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Not sure this group is for me ... Way too much cussing. ?
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Three ways to fix it. 1. Ignore the cussing. 2. Report on the Three horizontal bars, above, and report it. 3. Comment about it directly; ask them why they feel compelled to use profanity. One way not to fix it; make a general complaint, as above.
Always take care of your Femlin.
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Classic playboy art...LeRoy Neiman did his first "Femlin in '55. I think I read that he died very young of a heart attack.
Come on now! If you don't like this pic or comment, I don't know what you people want !
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Great suit, great body. Obviously very young, tho...
If you love don't forget any of them! LOL
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Mass and Conn in that bottom 10% That's hard to believe.
I watched this sunset develop yesterday and I didn't think it would have any colour at all.
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
That's a rare the deep reds contrasting the blues in the clouds!
What to do with a huge pumpkin?
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
That doesn't look like it cooked for an hour; that's lots of fresh garnish on top. I also thought "chili included beans...c'mon.....tell us the rest of the story!
Could you live here?
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Yes I could. The question is would I? Not unless it was a gift or a super bargain. Love the height, and the use of wood....but I'm done with cold climates.
I'm thinking about making a pasta salad... Any ideas?
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Spinach has been my go-to salad green. If you use carrots, be sure to cook them just a bit to soften them. Pecans are nicer than Walnuts (but pricier) and dried cranberries are always a nice touch.
Wait,'s Monday?
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
I'll take door #3, Bob.
Impeachment Expert Is Convinced Mueller Report Won’t See Light of Day [lawandcrime.
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Mueller's shrewd. He's got his fingers on the pulse of America. He knows he can't "lay his cards on the table"'ll cause too much back-lash. So he's going to indict one-at-a-time. He's going to give the Republicans and DJT ulcers and agita.... I predict DJT junior will be subpoenaed soon...but not too soon. According Maddow (Rachel Maddow, MSNBC 9 PM) Muellers got dozens of "sealed" indictments....waiting for the official transcripts of the very-late-forming Senate intelligence committee. The GOP dragged their feet about appointing members; over two weeks, now, the dems have been waiting. The showdown isn't going to happen soon.
These are still available, but I mostly remember them from my childhood.
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
I remember the pre-foam rollers that first wife used!
Anyone think we will ever see him wear a blue MAGA cap?
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
I think he knows that Blue caps are "covered" by most progressive/liberal groups. Here's one of my favorites; I've bought and shared over a dozen of these...
Snow problem solved, at least there are quite few who hope it will be, although I doubt the smart ...
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Wow; you just made me flash back to the smells and feelings of shoveling snow....and that was all the way back to the early 70's...brrrrrrrr.
La Graciosa the eighth Canary Isle, just 8 Km (5 miles) long, yet it is inhabited...
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
I recall reading that the Canaries have - as illustrated - huge cliffs close to the sea. I've also read/viewed a video about "what if a major landslide happened there; would that set off a Tsunami toward the east coast of the U.S.? Now you've piqued my interest in their geology....researching....
Funny how God can do all the things humans can't do, like make it rain, and humans can do the things...
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Cory Booker's 2020 Announcement, Dissected - The Late Show []
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Love Colbert; he has a way of summarizing news with a hilarious twist. I'm holding back on pro-cons about Booker. I read that he voted in favor of big Pharma/against allowing Canadian pharma to sell in the U.S.; details here.
Mug shots.... ;-)
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
I should do that...if only to offer them to any coffee "muggers" out there...I have far too many...need to clear my cabinet....make me an offer I can't "muggers"!
You like my hat?
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
yes...and your windows, and table, and chairs, and floor, and shoes...
Happy national hemp day peeps
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Wait...what? I thought April 20th was "the day"....
Guten Morgen! Hope everyone has a good start into the week.
Robecology comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Science, Ecology, Evolution, Teslas, gardening, the value of a balanced, fit, healthy life.
