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"To dream that you are in an accident signifies pent-up guilt in which you are subconsciously ...
Robecology comments on Apr 14, 2019:
As my passed dead wife said..."Guilt sucks" - the sooner we learn to eliminate guilt from our lives the better we can live.
How do I use fig molasses?
Robecology comments on Apr 14, 2019:
It's a super concentrated, strongly flavored sweetener. It's good as a syrup over tart fruits. perhaps with yogurt.
Good Morning you godless heathens!
Robecology comments on Apr 14, 2019:
God-free...not God-less.
Real journalists only repeat government approved progaganda. ;)
Robecology comments on Apr 14, 2019:
Below is the meme I Intended to share..
It's Sunday ! sleep in day !
Robecology comments on Apr 14, 2019:
I'm up...the lady-friend is snoozing in...she's a 9-5 'er....I'm retired...fresh black coffee, half decaf, 2 sugars, please!
Evangelical Taylor U community in uproar over Pence speech: "Deeply at odds with following Christ"...
Robecology comments on Apr 13, 2019:
Here's the petition. Any American can sign it. I signed it; I encourage all "Agnostics/atheists" to support the conservative and religious yet obviously anti-Trump-Pence spirit of the faculty who originated it.
Robecology comments on Apr 13, 2019:
Thank you, Washington and Illinois. Taking the lead where our central (D.C.) government can't - or won't.
Nice Asian.
Robecology comments on Apr 13, 2019:
Sexy, but not classy...sorry (IMO only).
“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others,...
Robecology comments on Apr 13, 2019:
Great, ominous post. I think we didn't learn our lessons from Nixon. Here's a very telling tale of what happened then...I keep it tabbed and ready to share because it's that good....
Good mornight world! Hahahaha its 03.02am here in the island of nowhere?
Robecology comments on Apr 13, 2019:
So....if it's 6:30 PM here, EST, it's 6:30 AM there? Wow...what an amazing thing to be chatting with someone 12 time zones away!. If you were up until 3 AM I doubt you'll read this for a few hours...until after I'm good morning!
Ever have one of those days?
Robecology comments on Apr 13, 2019:
Ahhh, yes. Death....Lucky us!
the things we do
Robecology comments on Apr 13, 2019:
I think about my passed "dad" often...and I do express a quiet "thanks" to him...but I think I...and many of us raised on "religion".... often "look to the sky" and say "thanks"...when we know that he's gone....maybe it's that "unknowing" agnosticism that says there's a small chance he's actually "looking down" on us?
This is what our future will look like. []
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
John Prine - Paradise []
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
Love John Prine. Country folk who like Prine know he's telling the truth..."the trains hauled paradise away...." using "the world's biggest shovel"...for coal mining. And the song was written in 1971. Coal is dead. Gasoline is dead. Wind, running water and solar power are our best...our only non-polluting energy sources to consider. Pay attention, Trump-sters.
Heads up.
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
I'm back. Wonderful experience! Managed to squeeze in a drive to the 2nd largest radio telescope in the world, at Arecibo. (See pics). That pic of me with hundreds of Solar panels is in Tom's back yard awaiting delivery.....that a wealthy philanthropist donated to Tom's "Solar Libre" project (see/watch the video, above). Tom has his son (who I helped get a HS diploma in the 80's) Walter Meyer, an Architect and community activist living in NYC, who's organizing and choosing recipients for the solar power systems. The other gent in the pic is Professor Robert Wylie Hyde, an entrepreneur, CEO of and he's there teaching solar installation classes to make the natives there officially certified installers! There's an image of him in an actual class at Tom's apartment complex. Tom can use the help; whether you want a simple tourist spot to stay or you want to volunteer your services as an electrician/installer....just call Tom (look at the image to get the phone #) and you're all set....he's only a few minutes away from Aguadilla Airport. Flights there are awful hours...but cheap! ($107 round trip from Fort Lauderdale!) Let me know if you want his or Walter's contact info. Tom lives a struggling life...Real estate rich, cash poor. No steady lady friend. I spent a lot of time on the trip trying to convince him to hire a maid or laundry service...he does his own and line-dries the the towels are never soft....but that's his preference....
Funniest thing I've read today.
