. Florida has an unusual paradox....they have more Rain total..and yet more sunny days....than the northeast. I looked in to this...it's because the rain in Florida is abrupt, hard, and over with. In the N.E. it's slow, lingering, and rarely intense. "Florida gets 55 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. On average, there are 237 sunny days per year in Florida. The US average is 205 sunny days." https://www.bestplaces.net/climate/state/florida
I loved being on the beach yesterday, Lake Huron was windy and wild.
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
I remember going near there as a child; the lake water has gotten much "greener" and cleaner looking!
Hey, all. I’m dating a woman I met on a dating site in 2017. We broke up late that year but ...
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
I'm off...then on...then off...then on...then off...(You get the picture) with a woman who's nice, good, and charming.... A song comes to mind by "Queen" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKtpSIRDeKI
WTF? Paris zoo unveils the blob, an organism with no brain but 720 sexes [reuters.com]
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
It's been around a while - known as "slime mold"....it's common in wet sub-tropical-tropical forests. I don't know where they get that "720" number from...there's sexual, and asexual reproduction. Watch; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJkJbM3y5R4
Don't loose your head over it..
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
Good one!
I made a big pot of chili for supper to go with our cold temps... browned diced chicken breast and ...
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
Yum...you inspired me... I stocked up on beans today....
Snap shots from silver mine cave and silver mine water falls in mui wo Island, Hongkong
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
I'm amazed at the number of islands there! I checked a map.... https://www.viamichelin.co.uk/web/Maps/Map-Hong_Kong_Island-_-Hong_Kong-Hong_Kong
Anyone losing a little bit of hearing? Look what's coming! and it's being tested in England ...
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
Maybe hold off a LOT longer...the research being proposed was vague..... I went from a $5,000 hearing aid to a $700, to a $150 for s set, as of now. The difference is minor (no "Phone programing " ) They're available on Amazon. Search Britzgo.
I had a coffee with the woman I've chatting with for about three weeks. No chemistry, no potential ...
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
One meet-up closer to finding her...
Word Jumble.
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
That Cork soaking sock-tucker!
Hap, HAP, HAPPY FRIDAY! What's a silly little something that makes you happy? For me, it's ...
Robecology comments on Oct 18, 2019:
Finding supplements that work. Feeling that "high" after a workout. A good night's sleep.
its 4am and my body needs to shut down for a while .... but my brain is buzzing and wants ...
Robecology comments on Oct 17, 2019:
You need to control your sleep pattern. You can't let a hyperactive thought overtake you at 4 AM....that's toxic, cancer inducing behavior. Look in to Melatonin....it's inexpensive, over the counter supplement that is tolerable in large doses...but works well in small doses. I do 3-4 millirgrams every evening...double or triple that if I've had a hyper day. Trick your brain...for your body's sake.


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront dune...my condo in the background!
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