Super Bowl tweet
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Ah....THAT explains why it was the second lowest scoring first half in 53 SuperBowl games!
Effect of Sanctions on Venezuela: []
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I'm always skeptical when a journalist does a lot of talking and produces litttle or no data. Let me share some data, and shed some light on this issue. Will petrol Collapse? That's for certain. It's a matter of when. The U.S. presently has the lowest tax on Petrol of any nation; they fear losing the precious juice more than anyone. See the graph link, below. Compare Tesla stock to any 3-4-or 5 other petrol car makers. They're steadily climbing....the gas cars are not. Watch this video; compare moving parts of a petrol/gas vehicle compared to an EV.
Yeah, pretty much... Anybody else?
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Brady and Edelman make it worth watching. Sorry the Saints didn't get to play the Pats. The commercials were good, the game...not so much.
I had a craving and was bored! ?
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I LOVE fruit loaded muffins and brownies. I make "muscle" brownies with extra oatmeal and Whey (protein) powder added to the brownie guessed it - dried much fruit as the recipe would hold.!
Coloring a picture is as close to being a hippie anymore. Remember bell bottoms and head bands?
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
OK....who still has bell bottoms in the closet? Any other old hippie gear? I found an old pair of hip-huggin' bell bottoms...have kept them over 30 years. That and one polyester "pschedelic" shirt...I really should take guys would love it!
I think this is an apt portrayal of myself.
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Self important. Take yourself on a date. Go get a nice meal and enjoy not sharing it with anyone. Or not...just enjoy your solitude. Really try to enjoy it. You know your needs better than anyone. Serve yourself. Treat yourself.
Who wants to join me in overthrowing trump?
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I finally figured out RSM III's strategy. He knows the Trumpster temper is flaring He knows his ignorant base is boiling.... he slowly, methodically, is taking Trump's cohorts down one at a tie. -watch Maddow. MSNBC. ( 9 PM EST)- she's covering all the "sealed indictments". She's explaining how DJT jr is next to go down. Mueller's got this. Be patient, Grasshopper.
It's all in the numbers..
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
His lies keep getting bigger, more absurd, and more dangerous. RSM III....could you do us all a favor and wrap this up?
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Nope...sorry. Good for you. Not good for me. Finding love is a high (again, IMO). Relishing in it is cool. If/when the communication breaks's time to consider letting go...and loving yourself. "Hold on tightly - Let go lightly" strategy. Love me first - my strategy. Life's too short to let obsession to the point of deterioration work. If/when I see that happens....I'm out the door.
There is a real threat out there
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I'm convinced that Mueller won't make a sudden move...he'll just keep chipping away at all involved. When Erick, and/or Jared and/or Ivanka get Suppoena'd I'm guessing that's when he'll throw in the towel..
[] What do you think?
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Let's examine why there's so many illegals. #1. The immigration process is a tangled, complex, tricky web. See the image, below; #2. Big corporation farmers (mostly greedy folk, mostly Religulous, mostly Republican) are the biggest encouragement for illegals to come in, work for sub-standard pay and condtions, as seasonal employees. #3. We encourage terrible economic strategies for our southern neighbors. Many businesses are opening assembly plants there for obvious reasons; cheaper, harder working labor. So word gets out; save your $$...sneak in...lay "dirty work" for a few years....get a drivers're in.
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I used to claim to be the oldest/longest user. Started around 20, now 73. I bet some of you old-timers can top that...tho I must say I've tapered off big time... When you're a kid it's funny to get very hungry and forgetful. For us seniors it's called "obesity" and "dementia"
Just a little reminder of one of the statements from the group description: "Please be respectful ...
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
You catch more flies with honey and sugar than with vinegar... Life's short. Be nice.