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
He's a bona-fide member of the FIA ..Future Inmates of America. He'll then have excellent health plans to chose from...although his wardrobe choices will be limited.
11 April 2019 - Diet Diary - Well, the snow came, the wind whistled and roads closed but even though...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
Where are you...North Dakota? Alaska? Canada? Kudos on your low calorie count...I'm a portion control kinda guy....experimenting with black coffee and store bagels sliced twice for thinner pieces (failed....crumbled...oh well).
Condemn or Justify?
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
Here's a great video that I'm sharing with any Assange posts....very telling and informative...
While I'm not running late this morning, I don't have much time either.
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
I found the older Iphones are quietly for sale for much less than the latest models. The later models are far too pricey....I ordered a (then. 3 years out) Iphone5 when the Iphone 8 came out. I recently purchased and upgraded to an Iphone 7 now that the 10 is out. Your best bet is an Apple store. They connect you with whatever service you have and cut corners. They're amazing there. Highly recommended....
On closer examination..
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
A black hole is a super concentration of matter....I'm guessing it's quite the opposite of the brain matter in DJT....Comparing him to a Black hole is an the black hole....
Picked my first tomato of the season today! I can taste it in my mind already.
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
Where is this?
Still makes me laugh.
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
In our was called hilarious it's called dementia!
Giving medicine to a child ...
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
I haven't had a soda in decades....
Hello from Alaska !
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
I love this meme...and want to share it on FB with a friend....I can't find the original..can you help?
I love my coffee in the mornings.
Robecology comments on Apr 12, 2019:
I'm trying to lose a few i'm "enjoying" black coffee....which I know you purests applaud. I am also told that I should avoid splenda...go with the real thing....sugar....because the splenda might eventually prove to be harmful (science says there might be some harm from sucralose) so....opinions welcome!
Good and happy morning world!😊 its friday! Yay! Weekend,boooom! Still have work tomorrow but ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019: are exactly 12 hours ahead of me/us here on the East Coast of the U.S. Good to know an active member from half-way around the world! Good morning to you!
The didn't allow cameras on the Grand Canyon Sky walk, but the road there and back had much better ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
What was their reason for not allowing cameras? I would think such a photogenic spot might be a camera lover's heaven?
Trump says he doesn't know about WikiLeaks. Here's a tweet from Januray 4, 2017
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
If you're ready to delve deeply in to the mind of Julian Assange, watch least a couple of times.
first three at Quidi Vidi near St.
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
The blueberries pic..and the kids with the!!!
I am so pleased with this latest blast of arctic air rolling though that has kept me from getting ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
A small green house...easy to build...cheaper than plans to make them...they sell at the local Do-it-yourself stores for cheaper every day... Here's one for $55..
Have my eye on this man... []
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
The starting "supposition"..."What if a meteor were hurtling toward the Earth, about to kill millions and reshape life on the planet as we know it?"... ...isn't a good parallel for the environmental problem of Climate change. The U.S. is setting some good examples with Tesla electric vehicles, solar and battery energy, many wind farms and much solar energy development in general. But we can, and should, do much more. True; there's many wealthy Americans who are pushing the fossil fuel agenda. The U.S.'s fuel tax is the lowest of any developed nation... cheaper gas keeps us "addicted".....and we still subsidize fracking and oil drilling more than solar and wind tech. But China and India, the major world polluters...are also changing direction. A few years ago China was opening one Coal plant a week. Thanks in part to Al Gore visiting them...they're now closing one coal plant a week, and are years ahead of America in solar and wind technology. Thus...Inslee is bold for making this his focus...but we're on it, and other progressives are already focusing on climate change...along with the bigger issue of health care. Energy business knows where the future profits are. Sanders has talked about climate change/global warming for decades. Nice try, Jay...