The link is on here
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
We need to understand cancer better, Cancer is a very old cell that's outlived its' sequence repitition capacity. It's only been popping up more lately because we've done such a good job controlling infectious diseases. If you "kill" a cancer cell, you're simply pushing other cells nearby to take over. Cannabis might "kill" or slow down "cancer" cells - but Cannabis won't end Cancer. Let's stop perpetuating myths. We're here because we got wise about religion. Let's not get "religious" about the "miracle of marijuana" Let's stop the myths about cannabis being a "wonder drug". It's a great intoxicant. It needs to be legalized to 1. cut down on the arrest of abusers/dealers. 2. Allow users to get pure, measured doses. Yes, it's helped some nuerological diseases. Research can and should continue in this area. No; it won't stop cancer. No it won't stop or slow cell aging. Yes, it's a much better high than alcohol and most mood altering drugs. That's it. Read, please;
Me again. Using a picture that wasn't from nature made for a much different kaleidoscope.
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I recall a similar image when the first good electron microscopes created images of what appeared to be molecules. I couldn't find the actual image, but found this chart.
Has anyone else experienced a Hoover: attempt to suck you back into toxicity using pity, guilt, ...
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Male victim here. Glad I moved turther away from her. Now I just need to do some self love, enjoy my "alone" time better.
Building a Marsbase is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it! - Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell []
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I did a study on this years ago, If we approach it from a slow, methodical "geo-dome" strategy it could will just take decades. Basically; 1. Land small metalicized (to deflect the intense UV and gamma radiatino) glass domes in dozens of places. They can be made here and taken there. Eventually larger ones will be made there (by robots). 2. Monitor them over time. Those that build up heat AND liquid/gaseous H2O and last, we inoculate with simple plants; algae, lichen, mosses. 3. Those which actually get growth -photosynthesis - plant newer, larger domes. Repeat. 4. Eventually; if the domes progress - we can have large domes, more plants, more O2 buildup from successful photosynthesis; introduce animal life. 5. Get it? If....if the domes work...then we can eventually colonize Mars. If the domes are big enough, and abundant enough, we can have significant colonization. For the complete study, go here;
I am good with half. Lol
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
If you followed Nixon's story, you'll see that Mueller's approaching this in a very methodical, non-explosive way. He's got his finger on the pulse of the Trump-base....and doesn't want them to boil over. Mueller's strategy is clear it!
where is the beef? []
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I think Arby's captialized on - or continued where Wendy's left off...
I'm on a roll this morning.
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Reich is interesting. I've had many conversations with him. A very short man...who served in Bill Clinton's cabinet... and now works as a lecturer, book writer, and college professor. Brilliant man. Thanks for the quote.
As I scroll through endless dating profiles I see a trend; 1.
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I got off the average/typical dating site long ago. Found an on/off/on/off lady-friend in 06 on "OKCupid that I still see on occasion...POF yielded no fish...Match always had non-existent "matches" so now i'm here... My complaint about women who seem ready for dating is #1- not enough pics...or too many with shades...#2 "amazing kids" and #3 demanding men with "no baggage"....sound familiar?
This one was taken in the mountains of Turkey, I like the stage scenery effect that the foreground ...
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
That scene's only equaled in the Northern Rockies in the U.S. Pretty nice!
[] Good morning all! It's Superbowl Sunday! 6 pm on CBS.... Who's going watch?
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Yep....I'll be watching. I don't watch football until the end of the season. It's always sad to see the "hometown boys" (in my case the Miami dophins) not make it....things got interesting when Kansas city produced that young kid, Mahomes...good at looking one way, throwing the other...good at sidearms....but you got give Kudos to Brady, and his recievers Gronk, and Eddleman....they're just stunning to watch. I also agree with most New Orleans folk...the Saints were robbed of a chance. Enjoy your breakfast....i'm cutting back on consumption so I can pig out on snacks at tonight's game!
I have taken my share of very bland uninteresting sunsets in the past but now I like to add a little...
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
That's pretty rare. Good capture!
Good Morning Hippies - You have a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself.