When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals." -Anonymous
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
This all started when Chelsea Manning heard about "Waterboarding" and went through inappropriate channels to report it to the media. Obama didn't want to arrest him...the Republicans, fearing exposure for the illegal action during the Iraq war, pressured Obama to pursue him. Then Assange went through a lot of trouble to get Manning to sanctuary. Now the tables have turned...Trump likes Assange, and wikileaks. So Assange sees a "favoritism" in he's let himself be "arrested" and charged on the hopes that the Trump admin will free him. Assange, accord to the Maher interview - exposed people who were trying - during the Democratic convention - to make Sanders out to be an "Atheist"...with "intentionally undocumented sources"... ...and the more you read about the alleged "rape" charges the more you discover there was no rape...but there are a bunch of lawyers are trying to get rich on some women's allegations. So I hope DJT does free Assange. This will also boost Sanders' rating...and hopefully Sanders will run and beat DJT in 2020. This is all my opinion. Correct me, debate me if I'm wrong.
black hole
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
I just feel sorry for him, now...he's just struggling to stay afloat....his resignation is close....IMO...His mistakes and lies are even being noticed by his minions.
Connie is running late - so asked me to come up with a question for the day.
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
3 all time favorites in three different areas. Guilty pleasures....Rocky Horror Picture show Science fantasy....Contact Environmentalism.....An Inconvenient Truth.
In 1974 we we go downtown in Phoenix Arizona on Central Avenue late at night.
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
Owning a's hard NOT to race. The challenges come often. I will say - "meet you at the track"...where you can race much more safely...the timer and the radar sensors tell the truth every time....
I believe this to be true ??
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
The Gaia hypothesis applies here. Earth has a fever from an infection of too many invading organisms. But the fever is a way of the macro (larger) organism to fight back. Fevers make the invaders suffer. Global warming is that fever...
Boooom!? ride on her car!
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
Now THAT's a bronze tan.....
It seems to me that it is unproductive to make unsubstantiated claims about the medical use of ...
Robecology comments on Apr 11, 2019:
Totally agree. I get in to constant arguments with folks who say it causes/caused zero deaths. Of course if you die of a stroke or heart attack while your pulse is 160 and your BP is 180/120 they will never admit - yea, it was a cannabis overdose....they'll say poor diet. weak heart. etc. ...which is all the better argument for legalization. When the dose is regulated - when the growth is regulated - when we know the difference between 1 puff weed and a whole joint high - then we'll reduce the use-abuse issues. If someone has a panic attack they won't be afraid to call 911 or go to an emergency room for fear of legal retributions.
Socialism: A Primer - Socialism is an umbrella term for everything from anarchism to ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Whenever the topic comes up...I share this link....
Inside China's Gost Cities []
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
This is a negative thing China has done. Now google "Solar (or Wind) Power in China"....they're years ahead of us in lighting whole major cities with solar. They have the biggest Solar farm in the world in the Gobi Desert. They are also catching up to us and moving ahead of Europe in Wind power. They're determined to end coal use sooner than we do...
A brilliant, articulate and important introduction by veteran film maker Sir David ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
And if you have an afinity for this, then after the commercial you get to hear another compelling speech by the Honorary head of the WWF, UK, Prince Charles.
A brilliant, articulate and important introduction by veteran film maker Sir David ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
David Attenborough...born now 92. He's still so articulate, and brilliant.
We all need to learn this
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I read that folks who hide behind false or cartoon "Avatars" (main images of themselves) are often the most outspoken, rude, and argumentative. I've also read that when one comments on social media, it's often far more harsh or judgmental than they usually are.
💡. What do you say she is thinking about? What are you thinking?
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
She doesn't look happy....
In a past post someone suggested some iceberg pictures.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
That's a good example of proving that clear, pure water is, in fact, not "colorless" but does have color. Many have suggested that it's the sky's blue that's being reflected or refracted...but further proof lies in going iin to any indoor pool...and noticing the blue color.
At lunch the other day, one of my coworkers had attended a Travel show and had told us about one of ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I "accidentally" walked in to a pool area that was exclusively for nudists (in Key West a few years ago)....and was surprised at the relatively "unattractive" people there...many overweight, none (that I saw) looking "fit" or "healthy" or "sexy" in the least.... Of course I was not "stripped down" so I left after a few minutes...but the impression was a lasting one for me. The nudists least that day, in that resort....looked pretty sad. Maybe if there was a "nudist" venture that I had "chanced upon" that had a majority of healthy "nudists" in attendance...I might have been inspired to Go buff...?
Rude, but it made me laugh.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I want to find his barber (not.....!)
Enjoying a Cozumel vacation on the fun side of Trump’s wall.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
@Science-guy; please; show us more pics of the "villa"? Is it private or public? If public can you share the name? The proprietors would probably appreciate the advertising!
Dear Members last night I posted something in singles that was unkind and ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
A public apology. Kudos, Kelvin. It takes courage. It's a great way to get permanently "sober".
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Good....only 1 comment about "fake" ones. We're getting better. They look real to me...of course she (or an S. O.) spent a pretty penny to "attain" the size/shape....but why call them out!? It was expensive...and now she's very "photogenic".....I'm smilin'! How about you?
This is so me!
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Louden Rude's style of getting someone to help him find his glasses is...welll.....loud and rude?
Wonder who's doing the checking?
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Fondle this....officer....LOL!
Seattle-area meet, greet.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I just read this...and have never visited your area. ( I live in Ft. Pierce, Florida) I need to take my Tesla on a road trip....a very....long....road trip... So call this a maybe...inspire me.....or don't....?
This sounds like a franchising opportunity.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I don't know if that's her just kissing up to DJT for fame and fortune...or is she sincerely racist/hationalist? I think she's got a good attitude; She seems too smart to work with him.... I think she was enforcing his BS - but got sick of it.... But she's a good looking A...kisser. isn't she? (that's my best politician imitation...not me - back off...) Maybe the fact that she's eye Candy - that drew DJT to put her in that spot - in the first place?
A Mistle Thrush posing on my fence, great to hear the song birds in the early hours...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Wow...had never "met" I know why!!!!
Yardbird question, in case anyone here knows about such things.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I don't know; but I googled your question...and got this....
Why do so many incompetent men become leaders. []
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Because the weak king is easily manipulated - which can be a good and/or bad thing?
Enjoying a Cozumel vacation on the fun side of Trump’s wall.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Show us more shots of the Villa....charming!!!
I find it interesting that Trump punishes Latin American countries for “allowing” immigrants to ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
The answer's obvious on several levels.... -DJT is comparing races. He prefers "his own kind" (like his father, who was born in -DJT thinks he's a king. Biggest big shot in the world. -DJT likes Canada's socialism, free health care, all tax paid at a rate comperable to the US....oh, wait....that was Obama.
Another one of those days
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Suggestion; Change Motherfucker" to "**MotherFather"** (said like M.F,. slur intended!) - and we can even share with the *"general"* audience!
worms and coffee !
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I had a week of alien coffee experiences; and I'm just sharing... -stayed at friend Tom's house in PR. (google "Solar Libre, a family affair - video" and they had only Puerto Rican "high test" 99% caffeine (actually not sure of the mg), Long story short; I'm a half-decaf guy....straight Caf makes me jittery and then crashy. But having said that....the high or rush ( pot..just caffeine) was nice...not as extreme as domestic blends.... a strong positive vibe without high pulse or BP. (guessing, never measured it). So my question is... Are their different grades of Caffeine? Is P.R. coffee truly different from say...Columbian or Hawaiian? Please; enlighten me....links welcome!!
Just getting comfortable
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Pretty, very young face...(or I'm too damned old?) and a bit too thin for my 73 year old tastes....Give me "fitness" not voluptuousness...but be fit...not "thin" it just me?
Inside Trump’s ‘truly bizarre’ visit to Mt.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Trump wasn't impressed with G.W....until he discovered that he was wealthy and clever with money. He was "the richest man in America"....according to the article....and then Trump emulated him. Interesting....and scary....the implications....
?. Moisturizing is a very important part of hygiene!! Do it everyday... Preferably with a friend
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Wow! a dream come true...except....where's the nips? Don't you hate when they're "cropped out"?
Good morning! One of the things I am really looking forward to is going back to the Rijksmuseum in ...
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I think I recall seeing....and being in shock and awe from seeing....Picasso's Guernica.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Hi protein....low carbs! Yea! I'll be copying this one this AM....good inspiration!
Good Wednesday morning hipsters.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
How did they catch that critter doing that? Too funny!
To work in the White House you must not have a spine or morals.
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
Kudos to Schiff for barking back!
Sorry..just had too..
Robecology comments on Apr 10, 2019:
So....sad....? Sorry for your suffering DJT....I think I found a involves lemon juice....see what MacArthur Wheeler did...