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I'll be satisfied with maitaining "hippier"
Enjoy this photo and this amazing accomplishment of the ancients, my friends! The ...
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
That's an awful lot of stone carving, moving, shifting...serious ancient engineering.
Was this some sort of candle holder, gambling dice, astronomical device or maybe just an ancient ...
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Wow...had no idea! Coolest anthro-archeo device I've ever seen!
After hearing about how bad the dating scene is after 50, I want to hear from you single people out ...
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Good question. i divorced in '05...aged 60...and have been in ...and out...and in....and out....and in....and presently out of a relationship. Call it aging. Call it reduction of hormones. Call it improved self-love. Call it what you kind of "give up" searching after a while...and work on a being happily alone....which is working better for me, than ever!
Good morning! Here's today's question: What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
OK...I was drunk. It was St. Pat's day. I was embarassed a day later....(P.S....not me, a "friend" - a very drunk friend)
? anyone want to buy a Medal of Freedom? It’s very easy.... []
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Easy if you're rich...and a Trump fan. Money talks with him.
Spotted on Facebook:
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
This might explain why Mueller is apparently "taking his time" - it's a good narrative of why the GOP took 17 monthe to "torpedo" Nixon....and Goldwater, the leading conservative back then...was not happy (unlike our Kentucky good ol boy Mitch)
Good Morning! Just got out of the shower and poured my first cup.
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
good Morning're 7 hours ahead of us there, correct? (I'm on the east coast of Florida). This - perusing and sipping my meditation. (with smooth jazz, quietly, in the background, watching the waves hit the beach....ahhhhhhh)..
Talk about breakfast
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Cover the upper right hand side of the pic. Better? It's called "framing". If the pic took the plant and the wall hanging out of frame, it would be a much nicer pic. I'm OK with amateur pin-up shots...nice but not close to good.
If the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it!
Robecology comments on Feb 3, 2019:
We need to stop making fun of her looks. That's immature, and doesn't address her real problem We need to attack the altered truths she repeats and professes. She's brought up by a master of deceptive public addressing....her father. A TV evangelist and once governor.
My husband and I were cleaning the house earlier because friends invited themselves over to watch ...
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Say to yourself; "The past is dead. the future is an illusion. Be Here, now. Ken Keyes Jr.'s words (below) have always helped me through tough times. Read them. Re-read them. Consider copying them, writing them down. posting on your fridge...folding up and re-reading. Valuable. The Twelve Pathways To the Higher Consciousness Planes of Unconditional Love and Oneness FREEING MYSELF 1. I am freeing myself from security, sensation, and power addictions that make me try to forcefully control situations in my life, and thus destroy my serenity and keep me from loving myself and others. 2. I am discovering how my consciousness-dominating addictions create my illusory version of the changing world of people and situations around me. 3. I welcome the opportunity (even if painful) that my minute-to-minute experience offers me to become aware of the addictions I must reprogram to be liberated from my robot-like emotional patterns. BEING HERE NOW 4. l always remember that I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now -- unless I am letting my consciousness be dominated by demands and expectations based on the dead past or the imagined future. 5. I take full responsibility here and now for everything I experience, for it is my own programming that creates my actions and also influences the reactions of people around me. 6. I accept myself completely here and now and consciously experience everything I feel, think, say, and do (including my emotion-backed addictions) as a necessary part of my growth into higher consciousness. INTERACTING WITH OTHERS 7. I open myself genuinely to all people by being willing to fully communicate my deepest feelings, since hiding in any degree keeps me stuck in my illusion of separateness from other people. 8. I feel with loving compassion the problems of others without getting caught up emotionally in their predicaments that are offering them messages they need for their growth. 9. I act freely when I am tuned in, centered, and loving, but if possible I avoid acting when I am emotionally upset and depriving myself of the wisdom that flows from love and expanded consciousness. DISCOVERING MY CONSCIOUS-AWARENESS 10. I am continually calming the restless scanning of my rational mind in order to perceive the finer energies that enable me to spiritually merge with everything around me. 11. I am constantly aware of which of the Seven Centers of Consciousness I am using, and I feel my energy, perceptiveness, love and inner peace growing as I open all of the Centers of Consciousness. 12. I am perceiving everyone, including myself, as an awakening being who is here to claim his or her birthright to the higher consciousness planes of unconditional love and oneness. ...