My new Smoker.
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I just enjoyed (last Friday) a smoked fish dinner at the 'La Vista Smokehouse" in Jobos Beach (Isabella), Puerto Rico. We went all out and did a couple pitchers of Sangria, and a smoked meat sampler....ugh...I'm getting hungry just talking about it. ›
Hypothetical (and scary) question: What do you think will happen if Trump is re-elected in 2020?
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I'm getting feedback from even die-hard Trumpsters that they're disappointed in I think he's most likely going down as a one-term president. I'm fairly certain that no matter who the Dems nominate, they'll win...for at least one term. I suspect Romney might even offer to run against Trump for the GOP nomination.
florida, Florida, FLORIDA... []
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Not fair to pick on Florida for this horror story.
Why can’t they both agree??
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Cute "jokes" and play on the "poetry" of "heartstrings" and keeping your "Mind" in control over your "heart"...but as resident scientist I just tell you the truth; Emotional signals in the brain are felt throughout the body—in the gut, in the heart, in the head, in the neck, and so on. ... But.... Most scientists believe that the control center of emotions in the brain is the limbic system, consisting of the amygdala, the hippocampus, and other structures in the mid-brain. The Science Behind Emotional Intelligence - HRD Press about songs that have "heart" in the title....I'll start..."I left my heart in San Francisco".....and....go....
Indoor plants, not garden nor edible but .... Y'all I may have a problem.... or is it an addiction?
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Nothing wrong with an addiction to orchids. It takes special attention; not over nor under watering....just the right amount of light....I used to have many - then I moved...I can't grow them here....too close to the beach? Not sure why...I'm on the shady side of the building....the patio gets too hot in summer? Anyway....kudos on your collection!
Look at what is wrong with the pic.
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Those shots of Melania and Ivanka were photoshopped...they never wore clothing like that....but there is a great deal of hypocrisy in the WH...
?️. Anyone seen my top?
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
She sure reminds me of "eye candy" Kaley Cuoco?
[], Abraham, Martin and John
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: BeP8vd7R-iGpn0nV)...but Let me try this link...
This is my Muscovy Waterfowl who came to swim around in the pond, and didn't leave.
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Muscovy's are, in fact, pushing out many native species of not just ducks, but many waterfowl like herons and egrets. Their wastes carry the psiticosis egg and larvae (swimmers itch). Their agressive nesting habits and friendliness to humans helps them speed their spread. They're considered a pest here in Florida; better to not feed them. Oh...and they are "huntable" and edible. Muscovy Duck Problems | Florida Department of Health in Lee
Today's cheese has a different flavor! ????
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I think I recall hearing that the "flat earth society" got started just a few years ago when a bunch of Nerds wanted to take advantage of the obvious gullibility of so many out there. So they posted some pseudo-documentation - kind of in the vein of #Religulousity ...and voila...the "Flat earth society" was a thing. There's a sucker born every second....
Bill Maher []
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
So true! Sharing on FB...
Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot are fabulous.
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Hot, fit, attractive!
Could increased air pollution change the color of the sky?.......
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I think it's not a matter of could...remember; Mars atmosphere now (and ours billions of years ago) is tinted red from the high CO2. it's a matter of degrees and types of pollution. Even "light" itself is considered a pollutant...
EROTIC, SEXY, CLASSY ... were her names!
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I have a very similar framed shot of her on my wall...Good find!
When someone you've never met asks if you want to meet at the restaurant or meet somewhere else and ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Meet at a restaurant? What's wrong with that? Meeting to share a that's a different story.
Photos that look like glitches.
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Wow; such imagination and creativity! Kudos, @ATDayHiker!
In ancient Greece, pederasty was promoted, why?
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Once humans became organized and started large, successful communities, they saw the first signs of "excessive growth"...from an overcrowded cave, or an over-used "latrine" or any communal growth that saw that "moving" wasn't a viable solution - population control was an issue. The history of condom use is almost funny; first evolving to slow the growth of camel herds in the middle east. The science of condom use is less than 200 years is diaphragm use. The use of "castration" both as a punishment and as a way to keep boys choir voices high is documented. I've never heard of this alleged claim that Aristotle - or the ancient greeks - promoted pederasty. Perhaps you can share links?