How do we know an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago?
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
As a paleo Environmentalist, I find it interesting that for more than 100 million years the Dinosaurs evolved with no ice nor snow on the planet (which is a message to us; we can adapt to much warmer temps...the problem will be the shifting climates and rising seas). It was the excessive heat that induced the huge size and naked/nude skin coverings. Only toward their demise (65-70 million years ago) did we see the explosive evolution of feathers and fur...and the expansion of warm blooded, live-bearing, fur-bearing mammals (and the feather and warmed blood of birds).. They were equipped for the cold...and when the big naked dudes (and dudettes) got wiped out, the mammals (and birds) moved in to many of the opened niches...hence the evolution of primates (and birds).
Congressman Will Hurd | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) []
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
This was important. Hurd's a republican. He's from the 23rd congressional district which covers a huge part of the Tex-Mex border...and yet he still put Trump's wall where it the trash. It's nice to see a Republican who seems to be honest. Increasingly rare these days.
What do you think of this piece of musical art? Creative or something else?
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Obviously a lot of work. Obviously creative.
New Rule: Climate Emergency | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) []
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Bill is the best. Colbert's a close second...but Bill has more interesting guests on. Colbert's monologue is always spot-on!
Do you do Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday?
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
I'm not a big Football fan. I don't watch the games at the start of the season. But as the season progresses, it becomes more interesting to follow. There's some real "stand-out" athletes out there; Mahomes comes to mind....sorry his team (KC) didn't make it....and it looks like New Orleans got totally scammed out of a Superbowl berth....did you see that pass interference at the end of the game that wasn't called? Some ref got an extra wad of cash for that non-call....
What went wrong with ESA's Rosetta-Philae mission to comet 67P Churyumov–Gerasimenko?
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Great graphics. Sorry it was a failed mission. Glad we're studying Comets. I theorize that they're freeze dried oceans from previous "Goldilocks" orbit planets that had oceans and I'm expecting these drillings to find DNA soon.
Good Saturday morning, what coffee can do for you??
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
I can't do full caffeine...I'm a half-decaf - I still drink 3 16 oz I guess you could say I titrate my dose...
Pretty woman
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Nice model. Nice pic. Nice background/clothing/color choices.
She looks like she is ready for some fun...
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Nah...doesn't turn me on.
Many great photos of Innuits! []
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Beautiful...the original "eskimos"!
Good morning! Well, the cold bug got me, so I'm staying home today (had plans to go to Orlando with...
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
It's been a while since i''ve attended a yoga class. Perhaps it's time to return...or at least do a few basic moves here on the carpet. Follow up...Done! I went and dug out my Yoga's been a while! Thanks for the inspiration!
Off to the Coffee Shop
Robecology comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Thanks....enjoying a (finally) sunny day (and my coffee, and perusing on on the shore here in Florida!
Another swimsuit.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Wow. Take my money....please!
Something's been bothering me.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
There's wisdom in not grieving too long. I want folk to remember the good times when I kick the bucket...then move on. Dust to dust. Dawkins said it best.
This weeks scavenger hunt.... Legs... Male or female... Songs... Memes... Toons...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Legs by ZZ is good...."Rough boy" by ZZ is great!
My contribution to the Scavenger Hunt: []
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Thanks for this! It's been a while!
Seeing as we only have a somewhat limited amount of time left according to AOC we might as well kick...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
When you're ready for some wisdom (I think she's a closet conservative, IMO) check this out. It's a cool site; you pick any famous person; get their quotes....and click on their quotes to see when and where they said it.
Name something you find in a Trump Supporter's home.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
wondering .
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I must get 5-10 unsolicited phone calls selling me insurance, hearing aides, car insurance, etc. I stopped answering almost all. Email has its' share of junk - but there's less interruption of what I'm doing with Emails...and persistent ones are fairly easy to unsubscribe... Advice? don't give out your phone # nearly as easity as your email.
Energy doesn't FLOW the way you THINK! (Electrodynamics) - The Science Asylum []
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Articulate and fast moving. The speaker covers a lot of ground almost too fast. Good one for advanced HS science/physics classes.
What to do with a huge pumpkin?
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Great way for me to use some of the puree I have when I baked my leftover fall pumpkin. I posted a high fiber muffin recipe recently; but cakes/breads/muffings get old.... Thanks!
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I'm surprised the builder got the OK to build so many homes so close together on such a slope. I foresee a lot a land shifting and slippage in the future. Encourage deep rooted trees from the developer; they should be planted along the entire wall - although a serious rainfall can cause a landslide there, IMO...
it's 15° ! we're being spoiled by Mother Nature!
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I'm so glad I moved to Florida when I's not so cold here...although we've been setting "cool" records in the low 50º range for the past few weeks now...and that sure does make me uncomfortable....I have to wear sox with my shorts and flip-flops!
Poster Girl of a "sport".
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Not impressed...but I recall reading and seeing Daryl Hannah as Ayla in "Clan of the Cave Bear"...hunting using a "forbidden-for-women" sling...
I turn up the music because I'm partially deaf or I'm partially deaf because I turn up the music.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Huh? Whadidyasay? I had my music turned up...and my hearing aids are not in....
Hopefully PolitiFact can keep the meter updated quickly enough
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I think I saw that MSNBC will be posting a "real-time" fact checking as a CC on the POTUS speech. I'm already committed to sending $100 to the first politician who stands up and shouts "You LIe".
God wanted Trump to be president, straight from the press secretary's mouth.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
More people use "God" when talking about in "Godda....d him! LOL!
I am proud to be called a "denier" by the climate alarmists and those who say "green" energy is the ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
So your main argument against alternative energy is that gas is more reliable than wind? Weak. -Do yourself a favor. Test drive a Tesla. Talk to people even in northern territories that have Solar on their roofs. Search the internet; ask "proof of Global temperature rise". I agree that it's wrong to take an "alarmist" view. I'm optimistic that EV's Solar and wind will make fossil fuels obsolete in a decade or so. Dinosaurs thrived on much hotter temps, no ice, nor we'll be fine with the higher temps...'s just that our temp rise is so drastic that if you're not in A.C. business then you should consider it...profits from good AC skills will soar. Yea, I know; the mid west is having record colds. Google "record cold vs record warm, data"'ll see far more record warm spots in the world. Those who are good at building seawalls will make profits. Moving companies will score big in the next 10 years as coastal cites flood. But we'll survive. No alarmism needed...just gotta be in the right business.
McConnell and Donald are two of a kind .
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I had the feeling McConnell favored Trump back in 2016 when he pushed Obama not to react to the news of Russian interference. He's slick....he's covered all his tracks. McConnell won't get snagged...but I'm hoping Trump will.
Travel advisory
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
LOL! Shared on FB!
Donald Trump is Right "A WALL is a WALL!" [youtube.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I'd like to climb over or dig under a peach?
Seems true from my perspective
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I've purchased...and shared....over a dozen of these "Make America Smart Again"....I think I first heard it from Neil DeGrasse Tyson...
Happy Friday Hippies.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Happy Friday, all you old hippies...OK...anyone still got a pair of bell bottoms in the closet? I kept one....LOL!
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
One of my all time favorites. Saw them live, front row, decades ago. The tune - played on the Tesla sound just "stunning"....I have to pull over and do my air-drums....put the volume up to 11...