Good morning! There are some parts of my body I would like to just take off and put aside when ...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
Nope...not an issue with me. Weird question. I remember seeing in "Gataca" a surgery performed to lengthen one's legs..and make him "taller' - that would have been considered when I was younger...
Robecology comments on Apr 9, 2019:
yep...sick pup...but one of the longest non-family members to stay on with DJT...he never got "you're fired"....he won the admiration of DJT much more than any of his other staff.
Here is another article from a few months ago that helps to explain the psychology behind Trump ...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
Whenever this topic comes up i share this cartoon video. It's very polite to the Trump supporter...very empathetic. It's also quite, and share. We're obligated to help the Trump supporter - regardless of how hard-headed they seem.
Is it wrong to be in love with being in love?
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
Be sure to define like vs love in your mind. Be sure to know the difference if you want to keep your mental health.
Turned on Newsy for the first time in days, found my searing hatred of trump has not wained any.
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
I keep saying this. We have to focus very hard and very strongly on voting him out. I recommend you buy a dozen of these; wear them on your cap or visor. If someone comments in a positive way....give them the pin. Pin wearing is a subtle yet strong commitment strategy. Buy 'em, wear 'em, share 'em. We must soundly defeat him in 2020.
Interesting that America could accept a gay president before an atheist president.
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
The Republican pseudo-Christians will tear him up in the debates...saying "he can't possibly be Christian and gay at the same time". I don't forsee him making it as a candidate nominee yet...he's got to be brave enough to shed the "Christian" thing...
Robecology comments on Apr 8, 2019:
If Biden's cool and fights fire with fire - bringing up DJT women-abusing style whenever his abuse is pointed out - it might work. I'm skeptical. Waiting for the debates.
Hahahahaha! 😄 At it's most basic, this is true!
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
Or making eggs more palatable by mixing them with milk and powdered plant seeds...then baking? The reference is totally unique, and a funny way to look at it! Of course we need bubbles in our bread; either by yeast farts or Sodium bicarbonate bubbles...
I've read posts by several ladies on this site who have made various comments about their "FWB.
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
It's a fine line between "paying for it" and "dating someone who's ____ maintenance. " Women don't want to be labeled "hooker" or "whore" (as far as I know) - but they accept "funding"...and if you are generous, sometimes their offers of sensuality are - while not in "direct payment" for "favors" - kind of become that in some sense. Again; it's a fine line. Maybe we need more research among the women of Nevada who "do it" for "pay" and are rather successful at it.
I'm here in N.
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
Hi fellow agnostic/atheist/free-thinkers who are following Puerto Rico's "solar" movement....and thank you, again, for your encouragement. My dear friend, Thomas Meyer, is a humble apartment owner He cleans his whole linen stock himself....using water that's turned on every other day, 1 washing machine, and lots of clothespins! I made a new friend; CEO of a solar company - Robert W. Hyde, who's actually teaching certification classes to native P.R. folk (men and women)....and making all his low cost "Solar Libre" installations professional and safe. Below is a picture of him conducting class to get several young men and women in P.R. Solar installation-certified. Tom and Bob are generous and gold-hearted to a fault. Please, email Tom or Bob, or at least go to "Solar Libre" on Facebook...and "follow thier posts. Tom and Bob, and Tom's son Walter, who got this off the ground 2 years ago....are being modern day - non-religious, saints.
Nikola Tesla, Serbian inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer...
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
I've read several stories about him. Quite a genius. He actually foresaw cell 1926... "...We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face..." The whole quote, here;
American heritage of freedom and equality.
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
Gotta give it to the Superman comic series...they were for "the American way" in a very open-minded, empathetic way....
Saw this on Facebook thought it was a cool statement so Sharing it here
Robecology comments on Apr 7, 2019:
A theme that has been around for decades is "Teach Tolerance" by the Southern Poverty law center"
The edge of an infinite universe []
Robecology comments on Apr 6, 2019:
What amazes me is that there's so many names, so many labels, and so many diagrams outlining what the shape of our universe is. He lost me in the first minute....and he could be talking about "compactification" and "hologram surfaces" "Teselation" and other terms...and laughing at our - or at least my - gullibility.


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront condo in the background!
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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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