Omfg look what I woke up to! These are the Sonoma brown oysters.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Shrooms? You grow your own? Wow!
Happy Friday! Here's today's question: What amazing thing did you do that no one was around to ...
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I'm a frustrated, idealistic teacher. Ecology was my forte...You know; Renew, Reuse, Recycle? I'm happiest when I share info that someone "appreciates". Having said that - you're asking for good deeds that go "unappreciated"? I'd have to say IMO it's not "amazing": but I make an effort to live "below my means" and 3R my "stuff".... I give anything I have that I don't use anymore to the different used store folk. My favorite "used store" charities are; 1. a funky, eclectic collection in tiny rooms in an old house in "White City" Florida, as well as.... 2."Anastasia's Attic" out-of-the-way, not-Goodwill/not Salvation Army....just a few folks making a living selling used goods. 3. Then there's the one chain of Jimmy Carter-sponsored stores - the "Re-Stores" - that I also give to and shop at. Not amazing...but soooo satisfying to "move unused stuff along"...
Poster Girl of a "sport".
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
She's got a nice smile....the gun is impressive....the kill is obvious. Meh. I'd be more impressed if she killed her dinner with her bare hands, or a sling-shot...wearing less.
I know I'll receive" sexist " accusations for this observation.
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
It's not about being "sexist"'s not comprehending why - if family planning were encouraged and welcomed - abortions would all but disappear. It's about the ultra-poor/ultra ignorant. They are naive. They need to have access to birth control...or they will keep making unwanted, unloved children...and the prison population will continue to grow. It's not about being sexist, or racist. It's about social priorities. If you want less money to go to abortions and more to go to things you like, you rant about and fight abortion and family planning funding - but the prison population grows. If you want an end to the ignorant getting abortions - give them an alternative - or they will keep having babies.
?Who likes big butts?
Robecology comments on Feb 1, 2019:
God wanted Trump to be president, straight from the press secretary's mouth.
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
One word to say; "Religulous"
Today I would like to submit “Let Me Go”, which is a poem by Christina Rossetti which was read ...
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
I searched the original. You're's religious. I like your version better. I'm going to copy it down and keep it handly. I know a friend on his death bed...and I'm afraid I might need it soon. Thanks for this.
I have many liberal views.
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
There's a simple way to end abortions; make it easier for the poor and under-educated to get family planning. Between the abortion protesters and the politicians who fight to de-fund planned parenthood, I don't think they realize that by fighting family planning they're actually encouraging abortions - and encouraging unplanned, unwanted, unloved burdens to society. 90% of inmates in prison admit they were "unplanned".. the rest don't even have a clue. I know...."I pay for my family planning - they should pay for theirs". or how about "if you don't want abortions, don't get pregnant". .....but they're far dumber than you. They don't know how to control this; but we who have computers and can type above 4th grade level know better. For the ultra-ignorant woman it's the only way to get love and respect .For the ultra-ignorant man, they think it's an ego thing to make a woman pregnant. Solution? Let all women be "well equipped. IUD's. Diaphragms. Pills. There's a whole mess of ways to prevent kids. They just need easier access to them. If you want an end to abortions. Then do a 180º on family planning.
Avantgardens - Millions of frozen methane bubbles in Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada.
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Wow! Methane? Confirmed?
Media Bias Chart. I'm neutral to hyper-partisan. Who do you read or listen to?
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
I love this chart. I keep it on my laptop "desktop" and share it often.
Anti-Bernie, pro-AOC Democrats are one of the most frustrating people I’ve encountered.
Robecology comments on Jan 31, 2019:
It will come down to the primaries...starting in early 2020. We can't predict at this point who'll get the "nod" might even be someone who's not even "jumped in" yet....I'm waiting to see if Gavin Newsome joins the fracas.


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Me on the boardwalk over my beachfront condo in the background!
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Me cooking up a storm at Tom’s home in Puerto Rico!
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